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The Conquered - Chapter 17: Family Obligations

***** Taylor *****

"It was nice of you to drop by, Aunt C., but we really weren't expecting guests." Unlike my mother, Aunt Claire didn't believe in the necessities of warning family about visits. Family was family, and came with all the attendant joys and pains. "Andrew won't be home until after eight."

"Does he always work so late," Claire asked as she looked about the living room.

"Most nights. As a personal trainer, he needs to be available to his clients on their schedules." Was she going to stay for dinner? Was she going to spend the night? Sean could move to the hida-a-couch in the den, but I really didn't want to move him out of his own room. "Would you like something to drink?

"Anything hot, dear, thank you." She looked at a couple of the photos on the shelves. "He is a handsome man, isn't he?"

I called back from the kitchen. "Andrew?"

"He is the only man in your life, I assume."

"Yes, Aunt C, and yes, he is very handsome." Why was she here? I hated unexpected guests. Everyone knew I took after Mom that way. "How about some hot cider? Were the roads clear?"

"Cider would be wonderful." She moved into the kitchen and set her purse on the table. "The roads are well sanded and clear of the weekend's snowfall. The drive was quite pleasant."

"I wish you'd called, Aunt C. I could have made dinner reservations. I was only planning on cooking for the boys."

"Boys," Claire asked, her voice rising in tone that little bit that hinted at disapproval.

"We've taken in a friend until he moves south to attend college." At Claire's curious look, I shrugged. "One of my ex-students' father discovered his son was gay, and threw him out. Friends of ours, Andrew and I have been helping Sean put his life back together."

"The poor child," Claire's voice instantly dropped to her mother goose, concerned coo. It was a voice I'd heard frequently growing up, when she wasn't severe. "Will he be alright?"

I nodded. "Sean's a good kid with a solid core. He'll make it through with a little help and understanding. Thanksgiving was pretty hard for him, but at least he had a family surprise to keep his mind off things."

Claire smiled. "A surprise?"

I grinned. "One of Andrew's clients, Buck Jacobson, has been dating Grace, Andrew's mother, on the sly. Thanksgiving he popped the question. Andrew is finally going to have a father worth something." I set the mugs in the microwave and turned to Claire. "Sean got to see how loving families are supposed to be."

"You have a loving family too, Taylor Daniel." Oh no, there was the severe tone again.

"I know, but I can't be at two places at once. Andrew's mother lives close. Mom's coming down this weekend to go Christmas shopping and to go with us to 'Lights in the Park'."

"What about the rest of the family, Taylor?"

I shrugged, clenching my jaw as the microwave dinged. I got out the mugs. "What about it, Aunt C?"

"Don't be stupid, Taylor Daniel," she snapped. Aunt Claire never could circle subjects for very long. She had patience for everything but word games. She even hated crossword puzzles. "We were expecting you for Thanksgiving."

"Mom knew I would be staying down here, Aunt C, and she knows why."

"Well I don't, so explain it to me." Aunt C pulled out a chair as I set her mug on the table. She sat, took a sip of her cider, and put it back down. "You haven't missed a family reunion weekend since the day you were born."

I tried to swallow down my frustration with some cider, but it didn't work. "My father made it clear that I was never to bring 'that man' anywhere near the family."

"Since when have you ever tucked your tail between your legs and cowed to what your father wanted?"

I glared at Claire, nearly slamming my mug on the table. "I've done no such thing!"


"I live my life by what I believe is right, Claire." Yeah, the cutesy names were out the window. "If Andrew isn't a welcome part of the family, then I'm not a welcome part of the family. End of story."

"Ah," Claire breathed, lifting her mug and blowing on the cider before sipping. "So what you're telling me is that your father speaks for the family?"

I frowned. "I was never a rebel, Claire. I did what I believed in, but I never disobeyed."

Claire shrugged. "That much is true; stubborn, opinionated and independent, yes. Disobedient and disrespectful, no." She took another sip. "I still want to know when your father earned the right to speak for me, or for Tim, Jessica or Margaret. Whether he speaks for his own brothers and sisters is between them."

I sighed. "So what, you want me to come up there, be uncomfortable, make Andrew uncomfortable, and make my parents uncomfortable? I think the family is better off without that grief."

"Your cousins missed you. Your mother was melancholy and your father was stone faced the entire day."

"That's life, Claire. James is in the army, on active duty, so he isn't there. Kimberly can't afford the time to fly out during the holiday season, she manages a department store in New York for Christ's sake..."

"Taylor Daniel!"


Claire looked at me, disapproval painted on her face as thick as her eye shadow. "I am not concerned about a single reunion, young man. I am concerned about you, and your perceptions of family, and your faith that not everyone is as reactionary and hard headed as your father, bless him anyways." She set down her mug.

"Thanks, Claire, but there isn't much to discuss about this. I'm the one who's different. I knew what the possibilities were when I went into this."

"So you simply plan to give up your family because facing the possibility of more rejection is too difficult for you?" Claire nailed me in place with her eyes. "I thought more of you than that, Taylor Daniel Madison. If anyone in the family could face this with dignity, it should be you."

I sank into my seat. "I'm tired of having to prove myself, justify my choices, stand against the judgments and comments made behind my back, Claire. I'm just worn out."

"What judgments and comments?" Claire looked at me, offended. "No one in the family has ever said anything disparaging or insulting about you that I have heard. The most your father has ever done was expressed his belief that you were not making the most of your potential." Claire shook her finger at me. "You are the one who always pushed to prove you were not only as good, but better than your peers, Taylor Daniel. You made your decisions and made certain that everyone knew what they were, why and how right you were in your decisions. If anyone has been judgmental, it has been you."

"Like you didn't spend most of a summer trying to tell me that I would ruin my life by modeling? Or maybe I misunderstood when you said that a bright young man should do something other than worry about other people's problems? Or possibly I just heard wrong when I was told that I should study more and spend less time at swimming practice?"

Claire dismissed my outburst with a halfhearted wave. "Oh please. I made you think about your decisions. I questioned them and challenged them, but I never told you your choices were wrong." I glared at her, but Claire didn't budge. "You of all people should understand the importance of examining your decisions and your life."

I grumbled. "God, Claire. Sometimes you're such a..." I stopped, and swigged my cider.

"... A bitch?" I blinked at Claire, but she shrugged. Claire never swore. "Yes, Taylor Daniel, I am perfectly capable of using the words. I simply choose not to. Over use of expletives is the sign of a weak mind. I choose to reserve the use for important things."

"Claire," I groaned. I really wasn't up to a battle of wills with the unofficial matriarch of the family. "Why are you here?"

"I am here to reopen the lines of communication, Taylor Daniel." I opened my mouth, but she gestured at me to let her finish. "What is between you and your father is between you and your father. I will not get in the middle of that. However, I expect to see my nephew, and whom ever he chooses to share his life with, at holidays and family gatherings. Period. End of discussion. Have I made 'myself' clear?"

As many times as we'd butted heads, argued with and frustrated each other, I still loved Claire the most of all my aunts and uncles. I smiled. "I love you, Aunt C."

"I love you too, Taylor Daniel." She finished her cider, looking at the kitchen clock as she stood. "You say Andrew will not be home until after eight?"

I nodded, standing as well. "Appointments."

"Then I suppose we can simply drive into town, he can take a few moments to meet his Aunt, and then we can take that dislodged young man you told me about out for a meal. There are a couple of stores I would like to check the sales at while I'm here."

"Are you staying the night, Aunt C?"

Claire smiled, picking up her purse. "I would be happy to, Taylor Daniel, thank you. I wasn't looking forward to driving back home late at night."

Me and my big mouth. I got her coat. "Where do you want to go shopping?"

"You have a membership at Costco?"

I nodded.

"Good. We don't have one in our area, and I want to get my shopping done early." She slid on her coat and looked at me thoughtfully. "Is Sean a strong boy?"

I nodded. "Yeah, he's a pretty solid kid."

"Good. I would hate to ask you to carry it all." Claire's old caddy had the never ending trunk.

Oh dear God, it was going to be a long night.

***** Andrew *****

It was a chilly night that most people should have been inside with a cup of hot chocolate, in front of a roaring fire, holding someone they loved. Like Taylor. God, that would have been heaven. Instead, I stood at Goals & Dreams, helping Leon through some leg presses and squats. In less than four months the boy had filled out his lower half pretty well. He wasn't going to be balanced for a while yet, but he was well on his way. Frank worked his ass off, but in his case, he had a specific goal and only needed some pacing work. It helped to know that the past was truly in the past. I could joke with him, and he was turning into a good friend. Sure, we had fucked, but it was a start to our friendship, not the end.

"Looking good, Frank. Keep at this pace, and you're gonna kick some serious ass in March."

I walked over to Leon and kept him from eyeing the bench press. If I didn't, the boy would go there and pump like mad. Old habits died hard, I guess.

Lee had gone home early, because two of his clients canceled due to the snowy weather, but Frank had a muscle truck, just like me. Who said only butch men drove trucks? When their workouts were done and they were cooling down, I sped through cleanup, wanting to get home as soon as I could to share some downtime with Taylor and Sean. I would really miss that kid when he went to college in January. Before I could finish, the door chimed and I heard Taylor call out. "Andrew?"

"Back here, love!"

What came around the corner was Taylor, looking frazzled, Sean who had his perpetual blush going, and a reserved, grand dame looking woman who owned the place without even trying. Of all of Taylor's relatives, this one had to be his Aunt Claire. According to Taylor, she could be over-bearing, overly moral, and overly opinionated; very old fashioned. Great, I get to meet this woman, sweaty, in skimpy shorts and a wife beater. Perfect.

"You must be Auntie Claire?"

"And you are Andrew. The pictures do not do you justice" She gave me an appraisal from head to toe that was in no way sexual. "Does he have a suit?"

I raised my eyes to look at Taylor. "Suit?"

Taylor shrugged. "Christmas is kind of formal with my family: suits and dresses, and a formal, sit down dinner."

I shrugged my shoulders. A suit? Well... I didn't care. I could do that. "I seldom wear one, but if that's the way the family celebrates Christmas, new things are always a plus." Taylor chuckled at my uncomfortable look. I grinned evilly at him and watched Taylor gulp. Yeah, he knew he was getting his later. "I'm not sure on size. I've only been fitted for a jacket once, a tux, and that was three years ago for my sister's wedding."

Claire walked around me, touching my shoulders, inching them in a measuring action. "Hmm... you should be a 48 Tall. Not horribly hard to find, but a challenge nonetheless." She came around me, appraising me again. "That's because you're so broad shouldered." She looked at Taylor. "If you can't find someone who can fit it right, call me. Lord knows I've done enough alterations to handle something like this."

Okay, I couldn't help the blush at all. In the last year, I think I blushed more than I had the first twenty-seven years of my life. "Thanks?"

When she started to laugh, she turned to Taylor and took his hand. "Your mother was right. He's charming."

My blush tripled in intensity.

"Oh, Andrew," Claire said, as an afterthought, "I am relieving you of your receptionist. I am in need of a long legged, resilient young man for the evening."

Sean started laughing, self-consciously, before I could grab him and put him in a headlock. From where he perched under my arm, he mumbled. I let him go so I could hear him. "What did you say, kiddo?"

He grinned at me. "Would you or Lee mind if I took off an hour early tomorrow night? Some friends and I are going to catch a late movie and some dinner."

I rolled my eyes at him. "Of course we won't mind. Go. Have fun." I put my hand on his arm and pulled him around, so we could be quiet. "Do you need some money?"

Sean stammered and looked away. "I have some."

I lifted his face so he could see my eyes, and I could read the truth in his. "How much?"

He couldn't look away, and I wouldn't let him if he tried. "Ten bucks."

Ten? What would that get him? A ticket into the movie and if he were lucky, something off the value menu at a fast food place. I shook my head before slipping my hand into my pocket. I gave him a twenty. "Have some popcorn and a good dinner."

Sean looked longingly at the money though shame riddled his face. "I can't take your money."

We had been over this territory before. I wanted to be angry, furious because he was refusing. But I'd learned a lot this past year, about tamping down my own anger and fury, and reaching out to others. "Take it. You earned it. Besides, I have a feeling Auntie Claire will be kicking you out of your room tonight. Consider it hazard pay." I ruffled his hair to be playful, also to let him know it was no big deal if he took the money.

After a few moments he did. Sean hugged me then turned to leave, but not before I'd ruffled his hair again. "Have fun."

Once the trio left, I finished the last half hour with Frank and Leon. My seven o'clock called at five before seven and cancelled due to snow. Why the hell couldn't he have called fifteen minutes ago? I could have gone to dinner and spent more time with Taylor. I closed up shop, and headed home. At the house, I cleaned up Sean's room a bit. I picked up a stray pair of underwear off the floor, changed the sheets on the bed, and did some quick cleaning of the second bathroom. I took a pillow, some sheets and blankets, and made up the hide-a-bed in the den for him before scrounging through the freezer for some dinner.

It started snowing the next day while Sean and I were at work, nothing heavy, but it would make the roads a bit slick. I asked Lee if he'd give me a ride home and gave my keys to Sean. He could drive in the snow and I'd rather him drive my truck than be a passenger in someone else's car. When I got home that night, I found Taylor in the bedroom, working on papers. "Hey, babe. How was your day?"

Taylor looked up, took off his glasses and grinned at me. "A lot better now that you're home."

I didn't even bother with my shower but stripped off my clothes and leaned into Taylor, pressing him against the bed to kiss him. When I pulled back, plumped nicely and slightly breathless, I grinned at him. "You know... we have the house to ourselves..."

Taylor grinned back at me, arching his eyebrows. "And this would mean...?"

I snagged him under his knees and behind his back, picking him up and carrying him down the stairs, outside. I set Taylor down on the lip of the hot tub while I stared into his eyes, pulling his clothes off. He shivered in the cold, but didn't say anything. "I'll warm you up in a second," I promised.

When Taylor's shorts and shirt lay at my feet, I slipped his briefs down his hips, taking him soft, but interested, into my mouth, tasting him as he swelled to full hardness, moving my lips against him, tonguing his slit, swirling my mouth until Taylor's hands clenched in my hair. "Slow down, Andrew. Fuck!"

I pulled off his shaft and stared into his eyes. "That's exactly what I had in mind."

I pushed the weather cover off the tub and slipped into the water, pulling Taylor down with me. The snow fell around us, catching in our hair before melting away. The hot water steamed in the cold night. In a word, the place was perfect, the setting was wonderful, and I had my man, all to myself, to taste, touch, and explore to my heart's content. I grabbed him around his waist and pulled Taylor to me, kissing him deeply as his legs came around my waist, his chest pressed against mine. His hands found their way to my nipples and he played with the nipple ring and twisted, pulled, and tweaked the other until I was hard, aching, and leaking.

"God damn Bacon. What you do to me. Every fucking time."

Taylor nipped at my chin, licking against my late day beard. "You're so fucking hot. You make me weak."

I pulled his head back by the hair, biting at his neck as his fingers continued to explore, pulling my back away from the wall as his hand moved over my ass, slicking into my crack. I knew where this was going. "You wanna fuck my ass, bacon?"

His nod, telling me he was too gone for words, too aroused for simple speech excited me in ways I couldn't describe. I hooked my hands into the side of the hot tub, holding tight as Taylor stood in the center, his chest rising above the water, his nipples beading in the cold air. He grabbed my hips, buoyed by the water and the bubbles as I spread my legs. With barely any preliminaries, he pushed between my thighs, searching for my hole, spearing it the first try, sinking into me. It took three thrusts before he was seated completely, rubbing against my prostate as he flexed a few times inside me, causing us both to cry out. Raw. There were times when that was what I really wanted.

"Do it, Taylor. Breed my ass. Fuck me!"

Taylor's cry of joy as he pulled out slowly, letting me feel every inch of him slide past my ring, rubbing hard against my prostate, pushed me high, then higher as he sank back inside. Then the heavy thrusts began, from tip to base, over and over, faster and harder. The water churned, my balls churned, the pleasure grew so high, so hard, so fast. Taylor stared in my eyes, mostly unfocused, longing, pleasure-filled rapturous desire flowed from them to me.

Without warning, Taylor's head fell back on his neck as his cries became hoarse and I felt his searing heat fill me as his cock twitched and spasmed inside me. Taylor let my hips go as he slid out of me, his knees giving way as he collapsed against my chest. I cuddled him against me, aching, unfulfilled, but glad he was there, still thankful for my blessings. I kissed his forehead, trying to calm my heated blood, at least until Taylor came back from his orbit around the moon.

"Thank you, bacon."

Taylor groaned as he kissed my chest. "I didn't mean for it to end so quick."

I nuzzled his hair with my nose, taking in my hourly dose of his scent. "It's okay. Gives me an excuse to have you."

Taylor pushed himself up against my chest, staring into my eyes. "Sounds wonderful." He looked up at the snow collecting in my hair. "I'm worried about Sean."

I kissed his chin. "He has my truck. He's a good driver. Don't mother hen, Mother Teresa. You'll get wrinkles."

Okay, it probably wasn't the best thing I could say, considering he took a huge chunk of my chest between his teeth and bit hard, but it was damn funny. After disengaging his teeth from my flesh, I bodily picked him up and spun him to face the wall of the hot tub, lifting him against it and spreading his ass for my tongue. The moment my tongue touched him, he spread wide, inviting me inside to lap and lick, flick and taste. I tasted him, pushing him until he whimpered and he sucked my tongue inside. "Fuck me, Andrew. Now!"

I pulled Taylor back as I sat on the rim of the hot tub, my feet still submerged as I moved Taylor so he faced me, wrapping his legs around me as he slid against my shaft, maneuvering until I sank inside him. It was still tight, still like sliding into a velvet vice of exquisite pleasure. "Oh fuck! Oh Christ. You feel so good. So tight."

It took nineteen slow, painfully arousing thrusts of my hips before Taylor sat fully against my lap, whimpering, his eyes shut, his mouth hanging open in mind blowing pleasure. I kissed his lips hard as he rocked against me, getting comfortable, finding his home. When he stopped moving and could look me in the eye, I grabbed his hips and held him in place as I thrust up into him, pulling out only a few inches before diving deep.

Our groans filled the night air, our bodies slick with sweat and melted snow, as we kept moving against each other, straining, finding pleasure. I could only jack rabbit my hips, but it was good, more than good. My body strained for release, not having gotten one earlier. But I strove to keep going, keep from tripping until Taylor could join me. When the pleasure became too good, when Taylor kept keening against my chest, I dropped us into the water, Taylor's back against the wall of the hot tub so I could use my whole body to thrust, draw long strokes hard and fast. Taylor's body quickened as the water splashed against his face as I took three more strokes before exploding, bellowing loudly into the night.

Without pausing, I pulled bodily out of Taylor, making him whimper and protest. "But..."

"Shhh, baby." I pulled him to sit atop the rim of the hot tub as I engulfed him in my mouth, drinking of him, slurping and sucking until I could taste his essence as he melted against my tongue. I pulled off him before kissing him, swapping and sharing his release.

As we pulled apart, we both stared at the house as we heard something be knocked over in the living room. Sean's flushed, guilty face looked out at us. I glanced at Taylor and watched him slip into the water, his face blooming in a blush. I watched as Sean slipped back into the room. The lights were on, I couldn't help but notice the bulge in his light slacks or the very wet spot there either. Oh hell. I looked back to Taylor, kissing his head. "What do we do now?"

Taylor looked in my eyes, not at all amused. "I think I'll just die right here."

I chuckled. "Oh come on! It isn't that bad. I'm sure kids walk in on their folks all the time."

"You weren't hanging on the lip of the hot tub, being fucked while begging for it."

I shrugged. "We don't know how long he was there. He might have seen me doing the same thing, Taylor."

Taylor sank back. "Oh Jesus. That's perfect."

I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't see what the big deal is."

Taylor shook his head. "Sean's a virgin, Andrew."


With a heavy sigh, Taylor reached over the edge of the tub, snagging his briefs, shirt and shorts. "We had a talk about it a few weeks ago." Shaking his head again, he stared at me, trying to choose his words. "I'm still a teacher to him, someone of authority in his life. Don and Sebastian are his mentors. Jackson is his surrogate father. You're his brother. He connects closest with you, because in his mind, you are the same."

I watched as Taylor pulled his briefs up his legs, tucking himself comfortably inside before slipping his shirt on. "Okay, I follow all that. I still don't see what the big deal is."

Taylor pulled his shorts on, turning to face me. "Andrew, when I speak of sex, it's a teaching experience. When Don or Sebastian or even Jackson do it, it's a teaching experience."

At that moment, I felt like the stupidest person on earth. "Fine, so you and Don and Jackson are all teachers. So?"

Taylor grinned at me, pulling me out of the water by my nipple ring, arousing a bit my interest again. "Parents have sex. Teachers have sex. Big brothers have it too... he's curious. He has questions." He kissed me gently while he grabbed a rather cold towel and wrapped it around my waist. "If I know Sean like I think I do, he's inside, sitting in the living room, waiting for his punishment for spying on us."

That made me pause, and a tad angry. "But, kids are supposed to be curious. It's no big deal."

Taylor patted my chest, wrapping his arms around me. "Precisely, big brother. I think it's time Sean got `the talk'."

As realization dawned, I frowned. "You mean the birds and the bees?"

Taylor laughed while he started tugging me towards the door. "More like the birds and the birds, but yes."

I stopped dead in my tracks, halting Taylor as well. "Oh Jesus. What if I fuck this up?"

Taylor turned to me, pulling my head down to him before taking his lips with mine. When he pulled away, his teeth pulled at my lower lip before releasing it. "You won't. It isn't in you to fail when you really care."

Taylor opened the door, and even though he tried to maintain his detached but caring, I'm your friend and Mother Teresa counselor face, he blushed furiously underneath it. I would have laughed if Taylor hadn't scared the shit out of me. Sex talk? With an untried kid? Fuck! "What happened with the movie, Sean?"

Sean tried to stand before remembering the wet stain on his trousers then sat back down. He shrugged and looked away. His face was flushed, both with his arousal and embarrassment. "The movie wasn't that good, so I came home early, before the roads got bad."

He looked away, his true indicator that he wasn't telling the whole truth. "Smart of you to avoid the snow." I walked towards him, sitting on the coffee table, my legs spread, my hands cupped between them to keep the towel down. "Now tell me why you're really home early."

Sean looked to Taylor before staring me straight in the eyes. "I didn't like what they were saying, so I left." His voice had grown bitter, almost angry. "They had no right."

I took his face in my hands, holding him to my eyes gently. "What did they say?"

The tears pooled in his eyes for a moment before he blinked them away. "Tim was thinking that I was paying for my room and board with sex."

Taylor came to stand by us, touching Sean on the shoulder. "Why would he think that?"

Sean's face truly erupted with fire. "I was fidgeting in my chair."

Taylor sat down by my side, sharing a quick, confused glance with me. "Why were you fidgeting?"

When Sean looked at me, pleadingly, I nodded to him. "What your friends said was bullshit and you know it. Taylor and I know it. That's all that matters."

Sean sat back against the couch, defeated. "I know that. Honestly I do, but... it hurt." He wiped at a stray tear on his cheek. "They took it so well when I told them I was gay. I thought that it wouldn't matter about anything else. We crossed the big hurdle." He slumped his shoulders. "I guess you can never really go back."

Taylor got to him first, but it was a close call as we both wrapped him in our arms, the voyeurism forgotten for the moment. Taylor kissed his head as the tears fell silently. "We love you Sean. No matter what."

Now that Mother Teresa had saved his mind from the pain, it was now time to deal with the rest. I looked at Taylor and nodded. The silent nod I got in return told me he got it. He kissed Sean's forehead before standing. "Well, I plan on running with Becca tomorrow, so I'd better head to bed. Good night, Sean."

"Night, Taylor."

When Taylor had left the room, I turned to Sean and took his hand. "Come on kiddo, let's go get you cleaned up."

Sean started to protest, but I simply pulled him up, regardless of his stained pants. I led him upstairs and shoved him towards the bathroom. As I heard the shower turn on, I went into Sean's room, grabbed him a pair of boxers, slipped them on the bathroom doorknob, and then went to my room to don a pair of boxer briefs for myself. I couldn't wear boxers without slipping out of them, but if we were going to talk sex, we were sure as hell going to be comfortable.

Once the shower was off and Sean emerged, with his boxers, I took his arm and led him towards his room. He had a nice queen sized bed, and I sat at one corner, cross-legged and Sean followed suit. I stared at him, noticing the changes in him. Not that he'd been scrawny, no one who did as much martial arts as Sean could be. But in the last two months, his shoulders had broadened. Hair started sprouting along his belly and a tad between his nipples. He was going to be a fine looking kid.

Before I could say anything, Sean stared at the ceiling. "I'm sorry about earlier. I don't really have an excuse—"

"Don't. You have nothing to apologize for."

Sean stared straight at me, disbelief alight in his eyes. "But I watched." He stared at his crotch. "I... I..."

"You liked what you saw. So much so that you creamed your shorts."

The blush was cute, but now was not the time to beat around the bush. "Sean. What you saw, although yes you invaded our privacy, was not wrong." I waited for him to look at me. "Sex between two loving, consensual adults is never wrong."

When Sean nodded, I continued. "Watching, unless you're given permission, is wrong. But we both understand how and why it happened." This could be a blow to his pride, but it had to be said. "You're a virgin. I'm sure you have tons of questions. Ask away."

Sean looked at me as if I were crazy. But then he considered it for a few seconds, and I knew curiosity would win out over his own sense of propriety. "What's it like?"

An obvious but important question. "Sex feels wonderful. There is physical pleasure, and I didn't know this until Taylor, but emotional pleasure too."

"Better than jerking off?"

Well, that could be quite pleasurable too, but... well... in for a penny. "It can be." Then I shrugged my shoulders. "That's bullshit. When everything clicks and you're attracted to the person you're with, it beats the shit out of jerking off. But it's a lot of work too. Sometimes its just easier to take matters into your own hands and pleasure yourself."

Sean kind of scoffed at me. "You're telling me that you still do it, even with Taylor around?"

This was a tad personal, but again, he needed to know. "Sure. Not like I once did, but sometimes, when Taylor and I don't see each other as much, like when I work late and he has an early morning, yeah, I will." I shrugged. "Sometimes you just need to relieve some pressure. It's all okay. Nothing you do is wrong, provided you don't hurt yourself."

Sean's seemed to understand, as if he would take it on face value. Abstinence only education could be believed to work, but, in all reality, it didn't. Kids were going to experiment. At least with the right information, they wouldn't get sick, and wouldn't hurt themselves or others. "Have you ever had a bad experience?"

"I've had experiences that were less than what I wanted. But if you both are into what's going on, you're at least attracted to that person, then yeah, it can be a great experience." I looked Sean square in the eye. "I don't know how much Taylor told you, but our first time ended really badly. There were complications, but because I loved him and he loved me, even though it didn't end the way we wanted, it was still one of the best times of my life."

"How do you... well... do it?"

I chuckled. "Care to be more specific, Sean?"

Sean blushed some more, but now that we'd broken the ice, I think we were moving in the right direction. "How do you get inside someone?"

Ah. Now I had a clue where he was going. "Can I ask if this is leading to why you were fidgeting while out with your friends?"

The blush got worse, but the nod was sweet. "What have you tried?"

Sean looked towards his table, where he had a rather thick but rounded pen. "I've tried. It didn't work. It hurt."

I was horrified. Those things were sharp. Poor kid. Learning on his own. "That's dangerous, Sean. There are toys and things specifically designed for playing. Plus, you need something to slick the way. Guys can be pretty dry back there."

Over the next half hour, I explained to Sean about toy play, lube, rimming, blowjobs, basic fucking, and stressed over and over about condoms. The last took a bit of explaining. "Andrew, you and Taylor don't use condoms."

I nodded. "You're right, Sean, we don't. But, both of us have been tested for disease and are in a monogamous relationship." I remembered the horror of waiting for that test and then the double horror when I realized just how unfortunate I could have been. "Unless you and your partner are totally committed, a condom is a must."


I swallowed, feeling again the horror of how stupid I was. "Before I met Taylor, I'd never once used a condom. I had no clue how to put one on even. But Sean, the only reason why I'm not sick right now is pure, dumb luck." I took his hand and squeezed hard, so he would know how serious I was. "I played Russian roulette, and I lived through it. But I might not have. With all the men I've been with, the chances that one of us could have gotten sick are phenomenal. I don't know why I didn't, I'm only grateful that I did."

Sean got bold with his questions. The first were about the mechanics of sex. Now we moved on to more personal things. "How many men have you been with?"

The question floored me. I'd never counted. "Give me a minute here." I wracked my brain, looking for the answer. After I had counted to eighteen, and hadn't even left high school, I felt sick. When I got to Don, I was thrilled. Leon, Frank, and Taylor were the last three. "Okay. Sixty-eight. Now that I've met Taylor, there won't be a sixty-ninth."

Sean stared at me, awe in his voice. "Wow. And they were all good?"

I chuckled as I remembered some of my adventures. "Well... the sex was always good. I got off and got my partners off as well. But they all pale when compared to what I have with Taylor."

"Emotions really play that big a part in it?"

I smiled, thinking of how things had changed for me. "Don was the last guy I slept with for fun. Leon because he was easy. Frank because I wanted to prove something. I knew something was missing, Sean." I looked away for a minute, then stared straight into his eyes. "Sex for sex sake is good, provided you're careful. But making love, that's in a class by itself."

"So it's best to wait for love?"

This was a quagmire. "No. You can have sex. Sex is fun. It's rewarding. If you wait for love, you'll have a great time, but you might wonder what else is out there." I took his hand again. "Just be careful. Listen to your heart, Sean. Don't go someplace you don't want to go, but don't deny yourself either." I hugged him to me. "Have fun. Be a young adult. But when the time is right, you'll know."

Once the mechanics of sex were answered, Sean got bold. He looked at my lap, awe in his voice. "Andrew, you're huge! That's amazing..." His question was obvious, the way he trailed off into nothing.

"Yeah, I'm huge." Sometimes I wish I weren't, but, hey, after Taylor could accommodate me, it didn't matter anymore. Damn ruler didn't lie. Fucking ten inches. It was the six and a half around that surprised me.

Sean kind of looked unsure of himself. Light bulb went off. Clue was handed to me. "I'm sure you're plenty big enough, Sean."

"What's normal?"

That I didn't know for sure but I didn't want to say something and scare him. "Have you measured yourself, Sean? I did."

Sean nodded, then looked at my lap again. "Seven."

I grinned at him. "That's definitely bigger than average, Sean. You have nothing to worry about. More than enough to satisfy any partner you so choose."

The relief on his face would have been comical, if not for a few thoughts running through my head. "Come on Sean, I'm sure you saw your buddies in the showers at school."

"I never looked." His voice got small. "I get excited really easily, and I was afraid I'd walk around with a huge hard on."

I laughed. "That happened to me once. That's how I lost my virginity." When Sean looked at me, curiosity in his eyes, I went on. "I had just turned fifteen, a freshman. PE was the last class of the day and I was alone in the locker room. Even then, I was tall, big, muscular. I shaved each day and started getting fur on my body." I swept my hand down my chest and belly to indicate what I was talking about. "Mark something-or-other was a senior, big man on campus, football jock. He caught me jerking off in the shower, hard as a rock."

I grinned as I remembered that day. "He saw my hard on and gulped. Something told me he was interested, especially when he started getting hard." I looked at Sean, grinning. "We didn't kiss. We didn't say a word. I pulled him into the supply closet and we got down and dirty. I don't know how long we were in the closet, but it was a long time."

"Did you see him again?"

I chuckled. "We fooled around every day after school for a couple of weeks until he graduated. That was that."

Sean looked at me, a slight blush rising in his cheeks. I spotted his lap, and his boxers were fuller than they had been. "How do you know if someone is interested?"

That was a tough one. "Sean, I'm not the best to answer this one. I was with more guys who might have been into other guys, but were relatively new to bottoming." I looked away, feeling more shame than I'd ever felt before. "I got it into my head that I could only be the stud by topping cherry asses. I'm not proud of that, but it's what I did."

Sean looked at me, nodding, and I knew he understood and didn't condemn me. "There was a guy at the grocery store the other day who I could swear was checking me out. I got all flustered and ended up leaving, because I just couldn't tell."

"Some people are just friendly. Some people are curious. Some people are into it all. With time and experience, you'll know for sure." I decided to go for broke. "Have you ever done anything with anyone?"

Sean looked down. "No. Just my hand."

I touched him for the first time since we'd sat down. "It's okay, Sean. It isn't important how early you start or how many partners you have. That's macho, irrelevant bullshit."

"Won't he care that I don't know anything?"

I grinned at him, pulling him into a huge hug. "It's a real honor being someone's first." I'd have to thank Don for that one. "I was Don's first, and look at how close we are as friends now?"

Sean was tired, his head pillowed on my chest. "This feels good," he sighed.

I stroked his back, holding his head to me. "Yeah, it does."

"Thank you for making me feel safe."

"You're welcome kiddo. Any time."

Sean slowly fell asleep in my arms. When he started the snuffle-snore of deep sleep, I slid out from his embrace, pulling the blankets over him. Damn kid was going to turn out all right after all.

***** Taylor *****

A pen? That was all I could think about for the last few days. Sean was too impressionable and sensitive to be allowed to experiment in the dark like that. Hell, I'd never used a pen; a finger, a well-rounded carrot once, but never something small and sharp. A quick login to Amazon, a slide by BlowFish, and some boiling water would solve the neglectful state of Sean's sexual knowledge. I slapped down the lid on the pot as the mudroom door opened. Andrew came in, and I sighed. "You scared me."

Andrew blinked. "Huh?"

I smiled, pulling off the lid. "I thought Sean had come home unexpectedly, again."

Andrew chuckled. He'd had sex when others had watched before. Andrew had done almost everything before. I still hadn't recovered. Neither Sean nor I could looking each other in the eyes since the hot tub incident. It wasn't that I was upset with Sean, but I didn't know how to face him after that. Andrew sniffed and made a face. "What are you cooking?"

I grinned, a little embarrassed but only a little. I pulled out one of the smaller dildos with the tongs. "Not cooking, disinfecting."

Andrew cringed. "What are you doing that for?" The smell of boiled plastic wasn't the most appetizing aroma.

I smiled, rubbing my hand across the front of his jeans. "I don't need most of these any longer. I think Sean could put them to better use."

Andrew laughed. "Sean will blush so bad he'll self combust."

I frowned. "We won't give him the present in company, Andrew. That's just wrong."

Stepping around me, he hugged me as I dropped the toy back in the water. "Even just the guys?" Sometimes Andrew had a purely evil streak. He wasn't malicious, but he still had that little control demon that used to manifest in his cherry picking. It needed an outlet. I didn't mind. I found his dominant tendencies liberating. I was far less inhibited than I'd been when we met.

"Yes, Mr. Practical Joker, even the guys. Could you imagine how I'd have reacted if you'd given me dildos, publicly, at my birthday party?"

Andrew thought about that, and hugged me. "I'd never do that, Bacon." His lips caressed my ear.

"Yeah, I know," I breathed, closing my eyes. Damn him. He held me there by an ear while his hands made it to my ass. Bastard.

He eyed the contents of the pot, noting that the biggest toy wasn't in there. "You don't need 'most' of them?"

I shuddered as he pressed my sweats between my cheeks. I nodded. "Yeah. I want to keep the next biggest phallus in the house."

He chuckled. "Why?"

"Options." I pulled away from his teasing fingers. My sweats were damp. He knew well and good he could just push down my sweats and do me right then. I was such an easy lay. I smiled at him. "Remember what you told me about your initiation of Don into gaydom?"

Andrew nodded, dropping his hands. "Yeah. I was a selfish, abusive prick."

"Yeah well," I shrugged, knowing he would always look back at some of his actions with regret. At least Don had come out of it okay, eventually. "At the same time, it was pretty hot."

Andrew smiled. "Yeah, but Don's got nothing on you, Taylor."

God. I loved him. I smiled. "Yes he does." Andrew was about to object, but I laughed. "About two inches and some thickness."

Andrew frowned. "How would you know that?" Seeing the copy of Anal Sex for Men I'd bought for Sean, Andrew picked it up and thumbed through it.

"His lover is one of my best friends, Andrew. Who do you think I compare notes with?" I shrugged. "I know I'm above average, but I'm still the little guy in our group of friends."

Andrew laughed. "Well, you and Lee are about the same size, and you both beat Leon." He winked. "Why do you think the guy worked so hard overcompensating? He's nice and thick, but short."

I turned off the heat and pulled the pot off the burner. "Yeah, well, he's still built like a tank. No matter how big his cannon is."

Andrew didn't answer, but read over something he'd found in the book. A slow, lecherous smile curled his lips. "I didn't know that."

Uh oh. "What?"

"Regular anal intercourse can help prevent hemorrhoids, and prostate issues later in life."

Was that all? I thought everyone knew that. Maybe I should have bought that book for us. I pulled the book out of his hands, closed it, and set it safely away from the stove. "Yeah, so?"

Pulling me to him, by my ass, bastard, he leaned down and whispered into my ear. "I don't want my man to have prostate problems."

I trembled at the low, sexy way he said the words. I was trembling more as he slid his hands into the back of my sweats and found I wasn't wearing any underwear. "Yeah," I managed to whisper back into his neck as he squeezed my ass, pulling my cheeks apart.

"It's time for some preventative medicine," he answered, hefting me up against him as my sweats fell off my legs. God damn him. He was the only person who could make being in such a vulnerable position feel so good to me.

I managed to get my brain working before he had his pants to his knees and me impaled right there in the kitchen. "Let's take this upstairs."

Andrew was ready to drive himself home, but control was something he was good at. "Why?"

I chewed on his neck, before I kissed my way up to his ear. "I want to show you why we're keeping the big-boy."

Andrew carried me, two hands kneading my ass, keeping my hole exposed to the air, to the bedroom. We shucked our clothes and crawled onto the bed. The sheets were cool, but they wouldn't stay that way long. "Okay," he breathed into my neck as he bit me lightly, "what is it you want to do?"

I propped up the pillows at the headboard, then got up, got a towel and spread it out, and then pulled out the big-boy and lube. I propped the big-boy up and nodded. "Ride it for me."

Andrew frowned. "You want a show?"

I shook my head. "No, trust me."

That always got me what I wanted. Andrew trusted me more than his mom, which was saying a lot. He moved around, taking the lube and slathering himself while I warmed up the dildo. It was so fucking hot watching him slowly work his way down the thing, on his knees, with his eyes closed, moaning a little. Once he got to the base, he bounced up and down a couple times before opening his eyes. "Okay."

Each bounce he'd leaked more, and his cock was coated. Still, I lubed myself to be sure. I climbed up, kissing him deeply, before slowly lowering myself onto him. God, I loved having him in me. Andrew braced himself with his arms back, and groaned as I gripped him with my ass. We both sat there, adjusting, just staring into each other's eyes, until I found my voice. "Fuck us, Andrew."

Andrew began to thrust, then sink down, and then up then down. His eyes glazed almost immediately. "Oh fuck, Bacon." I leaned in and held on as he started riding the dildo and banging me with increasing passion. "Oh damn."

I kneaded his chest and twisted his nipples, causing him to bounce more erratically as he fucked me and himself. As good as Andrew was at holding out, I knew he was building way too fast. That was fine. I wanted him satisfied. He was used to some wild stuff; a lot more wild than I would be willing to do. Still, with some creativity, we could do a hell of a lot. "I love you, Andrew."

Andrew was concentrating, grunting, thrusting, riding, and straining as he tried to rip us both new asses. Five minutes and he was a hairy, sweating, sexual beast charging full force towards the cliff. He bounced so hard that I had to hang on not to be tossed off, and I was amazed he didn't come right off the dildo. Throwing back his head, he bellowed, flooding me. His thrusting became erratic, mini-fucks as he trembled through the hypersensitivity of post-blow cock stimulation. True to the first time he'd successfully fucked me, Andrew didn't stop. I rode him, while he rode the dildo, through a second, much longer fuck. I blew long before his second orgasm wiped him out.

We lay there, catching our breath, as the inferno we'd started began to wick off into the air. Andrew chuckled. "That, Bacon, was just about the best fuck sandwich I was ever the meat for."

I smiled, kissing his sweaty chest. "I don't want you to have prostate problems either."

"I love you, Taylor." He pulled me up, kissing me breathless again before he groaned. The dildo finally popped out, and he shuddered. "Damn." He sank back, holding me to him. "How'd you come up with that?"

I grinned, tweaking his nipple. "I read the right books."

"What other ideas have you gotten from reading those books?"

I cuddled closer. Andrew always made dark play safe. I'd always had dark fantasies, fantasies that had scared me and kept me from exploring my gay half. "I want to be gang banged in the shower."

He lifted my face, studying my eyes. "Really?"

"But I don't want anyone one else but you." I ran my hand down him, sliding inside his thigh until I could grip the dildo. "They make mounting cups for these things."

"They do?" Andrew reached down, hefting up the well used substitute 'third', and looked at it.

"Yeah... " Okay, I was blushing, but the way he was plumping up as he thought about it, I knew I hadn't weirded him out. "You can mount them on any flat, smooth surface... like a shower wall."

Dropping the toy off the bed, Andrew kissed me. "We can do anything you want, Taylor."

I cuddled in, shaking a little with relief. "Sometimes, I used to fantasize about being helpless, forced to service man after man, and being fucked until I was limp." I played with his chest hair while he stroked my back. "I can be helpless with you. I know no matter how rough or wild it gets, you'd never hurt me." He stiffened for a moment, but I shook my head against his chest. "Accidents happen, Andrew. You've never broken your promise, and I know you never will."

Pulling me slowly up, he cupped my face. "How helpless?"

I swallowed. Dark fantasies opened windows on parts of your psyche that hurt at times to look at. "Totally."

"I love you." He kissed me slowly, sensually, and completely. I was pudding when he pulled back, his eyes closed, but I could see the glistening of a tear or two at the corners of them. "I love you so damn much."

We stayed that way, just holding each other, and felt nothing but safe and loved.

***** Don *****

"So, Sean, what do you want to get for the guys," I asked as we got out of the car at the mall. I wasn't a big shopper, at least for myself, but I loved buying presents for Christmas.

Sean shrugged. "I don't have much money. Taylor's Aunt Claire left me a hundred bucks with a note telling me to buy Andrew and Taylor something nice." Poor kid. He had no idea that Andrew had been putting his earnings from his receptionist work into a savings account. It was probably better he didn't know about it. It had made him work to ensure he had scholarships and student loans.

Sebastian smiled. "You can do a lot on a hundred bucks, Sean."

I draped my arm over Seb's shoulders as we wandered the mall. A year ago I wouldn't have been caught making an affectionate gesture towards another man in public if my life depended on it. It'd been one hell of a year. We got a few looks, but I didn't give a fuck. At least, I didn't think I did.

"Hey, Don!"

I turned to see Keith Landers, the head of Human Resources at Comdex, walking our way with his wife and two daughters. I flinched, dropping my arm so my hand was against Seb's back, invisible. "Hey, Keith."

We stopped, everyone smiling in that partially artificial way you always did when you met coworkers unexpectedly out in public. "Don, this is my wife Mary, and my daughters Patty and Denise. Ladies, this is our head of security, Donald Klein."

I extended my hand, shaking Mary's as I smiled self-consciously at the girls. They looked about ten and twelve. "It's a pleasure to meet you." I nodded at Sean. "This is a friend of ours, Sean Monroe." Did I just say 'ours'? "And Sebastian Rodriguez, my... partner."

Keith blinked for a moment, but Mary smiled. "That must have been a blow to the secretarial pool."

Seb smiled while I tried to recalibrate. "He's definitely off the market."

Mary smiled softly, gently nudging the girls into moving again. "We have to get these two to the theater before the matinee starts."

"See you at work, Monday," Keith added, before ushering the girls away. It wasn't a hurried thing, but it was obvious Keith was still processing.

"They're a nice couple," Seb noted absently, sliding his arm around my waist from behind. "The girls are cute."

"Yeah," I mumbled, wondering what Keith was thinking when he left.

Shopping took forever. We had presents for just about everyone, when Seb hit me with my next brain bang of the day. "What do you think I should get your mother?"

"What?" I hadn't really been paying attention since meeting the Landers.

Seb held up his shopping, gift recipient list. "Your mom? Christmas?"

I let go, shrugging. "Don't worry about it."

Seb frowned. "What do you mean: don't worry about it? You bought my mother a crystal decanter."

"We're spending Christmas with your family, Seb. I had to get your parents and brother something."

Seb's frown on deepened as I tried to keep us moving. He didn't budge. "Excuse me? Since when do we only get presents for the family we're visiting?"

I didn't want to talk about it. "We'll discuss this later," I mumbled, nodding at Sean.

"No, we'll talk about this now, Don. Sean is old enough to know people have disagreements." Great, Seb was mad. I didn't want him mad. I just wanted him to leave the topic of Christmas and my family alone.



"Fine. You aren't getting my mother anything. Discussion over." I left Seb standing there with Sean. I wasn't going to go over it with Sean around. The kid had enough family related traumas.

Seb fumed the whole ride back to Taylor and Andrew's place. Sean was melancholy. At least the words didn't start until we'd pulled back onto the highway.

"The discussion is anything but over."

"Drop it, Seb." I kept my eyes on the road, but I knew he was glaring at me.


"God Damn It!" I pulled off and stopped in the median, threw the car in park, and turned to Seb. "I haven't had Christmas with my family in three years, Seb."

His eyes were hard, unrelenting, and angry. "Why?"

"I just don't go." I looked back at the road.


God, the little bastard could piss me off faster than anyone else. "Because I'm GAY, Seb! I got tired of being asked if there was anyone special in my life, and having my father ask if I was being safe."

"And exactly when are you going to tell them we're something other than 'roommates', Don?" I looked at him, and I could see the hurt behind the anger in his eyes. "You moved in in March. It's December. When were you planning on telling them?"

My heart sank. I'd faced a lot of fears since the night Andrew fucked me out of my isolated little world. I'd faced a lot more since I'd met Sebastian. I didn't give a shit what strangers thought. I could be out, in love, with my man, anywhere. Anywhere that wasn't back home, where people could still hurt me. The only people left I had to be scared of was my family. "I wasn't."

I looked like I'd circle kicked him in the gut, the way his eyes expanded and he let out his breath. After a few moments, they went unreadable and he looked back at the road. "I want to go home, Don."


He wouldn't look at me. "Home."

We spent the rest of the drive in a painful silence. I kept glancing at Seb, but he just looked out the window. He didn't grow up in a homophobic, Midwestern town. He grew up in LA. Life's different on the West Coast. We got back to the apartment and Seb pulled out his stuff without a word and climbed the steps, over laden, without a word. I caught the package that fell off the top as he struggled to get his keys. He looked at me as I slid my key into the door, opening it, not looking away from him.

"Thanks." It wasn't the happiest sounding thank you I'd ever heard, but at least he'd said something.

I waited until we had the door closed and the packages on the couch, before trying again. "Seb, please."

He looked at me. The anger had faded, but the hurt was a lot more pronounced. "I thought we were past this, Don."

Fuck. I tried to hold his gaze, but I couldn't. I dropped my gaze to his chest. "So did I." All I wanted was for him to tell me he loved me, in spite of the fact I was fucked up.

When I looked back at him, he looked so damn sad. "I think they know, Don. At least, I think your Mom does."

I blinked, feeling the pit in my stomach twist. "What do you mean?"

He shrugged. "You know I usually answer the phone, because I get most of the calls." I nodded. "Well, the last month or two your mom has been chatting with me before asking to talk to you. Nothing significant, just the usual how are yous, and how is life going, and such."

"That's just polite, Seb. Mom's a good Christian woman." She was. If I weren't so scared about what the bible said about homosexuals, I wouldn't have had a care in the world about her reaction.

"When she called for your birthday, last Monday, she asked if I could convince you to come home for Christmas." That was news. He locked his gaze with mine. "I said I'd try."


"Don, you can't hide from your family forever. Your sister graduates from College next year. Are you going to miss that?" He got a glass of water while I chewed on that, and he took a sip. "And what about your parent's thirtieth? That's in March, right?"

I blinked again. "How the hell did you know that?" I hadn't even thought about it, so I knew I hadn't told him.

"Your Mom asked me at some point when you actually moved in." He shrugged again. "I didn't think about it, I just said 'March'." He took another drink. "It didn't register at the time, but she said something like: Don's father and I were married in March. That's how I found out."

I sat down. I was suddenly very tired. "You really think they know?"

Seb came over; pulling me into the hug I'd wanted earlier. "I don't know, Don. Maybe I'm just projecting what I want into my conversations with her."

I hugged him. We'd hit this problem so many times. Every time I thought I'd pulled everything out of the closet, we found a new closet. "What do you want, Seb?" I knew that I'd do anything he wanted.

"I want to meet the people who raised the most arrogant, difficult, pain in my ass I've ever loved." He smiled, kissing me. I melted, sinking back as he chewed on my lips. I was such a kiss slut. "I want them to know you're loved, and that you aren't alone." He kissed me again. Fuck, I was going to give in; we both knew it, even if he had to fuck the courage into me. "It was really important to my family."

"I love you," I mumbled around his lips as I tried to kiss away my nervousness.

Seb stood up. "Come on." Whenever I needed to face another closet, Seb knew just how to remind me why I was opening it.

I stopped him before we got into the bedroom. "Seb?"


I needed the fuck, but this time I wasn't sure it'd be enough. "You'll be there when I call, right?"

"I'll always be there for you, Don." He pulled me into a slow, brain-stopping kiss that I didn't recover from until I was face down on the bed, whimpering through my ragged breath, with Seb collapsed against my back. I didn't have enough brain cells left to be scared. Seb groaned at the sudden screeching of the phone.

I fumbled for it, nearly knocking it off the nightstand, and put the handset to my ear. "Hello?"

"I thought you and your Spanish fence-post were coming over for dinner," Jackson sounded more concerned than annoyed. I groaned, and he chuckled. "From the sound of it, you two have been building more fences."

I grinned. "Will dinner be ruined if we're about an hour late?"

Jackson covered the mouthpiece, but I could still hear the words "at it" and "again". He got back on. "Better make that an hour from now, since you're already a half hour late."

I covered the mouthpiece. "You still up for dinner?"

Seb chuckled. "I won't be 'up' again for a while, but dinner sounds great."

I could hear Jackson laughing before I took my hand off. Apparently I hadn't covered up our conversation. "I did NOT need to hear that," he chuckled. "We'll see you about seven thirty then."

"Later, Jackson."

"Later, horn-dog."

I hung up. "You realize there are going to be a lot of jokes tonight, right?"

"Yeah, but it isn't like they aren't all true." He leaned in, running his lips along my ear. "I really do have you dick whipped."

I sighed. "Guilty... now get up so we can get showered and out of here." He did, and I got up, surveying the damage we'd done to the sheets. I shook my head and stripped the sheets before the pad got too badly soaked.


I shrugged. "How the fuck do you pump that much cum out of me? It looks like we spilled a quart of milk on the bed."

Seb laughed. "Because I'm hung like a horse and you're a class A stud. Don't ask stupid questions."

I grinned. "I'm your stud, right?"

"Yeah, forever."

Late Sunday morning I sat, staring at the phone in my hand, trying to weasel my way out. I looked at Seb nervously as I fidgeted with the phone. "You sure you're parents will be okay with us changing plans." I hoped they wouldn't be. I wouldn't have to make the call.

"Yes, Don." Seb rolled his eyes. "I talked to Mom last night. She thinks we should go to your family."

I sighed. I'd hoped flights would be booked, but we'd already found more than a few we could afford. I'd run out of excuses. Trying not to feel sick, I called. Mom picked up on the second ring. Damn. "Hey, Mom."

"Donald!" She sounded surprised, but happy. I didn't call home often. Less and less as the years went by. If she hadn't made sure to call at least once a month, I doubt they'd hear from me more than twice a year.

I picked at the antenna of the hand set, flipping it back and forth until Seb stopped me. "Uhm, I was thinking of flying out that way for Christmas."

"Lisa is going to be so excited. She hasn't seen you since Thanksgiving last year when she took her break out there." She started listing the other relatives who would be in town. A good half of the family lived within a town or two of my hometown. My stomach sank further the longer the list grew.

"Uh... are you sure there will be space." I looked at Seb, saw his questioning expression, and looked away. "I mean, if you need to use my room for Aunt Janet or one of the cousins..."

"Don't be silly. There are plenty of rooms around amongst the family. Our children always have first claim on their own rooms." She paused. "Even if the room is a den with a sleeper sofa."

"A sleeper sofa?" I shuddered. "What happened to my room?"

"Honey," she consoled, "you're twenty-eight and haven't been here in three years. Lisa's room functions as the guest room most of the year. At this point we were pretty certain you weren't moving home."

But it was MY ROOM. It felt, suddenly, like I'd been moved out. It was stupid, but that's how it felt. Maybe I'd thought if I'd kept my sexuality hidden, they'd never move me out. I swallowed down my idiotic reactions. "Okay, well... it's at least a queen, right?"

"Of course dear."

"Uhm..." I looked at Seb again, and he raised his eyebrows. I wasn't getting out of this. "I was planning on bringing Seb with me."

"Oh?" She paused.

"Is that okay?" I paused.

"Of course, dear. Any friend of yours is welcome." Damn, that didn't give me a clue.

"Okay, we can get tickets up for Christmas Eve. Can someone pick us up?"

"Your father and I will be happy to, Donald, don't be silly. Just call us with the times and flight numbers."

"Okay Mom." I paused again. "Love you."

"We love you too, dear. See you Christmas."

I hung up, letting out a slow breath. "I guess we need to buy tickets." I looked at Seb. "The whole Klein clan will be up there."

Seb reached over and squeezed my hand. "It'll be fine."

I didn't want to think about it. Coming out to my parents was enough to make my stomach turn flip-flops. Coming out to the whole family? I thought I was going to be sick. "Seb?" He looked at me. I didn't need to ask. He just stood up and headed for the bedroom. We were going to be fucking constantly for the next few weeks, or I'd never survive the wait.

***** Sebastian *****

My last class before the New Year was almost over with. The gi was very comfortable; it covered the chest and legs while giving freedom of motion. The material was fairly soft, especially after multiple washings. It didn't matter how soft the material or how soft my jock; my cock ached. I was tired. My body was sore from exhaustion. Not that I was complaining, exactly, but Don was wearing me out. Three times a night at least. Hell, he called me one day on his lunch hour, practically begging me to come to his work and give him a dose of cock Prozac. I loved him more than life, but after two weeks of his near panic, my own confidence began to fade.

When the class was over, I headed down the strip to Goals & Dreams. I helped name that place. It made me smile each time I walked through the doors. It was Saturday night and Taylor was there, giving Sean the night off. He sat at the counter, working on some paperwork. He looked up when the door chime went off and smiled at me.

"Coming in for a workout?"

I laughed and leaned against the counter. "No. But..." I shrugged my shoulders. "Do you have a minute or two?"

The joking was put aside as Taylor stood. "Come on, why don't we go into the office where we can have some privacy."

I followed him as we went into the tiny office that barely held a desk and filing cabinet. I sat in one of the two chairs as Taylor sat behind the desk. "What's going on, Seb?"

I let out a long sigh, letting some of my tension go. "Don and I are going to Wisconsin for Christmas." I looked him dead in the eyes. "He's going to come out to his family."

Taylor sat back in the office chair, swiveling a bit from side to side. "I see."

I stood, wishing to pace. There was no room to do so, so I sat down and fidgeted with my hands. "I know he'll be better off for it, but... I'm worried."

Taylor sat forward, planting his elbows on the desk. "Do you think they won't accept him?"

"No, it isn't that." I stopped fidgeting. "But Don thinks so. He's terrified that they will hate him for it. I've kept trying to calm him down, but, after two weeks, I'm starting to doubt."

Taylor reached forward and took my hand. "Gut feeling: do you think his parents will kick him out? Hate him? Never speak to him again?"

"No, of course not."

"Are you sure?"

I sat back and searched through my mind. I'd talked to his mother often enough. There was love in her voice. She loved Don. Love sometimes wasn't enough, but my gut... "Yes. I'm sure."

"Okay. Then I'm sure it will be fine."

"Just like that?"

Taylor laughed, but there was little humor in it. "My father is never happy with anything I do. Never was. So I knew there would be problems." The pain lingered in his eyes; I knew it was killing him. "I've never heard Don speak of his family, but Don is so levelheaded. He has fears, we all have the, but Don is more together than most people I know." Shrugging, Taylor told me the truth as he saw it. "Someone that together, with so much faith in others, doesn't come from hateful, reactionary parents."

"Thanks. I needed to hear that."

Taylor chuckled. "That's not to say you should be unprepared, but keep the faith you have."

"They're going to pick us up at the airport."

Taylor nodded, staring off into space. "Why not rent a car? If things go as bad as Don fears, then you won't have to worry about getting out of there. It might also give Don a bit of security, knowing he can get away if need be."

I blew out my breath. "He's so damn afraid. Don's never afraid."

Taylor nodded. "How's he coping with it?"

I felt the blush rise in my cheeks, but put it aside. "Let's just say I'm sore. Back, hips, cock, its all sore."

"Sex therapy, huh?"


Taylor started laughing. "Andrew and I have had moments where we needed hot monkey sex to get us through something nasty."

That got my interest. Andrew was a teddy bear, but I really hadn't met him when he was still "spunk for brains" as Don put it. "What the hell causes Andrew to panic?"

Taylor smiled, remembering. "That asshole you stopped in the park? He was hitting on Andrew and it freaked him out. That was the first night I topped him. He came home and begged for it." He chuckled, his eyes lost to the vortex of memories. "Same thing when he got fired. I could hardly walk for two days from fucking my man raw."

My shoulders eased as the tension released. "That's a relief. I thought I'd done something wrong."

"Not if he keeps coming back for more of the same," Taylor chuckled. The front door Chimed. Taylor stood and gave me a hug. "But let me make a suggestion." I pulled back and looked at him. "Get some body butter from The Body Shoppe and coat your dick. Get some serious lube, and have Don pound out his fears."

I knew I blushed, but his advice was good. "Any particular flavor?"

We both burst out laughing. I left the gym shortly after, driving home to the pile of paperwork I had. Christmas time was a busy period for me. Hell, most investors looked to make last minute investments as a tax dodge, or wanted to sell of assets to pay for the holidays. My work picked up again after tax season when the smarter clients invested their refunds. Either way, between the sweaty, satisfying, but sleepless nights, the worry over Don, and a few other minor issues like work, class, and eating, I was falling behind. I wanted everything wrapped up so that if things went south in Wisconsin, I could take care of Don. Hell, I found a hotel near the airport where we could stay until we flew home if need be.

The papaya body butter worked wonders, as did the extra tingly warming lube. Don had some serious frustrations to work out. Only four more days to go, and I still had to take Don to the mall for Christmas gifts for his family. Thankfully, Andrew, Sean and Taylor would take us to the airport to see us off. Just a few more days. Then we could put this behind us.