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The Conquered - Chapter 2: Fight or Flight

***** Don *****

My balls, ass and back ached like a son-of-a-bitch for a couple days after Andrew and Lee had had their way with me. I got nervous as Monday approached; I wasn't certain what I'd be returning to when I got to the gym. Thank God for Lee. He greeted me with a knowing smile that was honest and friendly. As I signed in, he asked me how I was and I told him I wasn't sure. Something about Lee was genuine; I respected and trusted that. He just smiled and asked if I'd like to go talk after my workout. I couldn't believe how cool Lee was. I wish Andrew had been like him. Andrew still made my ass itch with a desire to have him riding me again, but his smug look as I got into the room and the way he leered at me was so demeaning. He knew how to bring my every insecurity to the surface.

My workout sucked and I almost left without hooking up with Lee, but he caught me on the way and took me for a cup of coffee. I think I said it before, but thank God for Lee. He took me home that night and taught me another way to have sex. It wasn't "making love" or anything so mushy and bleeding-heart. We had sex as equals. There was no need for dominance. I left feeling a lot better about myself and about sex. He told me I'd probably go through a "slut phase" for a while and he hoped I'd be careful. He also gave me one piece of advice that kept me sane during the whole thing. He said, "Always be an equal, Don. You can give control or take it, but never let someone make you feel like you're less than them, and don't ever do that to someone else."

I did go through a slut phase. Lee and I got together a few times; one time I got him so turned on that I was able to fuck him behind the reception desk during gym hours. The counter was pretty high; he had to act as if nothing was going on whenever someone came by. It was such a fucking high to make him cum while he stood there, my cock up his ass, while he struggled not to make a sound as he drenched the underside of the counter. He grinned at me after I'd finished; and told me I was a bastard. We were just great buds.

I even did Andrew one more time. I'd made the mistake of working out late and showering. He came in, like last time, and he was just too fucking good to resist. He fucked me till I blasted against the wall in the shower and then proceeded to breed my ass like a bull. He thought he was going to leave me like that; he just pulled out, letting his spunk drool down my thighs, and he went to another shower to clean up. I wasn't going to put up with that; no matter how good it had been. He had soap in his hair and his back to the curtain when I came in, pressed up against him and began twisting his nipples without mercy. He bucked against me for a few moments, calling me all sort of things as I rubbed back and forth against his soapy ass. But he shut the fuck up when I slid up his hot, tight ass. I didn't care what he may have thought of himself; he loved having his ass plugged as much as I did. I fucked him till he was pressed against the tiles, begging me to rape his ass. I did; I stretched him good and proper.

I decided I had to make my point as he quaked from his first blow. I got his ass down on the tiles and had his legs over my shoulders before he knew what was going on. I slammed back in, causing him to cry out and curse at me. He tried to buck away but I had him pinned. After several minutes of bending him, knees to chest, and plowing his ass, he was quiet and looking really scared. I hadn't wanted to scare him; I knew I wasn't hurting him. His cock was throbbing and drooling. I realized he was where I'd been, helpless under the assault. I didn't want that; I didn't want to be him. I bent forward and slowed my pounding. Finding his lips, I kissed him. He shuddered and I told him I'd stop if he wanted me to. He looked at me, stunned, and his eyes went hard. He told me to finish what I'd started. Ok, he tried to make it sound like an order. I guess that's what he needed; to feel he still had control. That was fine. He could think he was in control but we both knew otherwise. I fucked him through a third blow for the night and then unloaded into his ass. I wanted to taste those lips one last time before I left. We lay there, kissing, as I lowered his knees. His eyes were a little glazed when I finally pulled back, thanked him for the fuck, and left.

He didn't leer at me again at the gym. I couldn't quite tell what the difference was. I think he almost looked worried or uncertain whenever his eyes met mine. I'd done what I'd needed; I'd met him as an equal. I let it go and made sure not to give him a chance again.

Lee's prediction was more than accurate; it was a roadmap of my life for almost the next six months. I fucked or was fucked by at least one stud a week. Some weeks I had two or three nameless, faceless fuck fests. I finally came to my senses when I woke up one morning in a stranger's apartment, naked and sore, on the floor with a couple guys zonked out on the couch and on the floor. I don't think I could count how many guys I'd fucked, sucked and been fucked by that night. I think it was five. That was when I realized I had to make a change or I'd end up hurt, sick or dead.

I called Lee and asked if I could come over. We hadn't gotten together in almost four months. I knew Andrew wasn't happy with him; they didn't seem to have the familiar bond they'd had before. I found out why when I got to Lee's.

A guy from the gym, Tyrone, answered the door. He was a six-foot-two black man who was even more muscular than Andrew. I could also tell by the way his sweats were contoured around him that he was hung like a bull. I was nervous to talk around Tyrone, but Lee told me that they were a "couple" and that Ty knew about the personal aspects of our friendship.

I told him about what I'd been up to for the last few months and bemoaned the fact that I was such a slut. Both he and Tyrone chuckled and Lee patted me on the shoulder and welcomed me back to "humanity". He told me he'd gotten over his slut period a long time ago but hadn't had any other options. He'd partnered up with Andrew's schemes when he was sure of the receptivity of the "victim". I'd been the last of his "conquests", though Andrew had tried to enlist him in a couple others. He'd been very upset with how Andrew had ended our first encounter and realized they no longer had the same idea of what "breaking in a new guy" was about.

Other than the few times we'd fucked, he'd remained celibate till he met Tyrone. Andrew had set his sights on the big, black stud and had tried to convince Lee to help. Lee didn't like the idea and had circumvented the encounter by asking Tyrone out for a drink the night Andrew had set his trap. Unlike me, Tyrone hadn't been a virgin and wasn't closeted. He was simply discrete. One thing led to another and the two of them found they had a lot more in common than working out. They were going to move in together as soon as Tyrone's lease was up.

That "betrayal" was apparently the last straw for Andrew. I was so glad Lee had been there for me; I don't know what I'd have done if I'd been left to deal with the end of my first fuck alone. I left the guys with a new appreciation of being gay; it didn't have to be brainless, mindless fucking.

I didn't want love; but I decided I would have to go cold turkey till I met someone I could have like Lee: someone with some commonality and with whom I wouldn't mind having sex with more than once. I threw myself into my martial arts teaching, adding a few more classes a week to fill the time I'd been out hunting for dick and ass. It was over two months of celibacy before I started getting the itch again.

I didn't have the tingle to push for anything close to sex with anyone, till I met Sebastian. He was a new student but wasn't a beginner. He had just moved to town the month before and was looking for a new school to continue his training. I was impressed by how he did his forms. He didn't rush them, or try to impress anyone with an added oomph of strength or finesse. He did them nearly perfectly. He wasn't my normal kind of man; he was shorter than me and built lean and cat like. Still, for the first time since I'd stopped being a slut, I started feeling like a hunter again. The question was: was Sebastian prey, or simply a pipe-dream.

***** Sebastian *****

I was new to the area. I needed a break, a new outlook. I'm not that tall, only about 5-8. My twin brother and I learned early to defend ourselves. I knew early that I was gay, and if it weren't for my hairy chest, deep voice and the fact I had started martial arts when I was six, I'm sure I would have been the victim of several severe gay bashings. When I went away to college, my brother gave me a huge box of condoms, a couple of tubes of KY and some advice to enjoy my slut period because I had kept alone while in high school. My slut phase only lasted about three weeks. I didn't even use up half the box of condoms. But at least I had them and played smart.

I had a pretty regular fuck buddy for most of college. All we did was occasionally scratch the itch. We didn't have anything in common other than making each other feel good. It all changed my senior year. I met Jason. He was in his first year at law school and we fell in love. We lived together through the end of law school. I was so proud of him. Then he dumped me so he could go find a wife and live life the way it should be lived. The whole situation left me hurting, confused and pretty pissed. I probably spent a good month brooding before I decided to pack it up and move on. I wanted a new start, and I got one by moving about five hundred miles from home.

Once I got to my new digs, I was kind of at a loss. I mostly worked as a consultant for small investors. In my free time, I worked out and kept up my studies of martial arts. By the time I was sixteen, I had black belts in a couple different forms. I just needed a place I could practice and continue to learn. I checked out the local schools trying to find a place that fit. Some of the schools were teaching self-defense. I didn't need that. Others taught almost a kickboxing or extreme fighting technique. I could kill someone about thirty different ways anyway; that wasn't for me either. Then I happened upon a school that taught basics to advanced classes for all ages, and offered a couple different styles. Once I saw that there were classes for more inner studies as well as for the competition, I knew it was for me. I signed up for a couple of intermediate classes; it was more just to find where I fit in, get in shape, and get back into the swing of things since I took about two months off to brood and move.

The first couple of classes were my meeting my fellow students, feeling them out, finding out where I fit. I don't shout from the rooftops with a big pink flag, but I don't really hide the fact I'm gay either. To look at me, you wouldn't think that I was gay. I don't lisp, and my wrists are a bit too strong to be limp. After hearing some rather sharp homophobic comments from some of the students, I decided to keep quiet. Of course it didn't help that the intermediate and advanced instructor was hot. He checked me out in the first class, and wasn't overly subtle about it.

There was something about Don that exuded raw sex appeal. If he didn't stare at me with lust in his eyes, I'd have doubted he was gay. The man was macho with a capital "M". He came up behind me one day and helped me with a new form, standing against my back, and moving with me till I had the flow of the maneuver. It was at that moment that I got a really good idea about how big and strong he was. He was four inches taller and could easily pick me up in his beefy arms. His deep voice rumbled in my ear as he helped me. Once he saw I could make the move on my own, he gave me a purely sexual smile and winked as he walked off. I got hard, real hard, watching his ass as he strode to the front of the room. I went home that night and while in the shower thought about how it would feel to have that hairy chest press against my back as he pounded into me. He looked like a total top. That was nothing new; I loved getting my ass pounded. Jason found my equipment intimidating and all the other guys I'd been with were mostly into oral play. But one of these days, I'd like to top a guy and have him beg for it. Perhaps Don was that guy. He definitely seemed man enough to take my cock. After a month of silent, lascivious looks, I finally bit the bullet after class and asked him if he'd like to join me for a bite.

The man was arrogant and sexy. Okay, he was a fucking stud, taller than me, and built like a tank. He had a nice furry chest that showed when his gi would flap open during forms. While I stood there, waiting for him to answer, he stared at me, and looked at me as if he could devour me; his eyes moving from head to toe and then back again. He paused at my crotch and I swear the damn thing practically rose up to preen for him. I was aroused and sweating when his eyes came back to mine, opaque and cloudy with desire. He looked into my eyes and simply said, "Sure, I could chow down on a piece of beef about now."

***** Don *****

I wanted to take a bite of him right there at the school. What about him was so fucking attractive? I don't normally go for Hispanic guys; I don't rule them out but they really don't inspire my dick either. Sebastian was definitely inspiring something. I couldn't believe the little fucker had the balls to "ask me out." Actually, I was flattered, but I could tell by the way his cock jumped, as I looked him over; there wasn't any reason to postpone the inevitable. Not to mention, dating was too swishy for me.

"There's a good steak place near where I live." Though he wasn't shaking, I could smell it; he was heating up to the idea. Fuck the steak; give me that tight ass.

"I've got my clothes in my bag, but we don't have showers here." I wanted to see if he'd take the bait.

"I need to rinse off too; I'm pretty rank." He smiled and I realized he had a really good smile; he had a great mouth to chow down on my fat piece of beef that was long overdue for some attention. "You could clean up at my place."

Oh, I was going to clean up all right. The heat coming off that hot little body of his was enough to set me on fire. "Sounds good; I'll follow you." I followed that hot, tight ass all the way to the cars. It was going to be a good night; this muscle wolf was on the prowl again.

***** Sebastian *****

I could feel his eyes following me out to the parking lot. Don was really hot. I don't normally approach guys, but the way he looked at me gave me that little push to go for it. The drive back to my place was quick. I didn't live that far away. I was hoping to get the showers done in a hurry so we could get to the restaurant. I'd like to find out more about him, figure out what we had in common, and perhaps even go back to my place after for a little play. It had been a long and lonely two months.

I invited him in; he was all smiles. I was kind of nervous; I don't normally bring strangers back to my place, but it didn't scare me in a bad way; it was thrilling. I showed him where the towels were as I headed into my bedroom. I'd just untied my gi when Don came up behind me. His arms came around me, and his fingers found my nipples and tweaked them. I was hard instantly. I couldn't even moan I was so shocked.

Don pushed me against my dresser, chewing on my neck as he untied my pants and yanked them down leaving me in my jock. "You know you want this," he growled into my ear before he knelt, pried my cheeks apart and had his tongue inside me in no time. I was still in shock, but that's when I started moaning. It had been so long. His tongue felt so good, soft and wet, and contrasting with his slight beard against my skin. I was on fire. My body shook.

When my legs gave out, Don said, "no way," by locking his arms around my knees and keeping me in place. When his tongue opened me, he was back up against me, yanking off my gi and sliding his fingers in me easily. He had twisted three in me, making me gasp before he stood back behind me. I heard the condom wrapper rip and then he was pushing against me again. "This is what you really want, isn't it?" I couldn't answer; I could only go along with his ride. He was in charge, taking me fast and quick. My cock was straining against my jock, I wanted to stroke, but I couldn't get to it. My hands were busy keeping me from being driven through the dresser as he pressed into me. One deep thrust, he bottomed, and I cried out part in pain, but mostly in pleasure.

The fire in my ass burned out my objections and I wanted more, "Fuck me, Don!"

***** Don *****

It was too easy; not that I minded. I wasn't in this for the challenge; I wanted ass. It'd been too long since I'd had a hot stud taking me. Sebastian was one hot fuck. His ass was so tight and he was so responsive. It was like he'd been primed for the taking before I even entered the room.

When I ripped off his gi, I realized he had a really good body. It wasn't big, but it was a perfect martial artist's body with just enough tight muscle to give him graceful power. I almost had to stop and admire his back and waist, though it was his ass that had most of my attention. The way his glutes were flexing in anticipation, I was pretty sure he could take me without any more prep. We were going to find out.

We both knew he wanted this. He may have wanted a nice dinner and friendly chat, but it was obvious we'd be doing this before the night was out. Why waste the time and build up tension? He was against the dresser as I found his hungry ass ready for my hard cock. I fed it to him in one, long glide. Damn, his ass was tight. He definitely wasn't virgin, but he either had a really fast recovery or it'd been a while. Something about how he cried out just revved my motor. He was giving me control; I hadn't just taken it. It was subtle, but it was there. Had he not wanted it; he would have stopped me. That made him even sexier; most guys would have just given up to an assault like this. He only gave ground; he didn't cave in.

I knew he wanted it when he started begging; no, not quite begging, he was asking for it. Damn I liked the way his ass hugged me and how his body responded as my hairy muscles rubbed against him. I didn't want this to be a faceless fuck; I'd had my ass, there was no reason not to slow down and enjoy it. I'd learned from Lee that a hot fuck was even better if you could see your partner's face and capture his cries with your mouth. It was like completing a circuit. The orgasms were better.

I slammed in and held there while I bit the back of his neck and gripped into his chest. His body quaked against me as he groaned. God, his ass was practically milking me as I held in there. I brought my lips to his ear and whispered huskily, "Let's get on the bed."

I pulled out in a slow, continuous motion that had him sighing as I went. My rod slapped against my abs as I popped out. I spun him around and got his face in my hands. I didn't even really look at him as I captured his lips and sucked his breath from him. He wasn't passive; his hands were gripping at my chest and twisting at my nipples as I got one hand around an ass cheek and hefted him with me to the bed.

Sebastian made a pained gasp as I pressed him down on the bed. His jock was scraping against me and I realized he was hard, bent and being crushed in the thing. Pulling back, I grabbed the fabric and just ripped the pouch open. I didn't want to deal with trying to get the elastic past his prick. His legs were around my waist almost as fast as I could get my hands to his hips. I watched his eyes as I rammed my way back in. He snapped his eyes shut as he arched back and cried out. It definitely wasn't from pain. He gripped the sheets as I started really pistoning him. I wanted to find his prostate and send it into overload. Apparently, I was hitting the mark pretty well.

I was so caught up with my rutting that it took me a while to become aware of something huge scraping against my belly. I pushed up a bit further from the bed and looked at the throbber between us. I almost lost my rhythm. He was huge; not just huge, he was probably the biggest damn cock I'd ever seen. If I weren't already on my way to a great blow, I'd have had that thing up my muscle ass in a heartbeat. I had to feel it against me as I plowed Sebastian's ass. I pushed down till my whole body was flexing against his. He was quaking each time I pounded his joy button.

After I got a really great, tongue filled kiss out of him, I brought my lips to his ear. "Cum for me; I want to feel that hot cock of yours blowing; let me know you're enjoying this as much as I am." I don't normally get talkative, but I realized I'd really taken him without any preliminaries. I didn't feel guilty, he was consenting, but it was so much hotter to know your partner was as wrapped up in you as you were in him. Not to mention, something about his voice was sexy as hell and I wanted to hear him.

***** Sebastian ***** I was so overwhelmed. Don's hot cock kept plunging into me. He must have been a good seven, perhaps eight inches. He'd bottom out then pull completely away, only to push harder. He was stroking my prostate so well, my body was screaming. It was so intense; too intense. It only got more so when he leaned down and started kissing me, stroking every nerve in my body, strumming it to fever pitch. When he broke away, I was hoping to calm down. But his sexy voice whispered in my ear, commanding me to cum. Then he flicked my earlobe with his tongue and scraped his stubbled chin against my cheek. I came. I shot for what felt like hours. It was so strong, so intense, and so much more than I'd ever remembered before. His belly was slick on mine, coated with two pent up months of cum. He slid over me fast, no longer long-dicking me, but driving into me like a jackhammer. Don closed his eyes and threw his head back and bellowed so loud I thought the ceiling would collapse. He stopped moving, staying put while trying to catch his breath. The moment his body stilled, my mind could take over. This terrified me. What the hell just happened? It was earth-shattering sex, but it was too much. All the sex I'd had before had been fun, lusty even. This was so intense. My body was still quaking in aftershocks. I had never had a hands free orgasm. I was used to slow, intense fucking, not the battering ram I'd been impaled on. Jason has always moved in me slowly, building over time. He would hit my prostate and keep me hard, as he'd stroke my uncut shaft. But it wasn't as earth shattering as this was. My body was spent. My mind was floating, trying to process all that had happened. My God, I'd needed sex. I didn't realize until he had me pinned to the dresser how badly I wanted this. But I was used to the preliminaries. Long kisses and gentle caresses, talking and a slow build up. This was flat out, raw sex. God it was wonderful. Don had done something that no one else had ever done before. He'd honestly cut through the preliminary posturing and told me with his body that he desired me. He wanted me. Rather than tell me how sexy I was, he showed me. I felt filled with a glow that was all desire. I felt attractive and sexy and desired. But my body was spent; my foundation of all I believed in was shaken. I needed a break. Don looked down at me, grinning. He leaned in to kiss me. All I could think was, 'not again, please no'. I wanted to push him away. I was really lost. This huge man lay over me, and all I could think was that I couldn't really stop him. He could do whatever he wanted. I knew deep down that he wouldn't hurt me, but he might take me places I wasn't sure I wanted to go. The sex was incredible, but I couldn't face a second round. He watched me for a few minutes, his gaze so intense, as if he could see right through me. He was leaning in to kiss me again when the rumbling of his stomach stopped him and he laughed. That simple sound broke the tension, and I could finally breathe; it was as if I hadn't been for a really long time.

***** Don *****

I couldn't stop chuckling. He'd invited me out to dinner, I'd fucked him through the mattress, and now my body was ready to eat. The whole thing was strangely amusing; no, it was fucking hysterical, but I didn't want to freak him. The bright side of the interruption was that the cagey, wild look in his eyes was gone when I finished laughing. I was glad, he had very expressive eyes and I was getting worried I'd really thrown him. His eyes flickered with worry when I leaned in again, but I bypassed his lips and began chewing on his ear playfully. "How about we order in?"

I could feel his whole body relax with that simple question. I hadn't realized how tense he'd been. It's hard to tell the difference between hard, sexual tension and nervous tension when you're in the heat of it. I began to wonder if maybe I'd pushed too hard. I hadn't hurt him, but maybe he really hadn't wanted to get down and dirty. No, he'd wanted it; but something told me he'd wanted it different, or later; I didn't know what he'd wanted. I decided that maybe I should take the time to find out.

***** Sebastian *****

"How about we order in?"

I relaxed completely. I wasn't going to be taken on a wild ride again. I smiled up at him, grateful for the break. He disengaged his body from mine and removed the condom as I stood up. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed my stack of take out menus that sat by the phone. When I walked back into my bedroom, I got to see all of Don. His body was sweaty and his forested chest and belly were matted with sweat and my cum. His legs were muscular and swirled with hair. His cock was spent, but still plump and impressive. I grinned at him as I sat by him on the bed.

"Mexican, Chinese, Thai or pizza. I'm sure there are other choices, but these are the only places that I've learned deliver."

Don leaned up to me to look over my shoulder, nibbling on my ear as he perused the menus. "I think some Thai food would be good. I'd like to nibble on something spicy." He said it with a devilish grin that I could feel against my neck. I started feeling my body react, but I was still trembling a bit from our previous sex.

He licked my chin and kissed my lips lightly as he talked. "What do you want?"

My eyes closed and I was almost willing to forget dinner, but his voice intruded. "Why don't you go take a shower and I'll order for us."

I looked in his eyes and I saw the sincerity there. The man was brutally honest. He wanted me again, and I knew that I wouldn't put up much, if any, protest. I nodded and kissed his cheek, before pulling away to see surprise in his eyes. "I want Pad Thai, chicken, four stars."

I got up and walked into my bathroom, closing the door, but not locking it. I stepped into the shower and rested my head against the tiles, grinning because I knew the night was far from over.

***** Don *****

Did he kiss me on the cheek? I was still processing that as he went to take his shower. It was fucking weird; I'd had girls give me cheek kisses, and my mom, but never a guy. Of course, it hadn't been a girlie peck; it'd been firm and strong. It didn't make my cock twitch like his tongue did when it brushed in my mouth, but something twitched. I shook it off and went for my bag. I grabbed my wallet and dialed the restaurant. Good thing I'd looked at the apartment number when I got to Seb's, or I'd have had no clue where to have them deliver to.

I'd fished out a couple twenties and had found the glasses when I heard the water shut off. Sebastian came out, wrapped in a towel. All I wanted to do was rip that thing off him and confirm the horse-dick I'd felt between us was real. I could get into having a smaller guy as a fuck buddy; something about the fact we didn't have to fit lots of big muscles around each other was a relief.

His eyes wandered over my sweaty, cum covered body. Oh yeah, he liked what he saw. I probably looked randy as hell, but that didn't seem to turn him off. Grinning, I moved up and slid my fingers behind his neck. The gasp I pulled from him as I bent in and teased his lips open made my dick swell. I hadn't been so turned on by someone like that since Andrew, and he was an arrogant prick. Sebastian wasn't a prick; he was one great lay. His ass was so good that I itched to know what his cock was like.

I let him go, pulling back from his lips slowly. I really loved kissing my partners; most of them wanted to use their mouths for anything but kissing. Lee taught me early that kissing made all the difference. His breath followed me as I pulled back. Yeah, I had a good chance of making it back into his bed after we refueled. Knowing that, I was able to relax a bit and just enjoy some down time. "Hot water left?"

He grinned. "Yeah, and towels are on the sink."

I nodded at the bills on the table. "I've covered dinner if it gets here before I'm out. Just give the guy the whole thing," I leaned in and purred into his ear before sliding past to get my shower, "being able to 'stay in' has made my night."

God the shower felt good. Though I loved spunk, I hated how it dried and clumped in my fur. Not having any idea if Sebastian was into raunchy sex or not, I made sure to get really clean. I wanted that cock of his splitting me open before I left.

I was greeted by the glorious smell of freshly delivered Thai food was I walked out of the bathroom, wrapping the towel tightly about my hips. I thought about grabbing some pants, but I didn't see the point. Towels were easier to get out of, and he didn't even have to get it off me if things got that hot.

I was clean, sated and hungry for something other than sex at the moment. I could settle to listening to Seb's voice while we talked. If I was going to have a chance to repeat this another night, I'd have to know something more about him other than the feel of his ass and cock. Who knew, it might even be fun.

***** Sebastian *****

"Being able to `stay in' has made my night."

The words and the grazing of his tongue against my ear had me swallowing deeply. I watched the muscles in his ass as he walked away into the bathroom. I could only avert my eyes once the door was closed. I took a deep breath and shook my head to clear it of my lustful thoughts. I made tracks for the living room.

Thank God I had cleaned up. I rummaged through my stuff and got some forks and some napkins. I figured the couch would be good enough. Now we needed music. The CD changer was full of my favorites. A flick of the remote and the smooth, bluesy sounds of Latin jazz filled the room. There was a knock at the door and I looked down at myself. A towel wasn't my usual casual attire, but I'd answered the door shirtless before. I handed the delivery girl the money and watched her blush as she stared at me. I grinned like a fool as I closed the door. I was just putting out the food when the shower stopped.

I wanted to play casual when Don stepped out. But one look at that tawny, hairy skin, the mussed body hair and damp muscles made me gulp. "What do you want to drink?"

Don gave me a smile. "What are you having?"

I grinned. "I usually stick with water."

His deep voice rumbled through me. "That's fine."

As I was filling the glasses, my hands shook. I knew that if Don pressed it, I'd be on my back again. It may have been more than I'd ever experienced before, but my body was quickening, readying itself for round two. We sat down to eat, taking the first few forkfuls in, trying to quell our hunger.

Don turned to me and stared at me. "What do you do, Seb?" I think it was the first time anyone had called me "Seb." I liked how it dropped from his lips. It was straight forward, simple, blunt, just like Don. The rumble of pleasure in my belly was definitely nice.

"I work with small investors, setting up stock accounts and retirement plans." I blushed. My job was boring, but I was good at it.

Don grinned at me. "It sounds like you help a lot of people. That's great."

Curiosity won out. "How about you?"

Don chuckled. "I'm a security guard. I work in an office building, checking ID and manning a metal detector."

I didn't laugh, but the idea of him in uniform was a definite turn on. "I bet that's an impressive sight." The words were barely out of my mouth before I started blushing.

Don gave a hearty laugh. "I never thought about it before, but I guess the fact that half the secretarial pool lunches outside my door might be a point."

We ate a bit more, kind of silent. "What are we listening too? It's great."

"My brother sent me the CD. I just got it yesterday."

"How many brothers do you have?"

"Just the one. We're twins."

"Really?" That seemed to peek his interest. "Do you ever finish each other's sentences?"

I couldn't stop the laugh. "It may happen with some twins, but my brother and I never had that kind of connection." He looked at me, and if I didn't know better, I could have sworn he looked wistful. "How about you? Any brothers or sisters?"

"Yeah, a kid sister; she's twenty-two." He grinned at me. We continued to chat about small stuff. Where we grew up, where we went to school and when we started martial arts. Before I knew it, the meal was done. I grabbed the containers and plates, meaning to take them into the kitchen when Don's hand stopped me. He grinned at me like he had earlier. "I think those can wait."

Don lowered to me and pried my lips apart gently with his. He deepened the kiss and moved his tongue into my mouth as his hands explored my chest. I moaned against his lips. He pulled away and looked at me. "Round two. I want that hose of yours inside me." His voice was husky and it played havoc with my system. But the shock at hearing him say that brought me back.


***** Don *****

Dinner was nice. The fact that my dinner companion was a hot, Latin man in a towel was a bonus. I hadn't spent time just chatting and getting to know a guy in a while. I shouldn't have been surprised how smart Seb was. I wasn't a brain; that's why I went to tech-school instead of college. What I liked was he didn't "talk over me", and he seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. Of course, my libido wasn't going to stay quiet forever.

We'd had our food, listened to music and gotten to know each other better. I'd been able to keep it calm and cool because I'd seen how he looked at me when I came back from my shower. There wasn't going to be any problem getting back into bed. I just hoped he wasn't a damn "bottom only" guy. That'd have been a damn waste. Seb started going for the plates; that'd have been cool if I'd wanted to take his ass again. Yeah, bending him against the kitchen sink and riding that hot ass would have been nice, but I had other ideas.

I loved the way he moaned into me as I pressed him back into the couch and reminded him why we were here. The way his body conformed to mine was perfect; I was so much bigger in everything but endowment. That was fine with me. As long as he was willing to share, he could have the bigger dick. I had his towel open and was rubbing myself against his hardening shaft. My own towel was loose, so I got to feel that monster sliding beside my own aching cock.

Yeah, he wanted this. He was trembling with it by the time I was ready to take it further. I was enjoying the kissing and humping, but I wanted that thing in at least one of my holes. He looked at me as if I'd just told him I dressed in drag and liked to wear pumps. I suppose to smaller guys, having a big, muscled, alpha male like me tell them I want to be fucked was a bit unbelievable. Maybe he'd just intimidated his other partners; if I wasn't such a fucking size-slut, I'd have been intimidated. Instead, I was just getting hornier.


I grinned, bent in, and chewed on one of his ears. He really seemed to like having them worked. "Oh yeah. Your big, beefy instructor wants to find out just how much of a man you are. We're going to see if you've got what it takes to fuck a load or two out of me before we're done." I rumbled my lust into his ear and I swear his cock got bigger. I could feel it pulsing between us. I wasn't going to have to ask again.

He was panting like a sprinter by the time I'd chewed and sucked my way down to that massive tool he was wielding. There was no way I would get it down my throat unless we changed positions. He gasped as I yanked him down so that he was flat on the couch. The way his legs spread told me he was used to bottoming; it was like an automatic reflex. His bottoming was done for the night; we were going to get that thing up me if I had to fold it in two and sit on it. I slid around grinning as he watched me lower myself so that my knee was on one side of his head and I had my other foot on the floor.

He moaned, God I loved how he moaned, as I licked his cock from crown to root. He tasted so good. Fuck but he oozed a lot of precum. I licked his abs clean before tipping that monster up and starting on him in earnest. I knew I was doing him right when he pulled me down and started feasting on my balls, gasping each time I managed to take another inch of him down my throat.

The way his tongue worked my balls, I was torn. I wanted to keep feasting on his cock, but I also wanted to sit up and press my ass down on his face. I love being rimmed. I loosen almost instantly when a guy's tongue starts dipping past my ring. Hell, if he really wanted to torture me he'd just lick around, never actually going in. A guy did that to me once, he'd spent so long just working around my hole that I'd just kept "opening" to encourage him to get in there. When he finally did, he was one of the thickest I'd ever taken, it was one of the most incredible fucks I'd ever had. I blew when he went in and twice more before he got his own. Right now, I wanted Seb to take my ass. A part of me wanted to find out just what kind of top this Latin stud would be. If he was half as good as he was as a bottom, I was going to be certain to get with him again.

***** Sebastian *****

No one had ever even attempted to take me that deep in his mouth. They'd lick the head and play with my foreskin. But no one would try to take it in his mouth. No one. Hell, even my brother said he had a hard time finding a woman who was willing to face that monster. Being hung was a blessing and a curse. We could make millions posing for skin mags but it was hard to find a brave soul to take us. I had it easy; I liked getting fucked. Don was only taking maybe an inch or two past the head, but it was incredible. I had to suck on him, just to let him know how incredible this was.

When he climbed over me, dangling his balls in front of my face, I took one of them in my mouth and tried to suck the cum through the skin. Don moaned around my shaft and I almost shot. He pulled forward, bending my shaft almost painfully down. His ball plopped from my lips and all I had before me was his ass. I could take the hint. I dove in, licking and chewing on his skin. I flicked his perineum and he moaned again. I was doing him good. I moved up and lapped at his hole and he opened, spread wide like a flower. He said he wanted it. I kept working that ass, flicking, sucking, tasting and rimming him until he was so wide I could almost shove my entire hand in there. I took my fingers and flicked them over my tongue before moving them inside. His hole sucked them in and I twisted and turned them while finding his joy button. Don's body was shuddering and his mouth stopped moving over my shaft. I'd only been working him for a few minutes, but his voice came through loud and clear stuffed with my cock. He grunted when I added my fourth finger to him and started pistoning them in and out of his hungry hole.

I lost track of time when Don started diving deeper on my shaft. He had me about halfway and I was bucking my hips. I moaned heavily as he flicked me with his tongue. I kept pushing my fingers all the way in, my thumb the only thing keeping me from going too deep. I wanted to cum so bad, but it was a way off yet. The second always takes forever to deliver. I could fuck for hours before I'd blow. But the sensations would only get stronger. Don kept working my cock, taking me yet deeper. He took a deep breath and pushed hard. He bottomed out and I felt my cock slip past his throat. I cried out and pushed my fingers really deep and kept them there. Don's body shook and he moaned hard around my shaft, the humming vibrations sending shocks of pleasure through me. Then I felt it, hot cum splattering on my chest. I had made Don cum and I hadn't even done anything to his cock. I would have congratulated myself, but Don's motions as he came were too good.

The moment his body calmed, Don pulled off me, taking a long time as he slowly withdrew my cock from his mouth. He sat up and spun around, looking glazed and spent. "Why don't we take this back to bed?"

I was off the couch and on the bed in no time. Don handed me one of his condoms and I laughed. That thing wouldn't work. I opened my nightstand drawer and took out one of my extra-large rubbers and some lube. Why did I have condoms if I never topped? Some of the guys I've been with were really into safe sex. Plus, for variety, I'd jerked off with one, just to slow down the process a bit. I ripped open the foil and rolled it carefully down my shaft. The condom was done unrolling long before I ran out of shaft. I slathered some of the lube all over my shaft and then flipped Don onto his belly. I smeared half the tube up his still open ass. I was going in. No one was this open with me. I was going to fuck that ass.

I took a few breaths to calm myself. This was exciting stuff. But I'd never done it before. I lowered my body onto Don's back and licked at his neck. My cock was wedged in his cheeks. I rubbed my cock up and down his crack, catching on his open hole. Don must have gotten turned on again because he huskily told me, "stop teasing; fuck me!" I slipped into his body slowly. It must have taken two minutes to slide all the way in. It felt different. Tight and hot and silky as I slid all the way in before bottoming out when my pubic hair hit his ass. I moaned deep as I pulled back, just as slowly. This was something I'd never done; I was going to savor each moment.

I started a slow pace, moving in and out, grazing over Don's body. He was there below me, his grunts and moans and whispered, filthy comments turned me on as I kept up my slow thrusts. This felt so good. I was lost in the moment. My body was singing. I only sped up when Don's cries got deeper and his moans became pants. His body tensed under mine as he cried out. His ass clamped me hard. When he relaxed, I pulled out and flipped him over. I lowered my lips to his and kissed him deeply as I plunged back inside. His hands grabbed my ass, pulling me into him. I was building quickly at this point and let go, knowing that Don could take all of me. I started plunging into him like a wild horse. I was drilling his body, pushing him into the mattress. His arms wrapped around my shoulders, his legs braced on either side of my hips. I just rammed him. My hips were moving so fast; I'm surprised I didn't catch fire. But it felt so damn good. My legs got weak, my stomach tightened. My arms clasped hard on either side of his hide and I cried out just as Don did. His cock sprayed my belly as I filled that condom. The second my body stopped shuddering, I collapsed against Don.

"That was unbelievable Don. Fuck, I don't think I can move." I rolled off him eventually. My eyes grew sleepy and before I knew it, I was asleep.

***** Don *****

Three orgasms; the fucker rode me through three orgasms. My balls were going to ache tomorrow; hell, my ass was going to ache tomorrow. I didn't give a damn; my body was still buzzing after Seb had collapsed and rolled over. He thought he was exhausted? The stud had no idea what exhausted was. He'd only gotten his nut twice; I'd pumped out full blast four times. I should have thanked him and gone home, but I was too fucked to move.

I didn't remember falling asleep. I didn't remember having a warm, sleeping man in my arms. But that's where I was. I was in bed, curled around the man who'd fucked me one load short of impotence, nuzzling his neck. I don't sleep with men; I fuck men; I suck men; I blow their minds and bodies. I lay there, feeling him in my arms and listening to him breathe. Seb was really a good looking guy; not the rugged hunk I'd normally go for. I snuggled in and began to slowly chew on his neck; he moaned softly in his sleep and turned in to my lips. I suddenly realized what the fuck I was doing. I wasn't some limp-wristed fag; I didn't confuse sex with "love" or what ever those losers fall for. Seb was an incredible lay, but that's it.

I practically jerked off the bed as the situation hit me. I should have felt sorry for Seb; he'd been sound asleep when I rolled out of bed. He was still trying to get his bearings as I yanked on my pants.

"What's up?" God he looked good on the bed. That monster of his was slightly plump and draped across his hip.

"Fell asleep; I need to get home." Something about saying it made me feel like a shit. I had a change of clothes in my bag. "I'll see you in class."

I'd almost made it out the room when Seb's voice stopped me. "Don?" I looked over my shoulder, feeling guilty as shit, but he just smiled. "Thanks."

You'd have thought that would take the urgency out of my need to leave. Instead, I had to get out even faster. "Yeah, it was great." I got my ass out of there.

My balls ached for the whole day. Between that, and the deep soreness I felt below my sacrum, I was reminded of Seb for the next two days. I still felt like a shit for bailing without even saying thanks. That was not cool.

When I saw Seb come in for the Intermediate/Advanced class, my ass itched. I wanted another shot at that cock. I just had to figure out if he was interested in another go at my ass.

***** Sebastian *****

I walked into class not really knowing what to expect. I had had a few one-night stands in college. I figured I'd let Don set the pace. Either he was going to want to forget that it ever happened and ignore me, or he might want another go. I hoped he wanted another go. My body still shook whenever I remembered what it was like to be inside him. I wasn't kidding myself; we were far from being anything but fuck buddies. But I liked spending time with him. He was sexy and arrogant, and a lot of fun in bed. He wasn't afraid to enjoy all of me. He didn't look at my cock and shake his head in fear. Don had given me something no one else ever had. He gave me a look into how sexual I could be. Even if he ignored me at class, I'd forever be grateful for that.

I set up and did some stretching. Don came into the class and he gave me that hottest stare. He remembered too. I grinned big and started lessons for the night. After class, Don came up to me and grinned. "So; shall we go for round three?"

I grinned and nodded. "My place again?"

His grin evolved into an arrogant, but sexy, smile. "Oh yeah."

I left the class, and hadn't even pulled up to my complex before Don was there. We didn't even get the door all the way closed before he was undoing my gi while biting and kissing the back of my neck. A few hours later, sated and dreamy-eyed, we got our showers. We ordered Mexican this time, and sat on the couch talking for a while. We shared stories about childhood. It was nice to learn more about Don. I wasn't fooling myself, this wasn't anything permanent, but I kind of thought it might become something more.

Early, we'd fucked with abandon. When we got back into bed I took a different approach: I moved inside him slow and sweet, drawing out the pleasure with lots of slow, lazy kisses and rests to keep the pressure low. Hot and heavy was great, but there was just something about taking your time that really made it better. When it was finally over, we both collapsed in exhaustion. I woke a few hours later, curled around Don, with his arms possessively around me, his face nuzzling my neck. It took me a moment to realize that though I'd wanted sex, I missed this more; I missed having someone to hold. Unfortunately, my bladder needed some relieving. When I came back into the bedroom, Don was tying his shoes. He was leaving. It was awfully late; I wished he'd stay. "Why not just stay?"

***** Don *****

No one had ever really taken his time with me in fucking. It was always hot, passionate and physical. That last fuck was incredible; even better than the first time. I'd been flushed and ready all the way to my toes by the time I finally blew. It wasn't an all powerful, mind blowing orgasm; it was a slow, strong, body exhausting release that left me feeling too peaceful and content to worry about wet spots, getting dressed or even who was sleeping where. As I slipped off to sleep, I wondered if Seb would do that to me again.

Something was wrong; I groped about almost in a panic before I opened my eyes. Seb wasn't there. I was about to bolt up when I heard the sound of him in the bathroom. He just had to take a leak. I was so relieved that my eyes misted, and then my gut clenched. That had me out of bed and into my clothes faster than anything else: I'd been scared he wasn't there. There was no fucking way I was going to get desperate for a second-time-fuck. I wasn't some bleeding heart fag; I knew the difference between sex and a relationship.

I wasn't so sure I knew the difference when Seb came back in. I'd nearly expected him to look hurt; he just looked disappointed and a little concerned. "Why not just stay?"

I almost stopped. There was a part of me that asked, yeah, why not shit-head? I didn't have an answer. Just shook my head and grabbed my shoes. "Don't have my uniform." God, that was a lame excuse. I didn't have to get to work till ten in the morning; I could have swung by the apartment on the way to work. The damn thing was on the way from here.

Seb seemed to accept that as a logical answer. Why was I wishing he'd push the point? I suppose it was stupid, but I really liked the feel of someone in my arms. How fag was that? Too fag for me, that's for sure. I didn't even realize I hadn't said goodbye till I was half way to my apartment.

The next few days I was torn between feeling like an idiot and really feeling like an idiot. Of course, what I was being an idiot about was what I was trying to figure out. I knew I'd been a jackass when I left; I'd fucked and been fucked by the guy twice now, we'd had dinner and conversation, we saw each other in class twice a week, and I didn't even have the decency to say good night or thanks. Of course, we weren't exactly friends; we were two guys having sex. He was having as good a time as I was; I didn't owe him anything. That didn't stop me from thinking I was really being a bastard about it.

As Tuesday approached, I realized I wanted it again. No, not "it", I wanted to be with Seb again. I could have gotten "it" any time I wanted from a dozen guys or more. I knew what I wanted; I wanted to take my time and enjoy it like we did the last time. A part of me wanted to do that to Seb too. Competitiveness may have had something to do with it. We'd blow each other's minds, but Seb had taken me someplace I hadn't taken him. I wanted to find out if I could; of course, I was never one to pass up a chance to up the ante.

I decided not to wait till after class. I had plans. I knew I was taking chances, but I was a little anxious to have another night with Seb. My cock practically lurched when he came in. He hadn't seen me yet, and I moved up behind him while he untied his shoes. "Care for another round? I can't remember what we're up to."

"Five," he almost shuddered out the word. "Yeah, I'd love it."

I wanted to kiss the back of his neck. I fought back the impulse and grinned. "Cool, I'll bring dinner."

That got me a surprised look from Seb, but he nodded. "Ok."

I called Outback before starting class and ordered up a couple steaks, bloom'n onion, sides, and a bottle of Shiraz. Yeah, I do drink things other than beer. I had no choice when I was younger; Mom had been very insistent I learn about how to wine and dine. Hell, I even learned how to dance. She was so determined I would be the perfect gentleman and a rare catch for the ladies. Sorry Mom, but Prince Charming turned into a toad. My sister could give my parents grandkids, but I wasn't going anywhere close to it. Still, she did go to a lot of trouble; I might as well have had some use for it.

I told Seb to leave the door unlocked and I'd probably get there by the time he was done with his shower. Outback had been right on-time for a change, and I was able to get to Seb's while he was still in the shower. That left me with a dilemma. Should I have set the table, or should I have enjoyed a hot, wet, soapy Sebastian? I chose a hot Hispanic over romance; hell, I wasn't going for romance anyway.

He had his head under the water when I slipped in and pressed myself against his back. This time I did kiss the back of his neck. He moaned. I didn't care if he'd already washed; he was going to get washed again. There were no objections when I lathered him back up and rubbed him everywhere, including a finger nicely swirling up his ass, while I sucked his shuddering whimpers out of his mouth with my own. I wasn't going to do him in the shower, but I wanted him on the ready for later. Dinner was getting cold.

"That's the appetizer," I chuckled into his ear before pulling back, "let's eat and then I'll let you have the main course."

That seemed to confuse him for a moment. We normally fucked like maniacs for the first hour or two and then bothered with food. Change was the spice of life; it was time to do something different. "Dinner's getting cold."

I know he hadn't expected a full meal with wine. I knew I wouldn't have. It was worth the effort just to see him smile when I asked where the plates were. Yeah, we ate at the table. No candlelight; nothing like that. We were two guys having a dinner worth spending time over. When we were done, I grinned. "So, ready for the main course?"

Yeah, I'd done something right. Seb's eyes burned with a deep heat as I pulled him out of his chair. He tried to turn around to kiss me when we got into the bedroom, but I stopped him by wrapping my arms around him and kissing his neck. "Do you trust me?"

He stuttered a little. "What do you mean?"

I chewed my way up his neck and sucked on his ear. "Do you trust me?"

It was a couple minutes of slow, soft kisses along his neck and shoulder before he nodded. "Yes."

I'd pulled a sash from my bag when I'd dropped it off in the bedroom before going for the shower. I picked it up and blind folded him. He was trembling, but I cooed into his ear as I slipped his towel off his hips. It wasn't about control; I didn't need to prove I could take him. We'd established that the first night. What I wanted was to know if I could trust him; the best way to do that was to see if he trusted me.

I worked him slow and soft. I never bound him nor did anything more than try to strum him to a state of complete release. It was when I had him on his side, with one leg under me while the other was up along my body that I got what I'd been hunting for. I pressed into him in one, slow, incredible plunge and he whimpered. It wasn't pain. I'd made that same sound the night Lee taught me the difference between "fucking" and "sex". I knew that I could trust Lee with my life; don't ask me how, I just knew. I didn't realize I was asking that of Seb till his body trembled and I felt him just give himself over to me. I kept it slow, deep and erotic as he moaned and sighed. I liked it. I liked knowing I could do that.

I followed Seb into the abyss shortly after I watched him quake through a full body release. I wasn't going to make the mistake of nodding off. That had been too uncomfortable before and I wanted this time to end on a good note. Seb's eyes were glazed and I knew he was only a minute or two from sleep. I bent down and kissed him softly. "Thanks. Thursday?"

He nodded sleepily with a smile. I couldn't help it; I kissed him again and then tucked him in. Hell, I even did the fucking dishes before I left. At least I left feeling good and knew I had a date for Thursday. A date, that was a new idea.

On Thursday we ended up eating out. Seb suggested pizza, and I knew a little hole in the wall that didn't care if we "smelled like men", and served the best pie in town. Of course, you couldn't smell us if you tried; at Mick's the smell of garlic and spices was so thick that it was the only thing anyone could smell.

I almost choked on a bite of pizza when Seb said, "Thanks for Tuesday." He just smiled as I swigged down my water.

I grinned and wiggled my eyebrows, "I can think of a few better ways to thank me." He laughed. It was nice to know I wasn't the only one able to catch another guy off guard. It was even nicer to be thanked through two incredible orgasms after we got back to his place. Like Tuesday, I left before nodding off. This time he saw me to the door, and I swear we kissed for five minutes before I made it out. He didn't ask me to stay, but damn if it wasn't getting harder to leave.

I had an instructor's meeting after class on Tuesday, which sucked because I was ready for my Seb fix again. I'd completely forgotten about it too, 'til I was about to follow Seb out for another date and Jackson, the head of the school, stuck his head out and asked if I was going to shower before meeting them at Red Lobster. I really felt bad telling Seb I had to cancel. The only good thing I got out of the fucking meeting was to learn that one of the instructors couldn't make it to the kung fu exhibition that weekend and we had an opening.

I snagged the opening for myself and talked with Seb about it on Thursday after class. I knew he loved various forms of martial arts, and it was not often you had a Chinese master doing exhibitions in the area. Fortunately, I'd been right and Seb jumped at the chance to go. He even jumped me, which was all good in my book. Every time we fucked he just got better. I swear he could make my prostrate dance with that monster of his.

Sunday was incredible. Not only did we have a couple hours to talk on the ride up and back, but the exhibition had been incredible. Seb's knowledge of different styles was impressive and he held his own in conversation with the instructors and masters who were there. Jackson even pulled me aside and commented on how well Seb fit in. The pride I felt when he said that was really new. I always take pride in my friends' accomplishments, but this felt different. I felt like I was being complimented right along with Seb. I think I smiled for the whole damn day.

Between the three-hour drive, and dinner with Jackson and a couple other instructors, I didn't get Seb back till after midnight. It had been one hell of a day, and we were beat. A part of me wanted to go in and fuck, but Seb looked wiped and I had to admit I wasn't far behind him. I smiled at him as I pulled into the parking space nearest his apartment. "See you Tuesday?"

Seb leaned over after getting his belt off and pulled me into a slow, warm, wet kiss. My cock throbbed. Between the good feelings I'd had all day, the great company and then that kiss, I was getting a little loopy. He just held my eyes and whispered. "You're too tired to drive, Don; just stay."

I suppose it was kind of like "these aren't the droids you're looking for," but I couldn't even come up with a reason to argue. We didn't have sex; we were just too tired. All I remember was long slow kisses as Seb got me out of my clothes and into the bed. I fell asleep curled around him with my cock tightly wedged between his cheeks. I didn't even dream.

***** Sebastian *****

I guess my feelings for Don started to grow the night he blindfolded me. I was scared at first. But the moment he whispered huskily my name in my ear, I relaxed, knowing he would never, ever hurt me. I relaxed against him and every sense took over. I could feel each hair on his chest as it rubbed against my back. My nose was filled with Don's special scent and the raw smell of sex. I heard every gasp, every moan. It was the most intense experience I'd ever had. Each time after that just seemed to be more; more intense, more incredible. The wall I swore I'd put up around my heart was being taken apart, brick by brick.

The night Don had to cancel, so he could attend a meeting for the school, was only partly disappointing. He was so upset by it. Yeah, I missed the sex that night, but the kiss he gave me before I drove away was so worth it. The conference was a great time and I was so thrilled that he asked me to come. I'd been to something similar with my brother when we were sixteen, but this time, it was all me. I didn't have my brother with me and I had no one to compete with. I asked questions and Don seemed so, I don't know how else to describe it other than to say that he was proud of me.

The long drive home was exhausting. For safety's sake, we probably should have stayed overnight, but both of us needed to be back the next morning. I felt bad for falling asleep on him. Once we got back to my place, I asked him in, just because I was really afraid he'd wrap his car around a power pole just a few blocks from his home. I was so grateful when he agreed that I couldn't help but drag him to my room and kiss him, long and slow as I pealed his clothes off of him. I pushed him down on the bed and curled up next to him. He was asleep almost before I finished pulling the covers over us. He spooned up behind me and it took a few minutes to go to sleep, what with his hard cock wedged in my ass crack. It was one of the sweetest sleeps I'd ever had.

That morning, I wasn't even completely awake when Don rolled me onto my back and impaled me with his morning need. I came twice while he was pounding away at me. When it was all over, all I could do was laugh. "Hell of an alarm clock."

Don looked so sheepish, almost guilty. "Did I hurt you?"

I leaned up and took his face in my hands before kissing him lightly. "Not at all. I wish I could wake up like that every day."

Don's smile faltered for a second, then he grinned and grabbed my hand and pulled me into the shower. Before he left that morning, we spent several minutes under the shower, filled with soapy hands and long, drugging kisses. He slid down my body and took me in his mouth and wouldn't let up until I'd blasted down his throat. I wished I could have gone back to bed. But since we both had meetings, we got dressed and parted at the door with a long, slow kiss. He took off and I stood watching him drive away, standing there long after he'd left. I wasn't sure, but at that point, I thought I could fall in love with that man.

I didn't see Don until class on Tuesday. He grinned at me during class and I really had to catch myself from waving to him. It was getting hard to hide my feelings for him. They were new, but they were getting stronger. During class, I almost kissed him when he was helping me with a new form. His arms were wrapped around me and his back was pressed to me. I turned my head to look at him, and we were both caught up in the moment. We kind of both realized it and pulled apart, but I swear I could still feel his body pressed to mine. I couldn't wait for class to be over with.

Don showed up at my apartment just about the same time as the food. I even had time to take a shower. But he was so excited; I didn't mind that he was late. "Seb! You'll never guess." He grabbed my shoulders and was grinning. "They want you to represent the school at competition."

I was floored. I'd just joined the school three months ago. I was still feeling my way. "What is the competition for?"

"Three forms and one combat." He was so excited. But the moment he mentioned combat, my excitement faded. Fear took over.

"I can't do it Don. I'm sorry."

Confusion flooded his face. "Why? You're so good. You're the best in all three forms; better than any of the other students."

I didn't want to go over this. It was still hard to think about. "I can't do combat." I took a breath. I trusted Don. If we were going to be anything, hiding shit wouldn't work. "When I was fifteen, I screwed up during a combat competition. I hurt someone, bad. I can't do it. I'm sorry."

Don looked at me as his hand trailed up from my shoulder and cupped my cheek. Concern arched his eyebrows. "What happened?"

I told him. I told him everything. How could I have known how deadly I could be? It started out as fun. A wrong step, a pivot, a kick, and I shattered my opponent's kneecap. "He spent months learning how to walk again. I can't go back, Don. I can't do it."

Don took me in his arms and hugged me. I don't think he'd ever given a comforting hug before. At first he seemed awkward about it, but he soon held me just how I needed it. I melted against him, the pain of the past washing away because of his kindness. "I know so many ways to kill, but I don't ever want to use them." I looked in his eyes, letting him see the truth in them. "The idea of hurting someone makes me physically ill."

Don was just as serious when he looked into my eyes, and I swear, it was as if he was really seeing me for the first time. "You don't have to do the combat. Adam, Sean or Mark can take that over. You're still the best at the forms. Will you do those?"

I smiled so brightly at him, this big goofy smile that I'm sure made me look like an idiot. "I'd be honored."

He kissed me deeply, running his hands up and down my back. When he pulled back, his eyes were glassy and his voice was husky and filled with passion. "We're going to have to put in a lot of hours on this. Lots and lots of practice." He grinned and pulled me up. "For the competition too."

That night started a pattern for us. After class, Don would follow me home, we'd make incredible love for hours, and then he'd leave. Of course, because of the many extra hours we put in, preparing for the competition, Don was over almost every night. You'd think after almost twenty extra hours of practice a week we'd both be too wiped to have sex, but the classes just seemed to energize us. We went at it at least twice a night, and each time seemed to get better and better. By the time Don would leave, my mind would be mush, my muscles quivering and my body still quaking in aftershocks.

About a week before competition, my desire to have him stay overrode my need to keep my feelings in check. Don was over after one of our extra workout sessions. He did all the work that night, riding me hard, pushing me higher and higher, all the time staring into my eyes. When the second round was all over, he started yawning as he got up to get rid of the condom. I rolled onto my side, watching him move. I love how his ass clenches when he walks; all hairy and muscular. Damn, I could have gone for a third round watching him walk. "You're tired Don. Why not just stay?"

He looked at me, stared right at me for the count of a few breaths. "I don't have my uniform."

I grinned at him. "You don't have to work tomorrow."

He smiled back. "Yeah, I know. Okay. I'll stay."

As he came back to bed, I grinned at him. "With all the late nights we've been putting in, perhaps you should bring your uniform with you next time."

Don bounced onto the bed and grabbed me, wrapping his arms around me. "I think you may be right. I'd probably get more sleep."

I actually giggled, how embarrassing. "Get that extra hour of sleep here, and then we can always go to work smiling."

He laughed. The joke wasn't even that funny, but he still laughed. I felt my heart beat a little differently. "There's always that."

He kissed me deeply then pulled the blanket over us. I cuddled down, resting my cheek against his shoulder. His chest hair tickled my nose, but I wouldn't have traded this moment for anything. I drifted off to sleep, only to wake up in the morning with Don pressed against my back, rubbing his erection in the cleft of my ass. His arm swept down my chest, brushing over my belly before taking my rapidly inflating cock in his hand. He had a condom clasped in his fingers. He rolled it down me before flipping me on my back. Before I could even say `good morning', he straddled my hips and impaled himself on me. "Now this is a hell of a way to wake up. Better than coffee." He bit his lip and moaned as he started to move. I threw my head back and gasped as that first wonderful push squeezed my cock.

The next nine days were bliss. Don and I would meet at the school, work our asses off, and then go back to my apartment. We'd eat dinner and make love long into the night. Waking up with him was turning into one of my favorite activities. One morning, he made breakfast. Okay, so it was toast and coffee, but he did it, then dragged me into the shower, woke me up and got me revved up for my day. If I didn't know better, I'd swear we were in love.

The morning of the competition was a beautiful one. Don found me on my balcony, watching the sunrise. He walked up behind me and held me until the sun had cleared rooftops. "What are you thinking?"

I laughed, but it was nervous. "I don't want to let you down."

He chuckled. "You won't. You couldn't. You're much too good."

I turned around, and what he must have seen on my face made Don wipe the grin off his. "No matter what Seb, I have faith in you."

When we got to the competition, Don had to go and officiate at the younger levels. The master of the school came up to me and told me that Sean couldn't compete in the combat because he had the flu. I tried to back out, but I was the only one who could represent the school. He guilted me into it, but I wanted to do this for Don. When the first of the forms competition came up, I aced it. I had no problem passing all the levels and my scores easily beat the competition. Combat was next. The first round went fine, and I relaxed, thinking perhaps it wouldn't be so bad.

My second opponent was a show off and a braggart. He was all talk, basically a bully who knew just enough to be intimidating. He came at me with a bad take and I easily deflected. He tried some barely legal judo, and I flipped him. He came up and rounded on me, swiping out with his leg that I jumped over. He took me down with a return swipe. One point for my opponent. When we met in the center again, the look in his eyes was cocky, almost arrogant. I kept my guard up. He came at me with another pseudo judo move. I countered and flipped him. His balance was wrong, he'd put far more power into his attack than I'd expected, and he landed hard. I thought just knocking the wind out of him. It was so much worse. I had dislocated his shoulder. His move was ruled illegal, so he was disqualified. I looked up, full of remorse and guilt to see Don watching. He nodded his head, as if he could read my mind. I went to the officials and withdrew from the competition. I felt low, lower than a worm.

***** Don *****

I don't think I'd ever felt as good as I did the week before the competition. Seb had won me over and I had practically moved in. The morning sex was incredible, but I think that was more out of a need to justify my staying than an actual need for the sex. I kept waking up before Seb, and I would just lay there feeling him against me. Something would clench in my gut and I couldn't just lay there, it was too intimate. That may sound weird but that was how it felt. The heat of sex kept everything in its place; it was late night and early mornings, and sometimes during dinner when things seemed to get confused.

I was getting careless too. Too many times I found myself almost making familiar little gestures with Seb while we were at the school. I was being way too touchy and gave him far more attention than was proper between student and teacher. I could see it in the eyes of some of the other students; they were jealous. Of course, they had reason to be. Seb really was that much better than they were. I wasn't ready to say it, but in many ways he was even better than me. The only thing that held him back was his aversion to hurting people. Not that I think anyone should "enjoy" it, but he kept himself so locked down because of that one fear.

I couldn't talk though. I'd spent years avoiding sex because of a simple trauma from high school. I hadn't even been involved. Seb had hurt someone. I could understand his reluctance to do so again. That level of conviction was another thing I admired in him. I damn well wasn't going to condemn him for standing by them. I had made it clear that Sebastian wasn't going to do combat. Jackson didn't like that, but I pointed out that the school shouldn't put "all its eggs in one basket". That wasn't my reason, but Seb hadn't given me permission to tell anyone why he didn't want to do combat. Jackson bought it and agreed to train Sean for combat while I helped perfect Seb's forms.

I told Seb I would catch his second forms competition; I had to judge the junior forms and would miss his first round. I got back to find Seb missing. We were going to meet for a drink and watch the combat competition to lend our support to Sean. I found Jackson at the combat competition and looked up to see Seb preparing for his second opponent.

"What the fuck is he doing up there?" I knew Seb wouldn't have gone up there without a lot of prompting.

"Sean has the flu. Seb is our only shot."

I was fuming. "Get him the fuck out of there, Jackson. You had no right!"

Jackson glared at me. "No right? This is MY school, Don. I told him we needed him up there; he went. You don't have a say in this."

Jackson was probably the only person I knew who could possibly take me if I got pissed. We were great friends, he was the best friend I'd ever had, but our egos did clash from time to time. This time, I wasn't backing down. "I promised him he wouldn't have to go up there, Jackson. You just fucking broke my word."

Jackson blinked. "Why the fuck would you do that?"

"Because he didn't want to do combat. He wasn't even going to compete when I mentioned it, but I promised I would make sure he wouldn't have to." I chewed on my words as I spit them at him. "Why the hell didn't you train Mark along with Sean? That way we'd have had a backup."

"Seb was the backup!"

I saw Seb go down from a questionable maneuver. His opponent wasn't staying strictly in the combat forms. I glared at Jackson. "This conversation is far from over!" I turned and forced my way through the crowd. Seb wasn't going to be there alone.

Seb was perfect. He stayed strictly within style and did nothing wrong. "Mr. Hot-shit" was the one who screwed up. The maneuver he used was so illegal it screamed it. Thank God Seb was better than the guy. He took him down, but the damage was done. The jerk got hurt. I could see the pain in Seb's eyes when he saw me. I couldn't make him stay up there. It was over; we both knew it. I nodded at him, and he knew what I meant.

Jackson was raging when Seb came down from the officials. "What the FUCK are you doing?"

Seb was shaking. I made sure I kept between him and Jackson. My voice was as controlled as I could manage. I wanted to break something. I supported Seb's decision, but I can't say I wasn't frustrated by it. "He withdrew. This is your fault, not his. Back off Jackson!"

I think Jackson saw something in my eyes when our gazes met. I wasn't going to back down, but it was more than that; I was protecting what was mine. All I wanted to do was wrap my arms around Seb and take him home. I couldn't, and he couldn't. That didn't mean I was going to let anyone get on his case for doing what he felt was right. Jackson backed down. The looks the other students were giving Seb concerned me. We'd built him up to be the "shining hope" and that hope had just been taken away. We wouldn't be taking back many trophies. I felt sorry for the kids, but I was more worried about Seb.

Seb left before the end of the competition. We'd come in separate cars, and I had to stay for the finals and the awards. I got to his place as fast as I could. The look that greeted me when he opened the door tore at me. He was blaming himself.

"I'm sorry..." I didn't let him finish; I kissed him. The pain in his voice nearly killed me. I should have been there. I should have thought ahead. I'd been so caught up with "us" that I'd missed the warning signs.

I don't remember exactly what we did. I needed him to know that I was there for him. Lee had been there for me when I had been ready to curl back in on myself. I couldn't do less for Seb. All I remember was a lot of kissing and slow, almost painfully emotional moments as I gave him everything I could. A lot of time was spent just holding each other, and it felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

We were lying there, breathing together as I spooned against his back, when it hit me. I honestly couldn't think about the idea of not having him in my arms. The emotion hit me so hard that I had to fight back the tears; it scared the shit out of me. I didn't need anyone. I wasn't some weak ass fag whose life depended on having a boyfriend. I wasn't going to be "one of them", not ever. I could have handled it. I could have worked through it, but Seb had to fuck it up. He had to confuse things. He had to become the one thing I couldn't be around.

I heard him mumbled it as he sank away into sleep. I knew I didn't miss it. He'd said, "I love you." All I wanted to do was chew my arm off at the shoulder and run.

I wasn't a fag. I wasn't going to go all "pride" and get swishy with a couple pocket dogs on leashes. It did feel like I'd chewed off my arm when I dumped my clothes in the truck and wheeled out of there. Seb was a great guy, but I wasn't giving up my life for anyone. Not even when the act of leaving felt like I was killing myself.

It was over.