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The Conquered - Chapter 23: Out with the old

***** Lee *****

Amanda crunched her way through her last set of reps. Sweat beaded on her brow. "Lee? You're a sadistic bastard, you know that?"

I chuckled as I lowered my eyebrows in menace. "You're the one who had thirds at Christmas dinner." When she rolled her eyes at me, I laughed outright. "You shouldn't have told me if you didn't want to pay the price."

She grunted through the last four crunches, chanting their numbers. "Eight." Puffed air. "Nine." Pained gasps. "Ten. I hate you!" Her face mottled red. "Eleven. Burn in hell!" I watched her body tremble. "Twelve!"

Amanda collapsed back, panting heavily and grinning like an idiot. I'd heard it all before. There was a certain angry back and forth with training. The unwilling needed motivation. Usually a mirror worked, placed strategically so that the victim saw his ass. "You did good, Amanda."

She stood, mopping her brow. "You're a slave driver, but thank you." She grinned at me and patted her belly. "I can wear that size eight to my husband's New Year's Eve party for work."

"Black? Floor length?"

She chuckled. "No way. It's cut high on the thigh and low in the back. He won't know what hit him."

Laughing, I admonished, "be careful, or you could end up with another Micah."

Her laugh sparkled and her eyes gleamed. "Not a chance. Matthew went to the vet and got neutered."

I crossed my legs was involuntarily. I couldn't think of any man who could have fought that wince. "Ouch."

Amanda slung her towel over her shoulders and took a slug of water from her bottle. "When you go out and get a bikini wax, put your feet in stirrups, and spend twenty hours passing a watermelon, then you can say `ouch.'"

I winced again. "Okay, you win."

Her chuckle caught Andrew's attention as he walked around the partition wall. "Amanda, looking fine." He came up to us, grinning. "Are you gonna knock `em dead tonight or what?"

Amanda rolled her eyes. "Watch out or I'll bring Micah around for you to baby-sit again."

Andrew visibly shuddered which made me laugh. "Sure, bring the little guy around, just not tonight."

Amanda raised her eyebrows in question. Andrew laughed. "Sorry to disappoint, but we're saying goodbye to my mother before she goes to Germany with her fiancee."

I grinned. "I'm having dinner in with my man. Sorry. No baby-sitter for you tonight."

She threw her hands up. "Darn, I guess we'll have to stick with my mother-in-law again." As we laughed, Amanda gathered her things and then waved before heading towards the door, calling out over her shoulder, "Happy New Year, Andrew."

"Happy New Year, hot stuff."

Her grin made her eyes sparkle. "Flatterer." She paused at the partition and nodded at me. "Happy New Year, Lee."

"Happy New Year, Mandy."

I walked her to the door then locked it. Amanda was my last client of the day. Andrew already escorted his last client out. We worked our schedule so that most of our clients either took the day off, or rearranged their appointments so we could close shop early. I turned back to the back, to gather up a few things when Andrew sprung out from the storeroom with a bottle. "Happy New Year!"

I sat back on a bench, chuckling. "We're partying early?"

He unscrewed the top and handed me a paper cup. "Nah. This is sparkling cider. No drinking and driving."

I took my cup and brought it to my lips, but before I drank I looked at my friend, grinning. "You teetotaler."

Andrew shrugged. "I don't drink."

I smirked. "I heard about your first drunk. Shocking. You lightweight."

Andrew grinned. "Hey, I don't like to drink. Big deal." He raised his glass and brought it against mine. "To the New Year. May it be as wonderful as this one has been."

It reminded me of something my grandfather once told me. "The road behind is fogged in happy memories and the road ahead is clouded with hopeful dreams."

Andrew started laughing. "What the hell does that mean?"

I shrugged. "Forget the past and make the most of tomorrow?"

Wrapping his arm around my shoulder, Andrew looked at me. "That works."

We'd come along way in the past years. From occasional fuck buddies and sexual predators, to friends and business partners. What a year. Wrapping my arms around Andrew, I grinned at how he welcomed the hug. "Happy New Year partner."

He kissed my cheek. "Happy New Year, friend."

After our drinks and locking the back door, Andrew turned to me in the parking lot. "You and Tyrone sure you don't want to come over tonight?"

I grinned before crawling into my Mustang. "No, but thanks. It's our first New Years since we moved in together." I chuckled. "It took long enough to get Tyrone to move in with me. I plan on making the most of it."

"Stubborn, huh?"

I grinned at Andrew. "He could give you lessons."

Andrew laughed before heading over to his truck. Waving, I drove out of the parking lot, heading for home along the highway. I pulled off at my exit and followed the tree-lined street. The trees' bare limbs were like claws in the bright, cold daylight. I loved this road when spring covered the branches in verdant green and in autumn when the change filled them with fire.

I pulled into the parking slot, grabbed my jacket, hopped out and locked the door before taking the stairs two at a time. I tossed my keys on the kitchen counter before I walked down the hall and dropped my coat on my favorite corner of our old, worn sofa. Pausing to order my mind, I planned out the rest of my afternoon before going into our bedroom to change. Then I entered the kitchen to wreck havoc. I was making lasagna. Perhaps someone would expect a half Korean, half Irish man to want kim chee or barbequed spare ribs, but lasagna was the first meal Tyrone and I shared.

That night I decided to do things differently. Andrew and I had shared enough men for me to recognize the gleam in his eyes when he set his sights on Tyrone. Unlike Andrew, I talked with people first. After only a few words with Tyrone, I knew he was different, special. I wouldn't let Andrew try to do Tyrone the way we did Don. So I asked Tyrone out.

I'd been so nervous that night; it had been a long time since I'd been on a legitimate date. I took Tyrone to Bertinelli's, a little Italian bistro that I loved. I figured everyone loved pasta. We didn't even kiss good night. One dinner led to another, and before long, I was hooked. We dated over a month before Tyrone spent the night; I wanted him with me all the time after that. It took almost a year to get him to cohabitate, but the wait was worth it. So, to commemorate that first date, I was making lasagna, our first meal almost eighteen months before.

Soon, the kitchen was a hive of activity: boiling water, simmering sauce, frying sausage and hamburger, sliced onions, mushrooms, olives and peppers, and cheese; lots and lots of cheese. I turned on some classical music, searching for Italian opera to get me in the mood. In my big pan, I layered noodles with sausage and mushrooms, oodles of cheese and kept piling it high. After a messy, but fun start, I slipped the lasagna into the oven to bake for an hour or so. It wouldn't win any culinary awards, being slightly messy and imperfect, but I enjoyed making it.

The biggest drawback to cooking was the mounds of pans and spoons from preparation that took forever to wash. I turned to the sink and its pile of dishes. As I filled the sink with hot, sudsy water, I grinned at the memory of shopping for our pans, the knife I had chopped vegetables with, and even the cheese grater. Before we moved in together, Tyrone had moved around quite a bit and I hardly ever cooked. So when we joined our households, we realized we lacked several kitchen items. Cooking for one caused you to end up with a ton of leftovers unless you ate really unhealthy prepackaged meals. It was amazing how little things could evoke happy memories. While the dishes dripped dry in the dish rack, I threw together a salad and smeared garlic and cheese over French bread. Taking advantage of the time I had to wait for Tyrone to get home, I took a bottle of water out to the balcony.

The brisk, cold breeze blew through my hair as I watched the sun fade behind the hills, and the streetlights began to come on. Christmas lights twinkled in the gazebo in the park across the street. In the streets below, kids laughed as they came home for dinner. I spotted my neighbor, Brianna, walk out to her car in a heavy coat. I wondered if she wore the slinky red dress she'd shown me the other day. She spotted me and waved, blowing me a kiss.

Checking my watch and noting the time, I scanned the street below. Tyrone usually left before I did and came home most nights at either the same time or later than me. Neither of us worked what could be considered a normal, nine to five job, but he put in at least fifty hours a week, and usually closer to sixty. Even though he worked more hours than what is considered normal, I didn't worry because Tyrone got plenty of sleep, worked out to relieve stress, and thrived in his job.

I rolled my shoulders and smiled as I went inside. The heavenly aroma of hot cheese and sultry tomato sauce filled the air. I checked the oven, making sure dinner was baking nicely and not burning. The champagne chilled in the fridge. I decided on a shower. As I pulled off my clothes, I caught sight of myself in the mirror. I paused to critically assess what I saw. Thirty-two wasn't that old. My body was lithe and muscular. I turned in profile. Nice ass you have there Lee.

I snagged the lone silver hair and plucked it out of my head. The sharp sting made me wince. I turned and stepped into the shower where hot water caressed my shoulders, making my neck limber. I was rinsing the last of the shampoo from my hair when I felt the air get cold. The scrape of the shower curtain opening filled my ears. I wiped my eyes to get a look at who had interrupted my shower. I grinned as I saw my ebony lover smiling at me. "Welcome home, Bull."

"Hi." His husky, sexy voice caressed my spine. His voice had the power to melt my knees and reaffirmed why I fell for him. One word was enough.

Tyrone stepped into the shower, wrapped his arms around me from behind, and kissed my neck. I melted against him, supported in his burly arms. I moaned as I grabbed the soap and lathered my hands for some exploring. He held me in place, nuzzling my neck, and refused to let me turn around. Normally, he'd have been hard against me, but his thick length wasn't insistent or needy.


"Shhhh..." He held me to him, running his lips along my neck and behind my ear before nuzzling my hair.

"Babe, what's wrong?"

He held me tighter. "Just reminding myself how much I love you."

It was a good line, but I wasn't buying it. Tyrone never missed a chance to fuck me weak. I loosened his grip and turned to look at him. His eyes worried me. They were haunted. "Babe?"

He kissed me, long, hard, and deep. His hands wandered my back like he was trying to confirm I was there. He was starting to scare me.

I pulled back. "Tyrone, talk to me."

He tried to kiss me again, but I wasn't going to be distracted. The stubborn bull was just going to have to open his mouth. His hands slid down and held me to him as he swallowed. "Sorry... I had a scare on the way home, that's all."

I raised an eyebrow at him. He knew I wasn't going to settle for half an answer.

He pulled me in, hugging me again as he sighed into my neck. "There was an accident on the highway. One of the cars looked just like yours. As I drove by, they were taking out a body..." He left the rest unsaid.

I kissed him. Slowly, he relaxed as I pressed him against the wall. "I'm here, Bull. I'm fine."

He nodded, resting his forehead against mine. "When I got home... I stood outside the bathroom, listening to the running water, and I thanked God you were okay."

The soap from my hands trailed down his chest and dripped from his thick, but dormant tool. This was the start of a new year for us. We didn't need to start it on a sour note. Not to mention, I could think of other ways for him to thank God. My soap-slicked fingers traced down his body until I wrapped them around his monster. I squeezed him, slowly, rhythmically, until his moans filled the shower. "You feel great under my hands."

He groaned as I worked his long, thick length. "Keep that up, and I'm not going to last very long."

I bit into his shoulder, right where his neck met up with his torso, and mumbled, "You never do the first time." I licked along the tendon to his ear, and then nibbled his earlobe. "That's why I like to take it deep on the second. Keeps me going for hours."

He gave me a sour expression, but he couldn't manage the tease. He was full mast and throbbing in my hands. "Good thing I have a quick recharge," he sighed, resting his head against the tiles as he closed his eyes. I silently agreed with him.

I chewed my way to his chest and began biting his nipples as I stroked him faster. His deep, resonant groan only fueled my desire. For as big and strong as he was, my man was putty when I worked him right. His fingers gripped my scalp as I pulled at his nubs with my teeth. His legs shook. I loved this. I loved knowing I could take my man to the floor.

Tyrone bellowed as he thrust through his first orgasm. At times his releases sounded so intense that I wasn't sure if he was in pleasure or pain. He was one of those men who became super sensitive immediately following a blow. He shook, grunting as I stroked the last of his release from him, and his legs gave out. He stopped my hand after I'd run my palm around his throbbing crown for the second time, and pulled my fingers way from his oversensitive rod.

After his breathing returned to normal, I licked a bit of spunk from his chest. "You okay?"

He opened his eyes and pulled me up to his lips. He nipped at my lips before kissing me. "I love you, Lee."

"I love you too." We stayed under the spray for a few minutes before standing up and washing his spunk from our bodies.

He nuzzled my shoulder as I shut off the water. "Will dinner be ruined if it stays in the oven for a while?"

"No." I'd turned the oven down to warm before taking my shower.

He grinned more comfortably as we dried off. "Good."

I stretched out, face down, on the bed as Tyrone ran his hands from my shoulders to my hips. I looked over my shoulder, smiling at his renewed interest. "Yep, a very short recharge time."

I shuddered as his thumbs ran through my crack, brushing my hole. He kneaded my ass, as he sank to his knees behind me. "I love you so much, Lee."

"I love you too." I moaned as his face pressed between my cheeks, mumbling words of love as his mouth found my bud. I couldn't understand what he was saying back there, but it felt fucking incredible.

Tyrone made certain there wasn't an inch of me left unworshipped or under worked. I was lucky I could walk from the bedroom to check on dinner. Dry cumming was an experience I seldom had, but Tyrone had done it to me more times in the last year than I'd experienced with all my other lovers combined. He was a machine once he'd had his first blow.

I looked at the lasagna as I bent down to pull it from the oven. It looked and smelled fine. The only thing in the kitchen that was burned was my ass. It stung a little as Tyrone pressed against me. Silk boxers made it bearable.

"How's dinner?"

"Well done." I set the pan on the stove and shut the door. I liked having him against me, but I really was sore.

"Like the cook, huh?" He chuckled, pulling me tighter against him.

I groaned. There was no way he was getting more tonight. A full hour of non-stop, limited-lube pounding was all my oriental-ass could take. "The cook is burnt." Tyrone frowned at me, and I kissed him briefly before getting down the plates. "Sometimes you forget that water-based lubes just don't last as long as you do, Bull."

Tyrone grinned. "I have a New Year's Resolution."

I rolled my eyes as I got out the silverware. "And that is?"

"We will locate the perfect lube." He took up the hot pads and carried the pan over to the table. "The last thing I want to have in my bed is burnt-ass."

I laughed. "At least it will be fun doing the research."

Later, after a long, relaxed meal and an early research session, we lay on the couch watching the New Year's Eve countdown on TV. The champagne and a couple of glasses were at the ready. I lay sprawled across his chest, idly rubbing his right nipple as we watched.

"How you doing, Bull?"

"I'm doing great. I'll be a little sore tomorrow, but it was worth it." He chuckled as he settled deeper into the couch with his arm over his head. He didn't bottom often, but when he did, he was always a pussycat afterwards. He was still purring.

"Now you know how I feel." I grinned at him as he pulled me up to kiss me.

I just stared into his eyes. The noise from the TV sounded like a rocket launching. I grabbed the champagne and poured us glasses. We drank as midnight struck. Draining our glasses, we kissed as the people outside started banging pots and pans, screaming "Happy New Year", and setting off illegal fireworks.

Much later, snuggled together in bed, I kissed his yawning jaw as Tyrone squeezed my back. "Sorry we didn't go to Grace's?"

He smiled. "No. I'm glad to have you to myself."

"Happy New Year, Tyrone."

"Happy New Year, Lee."

***** Sean *****

I crept down the stairs about midmorning, hoping not to disturb anyone. I was moving stiffly, but it was worth it. Taylor had done his research; that vibrating insert was the bomb. I came around the corner to find him sprawled out on the couch, an ice pack on his forehead, looking like death warmed over. I slipped past him, unnoticed, and met Andrew in the kitchen.

"Is he okay?" I whispered as quietly as I could, not wanting to disturb Taylor.

Andrew shrugged, pouring a cup of coffee as he talked. "He's hung. It was worse on his birthday."

"I'm just not going to drink," I affirmed, pulling down a mug for myself. "My father was an angry drunk. Taylor may be a happy drunk, but I don't think the next day is worth it."

Andrew frowned. "It isn't, trust me." He thought about it for a moment. "Taylor says I'm a weepy drunk. It really isn't worth it for me."

"You really threw up your first time?" I just couldn't believe a guy as big and buff as Andrew was a featherweight at a bar.

Andrew nodded, sipping his coffee. "Cranberry juice everywhere. Taylor was able to get the stains out, but I don't want to know what he used."

I looked back toward the living room. "If he always has hangovers, why does he do it?"

"Get drunk?"

"Yeah. It wasn't like he needed to drink last night to have fun."

"I think it's how he copes with his dad. He's only been drunk twice since I've known him, and both times were after he'd had to face his father about us."

I sighed. "I wish there was a way to forget stuff like that."

Andrew slipped his arm over my shoulders and gave me a squeeze. "Forgetting the bad stuff just ends up haunting you, Sean. Trust me, I know." He looked back toward the living room. "Taylor taught me that. I wish he'd listen to his own advice sometimes."

I looked at Andrew for a moment. "You're worried."

Andrew shrugged, pulling his arm back before sitting at the table. "Everything will be okay."

Leaning against the counter, I looked out the window. "I could take the bus you know."

"Across the entire country, alone, with all your worldly possessions?" Andrew snorted, sipping his coffee. "You've got people who love you, Sean. We aren't going to do that to you."

I smiled. I'd have given anything to hear that from my dad. Well, anything but have my brain 'reoriented' by religious zealots. "I'm going to miss you guys."

Andrew grinned. "You aren't going to be without us, kiddo. We have phones and the Internet. You'd better keep us updated, or else!"

I laughed. Andrew might have been the biggest, strongest guy I knew, but I could take him down in less than a minute. Kung Fu was a great equalizer. Sometimes I wished I'd used it on my dad, but I knew it wouldn't protect me while I slept. "Okay, okay. I'll keep in touch."

Taylor came into the kitchen, frowning at me as he went for more ice. "Have you any idea how piercing your laugh is, Sean?"

I shot Andrew an 'oops' face and tried not to grin. "Sorry."

Andrew looked at Taylor and smiled. "Want some eggs, Bacon?"

Taylor looked a little green as he scowled at Andrew, opened the freezer, and dug out some ice. "You'll get yours... when you least expect it, you'll get yours."

"Promises, promises."

I smiled at their sparring. I wanted that so bad I could taste it. I wanted someone to hold and love and get bitchy with. If the guys taught me anything these last few months, it was that a real relationship wasn't 'perfect', but was paid for by hard work and tears. I wasn't going to settle for anything less.

"So, you packed?" Taylor ignored Andrew's lecherous grin as he talked to me.

"Mostly. My grandmother said I could use her car once I got down there." I shrugged. "I wish I could afford one. I hate that she'll be without hers while I'm at school."

Taylor glanced briefly at Andrew, who just raised his eyebrows and sipped his coffee without comment. "Well, I'm sure things will work out, Sean. New Year. New start. Out with the old and in with the new." He winced at his own exuberance, and pressed the icepack to his head. "Now if I can get rid of the old hangover, life would be great." Taylor shuffled over, kissed Andrew briefly, and headed back for the living room. "If anyone needs me, tell them I'm dead."

Andrew looked at the wall clock. "Well, you better come back to life in about an hour."

Taylor stopped, turned, and looked at Andrew distastefully. "Why?"

"Because your mother and your aunt are coming down to hit the New Year's Sales?"

Taylor groaned. "Didn't we cancel that?"

Andrew shook his head. "Not according to the evil phone call that woke you this morning. They left a message that they were on the road and would see us about eleven."

Taylor gave Andrew a plaintive look. "I could use some headache relief."

"You already took aspirin."

"I could use some strong hands to work out some tension knots and see me safely through the shower."

Andrew swigged down the last of his coffee and stood. "I can do that."

Smiling painfully at me, Taylor sighed. "I really do love the hairy beast."

I grinned. "I caught that."

Andrew escorted a hung-over Taylor up stairs to 'relieve' his headache.

I wondered if they cured everything with sex. I knew they didn't, but it sure seemed like it. I poured myself some juice from the fridge and sat at the table. One more day and this wouldn't be my home any longer. No more guilty, stolen glances at the guys. I was certain I'd still dream about them.

I remembered the feeling of sleeping between them. I wished they'd done more than hold me. Andrew's size scared me, but I wouldn't have complained if I could have touched him. I closed my eyes. I wouldn't have complained either if Taylor had done more than hug me. I could imagine being between them, naked, being loved and having something other than a toy stretching me as I experienced my first real kiss from a man. That's what I wanted. I wanted to be fucked while fucking, and kissing, and touching all at once. I wanted to make the noises Taylor made when Andrew fucked him at night. I wanted to be the one making someone cry out that way.

The sound of a car on the gravel drive pulled me out of my fantasy. I stood up and peeked out the good half of the kitchen window. Aunt Claire's Cadillac rolled up beside Taylor's SUV. I looked up at the clock; they were early, really early. I got my coat from the hall closet and went out to buy Andrew and Taylor some time. Ten minutes of hot water therapy wasn't nearly enough to get rid of a hangover, of that I was sure.

***** Sebastian *****

If you would prefer an "all English" version of the Spanish conversations below, please go here.

The Comdex party had ended about two in the morning. We crawled under the covers once home; both too tired to do more than hold each other. It had been a purely pleasurable night. I looked across the room in the early morning light and saw our tuxedos hanging in the open closet and smiled. Don's arm wrapped over my waist as he slept on his belly. I stretched before I lifted his arm and slipped out of bed.

After pissing away my morning wood, I went to the kitchen to make coffee. I had just poured myself a cup, about to sip, when someone knocked on the door. I rushed to the door. Whoever the fool was had to stop knocking before it woke Don. I opened the door and all thoughts of being quiet fled. "Tonio!"

My brother, identical in almost every way, stood before me with a huge grin on his face. "Happy New Year, Sebastian."

"Get in here." I wrapped my arms around my brother and kissed the side of his head. "What are you doing here?"

Tonio pulled back and grabbed his suitcase from the doorway. "I'm meeting up with Carlos on Monday for some skiing."

I grinned as I took his bag. "So you thought you could crash on my sofa `til then?"

"You wouldn't kick your baby brother out in the cold would you?" His pouting lower lip made him look pathetic, not sympathetic.

"I should. And you're only the baby by minutes."

Tonio opened his mouth to say something then shut it when we heard the bathroom door shut. He turned to me and grinned while he brought his finger to his lips. Tonio looked me up and down, and then at his own clothes. He flashed a grin at me as he pulled off his shirt and kicked off his shoes. He ran his fingers through his hair so it looked mussed then pushed me towards the kitchen. I rolled my eyes. Switcheroo joke number one with Don was on.

Don came stumbling out of the bedroom, bleary eyed. He passed Tonio, kissing his cheek before walking into the kitchen, right past me. He grabbed a cup of coffee and took three swallows before turning back to me. He smiled at me before he came over and kissed me deeply. "Good morning, Seb."

His kiss left me breathless as he took his coffee and headed for the living room. When he spotted Tonio, he paused and shook his head. "I need more sleep," he muttered before heading back into the bedroom.

Tonio shook his head in disgust as he walked towards me. I got him a mug of coffee before we sat down at the kitchen table. "Does he always walk around in a fog in the morning?"

I chuckled. "We were out late last night. But yeah, pretty much."

Tonio looked me over and smiled. Then he caught sight of my ring and picked my hand up to look at it. "Damn. Nice ring, bro. Mama's gonna scream for hours over this one."

I rolled my eyes. Mama's shrieks of joy could peel paint off the walls. "Unless either of us gets a break or she comes here, she won't see it until the wedding."

"Don't be surprised, but Mom's planning on coming out the week before." He winked at me. "Just to make sure you're both ready."

I groaned before banging my head into the table. "I'll find a nice hotel for her to stay at."

"She's going to make your life hell."

I glared at Tonio. "Just wait until you get married."

Tonio shuddered. "Forget that!"

"It'll happen." When Tonio gave me a doubtful look, I put my hand on his shoulder. "Someday."

My brother had had no problems with the idea of casual sex. Being serious and committed to one person he had issues with. But hey, we're only twenty-four. It wasn't like he's an aging lothario. It would happen. Of that I was sure. "Okay, Tonio. The first joke tanked. What have you come up with in your devious mind?"

Tonio leaned in and whispered in my ear. As each idea came out of his mouth, I cringed. Poor Don. He really had no clue what was coming. When Tonio finished, I sat back, shook my head and then laughed. "Poor Don."

Tonio shrugged. "What can I say? My brother-in-law has to deal with the family smart ass."

"Don't be too hard on him. He's had a trying few weeks."

Tonio crossed his heart with his finger and faked an innocent look. "I promise."

I rolled my eyes. "You get to go shopping with us. We're buying a going away present for a friend of ours." I stood and walked towards Tonio's suitcase. "Come on, bro. Let's get you settled."

After I got Tonio settled and dressed again, I went into our bedroom to find Don sprawled on his belly, the empty coffee mug dangling from his finger off the side of the bed. I crawled on to the bed and skimmed my fingers along his thigh. I laughed when Don's legs spread and he whimpered. I kissed between his shoulder blades before I whispered in his ear. "Wake up, Don. We have to go shopping."

He lifted his head and stared bleary-eyed at the clock. "It's too early. Come back to bed."

I lay against his back, my knees rested on his thighs. "Sean's party is Sunday night." I kissed and nibbled along the back of his neck. When Don moaned, I bit into his flesh. "Come on. Let's take a shower together."

He turned his head towards me. "Why can't we stay in bed and fool around?"

I rolled to my side, so I could face him. "We have a guest."

Don rolled over onto his back. My chewing and nibbling had its usual affect on him. "Oh God. Who?"

I trailed a finger along his chest and belly until I reached his hip. "Weren't you seeing two of me this morning?"

Don looked at the ceiling and blinked before he started laughing. "I thought I was tired." He turned to me, grinning. "Antonio?"

"In the flesh."

Don lowered his eyebrows. "He had his shirt off?"

I chuckled. "You were too sleepy to get our switch." I brushed my lips against his. "We won't pull that one again." I lowered my voice to a stage whisper. "I warned him that when you get an idea about seducing me, you're relentless." When Don laughed I wrapped my arms around him. "Tonio's open minded, but that would be too open."

Don pulled me on top of him and kissed me. "How long do we have before we hit the mall?"

I grinned and nibbled his jaw and licked his morning beard. "I told Tonio to give me an hour to wake you up and get you moving."

He reached down and grabbed a cheek before he thrust up with his hips and wedged his cock between my legs. "I'm moving."

I grinned as I squeezed my legs together and trapped Don, which caused him to moan. "Then let's go shower."

I asked Antonio to give us an hour. We came close to using it all up. Once dressed and presentable, Don and I left our room to find Tonio sitting on the couch. He looked up at us and applauded. "Did you leave any hot water anywhere in this town?"

Don started laughing and hugged Tonio when he stood up. "What the hell are you doing here?"

Tonio clapped Don on the back, stood apart from him and grinned. "Crashing here until I meet up with a buddy for skiing."

Don shook his head. "Dangerous sport. You could break a leg."

"Never happen. I'm Superman."

"Yeah. Right." Don scoffed. He looked from me to Tonio briefly, noting that we were wearing identical outfits. He didn't even raise an eyebrow.

I grabbed my keys from the coffee table bowl and jangled them. "Okay he-men. Let's go shopping."

Don drove as I pointed things out to Antonio. "That's the strip mall where our school is and our friend's gym."

Antonio looked out the window. "That's the 'dojo?' I expected it to be like a small Japanese type building in the middle of the woods."

I laughed. "Nope. Its part of a strip mall, but it's a great place." I turned over my shoulder so I could look at Antonio. "Jackson, the owner, is going to make Don a partner soon."

"Really? Hey Don, that's great."

Don grinned into the rearview mirror. "I know. I'm happy with the idea. Jackson has been the rock in my life for many years." Then he grinned and sort of blushed as he looked over at me. "Well, until I met Seb here."

I leaned across the center console and kissed Don's cheek. Then Antonio got it into his head to be funny. "Don't be kissing my man, Tonio."

I sat straight and fell right back into our old pattern. When Tonio started something, I went along. "But he's so cute, Sebastian."

"El sabra quien es quien cuando vea el anillo."

"Cuando llegamos a la plaza, seremos honestos." I looked back to Antonio and grinned. "Te advierto, el esta aprendiendo espanol rapidamente."

Tonio threw his head back and laughed. "Cuando llegamos la plaza, hablaremos espanol del recorrido. Eso realmente lo confundira."

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "Por ejemplo: ' Donde esta el bano?' y '┐ Cuanto cuesta?'"


"Tu eres malo, hermano. Muy malo."

When we got to the mall, parking turned out to be a premium. All those poor football widows and gay men fighting over last minute sales was a true travesty to watch. Once parked, Don snagged my hand and kissed my ring. "I knew it was you."

I grinned at Don. "Before or after you saw the ring?"


I raised my eyebrow but let it drop. I wouldn't doubt any of Don's abilities; he was trained at security and surveillance. As we walked through the mall, Antonio kept up a steady stream of inane, stupid, and oftentimes funny questions. I had to fight from laughing.

"No puedo encontrar mis calzones de color purpura. Pienso que se los di a Maria hace siete anos."

I rolled my eyes and held Don's hand as we walked through The Sharper Image. Mostly we looked for a gift for Sean, but we also looked for ourselves too. "Ya debes parar, Antonio. Me quiere dar risa."

Antonio flashed a grin at me. "Tu no eres bueno para jugar este juego, hermano."

"Me madure, lejos de tu influencia," I quipped back.

"Eso dolio, Sebastian." He shot me a wounded glance.

I walked up to Antonio and hugged him. "Me disculpo, Antonio. "

He grumbled.

I kissed the side of his head and whispered, "I've missed you a lot." I held him for a moment, and then pulled back. "┐Me perdonas?"

His arm wrapped around me and squeezed me once tightly. "Siempre."

After we had found the perfect gift for Sean, namely two new outfits, both fairly nice so he could go on a job interview, we sat around the food court. I had a soda, Don ate chili cheese fries, and Antonio had a slice of pizza. When done with his pizza, Tonio grinned at me. "┐Donde esta el cuarto de bano, Sebastian? Soy serio este vez."

Don lifted his eyes to Antonio then shook his head. "El cuarto de bano esta alla, detras del teatro, pendejo."

Tonio stood, looking a bit shocked, and then walked away. I turned to Don and started laughing. "You are definitely getting better, mi amor."

Don breathed in very slowly and let his sexy grin spread across his face. "You know what that does to me. Of course I learn as much as I can, just to find out what you say when you make me weak."

If we weren't in the middle of a very busy mall, I'd be curled up in Don's lap so I could lick his chin and press all of me against him. Instead, I took his hand. "Why do you always hand the phone to me when my mother calls?"

Don shrugged. "She talks too fast. I can't catch it all."

At that moment, I didn't care who saw us. I pulled Don to me by his hand and feasted on his lips for a moment. "Te quiero. Tu eres mi corazon. Mi vida. Mi todo."

When we pulled apart, Don's eyes were heavy lidded and I knew we'd stay at the table for a few more minutes so he could calm down. "Not in public, Seb." He winked at me. "Please not in public."

Antonio returned to the table, kind of hesitant. "Don?"

Don turned to face Tonio. "Antonio?"

I sat shocked. Tonio was actually going to apologize. I couldn't believe it. He looked at me briefly before he spoke. "I'm sorry. It's rude to speak in another language when you know someone can't understand." He grinned. "It's even worse when they do."

Don pulled Antonio down to his seat at the table and laughed. "Just how many times have you seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding?"


Don chuckled. "When the fiancee comes home to meet the family, the kid brother teaches him some Greek. Let's eat became something sexual. I assumed that's what you were doing."

Tonio started to laugh. "Not really. I haven't seen the movie. But now I will."

I stood. "Come on guys. Let's go home." I wrapped my arm around Tonio. "Let's leave Don alone. I don't think our games work on him."

"No shit!"

***** Don *****

Antonio was the brother in law you hated to love. You couldn't help but love him, but you hated yourself for it. He could be as irritating as he was charming, and he was cute to boot. His banter and games made me realize just how different the "twins" were. In the six years since they'd left high school, Seb and Antonio had grown into distinct individuals. Most people might have been fooled by their games, but Angelina and I couldn't be.

"So," Tonio quipped as we drove out of the parking lot. "I heard you say you knew who was who before you saw the ring."

"Yep," I replied, checking my mirrors before pulling onto the street.


"You two aren't identical."

Antonio and Sebastian exchanged looks and frowned. Seb looked shocked. "What do you mean?"

I shrugged. "In your photos back in high school you two do look identical, but six years of different life styles has changed that."

Tonio looked in the rearview mirror and then at Seb. "I don't see the difference."

"How many nights a week do you do your martial arts, Tonio?"

He frowned. "One or two."

"Seb is in class two to three times a week and does his own routines another couple days a week." I looked at Tonio in the mirror. "Not to mention, you look like you hit the gym pretty frequently."

Tonio nodded. "Yeah three or four times a week."

I smiled. "Your bodies are shaped differently now. You're a bit larger, probably five to ten pounds more muscle on you than Seb has. Also, you move with a swagger that Seb doesn't. He walks with a calm kind of confidence, but you have a strut to your step that projects 'I am one hot fuck'."

Tonio sat back, crossing his arms defensively. "I do not."

I laughed. "Yes you do. If you were gay, we'd say you were flaming. You're not, so you're just putting the sex vibe out and watching to see which woman swoons."

"No soy un gallo que pavonea," Tonio muttered at me.

"I never said you were, bud. I'm just trying to explain the differences between you and Seb. I'm not making a value judgment. I'm the last guy with a right to do that. I had my horn-dog period, believe me." I looked at the dashboard clock. "Anyone want lunch?"

Tonio shrugged, and Seb nodded. I pulled us into Olive Garden; I wanted soup and salad. Tonio got out and walked ahead of us across the parking lot. The strut was gone.

"What's up with him?"

Seb shrugged, taking my hand. "Tonio's never been great at introspection. He was always the outgoing half of our team. I thought things out while he strove ever forward. I think you punched a hole in his self image."

"I didn't say anything negative."

"No, that wouldn't have bothered him. I think part of Tonio's foundation has been that I was always there, dependable, and unchanging. He was mine too, still is, but I've got a broader foundation now." He squeezed my hand. "I've got to admit, when you said we weren't identical, it was like a gut punch."

I pulled Seb to a stop, looking in his eyes before I spoke. "I'm sorry. I guess I got carried away with how clever I was."

Seb smiled. "Not really. When you point the differences out, I see them. I think that's what hit Tonio the hardest; he could see them too."

I nodded at Tonio as he waited at the door, looking impatient. "Suggestions?"

"Act like nothing's going on." Seb walked ahead and punched Tonio in the arm. "Abre la puerta, cara de perro."

Tonio scowled, but it wasn't serious. He pulled open the door. "┐Necesitas ayuda pasar por la puerto, hombre viejo?"

Seb laughed. "No."

I held the door above Tonio's head and nodded inside. "After you." He raised an eyebrow at me, but did as I told. I chuckled quietly as I watched the two sexiest Latin men on the planet walk ahead of me. "Gives me a great view of the two best asses on the planet."

Tonio's swagger came back, as did his cocky smile. "Look all you want, gringo, but you're not getting this one."

We were escorted to our table, and the noise level was enough to cover anything we said. I laughed as I sat beside Seb in the booth. "Don't worry; I like enchiladas better than tacos anyway."

Tonio laughed. "I suppose if that old man can't keep you fed with those, I can feed you mine. Most girls give sloppy head."

I grinned. "Hmmm... two servings at a time?" I thought about having twin Sebastians fucking me from both ends. The thought was damn appealing.

Seb shook his head. "No. I don't do incest."

Tonio frowned. "Damn. I thought I was finally going to get a good blow for a change."

"Find your own man."

"But yours is right here."

"He's taken."

"Share and share alike?"

Seb laughed. "You are such a shit, Tonio. You know damn well you'd wilt like a water starved flower if a man tried to eat your enchilada."

Tonio grinned. "I don't know; I haven't been laid in a while."

I smiled. "As appealing as that sounds, Tonio, I'm a one man man."

Tonio sighed, looked forlorn for about a minute, and then perked up as the waitress came to our table. She was pretty, young, and well endowed. After she filled our waters and went off to find breadsticks and alfredo sauce, Tonio grinned. "She could end my monk-like lifestyle."

Men were dogs.