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The Conquered - Chapter 9: Changing Landscapes

***** Taylor *****

"The Dojo," I read the name off the sign above the martial arts school Sean had mentioned so frequently. I really shouldn't have been there, but I was at my wits end. Sean was slipping away. He was such a scared, confused kid. Something about him reminded me of Andrew. Not that I'd thought he'd been raped, but his awkwardness at his late growth spurts and his growing disinterest in things at school was so similar. June was around the corner. He'd graduate and then he'd disappear. I couldn't let him go without trying one more time to reach him.

I stepped in and quietly moved to the benches along the wall. The instructor led a class of younger kids, smiling and making them laugh with good-humored instruction. I pulled my attention from the class as another instructor stepped out of the front office and moved my way. He extended his hand as I stood.

"Hello, I'm Jackson. You must be Taylor." I took his hand and shook it briefly.

"Thank you for seeing me." I looked back at the class. "Your instructor is great with the kids."

Jackson smiled. "Yeah, Seb's just taken over the evening kid's class. He's great."

"Seb," I looked back, "Sebastian?"

Jackson nodded. "Yeah, that's why I suggested we meet this evening. When you called, you mentioned Sean and I thought you'd want to talk with Seb too." He turned and motioned me to follow with his head. We stepped into his office and away from the little "kia" and "hut" sounds the kids made with their kicks and punches. "Water?"

"Yes, thanks." I looked about, smiling as I studied the pictures on the walls. I stopped when I saw a familiar face. I blinked a couple times before looking closer. Jackson came up beside me.

"What caught your attention?" He handed me a bottle of water while I tapped the frame. It was a picture of Jackson rough-housing with a man I'd seen before. He had the guy down on a knee, in a headlock, and was nuggying him as they laughed. "That's my best friend and soon to be business partner."

"Don," I mumbled, suddenly putting two and two together and getting four.

"You know him?" Jackson seemed surprised.

I shrugged. "Met him and Sebastian once, at the gym I work out at. I didn't make the connection to Sean 'til a moment ago."

Jackson smiled. "Seb's the best thing that ever happened to him," he said with conviction, and then grinned, "short of falling under my wing, of course. He wouldn't have been man enough for Seb if I hadn't gotten him first."

I laughed. "I think I'm going to leave that one well enough alone."

"Wise man." Jackson went back around his desk and sat down and gave me an appraising look. "So you're Mr. Madison." He smiled; amused, but not depreciating.

"I take it I don't meet your image of me," I replied, sitting across from him and sipping my water without releasing his gaze.

He laughed. "I expected a guy larger than life, to be honest. Sean talks about you with something short of awe."

I grinned. The thought of one of my kids being in "awe" of me was both flattering and daunting. "He's a good kid."

Jackson's smile faded. "He's scared shitless."

I nodded. Knowing who the amazing Sebastian was took some of the mystery of Sean's difficulties. How would I broach the subject to be sure? There was a polite knock at the door. Sebastian stood there, adjusting his gi, and nodded toward the classroom. "They're all yours, Jackson."

Jackson shuddered and put on a face of mock terror. "You gave them candy before handing them over didn't you."

Seb grinned. "Nah, full octane soda. Two can's each."



Jackson slid around the desk and pulled Sebastian into a headlock before punching his chest lightly. "If you weren't married to my best friend, I'd kick your ass."

Seb laughed. "You and what army?"

Jackson gestured at the impatiently waiting little demons fidgeting in the other room. "That army."

"Aaargh." Sebastian retreated into the office. "You win, you win."

Laughing, Jackson turned and headed for his class. "I always do."

Sebastian shook his head, smiling, before turning and looking at me. I think he had the same moment of surprise as I had when I'd seen Don's picture. He cocked his head, his brows furrowing. "Taylor, Andrew's client, right?"

I smiled, extending my hand. "Yeah, we met at the gym."

"Lee told us you did really well on your race."

I grinned, feeling my smile slipping to something goofy as I thought of the man I'd slept with for nearly a month. "Yeah, Andrew's a great trainer."

Seb smiled and I shifted in my seat. Fuck, he knew. "I get the feeling you've been training him too." He laughed as my cheeks started to burn. "Lee mentioned that Andrew was finally off the market, he just didn't tell us who'd managed it."

I couldn't stop smiling. "He did, huh?"

"I think you and I might want to compare notes some time." I flinched, and he put up his hands. "No, I didn't mean that way... I mean, we both seem to have landed ourselves a couple of the most Alpha, macho, shit-heads known to man."

I laughed. He said the words with such affection that I knew they were anything but an insult. "Yeah, Andrew's got a few issues with self-image."

Sebastian laughed in return. It was so free that I couldn't help but chuckle in return. Being able to talk to someone about Andrew made the tension of it all seem less gripping. He leaned in and asked in a conspiratorial tone, "Is it just Don, or are all big macho guys teddy-bears underneath?"

I wiggled my eyebrows. "I don't' know about -all-, but I think those two may have been cut from the same block."

Seb smiled, sticking out his hand. "Welcome to the -I have a macho man with issues for a boyfriend club-. Personally, I think it's worth it."

I took his hand and shook it with conviction. "So do I."

Seb's smile faded a little as he let go. "Of course, you're here to compare notes about someone else."

I sighed, sitting back and nodding. "I'm worried about one of my kids. I've got a few ideas, but he's graduating in a few weeks and I'm scared that if I can't reach him by then..." I left the rest be unsaid.

Seb nodded. "Yeah, Sean isn't coming to grips with his shit. The fact his father is a homophobic, zealot isn't helping any."

Well, that let the other shoe drop. I sighed. At least my instincts had been pretty good. "You know, huh?"

Seb rolled his eyes, sighing as he took a seat. "Yeah, boy do I know."

"I could use your help, Sebastian." I don't know why Sean had become so important to me over the last few weeks. Maybe it was the fact he reminded me so much of the kid hidden inside of the man I loved. Mother Theresa, the bitch, wasn't making my life any easier.

Seb looked at me for a moment and nodded. "We've got our work cut out for us."

I smiled, feeling a little of the weight lifting. I had an ally, at least as far as Sean was concerned. Some how I got the feeling I'd found an ally for more than that. "I'm used to it."

Seb grinned. "Yeah, so am I. Call me, Seb, Taylor. I think we're going to be seeing a lot more of each other."

I left the school with a plan, an ally, and I the beginnings of a friendship. Maybe a couple friendships. I drove to Andrew's place ready to take on the world. I was glad it was our time at his house. The martial art's school was on his side of town; it made the evening commute more bearable. Three weeks of swapping between the condo and Andrew's house had gotten old. Not that being with Andrew was old. Hell, I found I couldn't focus at times during the day because I spent my time anticipating my nights. What was it about him that was so fucking sexy? In a way, I think it was that it seemed all new to Andrew. Sex wasn't new, thank God, but the rest of it apparently was. In a way, I was as much his first as he was mine. It played into my romantic fantasies too closely to ignore.

Honestly, I was beginning to like our time at his place better. There was something about the old house that was comfortable and inviting. If I didn't feel like I was pushing, I'd have asked Andrew if it wouldn't be better to pick a place. I couldn't see him giving up or renting out his house. It would be easier for me to lease the condo than for him to get good tenants for the house. Was I really waiting around to be asked?

I thought about that as I lit the grill on his back deck. I loved grilling chicken breast with barbeque sauce. It made for great quick meals, lunches and snacks. I wiped down my shirt as I set the marinating dish in the sink. My shirt? I looked at it for a moment. It was one of Andrew's shirts; big, beefy, came down to my knees. When had I started wearing his shirts? Oh yeah, he'd left one at my place a couple weeks back, and it had ended up in my laundry. I felt like I had a little part of him holding me whenever I wore it. Damn, Becca was right, I had it bad.

"Hey, babe." Andrew came in, sweaty and stinky as usual. Damn but I liked it when he didn't shower at the gym. He pulled me up into a kiss before sniffing the air. "Damn that smells good."

I laughed. "Hope you like homemade barbeque sauce."

He peeled off his shirt while I moved the bowl to a less sweaty location. I had a slop of it on my finger. With a grin, I turned and smeared it on Andrew's pec, letting it drip down over a nipple.


Leaning in, I licked it off, lingered to chew on his nipple. Andrew moaned, his hands coming to my head and his fingers laced in my hair. I really needed to get the shit cut; it was getting too long.

"Don't start something you won't finish," he breathed as I pulled off his now hard nub.

I wiggled my eyebrows. "Who says I can't finish this? Think you could handle being my dinner?"

Andrew grinned. "Your dinner, huh?"

Leaning up, I hooked my fingers behind his neck and pulled him to me hungrily. I was getting hard just thinking of it. "Yeah, my meal, my feast, my man to play with? Think you could take not being able to do anything but lay there and be savored like the prime beef you are?" God that sounded like bad porn dialog, but I meant it.

"Can't do anything, huh?"

"Uh uh," I mumbled, nuzzling into his chest. "All you can do is lay back and take it." I grinned up at him. "Think you're man enough?"

With a grunt, Andrew hefted me over his shoulder and marched us up the stairs with me trying to object but laughing too hard to do much more than squirm. Plopping me down on my feet, he kicked off his shoes and socks, ripped off his shorts, and flopped down on the bed. He grinned at me as he folded his hands behind his head and stretched out, challenging me with his eyes.

"I'm man enough."

Oh, it was going to be a contest of wills. I could live with that. I may not have been able to take Andrew physically, but given an even playing field and I'd take a shot at him any day. I stripped off my clothes and climbed up my muscled bear of a man. "You want to play it this way, huh?"

He grinned, but didn't say anything. His eyes were all but taunting me.

Leaning in, I kissed him. He moaned and I felt his impulse to wrap his arms around me. I pulled back. "I want you to grab hold of the headboard, Andrew. I want you spread wide. I want you to hold on and not to let go until I'm done."

His grin didn't waiver, but he shifted under me and reached up. Damn but he had the widest fucking lats. As he grabbed hold of the bed, I leaned down and licked the ridged muscle along his sides. He moaned as my hands wandered his lats, gripping into all that hard muscle while my lips found his right nipple. I sucked it in, chewed on it, laved it, flicked it. By the time I was done, Andrew shifted restlessly and pressing his pec against my hungry mouth for more. I slid over to the other nipple, and repeated the process.

Sitting up, I licked my lips. Andrew was gripping the railing of the headboard hard. God he looked good, straining a bit as he resisted the impulse to take control. "Like that?"

"Oh, yeah. You can work me like that all night."

Leaning in, I kissed him hard, and then caught his lower lip with my teeth and pulled. He groaned. I loved the vibrations that tickled my balls as he groaned. Yeah, he enjoyed this as much as I did. I chewed my way down his neck, and started pulling chest hair with my teeth. That had him gasping with surprise. I then dove into that open, hairy, pit of his, licking and chewing. I had so much to feast on, but I wanted him squirming. I chewed my way back to his nipples and started over again.

By the fourth time I'd made the cycle, I'd pulled back on the intensity, but you wouldn't have known it by Andrew's reactions. Flicking my fingers across his red, angry nubs had him gasping. Long slow licks would bring out an involuntary whimper. He fought like a champ. I'm not sure if I could have lasted as long under the same treatment. His monster was pulsing, and leaking enough precum to flood his navel and dribble down his sides.

Leaning in, I kissed along his jaw while rubbing his left nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I swear he was both trying to push up into my hand and to retreat at the same time.

Whispering huskily, I realized I was getting close. The feel of all that muscle; all that strength, contained under me... had my body tingling. "Tell me what you want."

He moaned as I nibbled at his ear, rolling his nipple again with my fingers. "Tell me, Andrew. What ever you want, baby... hold on and let me do it."

His legs were restless as I continued to play with his nipples and tried to coax him into telling me what he wanted. Our game had come to a point where I could go too far. I didn't want to push him. I wanted him to let go and let me take him there, anywhere. He'd taken me places in the last month that I'd never had the guts to go sexually or emotionally with anyone.

It was several more minutes of stay on edge, licking, biting, twisting, before I asked again. Andrew was sweating, he couldn't stay still, and I was sure he was going to break the damn headboard in half. I kissed my way back up to his lips and drank in his moan before pulling back. "What do you want?"

He whimpered as I rubbed my palms over his heaving, sweaty chest. "God... I want to cum."

I twisted his nipples as I bit into his neck. Andrew all but bucked me off with a long, "Fuuuuuck."

He still hadn't let go of the headboard. I slid down, taking his leaking, pulsing monster in my mouth and laving his head with my tongue. One hand squeezed his balls while my other traced circles around his tortured nipple.

"Oh, Jesus, fuck, God... " were his last intelligent words before he blew. His body shook and quaked and I nearly choked on all the cum. I couldn't swallow it all and it spilled over as he kept spewing. He still shot two or three more short ropes of the stuff after I retreated from the gush.

Andrew was panting, whimpering, gasping. His eyes were shut and he was gripping the headboard like his life depended on it. I slid up, brushing my hands over his soothingly. "Let go, babe."

It took him a moment to register I think. He seemed to have difficulty making his fingers work, but he let go with a groan and his arms fell limp to the mattress. For a few moments, I wondered if I'd overdone it. He wasn't talking and I was getting worried.

"Andrew?" I whispered to him as I kissed his ear, the side of his head, his brow, his lips. "You okay?"

His eyes were glazed and he chuckled breathlessly. "Yeah... still alive... barely."

I smiled. "You had me worried there for a moment."

He grinned. "Just get down here and cuddle, okay? I could use some down time after a session like that."

I did, avoiding his distended, burning nipples. "And some dinner, I bet."

He groaned, his arm coming down to drape around my shoulders. "Yeah, in a year or so when I recover."

I snuggled in and enjoyed the wait. I'd never had a rush like the one I felt when Andrew came. I hadn't cum, but I didn't feel the need to. Somewhere in the middle of it all Andrew had given himself over to me. I hadn't even realized I'd needed it. I hoped, someday, he'd push me like that too.

***** Andrew *****

Fuck! My nipples ached. Even the tee I wore instead of my usual tank top had me squirming. At work, I was sweaty and it made the tee stick to my skin and every movement rubbed against them. I'd meant to make Taylor beg last night, but he'd turned the tables. Damn if he couldn't chew and twist my nips into burning, throbbing nubs of erotic pain. He'd had me begging. I wasn't used to that, but I found out I could like it.

Before, being in control was all that mattered to me. I had to be in charge. The only time I really got off on being taken was with Don. Someway, somehow, he could get past the barriers and make me want it. I think that may be why I was ready for a change. Not that he did it, but my response to him had me ready to trust someone implicitly. I could give myself completely, once I found the right person, and felt safe. I'd found that with Taylor.

While at work, I kept thinking about the previous night and how on edge I was the entire time. Taylor worked me into a near comatose frenzy before I finally exploded. At first, it was a game, like dare, from when we were kids. But soon it became more. It was about love and trust. I'm not sure at what point I realized it, but it was there before the end. I trusted Taylor. The conversation at lunch with Lee a few weeks before flashed in my mind. The truth stared me straight in the face, could I give in completely to Taylor? Could I let him top me? He could fuck me, without problem, but could I give him all of me? I was beginning to believe that I could, without reservations.

It was nearing closing time and I wanted to shower in cool water, to take some of the sting out of my chest. Lee called out after I'd cleaned up, heading for the locker room. "Don't forget, you have that meet and greet with the new client in ten minutes."

Fuck! Sighing, I turned and decided I might as well fold towels and straighten the floor mats. Busy work would hopefully take my mind off my need to go home and make love to Taylor.

When I heard the bell on the door go off, I turned and grabbed my clipboard, ready to take down all the pertinent information. When I saw my new client, warning bells went off in my head. I knew this guy from somewhere, only I wasn't sure from where. He was taller than my own six-four, about two-twenty-five, with dark hair, a wealth of chest hair peeking out of his wife beater shirt, and a decent bulge cupped by worn and threadbare jeans. A year ago, we wouldn't even bother with introductions, but I'd have him pinned to the wall in the locker room, fucking him until I was limp. Now, he didn't even cause a twitch.

"You must be Alex. I'm Andrew Jackson."

"Andrew, long time no see."

Now I really had alarms going off. Where did I know this guy from? Did I fuck him in some club? I couldn't remember. "Yeah, it has been... although I'm sorry, the name and the face don't ring too many bells."

His grin was easy-going, but it never reached his eyes. "Perhaps I recognize you from somewhere, only you didn't see me."

Okay, now I'm starting to freak. "Why don't you tell me what you're looking for as far as a workout goes, and we'll see what we can do."

He started telling me about his desire for some more strength and some increased cardio. That I could easily do. He was already strong, now it was a matter of working out his heart, building endurance. When I had asked all the questions I needed answered, I turned to him. "I think we can get a good program for you. How many days a week can you dedicate to this?"

"As many as it takes." Again, the alarms were going off. Somehow, I doubted he meant his workout.

"Why don't we set up another appointment for next week, and we'll get measurements of where your current strength levels are."

"Would you mind giving me a tour of the rest of the facility?"

That was odd, usually Charlotte gave all new clients a thorough tour. "Sure, although what you see is pretty much what you get. But here, follow me and I'll show you the sauna and steam rooms."

I led him to the locker room area, feeling odd and uncomfortable, but putting it out of my mind. After he had seen the entire locker area, I went to escort him out of the building; only he paused to tie his shoe. I was running late, I wanted to get home to Taylor. When Alex stood, he pushed against me, backing me into the wall. He grabbed my crotch and my mind blanked. I didn't exactly panic. This guy couldn't take me. Old instincts made me twitchy and edgy. This is what I used to live for. But it left me cold. I normally would have been rock hard, but not now. "I don't think so, Alex."

"Come on Andrew, I've heard all about you. Don't you want to fuck me?"

I looked him right in the eyes as I moved his hand away from my crotch. "No. I don't."

The angry look that clouded his eyes made me pause. There was something more there, hidden deep. He wasn't just looking for sex. Whatever it was, made me want to get the hell out of there. "Why don't you go, Alex? If you can't deal with it, then you need to find another gym."

"Fuck you! You pompous, arrogant prick!"

"Get out! Now!"

When he walked out of the locker room, I grabbed my bag, forgoing a shower. The encounter left me paranoid. Each flash of lights in my rearview mirror had adrenaline pump through my veins full force. The normally peaceful drive was tense; my hands clenched the steering wheel. My eyes didn't focus on the road in front of me, but kept twitching from mirror to mirror. When the view of my house came into my windshield, I exhaled deeply.

Going inside, I didn't even bother with a shower before kicking off my shoes, dropping my sweaty, stinky clothes in the mudroom and stalked through the house, looking for my mate. The kitchen was sparkling white, bathed in light, but empty. The living room had a couple of glasses on the coffee table, but no Taylor. I peeked out to the deck then ran up the stairs, where I could hear Taylor's voice. He was talking on the phone, probably to Becca, from what I could hear him saying. I paused outside the door, listening to him, letting his voice soothe and calm me. The next thing I knew, I was standing at attention, achingly hard. I opened the door and Taylor stopped in mid-sentence.

"Becca? I'll see you tomorrow, okay?" Then he hung up the phone.

I dropped to the bed, grabbing him as I fell. I kissed him hard, chewing along his neck. Hard, panting, desperate, I whispered in his ear. "Fuck me, Taylor. Fuck me hard. I need it so bad."

"What's going on, Andrew?"

I bit into his earlobe. "Fuck me, baby. Please?"

***** Taylor *****

Fuck him? I knew Andrew wasn't only a top, but I'd never envisioned him begging to go the other way. Something in his eyes worried me. They were desperate. What ever it was, I could wait for the answers. I pressed against Andrew slowly, savoring his lips before looking in his eyes. "I love you."

Andrew pulled my face to him, chewing on my lips before inviting my tongue in. God that man could kiss. We were practically humping each other as he let me up. "I know. I want the man I love to fuck me senseless."

I slid off his hips and reached for the nightstand. If he wanted to fuck, I wasn't going to argue. "Bed."

I pulled out the lube and yanked off my shorts and shirt. When I looked back, Andrew was lying on the bed, face down and legs slightly spread. I'd never paid much attention to Andrew's ass before. With chest, arms, shoulders, abs like his, not to mention a cock a horse would have been proud of, his ass hadn't been my top priority. I was paying attention now. Settling onto the bed, straddling one of his thighs, I ran my hands up the back of his legs and gripped that perfect ass.

Andrew flexed against my hands and moaned as my thumbs traced along his crack. Meaty, hard, full, fuzzy, those globes filled my hands perfectly. I squeezed again and he sighed, "Oh, yeah."

I wasn't even sure if I'd need lube; the thought of claiming all that hairy muscle as mine had me hard and dripping an almost continuous flow of precum. My fantasies had never included this. I didn't know why. Now that the opportunity was there, it had me ready to just plow into uncharted territory. I didn't. Our first time may have ended badly, but up to the final act Andrew had done everything right. I wasn't about to skimp on the job.

I ran my hands up his back, feeling the muscles tremble as I went, and lay against him with my shaft rubbing between his cheeks. We both moaned. I nipped at his shoulder. "How do you want it, baby?"

Andrew pressed his ass up, causing me to plant firmly between his cheeks. "Make me yours, Taylor. Fuck me till I cum."

I chewed my way down his back and kissed his sacrum before prying his cheeks apart and taking a slow, deep inhale of him. Sweat, musk, need, and heat all hit my senses like a battering ram. Now I knew what had driven Andrew to burry his face against me and eat like a starving man. I couldn't resist, I dove in and began to feast.

"Oh, fuck yeah!" Andrew pressed back against my assault, grinding his ass against my mouth and tongue. He was as hungry for this as I was. I ate him, teased him, chewed at him 'til his ass was humping up against my face and he was whimpering. He sounded like any guy in a porn flick, whispering trash about my eating his ass.

I slid my hand under him and stroked his shaft. He was leaking as much as I was and it was making a mess of the sheets. Oh well, I was used to cold, wet, sticky spots at that point. It was always worth it. Squeezing him, I gathered some of his lube and slid back, looking at that puckering hole. He sighed, melting to the bed as I slid my first slicked finger in. His sighing grew to groans after I added some of my own lube and a second finger to the task. By the time I had three fingers in, twisting and thrusting, he was gasping.

"Fuck me, baby. I'm dying here." He had lifted up onto his knees during the warm up and his ass was riding my fingers hard.

I pressed him back down, sliding up him until my cock was brushing his entrance. There was no resistance, not like when he tried to mount me. Sure, there was pressure, tightness, and he gripped me like a glove, but I just slid right in. I thought my brain would melt when Andrew groaned for my entire descent, the vibrations of his reaction pulsing through my rod. As my pelvis came to rest against those flexing, trembling globes of his, and my hands came to his low back, I felt home. For a moment, I found myself wishing I could be that for him. I pushed the thought aside and leaned in.

"How you doing, Andrew?" God, I was panting. The way his ass was milking me, I wasn't sure I'd last very long.

His hips swiveled against me and he moaned. "You feel so damn good."

I bit my lip and tried to stop myself, but it was too late. That little bit of extra sensation as he moved, his voice, the feel of his muscles, they all stacked against me and I lost it. Thirty seconds and I was blasting into him like some first timing, hair triggered teen. It took me a few moments to recover, and I squirmed. Andrew was doing something with his ass, a squeezing, flexing motion that was torturing me to the point of pain. "Fuck, Andrew," I squeaked as it felt like he was peeling the skin from my dick. Then I realized I wasn't going soft.

"It's okay, baby... now that the pressures off, lets make this last." He swiveled his hips against me again, causing me to tremble.

Leaning in, I started working his ass in earnest. I'd had my blow, now it was his turn. I started out slow, shifting a little with each thrust until I could gauge his reactions. Though he moaned and sighed through each position without pause, it wasn't until I had slid forward, hands braced on his low back, and thrust nearly straight down that I got something different. Andrew gasped and his body tensed for a second. I did it again, and this time his gasp drew out. I'd found the spot. Gripping into his waist, I started pistoning into him. His voice moved from drawn out gasps to a near continuous, rumbled cry punctuated by abrupt "oh"s and "fuck"s. My back burned by the time I had him squirming under me. I realized I couldn't keep up the pace with long, hard strokes. How long could the man go before he blew? I'd been on the edge of a second blow forever and I could tell Andrew was right there with me. Finally, desperate and knowing I wouldn't last much longer, I leaned forward and just rabbit fucked him with fast, short strokes as I tried to beat his prostate into submission.

Andrew gripped the mattress and I felt his body go rigid. His ass clamped down on me so hard I thought he was going to crush me. He screamed one, long, deep, almost painful, "Fuuuuuck!"

I followed him with a far less impressive cry of his name and then collapsed against his sweaty, trembling back. My brain and body were blown. I'd had some wild sex, but none of it came close to what we'd just done. I think I mumbled, "I love you," before I nodded off. I woke a little while later, my sweat cool against my skin, still lying on Andrew. I'd slipped out of his hot, beautiful, addictive ass during my rest, but I was still wedge in his cleft. He squeezed me as he felt me move.

"I love you," he sigh as I pulled up and let him roll over.

Oh yeah, he'd cum. He hadn't just cummed, he'd probably unleashed a gallon of creamy, wet love all over himself and the bed. The sheets were a lost cause, probably the pad too. We definitely weren't going to sleep on that. I settled against his chest, running my fingers across nipples as he nuzzled my hair. "That was incredible." I still didn't feel capable of full speech.

"Taylor?" Andrew sounded sleepy but there was a quality to his voice that made me lift my head.


"Move in?"

I stared into his eyes and smiled. Yeah, I'd just been waiting to be asked. I brushed my lips against his before resting my cheek against his shoulder. "I thought you'd never ask."

***** Andrew *****

The morning after our first time with Taylor topping me was Saturday. It wasn't how I'd meant to ask him, but now that I had and he'd accepted, I wanted Taylor in my house post haste. I gathered him up, got in my truck, and hauled ass over to his condo. We spent the morning packing clothes, picking out pieces of furniture that we'd put in my house, and sorting through duplicate kitchen items.

We'd only spent a couple of nights apart since we became a couple. I'd spent those nights watching sappy romance films on Turner Classic Movies. I got it into my head that everything had to be perfect. There was a perfect time to kiss, a perfect time to make love, and a perfect time to pop the question. As we stood in his bedroom, amid bags and boxes of clothes, towels, and linens, I started kicking myself on not making the whole thing a bit more special. Not that I thought he needed it, but, he deserved it all. I stopped what I was doing, looked over at Taylor as he surveyed his things, and realized that I was a callow prick. "I gotta run for a minute. I'll be back soon. I'll pick up lunch. What do you want?"

Taylor looked up at me, a startled expression on his face. "Um... have we had our cheat for the week?"

I chuckled. "I had some Ben & Jerry's earlier this week. How many bags of potato chips have you had?"

"Good point." He bit his lip and smiled at me, causing me to get hard at the naughty look in his eyes. "I'd love a greasy cheeseburger and chocolate shake from the Shack."

The Shack. Cardiac arrest on a plate; they served burgers so greasy and hot that the grease seeped through the wrapper. Perfect. "Double or single? Bacon? Everything on it?"

"Single. No bacon. No onions. I want to kiss you a lot later."

I swallowed my lust and grinned. "No problem."

I beat tracks out of there, making a couple of stops on my way to the Shack. I got back to Taylor's condo in record time with a bag of heart attack in one hand, and a bunch of flowers in the other. I found Taylor in the kitchen, packing up his pans and baking dishes. He was kneeling on the floor and I moved up to the opposite counter and slid to the floor. Taylor turned and grinned at me. He saw the flowers. The flush that rose in his cheeks was sweet and endearing.

"For me?"

I knew my smile was a bit goofy and very foolish looking. "Yeah. I realized that I didn't really ask you to move in with me very well." I shrugged my shoulders, feeling foolish and unsure. "I just thought... well... you deserve everything."

His eyes were moist as he crawled across the floor and curled up in my lap, taking my lips with his, kissing me deeply. When we pulled up for air, he grinned at me before nipping my lower lip. "You didn't have to, but thank you."

"No problem. If I knew you'd kiss me like that, I'd bring you flowers more often."

"Shut up, you macho, closet romantic, shit-head. What's in the bag?"

We ate our burgers and slurped our chocolate shakes. We had all of Taylor's clothes, most of his kitchen supplies, and a bunch of foodstuffs in the truck before dark. When we got back to the house, we hauled it all inside, and then took a tour of the place. We tried to figure out who had the better furniture and what to put where. Taylor's big couch would definitely be an improvement over mine. The third bedroom was mostly empty, except for some workout equipment and a few boxes. All that could go in the attic. We went through my kitchen stuff and his, keeping the best of what we had duplicates of, donating the rest to the Goodwill.

"I can't believe you don't have a 13 X 9 pan."

What the hell was a 13 X 9 pan? "Umm... sorry?"

He laughed then punched me in the arm. "You dork! Jesus, you need help. I'm obviously doing all the cooking."

I shrugged. "I'm great at breakfast. But the rest... well... my mom's dog buried my last attempt at meatloaf."

He laughed until he realized I was serious. "Oh honey, I'm so sorry."

I burst out laughing, and then took him upstairs to reenact last night. Oh how that man pounded my ass. It truly was a work of art. Amid heavy moans and deep, throaty grunts, I kept chanting my love to Taylor. When we were a sweaty, drained, limp mass of tangled limbs and quivering flesh, my stomach rumbled.

"God damn stomach. Can't keep that thing filled for long."

Taylor snuggled closer to me, kissing my nipple. "If I weren't so exhausted, I'd give you something to chew on." He bit my nipple. "But you wiped me out."

"Stop biting me, or else tired or not, you're going to be giving it up again."

He lowered to take a chunk of my chest in his teeth, saw the look in my eyes, and pulled back. "Okay, I won't bite you again."

"What should we have for dinner?" I looked over at the bedside clock and laughed. "It's a little late for dinner. How about a midnight snack?"

"Do we have to be good?"

I snorted. "We've been not good for the past six hours." Nothing hurt worse than having chest hair pulled when you're not in the throes of passion. Taylor reached out and yanked a hunk of hair. "Ouch! What was that for?"

"I'm talking about food, and all you want is my body." He crawled out of my arms and stood by the side of the bed. "I'm not a piece of meat. " He stomped off towards the bathroom. Shock must have made my face look like a train tunnel in the side of a mountain. "I'm not a fine ass to be toyed with." He made it to the bathroom door, turned, and winked at me. "I'm grade A beef that you should in the shower."

He didn't have to hit me over the head with it. I ran into the bathroom, crawled under the spray and filled my hands, my mouth, and my heart with Taylor. After sinking to my knees to taste and torment his shaft, Taylor returned the favor until we were both weak and panting. And damn it, I need a bigger hot water heater. The shower was downright chilly by the time we finished. As I toweled off and Taylor combed his long hair out of his face, he turned to me. "That was a great appetizer, but I really want Chinese food."

"Can I drizzle sweet and sour sauce on you then lick it up?"

"If you don't stop taking me from zero to eighty like that, in a few weeks they'll find us naked and emaciated."

I chuckled, and then went to get the take out menu, calling over my shoulder. "Then I'd better feed you some actual food."

We spent Sunday moving the rest of his things, placing furniture, and adjusting pictures. When it was all done, for once since my grandmother died and left her house to Moira and I, the place felt like home. It was an interesting mixture of styles and colors, but it looked good, and cluttered. Now it looked like someone lived there.

***** Taylor *****

After my third time searching the stand-alone freezer for the London broil, I finally found the package I wanted and tossed the meat out to thaw. I couldn't believe how much food Andrew kept in that freezer. Of course, I'd never had a stand-alone freezer before. No wonder he shopped only once a month at the wholesale club.

Being domestic didn't bother me. I didn't' feel like the "little woman." If anything, I felt like a tag-team player. He'd pulled out the chicken before he'd left earlier, asking if I could get it cooked for meal packs for the weekend. I was looking forward to seeing Andrew's ass in bike shorts. A weekend of trail riding, it was a good compromise between my long distance rides and Andrew's predilection for more extreme sports.

The chicken simmered in the bouillon, and I had some rice steaming for dinner, when I heard a click at the door. My eyes flashed to the stove clock. It was only six thirty; Andrew shouldn't have been back 'til after eight.

I froze, spatula in hand, as a woman I recognized from some of the photos about the house stepped into the kitchen while shaking off her umbrella in the mudroom. "Andrew, did you get rid of your truck?"

"Um... no." Oh fuck. What the hell was I supposed to tell her about my being here? Was Andrew even out to his mother?

She blinked a couple times, looking at me like I was an alien. I suppose by her point of view, I probably was. There was a short, small guy in one of Andrew's beefy tees, cooking in her son's kitchen.


Her eyes took in everything. Damn. I could tell she had sized me up in a glance. What I couldn't tell was where I stood. I looked at her as well: about four inches taller than me; strong stature; confident stance in the face of a stranger. This was a woman I did not want to get on the bad side of.

"Hi, um..." I set down the spatula and wiped off my hands on the t-shirt. "I'm Taylor."

"Hello, Taylor, I'm Grace, Andrew's mother." She took my hand, with a surprisingly firm grip, and looked at the stove with a grin. "You look like you've settled in for the winter."

"Um..." Yeah, I came off as the most articulate man on the planet. How the hell do you deal with your boyfriend's mother when you don't even know if you're the "boyfriend", "friend", or "room mate"? Fuck, I should have thought about this before I'd agreed to move in.

Her grin broadened to an amused smile as she watched me squirm. "Not sure whether to tap dance or waltz?"


Grace's laughter filled the kitchen. "You're wondering if you should tap dance around why you're here, wearing one of my son's shirts, and looking like you live in the place, or if you should waltz right in and go 'hi, I'm Andrew's boyfriend'."

I swallowed. "He mentioned us?"

Her smile dwindled, but didn't go away completely. "No, he hasn't. But yes, I know my son is gay." Her smile warmed a bit as she looked at me again. "New?"

I nodded, feeling both relieved and a little sick. "That obvious, huh?"

She laughed again. "I meant that you're new to the house."

Ok, now she had me blushing. "Oh, yeah... that too." I diverted my attention back to the simmering chicken breasts. "Andrew didn't warn me."

Shrugging off her coat, Grace draped it over a chair at the kitchen table and smiled. "He never knows when I'll show up. I'm evil that way; keeps him honest and on his toes."

I cringed. I would have to be sure to keep things picked up and put away. My mother never visited unexpectedly. Hell, when I was a kid, she never entered my room without knocking and waiting to have the door opened.

I studied her for a moment. Grace had such an easy confidence. I could see Andrew in her, more than physically, and I wondered for a moment if that would have been Andrew if it hadn't been for the rape and years of silence.

"Well, I suppose this place is still yours, really."

She shook her head. "No, Mother left it to Andrew and Moira. Of course, in a way I'm still more at home here than I am anywhere else." Smiling whimsically, she closed the distance and sniffed the steam from the chicken. "I'm glad Andrew chose to buy out his sister's half and live here instead of selling the place and splitting the proceeds."

"It's a beautiful place." I really did like the old house. It had character, a past, and was on a respectable piece of property. I'd never lived in a place where you couldn't see into your neighbor's windows.

She turned her attention from the food to me again. There was a look in her eyes that made me nervous. It was similar to Andrew's hunter look, but not sexual and a bit more guarded than aggressive. "So, are you?"

I blinked. "Am I what?"

Grace rolled her eyes. I got it.

"Oh, um... yeah, I guess I am."

"You either are, or you aren't. There shouldn't be any guessing involved. At least, I never had to guess in my relationships." The force of her response pinned me to the floor.

"I am for as long as he'll have me." I said it with all the conviction I could muster. Honestly, it wasn't much. How long would he have me? Was that an evasion? I'd been ready to face about anyone and tell him or her I was in love with the greatest man in the world. Hell, if we found we could live together, I planned on changing my contact address and number to the house instead of having them as alternates. Suddenly facing a parent, any parent, I felt so small, unsure; hell, I was scared.

Grace frowned. "Has he said he loves you?"

Flinching, I grabbed onto my own feelings, the love I felt, and faced her. Of course he had. He loved me as much as I loved him. I may not have known how to classify our relationship, but the love part was a done deal. "Yes, as a matter of fact he said it first."

Grace blinked. I think the sudden conviction in my voice surprised her. After a moment, her smile softened and I think there was warmth in her eyes that wasn't there before. "Then it's safe to say he'll be keeping you around for a while."

I smiled. "Sorry we didn't get a better first meeting."

She grinned, looking at me, and the warmth in her eyes grew. "No, I think I like this way better. I get to make an attractive young man squirm, something a woman my age can rarely do, and I get to see what kind of man my son has brought home."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Grace." I wasn't anything close to ready to call her, Mom.

"I think the pleasure is all mine." Before I knew it, she had me in a tight hug. I swear I think she was trying not to cry. When she pulled back, there were tears in her eyes.

I smiled. "Never thought he'd let someone in, huh?"

Her surprised expression told me more than anything else. After a moment, she looked away. I think the shoe was now on the other foot. I intended to tread very softly.

"I worried he never would."

When she looked back at me, I held her eyes and tried to convey my understanding, commitment to the man we both loved. "He did. Really. I fell in love with the guy behind the arrogant, egotistical, stubborn, pig headed, brusque jerk he tries to make everyone think he is." Grace laughed, and I grinned before wiggling my eyebrows. "Ok, so I kind of like the arrogant SOB part of him as well."

Her smile was both relieved and reassuring. "I think we're going to be good friends, Taylor."

I blew out my breath, a bit over dramatically, and went back to cooking the breasts. "That's a relief. I'd hate to think my in-laws hated me." After a moment, I looked at her. She looked like she was trying not to cry. I changed the subject. "Staying for dinner? We're having beef."

Grace raised an eyebrow and laughed. "I'm sure you are, but keep that to after I leave." I think my blush trailed down below the shirt. "And, yes, I would be delighted to join you two for dinner. I like my steak medium-rare."

***** Andrew *****

We'd only been living together for a few days and I was still so anxious to get home. Today was no different. I was giddy and fidgety. When I looked in my rearview mirror to check on traffic, I almost ran into someone when I caught the silly, stupid grin on my face. There was a warm, mellow, content feeling whenever I thought about Taylor in my home, my bed, and my heart. It wasn't about sex, although my thighs go weak whenever I think about him in bed, it was all about love and respect.

When I pulled into the driveway, I saw my mother's car and my grin got even wider. I ran inside, calling for both of them. I found my mother in the kitchen chopping up some salad fixings and could see Taylor outside at the grill.

I grabbed my mother in my arms and twirled her around, kissing her cheek before setting her down. "Hi, Mama."

Her chuckle was startled and breathless. "Andrew Jackson, you put me down right this minute!"

I looked down into her eyes and for reasons I couldn't explain, I hugged her up hard, burying my face in her neck, like I used to so many years ago. "I missed you."

Her startled response before she gripped me hard made me feel ashamed for not having hugged her more often. "I missed you too, which is why you gave me a key. So I could surprise you." She lifted up and stared in my eyes, her eyes sparkling with mischief. "But now, I think I might call before I stop by. I'd hate to embarrass you by walking in on... something."

I wasn't about to blush because my mother talked about sex, but I could only imagine how badly Taylor did. My mother could be hard to take. "Mama, how long have you been here?"

"Long enough to meet your man."

I couldn't help the goofy grin anymore than I could stop breathing. "He is pretty wonderful."

Her chuckle was tinged with something more. If I didn't know better, I'd swear she had tears in her eyes. "I got that, baby. But you should see your face."

I grinned at her and she backed up a step, but I grabbed her around the waist and hauled her outside. Taylor spun around and I couldn't stop the laugh. "Honey, I'm home. Look what I found?"

Taylor was staring at me sternly. "Now put your mother down, you big bully!"

That caused me to arch my eyebrows. "Bully?" I set mom down and stalked after Taylor. "Them's fightin' words."

When I caught up to Taylor, I pulled him up against me and devoured his lips. With no prompting from me, his legs wrapped around my hips and his cock dug into my belly, causing me to moan. I'm sure we would have dropped to the deck and fucked like bunnies, if it weren't for the polite "ahem."

My mother was muttering while turning the steaks on the grill. "Horny bastards, letting perfectly good steaks burn." Then louder, "notice I didn't say meat, because I'm sure there will be plenty of that later too."

I started laughing outright, until I saw Taylor, his face covered in a bright red blush. At that moment, I would have gladly kicked my own ass for being stupid. In all my happiness and surprise, I forgot that Taylor had never met my mother before. I'd talked about her with him, but Mom knew nothing of Taylor. Shit! How awkward that must have been. I nuzzled against his temple, kissing him lightly. "I'm sorry sweetheart."

The love in his eyes that I saw when I pulled back almost had me melt into the ground. Shortly after, we sat down to dinner, eating slowly, talking a lot. It was wonderful, friendly; it felt like home. My heart pumped slowly, deeply, my blood feeling like warm honey as I watched Taylor hold his own against my mother. Before she could leave, I stopped my mom while wrapping an arm around Taylor's shoulders. "Mama, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Taylor. It's just... he just moved in, and I've been so excited and happy, that all I could think about was being with him. When I had to work, all I could think about was getting back to him."

Her smile was big and made her eyes sparkle. "No problem. I was young and in love once too." With that, she kissed Taylor soundly on the cheek and petted mine before she was gone.

When I turned around after shutting the door, Taylor was gone. I called out to him and heard his voice from out back, on the deck. I quickly followed, only to be pulled up short at the door, watching Taylor hop on one foot to remove his sock, the only thing he was wearing. Goddamn but my man was fine. His ass, oh his ass makes me drool. Before I knew it, my clothes were off and I was heading towards him, my hard on unflaggingly pointing towards my mate.

As I lay down on the chaise mats he'd pulled down, Taylor straddled my hips, his ass clamping around my shaft, pillowing me in his crack. After rocking on me for a few minutes, I pulled him to me, kissing him deeply. "I love you, Taylor."

"I love you too, you big softie."

I was chewing on his ear when his words registered. "Softie?" I flexed my `softie' against him, and damn if `softie' didn't try to thank me for it. "I don't think so, sweetheart."

His chuckle was half gasp and half moan as I nibbled on his neck. "What you said to your mom. That's probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me."

My response was hot and breathy against his neck. "I have lots of nice things to say about you." I moved down and took his nipple between my teeth. "Lots of nice things." I pushed him back as I slid down further. I licked into his navel. "You're sexy as sin." I tugged on his wisp of a treasure trail, causing him to moan. "Hot." His cock leaked against my chin, leaking hard. "Hard." I knew my beard stubble scraped him, but I couldn't stop when he whimpered. "And I love you."

I took him in my mouth, working him over, taking him to the brink but not letting him teeter over. All the while I worked on him I kept mumbling all the love words I could think of to him. Of course, I doubt he heard them. My mother would have laughed if she knew I hadn't learned how not to talk with my mouth full.