It was yet another hot and steamy early summer afternoon. I had called the workday finished at 3pm so I could get to the pool and begin training early. Not for any other reason than it was to hot to be working. Having a Nationally ranked swimmer on their staff suited my employers well. They used me for guest speaking at conferences and generally wheeled me out for the public where ever and when ever they needed a little publicity. The bonus for me was that I am well payed and I don't have to work to hard.

Mind you swimming up and down the pool 36 hours per week is a full time job anyway, not to mention the extra few hours a week in the weight room. The plus side to all of this hard work is my speedo tanned rock hard stud body with an ultimate V shape. I stand 6'2" and have sun bleached blond hair, bright blue eyes, a 48" chest and a 34" waist, weight 85kgs and have a perfectly proportioned 8" cut cock. Being this buff I have no problem finding a willing accomplice to empty my load into. Occasionally I will take out a model or TV celebrity to keep up the straight public image. But away from the limelight I am always searching for a hot ass and hard cock to satisfy me.

Anyway, today is a training day and I am 8 weeks into a 12 week work-out plan to once again place me on the National Team to go to the Pan Pac swim meet in Japan. The workload is furious for another couple of weeks before I start tapered off and start working on the little things which make me a great swimmer. My goal for the Pan Pacs is the reset the National record in the 100m & 200m Backstroke, maybe even give the world record a nudge if things work out right.

"OH well, time for work" I think to myself as I slowly walk from the parking lot towards the pool. Another day and another 6kms further along the pool of life. As I make my way into the pool complex I notice Tina sitting in her usual spot behind the cash register reading another romance novel. "Hi Tina, bloody hot this afternoon" "Sure is Chris" she replies "How come you are early, Coach is going to think the clocks have stopped". "Yeah, very fucking funny" I chuckle, late once in a month and I never hear the end of it. Little did anyone know the reason I was late.. Who could leave a gorgeous surf bunny with his ass half fucked, NOT ME... Tina is the daughter of the coach, she herself is quite a swimmer but decided last year that she had swum enough for a while. She is very cute, rock hard body, long blond hair, If she had a cock she would be perfect... "Talk to you later" I said as I made my way towards the locker room.

I walked slowly into the locker room and wasn't really paying any attention to what was going on. I opened my locker and sat down to take my shoes off. From my locker I have a perfect view into the shower area and also into the urinals. From where I am sitting I can see the meat on the guys taking a leak. I remove my clothes and put on 2 speedos gather up my goggles, cap and water bottle. Wait a sec, I need a piss first I think to myself. I place my shit on the seat and head into the pisser.

As I rounded the corner he jumped with fright. He is a hot smooth young guy stroking his cock out of the side of his speedo. I have seen this guy at the pool plenty of times before and wondered what that outline of his cock would look like in the flesh. He is now trying to hide his hard cock as he steps up to a urinal. My cock is already beginning to harden just from knowing his cock is hard. I take my now semi hard cock out of my speedo and start stroking it while I am looking towards him. This young guy doesn't know which way to look, he is looking everywhere but at me. "Look this way" I think to myself. Then he does it, he glances in my direction. He quickly looks away when he sees me looking at him but then turns back to check what he had seen. "Hi" I said, looking at him while I slowly stroke my now fully erect cock. "Um Hi" he says. "Looks like we have both got some stiff muscles that need some work." I say smiling at him. I step away from the urinal and walk towards the toilets. As I brush past him I stop and reach around in front of him taking his still hard cock in my hand and I give it a gentle little squeeze. In response it pulses and pumps a droplet of pre cum out the eye. I whip my finger over the end of his cock and bring it up to my mouth. I insert my finger into my mouth and slowly suck it clean. "Follow me" I say as I run my hand over his tight ass. I walk into the end stall, drop my speedos and sit down on the can. "Please come in" I think to myself. Sure enough a second later he walks nervously into the stall and I close the door behind him.

I lift my hand up and lightly caress his young cock with my fingertips. A shudder runs through his body and it causes another droplet of cum to appear on the end of his cock. That is all the encouragement I need so I lean forward and engulf his hard cock with my warm mouth. Another my fiercer shudder passes through his body and more pre cum drips onto my waiting tongue. I pull his speedo off and begin rubbing my hands all over his hard body as my mouth works up and down on his young meat. With my right hand I rub up his chest and around his neck. Back to his mouth and trace around his lips. He left out a sigh and I move my index and forefinger into his parted lips. He eagerly sucks them in and starts to work his tongue over them. This boy isn't as innocent as I first thought, a smile spreads across my face. Now he is pumping his hips in time with my mouth on his cock. I release his cock from my mouth and it makes a slapping sound as it hits his flat stomach. I push forward and begin licking his balls. Slowly taking them one at a time into my mouth then both together. He is still sucking wildly on my fingers, 3 of them now. I pull them out of his mouth tenderly and run them down over his nipples. With the contact of my fingers over his hard pert nips he shuddered again, pressing his hard cock into my forehead as I continue licking his scrotum.

My cock is dripping like a tap, long stringy droplets of pre cum fall to the floor as my cock bounces with each beat of my heart. I have a little plan in mind with how I want this encounter to end. I turn the young stud around and push his ass cheeks apart. Forcing my tongue into his tight rosebud he groans and instinctively pushes back. His ass opens and relaxes, and my tongue enters his inner body. Slowly I begin to fuck him with my tongue, thrusting in and out. He moves his hand up to his cock and starts to stroke his meat. I reach around and grab his hand, stopping his motion. I then slowly but dominantly force him to release his hand from his cock. I can tell that it won't take long for him to cum and I don't want it to end like this. He is now bending over with his two hands placed on the toilet door, wiggling his ass and I now furiously flick his rosebud with my tongue.

My cock is in desperate need of release and I think it will actually explode without touching it. I move my legs further to the sides of the toilet bowl and force my tongue deeper into his now fully relaxed ass. I am almost in position. The young stud now leans on the door with his head and moves his hands around to his ass cheeks. He spreads the cheeks wider with his hands and his tight butt is now fully open. With my left hand I reach down and take a hold of my cock. "Okay NOW" I think to myself. I quickly stand and in one swift movement my 8" cut cock slides effortlessly through his relaxed asshole and all the way in till my trimmed pubes are tickling his ass cheeks. At the same time my right hand is clamped over his mouth incase he yells out. He gasps, then bites my finger and lets out a deep groan. Now that my cock is fully embedded in him I stop and wait. He lets out another groan and then takes a deep breath. We stand together with him impaled on my hard cock for a minute or so, time for him to get used to having it in his ass. Slowly he begins to push back with his ass and grind it into my groin. That is all the signal I need to start pumping slowly. He now has both hands back on the toilet door, he is thrusting his ass back to meet my forward motion. This is so fucking hot that I am not going to be able to last very long.

I begin to pick up the pace, my cock slides in and out of his velvet ass. This boy is fucking great, he is clamping his ass around my cock each time my balls slap against his ass and holding my cock tight as it slides all the way out until the flange on the head of my cock touches his outer rosebud. Then he relaxes as I once again drive my man cock deep inside him. He is still biting playfully on my fingers and groaning as I now begin to pound my cock into him. Our bodies begin to make slapping noises as they make contact on each thrust together. My balls are really starting to boil now as I approach my climax. I am slamming my cock hard and deep into his young ass as he matches each pump with his own. I can hear his cock slapping against his stomach. I reach around him with my left hand and take a hold of his cock, pumping it slowly as I now ream his ass with my big cock.

My balls are now pulled up tight against the base of my cock. I can feel an orgasm about to shoot through my body.. Harder and faster I drive my man meat into his tight manhole. We slam our bodies together ferociously, he is groaning and moaning, biting my hand. I am pumping his cock in my hand as he clamps his guts around my speeding cock. Oh Fuck, here it comes.. "Arggggggg" I moan as the first salvo of man milk is fired from my cock. The feeling of my jism splashing inside his ass sets off his orgasm as well. His hard cock is pulsing and throbbing in my stroking hand. Cum is shooting from the end of his cock and spraying onto the toilet door. His ass is spasming wildly around my cock, milking every bit of cum from it. We are two moaning, grinding hard body studs in the throws of a wild orgasm. Our bodies shuddering together as one as the intensity slowly subsides.

In the afterglow of great man sex my cock lays lifeless and dripping in his ass. I am laying across his back, nestled together like to spoons. I suddenly realize that I don't even know the name of this hot stud who I have just shared half a litre of my finest love juice with. I tenderly kiss his neck and flick my tongue across his ear lobe. His sighs and turns his head to look into my eyes. He has tears forming in the corner of his eyes. "Whats wrong" I ask in a whisper. "That was the greatest sex I have ever had in my life" he said. "I was straight and happy until half an hour ago. Now I never want to think about sex with anyone other than you. I think I love you".

Hearing this my cock began to once again twitch in his ass, slowly expanding. The thought of being able to get back into his ass whenever I wanted was really turning me on. With some training this guy could become the best fuck I have ever had. I pulled my cock out of his ass and turned him around. Our lips met and passionately kiss, our tongues meeting between open lips, dancing and twisting together. I reach down and begin fondling his semi hard cock. It immediately responds to my touch and hardens quickly in my hand. I begin to gently pump it with my hand, the cum from his orgasm lubricating the movement. My cock is now standing back at full attention, for the first time he reaches out and touches it. Nervously at first, then quickly gaining more confidence he starts pumping my cock as I am still doing to him. I release his cock grab his ass with both hands. Squeezing his tight bubble butt I lean forward and kiss him again deeply on the lips. I run my hands down the backs of his legs until I reach his knees. I grab hold and lift him up against the wall until I can feel my hard cock nuzzle under his balls. Now for the real test, "Put my cock in your ass" I say to him. He does as I ask and I slowly lower him back onto my cock. He puts his arms around my neck and begins to kiss me wildly.

I press his back against the wall and hold on tightly to his legs as I now start to thrust my hard cock in and out of his ass. He once again starts to squeeze his gut muscles around my cock as it slides back and forth inside him. I am going wild with lust now. I am biting his neck and earlobes as I stab his ass with my hard fuckstick. He is once again matching me stroke for stroke. Just then I hear 2 voices coming towards us. I slow down my pumping and whisper to keep very quiet. I recognised the voices as Todd and Brian. They were only both just 16 and were training partners with me in my lane. Coach had put them in with me to make them work hard and to have me serve as a role model for them both. The thought of those to hot teen studs outside pissing while I was buried deep in this studs ass was making me crazy. I increased the tempo of my fucking again. Blowing a second load in the guy while those 2 were outside was all I could think about.

Faster and faster I pumped into his butthole. His cock was lubricating my chest as we rubbed together. I could feel a second orgasm building in my balls. That familiar tingling sensation that engulfs me just before I shoot a huge load. Our bodies were slamming against each other. Here comes another load I whispered in his ear. Just then my foot slipped on the damp floor and I lost my footing. We fell hard against the door. The hinges breaking under the pressure and we fell still fucking out onto the tile floor. We landed still joined ass to cock. He on his back and me on top of him. To late to stop now I thought so I kept pumping my cock into his tight ring. Then away I went, groaning as my second orgasm took over my body. Stabbing his ass furiously with my hard cock. Suddenly I was hit in the face with cum that was pumping in blasts from his hard cock. I opened my mouth and tried to catch as much as I could. We were both humping and writhing in lust. This orgasm was much better than even the first. I could feel my cock swimming in my own cum in his ass. We both has cum dripping from our faces. Breathing heavily I leaned forward a licked a big string of cum from his cheek.

Our bliss was shattered suddenly by the sound of clapping. I quickly turned my head in the direction the noise was coming from. There were Todd and Brian standing there rubbing the tents in the front of their speedos. Both boys were smiling wildly. "Well Well" said Brian, "It would appear that Chris is not just a great swimmer". The two teen studs slowly walked towards us. Simultaneously pulling their hard cocks out.

To Be Continued...

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