Toby and Neil at the cricket ground

by Marty.bn1

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Neil's parents had asked him to stay for the weekend as they had been worried about him since he and Roy his partner of seven years split up when Neil discovered Roy was having an affair. Coming straight up after work, Neil had regretted it the moment he had arrived as his parents as per normal they went to bed at 9, leaving Neil with extra time in house with little to do, but let Neil go over the past.

The next morning Neil decided to take his breakfast out and eat it sitting outside in the sun.

"Morning Neil"

Neil jumped up and then realised it was the next door neighbour coming back from a run. Neil hadn't seen Toby for a while, last time Toby was married and it was a new years day a few years ago, but Toby's wife walked out on him with a college and in response Toby had lost lots of weight to become a very attractive and fit 6 foot blue eyes and thickly blonde haired man... Not bad Neil thought.

"Mind if I come over"

"Sure", Neil replied

"Your mum and dad said you were coming up, I think she is worried about you since you split up. I guess you and I are in the same boat now".

Neil laughed, "Yes its great fun, just glad I didn't have to the divorce like you did"

"Oh well that's all done and dusted... now it's the free time that I have to get use to... never know what to do with it now".

"I know", Neil replied. "Especially since I have come up here, you know my parents never sit still, they bring me up here, go bed at 9, up at the crack of dawn and they have been working on the garden since..."

"Your parents have always had more energy then anyone else I know, but they do have fantastic garden, hey I'm playing Cricket later, I know it may not be the most exciting thing to do, but you're welcome to join me, you can check out the village on the way and we can go for a drink after"

"Err sure, why not"

"Ok, will knock for you at 1pm".

1pm happened, it was 15 minute walk to the cricket ground, Neil arranged himself on a bench and Toby disappeared to get changed reappearing, in his cricket whites and the rest of the team. He walked over to Neil,

"Luck would have it, I have first bat, I always get bowled out in 5 minutes when first out, so we may end up in the pub quicker then you think".

"LOL...I am sure not"

Toby turned and went to play. Twenty minutes later Toby was bowled out...

Toby walked over "Hey do you want to join in the showers, don't worry no one will be back for a while, we can take our time."

Neil didn't read much into this and put it down to a straight bloke making a cliche comment. "Okay"

The cricket pavilion was the sort of local pavilion, open plan benches and showers, Neil was a bit surprised as he expected a benches where you could chat, he then thought if only he could be a fly on the wall when the rugby team are here.

Toby had started stripping; he had taken his white jump and T-shirt off to reveal a very athletic chest. He then took he shoes, socks and finally took off his trousers. Neil had turned away and was doing his best not to be embarrassed.

"Neil look at these underpants left here. Grim", Neil turned around and look at the horrid pants... he then realised that Toby was standing there in a white jock strap and more importantly was a hard as hell and had a damp patch. Neil blushed and replied "yuck", thinking the opposite. Toby started to get his shower stuff out and Neil noticed a tube of KY... must have been some strange straight man thing.

"Come on Neil, I'm hard and horny, stop teasing". Neil was stunned... "I err you want me and err... "... "Oh my god" Toby looked stunned and replied, I thought you and I was... I am so sorry".

"Toby its fine... I be happy to, it just I did realise that was you wanted. In fact I thought you was straight" Neil started to strip.

"Am so sorry Neil, I am bit clumsy at this whole chatting/pulling thing. I thought I was being obvious...sorry"

"That ok", Neil laughed, "This whole gay thing must be a whole new language", Neil said as he took down his trousers to real a bulging black slip.

"That's the point, I am bisexual... not really that I just like men and women, guess that is bi, but I love cock.. I really got into men at my school as it was an all boy's school, I was a day boy and got picked on and I loved it. I was Bi though uni and then I just met the wife and that was it for me, but now I am single, I have been gagging for some cock... Wow... you're a big boy..."

Neil had taken his pants down and was some what excited... "Likewise", Neil said looking at Toby's Jock strap which was stretching out with Tobies hard cock.

"Come here", Toby said grabbing Neil cock, rubbing it and the passionately kissing him... they exchange tongues and Toby slid his fingers up and down Neil's arse hole. "Come on lets get the jock down", Neil slid off Toby's jock and was amazed at the excited man hood before him, then entered the showers and Toby dropped to his knees and took Neil's cock in his mouth. My... my... Neil thought, Toby certainly does know what he was doing

Neil returned the favor slowly moving down his body, continually kissing his chest, until he got to his crutch. "I have so needed this", Toby said.

Before he had a chance to reply, Neil took Toby balls in his mouth and Toby just moaned, Neil moved on to Toby's dick, licking up the shaft until he got to the head, sucking on the foreskin. Neil put the head of his penis in his mouth, and slowly took in the entire thing. Toby moaned and started to hump Neil's face.

"This is so good, would you mind fucking me Neil? It's been a long time and I would love you too. Said Toby.

"That's would be my pleasure" Neil replied.

Toby bent over and got on all fours. Neil Adam grabbed a hold of Toby's hips, put some soap on his dick, and inserted his cock. You could tell it hurt Toby, but he also moaned out in pleasure. Toby began to feel a tingly feeling in his ass, which soon turned to full on pleasure as Neil began fucking him. Toby turned around and looked up, and watched Neil with his eyes closed, ramming him. Fantastic he thought... Toby could feel Neil tensing and knew he was about to cum... Neil pulled out and Toby sucks his lips around his cock to swallow.

Neil climbed up on Toby and let his ass swallow his cock. "Neil you're so hot... this is fantastic", Neil lent forward and kissed Toby and he could feel him coming...

They cuddled briefly...

"That was nice," Toby said.

"Oh yeah, we should hurry as they will be coming in soon."

They changed and walked back home.

"Thanks for that Neil, it was fantastic. Do you think your parents will go to sleep at 9 again tonight? If so want to come around?"

"Ok... see you later" Neil replied.

"Call it a date then", said Toby

"Yes" Neil laughed.

Copyright 2005