Hi, my name is Shawn and I was 16 years old and had the world at my finger tips, or at least I thought I did. By the time I was 16, I had already won 5 bodybuilding contests and was our High Schools top "Jock". I stood 6'2" and weighed 230 pounds and was the most popular guy in school. Getting laid by the girls was never a problem either. Many of them begged me to let them suck my cock. I had three female teachers sucking my cock on a regular basis and one teacher would let me screw her in her classroom at least twice a week. By no means was I the best looking guy in school, or close to it, but I'm not the ugliest either. My muscular physique is what got me all the sex I wanted, as well as my athletic popularity, and a reputation of having a very large cock. The football team gave me a nickname of "Coke Can" that kind of haunted me wherever I went. I got this nickname because of my cock. When totally soft, it hangs down over two very large balls about 6 inches and the shaft is as thick as a cucumber. My cock, at its rigid state, grows to be 10-1/2" and is as thick around as a coke can. Thus, the nickname "Coke Can". It would appear that I would be somewhat conceded by my physique and my popularity, but I truly was not by any means. This is where my true feelings begin about my secret passion.

Gary was my best friend in the whole wide world. He was not an athlete by any means, nor had the desire to be one. Gary stood 5'3" and barely weighed 100 pounds, if that. He was one year younger than me, being 15 at the time. With his dirty blond hair and his breath taking green eyes, I became totally infatuated with him. His eye brows was blond and his eye lashes were light brown and very thick and long. His body was not muscular, but more on the slender side. His mouth is extremely small in shape and he always looked as though he was smiling. Gary was not gorgeous or handsome; he was simply extraordinarily cute. No matter what time of the year it was, or time of day, he always had this intoxicating baby powder like odor expelling from his body. With all my sexual encounters with the girls at school, Gary was always my dream lover while masturbating. We had been best friends for 10 years and we grew up together, but in different subdivisions. Neither of us ever spent the night with the other and I really don't know why this never took place. But, when Gary and I were alone, I always was nervous and checked him out thoroughly without ever being caught. I never once saw him naked or ever saw his cock. It definitely was not a lack of me trying, cause I tried everything I could think of. I did see him this past summer wearing blue jean shorts and sandals. His nipples were so small you could barely see them at all. He had no chest hair whatsoever and his legs were completely free from any hair. Although he was 15 years old, he actually looked as if he was about 12. His belly button was so small, you could not tell if it was an inny or an outy.

My parents were going to go out of town this upcoming weekend and I would have the house to myself after Friday night's football game. Thank God it was a home game. I had made up my mind that I was going to try and get Gary to spend the weekend with me.

Gary's parents were both sports fans and never missed any of the high school's game. They honestly felt that I could do no wrong and was honored that I was Gary's best friend. I asked Gary in front of his parents if he would like to spend this weekend with me and his parents agreed to it before Gary could say yes.

This had to be the longest week of my life. Finally, it was Friday and all I wanted was to go out and get this game over quickly. We won the game by an enormous spread. I threw 5 touchdown passes and ran the ball in twice. After the game, Gary met me on the field. The entire team and Gary went inside the locker room area to shower and change clothes. Just my luck the coach called me in his office. The coach gave me a good talk and a pat on the back for the way I played tonight. Upon entering the locker room area, everyone had left, except Gary. He was sitting on the bench that overlooked the shower area. He had seen me naked hundreds of times so I took off all my clothes in front of him and walked slowly to the shower. I was very proud of my body and I was hoping and praying that Gary was looking at me in a very different way. While I was showering, Gary had moved to the entrance of the shower area so we could continue talking while I showered. My back was towards him, and I slowly washed my butt. I intentionally, slowly, turned around so he could see my half rigid cock. His conversation never skipped a beat for one second. I saved my cock for last and slowly started soaping the entire thing, as well as my large balls. I had to end this because I knew I was going to get a hard on real quick.

We finally arrived at my house and started the night off by watching tv. Gary was wearing blue jeans and a long sleeve button shirt. Just looking at him was driving me crazy. I decided to go and change clothes. I came back out in the living room wearing my bodybuilding spandex shorts. I wore no underwear and purposely placed my limber cock on the right side of the shorts. I thought I saw him take a quick glance at my cock, or at least I wanted to believe he did. We started drinking beer and I asked him if he wanted to sit in the jacuzzi. I lied to him by telling him I was a bit sore after the game and it really helped me loosen up. Gary said, "I have nothing to wear". I knew none of my clothes would fit him, so I responded by saying, "You can either wear your underwear or go naked, either way is fine with me." By this time, we had already had 3 beers each. Gary hesitated, then said, "I'll wear my underwear".

Gary was inside getting out of his clothes and I cut the pump on for the jacuzzi. My cock grew to its full length just thinking of what Gary might look like in wet underwear. I quickly got in and waited for him to come outside. He had a beach towel rapped around him covering up the area I so desperately wanted to see. He stepped up to the platform and unwrapped the towel and now he was standing in front of me wearing his white fruit of the looms. I just about busted a nut at his beauty. As he got in, he turned around and bent over to put the towel on the platform. His butt was so small, yet had definite shape to it. Gary was the only guy I had ever dreamed about in a sexual manner and I have put my tongue in many girls butts', but his butt mad my tongue get a hard on. I would have climbed ten miles up hill through broken glass just to sniff his exhaust system. I had never been this horny and crazy for anyone, but Gary was causing me to think of things in more of a perverse manner.

We finished our beer and I asked Gary to get us another using the excuse he was closer and my muscles started getting loose now. Hesitantly, he agreed. My eyes were focusing on him like an eagle after a rabbit. As he stood up, I carefully studied his flat stomach and then worked my way to his wet underwear. I could not see anything that resembled a cock or balls, but when he stepped out, I clearly saw his very small crack as it smiled to me through the wet material. Without realizing it, my right hand was stroking my very hard cock. I just wanted to blurt out, "I love you and want to make love to you right now". I was too chicken to even say a word. My mind started wondering from the beauty my eyes now burned in my brain. I never had sucked a cock before, but I knew, without a second thought, I could suck Gary's. Gary had come back with our beers and then he asked me, "Shawn, what's it like to have every girl in school wanting to fuck your brains out?" I just laughed and said I don't know about every girl in school. He responded, "Man, everybody knows why you are called Coke Can". I took a sip of my beer and just nodded my head to his statement. I have asked some of the girls I screw on a regular basis if they would do a threesome with me and Gary. All of them thought he was cute, but none of them would do it. Gary popped another one on me, "What does it feel like to get a blow-job?" I just said great. "Do the girls ever swallow, you know, your sperm?" I said yeah. "Hey, you ever fucked any of them in the ass? I mean their butt hole." Since he was asking these questions, I wanted to keep it up by not telling him anything in great detail. I replied, "Some of the girls will let me do it, but most of them won't even try it cause they say it is too big". Gary was smiling the entire time and I tried like hell to see if he had a hard on, but was unable to because of the bubbles. "I bet ya they scream in pain when you put that big thing in their butt holes". I said, "Some of them, but you have to be careful and lube everything up properly so it will not be as painful." "Oh, OK, I see".

We were both getting tired of the water and decided to go in. Gary led the way with my eyes burning a hole through his underwear. Once inside, Gary asked me if we should change clothes. I immediately said, "For what, we might want to go back in the jacuzzi later. He shook his head in approval. The entire time I was fighting with my cock not to get a hard on. My cock was clearly outlined through the thin spandex material as it was. We sat on the sofa and I studied his body very closely. Not a blemish anywhere on him. Without thinking, I blurted out, "Do you shave your legs?" He bent down and rubbed his right hand on his thigh and said, "No, I don't shave them. Hair just won't grow there. Look, (he held up his right arm to my face) I don't have hardly any hair on my arms either". When he held up his right arm, I stole a glance at his underarm. Just a few strands of light brown was visible. I said, "Nothing wrong with that, I mean not being all hairy all over". "Really, you think not having hair on my legs and arms is cool?" "Sure it is" was all I could mutter.

I really don't remember how it got started, but we started wrestling on the floor. Being much larger and stronger, I could have pinned him at any time, but I was having too much fun. I had him on his stomach and without even thinking, my nostrils was right at his butt, sniffing for all it was worth. Just the overpowering aroma of his natural smell of a baby powder like origin was all I could take in. I noticed how smooth his skin was as my hands rubbed him all over, except his crotch area. He thought we were wrestling, I was actually feeling him up. While we were play wrestling, he somehow, unintentionally, grabbed my raging hard on with his hand. I thought I was going to release my load right there. I pretended not to notice his hand, but I felt him give my cock a gentle squeeze and before he released it from his clutches, his hand trailed the entire length of my shaft. Neither of us said a word. We just continued on wrestling. I grabbed his butt and my one hand could almost cover both of his cheeks. It was solid, not flabby! Throughout the course of our wrestling, Gary tried to stand up while I was behind him. His back was facing me and I lunged for his thighs, but got a handful of his fruit of the looms. His underwear came down just below his cheeks and I got to see his beautiful butt up close and personal. So small and his crack seemed even smaller. He bent forward grabbing his underwear creating his butt cheeks to spread. There it was, his cherry. You could not use the term brown eye for his butt hole, it was more like the color of his skin; creamy white and not one strand of hair protecting it. Just as quick as it happened, he quickly recovered and pulled them back up. My cock saw it too and managed to grow a bit more, if that was even possible. To act like nothing really happened, I quickly mounted my attack. I reached under him with my right arm and brought him back to the floor. While he was turning on his way to the floor, my hand found his hard cock. I too, gave it a gentle squeeze and ran my hand down the length. It was rock hard and must have been about 5 or 6 inches and very slender. His cock was hanging onto the left side of his underwear at an upward angle straining the material to be free. I wanted it very badly to be free as well!

We both got tired of wrestling and sat down to watch more tv. Here Gary was sitting less than a foot away from me and his cock is tenting his underwear. I could see a spot of precum forming where the head of his cock is straining against the material. I had my own pool of precum building up as well. I was looking at his cock, pretending to be looking at him when I spoke, "Gary, you ever had anyone ask you to suck your cock before?" "Yeah right! No, no-one has ever asked me to let them do that". I wanted to ask him so bad, but was just too chicken. "You ever jack off?" His words caught me off guard but before I could say anything, he added, "Man, you don't have to jack off, everyone wants to suck on your cock". I finally spoke, "I jack off all the time, do you jack off"? "All the time!" He was creating the sex questions, so I wanted to see how far he would go. "Gary, do you shoot a big load?" He was laughing and said, "Most of the time I can shoot it over my head. It really depends on when was the last time I jacked off". I took the bull by the horns on his statement. "When was the last time you jacked off?" I thought I maybe caught him off guard, but he fired back, "Shit, its been since Monday." It was my turn. "You haven't busted a nut since Monday? Man when you shoot your load, its going to fly all over the place". I really wanted his load in my mouth! "Yeah, its going to be a big one, that's for sure". I tossed one more question his way, "Have you ever tasted your own sperm?" "All the time. If my mouth is open when I am busting my nut, I get a few squirts in it". "What does it taste like?" "It really does not have much of a taste, it's just kind of warm." I kept it up, "I bet you there are a lot of people who would love to suck on your cock and drink your sperm!" "Yeah, like who?" I wanted to say me so bad it hurt, but all I could mutter was plenty of people. "Yeah right, nobody wants to suck on a little dick!" I said, "Your dick is not too little, besides, it's not how big it is, it's how you use it that counts." He shook his head as if in disagreement. "You have never seen my dick, how would you know if it is not too little?" I replied, "Remember when we were wrestling, my hand accidently brushed up against it. It did not feel small then. Sorry!" His cock was still straining to be free! Gary asked, "When you jack off, what do you think about?" With one giant brain fart, I spat out, "You!" At first, I didn't think he heard me. I quickly asked him what he thought about when he was jacking off. "If I tell you, you will probably get upset or something." I assured him that I would not get mad or anything along those lines. He was shaking his head as if saying no, but the words that flowed from his mouth sang a wonderful song to my ears. "Getting fucked!" He was looking away from me when he softly said, "When you said you jack off thinking of me, what are we doing?" I guess it was the alcohol letting our emotions go freely. I said, "Well, I suck your cock, drink your sperm and eat your asshole." "Eat my asshole?" "Yep, I lick it and force my tongue as far in as it will go." "You never thought about screwing me?" I replied, "I never got that far in my dreams." Gary looked directly at me and softly said, "You really dream about sucking my little cock?" "All the time!" was my response.

I felt the moment of truth was at hand, so I simply looked at Gary and said, "Gary, will you let me suck your dick?" We both appeared nervous and his response was quick, "Yeah, but only if you will fuck me later!" I asked him if he had ever been fucked before and he said only in his dreams. I suggested we go into my bedroom, so off we went. My eyes followed his ass the entire time and I was so excited because I was getting ready to live out my fantasy I had been dreaming of for quite some time.

I sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for Gary to stand in front of me. He did and my trembling fingers started rubbing his hips and butt. I could see his cock as it jutted forward at an upward angle against the material, begging to be free. I hooked his underwear and slid them to his ankles. His cock sprang forward. It was a beautiful 5 inches and slender. His mushroom head appeared to be more like a torpedo as his circumcision scar was barely noticeable. His balls hung low in a sac that was completely hairless. They were small, but gorgeous. His light brown, small patch of pubic hair was shaped in a perfect small V. Once free, his cock slightly curved upward from the base. His precum was flowing like a waterfall and he inadvertently tried to wipe it away with his right hand. I caught his hand and placed it to his side. I wanted to taste it. I needed to taste it! I lowered my head and my tongue gently caught the precum that was attempting to fall free. My tongue moved upwards and savored his precum at the tip of his head. I held his precum in my mouth to acquire the taste. Kind of salty, but not real salty. My hands were caressing both his butt cheeks as my tongue went under his hard cock and licked his balls. His hard cock was leaning on the side of my face and my finger was rubbing along his wonderful butt hole and tiny crack. After licking and sucking on his balls, my tongue started at the base of his cock and circled his head. "Ah, ah, oh that feels so good!" I could take it no longer. My mouth covered his cock and I buried my mouth into his soft sweet smelling pubic hair. "Oh God, Oh my God, ahhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhh!" His knees started to buckle and he had both hands steadying himself on my head while I sucked like crazy on his cock. I felt that he was getting real close, so I just started licking his head and shaft. I asked Gary to lie on the bed.

He was laying flat on his back, legs spread and I had to take a few seconds just to envision his beauty. I climbed in between his spread legs and started licking and sucking on his balls. Gary's left hand gripped his cock and he started pounding his precious meat. I gently grabbed his hand and brushed it aside. I went back to work on his cock, savoring all the precum his cock had flowed. My hands were rubbing his chest, nipples, and stomach as my mouth worshiped his cock. No warning was given except his soft Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, as I felt his strong first burst of sperm hit the top of my mouth, which was sucking on his head. It was hot, thick, and still shooting inside my mouth. I had to start swallowing or it would over flow from my mouth. The first gulp I took was the gulp to see what it would taste like. It was definitely thick and very creamy. Not salty like his precum, but absolutely delicious, nonetheless. I sucked and drank his sperm until his cock went completely soft. Gary was trying to catch his breath so I started licking his thighs and legs. His body felt so great to my hands and tongue. I licked and sucked each toe and worked my way back up to his growing cock. His ball sac had shrunk and his balls were held very tightly in its grasp. I licked and sucked on them to perfection. I licked all over his chest and took the time to suck and nibble each of his tiny little nipples. I found out that his nipples are very sensitive as he bucked his whole body while I was sucking on them. I licked, sucked, and nibbled all around his neck This was driving him crazy. His hands were all over my back, rubbing and softly squeezing. I sniffed his heavenly hair and licked each wonderful eye brow. I licked and gently sucked on his pretty little button nose. Our lips collided and our tongues explored the others mouth. My left hand was carefully stroking his rock hard cock as we were kissing. As our tongues departed, mine went back to work all over the front of his body. His body was thrashing all over the bed and he was groaning and moaning at every heart beat. My mouth found his cock and I started sucking on that pretty piece of meat like a hungry lion. His hands tightly gripped the bed spread as my mouth darted back and forth on his cock while my tongue swirled all over it. Wile sucking on his cock, I removed my shorts allowing my rock hard piece of meat to be free. Gary yelled, "Wait a minute, wait a minute, let's do this." With that I was now on my back and Gary started straddling me like in a 69 position. He was now using his cock to face fuck me and I was loving every minute of it. I felt both of his hands as they grabbed my cock. I thought I was going to cum at his touch, but somehow, I managed not to. I was sucking away at his cock, but my eyes were focused on his little butt hole. I have seen a lot of butt holes in my time, but none of them compared to Gary's. His hole looked more like a tiny dot, than a butt hole. Gary was slowly stroking my cock and feeling my balls. My right hand was underneath Gary stroking his cock. His precum filled my hand. I let his cock fall from my mouth and I sucked in both of his nuts and used my tongue to circle each of them. My nose was not even an inch away from his little love bud. I inhaled deeply and became intoxicated at its erotic, very clean, aroma. My mouth left his balls and my tongue found the crack of his ass. It was such a small crack and it took me no time to completely cover it with my saliva. I licked around his hole, but never touched it. Gary was moaning the entire time. Tiring of tracing his crack, my tongue dove into his little hole and savagely licked and nibbled on it. "Oh, oh, oh shiiiiit, ahhhhh, yesssssss!" was all Gary could utter. My hands grabbed his little cheeks and spread them as far apart without splitting him wide open. My tongue had already zeroed in on his sweet, delicious, little butt hole. As I was trying to force my tongue inside of him, Gary leaned forward and started licking the head of my cock. I almost lost it. He tried in vain to get the head in his small mouth, but he was unable to get the whole thing in. His hands picked up the pace on my cock while his hot breath and sweet tongue was working on my piss slit. I yelled out, "Stop, stop, I'm gonna cum". Gary never heard me. I started shooting my load directly into his awaiting mouth. I heard him gulp and he was actually whimpering while I was busting my nut in his mouth. I could not tell you how many shots I delivered, but after it was all done, Gary said, "Damn, you do shoot a huge load!" I did not respond with words, I stuck my tongue right at his hole determined to get my tongue inside. I took a finger and gently put the tip against his whole to try and open him up. Now, with two fingers digging at his hole and my tongue trying to force its way in, I finally scored. As my tongue drove deep inside him, Gary screamed, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssssss, oh, oh, Goddddddd!" I thought I died and went to Heaven. I had his cute little butt cheeks spread wide around my face and my tongue buried in the sweetest ass on earth. Gary was stroking his cock and his mouth brought mine back to life. Gary cried out, "I'm cummingggggggg, oh shitttttttttttt, here it cumssssssssssss!" I was kind of caught in a predicament. My tongue did not want to leave his delicious ass, but my mouth craved the desire to swallow his sweet, precious sperm. With some reluctance, my tongue gave in. I slipped further under him and put the head of his cock directly on my lips just in time as the first tremendous load entered my mouth. Shot after shot, load after load, his nectar filled my mouth. When his cock delivered all its reward, I slowly swallowed his seed until the last bit was devoured, being very careful to savor its abundant flavor. Gary rolled off of me and laid on his back.

We were both catching our breaths when Gary said, "I never thought about a tongue in a butt before." I asked him how did it feel and his response was great. "How did I taste, I mean your tongue in my butt hole?" Great was my response. I rolled over to look him in the eyes and said, "Gary, I would love to fuck you, but I really don't think my cock is going to fit into your asshole. You are just too tight and I honestly don't want to hurt you." "I know its gonna hurt at first, but I have dreamed of you ramming that huge piece of meat in me for a long time now. I'll make it fit!" "Got some kind of lubrication around here somewhere?" All I could find was some baby oil.

Gary hopped off the bed and went over to one of my weight benches. I just looked at him to see what he was going to do. He got on one of the wider benches, placed his knees far apart and lowered his upper body to where the top of his head was resting on the floor. I walked in behind him and realized that in this position, I could stand straight up and screw the living hell out of him. I had the baby oil in my left hand as I got on my knees. What a sight! My tongue, instinctively, darted out and entered his hole with somewhat of an ease. While my tongue was exploring his sweet hole, my hand was coating my cock with baby oil. Gary was moaning and I could feel his body shaking as my tongue twisted and turned inside him. My only free hand was massaging his cock and balls. "Fuck me, please fuck me. I need your cock in me now. Please!" I brought my tongue out of his hole and shot some baby oil in his hole and took one finger and inserted it in. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Damn, his hole is tight. My finger was being crushed by his butt muscles. "Give me your cock. Give it to me pleasssssseee!" I stood up and guided my cock to his tiny entrance. "Yes, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard!" I placed the head against the hole and cautiously tried to force the head in. Gary reached back and grabbed his butt cheeks and spread them far apart. I kept using a little more force each time, but it simply would not go in. I squirted some more lube in his hole and pointed my cock head at his entrance and shoved real hard. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, shittttttttttttttttttttttt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" The head was partly in and not even all the way. I asked Gary if he wanted me to pull it out and he shook his head no and screamed no at the same time. I pushed a little harder and the entire head went in and I could really feel the tightness and the pressure of his muscles. "Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, jeeeeeezzzzzzz" His breathing became very rapid and his legs were shaking uncontrollably. I pushed again, forcing about an inch more inside him. "Ram it in, ram it in, bury that cock in my assssssssssssssssssssss!" One final thrust and my pubic hairs was on his cheeks. His head was flaying all over and his hands were slapping his own butt cheeks. I maintained my position, buried all the way in his sweet and juicy ass. He cried out, "It hurts, it hurts, ohhhhhhhhhhh don't pull it outtttttttttttttt!" A few seconds, more so, a couple of minutes passed by. I started to slowly withdraw my cock from his hot, python like grip ass. Just before the head of my cock was to vacate his sweet hole, I slowly inched forward; all the way home. "Oh, oh, ahweeeeeeeee, shitttttt, yeahhhhhhhh, fuck, fuck my ass pleaseeeeee, nowwwwwwwww!" With Gary sprinkling out those words of encouragement, I started pounding his tight hole like a mad man. My hands tightly gripped his cheeks as I drove my cock in and out of his honey hole. Gary's right hand was pounding away at his own cock. Gary screamed out, "I'm cum, I'm cum, ing, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" I saw his rich and thick sperm create a huge puddle on the bench. He was still pounding his meat and I was pounding his ass. He cried out, "Again, more, oh, more!" He shot another tremendous creamy, milky white load on the bench, adding to his sweet puddle of honey. I kept up my savage pace, but I knew I was getting close. Gary continued to stroke his cock in rhythm with my pounding. I was getting ready to shoot when Gary hollered, "Gonna, gonna cummmmmmmm!" I saw his thick jet shot out and sounded like a plop as it collided with the puddle of sperm. 5 quick shots fired from his cock, and mine erupted as well, sending my sperm deep into his bowels. Load after load erupted from my cock I have never busted a nut so hard in my life. My cock was still hard as a rock while I continued to give my dream friend the fucking of his life. His hand never left his cock and his cock never went soft. After several minutes of me ramming my cock in and out of his tight little hole, I felt like I was going to cum again. "Shoot it in me, let me feel it, oh yeah, oh, oh, yessssssssssssss!" My seed of life sprung itself from my cock and while I was pumping my cock free of sperm, Gary was pumping his sperm free from his cock as well. I could hardly believe it. He is more like a cum factory than a human. More creamy white sperm mixed in well with his huge puddle he had created on my bench. I had put so much sperm in his little ass, it started to leak out from the sides of my cock. I continued to use his ass muscles to milk my cock while decreasing my speed to a slow pounding. My cock would stay hard no more as it fell from his sweet little butt. I was completely spent and so was Gary. He did not have the energy to get himself off of the bench. I picked him up and gently laid him on the bed. He was gasping for air and trying to speak, "I, I will, I will clean it up!" My body was shaking as I walked over to the bench and looked towards him and said, "No, I will clean it up!" With that, my tongue was in heaven. I licked and sucked, savoring his delicious flavor until the bench was completely clean.

Upon waking up the next morning, I found Gary sitting on my cock, ramming his ass up and down with a smile on his face. He leaned over and whispered, "Good morning!" And a good morning it is.