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WORKING OUT...The Right Way to Do It

I remember going to the gym seeing this really hot guy with this awesome smile. His name is Daniel. Both of his nipples were pierced because I could see it through his T-shirt. I was always intimidated to approach him simply because of his smile. He just reeked of confidence that was definitely a turn on. He was about 5' 9" around 175 pounds of tight hard muscle. He looked Italian. He had dark hair, a sexy jaw-line trimmed goatee and beard. He was the kind of guy you could just see posing in a magazine and wish that you could pull him off of the pages. He had this terrific set of abs that moved and worked in unison with every exercise he did. His biceps were about 17" round and popped when he did those curls. His waist line was a trim 30" and opened up to an amazing lat spread as you went up to his shoulders to show off that sexy hot V-shape of a MAN's body. He was wearing those sexy gym shorts that hugged what seemed to be a nice sized package. His shorts were the ones with the lace up front that coaches usually wear.

I just watched him fantasizing. Thinking about him standing there looking at me as he unlaced those shorts. I wondered what would flop out of them when he started to pull them down. I love just thinking about what he's packing and how big it is.

Today I was really stressed out at work and needed to go and work off some steam so that I could relax when I got home. I was so sexually frustrated as well. Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is David and I'm 5' 7" about 165 pounds. I've got a nice bod and I keep in shape as well. I turn heads at the gym, but nothing like some of the guys that work out there. I've got dark hair, hazel eyes and I'm very tanned. I love looking at my white ass tan line in the mirror. I think it's very sexy and I hope others feel the same way. I've got a nice round, high ass that just pops when I walk. Those fuckin ass muscles of mine are rock hard. I work it too and show it off every chance I get!

While I was doing my hard work out, I couldn't help but stare at Daniel. I must have been staring too long that day just dreaming, fantasizing about what he'd be like in bed on top of me. Before I realized it, my cock was throbbing. All 7.5 inches seemed to be on fire in my gym shorts and it was all I could do to hide the frustration. I kept thinking how it would be to have Daniel just fuck me like a man fucks a man.

I remember being awakened from my stare by his cough and bam there he was next to me. He said, "Are you ok?"

I stammered a little and said, "Yeah dude, thanks for asking."

As I looked up at him standing next to me, I got a close look at his pumped up body and those bulging veins that covered his body like a fuckin road map. He just completed a really long and hard workout and it showed on his body. What made me even more nervous was that he continued to stay near me and started to work out right on the side of me. I just couldn't hide my raging hardon any longer since he was so close to me.

I was very nervous and I just wanted to walk away but didn't want to be rude. I just finished my arm routine. My biceps were really pumped up. I loved working out my arms because I think the arms and shoulders of a man are two of the sexiest body parts especially if they are trimmed down with a tight waistline and thick quads. I was getting so horny with him near me. Thank God I was near the end of my workout, so I cut it short and headed for the showers. It was about 8:30 at night so the gym was thinning out.

While I was in the wet room, stripping my clothes off exposing my very white ass, framed by the tanned body I had, I was getting turned on knowing I was about to be naked with Daniel out there working out. I was hoping he'd come in and see my hot, white, round ass and would be turned on by me. Horny like I was, I just took my time getting undressed. I was looking over into the mirror and just fantasized about how Daniel would look as he came up behind me and mounted my ass right there in the gym shower!

As I was about to step into the shower and pull the curtain back, guess who walks in? DANIEL...the guy I was soooo hot for. He's just a lil taller than I am, but damn that fucker is built thick...I love watching his body move. I nodded my head in his direction to acknowledge him and slowly slipped into the shower. My cock was instantly rock hard just watching him come into the shower area. All I was thinking was that he and I had perfect timing!

As I was soaping my body and my asshole, I see a set of feet at my curtain. My heart races and my mind wonders and then suddenly, the curtain pulls back to reveal Daniel standing there with his hot sexy furry body and that beautiful fat uncut cock I haven't seen unleashed before. Shit his cock must have been 5 inches soft just hanging there!!! He was stunning. Standing there with a smirk on his face he asks me if he can join me to save some water...I didn't even blink an eye and said, "SURE!"

He walks into my shower stall, doesn't really say much and just takes the soap from my trembling hands. He leans down to my face and immediately kisses me dead on the lips. He takes the soap and just wraps his arms around my back and starts soaping up my back. His body felt amazingly hard against mine. His hands start to travel south. He soaps up my hard ass muscles. While he continues to rub my ass with a heat and passion I've been longing for, he runs that bar of soap between the crack of my ass and right over my cherry hole.

I exhale, "MMMMMMM, OH MAN THAT FEELS GOOD!" My body is covered with goose bumps at the sensation of having something run over my tight hole that's starving for attention.

We started to soap down each other. His body felt amazing to my touch and I eagerly touch every fuckin inch of his. He felt so damn good in my arms and his thick heavy cock felt good against my abs. After we got each other soaped and rinsed, I went to my knees and sucked on his cock. I loved sucking on that thick uncut cock. I put all 5 inches of soft cock meat in my mouth. I loved feeling it grow and get hard in my throat as I sucked him. I milked his cock with my mouth until he couldn't stand it.


I pulled off of his huge cock and just admired its impressive length of 8" and probably a good 5 or 5.5 inches around. FUCKIN NICE FAT UNCUT COCK!

He pulled me up to his face kissed me intensely and said, "Dude I want to fuck your brains out right here! I know you want it from the way you were staring at me in the gym work out area! You want me to fuck you David?"

I said, "Oh yeah Daniel, I want you to fuck my brains out, but we've got to be careful and be quiet. Others are still in the gym!"

I think we were both turned on knowing that there were others still in the gym. He didn't seem to care about what others heard coming from my shower stall. He just bent me over against the wall and rested his hot cock between my soapy ass cheeks and started to pretend fuck me. It made me so hot and I wanted to shove that fuck pole balls deep in my ass. He played with my ass a little. I felt him lean back and get a good aim on his target. Then I felt the head of his hot muscular cock start to push right at my tight hole. FUCK I wanted that dick and he knew it.

He kept pushing and straining to shove his cock in my pussy! I was pushing back hard on his cock to help him and suddenly the head of his cock popped through my candy ass and I jumped. I shivered because it hurt soooo good. Before I knew it he was in me all the way grinding his hot balls against my muscular white ass cheeks.


My legs were trembling because it hurt so good and I wanted him to just fuckin pound me. I was in heaven. He was slowly fuckin me in a steady rhythm, in and out, in and out. He was just pumping my fuckin greedy cunt and I was holding on to the wall, concentrating on taking all 8" of solid cock meat OVER AND OVER again. My cock was so hard and just bouncing up and down in front of me. Pre cum was leaking out of the tip of my cock and I couldn't even touch my cock because I'd cum with the sensation of his huge Italian cock buried in my hole. He kept fucking my pussy relentlessly and we could hear the noise of his wet hips slamming against my white ass cheeks every time he drove home his big cock into my pussy!

Both of us heard some other gym rats come into the wet room, so he slowed down his fuckin cock in my hole. He NEVER STOPPED...he just slowed down and continued his steady strokes...IN AND OUT, IN AND OUT. I fuckin loved it. Finally he stopped as we heard the other guys get close to our shower stall and we stood still for a moment.

The other guys must have been very close friends. We could hear them horse-playing around in the wet room, towels stinging their asses and them cursing each other. Then they started talking about sex. One of the guys was talking about how he hadn't gotten any in a while and how he was horny. The other two were bragging about how much sex they've been having, but they can't seem to get enough. The talk was getting both Daniel and I really hot. His cock stayed hard and stayed in my fuckin hole.

Lust over took us and we couldn't bear to stay still much longer. If anyone wanted to know what was going on, all they had to do is look under the curtain and see two sets of feet with his behind me and guess what was happening behind the curtain. Daniel went back to slow fuckin my ass good and long stroking it. It felt so hot. I couldn't take it any more and started to really slam my ass back on his cock.

He whispered in my ear with his sexy voice and said, "Slow down David, those guys will hear us.

I told him, "Dude I don't fuckin care, just fuck me good!" Oh and he really started pounding it. The room was filled with the sounds of the shower-heads going off and the sound of his hips just POUNDING against my wet ass cheeks. The next thing we knew, all of the showers were turned off except ours.

Before we knew it, the curtain flew open and three beautiful muscle boys were there. They started rooting Daniel on to fuck me. I was stunned, amazed, hot and turned on. I was even more turned on when two of those muscle boys whipped out their big cocks...they both must have had 9" thick cocks. Those were probably the two dudes that were getting some hot sex regularly but couldn't seem to get enough. They started jacking them off while watching Daniel really start to pound me now. The third muscle boy went stand at the entrance to the wet area I assumed.

Daniel was really getting into this too. He started really nailing me against that wall with the water beating down on us, showing off for the muscle boys. I wanted all of them to just cum on me... I turned off the shower since we didn't need the sound to muffle what was going on anymore.

One of the muscle boys was rooting so loud and he suddenly reached down and grabbed my big cock. My cock was swinging around so much and was so hard from Daniel's hot cock buried in my ass. That muscle boy started kissing me and jacking me off...Fuck I was being a total bitch in heat...

Denny slapped my ass once, pulled out showed the two muscle boys his big cock and shoved it back in.

He pounded me a couple more times and I fuckin blew my load all over that muscle boy's hand, moaning and groaning while his tongue was deep in my throat.


That muscle boy pulled his mouth off of mine and was jacking off his huge cock right in front of my face. He slapped his big 9" cock right on my lips. He was pounding his fists up and down on his big cock.

Daniel kept fuckin my hole and the two guys were saying, "OH YEAH FUCK HIS ASS DUDE. POUND THAT DUDE'S HOLE GOOD!"

I was spent good. Daniel couldn't take the nasty talk any longer and pulled out of my asshole and hosed down my back with his hot cum.


Before I knew the other two muscle boys were completely in the shower. They both pushed me down on the floor and said, "Dude we're gonna fuckin bust our loads all over your face!!! You want it?"

I was kneeling there, hole torn up and burning from a good hard ass fuckin with my greedy tongue out. I was getting ready for their loads to blow right on my face. I didn't even have to answer them...they knew I WANTED IT!

First one shot his load, and the other was right behind him. Both of them jacking off their cocks to a horny beat shooting load after load on my face, cum dripping off of my chin and tongue.

"OH FUCK YEAH, EAT OUR LOADS, UGH, UGH, FUCK WE'RE CUMMING DUDE, OOOOOOH FUCK." They covered my face with muscled seed. I could hear the muscle boy that was watching saying how hot it was. He must be horny hearing and seeing his buds using another guy in front of him.

I reached up with both hands and grabbed each of their cocks. While cum was still oozing out of their fat cock heads, I squeezed them both and brought their cock heads together and sucked on both of the heads at the same time, sucking out the last of the seed they had to offer.

As I sucked on the cocks, I could see them both jump and shiver as that tingling sensation rushed through their bodies.

It was so hot feeling them shoot their loads on me. I was watching that sexy smirk on Daniel's face. I felt so nasty being face to face with those 2 muscle dicks with Daniel's hot soft cock resting on my shoulder.

We all showered together rinsing the cum off of my back and my face. As we were leaving for the evening the third muscle boy gave his buddies a high 5 on the way out.

The third muscle boy that was standing watch looked over at me and said, "Next time I want some of your ass and mouth too dude! Will you give me some?"

I didn't even hesitate and said, "Hell yeah dude, here's my number!" I hoped that I would get a call from him TONIGHT!

Needless to say all 4 guys got my number that night and I'm sure we'll be doing some working out at my house and theirs.

It was one of the best workouts I've EVER had. I look forward to some more hot sex with ALL of these guys both in and out of the gym wet room!

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