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Chapter One - Sledding With Petey

I wasn't a big kid, rather small compared to some boys my age. But I was a bit feisty and lead others to believe I was a fighter and scraper. My act fooled everyone, there for other boys didn't fuck with me. I was lean though. I worked for local farmers in the summers bailing hay and wrestled in school during the winters. I look back at some of my old pictures and realize that I was a nice looking boy. Time can be so cruel. LOL

At age 14, I guess I might have been five foot three inches tall, weighing around 120 lbs. I sported a four and a half inch, cut boner, with a light patch of soft brown pubic hair at the base. I liked my body. I was strong and fit. I could bench press 170 lbs. But I wasn't all that special. There were a lot of nice looking boys in my school. The thing that made me special was that I was gay or at least bisexual. And no one knew it, except the boys I had sex with. And the thing about that is, my sex partners at the time did not know I was also having sex with other kids.

There were several boys at school I had crushes on, or should I say lusted for and some girls too. But I liked looking at boys better. Wrestling season was best. It was hard work to make the team but it was worth it. Oh, we played a little grab ass from time to time, but not really in a gay way. What was fun, was during practice, getting to rub all over my sweaty team mates. Oh and there were the boners. It was natural. That's what boys do when they wrestle. They get boners. Not like we would grind our cocks against each other's legs and shit, but hell man, you might be in a position to where your nose is right in your opponent's crotch. And you can smell his body. Or at best, get a quick feel, even if it was with your arm or leg.

And then there were the showers after practice. I can't say I saw anything queer in the showers. Everyone looked at what the other boys had down there, and every once in a while you might get a quick look at a boy with a boner. Everyone was different. Some boys were circumcised and some weren't. Some boys had big dicks and some were small, like mine. Some had a lot of pubic hair and some didn't have any pubic hair. What a nice array of puberty!

There was one boy I wrestled with that I had a crush on. He was smaller then I was. He wrestled 98 lb class. Even though he was a year older than I was, he looked like a little boy. He was one of the few boys that didn't have any pubic hair yet. I could tell he was shy about the fact he didn't have any pubic hair and that he only had a three inch dick. But I thought it was cute. I thought he was cute. He was the kind of boy you could get off with just hugging him and rocking him in your lap.

Up until now, all I have told you is true in my life, as it was then. The following is a fantasy I have had of that young boy I used to wrestle with. The story takes place in the mid seventies.

Wrestling With Petey

Chapter one

Sledding With Petey

When I opened the door of the high school to leave, I saw Petey. He was sitting on the steps just outside the door waiting for his ride. Petey and I were team mates on the wrestling team. I was a freshman and he was a sophomore. Petey wrestled the 98 pound weight class and I wrestled the 120 pound class.

Petey was such a cute little kid. I secretly had a crush on him. He had kind of thick, long, brown hair that he parted in the middle. He combed his bangs back over the sides of his head which made a natural curl. Even though he was fifteen, he looked like he could be twelve. He stood about four feet ten inches tall, while I was only mere inches taller than him and weighed about twenty pounds more than him. But it was enough that split us into the different weight classes.

During practice the coach made us work out in our own weight classes. But if we had time at the end of practice he would let us all wrestle around and play, if you will, with anyone. I was friends with one of the bigger boys. He was friends with everyone. It was fun for me to wrestle with him. I was like a fly on his ass he couldn't get off. But I really liked to wrestle with Petey! His skin was so soft and hairless. And even though we all sweat like pigs during practice, Petey had a nice smell to him. Petey hadn't started puberty yet. He smelt like a little boy. I guess you would call him a `late bloomer'.

"Hey Petey. Waiting for your Mom?" I asked him.

"Not no more... she's probably drunk again. Fuck her... I'll just walk home." Petey stood up.

"I'll walk with you till we get to Main Street." I told him. Petey picked up his gym bag and we started walking. We weren't really best friends, but we liked each other. He had a different group of friends in school than I had.

As we walked along, trying to make conversation I said, "I heard that Casey Smith likes you." Petey just shook his head and made a grunt sound, as if in disgust. All the girls liked Petey. He was so small and cute! They all wanted to touch him. And many did. Girls would chase him down the hallways wanting to hug and kiss him.

"What... don't you like her? She's cute."

"Yeah... She's ok, but I don't like her like that." He said.

I looked at him with disbelief. Casey was a really cute girl and was a very popular girl in school. As I looked into Petey's face he started to blush. I wondered what he meant. Did he not like her in a sexual way? All the guys would love to make out with Casey. Even me... and I liked boys!

Even though I was having regular sex with some boys under cover, I still had a visible girl friend, of which I didn`t get any pussy from. Petey didn't have a girl friend.

We walked grudgingly through the snow without talking much. When we stopped to catch our breath, to my surprise Petey asked me. "Have you ever got a blow job?"

I was stunned that he would ask me that. It took me by surprise. Was he asking me if I wanted a blow job? Or have I ever had a blow job? I sure wasn't going to tell him I had my dick sucked two or three times a week by other boys and sometimes my younger girl cousin. I meekly nodded my head and told him, "A couple times."

Petey lowered his head as if in shame. He kicked at a pile of snow. I thought he was either going to go off on me or cry. He was more near to crying.

"Girls laugh at my dick. I'm a freak." he cried softly.

I didn't say anything for a moment. I didn't know where this kid was coming from. I kind of felt sorry for him. I put my arm over his shoulder and told him, "Look dude, if it's your dick you're worried about... don't. You have a nice dick for a kid your size."

Petey shrugged my arm off his shoulder. I could tell he was bothered by the fact he was so small and hadn't started puberty yet. I felt so sorry for Petey, I wanted to hug him right then and give him comfort and love. He didn't get much of that at home. He was an only child and both his parents we drunks.

I laughed as I pushed Petey off his feet into a snow pile. That pissed him off and when he got to his feet he charged me, knocking me into the next drift of snow. This went on for the next two blocks. By the time we made Main Street we were soaked in sweat and snow.

As we stood at the intersection ready to part ways I asked him, "Hey, it's Saturday tomorrow. Sposed to be a nice day. Want to go sled riding with me? I know a good place."

Petey's eyes got brighter and I saw a spark of excitement and happiness in him. "Sure, that sounds like fun. That would be fun!" he squeaked.

We knew where each other lived, so I told him, "Come over around 10:00 and we'll go to Wilhight's."

"Ok, I'll see Ya at 10 then." he told me.

As we turned to go our separate ways, I thought of how I could seduce my young friend the next day. That night I jacked off thinking of sucking Petey's cute little peter.

The next morning I watched out the window looking and waiting for Petey. At 10 o-clock I saw him step out from the woods into my back yard. I was excited to have the chance to spend time alone with this cute little boy. I put my coat and boots on and went outside to meet him.

As we walked pulling our sleds we made small talk. We walked through the woods to my favorite sled riding hill. It was pretty cold out, so when we got there we gathered some sticks and twigs to make a fire. We warmed our hands and boots. We had a few fun hours of sledding and horsing around.

We were getting cold and hungry when I suggested we go back to my house to get warm and have lunch.

Walking home we talked more and we were starting to become more like friends. We shared our likes and dislikes. We talked about school and wrestling. We talked about our families and stuff. By the time we made it to my house, we were both about froze.

We entered my house at the basement, kicked off our boots and I told Petey,

"Take off your wet clothes and I'll go get us some dry ones to put on."

Neither of us were very modest as we undressed. After all, we had seen each other naked many times in the showers after practice. After I striped down to my briefs, I told him I'd be right back. I went upstairs and gathered dry clothes for the both of us. I returned to find Petey huddled close to the register duct. I handed Petey a pair of socks, sweat pants and a sweat shirt. He thanked me with a cute smile on his face.

I told him, "We'll get warmed up faster if we take off our wet underwear."

So we slipped off our white, `Fruit Of The Loom' briefs and put on the dry clothes. I got a quick peek of Petey's little pecker. With the cold factor, both our dicks were sucked up into our bodies with only the tips of our wieners peeking out.

Petey whined that his feet were froze. I told him to sit on the floor and I would rub his feet to warm them up faster. We both sat down facing each other. I pulled one of his feet into my thighs as I quickly rubbed his other foot. Soon he was purring like a kitten as the friction of my hands warmed his foot. I opened my legs to release his foot as I replaced it with the one I had just rubbed. After a minuet I started to tickle the sole of his foot. He giggled as he tried to pull his foot from my hands. I held on tight and tickled him more. He finally got his foot loose and started to scoot away from me. I quickly jumped on him and our wrestling match was on. We just play wrestled, not like we did at practice.

Being as how I had 22 lbs over him, I soon had him on his back, with me laying on top of him. We were belly to belly with me holding his hands and arms to the floor above his head. As he wiggled under me, I started to get hard. He wrapped his legs around my waist, which put our cocks grinding against each other. Not like we were dry humping, just making contact.

Through the cloth of our sweat pants I could feel that we both had boners. I wanted to start humping him but I was unsure what he would do or say.

Still under my power with Petey laying under me, looking face to face, I gathered up spit in my mouth. I let my spit gather at my lips so he could see it.

"No!" he cried as I let my spit start to string from my lips. Petey shook his head from side to side trying to avoid the oncoming goober from landing on his face.

The string of spit broke from my lips and landed right on his lips. He held his lips tightly, not wanting my spit in his mouth. All he could do was mumble and squirm under me. I started laughing. Petey was now really trying to get away from me but I held him tight. I gathered more spit from my mouth and let it start to string again. He still just mumbled as he watched my spit getting closer to his face, then I sucked my spit back into my mouth and laughed again. He looked so cute and helpless.

My spit that had landed on his lips was now starting to run down the side of his face, his lips still tightly closed. I didn't want to torture him any more. I leaned over him and licked my spit off of his lips and face. Then I started to lick the rest of his face, giving him a tongue bath. He quite squirming under me and laid still as I licked him more. Then as my tongue passed over his lips again he opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. As our tongues touched I felt an electrical shock tingle through my balls. I opened my mouth and sucked his tongue into my mouth. Our lips pressed together and we started to French kiss. I had kissed girls like that but I had never kissed a boy before and it really excited me. I let go of his hands and he reached behind my head and pulled my mouth even tighter to his. As we kissed, we started to hump each other in earnest. Petey's hands left my head and he reached and took hold of my waist, pulling me tighter to him. I knew if we didn't stop I would cum in my sweats.

Reluctantly, I broke our kiss and started to get off him. He reached one of his legs over my back as he reached under my arm locking me in a half nelson. Before I could react he had me on my back. Petey started to grind his boner hard against mine.

"Stop Petey, or I'm going to cum... I mean it!" I managed to push him off of me. "Let's go to my bedroom." I told him. " I know how we can make it feel better." Petey smiled and I had never seen such a look on his face. No one was home at my house and I near dragged little Petey up the stairs to my bedroom. I closed and locked the door behinds us.

"Let's take our clothes off and rub each other naked." I told him.

I had to say no more and we were both naked before each other. Looking at each other's hard, boy cocks bobbing to the beat of our hearts. With his help I half picked him up and sat him on my bed. His little boner looked like it was maybe three inches long with a circumcision scar part way down his shaft. He looked so cute and sexy with his little dick so hard sticking straight outwards. He tried to pull me on top of himself as he laid backwards onto my bed.

"Wait." I told him, as I opened the drawer of my nightstand. I took out the small bottle of baby oil I kept there to jack off with.

As Petey rested back against his forearms I opened the bottle and drizzled some of the oil onto his cock and rubbed it all over his hard dick and ball sack. He was so smooth, not a pubic hair one. I poured some oil into my palm and smeared it all around my cock and balls too.

I picked up a dirty tee shirt and wiped my hands clean of the oil then got up onto my bed with Petey. I hovered over him, then slowly lowered my crotch against his. I started to slowly hump our slick pricks back and forth. I bent forwards and kissed him, our tongues found each other and we started to make hot boy sex. He wrapped his legs around my waist, locking his ankles together, pulling me tighter against him, pushing his cock into my groin. Our mouths fell apart as we became lost in our sexual drive. We had been so close to cuming earlier that we were both ready to blow our junk. Our soft moans became grunts in our time of passion. My bed was rocking back and forth in time with our fucking.

"Oh, fuck, I'm going to cum." I told him.

"Fuck me. Fuck me harder," he begged.

Like two animals in heat we ground our teen pricks together.

"Ah... Ah... Oh, Dude I'm cumming." I cried out.

"Oh, fuck yes, me too." Petey squealed.

We both started to shoot our cum between our bodies, which only made our fucking that much more slick. After our massive explosions, I laid part of my weight on his chest, feeling his lungs heave up and down. He opened his eyes and looked into my eyes. With both of us catching our breath, Petey smiled.

"God Damn... Steve. That was awesome!"

"No shit!" I told him.

"Guess what?" he said, "I'm not cold anymore."

We both laughed.