Wrestling With Petey Copyright 2011 all rights reserved

Chapter Three - A Shitty Day In Paradise



Petey and I slept great in each other's arms. I had never felt so pleased. I woke several times during the night to feel his body touching mine. It was as if we had become as one. It was early when Scott woke us up.

"Hey! Why are you guys naked?"

I knew we were busted. How could I explain why we were naked, sleeping together? We were fourteen and fifteen year old boys. Boys that age shouldn't be sleeping naked together.

"Hi... Umm... It was too hot last night and we just kicked our clothes off. You little runt. Why did you wake us?"

"It's 9:00, you should be up by now. Don`t call me a runt!"

I smelt beacon cooking and I could hear dad in the kitchen flipping the leaves of the Sunday paper.

"Get out of here. Leave us alone." I told Scott.

"Fine. I'll just go tell Mom and Dad you're both naked and don't want to eat."

I grabbed Scott by the foot and pulled him to fall on me. "You little prick! I'll kick your ass if you tell!" I started to tickle him.

"Stop it Steve, I have to pee." I loved to hear his squeaky child voice whine. He really was a good kid.

Petey woke and didn't know what to think. He giggled as me and Scott wrestled around on the floor.

Scott said, "Dad looked in and saw your underwear on the floor. You're both in trouble."

"Why?" I asked.

"You know we have to sleep in underwear. Mom's rule."

I whispered, "Piss on wearing underwear."

Scott giggled and said, "Yeah... I know. It feels good sleeping naked."

Scott, I knew liked to sleep in the raw too. He was a nature boy just like me. "Get dressed. Mom has breakfast just about done."

"Is Dad really mad?" I asked.

"No, he didn't see anything. But, I could tell him about it though."

I whispered, "You little prick. You better not tell him!" Scott laughed as he ran back to the kitchen.

Petey looked up at me. I told him, "We better get up. Scott will blow it if I don't stop him." We quickly put on our undies and jeans from the day before. Camping was over.

Petey and I walked into the kitchen. Scott sat at the table chewing a mouth full of beacon. I could see the jealousy in his eyes as me and Petey entered the room.

I gave Scott a stern look. He knew not to fuck with me. He grimaced back at me. I knew he was on the edge of busting my eggs. I sat down beside him then leaned over and gave him a big-ole wet sloppy kiss on the lips. He choked on his eggs and about puked. Me, Petey and Dad laughed. Mom giggled. Scott was embarrassed.

"God. You're so gross, Steve!" Scott whined.

I rubbed my hand across Scott's head. "Why? Because I love my little brother?" Scott jerked away from my touch. I could see him getting madder. I knew I should stop.

"You boys stop it!" Mom said. "Petey? How many eggs do you want?"

"I'll have two. Please. Thank you Ma'am."

My mom served me and Petey our breakfast as Dad read his paper and drank coffee.

"I have to go to the office this morning and pick up some paperwork. I can give you a ride home after you finish eating, Petey."

"Thank you Sir. Thank you for letting me spend the night."

Dad looked over the top of his paper, smiled and said,. "You're welcome son."

Petey smiled and looked at me. I smiled back at him. I could feel that Petey was happy. He didn't get much love at home. I was glad to have Petey as my friend. I wanted to share my family with him. Even Scott.

After we finished eating we got ready to leave. I wanted to ride along to take Petey home.


When we turned the corner of the block where Petey lived, there were cop cars all over the place with their white and blue lights flashing. There where two cop cars and an ambulance in his driveway. Two cops were standing in the driveway. Cops were everywhere. Yellow cop tape was across the end of the drive and in front of the door of his house. I knew something was wrong. Petey stiffened against me as we sat together in the front seat.

Dad pulled up to the curb in front of Petey's house. I opened the car door to let Petey out. He almost knocked me out of the car as he crawled over the top of me. He started to run towards his house. One of the cops stopped him in the driveway. I looked at Dad with fear in my eyes. He looked at me with concern.

The cop said, "Whoa, boy! You can't go in there."

Petey screamed. "I live here! Where`s my Mom and Dad?"

I started to cry. What had happened?

The cop held Petey by his arm as he dragged him back to our car. Petey was screaming, "Where's my Mom and Dad? I want my Mom and Dad!"

The cop knew my dad. "George, I'm sorry. There's been a terrible thing happen here this morning. You need to get these boys out of here. Now! Please take them back to your house. I'll be there soon to explain."

Petey was still screaming and trying to get away from the cop, kicking him in the shins. Dad got out of the car and grabbed Petey by the shoulders and shook him. "Petey. Stop it. Get in the car!"

Petey was crying, I was crying. What the fuck was going on?

Dad near threw Petey in the front seat beside me. I had never seen my dad so stern. Dad got in and locked the car doors. Petey tried to crawl over me to get out. He tried to open the car door. He screamed. "Let me out. Let me out!" I slapped Petey's face. With a broken voice I screamed, "Shut up. No! Stop it Petey!" He fell over me crying. Holding onto me for dear life.

As we pulled away from the curb Dad said, "Fuck. God Damn it. Fuck!" I had never heard my dad say "Fuck" before.

As we drove away, I looked back and saw two paramedics pulling a gurney out of Petey's house. A white sheet covering a whole body. I couldn't tell who it was. I closed my eyes as Petey cried and held me tight. I wanted this to be just a bad dream and wake up with Petey laying on my living room floor.


We pulled into the garage. My dad told us, "You boys go up-stairs. I'll be up in a minute."

We passed my mom in the kitchen as we headed up the steps. The look on her face was of grief. I could see she had been crying. I ran up the stairs as fast as I could, pulling Petey behind me. I heard Scott crying in his bed room as we ran past to my room.

I slammed my bedroom door shut behind us. We fell onto my bed crying. Holding each other.

My dad walked into the kitchen and hugged my sobbing mother. "I just heard on the news." she cried, as she fell into my fathers arms.

What had been a happy home only an hour ago, was now filled with grief and uncertainty. I heard a car pull into the driveway. I heard someone knock at the front door. As my father opened the door I heard him say, "Hi Jack, come in. What the fuck is going on?"

"George, I'm sorry. We think Pall Huntington shot his wife in the head, then turned the gun on himself. They're both dead."

I heard my dad loudly say, "What the fuck you mean? You think?"

"George, slow down. They're both dead."

Dad cried out, "Oh My God!" I felt the house shake as my dad punched the wall.

"George. Don't make this harder for me. I hate it as much as you do. I have to take Petey to the hospital. We want him under supervision when we tell him about his parents."

"Fuck you Jack! That boy has been under my supervision since 5:00 yesterday. You're not going to take him away from me."

"George, I have to."

"No you don't Jack. I know the laws. I'm a fucking lawyer. I know more about law than you do. Jack, we've been friends for twenty years. Get the fuck out of my house. I'll take care of that boy."

"Ok, George. I'll get a court order from Judge Henry. The boy's parents are dead. He has no other family."

"Fine. Tell Henry to come over. I'll kick his ass. No one, is going to take that boy away from me now!"

"George, stop it! You don't know what you're saying."

"I know, I'm asking you nicely to leave my home. You have no right to take that boy from me now."

"George, I hope you know what you're doing. This could get you in a lot of trouble?"

Dad took a deep breath. "Jack, I know what I'm doing. I'll call Henry right now.


"Judge Henry? This is George Albright. I want you to know I have Petey Huntington, here at home with me. He's safe. I can't believe what has happened."

"I know George, I just heard. I'm glad the boy is with you."

"Good! Here. Tell Deputy Jack Numbnuts to get the fuck out of my house."


"Yes sir,.. Yes sir,.. Yes sir,.. Good Bye Sir."

"Okay George. Henry said to leave the boy with you. He said he will come right over. I suggest you calm down."

"I know you're only doing your job Jack. I have to have some time to think. This is so ugly."

"I know George. It's tragic."

"I'm sorry Jack. I'm just not thinking right. I need a drink."

"George. It won't help."

Dad laughed. "Yeah, Jack. You're right. It won't help Petey. Thanks for being my friend. I'm sorry I swore at you."

"It's Ok George. This has us all messed up. I have to go back to the police station and start writing this up. I'll talk to you soon."

"Thanks Jack. Goodbye."

I heard the car back out of the driveway. Petey had passed out from crying. He had cried himself to sleep laying across my chest. He didn't hear any of what I had just heard. My eyes were sore from crying. What a shitty day! I held Petey tight in my arms as I fell asleep too.