Wrestling With Petey chapter 4

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Go Fly A Kite

It was a shock to us all what had happened to Petey's parents. The poor kid. He may not have had the best life living with two alcoholic parents, but it was all he had, until my dad pulled some strings to where Petey could live with us. I was just glad Petey was at our house when his dad killed his mom, then himself. I never met his dad, but I now hated him for what he put Petey through. It took several months for Petey to start to come out of it. I thought I had lost him a couple of times. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Scott and me, we gave him the love he needed. The only good thing to come out of it, was Petey's dad had insurance. Once Petey would turn eighteen he wouldn't have to worry about money for the rest of his life. A real shitty way to become independent.

Petey became a part of our every day lives. I wanted to share my bedroom with Petey, but Mom didn't think that was such a good idea. Besides, Scott wanted to share his room with Petey. So Dad fixed up his old workshop in the basement for Petey a bedroom.

Spring had came and it was time to get out of the house and start having fun.

"Let's get out of the house." I told Petey. "It's too nice out to be inside."

"Ok. What do you want to do?" he asked.

"Want to go to the park and skateboard?" I suggested.


"Want to go fishing?"


"Want to play Frisbee?"


"What do you want to do Petey?"

Petey rubbed his chin and looked up in thought. "Let's go fly our kites." We had gotten new kites for Easter.

"Yeah, that sounds cool. Let's go get them. You know Scott will want to come too."

Petey said, "That's Ok. I like Scott. He's always nice to me."

"And, what? I'm not nice to you?"

"Come on Steve. You know that's not what I meant."

"I know. I'm just teasing you. Let's go get Scott."

Since Petey had been living with us now for four months, I had noticed in the last few weeks that Petey and Scott had been spending more and more time together. Alone time. Sometimes leaving me out of their plans. I was getting suspicious that they might be being naughty with each other.

I had never done anything with Scott sexually. But he had caught me jacking off a couple times and I had caught him at it a couple of times too. We talked about sex and girls and jacking off. But we had never talked about boy 2 boy sex. Scott was starting to take shape nicely since he had started puberty. I had seen him naked a few times in the last few months. At twelve he was starting to get a real dick and a light patch of soft brown pubic hair. He had that cute little boy face I loved so well. And, Oh that little bubble butt looked so sexy in his white, Fruit Of The Loom briefs.

We three boys gathered our kites and headed for my favorite kite flying hill. We had fun as we walked through the woods. We told jokes and lies as we pushed each other along the path. I thought I saw Scott grab Petey in the dick as they were horsing around behind me, but now I know I saw Scott grab Petey's dick while they were horsing around.

Once we made the hill we assembled our kites and tied the strings on them. It was a perfect day to fly kites. The sky was a beautiful blue with a few far away white clouds. The breeze on top of the hill was just right. The sun was shining brightly and it made our kites change different colors like a hologram post card. The smell of spring. What more could three young boys want besides a blow job and a pizza?

We played, laughed and ran around the hill top trying to maintain our kites that were flying like big birds in the sky. I was glad Petey was having so much fun. He needed to just be a kid again. Living with two other boys, all as brothers, Petey was becoming less and less shy. In fact he was becoming more like a normal kid, instead of ducking every time he heard a loud noise.

Even with as much fun as it was, after about an hour we started getting board. We all laid down on our backs in the soft, plush meadow grass and held onto our kite strings. Watching our kites overhead, as if they had a mind of their own, dancing and laughing, free in the wind. We watched as the fluffy white clouds slowly pass us by. Scott was pretty good at making his kite do like he wanted it to. He knew how to pull on the string and make his kite do tricks. Petey tried to imitate him, but as he tried, his kite would only go wild and out of control. Petey's kite started into a long slow nose dive around the field.

Scott screamed, "Oh shit! No!" Petey's kite was on a deadhead course for Scott's kite. Scott jumped up and started running, looking over his shoulder, winding in string as fast as he could. "Awe." he stumbled and fell.

Petey's kite caught Scott's string and wrapped around it. Now both of their kites were out of control. Heading right towards mine.

I jumped up and screamed, "You fuckers. You're going to kill me!" I started running to try to keep my kite from getting tangled up with their's but I couldn't run fast enough and their kites ate mine.

Our kites crashed onto the ground. We heard the sound of plastic breaking and tearing. It was not a happy sound. We all walked to the point of impact. It wasn't a pretty sight either.

Scott pushed Petey. "Dumb ass. What did you do that for?"

"Fuck you Scott." Petey barked, as he pushed him back.

"No,.. fuck you." Scott swore back at him.

"No,.. fuck you both. My kite is trashed too." I laughed. Soon we were all laughing and pushing each other around.

Petey knelt to one knee and grabbed Scott's left foot, pulling him off balance. Scott fell onto his back and Petey was fast to jump on top of him, pinning him to the ground. "Not so tough now, are ya dick-weed?"

Petey started to tickle him. Scott started giggling and squealing, trying to get away from Petey's torture.

Scott cried, "Stop it. Stop Petey or I'm going to piss myself." That just made Petey want to torture him all the more.

I stood laughing at the two of them as I watched Scott squirm under Petey. I heard Scott's giggles start to turn into cries as he begged Pettey to let him go. I started to feel sorry for Scott. I knew if Petey didn't stop, Scott would piss his pants.

I hunched over the back of Petey and started to tickle him in his ribs. I held him tight with my knees so he couldn't get away. Petey squealed as he stopped tickling Scott and tried to get away from me. Petey was fucked now. He was stuck between the both of us as Scott started to tickle him too. We all rolled around on the ground in a big pile, laughing and giggling until we were all exhausted.

We lay on our backs in a row panting for breath. Our bodies still touching. Our bodies hummed as we rested.

Petey lay between me and Scott. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the sun rays warming my body and sole. I felt Petey stir and heard him mumble. I never moved. I was too content to just lay there. To feel the spring breezes and to smell the spring wild flowers.

I felt a hand touch the inside of my leg near my dick. It shocked me and I opened my eyes. I turned my head to look over at Petey and Scott. They were both feeling each other's dick up.

Petey's hand rubbed up my inner leg to feel my meat through my jeans. I looked at Scott and he looked at me, nodded his head and smiled that evil little grin of his. The one he used when he was about to do something wrong on purpose.

I nodded back and showed him my own wicked grin. Petey flipped his head back and forth trying to keep up with me and Scott's eye contact. All the while playing with me and Scott's dicks making us hard.

I rolled over onto my side and started rubbing my hand up and down Petey's belly and chest. Stopping to give his little nipples gentle pinches. Lightly rolling them between my thumb and forefinger. He moaned as his body relaxed and sunk even deeper into the soft, new grass.

Scott rolled onto his side to face us. He started to unsnap Petey's jeans. I rubbed my hand over Scott's as he worked at the button. We looked into each other's eyes again and both nodded. We knew we were going to make Petey cry.

Now mind you. Where we were not at a city park. We were only secluded by ourselves and God's wonders.

Scott unzipped Petey's zipper then I leaned forward and tugged his shoes off. We both shared stripping Petey of his shirt. Then we each took hold of a pant cuff and jerked his jeans off.

Petey laid only in his white briefs with his hands and arms crossed holding his belly. He looked scared but he also looked excited. His little dick was getting bigger in the small pouch of his underwear.

"Lift your ass." Scott told him, as he took hold of Petey's underwear with both hands.

Petey did as he was told and Scott stripped his shorts off of him like he was skinning a rabbit. Now Petey was completely naked. His hard, hairless, little dick poking out from his groin.

I smiled at Scott and we both attacked Petey's body with lips and kisses. Our lips and tongues were touching him everywhere. Our hands rubbing all over his smooth kid body. Petey laid back into a new dimension of life he had never known before.

Scott licked all around Petey's dick and balls then took him into his mouth like he had done it before. Damn! My little brother was a cock sucker too. This was going to be fun.

Petey softy moaned and started making those quick, little whimpering noises like he did when he was enjoying the feelings his body was experiencing. I leaned over and sucked on Petey's left tit. It was small, just a little nub but hard. I licked across his smooth chest to taste his right tit, he put his fingers in my hair. His body was slowly moving, squirming from the pleasures Scott and I were giving him. I licked back over to his left side and licked his smooth hairless arm pit. There was the faint taste and smell from a day at play. He tasted good.

Petey started to giggle. "Oh Steve, don't do that, it tickles." Petey tried to pull his arm against his body to stop my licking tongue but it didn't work. I was stronger than he was. I held his arm away from his body and continued to lick and suck the loose skin under his arm. "Oh, Steve. Please stop!" he cried.

I stopped and licked up to his neck. Tonguing, licking and sucking. I knew not to suck too hard. I didn't want to give him a hicky. That might be hard to explain to Mom.

I licked up farther to suck on his ear. Petey was getting more and more turned on. I tongued the inside of his ear, he giggled again. I looked down and Scott was between his legs, licking the smoothness of Petey's inner thighs while he caressed his hips and belly with his hands and fingers. Petey was spread-eagle on the ground before us. Allowing us to ravage his young boyish body. Petey whined, "God. I love you guys!"

I hushed him by putting my lips against his lips. We opened our mouths to play with each other's tongues like we had done so many times before. We made out hot and heavy. I held his face with my hands as I pushed my tongue deeper into his mouth.

Petey was starting to breath heaver now. His moaning getting louder. His body twitching and jerking from me and Scott's touches.

After several minutes of swapping spit with Petey I had to catch my breath.

I looked up and saw that Scott was completely naked. He was kneeling between Petey's open legs, rubbing his four inch boy dick against Petey's bare cock and balls in a slow humping motion. I was getting so turned on myself, I just had to strip and let my raging boner free.

Watching Scott rub his hard boner against Petey's stiff little prick was Awesome! Scott looked so hot and sexy being in control. I quickly stood up and stripped off my clothes. The sun and breeze felt good against my naked body. The sounds of Scott and Petey having sex excited me even more.

I knelt down across Petey, my head near resting on his belly. His and Scott's dicks were in my face. I opened my mouth and took both their hard pricks into it.

My God! Sucking two boys cocks at the same time. I was in heaven!

They both squealed with pleasure at the warmth and tightness of my sucking mouth and swirling tongue. They both started to hump my mouth. I couldn't believe my mouth was big enough to suck them both at the same time.

Scott reached over and started jacking my hot rod. With my little brother's prick in my mouth and his hand jacking my teen dick, I knew things would never be the same.

I reached to cup both of their small hairless sacks of nuts and rolled them around in my palm as I sucked on their kid cocks. They moaned and I felt their bodies jump and jerk. They both started humping their dicks into my mouth faster and harder. As they did, the shifting of their hips made my hand open and close around their balls, massaging their nuggets of life.

It didn't take long and I felt both of their bodies stiffen. They both were grunting and squeaking, making those cute sexy boy noises. Their humping became irregular and clumsy.

Scott started to cum. "Ah, Ah, Ah. Oh fuck. Oh fuck yes!"

I felt and tasted his cum as it shot from his dick. He quickly filled my mouth. I tried to swallow but I had too much dick in my mouth and I choked. I felt his cock throb each time he blasted another load. His sperm flowed out of my mouth while I tried to breath through my nose. His body jerked as his orgasm slowed.

As Petey watched Scott toss his junk, he then lost it too. He pushed my head harder onto his bucking groin. He pushed all the way and held himself still. His hips rose up off of the ground as his nuts let lose. Now Iwas choking on his cum, but I loved it!

"Oh God. Ah. Ah. Oh hell yes! Oh fuck, Steve."

Petey shot six times and fell back to earth panting. Scott fell backwards to earth as well.

I was happy to have got the little fuckers off. Their sperm was running down my chin. The inside of my mouth was coated with their cream. I licked my lips and swallowed several times to clear my throat. I wiped my hand over my mouth to clean away the sticky mess left by my two lovers.

I wiped it on Petey's belly and smeared it around then leaned back on my knees. My mouth was tired and sore. I watched as my two boys rested.

Petey started to giggle and laugh. Scott followed and started to laugh. I broke out laughing too. We all regained ourselves sitting on the ground and had a big group hug and lovingly kissed each other.

Petey said, "Look Scott. Steve still has a boner, he didn't cum."

I saw Scott give Petey that evil grin of his. Petey smiled and nodded back at him. I knew I was in for a ride now. Petey screamed, "Let's get him!"

Before I could get off my haunches they both attacked me, knocking me over. I pretended to struggle as I giggled and laughed while I let them pin me down. One on each side of me. Petey leaned over my face. I thought he was going to kiss me.

"Remember this?" he said, as I saw a string of spit formed from his lips.

I completely lost it and broke out laughing. Petey broke out laughing too. Scott didn't know about our little joke. Petey leaned down and kissed me, then rubbed his wet tongue and lips all over my face. I laid back to enjoy the pleasures I knew these two boys could give me.

Petey leaned up and over me to kiss Scott. It was so hot to watch them make out. Scott reached over and grabbed my cock and started to jack me again. Petey let lose and started tonguing and kissing my body everywhere. He licked my hairless arm pits. It didn't tickle. It felt wonderful. I moaned with delight.

Scott bent over and took my cock into his mouth. I fell into total ecstasy as he rubbed his fingers threw my short brown pubic hairs.

He rubbed his hands all around my groin as he sucked my hard shaft up and down while he played with my jewels in their smooth hairless sack, lightly squeezing them. He pushed his finger into the crack of my ass and touched my asshole. I was shocked. My ass hole tightened and my dick grew an inch. Scott choked.

Petey licked and kissed his way down my body to meet Scott sucking my dick.

Petey licked the shaft and tongued at my scrotum while Scott sucked on my enlarged cock head. I felt like my dick was going to explode. My hart was racing like a mother fucker as I started to hump my hips up off the ground into Scott's mouth. I gagged him again and he lost my dick. It slapped back unto my belly. He said, "Awe!" As if he had just dropped his ice cream cone on the sidewalk.

Petey was quick to pick up my dick with his mouth. He took Scott's place and started to suck me up and down. I heard Scott whimper. I had only one dick and two mouths to feed.

"Stop a minute." I cried. "Both of you put your lips and tongues around my shaft, like you're kissing each other and let me fuck your lips." They both giggled and did as I told them and I started to hump my dick between their lips and fighting tongues.

"Oh, fuck guys! That's it. Suck on the top. Oh, fuck yes. Oh, I'm going to cum!"

My body started to convulse. I could not stop it. I knew I was going to die. I would have to be buried on top of this hill.

My nuts opened up to let the pressure out of my body. Scott and Petey both had their lips around the end of my cock kissing it.

I started shooting my cum between their lips and tongues and they lapped at my spewing seed like a kitten drinking milk. I raised my head just long enough to look and see my cum all over their faces and lips then let my head fall back to the earth.

"Fuck guys! Stop. You're killin me." I cried.

The two young boys let my spent dick fall from their lips and it fell with a wet smack onto my belly. I had never had an orgasm that strong. I felt weak.

I looked up again to see Scott and Petey kissing. Sharing my seed, licking each other's faces clean. I fell back again and closed my eyes. Still panting for my last breath. I heard them giggling. I felt so much at peace, laying in the spring sun naked as my dick twitched.

I felt Scott and Petey crawl over against me and hug me. I put my arms under their heads, around their necks and pulled them closer to me.

We cuddled closer and they each threw a leg over me. We had become as one. We fell asleep till it started to get cooler as the evening sun fell.