A Gift To The Leader Of The Gang


My name is Chad but that's really not important to the story. I had just turned 17 and was about to spend my spring break working as a Dwarf in Disneyland. You heard me right, I said a dwarf. The pay was good and for a 5 foot 4 inch 135 pound high schooler in Kissame, Florida it was a good job. Anyways, my parents had divorced several years ago and between my old man that I never talked to and my Mom that was taking off with yet another boyfriend on a cruise this Disney thing sounded like fun. They not only pay good but put you up in housing and feed you, kinda like camp but you get paid. So I got in my broken down Toyota and headed to Orlando.

Someplace between my starting point and end point the car started to make weird noises and then ... clunk ... clunk ... clunk ... I had to pull off the highway. I just made it up the ramp and onto a side street as it completely dead. .I reached for my phone only to discover the charger hadn't been working and the phone was just like the car, dead. I was stranded. I sat there thinking what now as big town car pulled up in front of me on the dark road. I got out and as I walked to the driver's window the back door swung open down. Sitting in the back seat were two young looking black boys. "Looks like you need a ride ... get in" was all they said. I figured with two kids in the car must be a family and so even though I didn't really check out the front seat I got in and closed the door.

The car sped off with me in it and all I heard was ... Click ... as the door locked. Then the boy next to the other back door pointed a gun at me and said very slowly ... "you will be a gift to the leader of the BBC. Do as you're told and you just might live." With a gun pointed at me I looked around and realized the two in the front seat just like the two in the back couldn't have been over 14. What did I get myself into?

"You will address me as your black master and only as your black master" the boy in front of me explained. "You are not really worthy but you will have to do. Now get your clothes before I reach 0." I looked into his eyes as much as I could as we drove down this dark road. The numbers were coming fast ... too fast ... 10 ... 9 ... 8 ... I ripped off my button down shirt as I could see him smirk slightly ... 6 ... 5 ... I pulled off my shoes and socks ... 3 ... 2 ... pulled off my khaki pants and continued looking at him and the gun pointing at my crotch now ... 1 ... I pulled my white jockey short off exposing my tiny dick just in time ...

The window was rolled down about six inches. "throw your clothes out ... you won't be needing them anymore." I reached for my clothes and slid them out the window listening to them blowing away left me with an odd feeling that I was never going to be the same. I always felt that my dick was small at maybe five inches but with the cool breeze blowing in and fear racing through my body I'm pretty sure no one could tell if I even had a dick. The window went back up.

As I sat there completely naked driving down the road, this blond haired blue eyed 17 year old white boy in a car with four black boys each around 14 this is where things got weird. My BBC Master reached over and strapped this 5 inch wide bracelet looking thing around my balls, tight. He picked up a remote about the size of a car remote and pushed a button and a small motor on the bracelet thing started to purr. To my horror the belt started to tighten. "If you don't do exactly as I say I will press the button and the belt will tighten till it removes your balls completely ... If you get more than 20 feet from me the belt will tighten until your balls fall off ... Just nod your head if you understand." I nodded. Nothing else was said as we drove on.

We turned onto another dark road and as we drove down it some red lights suddenly appeared behind us. Not sure this was a good thing with the strap around my balls I was still somewhat happy to see them. The car pulled up next to us as we continued driving and I was expecting the cop to pull us over but I was very mistaken. The cop rolled down the passenger window and the driver of my car just said "A gift for Maurice" and rolled the window back up as the red lights turned off.

As we pulled into the parking lot of what looked to be at one time a bar my BBC Master said "Two more things." With that he reach over between my legs and rammed a butt plug up my ass. It burned as it went in stretching my virgin hole wide open then letting my ring go almost back to a normal amount of being opened on the narrower base. Once again my BBC Master picked up the remote which was now on a band around his wrist and pushed a button. My legs started to quiver as something deep inside my ass pressing against a spot that I can only describe as a major G spot started to spin stimulating me to the point where I couldn't help be becomes completely aroused. My heart beat started to race as my cock grew to full mast. My BBC Master smirked again then placed a strange mask over my head. Where my mouth went was a hard rubber tube shaped like a thick 3 inch cock. I opened my mouth without a word as he inserted the cock into my mouth and then wrapped the straps around my head securing this leather device in place. I was glad that at least it had holes for my eyes, ears, and nose. It was as the car came to a stop that my BBC plugged my nose and I inhaled hard through my mouth. The rubber penis inside my mouth was equipped with a small hole in the piss slit that I could breath in through.

The car door was unlocked as the driver opened it and I was lead, my legs still quivering from the stimulation the plug was giving me, out and towards the building completely exposed and transformed. My mind raced but somehow I felt safe as long as I could see my BBC Master. We walked into the building and I realized that this must have been a strip joint at one time. It had a stage and I was directed to it. The stimulation stopped in the plug as my BBC Master walked out of the room to get his leader Maurice. The second he left the room the motor in my strap started to buzz very quietly. I could feel it tightening very slowly. I started to moan in fear that my BBC Master had forgotten about the range thing but the other boys simply told me to shut the fuck up. The pain was almost more then I could take as my BBC returned into the room with the biggest black man I had ever seen. My BBC pressed a button on the remote until the pressure backed off. "I just wanted you to understand if you run you lose your balls" was all he said.

The huge black man looked up and down at then cupped my head in the palm of his hand and pressed down. I lowered myself to my knees. Looking up into his snarling eyes as he reached down and unzipped his pants pressing his flaccid cock against my face until his massive cock head popped into place inside the mouth piece. With one hand still on top of my head he tipped his head back and I felt a rush of piss start squirting through the hole and spraying like a water gun down my throat. I had no choice but to swallow or drown. To make matters worse the stimulator inside my ass started up again and I started moaning uncontrollable as my own cock started throbbing. As the stream went down my throat I began to orgasm. One of the boys placed a cup at the end of my cock and collected my cum. The huge black man squeezed his cock with his hand and I watched as my cum was poured into the mouth piece. Then he popped his cock back into place and continued his casual pissing washing all the cum down my throat with his piss. "Worthless fucking white boy cum" he grunted as he pulled his cock out of the mouth piece.

Next my BBC Master unstrapped and removed the rubber cock from my mouth. "you have ten minutes to suck Maurice and make him hard" my BBC Master threatened as Maurice sat back in a chair and reached for a beer. I crawled to him looking up his huge body as he seemed to be completely ignoring me. He picked up his phone and started talking to someone on as I took his cock head into my mouth. His cock head was gigantic and I had to stretch my jaw wide just to get it in. I started working up and down on the head doing everything I thought would turn him on. As he told the person on the other end of the phone he was just enjoying a gift from the boys he looked at me for the first time since I started trying to bring him to erection but his glance was just so he could snap a picture to show the person on the other end of the phone. I was working my tongue ... Moaning loudly ... Bobbing up and down as fast as I could when my BBC Master announced "five minutes gone" and Maurice told the person on the phone "bitch can't even get me hard" that I suddenly felt a desire to really get him hard. Like a real challenge to my existence was being made. Something just snapped inside me and I was filled with a desire to please that huge cock. I stopped sucking it and started making love to it. I looked down at his pubs and desired to feel them against my lips. My moans turned to moans of passion as I stroked that cock with love and desire. My hands wrapped around the base and a caressed it. I felt a twitch from deep inside that cock and a craved another. His cock started to grow filling my mouth. Stretching my lips. Then when it reach my throat I just gave way and opened my throat. His cock head started sliding down my throat and all I felt was a need to keep it there. Just as I thought I was in just the right place my BBC Master said "ten minutes .. How did he do?" Maurice's cock was removed from my throat as he pushed my head back further and further. I kept my mouth wide open wanting it back inside me as I stared at the biggest cock I have ever seen.

I could tell that he knew I was addicted now as he reached down grabbing my balls and cock and squeezing using them as a handle to lift me up and onto his lap with one hand. With the other hand a ripped the butt plug out roughly and shoved that into my mouth as my BBC Master strapped it into place. Without any warning I was sat onto his huge manhood with my toes barely reaching the ground. "Let see what the bitch can do?" he grunted again as he spread he legs wide and my legs came up off the ground the only thing holding me up off the ground was his cock against my ass.

My moans were muffled by the butt plug inside my mouth as he just sat there waiting and a sunk slowly down ... down ... down ... down ... until I was finally resting my cheeks on his balls. My thrust upward and I bounced up the length and back down again. He repeated this action over and over and over again. I don't know how much time passed but finally he was ready to cum.


This time he unstrapped and pulled the butt plug from my mouth grabbed me under my arms and setting his cock head upon my tongue so everyone could watch as he filled my mouth and a swallowed.

Many pictures were taken as black mail but they didn't need them. I returned to services my BBC Master and all of his gang as often as I could. I knew my rightful place as a white cum whore was serving any BBC's needs.