Airport Search by Hector Himeros


This story contains explicit depiction about man-to-man sex. The plot and the characters are fictive. Any resemblance with real events or living/dead people is purely coincidental! Men in this story don't use condom but the author urges the readers to always use condom during real sex.

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Title : Airport Search
Written by : Hector Himeros
Words : 8,525 words
Scene : M/M, reluctant, interracial, anal
Setting : Interrogation room
Location : near Moscow, Russia
Time : Present day
Character #1 : Egor - 38 yo - cut - Caucasian man - gay - top
Character #2 : Gong Yanbin - 29 yo - uncut - Oriental man - straight - bottom

Egor, a horny Russian gay man, loves Oriental men, but it's hard to find them in Moscow. One night, during his night shift at the airport, he met Yanbin Gong, a handsome Chinese male passenger. Using his authority, Egor told Yanbin that he wanted to search for illegal objects that he might carry. The Chinese man was then taken to the interrogation room. Just the two of them in that room, Egor quickly locked the door and told Yanbin to get naked. Reluctantly, the Chinese man did it because he had no choice. When Yanbin's straight asshole was fingered, he began to suspect that Egor might be a gay man.

Yawning, Egor looked up at the clock, hanging on the wall, to find out what time it was. 'It's only 2 in the morning. Fuck! I really need a handsome man to keep me awake.' Egor had been stationed in Domodedovo International Airport, near Moscow, for four years. His job was to check passengers' luggage using the X-ray machine. Sometimes, he opened the suitcases and raked through the content. But at times, Egor misused his authority to inspect handsome men's luggage, only to satisfy his gay curiosity. Occasionally, he managed to identify the homosexuality of several male passengers just by searching through their personal belongings. Whenever he found a gay passenger, especially a handsome one, he would make that man have sex with him. Being in his late 30s, Egor preferred younger men. Like most men, Egor did not bother to train his body in the gym. Yet, he did not have any excessive body fat around the waist. Being neither fat nor thin, Egor's body was proportionally built. Soft stubble decorated his jaw, making him look manlier. A soft mat of chest hair grew across his broad torso. Every day, his lusty eyes feasted on a number of sexy male passengers passing in front of him, searching for men whom he could fuck.

At that time, the airport was somewhat more quiet than the usual. As Egor fought to keep his eyes open, suddenly, he saw the most handsome Oriental man walking towards him. Egor's drowsiness was gone almost instantly after he laid his eyes upon that good looking man. 'Wow, this man is very cute. I wonder, is he gay? It doesn't matter, actually. If he's straight, I'm gonna make him gay. It seems that he is in his late 20s. Good looking and well-dressed in a suit, he must be a business man.' Just by looking at that man's handsome face, Egor had already got a major hard-on. Egor's uncircumcised dick hardened inside his briefs, begging to be stroked. 'This man must be very sexy when he gets naked. Oh, his skin looks smooth, yet his face clearly shows strong masculinity. He is very manly, and I really like him.' Secretly, Egor reached down to massage the aching dick through the fabric of his trousers. Egor's heart was beating faster as the Oriental man came closer with his luggage.

Egor immediately flashed his most charming smile as the man lifted up his luggage and placed them on the conveyor belt. As the luggage went through the X-ray machine, Egor caught a glimpse of the name written on the labels of the luggage. 'Yanbin Gong. Hmmm... so this man is a Chinese. Oh, I'll make sure that he'll be properly treated.' Grinning wickedly in his mind, Egor quickly racked his brain to devise a plan to trap the hunky oriental man. Watching through the X-ray monitor, Egor observed every single thing that Yanbin carried. 'Damn! I don't see anything weird. But I have to find a reason to drag Yanbin to my office.' When the luggage came out from the other side of the conveyor belt, Egor cleared his throat and spoke, "I'm sorry, Sir, but I need to recheck your luggage in my office. There are some suspicious objects inside your suitcase," he lied, hoping that his trick would work. Upon hearing Egor's request, Yanbin looked quite annoyed. But before the Chinese man could protest, Egor quickly said, "I'm sorry but that's the procedure. Come this way, please," he said, seizing the luggage. Another male airport employee took Egor's place as Egor ushered Yanbin to his office.

The office that Egor mentioned was actually an interrogation room, a place where suspicious passengers undergo body search for illegal items. The location of the room was quite far from the hustle and bustle of the airport. At 2 AM, the interrogation room was completely empty; no one was there. Chuckling in his heart, Egor said to himself, 'Great! I can do whatever I want here with this hunky Chinese.' As both of them stepped into the room, Egor immediately closed the door behind them and locked it. At first, Yanbin gave him a confused look, but he dared not protest. Seeing how easy it was to trap that Chinese man, Egor chuckled in his heart. 'Soon, I'll have a sexy naked Chinese man in my arms. And I'm gonna use him for my sexual pleasure. I do need some male warmth in this cold night.' Walking to an empty desk, Egor grabbed Yanbin's suitcase and placed it on top of the desk. Egor then said in authoritative voice, "I'm gonna check it." Noticing how cooperative his victim was, Egor freely raked through Yanbin's stuff. Indeed, he found nothing illegal. As his hands accidentally brushed against Yanbin's neatly-piled white briefs inside the suitcase, Egor almost lost control over himself. 'Oh, these are his briefs. They felt so soft. Shit! I'm fucking horny! Touching them makes me fantasize about touching his hard dick.'

"Can I go now?" Yanbin said, still looking annoyed. His English was quite fluent, which is rare to find someone from China who could speak English like that. Even Egor's English was no match to his since Egor could not erase his Russian accent. Yanbin looked very impatient, "I may lose my flight. Please let me go." Worry flitted across his handsome face as he did not want to miss his flight.

"Not yet, Yanbin," Egor quickly said. "I have to do a body search. It's our policy. Many drug dealers nowadays hide illegal drugs inside their body cavities. So, I must make sure that you don't hide anything inside you." As soon as he finished talking, he saw the shock on Yanbin's Oriental face. Before Yanbin could defend himself, Egor quickly added, "I know that you're going to say that you have nothing illegal in you, but I need proof." Walking up to the bewildered Chinese man, Egor seized Yanbin's hands. "Face the wall. I'm gonna search your body." To Egor's delight, Yanbin obeyed his order although Yanbin clearly showed signs of dissatisfaction. 'Yeah, now I can touch your body and feel its contour. Oh, I've never fucked an Oriental man before. I'm so thrilled that finally this chance comes.' The lump in Egor's trousers grew larger as he positioned himself behind Yanbin. His eyes widened as he took in the details of the bubble Oriental butt. Yanbin's trousers were rather tight thus the outline of his ass was clearly visible.

"Ah!" Yanbin gasped with much surprise as he felt Egor's hand on his ass. His face reddening, the Oriental man tried hard not to protest. Another gasp escaped Yanbin's mouth as Egor's other hand slipped forward and laid itself on Yanbin's chest. At first, Egor seemed to do his body searching very well. Those hands roamed Yanbin's body, searching for any hidden objects. Being groped thoroughly, Yanbin could not help squirming because his body was very sensitive. Involuntarily, his dick hardened. Apparently, Yanbin's man meat did not care if the stimulation came from another man, as long as it felt good. "Oh," Yanbin gasped again, his eyes closing momentarily. Compared to Egor's body, Yanbin's was a few inches shorter. Yet, Yanbin's swimmer's muscles equally matched Egor's beefiness. Again, the Chinese man gasped as Egor's hand applied more pressure on his broad pecs. Those fingers deliberately brushed against Yanbin's nipples. As soon as it happened, Yanbin flinched, trying to avoid Egor's fingers.

'Nice body,' Egor thought, enjoying his touch. 'His pecs feel so good in my hands. I'm dying to squeeze them. Oh, I'm getting very horny.' The lump in Egor's trousers grew visibly larger as he felt Yanbin's athletic contour. Intentionally, he squeezed the flesh around Yanbin's torso and bubble butt. 'This Chinese man must have trained a lot in gym. His body is filled with ample amount of muscles, very athletic. I want to see him naked. His naked body must look very nice.' Egor was very pleased to notice how Yanbin's body shuddered as he touched it. "You have a very nice body, Yanbin," Egor said, trying hard to keep his intonation as normal as he could. The only response that he received was an affirmative grunt. Continuing his search, Egor brought his own body close to Yanbin's. Intentionally, he ground his bulging crotch against Yanbin's butt. 'Oh yeah, this is so hot. I'm gonna fuck his ass soon. Like it or not, he has to succumb to me.' Naughtily, Egor's hand reached down and headed for Yanbin's crotch!

"Shit! That's my fucking cock!" Yanbin protested, his body flinching. As his dick was being manhandled, Yanbin's face reddened for he was very embarrassed. His dick inevitably reached maximum erection, throbbing inside his trousers. Beyond Yanbin's control, the rammer pulsated in Egor's hand. 'Fuck! It feels good to be touched. Oh! Even by another man. But, shit, I wish he would stop groping my cock like that,' Yanbin thought, gasping occasionally. Basically, Yanbin was a straight man. But, a man's touch managed to get his dick hard. A minute had passed and Egor's hand still lingered around Yanbin's crotch. The Chinese man started to suspect that Egor might be a homosexual. 'This man keeps rubbing my chest and cock. Is he a homo? Is he going to rape me?' The scary thought crossed his mind and sent shiver down his spine. As a straight man, homosexual rape sounded very terrifying and it was the last thing that Yanbin wanted to happen. "Oh, come on! Those are my balls!" Yanbin yelped with much frustration when Egor's hand moved downward.

"Really? How do I know you aren't carrying any illegal object in your underwear?" Egor asked, pretending to be stupid. He, of course, knew that what he just touched was Yanbin's genitalia but he needed a reason so that he could strip the Chinese man. "Are you sure you aren't hiding anything there, Yanbin? It feels hard and rather long. It must be a gun! Unbutton your shirt and drop your trousers now!" Instantly, Yanbin protested about how absurd the idea was but Egor immediately seized one of Yanbin's hands. Bringing his lips close to the Chinese man's ear, he threatened, "Take off your shirt and trousers now or I'm gonna do it for you. Either way, you're gonna get naked!" Purposely, Egor tried to sound viciously scary.

A chill of fear ran down Yanbin's body, hearing the threat. He preferred to get naked by himself rather than to have a male stranger do it for him. Feeling Egor's hands still grope his crotch, Yanbin flinched to avoid the sensual grope. But Egor's hand was persistent, not wanting to let Yanbin's crotch go. As Yanbin started unbuttoning his shirt, he felt Egor's other hand lingering on his ass. 'Fuck! That Russian man keeps touching my ass. I'm sure that he's a faggot. But what can I do?' Afraid of what Egor might do to him, Yanbin had no choice but to obey his order. Beads of cold sweat emerged out of Yanbin's body pores as his heart was beating fast inside the chest. Yanbin knew that Egor intended to rape him but he felt so powerless to stop it. Involuntarily, his body shivered with fright. As the shirt fell down onto the floor, the cold air from the air conditioner caressed Yanbin's bare torso.

"Your trousers, please," Egor said with a low threatening tone. "And don't forget the underwear. I want you to be totally naked. If you are truly clean, certainly you won't be afraid to undress yourself, right?" Smiling slyly, Egor was satisfied to see how submissive his victim was. Shamelessly, the Russian man massaged his growing bulge, trying to relieve the sexual tension. However, Yanbin did not know that because he was facing the wall. 'Yeah, this guy looks so incredibly hot!' Egor thought, almost drooling. 'His back is broad. When he contracts the muscles, they flex powerfully yet beautifully. Oh, I want to embrace him and kiss him from behind. This perfect angle really makes him look very sexy.' It took great effort for Egor to suppress his growing desire to molest Yanbin. Not being patient, Egor rudely yanked Yanbin's trousers. "Be quick! Get naked now!"

The zipper sound was heard as Yanbin began unzipping his trousers. Seconds later, the trousers lay around his ankles, revealing a breath-taking view of his impeccable lower body. Like the upper body, Yanbin's lower body was beautiful to look at. The curve of his waist was very sexy, no excessive body fat found. His round ass was wrapped tightly inside the white briefs. The fabric held the ass cheeks securely, showing how round they were. Blatantly, Egor gasped with much delight as he laid his eyes on the outline of Yanbin's tight ass. Hesitantly, Yanbin slipped his fingers under the waistband of his white briefs. For a second, he wished that he wouldn't have to strip in front of Egor. But a loud bark from Egor prompted him to immediately shuck the briefs off. Standing there naked, Yanbin's face reddened with embarrassment.

"Turn your body around. Let me see you," Egor barked again, almost losing control over his lust. And when the handsome Asian man turned to face him, Egor's eyes almost popped out of the sockets. Yanbin indeed looked much more handsome when he had nothing on. Taking in the sexy details of Yanbin's nakedness, Egor inhaled a deep breath to calm himself down. Egor's chest heaved up and down, trying to store air in the lungs. Blood rushed through the veins with increasing speed as the sexual intensity grew stronger. Egor's hand rubbing the obscene bulge, the erection in Egor's pants grew larger and harder. 'That is the most handsome Chinese man that I have ever seen. And his body is so arousing.' Not being used getting naked in front of other men, Yanbin was very shy. Thus, he concealed his half-limp dick with his hands. "Don't cover your cock. Let me see it!" Egor ordered, looking quite stern.

Having no choice, Yanbin uncovered his dick as his face reddened. A beautiful uncut cock was displayed before Egor's lustful eyes. As an Asian, Yanbin's dick was somewhat smaller compared to Egor's. The foreskin concealed half of his dick head while the unconcealed part was exposed to Egor's eyes. At that moment, the dick was neither hard nor limp. "I'm naked now. What else do you want to do with me?" Yanbin asked, having a hard time to suppress his frustration. Yet, he did not want to say the wrong thing and infuriate the Russian man. Waiting anxiously, Yanbin felt his heart pound hard inside his chest. To him, it was weird to stand naked in front of another man. The cold breeze blew softly from the air conditioner. As the coldness touched Yanbin's naked body, he shuddered. The soft hair growing on Yanbin's body erected, giving him goose bumps.

Gasping softly, Egor found that it was difficult for him to look at the other way because he simply couldn't take his eyes off Yanbin's sexiness. Throbbing against the soft fabric of his underwear, Egor's erection was seconds away from producing precum. "You're indeed a very sexy man," Egor said, bending down to pick up Yanbin's clothes. Intentionally, he kept those clothes inside the drawer and locked it. Thus, Yanbin would not be able to get away, unless he wanted other people to see him running around naked. "Face the wall again. I'm gonna inspect you," Egor said, walking over to the confused Chinese man. Facing the wall obediently, Yanbin dared not disobey the order. Behind him, Egor placed a hand on the bare back. 'Oh, his skin is so smooth and warm. Damn! I want to fuck him right now,' Egor said to himself, his eyes widening with lust. Again, Egor rubbed the hard lump in his trousers. Using the other hand, the Russian man slowly unbuttoned his own shirt. One by one, the buttons were undone, revealing Egor's slightly hairy torso.

His face facing the wall, the Chinese man did not realize what Egor was doing. However, he could feel that Egor was rubbing his back sensually. Egor's callused palm rubbed the back up and down, spreading warmth. Involuntarily, Yanbin's body shuddered owing to the pleasure. "Oh!" Yanbin gasped involuntarily, finding it hard to deny the pleasure. There were some sensitive spots on his back. When they were stimulated, Yanbin could not help squirming. Hanging between his thighs, his dick slowly gained erection. In a matter of seconds, the 5-inch dick shamelessly throbbed against the wall. Noticing his own erection, Yanbin immediately blushed with much embarrassment. 'Fuck! I'm getting hard. This man will think that I'm a fag. But, damn, I can't help it. His hand keeps rubbing my back and I can't fight the pleasure.' Another shudder coursed down his body, sending tingling wavelets. "Shit! I'm getting horny. Don't touch my back like that," Yanbin whimpered, protesting Egor's lewd action.

"Shut up! This is the usual procedure," Egor said, lying to the Chinese man. Shrugging off, Egor freed one of his arms from the sleeve of the shirt. Quickly, he then managed to shrug off the other one. Thus, the shirt fell down onto the floor, leaving Egor bare-chested. Heaving slowly, his hairy chest expanded. The soft chest hair growing on the torso made him look manlier. Proportionally shaped, Egor had the sexy aura which could draw the attention from any gay men he wanted. However, that night, Egor was thinking about using it towards a straight man, like Yanbin. 'I'm so fucking horny. This Chinese man's body looks so delicious. I can't stand looking at his bubble butt. The ass cheeks are so full and fleshy. I bet it must feel great to stick my cock in his manhole.' Not being able to control himself, Egor brought his hand to Yanbin's ass. The other hand was used to slowly unzip his trousers.

Upon knowing that his ass was being groped by a man, Yanbin protested, "Leave my ass alone. What are you? Homo? Don't touch my ass!" Annoyed, he barked angrily because he did not wish to be Egor's object of lust. As a straight man, he was horrified by Egor's sensual touch. His annoyance grew stronger as he realized that he was turned on by another man's touch. Wiggling his ass, he tried to escape from Egor's lewd grope. But suddenly Yanbin groaned out painfully as Egor delivered a hard slap across the ass cheeks. "Ouch! What's that for?!" he asked angrily. Rudely, his body was being pushed forward. It slammed hard against the wall. "Stop it! You're hurting me!" Yanbin protested, his body aching. Suddenly, he heard a loud clinking noise behind him. It sounded much like a small metallic object hitting the floor. But before he could figure it out, he yelped out again. Egor had taken hold of one of Yanbin's hand and pinned it to the back. "Fuck! My hand! It hurts! Oh!"

"I told you to fucking shut up! Now, I really suspect that you're carrying something inside your body," Egor responded, rudely shoved him to the desk near them. "Lay your chest on the desk and show me your ass!" he barked, sounding very authoritative. Without waiting for Yanbin's response, Egor pushed him and laid him hard on the desk. The piles of paper on it were shaken and scattered around the floor. "I have to check your ass. Most drug dealers hide illegal stuff inside their bodies through the ass." Slapping the ass cheeks again, Egor reached down to the drawer and fished out a bottle of lube. Bringing the lube to Yanbin's face, he said wickedly, "Don't worry. I'm gonna use this lube to ease your pain." At then, Egor had already been stark naked but Yanbin failed to realize it. Egor's erect circumcised dick was swaying about, precum smearing the head.

Realizing the ordeal that he was about to go through, Yanbin fought to break free. "I'm not a drug dealer. Let me go! Leave my ass alone." Angrily, the athletic Chinese man was bucking like a mad bronco. But with a hand pinned securely to his back, he could not do much. "Shit!" he yelped again as Egor twisted his arm. "You're hurting me! Ah!" Yanbin whimpered, his face contorting painfully. Even at that point, Yanbin's dick did not grow soft. On the contrary, it hardened. Brushing against the desk, the uncut cock retracted its foreskin back and exposed the sensitive dick head. As the knob touched the wooden desk, Yanbin flinched. "Oh! My dick! Ah!" In his mind, Yanbin questioned his own sexuality. 'Why does my cock harden when I realize that I'm going to get anally probed? Shit! Am I a fag, too? No, I'm not a fag!'

"Listen, you Chinese jerk!" Egor grunted, getting impatient with Yanbin's behavior. "This is my last warning. If you don't cooperate, I can't guarantee your safety. I have got your clothes, so you can't run away naked. Like it or not, you must let me check your ass." Carefully, Egor released Yanbin's arm. To his satisfaction, Yanbin finally understood his position and chose to obey meekly. "Good. Now spread your legs wide. I'm gonna check your ass hole now." Taking the bottle of lube, Egor squirted some lube on his own dick head. He also squirted some on his fingers and quickly applied it on Yanbin's ass crack. "Don't worry, I'm gonna treat you right if you cooperate. Submit yourself to me, Chinese boy," Egor breathed, his eyes lustfully feasting on Yanbin's nude body.

Whimpering, Yanbin started to realize that he was indeed in big trouble, but he dared not fight the Russian man. Thus, lying with his chest pressed hard against the desk, he nervously braced himself for the impending anal examination. The wooden desk felt somewhat cold as his warm naked body lay on top of it. Both of his feet were still on the floor, supporting his athletic body. "Ah! Be careful!" he sighed when Egor's index finger slipped into his ass crack. The lube applied there made the surrounding area slick. "Oh, fuck!" The Chinese man sighed again as his body shuddered uncontrollably. Cold sweat emerged from the pores and beaded up Yanbin's entire body. Clutching the desk, he thought nervously about what would befall him. 'Fuck! How come I end up like this? That Russian man is gonna pry my ass open. I don't have anything illegal up my ass so I don't have to worry about that. But I do worry about the pain.' Again, his body shivered when Egor inserted another finger. "Fuck! It hurts!"

Feeling the ass crack, Egor could barely restrain his desire to fuck the tight hole. Yanbin's body was simply too hot to handle. Egor's dick was throbbing incessantly to the point of ejaculation. A gossamer-like string was stretched down from the tip of Egor's slimy dick to the floor. But it was soon snapped off when Egor moved his body. 'This man is ready for me. Oh, I really can't wait to fuck his tight straight ass.' Not having been fucked before, Yanbin's ass crack was quite tight. Both ass cheeks were squeezing Egor's fingers, gripping them hard. Yet, the lube had eased up the penetration, causing less pain for Yanbin. "I bet your ass is still tight, huh? Relax your hole. And let my fingers in," Egor said, slapping the smooth ass cheek. "Don't fight my fingers coz it'll only add to your pain." Gasping, Egor was really aroused to feel the tightness of Yanbin's ass. Inserting the index finger first, Egor slowly tried to introduce the pleasure of anal sex to Yanbin. "I'm pushing in my finger. Remember, relax your hole. Push it as if you're taking a dump."

"Oh shit!" Yanbin whimpered as he started to feel the pressure on his ass lips. But to his surprise, the finger slid in quite easily, almost without any pain. "Ah!" he gasped when the ass lips clamped down. Egor's finger was trapped inside Yanbin's warm ass. Another groan escaped Yanbin's mouth as the second finger was pushed in. "Oh! Fuck!" he gasped, his sweaty athletic body shivering. Having two fingers in his ass started to create some discomfort. "Ah! Be careful with your fingers," he grunted, sensing those fingers inch forward. "Oh! Your fingers are too big. Slowly, please. Ah!" It seemed that the pressure caused by two fingers was too much for a straight man like him. Pain began to spread through his body, his handsome oriental face contorting. Both his squinted eyes were squeezed as he winced out in much pain. "Ah! My ass! Oh!" Actually, the pain that he felt was still somewhat tolerable. But being new to the anal penetration, without realizing it, Yanbin exaggerated the pain that he felt.

"Your ass hole is very tight. Oh!" Egor grunted, trying to push his fingers deeper. Both of them were clenched tightly by Yanbin's narrow hot asshole. Egor could feel that they were being massaged by the involuntary movement of Yanbin's anal muscles. "Yeah, squeeze my fingers. Oh yeah! Feel their presence in your hot tight ass. I'm gonna stretch your asshole and loosen it up." The fingers kept digging in until they could go no further. "Yeah, I have buried the entire length in your ass. Now, I'm gonna look for foreign objects in your ass." His fingers wriggling, Egor started to rake through Yanbin's fuck chute. The fingers haphazardly clawed at the fleshy walls of Yanbin's rectum. "Fuck! Your ass is really tight. Yeah, I can hardly move my fingers inside. I'm gonna need another finger up your ass." Needless to say, Egor was very excited to be able to finger-fuck the helpless Chinese man. The Russian man's dick could not stop throbbing. In fact, it drooled out a longer strand of precum, hanging for a few minutes before snapping off.

His torso pinned to the desk, Yanbin could do nothing but groaning helplessly. The sore around his stretched asshole became more unbearable. It was the first time, ever, he let a man finger his ass hole. Rudely, his ass lips were forced to stretch as those fingers turned his bowels upside down. "Ah! My ass hurts! Fuck! It hurts!" he whimpered again, failing to act as manly as he could. Not having experienced such anal pain before, Yanbin found it very hard to restrain himself from sobbing. "Oh! Stop it! I don't feel comfortable. I feel like taking a shit. Stop it now, please," Yanbin whimpered, his voice wavering. As the fingers drilled deeper, Yanbin squirmed and tried to avoid them. The bowels inside Yanbin's ass reacted to the invading fingers. Automatically, the walls of the rectum contracted, pushing out the fingers. But during the penetration, Yanbin's dick continued to throb against the desk. The Chinese man was very confused as he realized that his hard-on had not died away. 'I'm not a fag!' he told himself, trying to calm himself.

"I can't reach deeper. I have to check your ass more closely," Egor said, giving him another reason to stick in the third finger. It forced its way in through the stretched ass hole to join the other fingers. Yanbin whimpered painfully, fisting his hands as hard as he could. The pain wracked his entire body as the third finger stretched his ass lips, but Egor managed to steady him by pushing down Yanbin's back. "Don't move too much. I'm inserting the third finger into your ass. Take it like a man. Fuck!" The third finger was slowly sliding in, aided by the lube. "Oh, baby! You've taken three fingers inside you. Yeah, this is hot!" Egor gasped, getting more excited. Those three fingers were squeezed hard by Yanbin's twitching ass hole. "Yeah, take my fingers. Oh yeah! You have such a tight gripping ass hole. I like it." Rotating those fingers inside the ass, Egor made Yanbin groan in great pain. "Yeah, keep groaning for me. I like to hear it. Oh!"

"It hurts my ass more. Stop it!" Yanbin protested, finning helplessly on the desk. But Egor's strong hand managed to pin Yanbin's body down. Yanbin's broad torso hit the desk repeatedly as Egor roughly pushed Yanbin's body down whenever Yanbin tried to break free. "Oh! You're hurting my ass! Stop, please!" he screamed, realizing that the Russian man wasn't searching for illegal objects. He was getting sexually harassed by the horny Russian man! "Don't finger-fuck my ass. I'm not a homo! Fuck you!" Using his legs, he tried to kick Egor's body wildly but all he got was the air. Egor obviously managed to avoid Yanbin's kick. Squirming as hard as he could, Yanbin turned his head around. What he saw almost made him faint. He saw Egor's nakedness with a drooling erect dick. "Fucking shit! You're really a homo! Let me go, fag! Don't rape my ass. Fuck you!" Yanbin failed to see that Egor had taken control of the situation. "Shit!" Yanbin yelped as Egor twisted his fingers cruelly.

"Yes, I'm a homo. So what? You can't escape me. You're mine now," Egor responded, snickering like a maniac. Again, he rotated his fingers inside Yanbin's ass to incite more anal pain. "Oh, I like hearing your painful groan. It's music to my ears. Keep groaning, boy. Let me know how much you enjoy being finger-fucked. I want you to moan. Let me hear you groan, slut!" Mercilessly, he jabbed the fingers in and out, forcing the ass hole to stretch wider. "Take my fingers up your ass. Oh yeah! You look so sexy when you squirm painfully. It drives me crazy with lust," Egor commented, getting hornier. Looking down, Egor saw his own dick head glaring angrily. The reddish head was flaring, almost to the point of bursting. A pearly drop of precum forced its way out as Egor's dick throbbed. "Fuck! I can't take it anymore. I have to fuck your tight Chinese ass."

"No! Let me go, you fag! Don't fuck my ass! I'm not a homo. Don't! Please" Yanbin cried, his body thrashing hard. The fingers in his ass clawed his insides as he squirmed. "Ah! It hurts! Ah!" Before Yanbin could plan his escape, Egor had already pinned his arms and made the Chinese man groan out his defeat. "Oh! Stop! My arms! Ah!" Yanbin cried, tears welling up in his eyes. Pain wracked his body, but Yanbin's dick still maintained its erection. In fact, the throbbing man meat started to ooze out some precum. Yanbin's face reddened as he noticed it. "What the fuck? I'm precumming? No, I'm not a fag! No!"

Egor only snickered as he saw the precum that seeped out from Yanbin's dick slit. "Well, it seems that you really like this whole thing. You get a hard-on, boy. It's not as big as my cock, but it's quite impressive for a Chinese guy like you. And look at that. Your cock even gets wet with precum. You can deny it but, deep inside, you know that you're also a fag, just like me," Egor taunted, deliberately playing with Yanbin's mind. Slowly, the Russian man stood up, his fingers still probing Yanbin's tight ass hole. Egor then shoved his dick forward and sensually rubbed his erection against Yanbin's thighs. "Do you feel it, huh? It's my big dick. Yeah, could you feel its slimy cock head smear your smooth thighs? I'm so horny for you. Chinese men always excite me sexually. And I'm gonna fuck your Chinese smooth ass and fill it with Russian cum. Oh yeah!" After saying that, Egor suddenly pulled his fingers out. The sudden withdrawal surprised Yanbin and forced him to groan involuntarily. Easily, the three fingers were pulled out, leaving Yanbin's ass hole empty. After being cramped inside the ass for a few minutes, Egor's fingers were covered in ass juice, mixed with lube. Casually, Egor picked up Yanbin's trousers and rubbed his fingers against the fabric. Staring at Yanbin's loosened fuck hole, Egor could only thinking about screwing it. "I've loosened up your man hole. Now, prepare yourself for my cock." With much calm, the Russian man embraced Yanbin's naked body from behind and pushed his erect cock into Yanbin's fuck hole.

"No! Fuck yourself, homo!" Yanbin yelled angrily. Using his might, he tried to buck Egor off his back. To Yanbin's disappointment, the Russian man was too strong for him. Yanbin's current position did not give himself any advantage in fighting back. He was easily subdued by that horny Russian gay man. "Oh! Stop! I'm not a fag. Don't fuck my ass! Fuck you!" All of a sudden, something big and warm was trying to worm its way into his ass hole. Yanbin did not have to guess what it was. He knew exactly that Egor was trying to penetrate his ass hole. Instinctively, Yanbin clenched up his anal opening, not letting the invading dick gain entrance. "Fuck! Oh fuck!" Yanbin yelped, wishing that everything had been a nightmare. No matter how hard he tried to clench his ass hole shut, Egor's fat dick head seemed to advance gradually. "No!" Yanbin yelped desperately as his ass hole started to open.

"Yes! I'm gonna fuck your ass! There's no escape for you," Egor yelled, outmatching the loudness of Yanbin's groan. "I'm gonna fuck your ass whether you like it or not. And keep clenching up your hole. That way, you'll milk my dick head harder." Holding onto Yanbin's shoulders, the Russian man pressed his aching dick against Yanbin's twitching ass hole. As more pressure was applied, the ass hole was slowly pushed inward. "Yeah, I'm gonna pry your ass open. I have loosened it up with my fingers. Now, I can fuck your ass more easily. There's nothing you can do to prevent it. So, just lie down and enjoy the ride." Pushing forward, Egor forced Yanbin's hole to stretch wider. "Yeah, let me in, boy. Let me fuck your ass with my long dick, you're gonna love it!"

"Oh! Fuck you! Get off me! Fuck!" Yanbin cursed, bucking like a mad bronco. But no matter how hard he tried to free himself from Egor, Egor still managed to push his man meat deeper into Yanbin's ass. "Ah! It hurts a lot more! Take it out! Fuck you! Oh!" Yanbin yelled when Egor's dick head slid half way in. The thick circumference of Egor's glaring knob almost tore Yanbin's ass lips apart. The fuck hole was shiny with lube, stretched almost beyond its capability. "It hurts so much! Ah! Pull it out! You're tearing my ass apart! Oh fuck! It's so painful! Ah!" Thrashing on the desk, Yanbin tried to escape Egor's invading dick but he could not because Egor had taken hold of his shoulders. "Have mercy, please. I can't take your cock. It's so painful! Stop it, please! You're raping my ass! Fuck!" Clawing the desk, Yanbin's blunt nails only hurt themselves. Tears of pain flowed down his handsome Oriental face. "I can't take it anymore! My ass is going to bleed!"

"Shut up, you fucker!" Egor barked, grabbing a handful of Yanbin's hair and pulled the head backward. "I'm in control now. Just shut the fuck up and enjoy my dick. Like it or not, you're so fucked right now. And I'm gonna fuck you till I shoot hot cock juice up your ass." Pushing harder, Egor finally managed to pop his dick head in. "Oh baby! It's in! Oh yes!" As soon as the head lodged itself in, Yanbin produced a loud guttural cry. Egor certainly did not care whether Yanbin was in pain or not. All he cared about was his own sexual pleasure. And he obtained it from seeing how Yanbin underwent his sexual ordeal. "Yeah, groan as loudly as you want, slut. Let me know that you're in pain. Moan for me! Oh yeah, I love it!" Not giving Yanbin time to adjust himself to the invading cock, Egor kept pushing in. "Yeah, take my whole dick up your ass. Feel its thickness. Oh yeah, I'm fucking your ass. Take it like a real man."

"How could you do this? Oh! It hurts like hell!" Yanbin cried, trying hard not to cry. "Fuck! Stop it! Don't fuck me! Please, mercy! Ah!" No matter how hard Yanbin tried to beg, Egor kept shoving his manhood in. "Oh! Shit!" Yanbin yelped as he felt Egor's dick crawl in. "My ass hurts! You're killing me with your big dick!" At then, Yanbin's energy had been wrung out completely. His muscles were exhausted, getting sore after contracting constantly. Lying on the desk like a ragged doll, Yanbin could only try to endure the homosexual rape. His mouth did not stop whimpering, groaning out how painful he was. "My ass hurts, oh! Slowly, don't rip my ass apart! Ah!" As the dick was finally buried to the hilt, Yanbin lost his breath. He felt as if he had been injected by a giant needle. The pain was very excruciating, burning like fire. His tender ass lips were forced to accommodate Egor's thick meat.

"Fuck! Yeah! I'm gonna fuck your ass till I cum. Oh yeah, you're a piece of hot meat. I like your body." Egor bent his body over and brought his face close to Yanbin's nape. Faintly, Egor's nose picked up traces of Yanbin's expensive cologne. Its fragrance seeped into Egor's nostrils, stimulating his brain. "I like your cologne. It makes me hornier. Oh, I want to fuck your ass. Yes! Take my Russian bog cock up your Chinese ass. Yeah, fuck!" Sticking out his tongue, Egor swept it across Yanbin's nape. "Oh, your neck is delicious. I can taste your dried sweat. It tastes rather salty but I like it." And he continued to lick the back of Yanbin's neck, bathing it with a thick layer of drool. "I really like your naked body. It's so smooth yet so athletic." Lustfully, the Russian man ran his hands up and down the sides of Yanbin's body. "Oh yeah, I'm screwing a Chinese man's ass. Yes! I love Chinese men! Fuck!"

Without giving Yanbin the chance to breathe, Egor pumped the Chinese ass rigorously. His cock was plunged all the way into Yanbin's griping ass hole, stretching it wide. When the cock had already been buried up to the hilt, Egor then withdrew his dick out, leaving the cock head in the ass. Soon afterwards, Egor pushed his dick in as deep as he could. In and out, he fucked Yanbin's ass without stopping. The invading dick sent Yanbin's body rocking back and forth. The strong thrusts caused the desk to creak loudly, sounding as if it would collapse in any moment. Egor's sweat dripped down onto Yanbin's body as Egor was blinded by sexual heat. The Russian man's hairy chest expanded as he pumped air into his tired lungs. Seeing the handsome Oriental face contort with much pain, Egor yelled out his victory in his mind.

Powerless to stop Egor from raping him, Yanbin wished that the ordeal would end soon because he could not longer bear the anal pain. As the Russian big dick kept fucking his ass in and out, Yanbin found it hard to breathe. "Oh! My ass! Your dick is too big! Oh!" Yanbin knew that pleading and crying wouldn't make the horny Russian man stop but he needed to express what he felt. Despite the anal pain, Yanbin's dick stayed hard and drooled out long strands of sticky precum. Some of the liquid was smeared to the desk. "My dick! It's wet! It can't be happening! I'm not a queer. Oh!" As he groaned painfully, his body involuntarily shivered from the unfamiliar pleasure. He had never felt anything like that before. It was almost like as if he was cumming. The pleasure was seizing Yanbin's body when Egor's dick hit something deep inside his bowels. "Oh! Fuck! Ah! It feels so fucking good, shit!" Again, the same pleasure came back when Egor drove his dick in and hit the same spot. "Yes! Ah!" Yanbin yelped deliriously, starting to doubt his sexuality. Somehow, the burning pain that tortured his ass hole slowly faded away. All Yanbin felt at then was pure pleasure.

Quietly snickering to himself, Egor commented about the sudden change of Yanbin's mind. "I see that you enjoy my cock, huh? Doesn't it feel great to have a cock lodged inside your tight ass? Yeah, baby! My cock is inside you. And I'm gonna screw you till I dump my cock juice in your fuckable ass. I must tell you, I'm so horny that I can shoot out my cum in any moment." Indeed, Egor's dick kept oozing precum, almost constantly. As the huge man meat slid in and out, its head drooled out trails of precum. The precum immediately lubed up the fuck canal. When Egor's meat slid on the slippery layer of precum, the penetration became much easier. "Oh! I'm precumming so much. I'm really horny for you. Fuck! You're so sexy. Oh, your skin complexion is nice. You make my cock hard." Egor, again, laid a kiss on Yanbin's neck as he sucked the skin with his mouth.

Yanbin did not resist the sexual advancement because he was too confused to think. All he knew was that he started to like the anal penetration against his wish. Panting heavily, he deliriously asked Egor to fuck him harder. "Harder! Fuck my ass harder! Oh! Shove that dick in! Deeper, please! Oh yeah! Your cock makes me feel good. I feel like cumming, oh!" The Chinese man did not know what was happening to him. Yet, he enjoyed the ecstasy that Egor's dick brought. "Fuck my ass! Oh! You want my ass, don't you? Come and get it!" Yanbin lifted his head as he groaned, "Fuck! I'm so horny. I don't care if you're raping my ass, but I really want to cum. Oh! Stroke my dick, please. Make me cum! Oh! I want to cum!" His head reeling uncontrollably, Yanbin begged Egor to help him cum. "Stroke my dick. Let me cum! Oh! My dick is so hard but I can't reach it." Frantically, Yanbin was grinding his body to the desk, trying to rub is erection against the desk. "Oh! Fuck! I'm getting raped by a man but I love it. Oh yes! Do my ass! Rape me! Oh yes! I'm such a slut! Yeah, drill my ass, fucker! Oh!"

At then, Egor slipped both of his hands under Yanbin's bare chest. Using his strength, he lifted the Chinese man's body. "I'm gonna make you cum. This is gonna be the best fuck you'll ever have. Yeah, let me feel your pecs, sexy boy. Oh yeah, I want to squeeze your bulging chest. Ah!" With one hard pull, the Russian man managed to help Yanbin stand up. But Yanbin's legs were weak from the vigorous thrusting. "Oh, your body is sweaty. I like it. Yes, I really like your body." His palms were roaming Yanbin's broad chest, squeezing the flesh. "Your nipples are hard. Oh yeah! I love pointy nipples," he gasped as he fingered those nipples. The nipples grew harder as they were constantly rubbed.

"Ah! Fuck! I'm so horny!" Yanbin moaned, his body rocking. "I don't know that being fucked feels so good. Oh, yeah! Keep fucking my ass!" That Chinese man did not care about the sexual assault anymore; he only wanted to cum. Before Yanbin could grab his own dick, Egor had already reached down and wrapped his hand around the shaft of Yanbin's hard dick. Upon being touched, Yanbin produced another groan. "Oh yeah! Stroke my dick. Jack me off. I need to cum so bad. Yeah, make me cum. Oh!" Sweat oozed out from Yanbin's body pores, literally drenching his entire body. As Egor embraced Yanbin's body tightly from behind, more sweat was wrung out. "Ah!" Yanbin groaned, throwing his head back. It rested on Egor's broad shoulder. At close distance like that, the Chinese man could smell the manly aroma of Egor's sweat. Somehow, Yanbin got hornier as the masculine scent filled his nostrils. "Oh fuck! I'm so horny! Fuck me! Screw my ass, ah!"

"Your cock is big for an Asian man," Egor commented, gripping Yanbin's dick hard. Immediately, Egor's hand was stroking the meat up and down, keeping it hard. The whole length had been coated with precum, thus it was hard to get a good grip. Nevertheless, Egor stroked the Chinese meat as hard as he could, bringing Yanbin closer to his orgasm. "Yeah, I'm stroking your dick. I want to see you cum. Oh yeah, come on. Show me how much cum you store inside your fucking balls. Shoot it all out. Let me see you spurt your thick creamy cock juice. Yeah, come on, baby. Cum for me." Sensually, Egor whispered out a string of dirty vocabulary in Yanbin's ear. At the same time, Egor's other hand groped Yanbin's nipples to keep them erect. "Yeah, you make me so horny. My dick can't stop throbbing inside your ass. Fuck yeah!" Embracing Yanbin's sweaty body from behind, Egor rigorously shoved his dick in and out of Yanbin's ass hole. "Oh fuck, baby! I'm so horny for you! Yes! Oh yes! I'm fucking your ass hole. Feel the power of the real Russian man. Yeah, you'll beg for more. Oh yeah, you really like my dick, huh? Then, take this! And that! Oh yeah, slut! I'm so close to cumming. Fuck!"

Yanbin could not think of anything but sex. Being held securely in Egor's arm, Yanbin was flailing his arms aimlessly. His whole body shook as Egor was pumping his dick in and out rigorously. "Oh! Fuck! I'm gonna cum soon. I can't take it anymore! Oh, this is too hot! Yeah! Fuck!" Yanbin groaned, his eyeballs rolling upward. His dick, in Egor's stroking hand, throbbed harder. The slimy head glared angrily as a drop of precum rolled out of its slit. "Oh yes! Here I cum! Fuck!" Yanbin yelled suddenly. And, seconds later, Yanbin indeed shot his cum out of his aching dick. "Ah! Fuck! Yes!" he cried, bucking his body wildly. Thick creamy cock juice jetted out of his throbbing erection for several seconds. As the first cum shot flew out, Yanbin's stomach contracted beyond his control. All muscles in his body flexed, racked by the shattering climax. Yanbin's guttural cries resounded through the room as Egor kept stroking Yanbin's erupting dick. "Oh! Shit! I'm cumming! Milk my dick! Oh! Keep fucking my ass! It feels so great to be fucked by a homo! Oh! Fuck yes! Ah!"

Using his strength, Egor had to steady Yanbin's body as it convulsed violently. It was not easy since he had to keep fucking Yanbin's ass at the same time. Sometimes, Yanbin's body bucked too energetically and it almost pulled itself away from Egor's thrusting dick. Yanbin's cum shot out repeatedly, dripping down from the desk. As soon as the thick drops splattered the floor, they formed a small pool of cum. Tiny droplets of cum were scattered around the cum pool. Another orgasmic groan escaped Yanbin's mouth as that man's dick shot out another big load. More cum shots followed as Yanbin continued to growl. His dick pulsated feverishly, milked by Egor's merciless hand. Not being able to bear the intensity of the orgasm, Yanbin gripped Egor's thighs and squeezed them as hard as he could.

"Fuck! I'm close," Egor suddenly gasped, noticing the signs of impending ejaculation within himself. Seeing how much cum Yanbin had spurted triggered Egor's orgasm. Soon, the Russian dick exploded uncontrollably inside Yanbin's bowels. "Yes! I'm cumming in your ass, boy! Take my cum! Yeah, take it!" Roughly, the Russian man shoved his spurting dick in and out with increasing speed. The dick furiously forced its way in and spewed out all the cum that it had. Egor's balls were slightly pulled up as the cock continued to spurt out its juice. "Ah! Yes! I'm creaming inside a Chinese man's tight straight ass! Yeah! I really love it! Fuck yeah!" When Egor ejaculated, he felt as if Yanbin's ass had sucked out his life essence. Suddenly, Egor felt very dizzy and weak, owing to the shattering orgasm that he just had. Involuntarily, his hairy naked body convulsed as gooey cum kept shooting out. Those thick creamy shots splattered Yanbin's fuck canal, flooding it. The cum was quite hot but Yanbin could hardly feel it. Grabbing Yanbin's broad chest, Egor surrendered himself to the gripping power of his ejaculation.

To both men, their orgasm felt as if it had been going on for hours. Yet, it only lasted for a few seconds. When everything was over, they found themselves panting hard. Sweat had covered their bodies, soaking them up. Yanbin slowly turned his body around. At then, Egor's cum-covered limp dick was pulled out of Yanbin's ass. The Chinese man looked at Egor's face for a minute. No words were spoken. Their broad chests were heaving to pump air into their lungs. Although Yanbin hated to admit it, he realized that he did enjoy the anal penetration. Suddenly, the Russian man who was standing naked in front of him looked very sexy. Instinctively, Yanbin leaned over and gave Egor a passionate kiss on his lips. Delightfully surprised, Egor could only reciprocate the kiss.

"It was very horny. I never knew that gay sex could bring so much pleasure," Yanbin said as the kiss broke. The Chinese man looked very tired but satisfaction could be seen on his handsome face. Without any hesitation, he embraced Egor's hairy body. As their sweaty torsos pressed against each other, Yanbin felt Egor's chest hair tickle his skin. "I'm thinking of postponing my flight. I want to experience more man-to-man pleasure with you," Yanbin said, resting his head on Egor's broad shoulder. A part of him knew that his sudden decision was crazy but he was powerless to fight his overwhelming lust.

For a few seconds, the Russian man did not say anything, only giving Yanbin a lewd grin. "Well, you can stay in my house. I live alone. We can have sex for as many times as you want. I'm very horny, especially when I'm with a handsome Chinese man like you." Seductively, he embraced Yanbin's athletic body and pressed his nose against Yanbin's neck to inhale the manly scent. But as minutes passed by, Egor noticed that his dick hardened again. "Shit! I'm horny again. But I have you by my side now. I hope you are ready for round two," he whispered in Yanbin's right ear. Gently, the hairy Russian man laid Yanbin's body on the sweat-covered desk. "Make me cum, again. And I'm gonna fuck you till I cum." As Egor started preparing himself to shove his slimy hard-on into the willing asshole, Yanbin surrendered himself totally to satisfy Egor's lust.


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