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Andrew Learns My Secret

chapter one

It was a normal day, just like any other. I was walking home from school with my best friend Andrew. We joked and talked easily as we walked to his house. Andrew was not only my best friend, but the subject of my secret fantasies. He just radiated sex. So far, I had managed to keep my feelings for him unknown. I would never be able to look him in the eye again if he knew that I jerked off every night thinking about his soft blond curls framing his perfect, blue eyed face. Even now I was sneaking glances at his soft, round corduroy covered butt. I loved the way it moved when he walked almost as much as I loved the view of his package as it mounded out the front of his pants.

We reached his house, and tossing our book bags in the hall, we headed up to his room. His computer was always on, so I asked if I could check my email.

“Knock yourself out, dude. I’ve got to go bring in the garbage cans.” He said over his shoulder as he left me alone in the room.

I opened AOL and looked at my mailbox. There was some spam, and a few forwards that I didn’t feel like looking at just then. I had other things on my mind, and this was my chance. I looked out the window and watched him saunter down the driveway. I didn’t have much time. I opened the hamper that stood in the corner of his room, and there it was. My prize.

I picked up the discarded dirty white cotton briefs that he had no doubt slept in last night and held them up to my nose, gently inhaling his scent. The light sweaty smell was intoxicating to me. I focused on the crotch area. There were a few yellow spots of dried pee, and a small crusty area that smelled like dried cum. I imagined him pulling up his briefs after jacking off, letting the last few drops soak into the fabric from his softening cock.

My mind was reeling as I turned them over in my hands and inhaled the sweet smelling scent of teen boy ass crack sweat. I was totally lost in the ecstasy of his aroma. I noticed a very faint skid mark in the seat as I greedily inhaled.

I was so absorbed in what I was doing, that I didn’t hear his sneakered feet on the carpeted stairs.

“What the fuck!”

I froze like a deer in the headlights. The soiled garment slipped through my fingers and back into the hamper. I wracked my brain in panic, but I couldn’t think of any legitimate explanation for what I had clearly been doing. He walked over to where I was standing. I felt like my face was on fire

I stammered pathetically. “I, uh…I was…”

“Dude, you were sniffing my shorts…and you’re really boned.”

I looked down at my tented out crotch and groaned. I wanted to cry, but no tears came.

He looked at me calmly. “Look at me Billy.” I raised my eyes reluctantly to meet his steady gaze. “I’m your best friend. Why didn’t you tell me you’re gay?”

“I didn’t know how you’d take it.” I managed to say.

“So you just snuck around, checking me out all the time. You didn’t think I notice, but it was pretty obvious, and now…this. I feel so…so violated.”

For the first time, I realized what an invasion of privacy I’d committed. I realized how embarrassing it was to know that someone was examining what you leave behind on your underwear, and I felt a wave of guilt and shame wash over me.

He never broke eye contact with me. “Pick them up.” He said evenly.

“Andrew, I…”

“I SAID PICK THEM UP!” He demanded. “You had your fun, now it’s my turn.”

I did as I was told.

“Smell them.” He said with his arms folded across his chest.

I took a tentative sniff at them. As much as I enjoyed the smell of his body, it was humiliating to be made to smell them with him standing there looking at me. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had no idea what humiliation was.

“No, no, get a good whiff.” He said, as he forced my hand to my face. He held it firmly in place.

“Take a deep breath. That’s it, inhale…exhale…inhale…exhale.” He laughed cruelly as I continued to breathe deeply of his essence until I almost hyperventilated.

He took his hand away from my face and placed a hand on each shoulder as he forced me to my knees. He took the briefs from my trembling hands and fitted them over my head. He pulled the fly apart so my nose stuck out and put his hands behind my head, pulling my nose into his crotch.

“See what a nice guy I am? I gave you a new hat, and I’m going to let you smell the real thing. Now smell my crotch, buddy. I took a shower after gym, but I’m sure there’s some ‘eau de Andrew’ down there for ya.”

I breathed deeply. In spite of my humiliation, my cock was straining in my pants. After awhile, he let me go, only to turn around. He reached back and pulled the fabric of the briefs so that my nose was buried in the soft corduroy that covered his crack.

“Go ahead, butt sniffer. Do your thing.”

As I sucked in the faint musky smell emanating from his ass, he continued to taunt me, calling me butt sniffer, and ass face and any other derogatory name he could think of for someone in my current position. He let me pull away when he heard a car in the driveway. We knew his mom was home from work. He turned around and removed the briefs from my head and tossed them in the hamper. He took my chin in his hand and tilted my face toward his.

“Now that I know what you like, there’s plenty more where that came from, butt sniffer.”

When my erection subsided, we went downstairs and greeted his mom like nothing had happened. We had a snack, then I looked at my watch and said I’d better be getting home.

“Okay buddy, see you tomorrow.” Andrew said cheerfully as I put my coat on.

As I walked home, I could still smell him in my nostrils. Man, I couldn’t wait to get up to my room and take care of my aching cock. As ashamed as I was, I was sexually supercharged thinking about burying my nose in Andrew’s crotch and ass. As humiliating as the circumstances had been, I had realized a dream. I didn’t know that it was only the beginning.

“Hi mom, hi dad.” I said, as I raced up the stairs. I got totally naked and began to work my cock, as I strained to remember his luscious aroma. I was surprised that I was getting totally turned on by the thought of being forced to smell him while wearing the dirty briefs on my head. Just thinking about it drove me wild, and soon my dick was spewing cum all over my torso. As I lay there catching my breath, I stuck a finger in the pool of cum and brought it to my nose. It had a slightly pungent smell, but not unpleasant. I licked it off of my finger and rolled it around on my tongue before swallowing. I wondered if Andrew’s tasted the same.

The next morning as I was headed for school, I was worried about seeing Andrew. He was the only person in the world who knew that I was gay. I still wasn’t sure what he thought about it. As I approached his block, I saw him come out of his kitchen door with his book bag as usual. He waved to me and made his way over.

“’morning butt sniffer!” He said cheerfully as he slapped me on the back.

“Andrew, about that. I’m really sorry. Can we just drop it?”

“Drop it? No way. You’re still being punished.” He said with a goofy grin on his face.

He stopped walking and faced me with a serious expression on his face. “Look, Billy. You’re my friend no matter what. I don’t care about you being gay. I’m glad I know, okay?”

A feeling of relief swept over me and a huge smile spread across both of our faces. “Thanks Andrew. You don’t know what a relief that is. I was afraid you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with me. You’re the best.”

He surprised me by taking me into a warm hug before resuming the walk to school.

Whenever I saw Andrew during the day, he treated me no different than usual. It felt great to know that he knew my secret, and it really didn’t matter to him. Occasionally when we were out of earshot of anyone else, he’d call me by one of his new pet names. It made me blush when he did it, but it sort of excited me at the same time.

I had English for last period, and Andrew had gym, so when the bell rang, I went to wait for him outside the locker room. He emerged, joking with a few guys. When he saw me, his face lit up.


The others didn’t notice, but I knew he’d paused so I’d think he was going to call me butt sniffer. I was mortified. He just laughed and said goodbye to his buddies and we walked off down the hall. When we got to the door, he stopped.

“Okay butt boy. The rest of your punishment starts now. We’re going to my house. Tonight’s my mom’s late night at the office, so we’ll have plenty of time to correct your behavior. I’m going to start walking, and you follow me ten paces behind, got it?”

“Why can’t I walk with you?”

“Because I told you to walk behind me ass face. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the view!” He laughed. “When you get to my house, go right up to my room and kneel by the hamper and wait for me. I have a surprise for you that I’m sure you’ll just love.”

He turned and started to walk out of the building, then paused.

“Oh, by the way. I didn’t shower after gym today.” He said with a wink.

He walked out of the building and headed for home. As instructed, I waited until he’d gone about ten steps, and followed meekly after him. He was right. I loved watching his hot ass as he walked the seven blocks to his house. I saw him disappear through the kitchen door. I walked into the familiar house and put my book bag down next to his. I walked through the living room and up the stairs and into his room. He was lying on his bed reading a magazine and didn’t even look up when I entered the room and assumed a kneeling position next to his dirty clothes hamper.

After about ten minutes of idly flipping through the pages, he put the magazine down and came and stood over me.

“Open it, butt sniffer.”

I raised the lid and peered into the hamper, thinking this is how it all began. The smell of dirty clothes assaulted my nostrils. There was a pair of briefs on the top of the pile.

“Go ahead. Pick them up.” Andrew said with a tinge of excitement in his voice.

I did as I was told. I looked at the underwear in my hand. It was by far the dirtiest I’d seen in a long time. I looked up at him questioningly.

“Go ahead, you know what to do.”

I raised the heavily soiled briefs to my nose. I realized they were the same ones from yesterday. He must have slept in them a second night. If I had thought they smelled yesterday, today they were twice as fragrant after having absorbed another night’s worth of Andrew’s leavings. He leaned down and pressed my hand to my face and instructed me to breathe.

I inhaled his body odor. It was much staler and ranker then yesterday, and it was quite unpleasant in such concentration.

He began rubbing the briefs all over my face and hair. “Now you can have some of my precious stink for later, butt sniffer. What do you think? I worked real hard on them for you…gotta keep my boy happy! Guess I didn’t wipe too carefully, huh…or shake for that matter. Sorry about that, bud.”

He continued to verbally humiliate me as he massaged the underwear into my face for about five minutes. He then took them from my hand and held the crotch out for me to see.

“Wow, look at those nasty pee pee stains. I hope they come out. Hey, I know, you can pre-soak them for me. Open up, butt sniffer.”

I started to beg him to stop, but he only used that opportunity to cram a portion of the fabric into my mouth. He held them in place with his other hand on the back of my head and ordered me to get them good and wet with my spit and suck them clean. It was all I could do to perform the task without gagging.

When he was done, he tossed the briefs on the bed and repeated the crotch sniffing and ass sniffing exercises of the day before. Even though he hadn’t showered after gym, the musky crack and crotch sweat was fresh, and it smelled heavenly compared to the stale acrid underpants. My boner immediately sprang to attention, straining against my pants.

When he was satisfied that I’d had enough, he ordered me to stand up. I was relieved, thinking that my punishment was over, even though I was embarrassed about my erect state.

He looked at me and pointed at my crotch. “Man, you really like sniffing my smelly butt don’t you!”

His next words came as a shock. “Take your pants off, butt sniffer.”

I froze. “Andrew, I…”

“Do it!” He commanded. “What’s a punishment without a spanking?”

I must have turned six shades of red. “Andrew, please don’t…”

“Billy, you’ve got this coming. Stop whining and take it like a man. Oh, and take your underpants off too.” He added, almost as an afterthought.

When I was naked from the waste down, my six inches sticking straight out in front of me, he sat on the edge of the bed. “Bring me your briefs buddy. I want to do a little hygiene inspection of my own.”

I brought him my briefs. When he made no move to take them from me, I held them out in front of me so he could inspect them.

“Oh, I see you were a little careless in the wiping and shaking department too, buddy. How does it feel to have your best friend check out your residue, huh?”

“Andrew, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. You weren’t even supposed to know.”

“Not as sorry as you’re going to be, now get over my knees.”

I awkwardly tried to position myself over his lap without my aching dick pressing into his leg, but in the end it was hopeless. He put his left hand on the small of my back and rested his right hand on my butt.

“When was the last time you were spanked like this?” Andrew asked.

“When I was 13. Dad found out that I cut school.”

“13. Wow, that must have been embarrassing. Did you have any hair yet?”

When I hesitated, he landed a firm slap right in the middle of my butt. “I asked you a question.”

“Okay! Okay, I had a few starting. My mom came in the room just as he pulled my underwear down. It was humiliating, alright? Is that what you wanted to hear?”

Andrew chuckled. “I’ll bet it was. I wonder what the guys would think if they could see you now?”

With no further ado, he began to systematically spank me until my whole bottom was stinging. He didn’t spank too hard, just enough to make my butt red and a little sore. When he was done, he told me to go stand in the corner next to the hamper. I could hear him checking his mail. All of the sudden, a flash filled the room, and I knew he’d taken a digital picture of my red ass.

“Don’t worry buddy. No one else will see it. I just wanted to preserve the moment.” He said with a laugh. He printed out the picture and taped it to the wall where I was standing.

“There!” He said triumphantly. “Just so you know how ridiculous you look.”

I was mortified to say the least, standing there in the corner with a full erection and a red butt looking at the evidence of my shame. After about fifteen minutes of corner time, he decided he’d admired his handy work enough. Mercifully, I was able to will my erect cock back to its flaccid state.

“Okay butt sniffer, you can get dressed. That’s enough for today.”

“For today? How long are you going to punish me? All I did was smell your underwear for god’s sake.”

“Oh, there’re a few more things you have to do before I let you off the hook. If you do everything I say, your punishment will be over tomorrow, okay?”

I thought for a moment about how he had the power to make my life miserable. All he’d have to do is tell the guys at school that he caught me sniffing his underwear. They’d probably believe him, especially if he showed them the picture. My life as I knew it would be over.

“Okay.” I mumbled as I headed over to where my pants and briefs were laying on the floor.

He got up from his desk and took my underwear out of my hand.

“Not these, butt sniffer…these.” He said as he handed me his heavily soiled briefs. “You like my underwear so much, you might as well wear them.”

“Andrew, please…”

“You’re just begging for another day of punishment Billy, now put them on.”

I knew it was pointless to argue with him, so I hastily put them on. They were a little snug on me, but it felt kind of good. When I was dressed, I came over and stood next to his desk and waited for him to finish looking at his email. When he signed off, he smiled up at me.

“Okay, here’s what’s going to happen.” He began, clasping his hands together on the desk. “I want you to sleep in those briefs tonight. You’re forbidden to take a shower or wash up in any way tonight or tomorrow morning, and I want you to wear those briefs to school tomorrow. Got it?”

“Andrew, I’ll reek all day!” I protested.

“Yeah, I know. Don’t you have gym tomorrow?” He said with an evil grin.

“Yeah, sixth period.”

“No shower then either. Oh, and one more thing. I don’t want you to cum tonight.”

The full impact of what he said hit my like a ton of bricks. I knew it would be sheer torture not to give myself some much needed relief.

Andrew smiled at the grimace on my face. “You can go now stinky boy. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He turned back to his computer as if I wasn’t there. I stared at him for a few minutes, hoping he would change his mind, but no such luck. Finally, I sighed resignedly and left for home. On the way home, I felt really grungy. Andrew’s body odor clung to my clothes and filled my nostrils. I began to think about the events of the last few days. I definitely liked smelling him. After all, that’s what got in trouble in the first place. Just thinking about being on my knees with my face buried in his ass was making it very uncomfortable to walk.

I tried to think of other things, but I kept coming back to being forced to smell my friend’s hot crotch and butt crack. When I got home I switched on the tv and tried to take my mind off of Andrew. I did my homework, but the smell wafting up from the briefs every time I shifted in the seat made it really hard to concentrate. After dinner, I went for a run, hoping to clear my mind. If I’d thought about it, I would have realized I’d get sweaty and I wasn’t allowed to shower.

When I got home, I thought about cheating. The thought of washing away all the grime under a hot shower was really appealing to me at the moment, but I decided that I had to obey Andrew. I stripped down to the filthy briefs and crawled into bed. My cock was hard as a rock, and I ached to have a good jerk off session. I didn’t dare touch myself. I knew I’d cum in no time. I tossed and turned all night, and finally around 3:00 am, I fell into a fitful, dreamless sleep.

Well, that's it for chapter one. I hope someone out there enjoyed it. In subsequent chapters, our young friend Andrew will discover more creative and gratifying ways to use his new found power over his best friend. If you like it so far and would like to see more, please let me know.