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Andrew Learns My Secret

chapter Three

Dinner with my parents seemed endless in the crusty underwear I had on. Finally, I was able to excuse myself, and went up to my room. I stripped naked and lay on the bed and masturbated furiously, thinking about Andrew’s cock in my mouth. I remembered the taste and smell of his groin, his balls and yes…his ass. Even though I’d cum earlier, I shot copious amounts of semen on my chest and belly. I retrieved the old t-shirt that I used as a cum rag from under the bed and wiped myself up. I pulled on some sweats and did my homework. When I was finished, I realized that I was totally exhausted from the events of the day, and turned in early.

The next morning, my mother was surprised when I came downstairs freshly showered ahead of schedule. Usually, she had to yell up the stairs several times before I dragged myself out of bed.

“What’s with you this morning? I’m not complaining, but, well, you’re up early for a change.”

“Oh, yeah. Andrew and I decided to get to school early from now on so we can get organized for the day.”

She hugged me and told me how happy she was that I was showing some responsibility. I felt a little guilty. If she knew that the real reason for my early departure was so that I’d have time to suck Andrew’s cock in the boy’s room she would have fainted dead away.

Andrew emerged from his house right on cue. “’mornin’ cocksucker.” He said cheerfully as he approached, causing me to turn several shades of red.

“Good thing we’re going in early. I’ve got something else to do before you blow me.”

“Andrew, please, not the cummy ass thing again. I really hate that.” I pleaded.

He stopped in his tracks and spun me around to face him. “Look, Billy. If this is going to work, you’re going to have to learn to do what I tell you. If I want you to have a cummy ass you’ll just have to do it, okay?”

“Yes Andrew.” I hung my head meekly.

“I wasn’t going to give you a cummy ass today, but I think you earned one, don’t you?”

“Yes Andrew.” I replied again, knowing it could be much worse.

We walked the rest of the way to school in silence. I knew I was in a state of semi-punishment, and I didn’t want to make it harder for myself. I knew he was capable of dreaming up humiliating situations for me. When we got to the boy’s room, Andrew once again steered me to the handicapped stall.

He wasted no time ordering me to pull down my pants and undies and bend over and grab the bowl. I was near panic, thinking he was going to fuck me. He rummaged in his backpack, and produced several items. One was a tube of KY jelly, and the other, much to my astonishment, was a small flesh colored butt plug.

“I took the bus across town to the adult store after you left last night to do a little shopping. I hope you like your present.”

“Andrew, I can’t go around with that thing in me all day.” I protested.

Andrew laughed. “Stop whining, butt sniffer. I got the smallest one they had. You should see some of the ones they carry. I’ll bet you’re even gonna like it once you get used to it.”

He greased up the plug and handed me the lube. “Here, get some of this in your hole.”

I sighed, and squirted some on my finger and did as he said. The plug he’d gotten had a bulbous head that tapered to a narrow part with a small disc at the end so it would stay in, but couldn’t go all the way in. Andrew pressed it firmly at my hole. I yelped when it popped in place, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. He nudged it with his fingers a few times and giggled as my butt squirmed at his touch.

“Okay, we don’t have much time. Here, sit on the bowl Indian style so if anyone comes in they won’t see two sets of legs, yeah, that’s it.” He said as I got into what was from now on going to be a familiar position. It didn’t take long for Andrew to insert his cock in my mouth and begin to hump in and out with my head firmly in his hands. As much as I loved sucking him, I wanted to get this over with quickly. I felt self conscious doing it, knowing someone could walk in at any moment. It wouldn’t matter to Andrew. It was known that lots of guys got queers to give them head, but giving it was a definite no no.

I worked hard with my tongue and lips to bring him to the edge. I got him deep in my throat without gagging this time. His pubes ground into my nose over and over as I pulled him deeper with each thrust. In no time, his cock was spasming out a huge load into my throat and mouth. He pulled back as he finished, and I knew that he wanted me to save some to show him. When he finally stopped spurting and pulled out, I obediently opened my mouth and looked up at him.

His flushed face smiled down at me. “Good little cocksucker.”

I smiled up at him as I closed my mouth and swirled his spunk around on my tongue and swallowed. He turned around and presented his ass to me.

“I have to see the coach before homeroom, so take a few whiffs for the road, butt sniffer.”

Once again, I spread his cheeks and inhaled long and hard of his crack smell. It was as though I needed it like oxygen.

Andrew dressed quickly. “Thanks Billy, that was awesome. I gotta jet. Don’t forget to catch your cum for your ass.”

He left me alone in the boy’s room with a plug in my asshole and a freshly fucked mouth. I was thoroughly humiliated and thoroughly turned on. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply of the ass funk that still hung in my nostrils. The taste of his cum was still in my mouth as I started getting close. I was so into it that I almost forgot to catch my load. That would have surely resulted in a long painful spanking and embarrassing corner time, or worse. Luckily, his parting words flashed through my brain just in time, and soon I was standing there rubbing fresh boy cum all over my butt cheeks and into my crack. When I pulled up my briefs, I even rubbed my ass to make sure they stuck. Andrew trusted me to do this myself, and I was determined to do it right. Besides, I knew he’d check later.

When I finished dressing, I took a step out of the stall and was all the sudden very aware of the butt plug. Naturally, it moved around in my ass as I walked. It took some getting used to, but by the time I’d walked gingerly to homeroom, I was getting to the point that I liked it. Andrew was right once again. I wasn’t crazy about the slime squishing around in my crack as I walked, but the thought of sucking his cock made it all worth while.

Andrew was already in homeroom when I got there. He cracked up at the look on my face as I sat down on the hard chair, driving the plug in deeper. Even though I had just cum, I could feel myself getting hard as it nudged my prostate.

When homeroom was over, I stood up, holding a book in front of my crotch to hide my hard dick straining in my pants. Andrew giggled at my embarrassment as we walked to our next classes.

I managed to get through the day. I didn’t have gym, so no one but Andrew and I suspected anything. Andrew checked me at lunch to make sure I’d followed his orders. A few times during the day, he managed to discretely bump in to my butt, causing the plug to work its magic on my happy button. Since my complaining that morning had only been a minor infraction, Andrew and I walked home together that day.

We talked and joked as we walked. I was enjoying the sensations I was getting from the plug. All of the sudden, Andrew stopped.

“I almost forgot. I have a limerick for you. Check this out:

There once was a boy named Billy,
I know you will think it is silly,
He grew a rod for his best friend’s bod,
And ended up sucking his willy!”

Andrew roared with laughter. “So what do you think?”

“Lovely.” I mumbled, as my face flushed crimson.

When we reached Andrew’s house, we went up to his room. He unzipped his fly and was tugging at his belt.

“Oh, I almost forgot! The cummy ass thing. Show me.” He said as he flopped down on his bed and waited for the show.

I unbuckled my belt and opened my fly and let my chinos drop around my ankles. I was about to do the peel when he ordered me to come over to where he was sitting. He decided he wanted to do the honors himself. I shuffled over to him with little baby steps because of my pants around my ankles like a little kid about to be spanked. It was incredibly embarrassing. He had me face away from him as he sat on the edge of the bed. He grabbed my waste band from the back and peeled the briefs down slowly, laughing all the while.

“Wow, you must have shot a huge load, man. These are like totally stuck to you. You do good work, Billy boy. I should have you punish yourself more often…in fact, why don’t you give yourself a little spanking. Not too much, just get it pink for me.”

I felt like a total fool, bent over in front of Andrew, with a butt plug in my hole, spanking my own cheeks. After a minute or so of pretty brisk spanking, he told me to stop and that it was time to suck cock. He told me I didn’t have to strip today, but to leave my pants and underwear down while I blew him.

“You can clean my sweaty balls and crack later. I’ve really got to get off in that mouth pussy of yours right now.”

I kneeled between his legs and took his cock in my mouth. I felt his knees press into my sides as I bobbed on his erection. He put his hands on my head, but didn’t hump into me. He seemed content to let me do the work this time, which was fine with me. I welcomed the opportunity to service him, rather than have my face fucked for a change. I set my own pace, and really relished his sweaty crotch. I loved the way he smelled after an active day much better than when he was freshly showered for the morning blowjob. Instead of that soapy flavor, now he was all Andrew. My own cock was rock hard as I slurped hungrily on Andrew’s boner.

“Oh man, that feels good…yeah, suck my sweaty cock…ummm, bet you can’t wait to get that face in my stinky butt, huh…yeah, suck me good, buddy…work for my cum”

Andrew’s nasty talk was really getting me hot. I could feel the plug nudging me as I worked my head up and down. Andrew was getting close, and his insults turned into soft moans. All of the sudden, he pulled me off of him as he shot his load. He made sure the first spurt went in my mouth, but the remaining 6 shots went all over my face. When he’d recovered from his orgasmic high, he looked down at my upturned, open mouth face and doubled over in laughter.

“Geez Billy, you look so funny. You’ve gotta see this!” He said as he pulled up his briefs and pants.

I wasn’t instructed to dress, so I left mine down as he shuffled me into the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror, I gazed at my reflection with Andrew standing behind me, his eyes twinkling with glee. He was obviously very proud of his accomplishment. I stared at myself in utter humiliation. My reflection stared back at me red faced.

“Okay, you can swallow.” Andrew said.

I closed my mouth and swirled it around. Andrew scooped some of his cum onto his finger and held it to my lips. I opened my mouth and he wiped it on my tongue. He repeated the process until most of his load was in my mouth. While he cleaned my face, he gently played with the plug in my ass. I watched in humiliated silence as Andrew fed me his cum. I was close to cumming myself, when he stopped and gave me six sharp slaps to my bare bottom.

“No cumming until midnight. Now get dressed.” He said with a wicked grin.

When I got back to his room, he was at his computer. “So what else do you want to do today?” He said with an angelic grin.

We went downtown for some ice cream, and hung out with some friends we ran into. It was fun, and I enjoyed the bike ride home. Just two best buds hanging together on a beautiful day. Just as we were about to split up and go our separate ways, the plug on my bicycle seat reminded me of something I had to ask Andrew.

“Uh…Andrew, when am I allowed to take the plug out?”

It kind of took him by surprise since we’d been in “best friend” mode for awhile, and weren’t thinking of the other part of our relationship. I could tell he hadn’t thought about it, and I cursed myself for not keeping my mouth shut.

He thought for a few seconds. “Leave it in until you really need to take a dump. Try and hold out until you cum, okay? Oh, and wash it and bring it to school tomorrow.”

I nodded and told him I’d see him tomorrow, and cycled off for home.

I answered my email, and surfed for awhile before doing my homework. All through dinner, I was conscious of the plug. I wondered what my parents would think if they knew what their son had inserted in his rectum, or how it got there. I had to admit that I was enjoying my guilty little secret. When dinner was over, I had to think about something else in order to get my cock to deflate.

I looked at the clock in the kitchen. It was only 8:30. The plug was driving me insane with the need for relief. I volunteered to do the dishes, just to give me something to do. When I was done, I watched TV with my parents for awhile, and then got a start on a paper that wasn’t due for a month. My parents were impressed with my new found discipline. If they only knew.

I glanced at the lower right corner of my computer screen. It was 11:45. The last 15 minutes seemed to last forever. With five minutes to go, I stripped off my clothing and lay on the bed. I pulled my knees up and spread my legs, and just played with the plug until the clock on my nightstand read 12:00 a.m.

I smiled in the darkness as I spit on my hand and massaged my aching cock. It had never felt so wonderful before. I closed my eyes and let visions of Andrew feeding me his cum from my spattered face dance through my mind. I rewet my palm and decided I couldn’t wait anymore, and frantically pounded my dick to a shattering orgasm. The first spurt hit the head board, and the next got in my hair. When I was finally finished, I had a trail going down my face, chest and belly. I caught my breath, and tasted my fingers. My cock was still as hard as ever, as I started pumping it again, using my load for lube. It only took a few minutes to reach my peak again, adding to the fresh cum on my body.

I went to the bathroom and closed the door. I looked at myself in the full length mirror and gasped at the sight of my cum drenched body. I used my finger to collect it just like Andrew had done, and fed as much as I could into my mouth. It was a heady experience, and before I knew it, I was fully erect again.

I turned on the water and got into the shower. I squatted down and fished the plug out of my butt and let it fall to the floor of the bathtub. Even though I loved the sensation, it felt good to get it out of me. I soaped my stretched hole, and fingered it gently. As I soaped up my cock and balls, I continued fingering my hole, and in no time, I gave up my third load of the early morning hours. I wondered if Andrew had any idea how much better it would be for me after waiting all those hours. Looking back on it, I think I actually got off on depriving myself because Andrew had ordered me to do it. This was all new to me, and many mixed emotions clogged my brain.

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