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Andrew's Demise

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING YOU PERVERT!"  Michael shouted at Andrew.  Andrew's head quickly shot up in shock, dropping the jockstrap, that he had been sniffing, back to the bench where he had found it.

"Michael it's not what it looks like I swear."  Andrew stuttered out, trying to slowly back up away from the larger teen in front of him.

"Really cause it looks like your setting there playing with your little dick while sniffing," Michael quickly snatched up the jockstrap looking at it, "MY JOCKSTRAP!"  He shouted, quickly stepping forward punching Andrew directly in the stomach.  "Wait until the other guys finds out about this, your life won't be worth shit in this school anymore."

"God Michael can't we keep this between us, I promise I'll do anything, your homework for the rest of the year, wash your car, please, just don't tell anyone."  Andrew cried struggling to get back up from the blow.

Andrew saw Michael smirk, "Anything huh, I think I got the perfect thing for you, since you like sniffing my jock I think the real thing will be better.  Crawl your ass over here, NOW BITCH."  Andrew quickly tried to crawl over to the front of Michael.  "Undress me now."  Andrew tried to undress the sexy teen as fast as possible, realizing he was having another problem, his dick was getting hard again.  After Michael was completely undressed, "Get down on your knees now, and did I say this could get hard."  Michael said kicking Andrew scare in the nuts, causing him to fall to the floor again.  "Back up here now faggot, stick your tongue out and lean your head back."  Michael put his balls directly into Andrew's mouth. "Suck them, and if I feel any teeth, you won't ever have to worry about a dentist ever again."  While Andrew was busy sucking on Michael's balls, Michael grabbed his cell phone from his pants taking pictures of his cock lying across Andrew's face.  "Now get your mouth around my cock bitch.  All the way down."  Michael said, grabbing the back of Andrew's head shoving his full nine inch dick straight down the boy's throat.  Andrew tried to fight back, trying to get air again, but Michael held his head down till he saw the boy's struggling became intense.  "You better breathe fast faggot its going right back in." 

After a much less time than Michael wanted he started feeling himself ready to cum, "Ready or not bitch here it comes."  He said, shoving his dick as far down Andrew's throat as possible, sending all his baby makers directly into Andrew's stomach.  Andrew tried to pull his head off Michael's dick after he felt the teen's cock stop throbbing.  "Did I say you could go anywhere faggot, I always have to piss after I get off, and I think your mouth is a much better spot than having to walk to the urinal."  Andrew really did struggle after hearing this, "If you don't quit, I'm not only going to piss down your throat I'm going to get a baseball bat from supply and shove it in your ass."  Andrew quickly stopped struggling quickly, realizing the other option was worse.  With that he felt Michael's dick get a bit bigger again, his mouth filling with an acrid horrible tasting liquid.  "Just a warning anything you let spill out of your mouth your licking up off the floor when I'm done." 

Soon Andrew felt the flow stop, hoping he hadn't let any out of his mouth, "God your such a slut faggot, you took everything my bladder had without spilling a drop.  Now get your ass over to the bench and lay on your back."

"I....thought we were done, I sucked you off. You even pissed in my mouth, what more do you want?"  Andrew gasped out, eyes filling with tears.

Michael laughed loudly, "I'm going to fuck your ass, then after that I'm going to send these pictures I have of you sucking my balls to every member of the team.  Your going to be our new team pussy, any time we feel like it we're going to shove our cocks up your ass or down your throat.  After every game we're going to take turns going at your ass, like the little faggot you are.  That's just for starters, I'm sure I'll come up with some more fun things to do as the season goes on.  And if you don't co-operate then I'm going to send the same pictures to your parents, talking about how much you begged to suck my big dick and following me around like a horny slut.  Now get your ass over to the bench on your back with your tongue out, or I might just go ahead and crush your balls for the fun of it.  Not like that little dick is worth having anyway, it would probably be a favor to you to go ahead and crush them.  I'm going to grab something real quick, and if you aren't still on your back with your tongue out then your life won't be worth having anymore."  Michael went and got something from his bag while Andrew stared at the ceiling from the bench.  "Now bitch here's how its going to work, I'm going to set my asshole on your mouth, I want your tongue in my ass.  If you don't get it in far enough lick my ass out with enough enthusiasm then I'm going to hit your balls with this ruler as hard as I can."  Andrew's face actually turned a light shade of green.  "Ohh and if you throw up your going to lick up all your puke off the floor too.  So you better hope I'm cleaner than I doubt I am." 

With that Michael placed his asshole directly over Andrew's mouth, he felt Andrew's tongue tentatively lick his ass, then jerk back quickly.  Michael slapped Andrew's balls three times as hard as he could.  He felt Andrew's tongue shoot up his ass, "Look at that pathetic dick, its a good thing your a faggot Andrew there's no way that little thing could ever satisfy a girl.  Did I say slow down?"  Michael said bringing the ruler down on Andrew's balls five times as hard as he could again.  He could see that Andrew's balls we're starting to swell.  "Maybe you'll get lucky Andrew and one of the older fags down at the park will blow you, but I doubt even they would think you were worth the effort as small as that is.  Why don't you bring your hand up and jack off for me.  Maybe it'll seem bigger when your hard.  Do it now bitch, play with your clit for me."  Michael said again slapping Andrew's balls five more times, making sure to hit his dick a couple of times in that one.  Andrew brought his hand up trying to get his dick hard, after a few minutes of nothing, "Maybe this will help."  Michael stated grabbing both of Andrew's nipples twisting and pulling them as hard as he could.  Andrew screamed loudly directly into Michael's ass.  "Hmm, that felt good cunt, I'm definitely going to have to work on these, maybe I'll get them pierced a couple of times, stretch them out.  Making them be seen even through your shirt so everyone will know your just a faggot bitch.  Is that all you got even hard, no wonder your a faggot, maybe when the seasons over we'll just cut off that little excuse of a thing, and just make you into the girl that you are." 

Michael could feel his dick almost ready to shoot, he got up off Andrew's face and placed his nine inch, beer can thick dick at Andrew's ass.  "You better be ready bitch cause here it comes, making you into a real pussy now."  Michael shoved his dick into the squirming crying boy in one move, causing Andrew to scream like he was being stabbed.  "I love hearing my bitches scream."  He looked down at Andrew's tear stained face spit and ass juice drooling out of his mouth, snot dripping out of his nose and down into his mouth.  This gave Michael another ideal, without stopping his painful fucking "Open your mouth bitch, wider, WIDER, tongue out as far as you can get it.  Now keep it that way."  Michael cleared his throat getting as big of wad of spit he could get, leaned over Andrew's mouth and let it drip onto Andrew's tongue.  He saw the boy gag, "Remember you throw up your licking it off the floor, let it stay there, there's more to come."  Taking his finger he closed it over one nostril and blew his nose out directly into Andrew's mouth, followed by the other nostril.  "Now close your mouth and don't swallow, I want you to swish it around in your mouth.  Now leave it there until I get off into your cunt, got it?"  Andrew shook his head.  "Now let's see how those tits, make my dick feel from this end."  Michael said grabbing Andrew's nipples again as hard as he can, twisting them, pulling them as far from the boys chest as possible.  Andrew started lifting up with them.  "Put your hands behind your back under the bench and hold yourself down onto it.  I want to see how far I can get your nipples up."  Michael started laughing again, realizing that Andrew would now be helping in the pain he was in.  "That's a good bitch, ohh yeah, we are definitely going to get these pierced a couple of times.  I can get a good grip on them then.  Did you know Eric turned 18 last week?"  Andrew looked at me wondering what that had to do with anything.  "That means he can get into that porn store downtown, we're going to make sure we have all kinds of new toys to use on our new pussy.  He told me they even have a joke dildo that you can buy that's the size of a horse's dick.  Yeah we're going to make your next 4 years here really fun, well at least fun for us anyway."  With that Michael started slamming into Andrew harder and harder, making Andrew cringe.  "FUCKING HELL!"  Michael shouted cumming again in his new pussy boy.

After recovering, he started pulling out.  "Stay still bitch."  Michael said grabbing his discarded jockstrap, he quickly balled it up and starting shoving the material up Andrew's sore ass, making sure his cum would stay in the boy.  "Open your mouth."  Andrew wasn't even thinking anymore he was in such a state.  Michael could still see his snot floating around in the pool of spit at the back of Andrew's open mouth.  "Swallow"  Andrew swallowed the filth in his mouth closing it.  Michael swiftly grabbed the ruler, and started beating Andrew's balls again.  "Did I say you could close your mouth bitch.  You do what I say when I say got it.  Now keep your mouth open."  After twenty swats to his balls Andrew was crying horribly.  "Now clean off my dick, your lucky this time, it doesn't look like there's much shit on it.  In the future, it won't matter if your pussy is dirty you will be cleaning everything off every cock that's put near your cunt mouth."  He shoved his dick back into Andrew's mouth, "Get your tongue moving I want it cleaner than it was before this started.  Now hold still I gotta piss again."  Andrew tasted the piss more this time with Michael being softer.  "Tomorrow I'm going to talk to the coach, and have him hire you on as the water boy.  That way I can make sure you start servicing the team as soon as we're on the bus for away games.  Yeah its going to be a good season."  Michael moaned pulling his now soft cock from Andrew's gaping mouth.  "Now get on your hands and knees and find me any other jockstraps in the locker room, and bring them all over here one at a time using your mouth."

Andrew stiffly got down and slowly found five other jockstraps around the locker room.  "Now back on the bench, on your hands and knees still."  Michael wadded up each jockstrap, and stuff them up Andrew's ass, cause shocks of pain up his already sore and open ass.  "Do you have a camera Andrew?"  He nodded yes weakly.  "Good, when you get home I want you to set up a camera in your room, and have it recording.  Then I want you to get on your bed completely naked, then pull each jockstrap out of your ass.  But before you pull the next one out I want you to suck on each one, I want them white by the time you bring them back in tomorrow.  I want you hard the entire time, and saying how much you enjoy the grungy taste of the teams jockstraps.  Saying how lucky you are to have the teams straps to suck on.  When you get to mine, I want you to squat over the pouch, and make sure to squirt all my come out of that pussy of yours.  I want you get that little clit you call a dick to shoot while sucking my cum out of my jockstrap.  Got it, cunt?"  Andrew shook his head yes, while quietly crying.  "Good then I want you to e-mail me a copy of it.  If I don't have it in my box by the morning, I'll make sure to come visit your parents before you go to school, and we'll show them some nice pictures of they're cock sucking son.  Now get your faggot ass out of my locker room."

Andrew quickly dressed and ran from the locker room, or at least waddled quickly.


Come the next morning Michael checked his e-mail and watched the video Andrew had sent him.  "Gotcha now faggot."  Michael whispered to himself burning the movie to a DVD.\


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