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Andrew's Demise 2

"Hey Coach, can I talk to you for a little bit?"  Michael asked while entering his office.

"Sure Mike, what ya need?"  Coach asked looking up from some paperwork.

"Me and the team need to borrow the locker room after practice today.  The DVD player as well if we can, I want to show some interesting moves that I saw a semi-pro team playing around with for the season."  Michael asked, already imagining the plays he was going to be putting Andrew through once he showed the team the video he had.

"Yeah no problem, just make sure to clean up after yourselves.  I have to get out of here early, so do you mind taking the guys through some of the basics the last half hour?"  Coach asked, turning his attention back to the paperwork.

"Sure Coach, also, I know who the new water boy should be this season.  He's a freshman, and really wants to support the team, but he's not that great of a player."  Michael replied.

"Ohh, who is he?"  Coach looked up again.

"Andrew, I think he's in your freshman PE class." Michael told the Coach.

Coach looked up at that one, "Really he never said anything to me, but if you think he'll work tell him to start tonight.  I trust your judgment, I'll have the DVD cart in the locker room, before I leave."

"Thanks Coach, see ya tonight."


"Be at the locker room tonight before practice."  Michael whispered to Andrew as he passed him in the hall.  He could see Andrew pale a little with his statement.



"Guys I want you to meet your new water boy.  Michael has informed me that he has been wanting to support the team this season.  So make him feel welcome. I thought I was going to have cut out a little early tonight, but it seems I'm not going to be able to be here at all.  Michael said he had a video to show you all of some new moves that he thought we might be able to use, so I'm just going to cancel practice, and let him show that instead."  Coach said, as he picked up his briefcase, leaving the teens in the hands of their team captain.

"Don't worry Coach we'll make Andrew feel real welcome.  Brandon make sure Coach has left the school."  Brandon left, and came back later.  While he was gone, Michael put the DVD into the player, and waited Brandon to come back.

"He's gone Michael."  Brandon said taking his seat again.

"Andrew up here now."  Andrew slowly got up obviously nervous.  "On your knees now, cunt.  Guys I would like to introduce you to the team's new pussy."  Michael said.

"What the hell man?"  Judd asked confused.

"I think showing is better than telling."  With that Michael pushed play on the DVD player.  The image had Andrew on his bed, doing exactly what Michael had told him to do the night before.  "Lets fast forward towards the end a little."  He fast forwarded to the part with Andrew squirting all Michael's cum out onto the jockstrap.  Andrew kept hearing whispers of faggot, cunt, bitch, even talk of beating the shit out of him after practice.  He started shivering scared with what the guys we're planning on doing to him.  As the video ended Michael started talking, "Guys we have here the perfect bitch, we can do anything we want to her and she can't complain.  Think of your kinkiest shit you ever wanted to do to a girl, and now we have this cunt to do it too.  You'll do it to right Andrew."  Michael looked at him, and he knew what the answer was.

"Yes Michael, anything the team wants."  Andrew said quietly, knowing he was defeated.

"Now I think we should give the faggot a bit of reward for being so helpful.  Andrew, strip now, and get on your hands and knees on the bench now.  I would suggest that the rest of you guys follow the strip now part.  We're going to see how much Andrew really wants to support the team."  With that Michael started stripping, noticing there was not a single soft dick in the bunch.  He had seen most of his team mates dicks before and knew that Andrew was in for one hell of a rough time.  Especially with Judd, he looked at least ten inches long soft.  Michael stepped up in front of Andrew, "Here's how its going to go, you need to get my dick as wet as possible, cause that's all the lube your getting for the rest of the night.  After that my cum will lead the way for everyone else's dick up that faggot pussy you got.  So I would really slobber it up, I'm only going in your throat three times."  With that Michael shoved his cock into Andrew's throat three times in quick succession, causing the boy to gag each time.  "That's all the lube you get bitch."  With that Michael went around to Andrew's up turned ass, and shoving the entire length up Andrew's new formed pussy.  With shouts of 'fuck that pussy', 'show that faggot what he deserves', 'get out of the way'.  Michael came faster than he wanted too. 

"OK, guys, line up, seniors, juniors, sophs, then freshman.  Everyone will get some of this pussy, and make sure that you have him clean up your dick like this."  Michael said as he shoved his dick back in Andrew's mouth.  "This is how he needs to make sure we are clean every time.  We don't want any shit streaks on our dicks, also there is a nice feature on this faggot.  I know I have to piss after I get off, and Andrew here is much nicer than the toilets over there."  With that Michael let loose a torrent of piss into Andrew's mouth.  "The bitch already knows that if he doesn't swallow every bit of anything that we put in his mouth that he has to lick it up from the floor." 

Michael went over to the bench opposite Andrew watching his team's cunt boy being fucked over and over again.  "Hey Eric can I talk to you for a few minutes."  Michael asked him before he got into the showers.

"Sure Michael, what's up?"  Eric said sitting down beside of Micheal.

"I need you to pick up this stuff from that porn store downtown."  Michael said putting a list and a check card into Eric's hand.  "And anything else you want to pick up from there."

Eric looked through the list, "Wow your going to put the boy through the paces aren't you.  I know old whores who couldn't take this type of stuff your asking for."

"Don't worry, he wants it.  I'm just helping the little fag get what he wants, while having some fun myself."  Michael stated, turning his attention back to his new fag boy.



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