The Apartment Handyman


It was my anniversary! I had been the maintenance person at the Chase Park Apartments for 5 years as of May 3. Now, my time here was about to end. My dad owned the complex, and my guess was that he was selling it in order to get me to move on.

I had taken this job right after graduation from college to serve as `Summer Employment' and until I could look for a `real' job in Fall, but Fall turned to Winter turned to Spring, etc., and here I was five years later.

I actually liked the job. The tasks were never too tough, but they contained enough variety so that I never felt bored. The apartment residents were largely Latino(a), and so I also got to brush up on my very limited Spanish language skills. But I guess dad was right. It was time for me to decide what to do next. . . .

Well, at that moment, I decided to push that thought back for later since I had to unstop a clogged toilet in 2B. `2B' was always a problem. 3 Latino guys lived there, and they always seemed to be having some kind of problem. Whereas most of the residents were gone during the day, these guys always seemed to be around. They paid their rent well, and there was never a specific complaint against them, so the property manager let them stay.

I knocked on the door to 2B, and shortly thereafter, Felix came to the door. He was the only one in the place who spoke much English. As usual, when the door opened, I heard the rap music coming in from the living room, and I saw the other guys lounging on the grungy sofa seemingly wasting away the day. Felix had on his usual outfit, consisting of huge basketball shorts and no shirt. He was well-defined, and slightly handsome. There was still a slightly rough edge that made me think of `gang member' when I spoke with him.

"I'm here to check out the toilet". I said as I motioned towards the toilet plunger I was carrying.

He motioned me in, and I went straight toward the bathroom. The door was closed, so I knocked. Within a second, the door opened, and Jose, another of the roommates, came out holding his towel, but wearing no clothes. He had just gotten out of the shower and was still pretty wet. He brushed past me, barely paying attention, but I couldn't help but turn and catch a glimpse of that `bubble ass' as he walked towards the living room. As I turned to go in the bathroom, I heard the boisterous language in the living room pick up a bit, and all the guys start laughing.

The bathroom was pretty steamy from Jose's shower, so I turned on the fan and proceeded to open the toilet lid. I always hated this part of the job because I rarely found anything that I wanted to see when I lifted the lid of a clogged toilet. To my surprise, the toilet was clear. I flushed it, and it worked with no problems.

"Oh well, it must have cleared out by itself", I thought as I gathered up my bag and plunger and turned around to go.

I walked toward the living room to let Felix know that everything seemed to be OK when I turned the corner to find Jose still standing naked among the 3 other guys. Each one was `servicing' him in various ways. Felix was behind Jose, and seemed to be reaming his asshole as his hands spread those beautiful butt cheeks. Luis had Jose's swollen penis in his mouth, sucking it for all it was worth and one other guy who I did not know was standing to the side stroking his own huge hard-on while using his other hand to pinch at Jose's nipples.

They stopped long enough to register that I had entered the room, but immediately resumed with their activity. I could not move. My heart was racing as I watched Jose writhing among his 3 friends. He was slightly bent over so that Felix could easily tongue his ass, and he was leaning on the shoulders of Luis as his tool was being deep throated by his leaning post. He slowly gyrated his ass and dick to get maximum pleasure from the mouths of his amigos.

The one guy that I did not know pulled away from the action long enough to come over and stand within a couple of inches of me. I could feel his breath on my face. His erect penis almost brushed the front of my pants which were now tenting due to the show. His eyes met mine, and I felt the draw of his mouth towards my mouth. We were about the same height, and all I had to do was lean very slightly and our mouths were touching. His tongue shot out and licked my lips. My eyes closed as I allowed him to French kiss me. His tongue seemed to explore every space in my mouth. My tool bag and plunger dropped to the floor as I melted.

I was losing myself in this very sensual moment, when the jolt came.

I had not noticed that the 3-way scene had broken up while I was being kissed, and I was now surrounded by the four guys, and they had all grabbed me very securely. I let out a yelp but it only lasted a second before a pungent sock was thrust in my mouth. The smelly sock was the least of my worries because within seconds of my warm and sexy kissing session, I was being carried into a bed room with the warmth of a police drug raid.

Felix and Luis held my arms and legs as Jose and the other guy grabbed 4 pair of handcuffs off of the bed. They were quickly attached at each of my wrists and ankles and before I could begin the fierce struggling, I was pushed back on the single bed, and the other side of each cuff was attached to the metal posts at each corner of the bed. The nasty sock was replaced by a piece of duck tape over my mouth.

The four men backed off now and watched me as I struggled against the cuffs. I quickly realized that I could do nothing. Jose, who was still naked, began to play with his now-flaccid penis. The stranger still had his penis hanging out the front of his pants, but he was also flaccid at this point. Luis and Felix were still wearing their shorts.

They spoke to each other as if I wasn't there. They were speaking in Spanish much too quickly for me to understand. As a result of the conversation, Luis threw Jose a pair of gym shorts to put on, and the other guy who they referred to as Danilo, put his dick back into his pants.

Jose went over to the TV and hit a button on the VCR. All four guys left the room with the last one out turning off the lights and closing the door.

So there I was in a dark room on a grungy bed with all four limbs handcuffed to the posts of the bed. Not exactly my usual Wednesday afternoon.

The TV sprang to life and I saw that a video was beginning. The camera was moving around too much to see what the video was, but very shortly, the picture settled down and showed a scene very much like the one I was in. The tape showed a man handcuffed to this very bed with a pillowcase over his head. He wiggled against his restraints but was also not having any luck. He had on business suit pants and a starched dress shirt. His tie was askew from an apparent struggle. The screen seemed to relay the same tense, panicky emotion that I was now feeling.

The video continued with the same scene for about 3 more minutes, and during this time, my panic began to take over. I struggled against my own restraints, but only got winded in so doing.

The lighting on the TV screen changed as if the door to the captive's room had opened letting in outside light. A lone figure entered the camera shot. It was Felix dressed in his usual shorts. The man on the bed tensed as Felix sat on the corner of the bed and ran his hand over the man's crotch. Although the video had no sound, I could tell that the man was saying something and swaying every which way to try to get up. Felix began undressing the man. First, he cut the tie off with a pair of scissors. He then unbuttoned the shirt. He unbuckled the man's belt, and unzipped his pants, exposing the white briefs beneath.

At that point, another figure entered the room. Jose joined Felix but he was nude. His dick was semi-rigid, and it was clear that the scene was about to get him to a point of full erection. His 6.5 inch, thick cock bobbed by the camera as he walked over to the bed and handed Felix what looked to be a razor knife.

The man on the bed got very still, obviously being threatened by the sharp object. Felix began to cut the suit pants and shirt off of the man. In short order, the distinguished businessman was now in his briefs and tee shirt. Jose had left the scene and the camera began jiggling around, and it was clear that Jose had picked up the camera. He then focused more closely on the man on the bed. The camera followed the action of Felix continuing to use the razor knife to cut the white fabric of the man's t-shirt and briefs. Felix was slow and methodical, and when all was done, the business man had a small patch of fabric over his crotch and a pile of ripped clothes on the floor beside the bed. The man had remained very still during this process knowing that a dangerous instrument was being used very close to his skin.

Jose pointed the cam down to his own cock and showed that the scene had kept his attention, and then he zoomed the camera in to Felix's crotch and you could see the outline of a very well-endowed Felix tenting his oversized basketball shorts and a huge wet spot making the fabric a shade darker.

I was in a situation where I was torn between being scared to death and so turned on that I could not stand it. I felt my cock stir, but I chastised myself as I thought of the fact that no one was expecting me anywhere in the next few hours, thus no one would know I was missing.

The saga on screen continued as the remaining fabric over the captured man's cock was removed, and Jose began licking the man's flaccid cock. The cock was really nice, and Jose seemed to enjoy it. The captive was a middle-aged man, but in great shape. His abs flexed as he unsuccessfully tried to pull away from Jose's mouth. Slowly but surely, the mouth of Jose began to have an impact and the captive began to get hard. As his dick got longer and thicker, I felt mine doing the same. I could tell the man on screen was fighting the feelings, but he was losing the battle. Eventually, his clamped tight legs even loosened up as he spread his knees a little to let Jose in for more oral satisfaction. Felix took the opportunity to dip his finger into a shortening can and apply a liberal amount of lube to the man's anal area. The man's legs tensed again, but it was too late, Felix's finger had already reached its destination.

Jose continued to suck the man's ever-growing cock. At this point, it looked like the man's cock was going to reach a nice 7 inches. His legs had again relaxed as Felix was clearly inserting his finger into the man's anus. Felix pulled his hand away and went off screen. He returned in short, with a nice buttplug. He covered the phallus with shortening and moved it to between the man's legs. The man bucked up slightly as the dildo was moved into position and pushed up his ass.

Jose was going crazy at this point. The buttplug had evidently made the man grow to his fullest, and I could tell Jose's mouth pump was working overtime. After a moment more, Jose pulled away and the camera caught the captured man's cock erupting with cum. The dildo had clearly stimulated all the right areas because the cum was plentiful.

My cock was leaking precum at this point and I'm sure the front of my pants were beginning to grow soggy. Even though I couldn't touch myself, I almost felt like I was going to cum.

On screen, all the players went limp for a moment. Felix and Jose left the scene while the camera showed the `spent' man drenched in his own cum, his chest and stomach still heaving from the exertion. His moist rod was shrinking back down to size.

Felix came back into the scene and used a small key to begin unlocking the man`s cuffs. Jose came over to sit on the side of the bed and pulled the pillowcase off of the man's head. He leaned over and kissed the man on the mouth. As Jose moved back, the camera finally caught the face of the man as he was being released from his final handcuff. His nude body glistened as Jose and Felix joined him on the bed and began licking the cum from his stomach and chest. The three men were clearly involved in a session of voluntary love-making. The shock came as I realized that I was watching my FATHER being kissed and caressed by his two Latin lovers.

The TV screen went to `fuzz' at this point, and after a minute or two, I saw a light enter the room as the door to the room where I was being kept was being opened. I was rock-hard, leaking and ready.

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