The Apartment Handyman, Part II


The door closed again, but I was fairly sure someone had entered the room where I was being kept. No lights had been turned on but I could hear slight movement in the room. The first real evidence of an actual person came when a hand fondled my crotch in the dark. My erect cock was clearly outlined in my workpants, and as I said, there was probably a very prominent wet area on the front of my pants. The hand moved away, and all I heard was the word, "Si" being spoken. It was almost as if someone was checking to see if I was hard.

A moment or two later, I saw the beam from a very intense penlight penetrate the darkness and shine onto the ceiling. The light was very concentrated and did very little to illuminate more than a 3 inch area. I followed the beam of the light as it danced around the room. For awhile it rested on the Honduran flag above the bed. After that, it focused on a Mexican beer poster that was on one of the walls. Then, it moved to an area just 3 or 4 feet to the right of my knees, and all I saw was a dark erect cock using a mouth as a pumping station.

The ray of light showed the tip of someone's nose, their lips and a bit of their chin, and a pretty large penis moving in and out of their open mouth. That was it. I heard the slurping sounds of the blowjob, but other than that, the act was totally isolated. No moans, no groans. The repetitive motion went on for some time, and I found myself focusing very intensely on the mini stage. After about 3 minutes, with no warning or fanfare, the pumping penis slowed and pulled out of the mouth, and the ray of light showed cum squirting onto the nose, lips and open mouth of the blower. A tongue slipped out of the mouth and ran up over the lips and lapped up as much cum as could be reached.

The penlight went out, and I felt like I would explode. I could not touch myself, in any way shape or form, but the fabric of my pants were almost producing enough friction to make me cum. I wiggled a bit and realized that I could get my cock to rub against the ribs of my briefs, and make a slight rubbing sensation. In just a second, I ejaculated in my pants.

I felt the warmth of the semen as it matted my pubic hairs and dribbled to the skin underneath. The relief that I felt was short-lived since I immediately began to feel very tense about my situation again. The sexual excitement was secondary now that I had `gotten my rocks off', and I was beginning to worry about what was in store for me. My dad entered my thoughts as I remembered him in the video, and at the end when he seemed to be enjoying getting licked and kissed by my Latino kidnappers.

From the dark, the TV set again sprung to life as I contemplated the situation, and it seemed the video was picking back up where it had left off.

Felix and Jose were still licking the cum off of my dad's belly and chest. Felix lifted my dad's leg and massaged the area around the buttplug that was still inserted into my dad's asshole. My dad's head fell back and the camera showed that his dick was again springing to life. Jose seized the opportunity and began rubbing my father's growing penis. Felix rotated the base of the buttplug stimulating the areas that it could reach. Jose straddled my dad's now erect cock and eased his way down onto the shaft. His ass seemed to be a ready receptacle for the 7 inches of my dad's dick.

This whole scene was making my head spin. Even with no sound, the lively on-screen action made it seem that my dad was participating very freely. His involvement did not jive with the tenseness and fear that I had seen earlier in the same video. His beautiful body twisted with pleasure as Felix replaced the buttplug with a larger dildo. Jose was pumping up and down in a very athletic way, and I knew it was only a matter of time before Jose would be filled up with dad's cum. Sure enough, the body language spoke for itself, Jose and my dad were cumming simultaneously. Jose's load landed on dad's stomach and chest, and my dad's load was buried deep within Jose's ass.

Felix finally decided it was too much for him, and he pulled down the front of his trunks to stretch the elastic waistband below his balls. The tool that this man had was incredible. Now I clearly understood why he wore such large basketball trunks. He needed them to contain that piece. While Jose still straddled my dad, Felix moved around and made sure that the camera angle caught him jacking off over my dad's face. My dad's tongue darted and and licked Felix's hefty ball sac as Felix pumped his meat. In not much more than a minute, Felix forced his rigid rod downward and pumped his load all over my dad's mouth and face.

Again, the TV screen went black, and I was forced to deal with the fact that I was again erect and leaking precum in my pants. My wiggling motion was not quite as effective since my briefs were softened up with all my earlier cum and my new pre-cum. The darkness of the room made me feel like I was alone, but I had the sense that I still had company.

The penlight popped back on, and again, I watched it dance around the room. In short order, the penlight landed on another mini porn scene to my left. This time a very large dick was being thrust in and out of an ass. I was pretty sure that I was watching Felix fuck Jose as he was bending over. The room was quiet except for the suction sound that the ass hole made as the large piston rammed in and out.

My cock was leaking heavily, and seemingly without any self-control, I again found myself climaxing just as the huge cock pulled out of the ass and landed a load of cum on the bubble asscheeks of the recipient.

The penlight was turned off and I began reflecting on my situation. I was fully clothed, handcuffed to a bed, being titillated with recorded and live porn, and I had unloaded twice in my pants. The dark room was beginning to have an impact. I was no longer as much scared as I was exhausted. The show had been very effective, but my mood was no longer as tolerant. My limbs were tired of being stretched, and my neck was tired of craning around to catch the different stimuli. I laid my head back for the first time, and let my muscles and body relax. I actually felt sleep coming on.

When I awoke, I started a little because I found myself in the same bedroom, but the light was on, and my handcuffs were released. The tape still covered my mouth, but I took the opportunity to rip it from my face. This was the most painful thing that had happened to me.

I slowly got up trying very intently to hear noises outside the room, but I heard none. I opened the door, and it seemed that the apartment was empty. My tool bag and toilet plunger sat by the door. I picked them up to leave when I decided to check the VCR to see if the tape was still in the machine. Sure enough, the `eject' button produced a VHS tape into my hand. I put the tape in my bag and headed toward the door. Within a couple of moments, I was outside on a sunny afternoon, as if nothing had happened.

I ran over to the apartment complex office, and walked in. Donnie, the property manager, looked up from his computer, and eyed me curiously. "What's up?", he asked.

"Just. .. just checking in.", I replied as if I was in the ozone somewhere. "Any messages or calls?", I asked.

"Nope, all seems to be pretty quiet this afternoon", he stated, settling back into his computer work. "Did you get 2B taken care of?", he asked.

"Yep, its A-OK." I stated this with half of me wanting to call the police, and the other half of me wanting to return to 2B. "I'm actually not feeling that well. I think I may head home a little early today." I threw out suddenly.

"No problem", Donnie replied. "Hope you feel better".

I left the office, and headed toward my truck. As I approached the truck, I noticed an envelope taped to the windshield. I retrieved it and opened it up. I found a stack of Polaroid pictures. They were all of my dad in various positions on the `captive's bed'. In some, he looked like he was dazed and half asleep, but still with various size dildos sticking out of his ass. Others showed his ass hole stretched beyond my wildest imagination as a very large dildo was just being pulled from his ass. One picture showed my dad wide awake with his suit still on, and his flaccid dick sticking out of his trousers as he strained against the restraints he had worn.

I returned the pictures to the envelope, not quite knowing what to do. I didn't know when all this had occurred. I had not seen my dad in a little more than 4 days, so for all I knew, he could still be with Felix and his friends. The fact that my dad looked dazed and could take dildos that size up his ass, made me suspect that he may have been drugged somewhere along the way. I began to worry about him.

I pulled my cell phone from my truck glove box. "Mona, hey, it's Scott", I calmly said to my dad's secretary.

"Well, hello, cutie, I haven't heard from you in a long time.", she said on the other end of the line.

"Yep, I'll have to get by to see you soon, but anyway, Mona. . . is my dad around?" I asked, hoping to hear a positive response.

Instead, Mona informed me, "Nope, I haven't seen your dad since this morning. He was headed over to the complex to hand-deliver an eviction letter to the folks in 5K. I guess he decided to head out to the golf course today."

"Oh, OK, Mona, Thanks and I'll see ya." as I hit the button on the phone cutting Mona off as she began another sentence.

My mind was racing as I realized that the video tape and pictures could have potentially been taken this very day. "What should I do?" "Where should I go?"

Within 5 seconds, I turned on my heels and I headed back to 2B. I was going to face those guys and find out the story with my dad. My adrenaline was running strong, and I was ready to fight, if need be. Then again, I felt the drying cum in my pants, and I remembered what an incredible turn-on my captivity had been.

As I approached the door, I noticed it was ajar just as I had left it. It seemed that no one had returned home. I slowly opened the door and stepped into the apartment. No noises were heard. I went back into the hallway, but I decided to check the other bedroom. When I opened the door to the 2nd bedroom, I found what I was looking for. My dad was passed out on the bed. He was wearing Felix's huge basketball shorts and no shirt. He was not bound in anyway, but the reasoning was pretty clear. He was fast asleep.

I bent over him, and could hear a little snore as he lay there in the middle of the King sized bed. I glanced over his body. I noticed the outline of his flaccid penis inside the `Felix shorts'. The nylon fabric draped over the tent of his manhood. His upper body was beautiful with a light dusting of hair matted with a good bit of dried cum all over his chest and belly. His usually neat hair, was a little messed up, but it only added to his charm. I had to admit that my dad was a real hotty.

I pinched his face in my hand and tried to wake him. He stirred slightly, but he did not seem to be able to get out of the fog. I continued to shake him. After a couple of minutes, he finally opened his eyes and looked up at me. He began taking in his surroundings, and finally asked, "What the hell?. .. .Where am I?. . . ." He looked down to see his shirtless chest and the very unusual basketball pants he was wearing. His head fell back on the pillow and he put his hand on his forehead. "I feel like total SHIT,. .. what happened to me?" "Scott, what is going on?".

I put my hand on his chest and said, "I'll explain it later, we need to get you out of here." With that, I tried to put my arm around his neck and lift him up. With my help, he sat up, but I could tell that standing may prove to be difficult. His head drifted around as if he could not bare to keep it still. I tried pulling him over to the side of the bed. He tried to help me, but he was mostly dead weight.

I tucked my arms under his legs and gave a major pull. When I did this, he opened his eyes wide with surprise, and I thought he was going to yell at me. I pulled away, and in his sluggish way, he reached down in the shorts and felt in the area between his legs. "There's something up my butt, Scott, . . what is up my butt?" He was very groggy, but still trying to focus on some foreign object in his asshole.

I gently put my hand up the leg of the oversized shorts and felt a large-sized dildo protruding from my dad's ass. "Breathe deeply in and out, and relax." I instructed as I began to pull the dildo from his well-stretched hole.

When I produced the double-ended dildo from the pant legs of his shorts, I thought he would stroke out. "That was inside me?" he asked clearly beginning to wake up more and more.

"Dad, listen, I'll explain it all later, but I really need to get you up and out of here. OK?" I pleaded with a little more urgency in my voice. I grabbed a tank top from a nearby drawer and I put it over my dad's head and used it to cover his torso. It was tight on him, but man, did it look hot.

Slowly, he rose from the bed, and I steadied him with my arms. We began walking toward the bedroom door, and he seemed to be getting his balance. "Where are my clothes?", he asked as we shuffled into the hall. At that point, I noticed the pile of shredded clothing by the bathroom door. I pointed it out to my dad, and he shook his head. "I've got a feeling that I've got some remembering to do."

As we approached the front door, I was beginning to feel pretty relieved, but my relief disappeared as Felix and Luis stormed through the front door.

We all stopped and looked at each other. My dad said, " Felix, what did you guys give me in that soda? Did you drug me or something? What the hell has been going on?"

"I need my shorts back", Felix muttered as he looked my dad directly in the eyes.

Danilo and Jose had also come in the front door by that point. I was looking for escape routes, but no heroic ideas popped into my head. I moved between Felix and my dad, and with as much animosity as I could muster, I got into Felix's face and uttered, "Let us get the fuck out of your house. You'd better not bother us ever again, or we'll get the police involved. Comprende?"

Felix smiled the devilish grin, and just as I feared, he and Luis grabbed me, and Jose and Danilo grabbed my sluggish dad. I struggled and yelled at high volume. I made quite a ruckus before someone could get the tape and slap it over my mouth. My dad was trying to be diplomatic as he slurred his speech and stumbled between the men who held him, but that stopped as soon as a piece of tape was applied to his mouth.

My dad and I were led to the dinette table and we were made to sit in the sturdy wooden chairs that surrounded it. The cuffs were brought back out and our ankles and wrists were cuffed to the wooden spindles and legs of our chairs.

Felix arranged the chair that I was in to sit about 3 feet away from my dad facing him. The table was moved to the side. My eyes faced straight ahead as I looked at my still hazy father sitting there with his tank top and oversized basketball shorts. I couldn't help but remember the pictures of this beautiful man with huge sex toys hanging out of his ass, and the memory of Jose riding his 7-inch cock, and I felt the stir within my groin.

These boys were truly perverted, but they knew what they were doing. . .

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