The Apartment Handyman, Part III

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Before today, I had never been held against my will, and here I was experiencing it for a second time in the same day. My dad sat across from me in his chair. I would catch his puzzled eyes occasionally, and then sometimes, his head would hang loosely to the side as if he were sleeping. The drugs were still clearly having an impact on him.

I watched as our captors went about setting up their strange business. The video camera which had filmed my dad's earlier experience was being set up on the kitchen counter in the direction of my dad and me. This was not a good sign (or was it)? My conflicted brain ran at 100 miles per hour, as I thought back on the earlier tape and remembered all the erotic moments that occurred. The stirring in my groin came back.

As if on command, a pair of arms reached around me from behind. The arms slipped between my arms and the back of the chair, but I could not see who was behind me. I squeezed my arms tightly against the chair putting pressure on the strangers' arms, but this weak act did not seem to have much impact. My body was being fondled as I looked down and watched the hands move around my groin , and up and over my stomach and chest. The stranger's forearms were covered in dark hair, and were beautifully muscled. He began unbuttoning my workshirt, and then my work pants. As my zipper was lowered, I felt that my cock was already hard within my underwear. "The hands" moved up under my t-shirt. My smooth skin was rubbed and an occasional brushing of my nipples brought them to attention. The left hand then moved under the waistband of my boxer briefs. My erect cock was gently stroked and then my musky balls were coddled. The hand was feeling for all of the moist areas on my underwear, and I heard a little laugh from behind as the extent of the pre-cum, and cum was being discovered. I had never really cleaned up from my earlier escapade.

I was falling into an horny buzz, when my gaze looked up and I saw that my dad was watching all of this through his fogged eyes. He was no longer dozing, but his eyes were fixed on the hands working their way underneath my underwear. My eyes could not help but try to catch his eyes, but it was no use, he was transfixed with the hands on my body. I noticed that Felix's basketball shorts were beginning to show a little tenting. My doped-up dad was actually getting a hard-on.

One of the hands pulled out from under my shirt, and it pulled out from around the chair. The other arm was carefully exploring the sagging skin around my testicles. Within a moment, the free hand came around to my nose holding a bottle of poppers, and it was held there until I had breathed in some of the aroma. I was trying to breathe shallowly, but then I felt my balls being squeezed, and I took a deep breath in response. The deep breath of poppers made my head swim ecstatically. My blood pressure rose upward as I began to feel very warm. Through a haze, I watched as my footcuffs were released and my legs were held straight up by Felix and Danilo. My pants and my underwear were quickly pull off, and my legs were held out in a spread eagle. As I regained my senses, the poppers were again held under my nose and I watched the hand squeeze my testicles again making me take a deep breath from the bottle. As my head again went swimming, Felix began rubbing my ass with grease and in a swift motion began feeding a double-headed dildo up my asshole. The poppers magnified the heating sensation of having the foreign object stuck up my ass. I tried to yell, but the tape muffled the noise, and within seconds, my legs were again secured by cuffs to the legs of the chair, and my dick was being stroked by the hand from behind. (At this point, I'm assuming that it is Luis) I opened my eyes as the pain of the dildo and the buzz of the poppers began to wear off. I saw my dad staring at me with clear lust. His cock, which I could remember clearly from earlier in the day, was pushing at the waistband of the oversized basketball shorts. His knees were spread a little more than they had to be based on the cuff position.

My cock was at full attention, and I could see the dildo dangling over the edge of the chair. To get more comfortable, I had scooted my ass to the edge of the chair so that the dildo was not being rammed further up my ass. This action made it as though I were giving dad a clear show. He had a good view of my cock, balls and stretched asshole. He did not seem to mind, nor did he show further signs of drowsiness.

Luis came from behind my chair and dropped his shorts to the floor. He dragged his semi-erect dick across my face and slimed the duck tape covering my mouth with his pre-cum. He pulled scissors from the table and cut my t-shirt down the front from bottom to top. Both my shirts were then pushed back down my arms further holding them in place. I was now fully exposed. All day, I had been watching the live and taped action without ever feeling the air on my skin, and now I was fully alive as I felt this terrible but wonderful thing happen to me.

My dad closed his eyes and slightly shook his head, but when he opened them again, he clearly had a fire in them. His brow wrinkled, but I could tell that he was losing the inner fight with his horniness. The sight of his son being stripped and manhandled was proving to be too much for him. His dick head was now reaching up out of the shorts.

Luis got down on his knees and began giving me one hell of a blowjob. He licked all the old cum and precum from my pubic area, and seemed to savor the whole process. He took my cock to the back of his throat and held it there while manipulating the dildo that hung out of my ass. As my prostate felt the massaging, he increased the pumping of his mouth up and down my cock. I was headed toward cumming. As I reached climax, Luis pulled away and let my semen spray up on my belly. As I came to my senses, I looked over and saw a tear in my dad's eye. When I looked down, I saw why. He had cum in a pool around his naval. The sight of my blowjob had done the trick.

Luis got up and left us both there looking at each other. Danilo stopped the camera and pulled the tape out. He moved over to the VCR and popped in the tape. Within a minute, we were watching the activity of the last few minutes on the television that fell into our view. Eventhough we could have turned out heads, it was almost as if dad and I were being forced to watch the activity. As I watched what was being done to me on the screen, I saw the video of my dad getting so turned on that he finally spilled his seed without touching himself.

The video went to fuzz and this time, and it was my turn to watch the boys intoxicate my father with poppers. Just like me, his legs were lifted and his shorts were pulled off. His flaccid cock bathed in the shiny liquid that had puddled on his belly. Another snort of poppers had him scooted up directly in front of my chair with Felix inserting the other end of the double-headed dildo into his asshole. I tried to squirm but I only made matters worse by pushing the other end of the dildo further up dad's hole. There was not much resistance since his ass had been stretched so thoroughly during the day, but I knew what he was feeling with the combination of poppers and dildo, and just as the thought aroused that emotion, my dick, again, began to grow.

Dad's legs were being held up straight in the air by Danilo and Jose as we ended up with only 5 inches of dildo showing between our asses. The family resemblance was striking as I looked at our nearly identical tools and balls perched above the flesh-colored rod that connected us.

Felix had again returned the tape to the camera, and I saw the red light come on as we sat in this position.

He came over and whispered in my ear, " If you don't want copies of this all over the city and the internet, you will never speak of this day. Understand?"

I nodded as he moved behind my chair and began rocking it. The motion set up a pistoning with the dildo. Rocking back, the dildo pulled out of both our asses and the forward rock sent it reaching further into our bowels. While holding my dad's legs tightly with their left arm, Danilo and Jose stroked their exposed cocks over my dad. All five of us seemed dazed as we watched the dildo work its magic between my dad and me. The whole event was making me crazy. The dildo felt like velvet as it stretched my hole, but to look across and see my dad's torso attached to the source of this stimulation meant that I had to deal with the fact that I was having sex with my own father.

Jose and Danilo quickly spilled their loads all over my dad, including his face. He was fully awake now as his eyes seemed to beg to be relieved of the load building in his own balls. The cum caught the lights of the room as it clung to his upper lip. I noticed then, that he caught the drip with his tongue.

Felix stopped rocking the chair, and the dildo came to a standstill. The space between my dad and me was narrowed and our balls were brushing against each other. I could feel the hairs on his balls tickling mine. It was at this point that I realized that Jose and Danilo had let loose of my dad's legs totally, and my dad had let them drape over my legs. He did not seem to want to get away at this point.

Felix slipped back into my view. He was pulling off his gym shorts and his 8 1/2 inch pendulum swung semi-erect between his legs. He stepped over to dad, and tore off the mouth tape and held his growing cock up to my dad's lips. My dad devoured the man's cock. He acted as if he were eating a meal after not having one for 2 days. Jose was unlocking his cuffs at this point, but dad stayed hunched in his chair connected to our joint dildo, but moved his hands up to Felix to rub him as he worked to swallow his tool. His fingers moved up under Felix's sagging balls and rolled them gently in his hands. Felix arched back and let his head fall back and he pushed his cock into the choking region of my dad's throat. Dad regained the motion and literally had his upper lip in Felix's pubic hair. I had never seen such a talented cocksucker. Felix growled as he reached the point of no return. I could tell that he was flooding my dad's throat with his cum. I could see dad's adam's apple bobbing up and down as he drank the load.

Felix pulled away and reached down to my dad's erect penis. His hand went on past as he went to work the dildo out of my dad's ass. The movement stimulated my end, and his hand brushing against my balls made me eye him with total lust. As he pulled the fake rod out of my dad, he leaned down and spoke, "Like father, like son." My lust-filled eyes clearly agreed to the sentiment as Felix helped my father stand and stretch his back and legs from their cramped positions. My naked father was as excited as ever. Felix kept up the anal stimulation on my dad with his finger, and after giving him some time to stand up straight, he moved my dad in a standing position over me, and began stroking his penis. My dad leaned back against Felix and let him have control as he brought him ever closer to the explosion. Dad slipped his hands back behind himself to rub on Felix's dick, but it did not take long for Felix's practiced hand to result in the splash of my dad's cum all over me.

As dad's dick jerked to release its final spurts of juice, Felix held him tightly and rubbed his hands all over his naked body. Dad's head was leaning back, and now that he had cum, I was not sure what to expect. Felix nuzzled my dad's neck and my father still seemed to be lost in the moment. As he stood straight up, my dad turned to Felix and gave him a kiss on the lips and whispered, "Your method may have been a little radical, but you have given me pleasure like I have never had before."

Dad bent down and kissed me on the top of the head, and asked Felix to release me.

Jose came in with the key and released my cuffs. I stretched my limbs since I was able to move everything, but before I could get up, Danilo got down on his knees and touched my erect cock. His eyes looked up at mine and I could tell he wanted to take my dick in his mouth. I leaned back and let him have his way. Felix, my dad and Jose and Luis stood around enjoying the show as Danilo began to bring me to climax. As I shot my load into his mouth, he simultaneously yanked the dildo from my ass. He moved his face toward mine and filled my mouth with my own cum. We kissed long and passionately, and it made me remember the kiss that had gotten me into this mess in the first place.

This had truly been a day to remember. Everyone in the apartment seemed pretty content. I looked around at the grungy walls as I pulled on my pants, and remembered that this crazy day would change my memory of this place forever.

Jose headed toward the kitchen, and to top off the experience, a Honduran feast was prepared, and we all ate greedily.

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