The Apartment Handyman, Part IV

For Adults Only

Shortly after our incredible meal, the language barrier between the 2B boys and me was becoming obvious as our limited conversation began to slow down. It seemed that it may be time to head home.

Dad was finishing a beer while leaning back on the sofa with just a towel wrapped around his waist. Felix sat very close to him and occasionally found ways to sneak his hand up under the towel covering dad's crotch. Felix had put on the basketball shorts that my dad had worn during our last escapade, and the dried pre-cum stains from the earlier sessions were obvious on the front of the nylon fabric. Felix and dad acted like two teenagers `in heat' as they molested each other with their eyes.

The music had been turned down to a low level, and the other guys were milling around as if waiting to see if the day was really over. I had found my pants and put them back on, but I left my shirt off so that I would fit in with the rest of the guys. When I had found my pants, Luis had grabbed my boxer briefs, and in his limited English had asked if he could have them. When I agreed, he held them to his face, took a deep breath and smiled.

I got up and started putting on my work shirt to signal that I was taking off. My dad looked up and finally seemed to catch the hint. "Hey Scottie, you headin' out?", he asked lazily from his reclining position.

"Yep, I think I'll head on home. .. For some reason, I'm a little tired." I replied as Felix and dad smiled back with a knowing grin. "You sticking around?", I asked dad rather pointedly.

"I guess not. . ., now that its dark, I guess I can leave without making too much of a scene. I'm not sure how the other tenants would respond to the landlord walking around without any clothes on.", he said as he pulled himself up into a sitting position.

Felix rubbed my dad's back tenderly as my dad began to move towards standing. It didn't take long for him to fall back on the sofa to let Felix continue his gentle caresses.

"On second thought, I think I'll stick around a while longer." he said as he cozied into Felix on the sofa. His towel parted enough to see his cock hanging beautifully between his thighs resting on two perfectly shaped testicles.

I looked at dad and realized that he had caught me gazing at his privates. He made no motion to cover up, but just winked at me and said, "I'll talk to you tomorrow, son."

The other guys followed me out to the porch so that they could smoke cigarettes, and we knowingly touched hands as I left the wild day in "2B " behind me.

After getting in my truck, I had to sort through the things that I had left in the seat earlier in the day, including the envelope of Polaroid snapshots of my dad's initial captivity and the video tape that I had taken from the machine when I had initially left the apartment.

Just handling the tape made me nervous as I realized that I wanted to watch it again.

What a perv! I had been captured, and molested the entire afternoon, and here I was wanting to go home and watch more of it on this video. I tried to put it out of my mind.

It wasn't much use because as soon as I entered my house, I headed toward the VCR to pop in the tape.

As it started, I caught the tale end of a scene that I had started earlier where Felix had just unleashed his cumload on my dad's face and mouth. Felix was scooping all the cum on my dad's face down towards his mouth and depositing it there. I could still see sheer ecstasy through my dad's drugged stupor. My dad had been `into' the whole thing.

The tape went fuzzy for a few seconds. I reached to turn it off when the picture again became clear. It appeared that the tape had been reused and my dad's rape session had covered up a previous taping.

The subsequent taped scene was no less graphic than the previous scene , it seemed. A man was sprawled face down across a desk, and as his pants hung down around his knees, he was being fucked up the ass full force by another guy. The man getting the pounding was writhing as the `top' pistoned in and out at full throttle.

As I watched the long cock thrust in and out, I realized that the scene was familiar. As the `bottom' turned his head toward the camera, I became wide-eyed. This was a tape of Donnie, the property manager, being fucked on top of the desk in the property management office. At the same moment, I realized that it was Felix who was topping Donnie in his office on that day.

Realizing that I knew the parties involved made the action seem much more interesting. My own cock began to swell, as the tape showed Felix finally pulling out of Donnie's hole and letting his load loose all over Donnie's ass. Without much thought of Donnie's climax, Felix slapped Donnie on the butt, and pulled his basketball shorts up over his fading manhood. He said something and left the room. I watched as Donnie stood up and wiped his hand over his ass and brought Felix's cum to his own penis and began jacking off. Donnie was a big guy. At about 6'3", he carried his extra weight all over his body. He wasn't fat, but he still seemed hefty. He stroked his short thick cock briskly with the cum that Felix had left him. In short order, he was spewing all over the top of the desk. He quickly pulled up his pants, tucked in his shirt and headed toward the camera. His hand covered the lens as the camera went to black.

So, the cam was hidden up in the bookshelf. As I was beginning to understand the picture, the fuzz of the video again gave way to a picture. A hand moved away slowly, and the camera showed Donnie moving back towards his desk. The cam showed the edge of his office door meaning that it was open. Donnie's eyes looked up as someone entered. I recognized the tenant from "4C" as he entered Donnie's office.

"4C" was a real hotty. I had done some small repairs in his unit in the past, and I have to admit that I had lingered a little longer than entirely necessary so that I could converse with the guy. His name was Rod, and I often laughed at my own internal jokes about how he ended up with that name. Rod's girlfriend spent most of her time at Rod's apartment, although I think she technically still lived with her parents. She made no secret of the fact that she enjoyed her sex life with Rod. She freely shared the fact that she liked staying with Rod because he never seemed to `get enough'. She bragged to anyone who would listen that they frequently stayed naked during the entire weekend. Everytime I saw Rod around the complex, I thought of how beautiful he must be roaming his roost naked and then satisfying his partner at every whim.

Could it be that I may finally see the `goods' on Rod? I watched the video with increased interest and noticed that my dick was erect against the zipper of my work pants. I decided to go ahead and shuck the pants since I was home and seemingly needed the freedom. My cock swung in front of me as my pants fell to the floor. As I stepped out of them, I also removed my shirt. I sat cross-legged inches in front of my tv set, with one hand gently rubbing a nipple and the other hand lightly tickling my ball sac.

Donnie and Rod seemed to be having a rather heated argument on the video tape. Donnie had opened a file and seemed to be pointing to some papers in the folder. Based on my knowledge of his office, it appeared that Donnie was reading Rod the `riot act' about rental payment being due. Evidently, Rod was not paying exactly according to his lease, and Donnie was using the document to reiterate his point.

The two men were settling down some, and seemed to be having a more civil conversation. A compromise seemed to be in the works. Rod was beginning to look uncomfortable as he looked around the room and back out into the lobby. Donnie came around the desk and closed his office door. Donnie then put his hand on Rod's shoulder. Rod did not move, but his body language was anything but happy.

Donnie helped Rod turn his chair away from the desk so that it was facing him. While he was standing, Donnie began unbuckling Rod's belt. He then unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper. The big man pulled Rod's pants down to his thighs and then he sank to his knees in front of the tenant.

Donnie began servicing Rod through his boxer shorts. In no time, the boxer fly was so wet that I could make out the growing ridge of Rod's dick head in the leg of his boxers. As much as Rod seemed to not want it to happen, he was responding to Donnie's tongue bath of his cock. The dick continued its growth in the boxer shorts, and finally Donnie could not take it anymore and pulled down Rod's boxer shorts. Rod lived up to his name. His growing dick was already quite lengthy, and it wasn't clear how much further he had to go. Donnie took Rod's tool and began to milk it with his mouth. He took occasional breaks to lick Rod's balls, but primarily stuck to the blow job at hand. Rod's head went back, and his knees buckled very slightly. He was clearly enjoying himself. In about 4 minutes, Rod grabbed his dick from Donnie's mouth and began pumping his rod over Donnie's face. He unleashed a load of cum that spanned from Donnie's chin to the thin hair covering the top of his head. It looked like Donnie had finally collected the rental late fee.

Rod tapped his cock on Donnie's mouth and Donnie gave it a good wash with his tongue. Rod pulled his boxers and pants back up and turned to leave. Donnie began to rise as Rod opened the door, but all of sudden, Donnie appeared very rattled because as Rod left the camera's view, another figure entered. Donnie sat down in the visitor's chair and rubbed his hand up over his face and forehead. The cum smeared into his face and left a shiny streak even visible to the video camera.

The new visitor turned out to be my dad. It was clear that he was laughing as he saw what Donnie was doing. My dad was clearly making some sarcastic remarks about what had obviously been going on.

Donnie continued to rub the remaining cum on his face, and my dad pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to him. My dad closed the office door and walked around to Donnie's desk. My dad pulled the ledger book from the shelf and began studying it. He seemed to be asking Donnie questions about the books. Donnie leaned over the desk to look at something my father was pointing out. Dad seemed to be getting angry. It was almost as if my dad's discovery of Donnie's secret office life made him suspicious of his bookkeeping. My dad stood up and ordered Donnie up beside the desk. My dad pointed to the desk, and almost as if he were a trained dog, Donnie let his pants down and leaned over the corner of the desk. This was clearly a familiar position for him. This also seemed to be familiar for my dad.

My father raised his hand and began swatting Donnie's ass cheeks. He kept his rhythm steady and alternated between cheeks. The video tape caught the deepening redness of Donnie's ass. Donnie stayed fairly still only moving slightly when my father's hand stung his backside.

My father began removing his suit coat. Then he let his own pants drop. He pulled his underwear down and tucked it underneath his protruding cock and balls. With very little pause, he was up against Donnie's red ass, pushing his cock into Donnie's asshole. His pre-cum must have already been working since he immediately slipped past the big man's sphincter.

I was mesmerized again by my father's cock as he expertly fucked his property manager. It seemed pretty clear to me that this was not the first time the two men had been in this position. My father hung onto Donnie's sides as he pounded him. Donnie had stepped out of one leg of his pants so that he could better straddle the desk and feel the full impact of dad's dick up his ass. While continuing his ramrod session, my dad also leaned over Donnie and reached around his chest to pinch both of his nipples. This really seemed to please the big man on bottom.

As my dad built to climax, Donnie pulled back and was stroking his thick can-like dick. My dad bucked the final release while still planted up Donnie's ass and within a moment or two, Donnie's dick spurted cum on the floor beside his desk. Both men were breathing heavily as they regained their composure. At that point, the tape reached its end. The hot and heavy video tape had finally displayed the last of its 90 minutes of apartment complex sex opera.

I sat there in my dimly lit living room, naked on the floor. My pre-cum-oozing cock lay partially flaccid on my thigh. I could have easily brought about the umpteenth eruption of the day, but I really felt very tired.

All of this apartment complex `action' had been going on right under my nose. Had it been happening all along? Why had I never been seduced by Donnie? Had my dad always been a raving homo?

I moved up to the sofa to continue my thoughts, but within a few moments, sleep caught up with me and I was OUT.

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