The Apartment Handyman, Part V


The alarm clock blared from my bedroom as 6:59am clicked over to 7am. I opened my eyes, and found myself still on the living room sofa with an afghan my aunt had given me covering the lower half of my body. I had experienced the `sleep of the dead'. No dreams, no fits of insomnia, no drugs, just `dead to the world sleep'. Weirdly enough, I didn't even have my usual morning hard-on. I guess between dehydration and what seemed like a million cum sessions the day before, my cock was taking a well-deserved break.

I stretched as I rose from the sofa, and became aware of my nakedness as I walked in a daze to the kitchen to prepare my morning coffee. Just as I pressed the button to start the coffee, my doorbell rang. I was still a little fuzzy, but I had enough sense to grab the afghan and drape it around my waist as I went to see who was visiting this early in the morning. Through the peephole, I saw my dad on the other side of the door. Of course, I opened up.

Dad looked like a million dollars. He was showered, shaved and dressed in what he called his `business casual' attire. I held my afghan tight and motioned for him to come in. I closed the door and turned to face him. I'm sure that to an outside observer, this picture would have been humorous. My hair was a mess, I was suffering from serious morning face, and the old ragged afghan was draped around me making me look pretty homeless. On the other side was my immaculate father looking as if he were ready for day of golf or boating.

"I thought I'd better come by and talk", dad finally said breaking his bashful stare.

"Let me put on some shorts, and you can pour us some coffee. I'll join you in the kitchen in a second." , I responded dragging the afghan with me as I headed to the bedroom. I grabbed some gym shorts and a tank top and threw them on. My baseball cap finished up my usual early morning look.

Dad had already poured the coffee and was sitting at the kitchen table as I entered the breakfast room.

I sat down, and quickly took oral injections of the coffee. Dad sat there looking at me for about 30 seconds, but he finally broke the silence by saying, "Scott, . . .son, . . . I am feeling really weird about yesterday. I had never intended for you to get involved in any of this mess. I would never intentionally hurt you or `mess with your mind', or anything else that would make you uncomfortable."

" What do you mean, pop?" I asked. ". .Get me involved in what. . ?"

"Well. . .it's a short and weird story, but I guess I owe it to you to explain.", he said.

"Yep, I'd say I need to understand." I responded a little more sternly than I intended.

Dad began his story:

"I didn't understand the whole story until I heard it from Felix last night, but it makes more sense now that he has filled in some of the holes (he smiled and made the aside, `so to speak')

I have never been a stranger to man-on-man sex. Since I was a teenager, I have had male partners on occasion. I married your mom, and enjoyed our sex life, but it never swayed me from wanting the occasional guy. When your mom and I divorced, I ended up having less heterosexual activity, and more gay sex. I guess because of my size and demeanor, I was always the `top' with any man I may have encountered.

I hate to admit it, but I often found a sexual outlet with Donnie, at the apartment complex. He always seemed to be willing to let me unload up his ass.

As it turned out, I was not the only one getting a piece of Donnie. It also seems that Donnie liked to video tape his escapades.

Anyway, the outcome is that Felix, who also enjoyed Donnie's ass occasionally, discovered the video cam one day. He grabbed it from the bookshelf in the management office and took it to his apartment. Donnie was somewhat scared of Felix, so he did not dare pursue him or call in a report to the police.

Felix watched the tape in the camcorder and saw several of Donnie's episodes, including a few of me giving Donnie the rod.

Felix found himself attracted to me, and that is what initially led to the `kidnapping' yesterday. Felix felt like he needed to `teach' me versatility, and with a little help from the medicine cabinet, he inserted enough foreign objects up my ass to make me feel like a woman.

The guys decided to get you involved with the fake maintenance call when I let it slip that you are my son. The rest. . . You are fully aware of. . . "

As dad finished up the story, the scenes from the video that I had seen after returning home began to make much more sense.

I smiled and said, "Well, I think I actually understand now. I think I have something that you may want."

I picked up my coffee and poured a refill before exiting to the living room. My dad followed.

I popped the tape from the VCR, and handed it to him. "Watch this when you're bored one night. You won't be bored for long." smiling, I gave him a big hug. He hugged back, and it didn't even bother me when I felt my penis hardening in my loose-fitting gym shorts.

Dad felt my hardening cock against his leg, and he pulled away slightly just so that he could kiss my forehead and back away. He groped my crotch with his hand, and said, "This instrument of yours is incredible, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it work yesterday. I'm not sure I'm ready to bunk down with you, but I would definitely love to participate in some group action with you." he added, "You are enough to make your dad proud. . . . and very hard. . .."

He gave me another kiss on the forehead, and then he put his coffee mug on the end table. "I've got to head to work, but I did not feel that I could wait a single moment to clear the air with you. I hope you're OK with everything."

"I'm fine, pop." I replied as I ushered him out the front door. He turned and bashfully waved as he got into his car. Before entering the car, he said, "I realize that I have no room for lectures at this point, . . ., but don't forget that you also need to be thinking about what's next for you after I sell the complex in the coming month. I can tie you over for awhile, but you need to be interviewing. . Hint, hint, hint. . ." With that, he was off.

I returned to the kitchen for my final cup of coffee. As I sat at the kitchen table, I contemplated my current job as it had been over the most recent 24 hours. The increased complexity of my relationship with my dad made me wonder if it was all worth it. The memories of the incredibly titillating sex convinced me that it had been fully worth it.

In preparing for another work day, I showered and shaved in a casual way. I felt as though I were washing away a week's worth of grime. My ass was still a little sore from the dildo play, but a little lotion made everything feel a lot better. As I stood naked shaving, I looked at myself in the mirror. I felt slightly excited as I saw characteristics of my own body that reminded me of my dad's body. Although the activities from the day before left me sexually satiated, I still found that I was excited about the prospects of more sex. In a way, I was viewing my job a little differently. Perhaps the reason I had never encountered all of the newly discovered apartment-complex sexual energy was that I had never `opened' myself to the concept. I was going to approach today differently.

Before putting on my work uniform, I decided to put on the metal cock ring that I had bought during a San Francisco vacation. Since I usually only wore the ring when I was on vacation, just putting it on made me feel somewhat decadent. My cock and balls looked more pronounced with the shiny metal ring restricting blood flow. To add to the sexual excitement, I decided to wear a jockstrap instead of my usual boxer briefs.

My work clothes felt foreign over my new undergear. There was a constant reminder of my sexuality in every step that I took. My exposed ass in the khakis, and my mildly blood engorged cock and balls filling the jockstrap to the limit reminded me of the events of yesterday and the fantasy life that I usually only kept in the very back of my mind.

While driving over to the complex, I frequently had little thoughts that created a stir in my groin. The stir would then tighten the cockring which would then tighten the jockstrap. These sensations only led to more sexual thoughts which continued this ongoing cycle. After arriving in front of the property management office, I sat briefly in my truck trying to clear my head. I opened the door to the truck and as I got out, I could not help but look down and see a more pronounced bulge in my straight-front trousers. I looked pretty hot down there, even if I did say so myself.

Donnie was reading the newspaper at his desk when I entered. He looked up, and as we began conversing, I could not help but picture him stretched out over his desk getting his ass nailed by my dad, nonetheless, our conversation went pretty normally. He handed me the repair requests for the day. I fingered through them to see if I had any questions. It did not appear to be anything unusual, although I saw one or two orders which excited me a bit. As I turned to leave, I caught Donnie staring at my crotch over the edge of his newspaper. I didn't think he knew that I saw, so I nonchalantly adjusted my equipment as I left his office. I was forced to ask myself, "Did Donnie notice my crotch because of the cockring, or did he notice my crotch on a regular basis, and today, I was simply in a more receptive mindset?"

First things first. One of the work orders was for 4C, the apartment of Rod. I had always had a crush on him, but after seeing him in the video with Donnie, I was even more intrigued. I remembered his long thin cock spewing cum all over Donnie's face after receiving a blowjob from the property manager.

The work order said that the master key could be used if the tenant was not home, but I was keeping my fingers crossed that he would be there. I arrived at the door and knocked. After a few seconds of nothing, I knocked again. Still no answer. It appeared that I was going to be out of luck today. At least his girlfriend wasn't there either so I did not have to hear her incessant stories of the boyfriend, `who could not get enough'.

I inserted the master key and opened the door, again, yelling out, `Knock, Knock, maintenance'. No sound was heard. I closed the door behind me and again pulled the work request from my pocket. "Tenant called to report clog in bathroom sink drain" was all the note said. I headed to the bathroom, and sure enough, there was water standing in the sink.

I pulled the tools out that I knew I would need and I bent down to look under the sink so that I could work on the drain. I realized that I would probably need a bucket to catch the water, so I got back up and went out to the kitchen to see if I could find one. I checked the usual broom closet, and sure enough, I found a bucket with a mop hanging beside it. I grabbed it and began heading back toward the bathroom. I glanced into the bedroom as I passed, and for the first time in the history of my work, I decided to sneak into Rod's bedroom.

The room was not very tidy. Clothes were tossed all around. Rod was a commercial painter, so many of the clothes had lots of paint spots on them. In one chair, I saw a pair of boxer shorts. Without another thought, I picked them up and brought them up to my face. I smelled the manly aroma in the fabric. To my surprise, I found that this pair of underwear had also been used as a `cum rag'. There were moist sticky spots all over the underwear and the strong smell of semen hit my nose. As if possessed, I wiped the pair of underwear all over my face trying to rub the Rod semen all over myself. I stuck the underwear in my back pocket and continued my roaming.

The tv set was off, but the VCR was still on. I pressed the power button on the television and hit `play'on the VCR. Not surprisingly, a porn video was playing. The scene that had `brought Rod off' involved a young man who looked strikingly like Rod fucking a woman who was laid out in a dentist chair while the woman simultaneously gave a blowjob to the dentist character. I turned off the tape and television, but found that my cockring was tightened around my own dick and balls.

The dresser had lots of change, a few condom packs, and several receipts and other small bits of paper. Getting more daring, I opened the top drawer to the dresser, and found Rod's underwear drawer. Boxers seemed to be his underwear of choice. I reached around in the drawer to see if he had anything to hide, and sure enough, I came up with gold. Buried in the back, I pulled out some old Polaroid shots. They had faded abit, but they were still clear enough to show self-taken photos of Rod's erect cock. I was fascinated as I looked at the way he staged the shots to show the length of his dick. In one shot, he held a ruler showing the tip at about 8.5 inches. Another shot used a large tube of toothpaste in comparison to his cock.

My own dick was stirring so that my jockstrap could barely contain the strain. Rod's erect cock was very exciting.

I stuffed all but one of the pics back in the drawer and continued my tour around the room. I added the picture that I had kept to the pair of underwear in my back pocket.

On the nightstand, I found a picture of Rod on the beach. He looked pretty wasted, but he was leaning back on his arms on a beach towel. The picture was being taken from the base of the towel, and weirdly enough, the shot showed Rod's family jewels in the leg of his swim trunks. It was no mistake that this picture was displayed by Rod's bed. He clearly liked looking at himself.

I decided that I had taken enough risks, so I grabbed the bucket and headed back to the bathroom. Within a few minutes, I had removed the drain trap and was getting the clog out of the drain. I started abit when I heard the front door close. I yelled out, `Maintenance here!', and in a second, Rod poked his head in the bathroom door.

"Hey, Scottie!", Rod said as he looked to see what I was doing. "Any luck?"

"Yep, I about got it", I responded as I glanced to look up at him.

He was acting pretty itchy, and finally said, "Yo, man, I hate to do this, but I've got to take a leak so bad that I could die. I cannot wait another second. I've had to go ever since I went to the grocery store."

He stepped over me as I worked under the sink and peripherally, I could see him pull down his shorts and let go of a loud piss into the toilet water. Unbelievably, I even felt a little spray on my arm as the water periodically spattered the toilet seat as Rod let go of the eternal stream.

Before today, I would have acted like nothing was happening, but now, I was pretty horny, and I became daring. I turned and looked at Rod as he took a piss. His penis was even long when flaccid, and it had a slight arch downward. Rod caught me taking a good look.

"Sorry, man, I couldn't help but notice that you've got a beautiful cock, there." I said as though I were working in a porn flick.

"You think so, huh? I didn't have you pegged for a homo, Scottie, but I guess you never know", he replied rather nonchalantly.

I finished reinstalling the trap about the same time he finished his piss.

I watched Rod shake the final drops from the tip of his growing cock. What in the hell? His cock was actually getting bigger! Rod smiled at me and pulled me around to face him.

"Man, my girlfriend split a week or so ago, and I really need a warm mouth on my dick.", he said as he held my arm tightly moving himself over to sit on the toilet. His shorts had fallen around his ankles, and he stepped out of them while removing his paint-stained t-shirt. This beautiful ebony man sat there in front of me with his long dick resting on top of his loose balls which hung over the edge of the toilet. "Go ahead Mr. Maintenance Man, suck my dick." and with that he pulled my head down into his crotch.

I took his growing cock into my mouth and worked on the tip of it. I went down and lapped at his loose and low-hanging testicles. I could fit both of his low hangers in my mouth, and without racking him, I spent a long time wetting them down. He was enjoying it so much that he pulled me off long enough to make me recline on the bathroom floor so that he could stoop over my face and let his balls dangle in my mouth. His asshole was very close to my nose, and I eventually, let his balls out of my mouth to drape over my chin and began lapping at the strip between his balls and his hole and finally moved to cleaning out his hole with my tongue. His moans proved that I was doing some things that he may not have had done before. I used my hands to spread his ass cheeks, and my tongue got to the point of numbness while I fucked his hole with it.

Rod was stroking his cock during this treatment, and after the thorough ass bath, I felt his cum landing on the front of my shirt and pants. He backed up letting his balls slide over my face and then allowing his spent cock to land in my mouth so that I could clean up the remaining cum dripping out of the tip. When his cock had fully deflated, he sat on the bathroom floor leaning against the bathtub with my head sandwiched between his thighs.

I lifted up on my elbows. My tanned hairy arms were a stark contrast to his dark ebony, almost hairless legs.

I wasn't sure if he would get upset, so I decided I'd better pack up and leave. He got up at the same time that I did, and very unexpectedly, gave me a kiss on the mouth. Not a very straight guy sort of thing to do.

He was a little taller than I was, but I decided to pursue it. I kissed back with all my force. In seconds, his naked body was holding me, and I was again feeling his `rod' stiffening.

I remembered that his girlfriend had always claimed that he was insatiable, and now I was getting a glimpse. I pulled away slightly, and murmured that "I really need to go. I've got a long list of things to do. I'm hoping that you'll let me help you out again very soon."

"Man, I'm going to start clogging that drain right now.", he smiled and said.

As we broke our embrace, I took another look at his beautiful body and his long dangling cock. I had cum stains all down the front of my shirt and pants, but I figured anyone would think that the drain had exploded on me.

The cockring had trapped all of the blood in my groin, so I was still hard as a rock. Rod glanced down, and said, "Look like you need more help than me."

I gathered my tools and handed Rod the borrowed bucket. He escorted me to the door and patted my ass as I exited. I looked around one more time to see Rod and his rod standing at the door.

My new attitude was clearly having an impact.

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