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Appointment with the Psychologist
Attitude Adjustment – Part 1


Session 1

I'm sitting here waiting for the shrink to call me.  It's the first time I am here and, as you might guess from my attitude, I much rather be elsewhere.

That's right.  You got it in one.  I've been forced to come!  VP Rydel said he would expel me for sure unless I showed for all six sessions that the school board paid for.  "Maybe Dr. Marcell can improve your attitude otherwise you are out of here, Kinlan."  Dad would take the horsewhip to me if that happened and then send me off to some so called military school in the middle of nowhere in chains.  They claim that it's a fancy prep school that prepares young men (they don't call us boys) for careers.  What it is a pay reformatory on some desert island with gorillas for guards.

One thing I like about this shrink is that he does not have a nosey cow receptionist chewing gum while reading my file and looking at me like I'm crazy.  He just got this dinky little waiting room with just two chairs, and the door to his office.  I was a few minutes early.  Not really my fault but that was the bus schedule.  He let out his previous victim and I got my first peep of him.  He was a little guy not any taller than the eighth grade kid leaving.  He saw me and said: "I'll be with you in just a few minutes, Mr. Kinlan."  That was a surprise – called me 'mister' rather than kid or by my first name.  I'll gave him points for that.  As I waited the few minutes, I wondered if I had seen the doctor or his smooth-faced son.

In his office, Dr. Marcell had the small couch I expected (like in the movies) but also two reclining easy chairs along with a small desk and chair.  The licence and diploma on the wall are so recent that I wonder if the ink is still wet.  He does not hide behind his desk.  He introduces himself and asks me to tell him why I'm here and what I think of things.  I lash out at him.  Not physically nor personally but he's a good target for my anger at the world.  He does not seem to react at all and actually lets me finish.  "I see that you are angry, Mr. Kinlan.  It's good that you can express it with words.  I hope that we can help to reduce your anger so that things are better for you."

We talked some more and I let him know that I've been beaten a lot.  Well, under careful questioning I admitted, just spanked otk, paddled and strapped by my dad, the VP and a few others.  He was a little surprised and told me that was not an approved method anymore.  I got him to confess that he really does not know what it like to be spanked since he never been spanked – not by his dad or teachers or a nasty VP.  He really did not know how much it can hurt first butt and minimized the pain and embarrassment.

That got me angry and I decided to teach him what it all was about.  I jumped up and yelled: "You don't know dipshit about spanking, dude." and I yanked him out of his chair by his shirt.  As I said, he's a little guy – maybe five foot four inches (163 cm) and skinny – and I'm six foot (183 cm) and work out – so he was no match.  Just like I was not a match for the men who beat me until last year.

I sat on the couch without letting him go even though he was yelling at me.  I quickly yanked open his belt and pants and got him over my lap.  I clamped his legs down and then pulled up his jacket and yanked down his pants and briefs.  It was easy to spank him just like he was a weak, pre-pubescent fourteen-year-old boy.  It was a great thrill to watch his butt turn pink and then red and then deep crimson as I spanked and spanked and spanked.  I must have gotten to him for soon he was crying like a baby and was limp.

I stood him up and led him into the corner and made him stand there with his hands on his head and his pants about his ankles just like a little boy.  I was wondering what was next when his timer went off indicating my time was up.  "I'll see you next week Doc." I said and left.  I'm sure he was glad that I was his last appointment for the day.  I wondered how long he would stay in the corner.

Session 2

I was not sure if Kinlan would show up for his second appointment.  I have to admit that it certainly was not a normal first session with him.  I had gotten through the usual stuff and learnt that he was angry and certainly felt bullied especially by the adults about him.  He sensed it also and was thankful for having gone through puberty and his growth spurt which had already made a great difference in his life.  That had resonated with me also for I'm a shrimp about the size of the average fourteen-year-old boy.  I could certainly empathize with all of his problems.

That first session really had a huge impact on me because Kinlan spanked me like I was just a little boy.  He is so big and strong that I could not fight back effectively.  I had never experienced a spanking before and I found that it was embarrassing and that it really hurt far more that I had imagined.  It even made me cry like a little kid.  After he left I took a while to recover from that terrible feeling of helplessness and the embarrassment.  My buttocks were still red when I went to bed although the pain had subsided.  I was surprised to find it erotic as I remembered the experience once I got into bed.  I could not help but to masturbate while I was caressing my rear as I relived the event.  I wished I could remember if I had an erection at the time and, if so, if he saw it.

Well, Kinlan did show up and was very calm.  He apologized for losing control and I let the issue pass especially since if I reported it, I could lose the school board contract which was vital since I was just starting my practice.  Far more important was that he said he was much better than the previous weeks.  "I did not feel so helpless as before." he said.  "I was able to let a lot of stuff pass without it getting me riled up and into trouble."

He talked about how he was sure that having spanked me had made a big difference in how he felt.  "It was so different being the spanker rather than the spankee.  I was in control and that was great." he said.  I was not very comfortable when he talked about spanking now that I knew what it was really about.  I got flushed and was mopping my forehead a lot.  Worse was that I had an erection and not only did it show but he noticed it.  With a great big smile he said: "The idea of getting SPANKED again really excites you, doesn't it Doc?"

"We're here to talk about you and your problems, Jarred, not to talk about me." I replied holding my notepad over my crotch.  Unfortunately, that did not stop him and after some more neutral comments, he was in my face with spanking again.

"Wondering if I'll spank you again, Doc?  And if it will be a bad boy spanking that really hurts or good boy spanking that is just a reminder."  He stared at me looking for an answer.  "The idea excites you.  You got a hard-on and you're sweating.  Have you been a good boy or a bad boy this week?"  He had a very strange look on his face.

"Please, Mr. Kinlan, this is too much.  Let's get back to you." I said trying to regain control.  I wasn't sure if I was embarrassed more because my erection showed or because it showed how small my penis was.

"This is about me, Doc.  I want to spank you again.  It makes me feel great.  Now which will it be – a good boy spanking or a bad boy spanking?  If I have to fetch you, you get a bad boy spanking."  When I did not answer, he continued: "I'll count to three and if you're not here, it will be a bad boy spanking.  One …"

I was dumbfounded.

"Two …"

I was nonplused.


I was frozen.

He got up and dragged me to the couch.  He got my jacket off first and then my tie and shirt.  He opened my trousers and yanked them down leaving me practically naked.  My penis was tenting my briefs and he felt it.  It was most exciting and, of course, embarrassing to be manhandled by a patient especially a young one.  I tried to protest that this was wrong but I felt so terribly helpless and was totally over powered.  He pushed my briefs down so I was essentially naked.  My penis twittered as my heart raced.  I couldn't stop him placing me over his lap.  I was sure that he could feel my hard penis pressing his on his thigh through the thin denim.

I was whimpering for him to stop but I could not move.  The first spank landed on my right cheek and I yelped.  I don't know how long he spanked me but I was bawling like a little kid when he stopped.  He held me and allowed me to cry myself dry.  I was totally helpless yet very excited.  He forced me to my knees between his legs and pulled my head into his crotch.  I could feel his hard-on through his jeans.  It was, like the rest of him, large.  I felt like a little boy – small and helpless – in many senses of the word.

He must have opened his jeans for suddenly his penis was in the open and his man musk filled my nostrils.  My heart was racing from the excitement.  His penis looked huge and somehow it found itself inside of my mouth.  He was holding my head and commanding me to "SUCK!"  I couldn't do anything else and then my mouth was filled with his hot semen which I swallowed reflexively.  My hand had found my penis while doing this and I was masturbating.  Jarred noticed that I had ejaculated.  "So your little pee-pee can shoot." he said mocking me. The bell rang indicating the end of the session.  "Time for me to go, Doc.  It was nice to see you.  Be a good boy and I'll see you next week."  He then left.  I was in a daze.  Fortunately, he was my last appointment for the day so I could recover my senses before I had to face the world.

Session 3

I was looking forward to my next appointment with Dr. Marcell the whole week.  The previous week I was worried that I would be in trouble for spanking him but I now knew that he had liked it and even liked my cock.  I also found that life was definitely easier.  Although I was still being pushed around, I felt certain that I had control of the doctor and that was more far more important.

When the doctor invited me in, I quickly told him to have a seat and that my past week had been better than the previous one and that I was feeling a lot better about myself.  Then I inquired of him how his week had been.  He gave me grief about that we had to get back to a normal relationship but when I pressed him could not say why.  He did not want to talk about my spanking him at all and the subject made him very nervous.  "It is time to review how you behaved this week, Telly."  I said but he started to avoid the question so I repeated it: "Boy, did you do your chores every day?  Do all your reports, young man?"

He started to answer which was just what I wanted.  Since he said he had been perfect, I told him that he was getting a good boy spanking and to undress.  He hesitated and I said: "NOW, boy, or it will be a bad boy spanking."  That got him to strip although he hesitated when he got to his briefs.  "Those too, boy.  You don't have anything to hide at all.  I've seen lots of little boys with teensy-weensy little pee-pees like yours."  He blushed since it was the truth but his briefs were tented reveling both that I was telling the truth and it was exciting to him.

I patted my lap and he got over it.  I was fully dressed and he was starkers and totally compliant.  I spanked him hard enough that he knew he had been spanked.  "This is a good boy spanking, Telly, to remind you what a spanking is like.  If you're not a good boy, next time you get a BAD BOY spanking and that will hurt a lot more.  Understand, boy?"

"Yes, Sir." he answered.

I finished up the spanking and got him kneeling between my legs.  Telly was staring at my hard cock in my jeans.  "You may take it out, boy."  He eagerly opened my pants and I hooked my boxers under my balls.  I just pulled his head close and he opened his mouth in anticipation.  I generously gave him his reward after my man cock enjoyed a few most pleasurable minutes in his hot eager mouth.  I let him nurse for a while and gave him a second treat of fresh hot man cream.

When I left, he said: "Thank you, Mr. Kinlan.  See you next week." "Positively." I replied.  This was great fun and it certainly was effective therapy.

Session 4

I was in a quandary with Mr. Kinlan.  My relationship with him was, to say the least, unusual.  The proper thing would to have terminated it but I couldn't get up the courage to do so.  With my other patients everything was normal and I was able to exercise my powers as a physiologist to maintain control.  However, with Mr. Kinlan I just felt like a helpless little boy.  There were times that I could rationalize our relationship as being effective therapy for him since the feedback from the school was very positive even after just three sessions and he was clearly happy also.

Of course, on the other hand, it was definitely wrong for the patient to be in such control especially when he was a child.  Even so, if we were just standing nude next to each other a casual observer would have chosen him as the adult and me as a youth (if I was lucky) or just a boy (if I wasn't).

I certainly thought about him a great deal and was both anxious and fearful that his next session was coming.  That afternoon, I had butterflies in my tummy and could hardly pay attention to my other clients.  At long last Mr. Kinlan's appointment time came and he swaggered in as if he knew that he was in charge.  He was all smiles explaining that life was going much better for him than before he started with me.  I told him that VP Stirrat had called and was satisfied with our progress.

"OK, Doc, that takes care of me.  What about you?  Were you a good boy or not this week?" he demanded.  Somehow he loomed up huge making me feel so very tiny.  I could not resist this large father figure.  "I've been a good boy, Sir." was how I responded.  He asked a few follow up questions then decided that I would just get a good boy spanking to encourage me to keep up the good work.  I had learnt to obey him already so when he said to strip, I immediately compiled.  In a few minutes I was naked with my clothes piled on my desk.  I was completely in a little boy mode and did not make any effort to cover up my little boy little parts.

Mr. Kinlan reached out and pulled me over his lap and quickly got me into position and he held me down with a tight grip on my waist.  A few caresses and pats on my upturned buttocks and then he started.  I yelled at the first spank but managed to keep quiet for most of the rest.  It was not as thorough of a spanking as some but quite sufficient to get me sobbing and resolving to be a good boy for a long time.

Mr. Kinlan kept me in the spanking position and I could feel his hand caressing my hot rear.  He even was playing with my anus.  As I was sobbing he slipped a finger into my rectum.  He was very gentle and then I had this great sensation from inside.  It took me a while to realize that he was massaging my prostate and that I was not only erect but very hard.  Soon I reached a climax from this stimulation which was embarrassing.

When it was over he hugged me and then let me savor his big man penis and suck out his tasty man cream.  I then sat on his lap and we cuddled for a while before he left.  He even kissed – French kissed – me a lot.

"See you next week, boy." he said.

I'm afraid that I must admit that it was wonderful.

Session 5

I have to admit that this therapy stuff was a lot more fun than I ever expected.  What I'm experiencing is a lot different, however, than I heard about and I'm keeping quiet about it for good things often disappear when the powers hear about them.  This Dr. Marcell is such a wimp that I'm sure that I can make him into my personal pussy boy just like that bastard of a coach did to me and a couple of the other little kids back in junior high.  Of course, this is different for two reasons.  First, he is of age and, second, he sure the hell loves it when I take charge and underneath that suit he just a little boy in tighty-whities.  The only thing that doesn't fit is that he has pubes but I have a plan that will take care of them.

When I showed up for the session with Telly, I quickly brushed off his questions telling him that I'm doing great and that these sessions are really helping me. Then I get down to business starting with questioning him about having done all his chores and reports for the week.  It turns out that he confesses that he has not.  I put on a frown although I'm delighted and tell him that means a bad boy spanking.

"No.  Please, NO!" he protested but I insisted and immediately started to strip him.  He complained but I ignored his words noting that he hadn't resisted physically.  It did not take long before Dr. Marcell was just in his birthday suit.  I grew tired of his squawking and stuffed his briefs into his mouth to silence him.  Silenced he was even more boyish than before.

I took him over my lap and held him in place.  His little butt was so cute that I caressed it before I started to turn it bright red.  Telly, surprisingly, had calmed down apparently accepting his fate.  I raised my hand and then started to spank him.  Since this was a bad boy spanking, I spanked hard.  I enjoyed watching my hand prints form on his cute little butt and then merge into an overall pink blob.  Finally change to a rich red which spread completely over his little ass.  He knew that this was a real punishment spanking because I hit so hard and it was painful enough to make him cry like the little boy.  Of course, with his briefs stuffed  in his mouth he couldn't yell.

I stood him up and as he cried he rubbed his hot bottom trying to dispel the pain.  I took the electric shaver I brought and while holding him by his little pee-pee proceeded to remove his pubes.  They were definitely out of place on him.  He was crying so much that I don't think that he realized I was doing that but that just as well.

I took him back over my lap and prepared him for a proper fucking.  I put some lube on his hole and started opening him up with a finger like last time.  I was soon up to four fingers and decided that it was sufficient.  I positioned him on his back on the couch and quickly stripped myself.  I rolled a lubed condom on and raised up his legs so that I could fuck him properly.  His hole was still relaxed and I didn't have any trouble penetrating him with my steel hard rod.  Once I was in I pulled his briefs out of his mouth and tossed them aside. He looked at me with his big baby eyes as I pounded away hitting his love nut repeatedly.  His little pee-pee was hard.  I leaned forward and kissed him while forcing my tongue deep into his mouth.  He came before I did.

I held him on my lap for a long cuddle while I told him that he is my little boy toy.  Would you believe that he was mewing in pleasure?  I also told him that I had a present for him and to fetch it from my pack.  As he got the little package I quickly got dressed.  He opened it and found a package of cartoon briefs.  "I can't wear these." he says, "They are for little boys."

"Exactly, Telly.  You are my little boy and you shall wear them everyday.  They are much nicer that those plain tightie-whites you have."  I helped him to put a pair on.  He was ever so cute in them.  "Now you stay here and finish up all your reports before you finish dressing, boy." I commanded.

"Yes, Sir." he responded docilely.  I left promising to return next week.

Session 6

I am, to say the least, very confused since the last appointment with Mr. Kinlan.  See how it shows with me calling him 'mister' although he still a kid.  Perhaps even worse is that I'm wearing one of those cartoon briefs that he got for me.  Nobody can see them under my suit but it seems right to wear them.  I don't know how he managed to control me so much.  I've been very careful this week to be sure that I've done everything that I'm suppose to do so that I don't get another bad boy spanking which hurts a lot.  I've also shaved my pubis this morning because, well, it just seemed to be the right thing to do.  Mr. Kinlan removed those nasty hairs last week and once I got over the shock, I agreed that with my little phallus I looked better smooth.  I'm looking forward for the appointment at the end of the day.  Certainly the sex and kissing is very pleasurable but I'm even looking forward to a good boy spanking.  This is all very strange.

I hear the outer door open and close and my heart speeds up.  I rushed and opened the office door and invited him into the office.  Mr. Kinlan looked so strong and handsome.  He certainly had an aura of confidence that give him command presence that I wish I had.  He didn't waste any time and immediately took charge.  I knew what going to happen and knew that it was the proper thing.

Soon I'm escaping back into the little boy's world that Mr. Kinlan has created for me.  It feels so good to be naked and free.  I've been a good boy this week so it going to be just a good boy spanking and then those other fun things.  He is pleased that I kept myself smooth down below by my little pee-pee and was wearing the cartoon briefs that he got for me.

I get over his lap for my spanking.  He grips me securely so I won't fall and spanks me.  I yell because it hurts but it just to remind me to stay a good boy.  He does not spank me very long and then I'm on my knees fellating his great big hard juicy man penis.  It is ever so nice to do.  I know that I've never be big like he is so this is the only way I can enjoy a big penis.  His semen is delicious and I swallow it greedily.  Then he bends me over the end of the couch and has anal intercourse with me.  It is right after he climaxed in my mouth but he is a real potent man and can do it.

Then I sit on his lap and he cuddles and kisses me like I'm his little boy.  He makes me feel so wonderful.

Then it was over and he left.  I did not get dressed for a long time.


I thought that I would be free after the standard six sessions but that was not what happened.  I was almost ready to leave my office the next week, when Mr. Kinlan showed up.  Obviously, I could not stop him from entering and once again he had his way with me.  I was sitting on his naked lap and we were cuddling when my phone rang.

The call was from the VP of his school.  Mr. Rydel explained that everyone was pleasantly surprised at how effective my treatment was for Kinlan was a changed student.  I thanked him and was pleased that new clients would be sent my way.  Mr. Kinlan was insistent that the treatments continue and promised that he would visit me regularly to continue the treatments.

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