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Asian Boy Wife 2

Hate to disappoint those of you who thought that the weekend at Nut's place was going to have many surprises. Actually there was no surprises at all. He was every bit what he had described himself to be and the expectation was pretty much consistent with what he had told me earlier. He treated me as if i was his girlfriend/wife/maid/servant all roll into one. Was made to wear minimum. He likes me wearing his t-shirt which is oversized for me, and nothing else during the day when doing the chores. During intimate moments, he likes me in the silk smooth pink briefs.

Beside doing all the common chores like wash his cloths, clean the place, cook for him, i also had to shower him, massage him and worship him. When he is reading the papers or watching the news, he likes me to kneel between his legs and worship his cock. I am not to make him cum and can only suck his cock head. I will just have to look at his cock close up, smell it, kiss it, lick it and rub my face against it. He has one of the most magnificent cock i have seen. It is 5", and i mean 5" of shaft which is a very good size for Asian. It is thick like the fifty cent coin but what i like most is veins that run along it. It is really magnificent and worthy of worship. I was so contented just to be kneeling there, looking at it, smelling it and every thing else seems to have gone from my mind. Once in a while i feel his hand patting my head, and stroking my hair, like a pet. While he just continue to read his papers or watch his news. He made it clear that i will not get to suck his cock or get fucked until our wedding night. But i will get to taste his cum.

Then comes shower time. I was suppose to shower him. That was ok. But what i forgot was that he likes to pee on his girls. He mentioned that to me before although i forgot about it. But it turn out i enjoyed the experience more than i expected. His pee was not very strong as he hydrates himself regularly. But it still had this strong masculine smell to it. Partly contributed by his arousal from my cock worshiping. He just had me kneel before him in the shower as he pee over me. I was spared having to drink it but would have to do it on our wedding. After that he rinsed me with some cold water, before i proceed to wash him. At his every major muscle, i would have to kiss it before washing it. That makes sure that i covered his whole body and show respect to his muscle, including his feet, which also seem so natural for me to kiss.

The only other thing that we did after shower, before we went to bed was getting whipped. He did not want to spoil the fun for the wedding night but wanted to make sure that i was ok with it. So he led me to his wardrobe and let me choose a belt. Then he made me bend over the bed, look at the mirror in front as he position himself and gave me 5 whacks. First one was light. Last one was something that i would not forget so soon. But overall it was nothing more than an introduction of what to expect.

After the whipping, we just cuddle up in bed. My head buried in his chest, his manhood pressed against my belly button as we drifted out to sleep.

Sunday was pretty much the same except he like to work out in his own gym in the morning. After his work out, he had me lick his sweat off his tired but bulging muscles. i ended up worshipping his whole body for more than an hour. That got him really turned on and he needed to cum. But before he cum, he went into the kitchen and took out a piece of apple crumble pie and cum all over it. I was kind of taken aback. Then he put the plate on the table and said that was my breakfast. i almost cum there and then, but he did specifically told me that i was not to cum the whole weekend so that i will be aroused and wanting to serve him. That was the best apple crumble i have ever eaten.

By the end of Sunday, Nut surprised me when i was again worshipping his manhood on my knees. But this time, he wanted to be standing while i did it. 30 mins into it, he showed me a diamond ring. While still kneeling, he told me if i accept to be his wife, i should kiss his manhood on the head and say "i do". Then he put the ring into my finger.

... not sure if i will write about the wedding since i pretty much gave an indication of what it was like. but we will see ...