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Austin Wray
PJ Franklin <>


From the very first few hours that fifteen-year-old Austin Wray appeared in the hallways and classrooms of my high school on the first day of school that fall, the rumors started to fly around. Was this freshman the son of MMA (mixed martial arts) champion Michael "Mad Dog" Wray?

Rumor quickly turned to fact. Austin indeed was Mad Dog's kid as by the next day me and everyone else with a PC, Mac, iPad or smartphone had Googled Austin Wray and sure enough, Austin Wray was indeed one of the youngest heralded MMA champions in his age class and now he was going to our school.

I previously knew little about the relatively new violent sport of mixed martial arts, but as I stared longingly at Austin's ripped upper and lower body in the still publicity images I found, I became a very fast fan of it at least in Austin's age level.

Then as I leered at him grapple in the many YouTube videos showing Austin besting boys one, two and yes, three years his senior, one fist air-pumped the air with each of Austin's victories as my other fist was pumping on my hard cock on its way to no less than three ejaculations in one sitting.

I may not have been the only male peer at our school super-secretly wishing to kneel at the feet (and crotch) of a teenage sports God like Austin, but I was pretty sure that at sixteen years I was the only boy older than Austin to have such perverse fantasies. Six months is not a lot older, but just enough to really fuck around with one's self-image. The whole thing made me feel an unsettling lust that was quite impossible to ignore.

Day after day Austin Wray seemed to accumulate both a lot of instant friends, male and female. Unfortunately there was also a smaller but growing group of idiot boys, all older, who desperately hated Austin stealing attention from not only their girlfriends, but also from male peers as well.

As it was, I was already guilty of staring at naked boys in the gym lockers, so I did what I could trying not to get caught staring at Austin in the hallways between classes or in the cafeteria at noon, but I was not doing a very good job. I was starting to catch disapproving sneers from the huddled knuckle-draggers as they caught me taking long peeks at Austin,

"Hey faggot, what's your issue, huh? Is that faggot Wray your boyfriend?" at which point I made one last glance at Austin, blushed, turned tail and the got the hell out of sight not caring just then what Austin thought of his occasionally dubious notoriety.

So sometimes life does imitate art, that is to say that on my best day, I never figured to ever speak one word to Austin Wray much less what happened next. I found myself alone at the South City Mall one night, shopping. It wasn't anything unusual or different, just a way to pass the time, really. My usual friends were off doing one thing or another without me or none of this would have transpired.

It was Friday night and I had exited the mall and had walked the depth of the large parking lot through a cold and drizzly rain on the way to the bus stop. Suddenly, two pair of hands came into my peripheral vision and the next thing I knew I was hustled against my will through the darkness to around the corner of a nearby warehouse and stood roughly up against the building wall.

"What's the matter faggot, huh? Scared? Need to suck something cocksucker? Maybe this?" and I was trembling and looking into the face of Ronny Kincaid, the chief of our classes' classless knuckle-draggers as he lewdly grabbed his package.

The sad thing was that Ronny was pretty hot looking, but hot cannot possibly trump his ignorant verbal and now physical penchant to violence. At his sides were his cowardly henchmen, Todd Markum and Vince DeVain. Sadly, I knew them all, had for years.

I said nothing; I just wanted to run, get away, get it over with and was too upset to respond. Ronny rushed forward, his hands grabbing handfuls of my jacket, which shook my head and my ball cap went flying,

"I'm talking to you cocksucker! You better answer or I'll beat the crap out of you and then fuck you up your worthless cocksucking faggot ass!" he yelled. I began to feel weak-kneed and nauseated.

"Leave him alone and let him go," the voice said, kind of quietly actually.

Ronny backed off and turned, so did Vince and Todd. I looked, it was Austin Wray. Like I said, life sometimes imitates art, he showed up in the nick of time just like in a movie script.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't cocksucker's boyfriend, faggot boy Wray. Hey Austin? I hear that you MMA guys can't raise a finger to fight anyone not in your matches. You might get arrested and blackballed from ever fighting again. That would not please your tough faggot daddy, now would it?" Ronny taunted him as Todd and Vince pointed and cackled their pleasure.

"Just leave Kincaid. Nobody cares about what you think about anything," Austin said and slowly walked towards me, ending up right at my side.

I was still upset, still nervous, but in a different way, but I kept my mouth shut.

"Yea, that's it. Stand by your homo buddy. Do you fuck him or does he fuck you? Are you his bitch or is it the other way around?" Ronny sneered at Austin.

Ronny was not paying much attention to Vince and Todd who were still laughing, but slowly backing off.

"Do yourself a favor Kincaid, just turn around and leave, now please," Austin said coolly, but not ever looking at me. Instead I observed Austin's eyes carefully looking at all three boys in front of us, one after the other, kind of like a predator I thought.

"Why? What are you going to do? Fight me? You can't, we both know it," Ronny sneered his best boast yet.

"See, the thing is Kincaid, we both know that if you attack me, I will defend myself. Your jerkoff buddies will take off so that there will never be any witnesses to the fact that you'll end up on your knees sucking my cock or better yet, you begging me to ass-rape your doubtlessly loose butthole. Do you three fuck each other often, I wonder?"

If I had not been so still fearful of the situation, I would have ended up bent over laughing at Austin's choice taunt. Ronny was enraged, "Get him! Hold him!" Ronny barked at his useless friends whose feet were already ready to turn tail.

"I said get him!" Ronny yelled as they started to retreat and sure enough, Vince's face looked quite beaten, "You get him, we're out of here Kincaid" and Vince took off running, Todd right behind.

I started to relax, "Your turn Kincaid, run now or you'll end up as a puppet at the end of my hard cock," Austin taunted Ronny and as the image of it formed in my mind, my dick hardened.

Even the worst behaved bully knows when to give up, but not Ronny, no,

"You fucking faggot!" Ronny yelled and made a running charge at Austin.

I quickly moved out of the way as the bulls clashed just as the rainfall started to get a lot heavier. I didn't care as my adrenaline glands felt like they were working overtime. Austin deftly side-stepped Ronny and slammed him kind of hard face into the building's concrete wall in a half-Nelson,

"Give up now Kincaid or you'll be sorry," Austin said coolly giving Ronny every chance in the book to just let it go.

"Let go of me faggot! Fight me fair!" Ronny yelled. Austin did let go and stepped back.

Ronny then unwisely lunged at Austin again, still out of control. Austin just sighed as he tackled Ronny to the wet pavement, all over him like Ronny was a very unskilled newbie MMA opponent,

"You asked for it Kincaid, now you're gonna get it," and then I watched, my jaw dropped as Austin Wray not only kept Ronny Kincaid pinned to the wet hard pavement on his back, but whipped out his own belt from his belt loops.

"Fight me! Stop it! Let me go! Stop it! What are you doing?" Ronny said with rapidly increasing chagrin as Austin was undoing Ronny's jeans and pulling them with his boxers down to Ronny's knees.

"No! Stop it! Let me go! Please, No!" Ronny's threats turning to scared begging. My dick got harder still.

Ronny was paralyzed and entirely at Austin's mercy now. What Austin did next made me nearly cream my jeans on the spot as he started to whip Ronny's hot and now entirely naked exposed and perfectly upturned ass with the doubled up belt.

One after another, the belt licks turned Ronny's rain-wet ass so red that it seemed to brightly glow even in the rain streaked darkness and after just a few licks Ronny could only kick and beg for Austin to stop, tears steaming despite the rain.

"No! No more please! It hurts, please, please stop, please Wray, ouch! Ouch!!"

By now I was trembling not with fear, but with lust. God Bless me, I wished it was me getting a whipping legs pulled over my head instead of Ronny. Austin stopped,

"Let me up! Let me go! Please!" Ronny continued to beg.

"Sorry Kincaid. You started this, I'm going to finish it the only way I know to keep your filthy mouth shut forever," and then I watched, incredulous as the young trained fighter held down Ronny and unzipping his own fly, drew out his hard cock.

It was so big, it nearly made my much smaller hardness get soft, but how could it as Austin then started to mount Ronny Kincaid's upturned butthole.

"No, no no! I beg you please Wray, don't do it!" Ronny wailed, helplessly bucked and flailed under the vastly superior physical force. He started to bawl and cry as now helpless to resist, he felt Austin Wray's hard male member roughly thrust and push its way in, roughly ramming up and into Ronny's helpless butthole.

Ronny cried out in a high-pitched whine with pain, the kind of cry that made even me feel a little sorry for him; but once again, I wanted it to be me on the other end of Austin's manly sexual aggression and prowess.

"Shhh, it's OK Ronny, just enjoy it, I know you do, your cock is hard as a rock," Austin gently taunted and then I saw Austin's hand disappear around to Ronny's hidden crotch. Ronny was hard as a fucking rock!

Austin thrust hard in and out again and again and with each thrust, Ronny seemed to lose his fight and with loud whimpers and occasional screams then just gave into it. Austin finally grunted and growled what looked to me like a really good orgasm and seemed to empty his load high into Ronny's rectum.

As soon as it was done, Austin withdrew himself and quickly zipped up standing up from his confident victory. Ronny mumbled and stumbled around on the pavement trying to put himself back together again. Everyone was drenched in the heavy rainfall by now, but especially Ronny.

Ronny said nothing, writhed and contorted his clothing back on and getting up, failed to make anymore eye contact with either of us and wordlessly ran off, nearly tripping himself to the wet pavement twice before he disappeared from sight.

"You OK Nathan?" he finally said to me, his hair wonderfully soppy wet. Hell, I had no idea he knew my name, Nathan Weller.

I nodded, still amazed and so turned on by what I had just witnessed that I dare not move a muscle or I might make a sticky mess of myself. He looked at his belt,

"Comes in handy, hey?" he grinned and started to put his belt back into his wet jeans as if nothing had happened. I could still see the outline of his maybe half-hard cock in his soaked jeans.

"I can't believe you were there to save me, much less what you just did to Ronny," I said shaking like a leaf still.

"You think I was too rough on him?" Austin said, water dripping off the end of his cute nose.

"No, you did exactly what anyone does, humiliates with a belt whipping and then butt-fucked his whipped tail. I do it all the time," I said and we both laughed.

"Come on Nat, let's get out of here."

* * * * * * * * * *

If riding in a city bus to Austin's home both of us still entirely soaked to the bone was not weird enough, I ended up in a hot shower with him just a short while later. It turns out that he was staying with his Aunt Lavinia, his father's sister while father Mad Dog Wray was out touring on the adult MMA circuit earning fame and fortune in his and Austin's chosen sport.

And it wasn't because I didn't want to shower naked with Austin, he invited me, in fact insisted, "You're not afraid are you?" he smirked at me when it came time to strip off our wet clothing in his bedroom.

"Maybe a little," I said half kidding, half not and more afraid that I would humiliate myself in front of him much more than anything he might try to do to me.

"Don't worry, what's the worst that can happen, we enjoy having sex together?"

I thought he was totally kidding and started to tremble, "What would make you think that I want to do that?"

"Oh come on Nathan, you've undressed me with your eyes about a million times at school. Why not do it officially and make it count?"

So I stripped and then gawked as he stripped. His naked body was so deliciously fine, so muscularly sculpted, but in a way that seemed efficient and certainly not like a gawdy weight trainer. He told me that fighters could not afford muscle bulk, it would reduce agility during a match. It made sense and in any case, I was entirely envious of every defined muscle group from chest to ankle.

Showering with Austin Wray was not only fun, but revealing. We were both boned up as we soaped up and talked. He told me about his dad and asked me about mine and finally he said,

"Do you mind?" got on his knees and offered to suck me off. Hold on now. He offered to suck me, not me him? I just gawked down at him and slowly nodded my head like a stupid fuck,

"Despite what you saw earlier tonight, I'd rather please another guy than be on top. Hope you don't mind and if you want to ass-fuck me later, that would be cool too."

I swear, I was too confused and amazed at first to pay a lot of attention to getting my cock sucked off by Austin Wray, a trained fighter. I caught on quickly though and was considerably helped by the fact that Austin had slipped his hand in back to my backdoor and slipped a finger up my butthole. I shot a huge load into Austin's mouth and gawked as swallowed it like it was a small glass of delicious nectar smacking his lips at the end.

"Hmm, nice," he smiled as he stood. I looked down, his cock was huge and pointing right up at me, "Don't worry about that, I've already emptied my balls once tonight, no need to get greedy," and he left the shower.

I stepped out after him, we dried and I followed him back to his room where he tossed me a pair of sweat pants. We called my mom and dad and let them know what had happened, leaving out the part where Austin whips and fucks Ronny.

Mom cried, dad simply said it was good to have friends with great timing. In any case, Austin invited me to stay the night at his house that night, his Aunt Lavinia as sweet and kind as any adult I had ever met.

"I can't stay up long. I have a match tomorrow night down at the sports center and I get up early to do a little training and all. You're invited to the match, I'll give you tickets, your dad too if you like," Austin offered.

"Thanks!" I smiled and after saying good night to his Aunt, retired to his room for the duration of what time he had left to stay up.

Austin showed me all of his MMA gear, let me try on his boxing gloves and even playfully spared with me. It was thrilling, lustfully so and as we were dressed only in boxers, my boner was quickly discovered. He grinned,

"Into it huh?"

I looked down, "My dick is into it, especially when you … used your belt on him," I suddenly blurted and found myself mired in a deep relentless blush.

His grin widened and I watched as he went to get his belt. I would have been delighted beyond avarice just then if he wanted to whip my ass long and hard over his knee, but instead I was suddenly holding the unfolded belt in my hand!

"Nothing as cool as a good hard whipping from a hot older guy like you," he said, "How do you want me, over the end of the bed?" and then slipping down his sweats bent his impossibly hot bubble butt over the end of his bed, gathering a pillow to lay his head on,

"Just make sure if you want to fuck me, use the lube on my bedside desk over there, don't want any mistakes before the match tomorrow."

I was still stuck on "hot older buy like you" as I gulped and muttered a very weak, "Sure," and slowly walked to his side.

"But Austin, I've never," and my throat caught as just looking down at his presented bare buttocks made me want to get on my knees and do something else to his butt that I had also never done.

"It's OK, just do what seems natural, how hard could it be, huh?" he smiled.

I finally got my wits, "Piece of cake," I said through a dry throat. I doubled up the belt like Austin had,

"Yea that's it, now whip my ass good Nathan, turn us both on!" he smiled and using is deft strength, pushed up his pelvis and ass up in the air just begging for it.

"Oh God Nathan, don't blow it now," I muttered to myself and then let it fly.

The first few licks were a bit tentative, but after that, I got into a definite rhythm and swung the belt evenly up and down Austin's hot ass,

"Oh yea Nathan, oh yes baby, just whip my bad boy tail, oh yes!" and his ass did not move one inch as I turned it from alabaster white to crisscrossed red welts like some kind of Celtic pattern.

I finally was panting from a need to have sex as much as from the surprisingly hard muscular effort to turn Austin on with the belt licks, none of which looked like they really hurt him all that much.

"What now Nathan, eat out my ass?" he suggested and I nodded with incredulity just before I fell to my knees in front of his seared cheeks, my nose seeking out his glowing and sweat misted ass cheeks.

"That's it Nathan, oh yes, use that hot mouth of yours, eat out that ass!" he encouraged me, though I didn't need any encouragement.

I had not sought out this kind of intimacy ever before, but as my tongue furtively and then greedily rimmed Austin's tight hole and then plunged into the center with a desire I did not know I possessed I knew that my same-sex desires were neither misdirected nor in any way wrong.

"Oh God Nathan, shit man, you're making me need to get fucked, keep it up!" he moaned from the front.

My hands now clutched onto Austin's strong hips and I did not want to move one other muscle save my tongue muscle and it was intent on thrusting in and out of Austin's butthole as deeply and thoroughly as I could manage for as long as I could manage.

Austin moaned and helped by moving his ass gently back into me, "Nathan, Nathan," he huskily urged, "Fuck me, get the lube and fuck my whipped tail, now!"

I stood up and got the lube. I lubed my dick. I watched him crawl up to the center of his bed and put the pillow under his hips, spread his thighs and thrust up his ass to get ready.

I just looked at his presentation, climbed up after him, slathered some lube on his spit wet hole and after centering my turgid head and pressing it onto the target, thrust in, hard and sure.

I don't know how Austin withstood my clumsy assault, but he did, albeit with a wincing face and clenched jaw, "Ohhhhhhshit!"

"I'm so sorry Austin! Should I pull out?!" I whined with regret.

"No, no, no, just stay still a second," and I waited feeling like an idiot.

"Good, it's good, now fuck me Nathan, do it!" he sighed, so I did. I pumped and thrust and moved my sex in and out of him until I spunked, emptied my balls fully into his taut muscled ass.

I fucked Austin Wray. I … fucked Austin Wray, not any other boy, just me.

Afterwards, as we lay in his bed together, me cuddling him into my skinnier arms, he told me I was kind of his first fuck. He had let a couple other boys try, but it had never worked until now.

Austin Wray, a MMA rated fighting champion credited me, Nathan Weller, with having taken his cherry.


I was neither naïve nor a wimp. I avoided Austin at school. Even I knew that the sport of MMA was not ready to find out that one of its youngest budding male teen stars liked taking it up the ass, much less using spanking as foreplay.

I went so far with my avoidance that one day Austin tracked me down, "Are you angry with me?" and I just sighed and explained my understanding of his need to hide any hint of what we had done together.

"You're a good friend Nathan, thanks," and then promised me that we would get together soon to have some fun that only we could know about.

Another month passed. I had to admit that I missed Austin and that it hurt that we had to hide our relationship, what little there was of it. When the phone call finally came, I was so ready, but not for what he was about to tell me.

"Nathan, I have to go away for awhile to be with my dad, a few months anyway, maybe a lot longer. I just wanted you to know."

"I understand," I said, letting my disappointment come through my voice, "When do you leave?" I asked.

"In a couple days. Look Nathan, if you'd like to get together again, I'll do anything for you man."

I swallowed thickly. Yes, there was one thing I wanted from Austin and was somehow brave enough to ask him for it with details. Austin did not hesitate, "You got it Nathan, no worries."

Somehow the weather was eerily cooperative as a very light rain fell. I quickly walked through the mall parking lot darkness towards the warehouses to the place where Austin whipped and ass-raped Ronny Kincaid in front of my eyes.

Just being there gave me the creeps and made my dick hard. I sat right at the base of the building wall, my hoody pulled over my head. Would Austin show? Would he not? I couldn't blame him if he did not. This was one sick puppy idea of mine.

I sighed, closed my eyes and just waited. I didn't think it was more than a minute when I opened my eyes. There looming over me was Austin Wray. He looked down at me and then reaching pulled me up to standing, his eyes staring icily,

"Cocksucker," he said gruffly, "You need an ass whipping and then a good hard butt fuck!"

I shook, I was so excited, I just nodded, "yessir"

"Get naked, now! Get on your back now!"

I couldn't believe that I was going to remove my clothing in public, even though the corridor was hidden and there was nobody about, but I did. The pavement was harsh, but soon Austin loomed over me, grabbed the back of my knees and held them back, my helpless bared ass up high. I saw the belt,

"Take it bitch!" he said and then let the belt fly. It hurt like hell and I screamed and screamed as the belt whipped my tender tail again and again. I was shaking and crying, but even as he stopped the horrid whipping, I saw him unleash his huge hard dick.

My dick was soft, my ass throbbing as he went to mount me, "You're getting a good ass-raping bitch!" and then he pressed his cockhead into my hole.

Austin pushed in. I screamed and tried to fight him, "No! Please! Austin, please no! Take it out!"

Austin paused, but did not take the punishing fiery rod out of my butthole, "You'll take it bitch!" he said, me crying like a baby. He slapped my face and that made me focus, "You need this, you want this!" he yelled at me.

"Yes, yes, yes! Please, rape me Austin!" I yelled at the top of my voice.

He did. He started to fuck me, oh it hurt! He fucked harder and faster and the pain was unbearable. I just bawled and cried and then somewhere along the line, I stopped and took the punishing pounding.

At the end of it, Austin fed me his sperm into my body, actually into my soul. Afterwards, he helped me up, but I could not stand up straight, my hole hurt so much, my legs wobbled.

Austin helped me dress, even into my wet clothes. He took me by the hand, took he home with him, we did not speak the whole time. We showered together one last time, he and I. We made love in his bed. We fucked, that is I fucked him after I gave him a nice belt whipping that he wanted.

* * * * * * * * * *

Austin left, and never returned. We texted and talked like twice more after. He told me his dad was taking him to Europe and Asia for training for like three years and it was best we kind of let it all go. I told him I understood and wished him luck, but afterwards I cried like a baby for an hour. I would miss Austin a lot.

A few months later, I was at the mall by myself, shopping for my mom's birthday. I needed to take a leak pretty bad, so I detoured into the mall men's room. I hated exposed urinals with a passion and even though there was nobody else in the big white room, I headed for a stall, opened the door and passing through, let the door close behind me not bothering to latch it.

I got my dick out, aimed at the toilet bowl and let loose a nice long stream of pee, so satisfying. I sighed and pulled up my briefs. Suddenly, I was not alone and knew it. I turned my head just in time. There stood Ronny Kincaid with a look I'll never forget.

He gulped and suddenly I was pressed against the stall wall, Ronny's mouth on mine, his tongue begging to be let into my mouth. I don't know why I would allow that, but in the shock of the moment, I did. We kissed, full tongue and all and he put his hand into my shorts and groped me like it was his last day on earth.

Just as suddenly, he got down onto his knees, looked forlornly up at me, pulled my shorts down and started to suck my dick and I mean to the pubes like he had done this a dozen times before.

He gagged himself again and again, I just stood there still in shock, but my dick was enjoying abusing Ronny's mouth. I finally grabbed his hair, "Take it bitch!" I sneered at him and then wantonly face fucked him a few long strokes, and then completely against the risk of getting caught, pushed him away, turned him around and pulling down his shorts and boxers, pushed him over the toilet.

Ronny did not resist me, but looked back up at me like a needy whore. I mounted Ronny, did him, fucked him, fucked him hard. The funny thing was that he moaned and did not fight me and I emptied my load into him, right then and there.

"Fucking asshole!" I said as I put myself together thinking I heard others in the bathroom now.

I glared at Ronny Kincaid one last time and pushed out of the stall feeling like a million dollars and left the bathroom with a huge grin on my face. I had the feeling that the summer was going to be hot, very hot and not just from the summer solstice.

The End

© Copyright PJ Franklin June 29, 2014

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