Ball Busting Boyfriend: Part Two

I went to a memorable dinner party with my boyfriend Mark recently. It was

our friend Trevor's birthday, and he had invited four couples, all of whom

Mark and I already knew. Trevor and his husband Bob, Ed and Mike, Will and

Evan, and us.

After dinner, during which we put away a lot of excellent wine, we moved

into the living room and passed around a few joints until none of us were

feeling any pain. Someone brought up the subject of kinky sex, and Trevor

said, since it was his birthday, what he wanted was for everyone to tell

the kinkiest thing they got into. There was the usual assortment of

cross-dressing, spanking, exhibitionism, and bondage. And some of it

sounded extremely hot. I was the next to last to go.

"I like getting my balls busted," I said. "Hard." This raised more than a

few eyebrows.

Mark was the last of us to speak. "I like to hurt Benjamin," he said. "I

like punching his balls. Hard." A collective gasp went up in the room.

"Do you really like that?" Trevor asked me, astonished.

"Oddly, yes," I said. "I don't know why, but there's something intensely

erotic about it. After a while the pain doesn't feel like pain so much, but

it begins to feel more like this really intense erotic stimulation. And I

like it because I like to submit to Mark, especially when he's stressed out

from his job and needs a way to work his tensions out."

"Would you ever let someone watch?" asked Trevor, clearly fascinated by

this information.

"I don't know," I said. "What do you think babe?" I asked Mark.

"I'm proud of the way you can take a ball beating," he said. "I think it

might be hot to show that off to someone, don't you?"

"Hell yes," I said.

Trevor could hardly conceal his excitement. "Would you guys consider

putting on a show for all of us? It would certainly be a unique

entertainment for my birthday party."

How could we refuse our good friend his birthday wish?

Mark and I looked into each other's eyes, knowing one of our hottest

fantasies was about to be fulfilled.

"We have actually fantasized about this," he said. "What I'd really like to

do tonight is to push Benjamin's limits - push him farther than we've ever

gone before. And to do it in front of an audience would be a huge turn-on

for me. And probably for Benjamin, too, I think."

I looked at Mark and nodded in agreement.

Everyone in the room murmured their approval. You could feel the excitement

in the air.

I whispered something into Mark's ear, and then he said, "Benjamin thinks

that if I'm really going to push him into new territory he's going to need

to be restrained so he can't pull away. Can we get a few volunteers?"

Several hands shot up at once.

"Okay," Mark said. "Here's what we're going to do."

Following Mark's instructions, we all moved into the bedroom. Mike sat on

the bed, with his back against the headboard and his legs spread wide. I

stripped naked and sat between his legs while Mike, with is big, muscular

arms, restrained mine. Then Will and Evan sat on either side of me and each

held one of my legs firmly, wrapping their own legs around my thighs. I

laid back against Mike - a big, comforting bear of a man - for support, and

mentally prepared myself for the ordeal to come.

Mark knelt on the bed next to me, grabbed my heavy low-hangers in his hand

and squeezed hard. I winced from the pain but said nothing.

"Whose nuts are these?" he asked.

"They're yours, baby," I said, "all yours."

"And what can I do with these big nuts?" he asked me, as he always does. I

gave him my standard answer. Didn't even need to think about it.

"Anything you want, baby, any time you want, for as long as you want."

"But what do You want," he asked me. This is our ritual. I knew exactly

what he wanted to hear, and I did not hesitate.

"Hurt me, baby," I said. "I want you to hurt me, please."

"Are you sure?" he said.

"You know I am," I said. "Go ahead. Do it. I know you need to. I want you


The others looked first at Mark, and then at me, trying to read my face,

and - especially - taking a good look at my long, fat schlong - more than

seven inches when completely soft, and very thick, and my big, meaty bull

balls hanging low in their loose, almost hairless sack. Mark rolled up his

sleeves, revealing his powerful forearms. He took my cock in his hand and

moved it to the side, where it lolled almost obscenely across my thigh,

then he pulled his right arm back, made a fist, and slammed it into my


I flinched and tensed up, but from the grunts and moans of everyone else in

the room, you?d think they were the ones who had been punched.

Mark looked me in the eyes to make sure I was okay. I know it sounds weird

in this context, but he is the most considerate boyfriend in the world. I

nodded so he would know it was okay to go ahead.

With that, he pulled back his arm again and began punching me repeatedly in

the gonads. The loud smacking sounds almost drowned out the moans coming

from all of the observers. If you can imagine what it would sound like to

slam your fist into a side of beef, that will give you some idea of how it

sounded each time his fist connected with my nut sack. And with each punch

my cock flew around, landing sometimes on one side of my sack, sometimes on

the other, or flopped back and forth from thigh to thigh. Gradually, as the

beating proceeded, it began to get hard.

After a couple of minutes Mark took a short break to catch his breath, and

to allow me to catch mine, and then the beating resumed. As Mark's punches

rained down on my aching nuts my cock grew fully aroused - an impressive

sight at over nine inches long and almost seven in circumference - a

perfectly straight, thick, veiny shaft, circumcised, with a big mushroom


"Holy fuck!" someone said, as my monster cock, plastered now against my

tight abs, began pulsing visibly and dripping a steady stream of clear,

syrupy pre-cum onto my stomach, where it pooled in my navel. I always like

it when someone notices what a big package I have, but at the moment my

mind was filled with only one thing - pain. Still, I have felt this much

pain before. Many times before.

Mark sat back on his haunches to take a few more deep breaths, and Evan,

thinking the show was over, said, "That was totally fucking amazing. I

can?t believe Ben can take that much punishment."

"Oh, we're just getting warmed up," Mark said. "Now I am going to begin to

see how far I can push his limits." Several people gasped.

"Are you okay with that Babe?" he asked me. I was in too much pain to

speak, but I nodded, giving my lover the go-ahead to really begin hurting

me. Mark took off his shirt, explaining that he was about to work up a


Then Trevor said, "I think we should all be naked to watch this, don?t you


Everyone agreed and began tearing off their clothes. I looked around the

room, taking in the enticing sight of so many lovely cocks in various

states of arousal. I was curious to see how each one would react to my

continued pummeling. As it turned out, they would all react the same,

growing to full hardness as they watched my boyfriend torment my big,

already aching balls.

Mark was the last one to strip, and there were appreciative comments all

around. His body is magnificent - taut, muscular and defined, with a coat

of golden hair covering his beautiful chest and abdomen. And his cock,

while not quite as large as mine, would draw envious stares in any locker


I looked at my gorgeous boyfriend, proud of how incredibly sexy he looked

naked in front of our friends, and said, "Babe, as long as we're taking a

little break would you mind doing me a favor?"

He didn't need to ask what I wanted, and straddling my chest with his

powerful legs he slipped his wonderful slab of meat into my mouth. I sucked

on it hungrily, taking it deeper and deeper until it was all the way down

my throat and his balls were mashed against my chin. I love this. I could

keep that cock in my mouth, down my throat, all day long, and all night. It

just feels so right to have this most intimate part of the man I love

immersed deep within my oral cavity, where I can taste it and caress its

delicious length with my tongue. I nursed on it like a baby.

"All right," Mark said after a few minutes, drawing his cock out of my

mouth. "Enough fun and games. Time for some serious ball pain." I flinched,

but said nothing.

Mark instructed the guys who were restraining me to strengthen their


"It's going to be hard to keep him from pulling away, from trying to

protect his nuts from what's about to happen to them." He instructed Will

and Evan to keep an especially tight grip on my legs, to keep them wide

open so he would have unrestricted access to my already aching orbs.

"Are you sure you're okay with this?" Trevor asked incredulously, ever the

thoughtful host.

"Yes," I said. "I'm okay with it. I want you guys to see how willing I am

to submit to my man. There's nothing I would deny him. Nothing."

"Won't you be sore afterwards?"

"Oh, I'll probably be in agony tomorrow. If Mark does half of what I think

he's about to do to me I'll be all swollen and black and blue. My nuts will

be twice their normal size. It will be tough to walk. I'll have to spend

the whole day naked - putting anything on, even underwear, will be all but

unbearable. I'll keep icing my nuts, though, and gradually the soreness

will subside. But I will still be feeling it for at least a couple more


"Aren't you afraid?"

"Are you kidding?" I said. "Totally fucking terrified. Wouldn'?t you be?"

"And you're okay with that?"

"Yes. I'm fine with it. It is my gift to my wonderful boyfriend, to the man

I love more than anything on this earth."

"Alrighty then," Mark said, beaming at his adoring and obedient, and

terrified lover. "Here's what?s going to happen. I am going to start

hitting Benjamin's balls pretty hard, but not full strength yet. With each

impact his balls will become increasingly tender, so each punch will hurt

more than the last. Then I'm going to gradually pick up the intensity until

I'm hitting those big, beautiful nuts as hard as I can. And I'm going to

keep punching the shit out of them until he passes out from the pain, or

until I'm exhausted. I'm not sure which will occur first."

Anyone could tell from looking at Mark's incredible body that he doesn't

tire easily. This might take a while, they knew.

"Is there a safe word," Bob asked, "in case he can't stand it anymore?"

"No," Mark said. "Benjamin knows that I won't stop hitting him until I am

ready, no matter how much it hurts. He's fine with it. Aren't you Babe," he

said, looking at me. I nodded, though I was aware everyone could see the

fear in my face.

He looked into my eyes and said, "Are you ready Baby?"

"Just one thing," I asked him quietly. He leaned over and I whispered in

his ear. A smile crept across his handsome face.

"We're going to need a little more help from the audience," he

said. "Benjamin thinks he can take a lot more pain if he's got a cock

filling his mouth to keep him from screaming.

"Also," he continued with a wicked grin, "what I would really like - my

reward for putting on this little show, if you will - is for all of you

guys to take turns skull-fucking him. I want Benjamin to show you all what

a total cock whore he is, what a complete cum-slut he is. Before the

evening is out, I want each of you to deposit a load in his mouth or down

his throat. That isn't too much to ask of you guys, is it?"

A cheer went up as every guy in the room began stroking his dick, getting

it ready to give my throat a good reaming. They had all heard about what a

talented cocksucker I am - something Mark brags about often, and now they

were about to find out first hand.

"Trevor," Mark said, "You're the birthday boy. You go first."

So Trevor knelt next to my head and presented his fat, uncut cock to my

lips. I licked a big drop of sweet pre-cum off the tip, and then sucked his

warm meat into my mouth. It tasted good.

"Are you ready now?" asked Mark. I nodded.

As Trevor began fucking my mouth with a nice steady rhythm Mark once again

pulled his arm back and slammed it into my nuts, with much more power than

he had used previously. My mouth flew open in a silent scream, and Trevor,

understanding exactly what I needed, slid his fat member all the way down

my throat, and kept it there. I could just about manage to breathe around

the thick sausage invading my airway.

Mark kept up a steady rain of blows to my reddening nuts, each blow harder

than the one before. With each blow my body instinctively flinched and

tried to pull away, but Will and Evan held my legs down so firmly I

couldn't move. There was no escape from the pain. And just when I thought I

really couldn't take another minute of it something clicked in my brain,

and the intense, burning pain began to feel - I hardly know how to describe

this - It began to feel like sex. I entered a completely different state of

consciousness, barely coherent, but somehow in a state of overwhelming

sexual bliss.

Then Mark redoubled his efforts, landing a brutal series of hammer blows to

my swollen and increasingly tender nuts, which burned with pain like I've

never felt. I was sweating profusely, and my head, the only part of me that

wasn't completely immobilized, began shaking involuntarily from side to

side as I felt myself drifting closer and closer to complete, incoherent,

blithering insanity.

Soon - it must have been the violent shaking of my head that pushed him

over the edge - Trevor's cock exploded in my throat. I could feel shot

after of shot of warm liquid spurting into the back of my throat with a

force that felt like a super-soaker water gun. And that's the last thing I

remembered before blacking out. I had fainted from the finally unendurable


When I came to everyone was kneeling around me, looking down at me with

expressions of concern, and respect. I looked up at my man, who gazed

down at me with a penetrating look that communicated his deep love for me,

and his pride in the way I took the most brutal ball beating of my life. My

nuts, swollen to at least half again their usual size (which, even under

normal circumstances, is substantial), were bright red, and they felt like

they were on fire. For several minutes more they thrummed with wave after

wave of nausea-inducing pain, almost as if they were still being

pounded. If you have ever spent time on a boat, and then stepped onto dry

land, you will have noticed that for a while it feels like the ground is

heaving like the sea. That's how it was now with the ongoing pain. I looked

up at Mark with love in my eyes.

Then everyone took turns gently massaging my sore nuts as another of them,

one after the other, gave me a long and thorough throat-fucking, filling my

mouth with load after sweet-tasting load of delicious, thick white

semen. And several of the guys were very heavy shooters. I was in

heaven. Until Mark noticed how carefully everyone was handling my balls.

"No, not like that," he said. "Really grab them and give them a good

squeeze. Like this." And, to demonstrate, he took my swollen, tender nut

sack in his big hand and squeezed. Hard. The searing pain was so sudden and

intense that I shrieked, with enough force that Bob's cock was ejected from

my throat just as he was about to ejaculate, and he shot his copious load

all over my face and lips, with the last few spurts landing solidly inside

my still open mouth.

"See?" Mark said. "Like that."

The others began handling my nuts more firmly - firmly enough that I was in

constant low-level pain. But no one dared to hurt me like Mark had. That

was his job, they all must have concluded.

"One last thing I'd like," said Mark after everyone had cooled down a

bit. "And I think Benjamin would like this too." I knew exactly what he was

thinking. He looked at me and I shook my head rapidly up and down, excited

to think that another of our hottest fantasies was about to be fulfilled.

"Is everyone good for another load?" he asked the room. Everyone said

yes. "So here"s what I need. I'm going to lay back on the bed, and I want

everyone to jerk off and shoot all over my cock and balls. And then

Benjamin is going to lick me clean, swallowing all six loads together."

Hearing this, my cock, which had deflated somewhat after I finished

draining everyone in the group, sprang back to life, engorged almost to

bursting. I had been dreaming about this particular scenario for a long

time. I licked my lips in eager anticipation.

. . . to be continued.

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