Becoming a boy 10

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"Danny! Get in here," Dad hollered at me. He was in his office today. Mom was working this morning and I knew it meant he would want me to provide him some service. I left the kitchen where I had been cleaning up and went to the office.

"Strip," he told me. "Let's see how the piercings are doing." He had checked on them every day since he had taken me back to the piercing parlor and had me, well, locked down I guess. I removed my shirt first. Dad pulled me toward his chair. He looked at my ears, then my bellybutton. "Those look good. How do they feel?" he asked.

"They're good, Sir," I told him honestly. "They don't hurt anymore and as far as I can tell they are healing up." It had been five days since we had been there.

"I didn't figure there would be any problem with those." He grabbed me by the arm and spun me around, looking at my ass, then looking at the front of my shorts. He had spent a lot of time staring at me the last five days. Some I guess because Mom was around a lot and he wasn't letting me suck him, but it was kinda funny, having him always be focusing on my crotch area when I would catch him looking.

"I like these shorts much better now Danny. They look so smooth in front now. No dick getting in the way of how they snug your ass. It looks good." Ohmygod! I hadn't thought about that, but that was why Daddy was staring at me. He thought I looked good in the shorts. He had gotten rid of my package by tucking my dicklet between my legs and doing that made my balls pop up inside me. I reddened when I realized what he had been doing. "Now get the shorts off. Let's have a look."

I pulled the shorts down and Daddy had me stop again and he looked at me in the thong. "Yeah, now that is hot, Danny! I think that was just what needed to happen. See how smooth that looks?" I glanced down. I knew what I would see...nothing. Some times I liked that and other times I didn't. It kinda looked like a girl, a little bit of puffyness where my balls remained up inside then nothing really. It was really uncomfortable on my balls, if I pushed them down they got mashed. I had tried that for almost a day and finally pushed them back up inside me. It hurt less that way. "That is a nice change, Danny." I got even redder. He was making me so girly, and ok, I liked it when he complimented me like this, but I was missing my dick and ok, missing his dick too.

I took off the thong and Daddy began inspecting my lock-down piercings. "Bend over!" I bent over so he could get a close look. "Hey, those are looking good, baby. Healing nicely," he said. I guess I made a whiny noise cause he smacked me across my ass lightly. "None of that whining boy, we've been over this before. I don't care if you like it or not right now. This is to keep you focused," he repeated to me again.

I hated the fact that Daddy had locked me down. I didn't understand it, but then he said that wasn't important. All I know is that it hurts like hell when I get hard. Well, when my dick TRIES to get hard. I wake up sometimes at night with it straining and I try to think of things like naked women or snakes, so it goes down again and I can get some more sleep. It's not like it's a dick anymore really. Just like Daddy said, it's more of this oversized clit, because I can't cum anymore, it's useless really except to pee.

"But, I don't get it," I told him again. "I was being good. I wasn't playing with it when you were using me."

Dad sighed. "Danny," he began again, "you know the reasons. I'm a man. I'm not queer; I'm not looking for another guy to fuck. Whoever I am fucking I want them horny, I want them to want to get my cock. I want to hear how much they want it and how much they need it. A man loves to hear that, to know his fuck is ready and waiting. A man wants his girl or his faggot to be horny and ready when he is. I want them to want my cock inside them and I want to know that they appreciate it. I don't want them getting off all the time on their own, and I want to know that when I am fucking someone that I got them off. I don't care that your clit was hard and stimulated rubbing on my stomach or on the bed, or even on the fabric of your thong. By locking you down, I am going to make you horny, make you want a cock so much you will do about anything to get one inside you. By the time this heals and you get fucked again, you will be so ready for it, that you will have forgotten about your clit and what will matter is the man's cock, My cock, and you will be a very good fuck then, Danny."

He was serious. The look in his eyes said not to question him. He was making it clear through this lock-down that I was made for cock. When he explained it, it made sense. Maybe that is strange, but I knew if Daddy said it, it was true. It also made me very horny and I tried hard to think about other things.

"Now see what you are doing to yourself," he told me. "You're getting yourself all excited. This is exactly what I want to stop. I want your pussy excited or your mouth to water thinking about my cock. A real man doesn't care about your cock Danny. I'm not queer," he said with finality.

"Johnson has control of you while you are at his farm Danny, Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir"

"Good. He can and will provide punishment if you break rules or do not follow his instructions. You are there to learn some skills as well as learn to forget your useless dick. Now get on your knees!"

Hearing Daddy call it useless was one thing, thinking about it was another. It was totally useless, and I now spent too much time, in my mind thinking about it because of all the changes. Like peeing, I have to sit to do that now; every time. And half the time when I pee I have to wipe myself like a girl would because I spray it all over my ass. Not to get too detailed, but I have to wipe my ass differently now too, from front to back so nothing gets on my piercings or my clit. I clean them all the time, a couple times a day, and I guess they are healing well. They don't hurt anymore, until it tries to get hard, then it hurts like hell.

I can't get fucked and I can't cum, and I am going to be where all those men are hanging out and working, what am I gonna do? I'll be even hornier there, and no way to do anything about it. Sometimes it makes me mad not understanding all of the reasons, but I asked for this, I told Daddy that I belonged to him and so this is what happens. I wish I had never gone online looking for a man to dominate me. I wish I had never found that Wolf guy and gotten into trouble with Daddy over that. Well, I don't really mean that completely, I am just so horny and don't know what I mean now. I try to distract myself by playing with my nipples. They are really big these days. They stick out at least ¾ of an inch from my chest. They were nubs a few months ago, now they look like nipples on a woman's titties. They are constantly tender from all the pumping I have done and I can't hide them in shirts or even in half of the sweaters I own. So I play with them and try not to get hard, try to get some pleasure out of my body, the way I used to just last week.


Danny was adjusting well. He had gotten over whining to me pretty quickly when I made it clear to him, I wasn't changing my mind. He needed to get used to it. I had learned enough about keeping a faggot to know you needed to be strict with them and stick to your decisions. I also knew this was best for him, to show him the importance of pleasure from his throat and from his pussy eventually. He would learn, even if he didn't think so now. What he thought wasn't important to the process from that standpoint. I just needed to keep him busy servicing men so he would learn to focus on them and their cocks. That was why I was sending him off to the Farm, where he could do just that, while things quieted down here with Jan. As it was, I just hadn't been able to get enough free time to even use his throat the last few days. Jan wasn't at the office much for some reason or another and I just wasn't going to push it right now. But having the time right now meant Danny needed the training.

I reached for his nips. They were looking nice and big. He had become a dedicated pumper. "Those look good boy," I told him as I rolled them between my thumb and finger. "Looking better every time I see them."

"Mmmm, oooh, Daddy."

"Yeah? You like that, Danny?"

"Mmmmhhmmmm, oh god, that feels good, Sir."

"That is what I am talking about, faggot. Learn to enjoy the parts of your body that a man is going to use. Not your dick." He looked up at me and there was a glimmer of comprehension in his eyes. A man enjoys playing with his girl's titties," I looked directly into his eyes and made it clear that I now thought of him as a girl. "Yes, you are like a girl now, Danny, nothing more, nothing less. You are my kid, but your not a man anymore," making his place clear. "You need to keep earning my respect as my girly faggot, not my son. So you WILL remain locked-down until you can keep your hands off that clit."

His eyes broke contact. I smacked him across the cheek then grabbed his chin and forced him to look up again. "Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir," he answered. "I'm your girly faggot now, and I need to still learn how to be a good one," he whispered.

"That's good Danny. It won't be as bad as you think," I tried to reassure him. Hell, I had no idea if it would e tough or not. I had never stopped pulling a load out, or fucking a girlfriend or Jan since I had figured out to cum as a kid. I continued twisting his nips. He looked good there, on his knees in front of me as I sat in my office chair. It wasn't what I had imagined all those years ago when Danny was born, but a man needs to be flexible to bring up his kids as he sees fit and how they need to be brought up for their own good. I noticed that Danny's clit was stirring. I wasted no time in smacking it hard with the back of my hand. "Keep that thing under control," I told him.

"Oowwww, that hurt."

"Not any more than it will hurt if it gets hard, bitch," I replied. "You need to learn this Danny. It's why you are going to the farm, because you need to learn and I don't have the time or the freedom to do it right now. Not after your incident in the kitchen." Reminding him of his mother catching him brought a bright red color to his face.

"I'm sorry, Sir. I..I didn't mean to."

I smacked his dick again. "I don't want to revisit that, Danny. We both know you should have had enough sense to go to the basement. We both know it was your fault, and now we both are going to learn from your actions," I told him.

I squeezed his nipples and continued to play with them. "Take my cock out of my pants," I said. He reached forward and began unzipping and unbuttoning my slacks. He pulled my semi-hard cock out. He looked at it and then looked up at me. I saw him lick his lips.

"That's it. I want you to realize I saw you licking those lips, Danny. It's important to recognize that your mouth is already watering over my cock. Think about that the next time you unzip a man's pants. Recognize that your body is reacting. Subconsciously you already want that cock and you are readying yourself for it. Pay attention to things like that instead of your clit. Focus on those reactions, not being locked down."

"Oh..."he looked up again, "ok, Sir. That makes sense."

"Of course it does." I twisted his nipples again, eliciting a moan, and causing his eyes to close. "Now, focus on my cock. Put it in your mouth, just the head. I need to piss and you need to drink. Focus on how my cock feels there. Think about how you need to swallow it all, how you feel drinking my piss. Try to remember and think about what is going through your brain, but do NOT think about your clit. Do you understand? I am going to ask you to describe it when I'm done, so I expect your attention on this, Danny."

"Yes, Sir, I will."

"Good faggot, Danny, now get to work."

He reached forward and took my cock in his hand. He leaned forward, opened his mouth and placed my cock in it, closing his lips around the head. I shifted forward on my chair giving him plenty of access to what he was going to get. He looked up at me in anticipation.

"No spilling, Danny. I want all of it in your gut when I'm done and remember to focus on what I told you to think about." He nodded in agreement. I began slowly at first and then full force. It was really an amazing thing to me. I never failed to get harder as I did this to my kid. I'd made him into a little faggot pig and I loved the feeling of that, knowing he wanted every bit of it. I watched as Danny began swallowing. Then as the flow increased he gulped trying to stay up with the flow and knowing he better not spill. He stopped looking at me and closed his eyes. I dropped mine from his face to look at his clit, just to see if it got harder. I smacked it once to make sure it didn't. He managed to not spill when I did that and he finished gulping as my flow slowed and stopped eventually.

"Clean it up and then take it out of your mouth and tell me what you thought, Danny.

He pulled my cock out and licked it up and down, getting the last drops off my dick and then he let go with his hands and placed them behind his back so he wouldn't be tempted to touch his clit, I guessed.

"Uhm, well, I thought about how you were pissing so hard, Sir, and I wondered if I would be able to keep up. I didn't want to spill any," he said. He paused then continued while he began to turn red. "I thought about how hot your piss was and how it felt warm inside me all the way down into my tummy. I thought about your taste and how it always tastes the same, Sir. Always reminds me of you. It's completely different tasting than Ian's piss, Sir." He really blushed then, confessing to what I already knew Ian had done with him. "I...I like the way you look at me when you are pissing in my mouth. You look like you really enjoy it, Daddy. It really feels good when I know I can do something like that for you. It's important for you, so it's important for me. makes me feel giddy all over to feel your cock there in my mouth and accepting your piss Daddy. I...I like it even though I never wanted to do it, never dreamed of doing it, but now, I...I want to do it. I like how it makes me feel."

"Nice, Danny. I am glad you were focusing on it, thinking about what you were doing.  Now keep focusing on that sort of stuff as we keep going. I'm going to fuck that throat of yours good today. You keep in mind what I want and what I am doing, and forget about your clit. If it starts getting hard remember I can make it hurt more at any moment."

"Uhm, ok Sir. Please don't hit it, it is still sore."

"I don't care if it is sore, faggot. I'll do what I need to do to keep your mind focused on my cock and not yours," I told him with a slap to his face. He rubbed his cheek. I stepped out of my shoes and pants then I stood there waiting for him to ask permission to proceed.

"Get it good and wet, Danny. I'm going in deep and you better be ready."

"mmmm," he mumbled as he began running his tongue up and down the shaft, trying to cover my 9 inches with his saliva before I began to push it down his throat. Once he started going down on my shaft I just reached forward to the back of his head and pulled him quickly down the whole length, not stopping until my nuts were smacking against his chin.

"There you go, Danny. That's the way to take a cock. Just like I taught you. All the way deep." I held his head there for a good long time before I released and he backed off gasping for air. I let him breathe and then went in deep again. I fucked his face this time, short strokes down in his throat where I could feel the tightness and he could be sure and recognize my dick. "Fuck, I can't tell you how good that feels, Danny, being able to use your throat this way."

"Mmmmm," he mumbled back at me. I threw my head back and let him go to work on my dick at his own speed for a while. He backed off it and spent some time lapping at the head, catching his breath and working up and down as much as he comfortably could. Then I would grab the back of his head and bring him all the way down again. I could hear him grunt as I did it, pulling his head toward my crotch and forcing it down on my cock.

"Watch your teeth, bitch," I said as he scraped them along my shaft. It wasn't real bad, but it hurt when he did it. So when it happened again, I smacked him hard on the cheek and pulled my cock out. "Bitch, I told you to watch your teeth. What are you thinking about?" I asked.

"I...I'm sorry Daddy, sorry. I didn't do anything wrong. I was just sucking..."

I smacked Danny again. "Don't you ever disagree with me, faggot. Don't tell me how my dick feels. I felt your damn teeth," I grabbed his head and my hard cock and shoved towards his mouth. I slid all the way in and grabbed the back of his head with both hands. I fucked short little strokes and then held his cock as deep as I could. Pulling him hard into me. He struggled a little and started making some noises after 20 seconds, but I was mad. Pissed at how he dared to disagree with what I told him. Then he tried to push away from me but I held him there all the way deep, longer than I could recall doing, and then for a few seconds more. When I relaxed, Danny pulled back quick and really sucked air. I listened to him gasp.

"Don't EVER tell me what I feel, faggot. Ever. You hear me?"

"Yes, Sir"

I smacked him once more for good measure then smacked his face with my cock hard. "Get back to worth, Danny, and no teeth this time."

"Yes, Sir...sorry Daddy."

"Shut up, and suck," I added. I proceeded to take better control now. I didn't let go of his head. I kept at least one hand on his head and my cock in his mouth. If I pulled out it was to make him suck on my nuts while I stroked my dick and watched him try to fit both of my nuts in his mouth at once. Knowing I had his attention got me hot. I had grown to love feeling his throat on my cock. The summer had been good to me and now I was going to miss this while Danny was at the farm. I'd learned that some guys needed this sort of attention and that I had raised Danny wrong for all those years. I had caught him just in time, before that freak on the net had gotten a hold of him and trained him in some other way. Once I had it figured out a bit, I had trained Danny the right way, was well on my way to getting it right with him. I wondered what life might have been like if I had only figured this out earlier and started training him earlier, when he was 13 or 14, before he had time to develop any bad habits, but I was going to have fun correcting those too. No more jacking for Danny, those days were over. He was going to learn his pleasure came from his throat and then in his cockslot when it was ready, from feeling a Man's dick inside him somewhere, only then would he gain any release. If he wanted to be a faggot, he was going to do it my way.


My little dick was straining and hurting locked down like this, being so horny. It had been almost five full days since Daddy had taken me to get these piercings and I hadn't cum at all. I was trying to pay as much attention to Daddy's cock as possible but I admit my own dick was still in my mind because it hurt so much being locked down. I was thinking too much I guess, because Dad was smacking me around when I scraped my teeth on his cock. I don't think I had ever done it before. At least not so much that he had smacked me over it. It brought me back to attention and tried to get focused like he wanted. I thought about Dad's cock and how it felt in my mouth. His big head was soft at the same time that it was firm. I stared at it as he pulled it out and smacked my lips with it. I noticed how his cock was the same width all the way down his shaft. I guess I knew that, but I hadn't really looked at it so closely before. I had always knew it would bring me off and that had been my focus, now the only release I would get would be from this cock. I lapped at Daddy's balls as he stroked his cock. I slurped at one of the big round balls, sucking it gently into my mouth. I ran my tongue over it feeling his hairy sack there. His nuts were big too. They looked nice and in proportion to his cock, they hung down well and were covered in a soft fur that I was soaking now with saliva from deep in my throat. I alternated taking each nut in my mouth and bathing it with my tongue.

"Yeah, that's the way, Danny," Daddy moaned, so I took that as a good sign.

I could never fit both his balls into my mouth at once. I tried again to see if I could but I didn't want to hurt him, or squeeze them in there, he might smack me again if I did. They were honestly more than a mouthful and I knew it. So I just stared at them, up close, swinging in front of me, as he stroked his cock over my face. When my tongue rolled over them I thought about how hot it is that they are so big, and that I get to lick them and massage them with my lips and tongue. How I am so lucky to have Daddy teaching me what pleases him. I knew that these balls were going to give me a big thick load because it had been a few days since I had sucked him off. I got excited about thinking of his load.

Then Daddy placed his cock back in my mouth. I wrapped one of my hands around the top of Daddy's ball sack and then went back to sliding my mouth up and down his cock. Each time I wanted to feel it in my throat I would expel a little air and let it slide down. It felt so firm. The shaft was as hard as steel but also gave enough to fit into my throat. I could feel the thick vein on the underside of his dick. I tried to run my tongue on it and feel it. When I got all of it into my throat I stuck my tongue out and tried to tickle Daddy's balls. I could barely do it, but I think he appreciated it. I focused on the feeling of his cock moving into and out of my throat. The stretching in the back of my throat as it entered and the pulsing of his cock once it was all the way in. When he held my head, I relaxed and let him thrust back and forth in there, feeling that head deep in me, and I heard myself moan from the pleasure.

"Yeah. That's good, Danny." I looked up and Daddy was string at me. "You like that don't you?" he asked.

"Mmmphmmm," I said but I was trying to let him know, "yes, Sir, I do."

"No need to talk, I know what you mean," he told me.

I stared into his eyes and paid attention to my work. He told me to swallow and I did. When he reached the bottom of my throat and his balls were nestled on my chin, I swallowed and felt my throat close around his cock. I felt my throat massage his cock, down the shaft and head that were ledged inside me, and I felt so good knowing Daddy could feel it by the way he moaned. I could see that this gave him a lot of pleasure so I continued to do it when he was buried in me like that.

I ran my hands around Daddy's sack. I massaged his taint with my fingers and could feel his balls tightening. They didn't hang loose any more. I wrapped my hand around the top of the sack again to hold them down, away from his body. I was enjoying Daddy's cock and I didn't want him to cum yet.

That made me realize that I hadn't thought about it this way before. I always liked Daddy's cock, or Ian's cock, but I mean I was thinking about it differently now, trying to imagine what he was feeling instead of just thinking how hard it got me or how close I was. I was focusing more on him. Maybe Daddy was right, maybe I needed to be locked down. But as soon as I thought that I noticed my dick was hurting again. Had it been hurting a few seconds ago? I couldn't remember. Maybe it was just now hurting because I was thinking of it. I needed to think of my throat or Daddy's cock again. I wanted to feel more of Daddy's cock before he shot his load.

I pulled back from Daddy's cock again and went to licking his balls some more. I loved how heavy they felt in my mouth, how full they seemed to me. I wondered if I could learn to judge whether a man had come in awhile from licking and sucking on his balls. Maybe I should try. I was licking and sucking and then I started noticing an aroma I hadn't noticed for awhile. It was Daddy's ass. I could clearly smell his asshole from where I was. I sniffed deeply and was overcome with a desire to get closer. It was a strong smell, not bad, but just a smell of my Daddy, one of sweat and body and closeness. I wanted to taste it. I was suddenly overcome by the thought of licking his ass. I stuck my tongue out and lapped further behind his balls, first on his taint then, I kept going back further until I was lapping at Daddy's crack.

"Yeah...yeah! Go for it, bitch. Lick my asshole."

"Mmmm, yes Sir." I really was getting into it. Daddy smelled so strong, so musty there. I wanted to taste his hole. I wanted to get my nose in there and smell it and lick it. I was alternatively sniffing and licking and Dad seemed to be really getting into it.

"Fuck, that feels nice, Danny. Why haven't you done that before, boy?"

"Mmmm, I...I don't know Sir, I guess I never thought of it."

"Well get back to it," he said. I stuck my tongue out and flicked it around his hole. I lapped at the hairs around his hole. Daddy had a lot of hair around his asshole. I didn't think I had that much there, but I couldn't really remember honestly, it had been awhile since I had any at all. Since I had to shave all the time I had forgotten what hair I had there. I liked how the hairs swirled around his ass and the way it smelled. I started licking all over and around his ass.

"Get in there and lick that hole, boy."

I moved my tongue and lapped at his hole. I tried poking my tongue at his hole but it was puckered tight and my tongue wasn't going inside it as tight as it was. I was lapping at it and licking around it and poking at it with my tongue. Daddy was moaning and telling me how much he liked it. I kept trying to poke it inside Daddy but I couldn't do it, his hole was too tight. That was hot, knowing I couldn't do it, I guess it just made me realize more the differences between Daddy's hole and my pussy.

Daddy grabbed me by the hair and pulled me back to suck on his cock again. "That's it, get back to working my dick, boy. You have a lot of attention to pay to this. It's been too long since I used your face."

He was right it had been too long as far as I was concerned. I wanted to feel his cock shooting a load, to taste his seed on my tongue. I wanted to shoot my...oh god, my dick was trying to get hard again. It hurt. The pulling and the straining on my dick was starting up and it HURT. I had to stop thinking of it. I needed to focus on something besides how turned on I was. That was when Daddy grabbed my nipples and twisted hard. He put a lot of pressure on them and pinched them and twisted, it hurt like hell.

"Ummuunnnnggggghhhhhh," I tried to tell him. I couldn't talk as his cock was buried in my face.

"Shut up, Danny. Focus on my dick, and stop thinking about your own. You aren't going to cum anyway," he reminded me. He continued to twist and pinch and it really hurt and I felt my dick droop as he wanted it to do. When he let go of my nipples, my hands shot up to them. They were so sore. That just made Daddy mad and he grabbed my wrists and pulled them away.

"Don't touch them, bitch, unless I say to touch them." He pulled my hands around to his ass cheeks. "Use them to pull yourself down on my cock, instead, faggot." Daddy's hands went right back to my titties, squeezing and twisting. It hurt so much but all I could do was to grab on to his ass and pull his cock into my throat, so I did it. I pulled slowly on his ass cheeks and I moved his cock down into my throat. Daddy then backed himself back up and held his cock until I pulled on his ass and forced fed his cock into my own throat. He kept repeating that, pulling back then making me feed it to myself by pulling him into my throat. It felt good, taking this sort of control feeding his cock into my throat, feeling it slide in and deep. Feeling the head of his big cock throb. I pulled until my nose was bumping up in his crotch. I pulled until I could feel him reaching way far into me. I was beginning to cry though, he was making my nipples hurt so much. I loved the feeling of his cock but he was causing me pain too.

"Ahhhh, shit that feels so good," Daddy said, finally letting go of my nips. He moved his hands up to the back of my head and began to pump my face on his own. He was taking long strokes again. Pulling out and shoving it back in, and his balls were tightening up. I ran my tongue on them when I could as he plugged my face, but his pace had picked up.

"Gonna stuff that face, Danny. Gonna skull fuck your pretty mouth," he told me.

Wow, Daddy thinks I have a pretty mouth, was my first thought, then I had to think about other stuff. He forced me over to sit against his desk and he stood over me and continued to use my face. The back of my head rested against the desk and Daddy held both sides of my head in place and he fucked my mouth hard. My head would have really hurt if he hadn't held it so still. As it was I could feel my head bounce against the desk a few times as he continued to fuck hard. But honestly, I was paying more attention to his cock. I couldn't take it deep on every thrust, but he shoved it hard each time, forcing me against the side of the desk.

"Come on, keep your throat open, boy. Don't make me interrupt this to show you how to do it."

There were big long globs of saliva from my throat that were hanging off his cock as he pulled it out then shoved it back in. If I choked, he just shoved harder and his cock went in any way. My head would only bounce once on the desk then Daddy would fill my mouth and force it all in and my head would be pressed against the side of the desk. Saliva was running down my chin and I was making all sorts of gagging noises as he continued pounding my face.

"This is about me and my cock, Danny," he said between thrusts. "I want to see your face a mess," as his cock forced my head to the desk. "I want to make you understand," as I gagged again choking up thick saliva. "Make you forget about everything," my face pinned in his crotch. "but me. My desire," my head banging on the desk again.

I was there on my knees, steadying myself with my hands, trying not to move, so that Daddy didn't hit me or get mad. He was like a crazy man. His cock was pummeling me against the desk. I was breathing raggedly as he continued long strokes in and out of my face.

"Fuck, you love cock, don't you, bitch?" Daddy paused long enough to let me nod. I did love his cock, and it did feel good.

"Yes," I gasped. "I love cock." He slammed it back in, making my head bang on his desk.

"Then take it, faggot. Feed on it." Daddy was bouncing my head against his desk. It hurt but I loved feeling him just use me. I thought I must look awful, gagging and choking on his cock and saliva running all over but he said he liked my face that way. I thought about his cock, I thought about squeezing it in my throat, about opening my throat to let it in, about breathing and then next I knew Daddy was cumming. He had pulled his cock back from my face and his cum was flying all over, landing in my hair, in my eye, on my chin. Warm cum from Daddy spraying me. I thought to myself that I had made him feel good, that he was enjoying this.

"Yeah!! Spraying your face, Danny. Fuck, you look good like that.."

Daddy rubbed his cock on my face when he had stopped cumming. I was looking up at him and he was rubbing my face smearing his cum all over.

"That's what I am talking about Danny. You did well. I came and you didn't. That's the way its going to be for awhile. You learning to get a man to cum, and focusing on his cock. No cumming for you." He smiled as he said it, and the reality was sinking in for me. After he had twisted my nipples I hadn't gotten hard again. His roughness had overcome my desire to get hard and I had focused on his cock. Thinking about it was beginning to change that, I could feel my dick trying to stretch out but the rings locked it down to my pussy area. I started licking at Daddy's cock again to take my mind away from my own dick.

"Yeah, clean it up good," he told me. He continued to run his cock over my face, feeding me his now cooling load. It still tasted good to me, I still wanted to consume it, to feel him inside me. "That's enough," he finally told me. He pulled his cock away from me and tucked it back in his pants.

"Go get yourself ready boy. Finish your shopping and we are going to get you out to the farm later today. Get you away from me, so I don't use that other hole before I should," he said smiling. It made me feel good to know he still wanted it.


I needed a pair of boots. I couldn't imagine trying to work at a farm without some boots, so I had gone looking for some Timberlands that would fit. I thought they would look good with my shorts and tight t-shirts that I knew were required on the farm. Mom thought I needed other stuff but I kept telling her I just needed what I had gotten used to wearing around the house. I had agreed to take some jeans and a couple nice shirts but from what I had seen or what Stacey showed me in emails he had sent, I knew what was expected.

I had cleaned up after Daddy had cum in my hair. After showering I had pulled my hair back into a ponytail and put on a tight shirt and some nice tight shorts. Okay, I admit, I liked how my shorts didn't show any bulge now at all. Not that I had ever shown much, but now the front was completely smooth, like Dad seemed to like and so I liked it too. I figured I looked ok, since Daddy liked this look.

Once I got to the store I was focused on finding some boots. I didn't think about much of anything else. I tried on a few different things but I was really looking hard for what felt right and wasn't paying attention to who or what was around me really. If I had any sense I would have thought about how this was the way Daddy wanted me focusing on his cock, but I was just shopping. I went from store to store looking, not paying any attention to people around me or where I was. I guess that is why before I knew it there was this guy behind me whispering in my ear.

"I knew I'd see you eventually, faggot," the voice said.

I turned around to look to see who it was and was surprised by the face grinning wildly at me. It was Mr. Wolf, or whatever his name was from the Internet way back at the beginning of my long summer!! He looked even better in person than he looked online.

"This city is too small for a fag to hide easily," he said still grinning. "Eventually you run into everyone."

I was kinda freaked about seeing him. I mean, here was the guy that I had contacted and talked with, the one I had started sharing secrets with and then Daddy had cut me off from when I lost Internet privileges.

"Uhmm....Hi, uhhmm Mr. Wolf," I told him.

"Yeah, hi, fag. Glad you remembered." He stared at me hard and I dropped my eyes. I couldn't look him in the eyes. He looked too familiar. "So, last I heard your Daddy found you looking for a man online, huh? What did he do, ground you?" Mr. Wolf laughed at his statement. I didn't know what to say to him, what I could say to him, or what I wanted to say to him. I looked at Mr. Wolf's shoes. They were black, and looked like boots. His jeans covered what I thought were the tops. He had on a faded tight t-shirt, also black and a shirt over that that hung out of his waist and the black belt. He looked tough, kinda a mix of a jock and rough around the edges. He wasn't that old, I knew. He was definitely handsome but in the way that made me kinda shrink back.

"Answer me boy," he said rather directly. "Tell me what your old man did when he found you chatting with me. I already know he beat your ass the first time he found out after we talked. What happened after that?"

I could feel my face turning red, the heat turning up inside me. I didn't want to tell Mr. Wolf. I turned around. All I saw were shoppers. No one was really near us, the employees were over at the sales counter. I kept trying to think what I could say, my head hung down and Mr. Wolf grabbed me by the arm.

"You better tell me, boy. I asked you a direct question." His hand wrapped around my arm and he squeezed it tight. "You hear me? I'm talking to you." If he could have squeezed harder, I would have found it hard to believe. "Answer me," he spoke harshly.

"Please, don't squeeze so hard, Mr. Wolf," I whispered.

"Answer my question, and I will let go," he told me, though he did loosen his grip a bit. It probably just looked like someone I knew was holding on, but I am sure no one heard him because no one came over to us or looked up as I searched the room for something besides an answer.

"I...he...he made me...made me into his faggot, Sir," I finally squeaked out of my mouth.

Mr. Wolf let go of my arm. I looked up at him and he had a look of shock on his face that passed after a few seconds, but I saw he was surprised to hear what I said.

"He what?!? He made you into his faggot? You mean he fucks you? Is that what you are telling me? he whispered."

I blushed again, knowing what it said, what it meant. "Yes, Sir. I belong ...I belong to him now. I...I'm his faggot." I could feel the heat in my face and I lowered my head again. As my view passed Mr. Wolf's pants on the way to the floor, I noticed that his crotch was bulging! I couldn't believe it. He thought that my Dad making me into his faggot was hot. He was all hard hearing me admit I was a faggot to my Dad. Mr. Wolf grabbed my arm again.

"Let's go, boy. I have some place else to talk to you about this."

"But, but I have to get some boots and my Dad is expecting me back home soon," I tried to explain.

"I'll wait, but don't bother trying to leave without me," he warned. I picked up the pair I had been thinking about, tried them on and thought they looked good. Mr. Wolf approved, mentioning in the meantime how slutty they looked with my outfit. I blushed but bought the boots and then headed out with Mr. Wolf leading the way, holding on to my upper arm from time to time guiding me through the mall. When he turned down into the hall where the bathrooms are located I got nervous. He paused and looked around and headed into the unisex disabled bathroom, locking the door behind him.

He leaned against the door looking at me. I looked at him but dropped my eyes from his staring. So your old man uses you now, eh? Fucks you regular? Bet you love that, fag. You're even kinkier than I would have guessed. I'm sorry that I didn't get to turn you out instead of him. But, I have to say it is the fucking hottest thing I've heard yet from a faggot. I've met plenty of your type and this is the fucking hottest thing I've heard yet. Take your shirt off!"

"What? I asked. "Here?"

"Do I look like I'm joking," he glared at me.  He didn't. I started to take off my t-shirt. I held on to it and he stared at me. He smiled and I continued to blush. "Damn, look at those titties. Those nipples are bigger than most women I've known. You did that, boy?

My head hanging I said, "yes, Sir."

"What made you do that,"

"Uhmmm, my Dad said a faggot needed nipples that looked like a girl, " I answered. He laughed, then reached out and twisted them.

"You got the other one pierced too. You're Daddy make you do that?"

"MMMmmmmm," I let a moan escape my lips. "Yes, Sir." He kept twisting them. It was making me feel good.

"You like that, huh?" Wolf asked. "Those nipples were made to be played with, faggot. Daddy gave you some slutty girl titties."

I didn't want it to feel good. I was in the bathroom at the mall for god's sakes. Daddy would be upset that I was with Mr. Wolf. He was always calling him some name or another and making it sound like he was a horrible guy for wanting to do what Daddy had done with me, for wanting to do what he was doing now. MMMmmmm, I could hear myself moaning. Mr. Wolf kept playing with them and making them feel good. I closed my eyes. My head was still lowered to the floor.

"Shit, those get hard when you play with them too. Even get bigger," he said as he rolled them around in his fingers.

Oh, god, I had to do something or I was going to try and get hard. My dick was beginning to strain against the piercings. I didn't want to bleed or cause some scene here. The way I was feeling was strange. I didn't know what I was supposed to do, but I was beginning to think I needed to suck Mr. Wolf's cock. I recalled seeing it on the computer screen and remembered it was big. Maybe it wasn't as big as Daddy's or Ian's, but bigger than Johnson's. I didn't seem to have any control as Mr. Wolf played with my nipples. I remembered slowly sinking to my knees in the bathroom as he played with my nipples, telling me what a slut I was because they were so big, because Daddy had made me make them this way. He was right, I was a slutty faggot, and I needed his cock now. He was making me so horny playing with them. I found my face brushing back and forth against the crotch of Mr. Wolf's pants. I was licking at his dick through his pants.

"Please, please, may I suck your cock. Please, I'm so horny now," I pleaded as I looked up into his face. It really was the first instant when I realized he had driven me to my knees by playing with my nipples. I looked up at him and knew it was the right thing to do. I had to have his cock in my mouth. He continued to play with them, bending slightly forward to twist them as I begged. "I need it Mr. Wolf. I'm such a slutty faggot," I told him. "Please let me taste your cock."

"Hell yeah. If what you are saying is true, your Dad made you over real good this summer. Hot as fuck!" he told me, staring down into my eyes, growling at me. "Open up those pants and take it out bitch. You're going to give me a good blow."

"Mmmmm, yesssss, Sir," I purred. I reached up and pulled his zipper down, then undid his belt and unsnapped his pants. I could see now that bulge in his white briefs as his pants slid to the tile floor. I pulled the waistband of his briefs down and his big cock snapped out nearly hitting me in the face. It curved up and was a real good size. Not as big or as thick as Daddy's dick but still it was a big one. Not that I had seen lots of cock, but It was way bigger than mine...well, what used to be my dick, I thought. I could feel it starting to strain and I knew I needed to refocus my energy to try and forget about it. and I really wanted his cock. It was like something new, I needed to taste it.

"Oh, fuck, yeah. Nasty faggot. Getting down on your knees in the crapper and sucking my dick. Bet you needed some cock today."

"Mmmmm, yes Sir," I told him. I stuck my tongue out and licked around the head. He was uncut and the head was big and dry, and I used my lips and tongue to get it wet. I wanted to feel it sinking into my throat. I licked up and down his curved shaft. I wondered if I would be able to swallow it the way it curved up like that. Mr. Wolf placed his hand on the back of my head and grabbed my hair. He started sliding my head up and down his cock getting it real wet. I was rolling my tongue around his head, flicking my tongue underneath in that spot Men like so much.

"Suck, it, bitch. Get it all in there. " He pulled me hard onto his cock. It jammed at the back of my throat. The cock curved up but my throat curved down. I couldn't get it in my throat, and I wanted to feel it there. Wanted to know what this dick felt like inside me deep. He continued to jab at the back of my throat. Finally I got up off my knees and stood, bent over. I turned my head to the side and tried a different angle.

"FUCK!" he moaned pretty loud. I hoped no one was outside the bathroom waiting, listening to him. He jammed again and his cock went down, curve and all. It felt so good to me, inside my throat. "That's it faggot, make it fit. Nice to know you can take a cock right."

He held my head down until I was at his pubes. He grabbed and made short little strokes until I gagged and his cock slipped back taking lots of thick saliva with it. I cleared my throat. My eyes were watering, but I wanted it back there again.

"Come on, get back down on that," he instructed. He held my head with one hand and his cock with the other smacking my lips with it until I opened and then he shoved all the way back in again. He repeated his short little strokes, back and forth in my throat making me all excited to feel it in there. I gagged and again and expelled his dick. It was getting real slick.

"I don't care who's been making you into his bitch, you're good,faggot." I could feel myself blush, but I smiled up at him.

"Thank you, Mr Wolf," I said. "I like sucking your cock."

"Yeah, that's a good little bitch." He rubbed my head and gently brought me back down on his cock. It slid in nice and easy and he started rocking back and forth, pulling it out and then sliding in deep. It was like I had some button in my throat that made it feel good. I could hear myself moaning some as he used my mouth for his pleasure. Then he let go of my head and moved his hands around to my ass. It was easy for him to reach. I was bent over at the waist, turned sideways so I could swallow his cock. He immediately slipped his hand under the waistband of my jeans.

"Nice. A fucking thong. Slut came to the mall trying to tease the men, didn't you?" I wiggled my ass as he pulled his hand back and slapped it through my jeans. It made a pretty loud noise. "Tight. You keep yourself in pretty good shape bitch. I'm gonna enjoy fucking that."

Oh my god, I thought, I can't let him do that. I tried to back off his cock to protest but he just went back to holding my head steady and my mouth filled with his cock. I tired to say no, please don't do that, but it came out like a garbled gag with his dick stuffed in it. He took it as a yes.

"Yeah, I figured. Every faggot wants their hole filled with a dick.." He slipped his hand back inside my pants, this time aiming for my hole. He moved the thong strap aside and began running his finger along my crack. "Seems like your Daddy made that into a pussy already, bitch. Won't have any trouble slipping inside that cunt at all." He pulled his finger out and slipped it in my mouth alongside his cock for a couple seconds until it was covered in my own saliva. Then he held my head on his cock and slid his finger back to my ass and slipped in it slowly. I couldn't help it I moaned.

"Mmmmmmmm," How embarrassing. I wanted a cock so bad but it hadn't even been a week and I wasn't supposed to be getting fucked for several weeks yet. Something might tear or stretch on my piercings. Daddy would be mad. What the hell was I gonna do?

Mr. Wolf pulled me off his cock and spun me around. He put my hands up on the wall, and held them there with his left hand. With his right he reached around and unzipped my jeans, then pulled them down exposing my ass. He grabbed it roughly. I had turned around and was watching him. He was looking at my ass and rubbing it and squeezing it.

"Fucking pretty piece of ass, bitch," he told me. "You want my cock don't you?" I looked at his cock pointing up hard and glistening from all the saliva I had coated it with, just naturally lubed and waiting to enter me. "Come on, faggot. I know you want it. Tell me how bad you need my cock." I couldn't tell him, oh god. I couldn't say yes. It would be wrong, but he wanted this and I couldn't say no to a Man either.

"Please, no, please don't Mr. Wolf. I shouldn't do this. My Daddy will be mad at me," I tried to explain. "I...I can't get fucked right now."

"Can't get fucked my ass, bitch," he replied, pawing my ass. He used his finger to spread my crack and he rubbed his cock around my hole. I seemed to have no ability to say no, or to struggle. I knew he was going to rape me right here. I had said no, but he wasn't going to stop and I couldn't stop him. Even though I had said no, part of me wanted him to go ahead and do it. "I know that you can get fucked if I want it. You aren't fighting me very hard, boy. Your words may say no, but your pussy says yes," he added.

With that he started moving in, started pushing at my cunt. I tried squeezing down, but he just kept shoving, stretching me open slowly and using the thick saliva I had given him as all the lube he needed to get inside. I watched. I watched, my head turned back to see what was happening. Watching his cock enter me as I felt it stretching me open.

"OOooooohhhhhh, god, oh gooooddddddd," I whispered. He was doing it, and it felt so damn good. It had only been a few days but I wanted a fuck. I admitted it to myself. I wanted it. I couldn't say no, really. He had control. He was a Man and I wasn't. I had learned that too well over the summer. "Oh, fuck, Sir. Oh god. are doing it anyway."

He just laughed, and slid the rest of his cock in me. I couldn't help but moan. It felt good to be filled. This had been the longest time I had gone without cock since the beginning of summer and I hadn't realized until just then how much I had grown to love the feel of a man filling me up like this. I could already feel my dick trying to harden, the pain was starting but the feeling of his cock in me was soooo good.

"Ohhhh, fuck, Sir," I whispered. "Ohhhh, god it hurts. Please, please, don't fuck me anymore. Ohhhhhhh goooddddddddd." It hurt way more than I had thought it would. I guess at night I was half asleep when my dick would try to get hard and once the initial throbbing of the piercing itself had stopped I had ignored it for the most part. Now, I couldn't.

"Shut up, bitch. You want everyone, hearing you?" Mr. Wolf told me. "You think I believe you? Your hole took this cock like it was nothing. There's nothing hurting on you."

"Please, please," I continued. dick hurts. I...I can' won' hurts." I couldn't bring myself to tell Mr.. Wolf about what Daddy had done. How my dick was locked down to my taint. It was too embarrassing. Here I was letting this man I didn't really know, except for a couple times chatting on the net, fuck me in the bathroom in a mall, and I was too embarrassed to say anything. I was confused. It felt good when he slid inside my butt, I mean my whatever, my cunt... now it hurt like hell, but in my dick.

"What the fuck are you complaining about," he said. "How can your dick hurt?" Mr. Wolf moved one of his hands around to my front. His other hand he kept on my hip and kept his cock buried in my hole. He slid his hand in my thong and felt my dick. I could feel his hand exploring my semi-hard dick and how it was locked down to my taint. I guess he had never seen it or noticed it since all he had done was slide my thong strip away from my hole and slip inside me. "What the fuck..?" Mr. Wolf pulled out and spun me around. He pulled down my thong and looked at my crotch. I could feel the embarrassment building as he just stared. With all that going on I just looked at his cock, how nice it looked how I really did want it back in my boyhole. "Why didn't you tell me your dick was locked down to your taint, boy? Where the fuck are your balls, faggot"

"Uhmmm," I hesitated. "Uhhmmmm, I was afraid to tell you, and I really wanted your cock Mr. Wolf, uhmmmm, even though I knew I wasn't supposed to  get fucked. It's only been a few days, I...I'm not supposed to put any pressure on it for at least six weeks." He just laughed. I wasn't sure whether he was laughing at me, or my dick, or what. I just reddened more.

"Get the fuck back around with your ass to me," he ordered. "Pull your thong back up to cover that useless thing, then put your hands back up on the wall." I did as he said. Mt dick had begun to stop swelling and return to its tiny size. My nuts were already retracted up in my body, they were out of the way, but Mr. Wolf didn't seem to care really where they were. "If you think I'm not fucking you, you are wrong, fag. I'm taking what I can now, before your Daddy locks up your pussy too." He grabbed my hips and plunged back inside, making me gasp at the intrusion. "If I have to keep your mind off your dick, I will, but I am going to empty my cock up inside your pussy and breed your hole good, faggot."

He brought his arm around my neck and pulled me back toward him. My back was arched and he was hammering my pussy good. I was being stretched and pulled in another direction. He moved his other hand to my nipples and began twisting them hard. The pain was sharp and focused my attention on them and my back and not my dick.

"Squeeze my cock, bitch. If you want this to end quickly, then work that pussy and pull my load out. Pay attention to my dick and get the load in my balls to empty, fag. This isn't about you. It's about my cock, my balls, my load, inside you." He pulled and twisted my titties, alternating with his hand as he pulled my back, his arm around my neck, tightening his grip. "That's it," he moaned as I did as he said, squeezing and releasing, milking his cock. Grabbing at it as he tried to pull back, releasing as he shoved it in. Milking, pulling, massaging it, hoping it would feed me a load before my own dicklet started stirring again.

He grabbed my jaw with his hand, yanking my head around and shoving his tongue in my mouth. He lapped my neck, my lips he bit, all the while fucking me hard. He was twisting me and turning me head, pulling on my nipples and loudly whispering orders to me to milk his cock.

"I got cheated out of breaking this pussy in, bitch. Your Daddy took it away after I nearly had it. I'm going to breed it now while I have the chance." He yanked on my nipples. I groaned and whimpered at his manhandling and his fucking. Oh god, his fucking. My dick was half hard and straining. It hurt and I wanted to touch it to hold it down, to keep it from pulling, but I was afraid to touch it, afraid he would get mad if he thought I was playing with it.  He twisted one hand in my hair and yanked my head back. "You like this don't you?"

"No, no, it hurts," I said from somewhere, but I kept grabbing at his cock, squeezing down on it, trying to pull the cum from his balls.

"I don't care if it hurts. Not MY problem you have it locked down," he said into my ear. "You're gonna get fucked until I cum, however bad it hurts."

I was torn between the good feelings in my hole and the pain in my dick. I reached down and touched my dick through the thong. I held it down, I didn't want it pulling or stretching, but my hand on my dick just made things worse. "Ohhhhh, oh shit, it hurts," I repeated. I knew I was talking to no one. Mr. Wolf didn't care.

"No, it feels good, bitch. Nice and tight. I love that when you squeeze," he said pulling my hair again, making me grunt from the force of his fucking and yanking.

I tried to focus. Daddy said focus on my hole, and on the Man's dick, not my own. I tried concentrating. Thinking about Mr. Wolf's cock sliding in and out, his fucking motion, trying to meet his thrusts with motion to match his. I continued to squeeze and release his cock. Let it in easy and try to keep it from leaving me. I felt the pleasure of the friction and of the deep thrusts. I could feel Mr. Wolf's dick enlarging. I could feel his balls slapping against me. Yet, with all of that, I also felt my dick throb and hurt and pain emanate from that part of me and I didn't like it at all. I loved the pleasure from his cock, but I hated the pain from my own. Fuck I hated my lil dick right then.

I started crying. That made me more embarrassed, I was crying because of the pain and also because I loved the feel of his cock inside me. I shouldn't be here but I had no control. How did I get in this situation? A man using me like this and the way it hurt and felt good. Just some tears and a little sniffling. It was enough to get Mr. Wolf going though, so I guess it wasn't all bad.

"Fuck, yeah, you little baby. Give me those tears," He whispered raggedly into my ear. His breathing was picking up and his fucking was too. "Love to make a bitch cry. Love knowing it hurts and that you are still taking it."

I didn't want to be taking it. I wanted Daddy or Ian, or...or anyone, but this guy. I wanted to be at the farm or in my house, not in a toilet at the mall. I wanted the pain in my dick to go away, to not have to deal with it.

"Tight little faggot...take it...fucking going to blow in your cunt..."

His pulling on my hair increased. I was being yanked, bending backwards towards him. He was pounding my ass hard and I no longer heard the slap slap of his balls. I guess it meant he was tightening, getting ready to cum. I squeezed as hard as I could on his cock, wanting this to end, tired of his hands on me. I could feel his cock stretching my tightened hole.

"fucking whore...Daddy's little cunt...crying little faggot...breeding you...uuunnnGHHHHH, nowwwwww." And with that he drove in and held it there. His arm slipped around my neck and he held it tight as he emptied his balls in me. I could feel his cock pulsing in me, emptying his load, I could feel my dick straining to be hard, and my brain straining to not think about it. For whatever reason I felt good knowing he came, knowing he shot his load, but I also felt dirty letting him do this to me.

When he finished, he released his grip on my neck and I feel forward. He pulled his cock out and I could feel his cum running out my hole. He spun me around and pushed me to the floor.

"Clean up my dick, bitch. Get it nice and clean before I get out of here," he demanded.

I slipped his cock in my mouth immediately and went to work, cleaning his cum off it, getting any remains and swallowing it. I didn't want to be here any longer than he did, I thought. I lapped at his balls and tasted my hole juices and his load. My dick was finally beginning to stop tugging so tight, to stop hurting. I used my hands to pull the last drops of his load and looked up at Mr. Wolf.

"Finished bitch?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir."

"Good. I'm gone." He tucked his cock into his pants and zippered up and began to leave. "Don't forget, faggot, the same thing will happen the next time I see you. You're ass belongs to the world now." He spit at me as he turned around and opened the door, leaving me there.

I quickly locked the door again and tried to clean my self up. I pushed his load out of my pussy. I didn't want it there. I didn't understand it all, but I didn't like it. I wiped up my tears and checked my piercings. There was some blood, but not much. I looked pretty closely and there didn't seem to be any tears or anything, but definitely I need to change my thong when I got home. I couldn't let Daddy see. I didn't want him to know I had been fucked. I just wanted to forget the whole thing. Someone knocked on the door.

"Just a minute," I told whoever it was. I checked my pants, no stains, no blood. I finished dressing and looked in the mirror. I guess I was okay. I was still shaky but I was okay. I picked up my bag with my boots and headed out, home to Daddy.