Becoming a boy 11

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She was tight. I was fucking her hard, harder than I had ever fucked a girl. She was moaning and I could tell she was really getting into it. Her blonde hair was draped on her back, and I was grabbing her hips from behind. Then she turned around to look at me and it was Danny. Then like all dreams it got crazy. Dad was there and he had shoved his dick in my mouth while I was fucking Danny. And here's the crazy thing, I started sucking it like I enjoyed it. I woke with a start, my dick raging hard and the dream was stuck in my head again.

I'd been back at school, living in the frat house for two weeks now and nothing. I hadn't so much as gotten a sniff from the girls. Either they weren't returning calls or they had boyfriends or they weren't interested. You couldn't count on getting anything these days. The last thing I'd fucked was Danny and that seemed like a long time ago now. It was the third time in a week I'd awakened in the morning dreaming of fucking what seemed to me in the dream was a girl until something changed and it was Danny and not some chick. But this was the first time I had ever dreamed about sucking a guy's dick. What was THAT about? I wasn't gay. I just needed to forget that whole thing in the kitchen happened. I didn't really want a guy, did I? Fuck, if I could get a girl, I wouldn't be thinking about this shit. I was beginning to wonder if it had been so smart to start fucking Danny. It made me think of all sorts of shit I didn't want to think about. I needed some action soon.

I crawled outta bed and scratched myself. A cold shower might help, I figured, plus I needed to get to class. I threw on a pair of boxers, stepped into my flip flops, grabbed my towel and kit and headed to the shower. Being a senior meant I had my own room in the huge old place but everyone still shared the showers here. At least it wasn't the dorm, you could pull the shower curtain across the stall. In the dorm everyone could watch you shower, they never had curtains for the stalls after the first week or so. Folks did all sorts of shit in the dorm that we never let them get away with in the frat house.

Some of the guys were already up. A couple guys were shaving and another was in one of the showers. We all grunted at one another. I wandered over to the urinal, pulled out my dick and gave it a couple pulls. Damn thing was still nearly half hard and it took awhile for the piss to start flowing. I admit I got a smile on my face thinking of Danny draining my dick, slurping up my piss. It was freaky but I gotta say, hot to have a fag around that wanted what ever came outta my cock. I set my kit down by the sinks and stared at myself. I thought I looked pretty good for just having woke up. I glanced around. The guys shaving had taken off and it was only me and someone showering. I flexed and smiled, looking good, I thought to myself. Arms were big, pecs were impressive, what did a guy have to do to get a chick to look. I was so busy being impressed I wasn't paying any attention to what was going on and when I looked back at the mirror, one of the new guys staying in the frat was out of the shower and was looking at me from behind.

Tim had gone through pledging last year and had been lucky as a sophomore to find a room right away in the frat. He shared with one of the other new guys who had moved in this year. Brown shaggy hair, kinda curly. He had a swimmers build. He had a flat stomach with a nice six pack, big chest and arms from all the workouts in the pool. He was about 6 foot tall and not a bit of fat on him. His skin was as smooth as a baby too I noticed. Freakin swimmers always did that. Said it increased their speed in the pool. Whatever, seemed kinda faggy to me, especially since I had spent the summer with Danny who shaved nearly everything. I wondered if Tim shaved his pits or his ass. He wasn't bad looking if you wanted that. I wondered what his ass looked like. Shit, I needed some pussy soon or I'd be boning here in the showers.

"Morning, Ian," he said.

I grunted back, "Hey, Tim." I noticed as he was drying himself off before he wrapped the towel around his waist that he didn't seem to have much of a dick on him. Too bad, I thought. I wondered if it made it tough to keep a chick if your dick was small. Thinking about his dick made me think of Danny and Dad. Shit, why was I dreaming today about Dad's cock. It wasn't like I wanted to do any of that shit for a guy. I wasn't Danny, for fuck's sake.

After showering, it was off to class and a day of paying attention to professors, homework, blah, blah, blah. I was wondering more about what I was going to do at the end of the year when all of this was over and done to be honest. I was ready to get out after 5 years of this. I had no idea of what I wanted to do other than work someplace where I could make money, but I knew I was outta here come next May. When I finished showering Tim was still there shaving. I glanced over kinda surprised to see him while I dried off. I think he was staring at me in the reflection of the mirror. Kinda made me wonder, he glanced his eyes away after I looked up and saw him staring. I slowed down a bit and took my time drying off. I wanted to see if he WAS staring or just happened to be looking when I spotted him. I didn't really know much about this stuff, I figured guys were just checking competition. Now that I knew a guy could use a fag, I think I was keeping my eyes open more and was looking for that sort of thing. I had seen guys checking me out on the street but this was like someone I knew. I wondered if he was queer or just checking the local competition. How did you know that shit? Maybe I needed to check with Danny on this. See what he knew. If I could find a fag, I wouldn't be as constantly looking for a girl to get off with all the time.

Friday arrived and I was ready to lose some brain cells. There was a party at one of our brother frats. It was going to be a big one and I was looking forward to it. Lots of folks went to this one every year and the girls would be plentiful. It was high time for recruitment for new members so the house was sure to roll out a good time for guys who might want to join. I put on some nice looking khakis and one of my preppy Abercrombie polos. I was looking good as far as I could tell. I'm not saying I'm fucking god or anything, but I've got some big guns and hell, I looked good. I was ready. Once I was there I hit the keg early and often and was feeling no pain as the party swung into high gear. I was BSing with friends and guys I knew from the house. You know just having fun. I had been checking out the girls. There were plenty. I mean, blonde, brunette, redheads, Asian, black, white, take your pic, this campus was big enough that you could choose your style and shape and have no problem. There was a cute Latina woman who I caught staring early in the evening and I was looking for her in the crowd. She had some nice hips on her and a set of boobs that balanced her out nicely.

"Ian!" I heard someone shouting. I turned around and Tim from my house was heading toward me on from the stairs leading up to the second floor. "Ian, dude," Tim walked up and gave me a high five. "Ian, what are you doing?" he asked. ÔI got a proposition."

I looked at him at he was wobbling, standing there. It was late, we were all pretty drunk, I was guessing. "Tim," I hollered over the music and crowd noise. "S'up?"

"Dude, there's this chick. I want to get her naked on her back. I'm so fucking horny. She's trashed, but she's fucking ready for it."

"Dude, go for it," I told him. "What the fuck are you here for?"

"Man, that's the problem." He looked down at his feet for a bit. "She said if she was going to let me fuck her, she wanted you to do it too." He looked up again with this look in his eyes, a crazy please, let's do it, sorta look. "Come on dude, ya gotta come upstairs. I'm so fucking horny, but she only wants to do it if you fuck her too. She wants the two of us to double team her."

"What?" I wasn't sure I heard him right. "Do I know her?" I asked.

"How the hell do I know," he told me. "Just come upstairs, dude, Ya gotta help me here. I want to get laid so bad, and she's ready and waiting, but she made me swear I would come and ask you to join in."

This was crazy. I'd heard a lot of shit, but this I had to see. A chick wanted me to double-team her with Tim? She MUST be drunk. I wondered who she was. Probably some girl I had screwed before if she was asking for seconds. I laughed to myself. "Fuck, yeah. Let me see her," I told him. "What does she look like?" I know, right? Like I was asking this after we had already started up the stairs. "I musta fucked her before, since she is wanting seconds." We both laughed at that.

"She's tall, brown hair, got a great set of tits, dude. I don't know. I mean, who am I to say no, when she started in kissing and hanging on to me. Then I get her into a room and she's like Ôdo you know Ian, get Ian'. Fuck, dude, she has it hot for you, so I was like I gotta get him or I'm outta luck tonight," he rambled as we climbed the steps. "Whatta ya say, Ian, come on. I won't do nothing weird. I'm not queer or anything. I just wanna fuck her and get off. Get rid of some stress," he continued.

"Hell, yeah," I told him. "I'll fuck her if she's asking for it." I didn't care. I had some gloves for just this occasion. Dump a load and get off and no worries for me. I was sorta drunk and ready. It also made me wonder more about Tim. I had never known a guy to share a chick with another guy. But he did look kinda drunk. I wondered if I could to fuck him and the girl both, whoever she was. I knew Tim from the frat but hadn't really spent any big amount of time with him to know how he rolled.

"Cool, dude. Man I owe ya for this," he slurred.

When we got to the room we slipped in and he closed the door. It was off the main party area, but he locked it and it was a hella lot quieter inside the room, but with the level of noise and music, no one was going to hear much outside of the room. When my eyes adjusted to the low lighting I saw her, fuck, what was her name? Trish? No, Tracey? Nooo, Tressa, that was it. Tressa. I had screwed her last year a couple times. Tim was right, nice looking and a great set of knockers. "Fuck, man," I whispered. "She's out of it. Are you sure this is cool?" I knew enough not to just do a girl who was passed out.

"Iaaannn?" She stirred and lifted her head a little. "Zaat you, Iiiannn?"

Man, she WAS out of it, but she was not completely gone. A good sign for me.

"Yeah, Tressa. It's me. You needed something, baby?" I asked.

"Yeaaaahhh. Needed your cock," she said.

"Shhee, I told you," Tim said. "She's got it bad for you."

"Come on, let's go," she waved us toward her. "I need something you two got," she told us.

Tim walked over and Tressa sat up and started rubbing the crotch of his pants. "I always wanted two guys at once," she told us. "Thish is gonna be great."

Tim held up his hand for a high five and I smacked it. Damn, this is what I had been waiting for, a girl who wasn't afraid to put out.

Tressa was going at Tim like there was no tomorrow. She undid his pants and they slid to the floor. She pulled his cock out and popped it in her mouth. She was sucking and slurping making all kinds of noise.

"Awwwww, fuck, this is good," Tim moaned. I watched as he slipped his hand onto her head and slowly humped his hips toward her face.  He was being gentle. I moved around behind Tressa on the bed and reached around cupping her breasts in my hands. She moaned. I reached down and grabbed her shirt. I started pulling it up. She let go of Tim's cock long enough to let me pull it over her head. The minute she was free of it she went back to sucking. I unhooked her bra and reached around taking her nipples between my fingers and thumbs. Tim was watching me.

I didn't want to get too carried away. I didn't want to go all crazy. I mean, I was in a three way here. The only other time I had done a three-way was with Danny and Dad, and I didn't exactly plan that. I'd screwed a lot of girls, but always on my own, not with a buddy. I guess Tim and I were going to get closer after this. I just didn't want to do anything that would freak him. Like try anything that he might think was queer. If he wanted to do something I guess I'd be okay, but it wasn't me that was going to push that right now. I wanted to screw the girl, if I screwed him too, it would be his asking for it or me taking it later.

"Dude, this is way freaky," Tim whispered.

"No, kidding," I answered.

"It's cool," Tressa answered. "I got two guys and I can handle it," she was still slurring as she spoke. She reached around and started rubbing my crotch while sucking Tim. "Get shour pants off, Ian," she said.

Who was I to argue? I managed to get my pants off and my underwear too. I kinda thought Tim was watching way too closely but I was more interested in getting her pants off.

"Come over here," she told me. I went over to where my dick was in front of her face. Then she had one hand on Tim's cock and one hand on my dick. She was working one with her hand and then started alternating one in her mouth. Tim and me were both watching her take one cock and then the other cock in her mouth and alternately jacking the other. It was like watching a porn flick where the girl has two guys using her. I was feeling pretty good, but still on edge. I didn't want to get too close to Tim, didn't want to be seen by Tressa or him as being queer, but I did want her chowing on my dick and really wanted in her pants before too long.

We each had a hold of her tits, playing with them, squeezing the nipples, next thing I knew she had both dicks in her mouth as once. She was trying to squeeze them both in at the same time. It was a little freaky feeling Tim's dick along side mine. Once again I was reminded about Danny and how Dad and me had double fucked him and how weird it felt to feel Dad's cock rubbing mine. Holy crap that had felt good. Tim was wide-eyed looking at her working.

"Shit, that feels great," He said. "Dude, I've never done anything like this before. Never been with three people before."

"Just give her what she wants, Tim. Make her feel good, like she's making you feel good," I told him. "Give her some head now." That would get him out of her mouth so she could concentrate on my dick. Tim could do the work on her pussy for now.

He pulled his cock away from her and went to her pants. He undid the button and pulled the zipper down. As she shifted around to let him get her pants off, Tressa just moved to my cock solo. She was slurping and making noises while squirming around getting out of her pants. Tim wasted no time in going down on her. I watched as he spread her lips open and his tongue lapped at her slit and clit. He was giving the full tongue approach.

"Ooowwwwnnnggghhh," she moaned around my dick, then pulled back. "Yeah, that's it, Tim, lick my clit, flick your tongue on it." He glanced up at her and my dick in her hand. He had climbed out of his clothes and just dove back in after she told him how much she was enjoying it. Her hand reached down and held his head in place as he lapped and licked.

My hand was around my dick rubbing it across Tressa's lips. "Come on, baby. Open up," I told her. "I want your lips around it." She heard me and went back to work sucking it.

This wasn't so bad I thought. I can tell them both what they need to be doing. Fuck, that was a hot thought. "Yeah, that's nice. Come on, girl, suck on it." She looked up in a drunken kindy dopey way. I couldn't remember if she liked being talked to or not. Really I didn't care. It felt good and I felt like talking. "Bet you like him eating you out too, don't you, baby?"

She nodded and added, "mmmmhhhmmm," in between my cock moving around her lips and mouth. She didn't seem to swallow it at all. I thought I would try but not force it. I didn't want the bitch choking on it or crying about it later. I put my hand on her head and fed her a little more. "That's it, get that tongue in there. Tim, work her clit then slip your tongue inside. She loves that." He looked up at me.

"Okay, sure," he answered, then went back to work. I liked this. They were both doing what I was telling them to do. As long as my interests were being met, then fuck yeah, this was going to be a good evening.

My hand forced her a bit down on my cock. I'll give her props for trying, but she couldn't get it down her throat and I wasn't going to force it. She wasn't Danny, damn it. "That's it. Keep working that. Use that tongue under my head. YEAH!, that's it. Fuck, that feels nice," I told her. She went back to that spot a lot as she was slurping and sliding up and down it. It was hot watching the two of them; Tressa sucking my cock, and Tim eating Tressa out. I saw that Tim's dick was hard, just bouncing around and dripping like crazy as he ate her, he didn't have a hand on it so he was staying hard on giving her pleasure and me talking to him, that's how I saw it. I'd figure out more of that later, but it was a good sign as far as I was concerned.

"It's so big," Tressa muttered. She had been trying on her own to go down on it and was gagging.

"Yeah, I know," I told her, "but you were the one who asked for me." She giggled at that, and stuck it back in her mouth. I was in heaven. Finally getting a girl to suck on me after a freaking long time. But her pussy was where I was headed.

"What are you doing, down there, Tim?" I asked. "I don't hear anything? She's not moaning. Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

"Fuck you, Ian, hell yes I know what I'm doing," was his answer, but I could see enough to see him get a bit embarrassed about it. He must be trying to prove himself, I thought. I laughed, I didn't know why I was hesitant at first. This whole scene could be fun.  He did seem to get back to work harder, working on her clit as she started panting and even eventually let my cock slip from her mouth. She laid back on the bed and was moaning these little sighs and "yessss's". Tim stood up and started searching his pockets. I knew he was hunting up a condom. At least he had enough sense to bring one, I thought.

Tressa was playing with her pussy now, rubbing around and slipping a finger inside. "Yeah, get that dick wrapped Tim," I instructed. "Look at her, she needs a cock in there." He had a package in his hand but stopped to watch her play with herself for a few. Tressa and I were laying there kissing, I was playing with her tits, when Tim lined up his dick at her pussy and slid in. He let out a big sigh.

"That's it, fuck her good. Come on Tim, give her that dick." He got a big ole grin on his face from me saying that. I reached over the top and played with her clit while we kissed and Tim fucked. I could feel his cock moving in and out while I rubbed and flicked my fingers over her mound area. Tressa started really squirming then and making all these breathy sounds.

"Yeah, yeah, oh, ohhh, yeah. Fuck me, yeah, fuck me." I started licking at her nipples and nibbling them while Tim screwed. "Oh, god, oh god, oh yeah."

"Oh, man, this is so good," Tim was going fast with his dick, he would be shooting soon if I didn't stop him.

"Let me have some of that," I told him. He looked up like he was disappointed.

"But, I'm about to cum," He replied.

Both Tressa and I said at the same time, "No, not yet." It was kinda funny actually. Tim stopped and pulled out. I grabbed one of my condoms and slid it on. It had been awhile since I used one but I wasn't getting any chick pregnant, no chance. I wasn't ready for that. I moved around to the end of the bed and spread Tressa's legs. I lined up my cock and began sliding it in. Tressa moaned appreciateively.

"Whoa, dude, your dick is huge," Tim commented. "Will it all fit?"

"No," I told him, "most likely not, but enough will." Why don't you get down there and lick at her clit," I told him. It got me going that he was drunk enough to comment on my dick in front of Tressa. I also wanted to see just how much I could get him to do with the two us.

"That's like kinda gay, Ian."

"Whattya mean?" I asked. I wanted him down there licking at her clit. Wanted to make this as queer as possible for him, so he knew what my dick was like, what it could do for a woman or him at some point.

"Well, your fucking her, and like my face would be down there andÉ"

"I'm here, silly," Tressa told him. "I want you to lick me as Ian fucks me." She stated. "It sounds hot, come on, I wanted two guys, so get down there."

"She's right," I told him. "Plus I'm wrapped up, you won't actually be touching my dick."

"Okay, I forgot that, okayÉI guess, if that's what you want," he answered.

So as I started screwing her, Tressa had Tim licking and slurping at her clit and twat. It was fucking hot, watching my cock sliding in and out and Tim licking and slurping at her cunt. I loved it.

"Yeah, fuck yeah. Lick that Tim. Get in there, dude."

"Man, I don't want to be licking your cock," he told us.

"Why not," Tressa asked. I licked it. It was fine."

I had to laugh at that. She giggled too and smiled.

He was blushing. "It's queer, dude."

"Not with me here," she said again.

Tim didn't say anything but he lay back down across Tressa and started licking at her again. But now he wasn't so careful. His tongue was running across my cock in addition to her clit and lips. I watched as Tressa pulled the condom off Tim. She pulled at him and finally got him into a 69 position. He was licking and slurping and making her moan and she was sucking Tim's cock. Meanwhile I was fucking her nice and gently, watching the scene and thinking of what to do next when Tressa really started moaning, squirming and then all of a sudden she let loose with a loud moan and I could feel her clamp down on my cock. It dawned on me then that Tressa was a squirter. I remembered her gushing when we had last fucked. I pushed on Tim's head and held it down there as Tressa started squirting juices. Juices were hitting Tim's face and tongue.

"Yeah, yeah, fuck, yeah," Tressa was moaning

"Fuck," Tim didn't seem as impressed. "Let go of my head,"

"No way dude. Enjoy it. Not every girl squirts like that. Between your tongue and my cock, she's having a big one. Lick it up; clean that shit up, dude." I kept holding his head.

"Yeah, yeah, lick that up," Tressa encouraged. "It feels so good, yeah, oh fuck, get your tongue there. Oooohhhhh goddddddd, yessssss."

Tim seemed to respond to the commands of both of us. His tongue kept going as she edged back to a reasonable amount of rolling and moaning. She managed to get Tim's dick back in her mouth. It wasn't like he was touching my cock anyway, it had a condom on it. Tim was covered in her goo though. She had really released a flow. I wanted to see if I could get my dick in his mouth at some point. It would be hot to have him suck me as good as Danny had. I had no idea if Tim was up for it, but I had enough booze in me to keep trying. I started sliding in and out more and more as I was fucking her. Then when I got to where the head was just staying in before I went back inside her pussy, I "slipped" and stuck it in Tim's face. He didn't say anything so a couple of strokes later I did it again. This time, I caught him when his mouth was open and my dick slid a little ways inside.

Tim immediately gagged and pulled back. He looked up at me and started to say something, but I just grinned at him and slid my dick back inside Tressa. She was moaning again, making Tim's dick feel good I figured and I was enjoying her pussy and now I could enjoy his mouth too. I continued to pop it out of her vag and trying to get it into his mouth every few strokes. I had my hand on his head and he let me keep it there. He didn't look up anymore and didn't complain any about his mouth on my condom- covered cock. I think he let me do it because I hadn't said anything and Tressa couldn't see. As far as she knew I was just sliding out o her and then sliding back in.

All of a sudden Tim was up off the bed, though. "Fuck, I was close, dude. I don't wanna cum yet," he announced.  He sat on the bed and watched me fuck for a while. I don't know if it was her sucking on his cock that had him close or whether he had just made up the excuse to get away from my cock in his mouth. It could be freaking him, or getting him too excited I thought. Tressa was left with nothing to do but enjoy it. I leaned forward and licked at her tits, sucking them into my mouth and nibbling at her nipples. After a couple of minutes she clamped down again and a new flow of her juices started. She was moaning and rolling and Tim seemed fascinated.

"I've never seen a girl do that before," he said.

"Ya gotta know where to work your cock," I told him. "Of course, it helps to have a big one, too. Makes reaching the spot easier."

"Damn, who knew," he mumbled. He had his dick in his hands and was stroking it, watching Tressa get off. He was leaking like crazy. He had no problem being lubed, I thought.

"You want to try?" I asked. "Come on."

"I don't have another condom," he answered. "I don't know where you threw the other," he said to Tressa. She just moaned and ground herself on the bed, enjoying her orgasm.

"I got a couple in my pocket, I told him, but they're large size, dude, may be too big for you, I told him rubbing it in that I had more cock than him. "Give it a try though, better than nothing." We both looked at her pussy as I slid out and her lips closed back up. She looked up from the bed and watched as Tim moved around and slid into her. The condom looked a bit big, but seemed to be okay on him. He began pumping and humping away. Not an expert, clearly, but she didn't seem to mind.

"Yeah, oh yeah, fuck that spot some more," she ordered. "Come on, fuck me," Gotta say, she was a real trooper that night. She took a good fuck from both of us, plus she was as hot to see Tim do stuff as I was. Tim took her through her release and she began to calm down again.

"Fuck, this is hot. You guys are great," she announced.  Tim grinned at that. "I want to see you two together, you know, like touching each other, " she announced. "That would be so hot to have two hot guys touching and playing with each other."

Before Tim could say anything, I went around behind him and wrapped my arms around him. I put my hands on his nipples and played with them. "Like this, baby?" I asked. Tim moaned as I twisted them and flicked at them. He had small nubs, like most guys. Definitely NOT the big girls nipples like Tressa or Danny did, but they seemed just as sensitive. He definitely had a nice body. A jock, not a faggy sort of body like Danny. I mean, I was comparing him in my mind to Danny as I was running my hands over his chest and abs. Danny wasn't flabby, but just not built the way Tim was clearly.

"Yeah, that's hot," she said. "Go on and kiss him. I want to see you guys kiss."

"Kiss? No way," Tim told her. "That's way gay."

"No come on. I'm here," she tried reassuring him. "I wanna see it. I think it would be HOT!" Tressa actually pulled herself off of Tim's cock and stood next to us. I had my arms around him from behind and she moved in and started kissing him. Their lips locked and I could see their tongues entwined. Then she left his mouth and moved to mine. She was kissing me and rolling her tongue between my lips.

"Come on, boysh," she said. "Let me see it." She put her hand on our heads. I had kissed Danny and that was like kissing a girl, as far as I could tell. I wondered if this would be any different. I was beginning to see here that I didn't really care, as long as my dick was happy, I could do whatever probably, as long as I was in charge of it. I turned my head towards Tim. He was not moving forward at all. Tressa leaned in and was kissing him again, then me, trying to move our heads closer. Tim wasn't budging but I did and in a few seconds our three mouths were touching and our tongues entwined. We were all three kissing each other. Then Tressa stepped back leaving Tim and I with our lips locked, swapping spit.

"Oh, man, you guys look HOT!" she exclaimed. "Yeah, come on." I turned a bit more to Tim and put my hand on the back of his neck and began kissing him fully. I wanted him to understand if this is happening I would be leading it, not him. He reacted surprisingly well. His hands went to my waist and he just kind of let me hold him there and mash. I slipped my tongue in his mouth and teased him. I grabbed his hair and pulled his head back some. I nibbled at his lip, and chewed it. I licked at his neck. "Yeah, yeah. Oh fuck, that is sooo cool, seeing you guys do that," Tressa continued her encouragement.

I opened my eyes and looked at her. She was touching herself and running a finger into her pussy. I looked at Tim and he had his eyes closed. I glanced down and his dick was hard and bouncing on it's own accord, dripping his fluid, his hands wrapped around my waist. Fuck, I thought. He was getting into this. I could really get something out of this, I thought. After a summer break of Danny blowing me, I knew I needed to find someone regular to service my cock. I was going to do what I needed to and make sure Tim was it. Tressa wasn't. She couldn't get it all in her mouth. Fuck trying to find a chick if I could get him to provide the service. He had a nice tight jock body and seemed to follow directions. With a bit of encouragement.

Tressa sank to her knees and swallowed Tim's cock. He moaned as I continued to play with his chest and kissed him deeply. She switched to my cock for a while. Switching back and forth between the two of us, sucking, and licking. Slurping at his balls and mine. Tim's eyes remained closed though I was watching everything.

"Oh, fuck, this is so great," Tim sighed. He opened his eyes and watched as Tressa sucked our cocks. "Dude, I..I never thought about this shit happening. I thought we'd just fuck her"

"What?" I asked, playing dumb.

"Never kissed a guy, or had a guy like, you know touching me like tyou're doing" I kept running my hands on his chest, and around his back. I was squeezing and grabbing. Not so gently, but not rough on him, yet anyway. I moved my hand down and cupped his ass, squeezing it. "It's crazy."

"I know, right?" I said. "But look how hot she is," I continued whispering. "She loves this shit."

"Yeah, It's hot, okayÉI admit it."

"Fuck, yeah," I added. "She's a great fuck," I told him as I leaned in towards his ear, licking on it as he continued to get his dick hoovered by Tressa., "but she can't suck my cock very well. It's too big."

"Dude, she does mine fine, but you've got the biggest cock I've seen. I mean, I don't go looking or anything, just saying," he added. "It's huge."  I think he wanted to make sure I knew he wasn't queer. I didn't really think he was or wasn't but I had seen him staring at the house, and he was staring now. I figured now was as good as anytime to see if I could get him to suck on it. He was bigger than Danny, stronger, but I still outsized him and could force the issue if I tried, but that wasn't what I wanted right now. I wanted to get him doing it on his own, maybe with a push from me. I started pressing on the back of his neck, pressing him down letting him know I wanted him to get down there with Tressa

"Fuck, I wish I could get the same treatment you're getting," I said. "You know, getting my cock swallowed like that. I want to get off."

"Fuck her then," he told me. My hand was on his neck rubbing it as he watched her sucking him and watched her try to suck me. I was putting some pressure on his neck but he was ignoring it or pushing back.

"Dude, I only got one condom left. I'll give it to you if ya want it, but ya gotta help me get off." He looked at me. I was grinning at him. "Come on. Help Tressa out. She'll think it's hot, and I did you a favor coming up here, Tim. Help get me off right." I brought my other hand up and ran it over his chest. Tweaking his nipples while pushing on his neck, rubbing it. I leaned in close to him again and was going to kiss him. He turned and I licked at his ear instead. "Come on, buddy. Get down there, let me see you do that with Tressa." He wasn't stopping me from rubbing his chest. He wasn't fighting my tongue in his ear or saying no. I ran my hand down to his cock and grabbed it. I pumped it a couple times, felt how fucking hard he was. "Bet you'd love to dump your load in her cunt, but only one of us can do it," I reminded him. His dick jumped in my hand. "Come on, When will you ever get to do this again? I'm offering to let you see what a big dick like this is like," I was whispering. "Just do it for me.

"Fuuuccckkk," he hissed. "I've never done anything like this." But he started giving way under my hands and he joined Tressa on his knees in front of me. I have to say my dick nearly blew a load right then and there. I was gonna have a girl and a guy worshipping my cock! Tim looked over at Tressa, and he smiled goofy at her. She stopped working the head of my cock and started kissing him. I held my dick and started rubbing it across their lips. Tim was looking up at me and I could see his dick still hard bouncing around. Tressa still had her hand on her pussy, playing with it. Their tongues started playing around my cock in addition to their lips. Tressa went back to my cock and Tim watched. She stopped and then I pulled back from her mouth and aimed it at Tim.

"Go on," I heard her say. "It's not hard to do. Just do what I was doing to you," she told him. Fuck, that was hot hearing her say. So he did. He slid onto my cock with his mouth. He looked up at me as he did it. I gave him a big grin and moaned as he twirled his tongue around the head.

"Fuck, you guys are great," I told them. It wasn't going to be long now. I had two people working my dick and making me feel good. I had a hand on each of their heads and was guiding them up and down my cock. They took turns sucking on it, wrapping their tongue around the head and flicking underneath it. They kissed and their tongues met while I ran my cock between them. They slid up and down the sides of my cock slurping and licking and looking at each other. Tim reached up and took my cock in his hands. He wrapped them around the shaft.

"It's huge," I heard him mumble. He didn't seem to have trouble wrapping his hand around it. It was a different feeling than Tressa doing it, or Danny. I guess it makes sense, Tim is a guy after all, just felt different having a big guy on his knees stroking and sucking my cock. Maybe I was bi, who the fuck knew?

He started working it on his own, not sharing with Tressa. He held it with one hand and I saw his other hand drop to his own cock. He began to try to fit more and more of my dick in his mouth. "Yeah, yeah, do it," I tried to encourage him. Tressa was watching him. He was doing just what I wanted. I didn't figure he would fit it in this time, but he might want to do it again soon, if I gave him enough encouragement or showed him how much I enjoyed it. "Awww, fuck, that feels good Tim. You're good at that." He looked up at me and seemed to try harder. He was gagging and choking some of the time. I looked down and saw that his dick was just dripping while he was doing it. When I pointed it our to him, he looked down to check it himself. Tressa saw it and immediately went down on him, slurping it up. He moaned and went back to my dick.

"Hey, I wantchu to fuck me, while you blow Ian," Tressa announced. She got back on the bed and spread her legs near the edge. Tim went to my pants and found the last condom. It was loose on him but he was  hard as a rock. It slid on no problems, and Tim slid into Tressa and she started in immediately. She was playing with her clit while Tim fucked. I moved around and got on the bed, standing in front of him and found his mouth. He didn't think about it this time. He let me feed him my cock as he kept up his fucking.

"Ohhhhh, that's so freaking hot," Tressa moaned from the bed. "Suck him, Tim. Do it." It was great having her there to encourage him at this. It would make it that much easier later I figured.

I couldn't hold back much longer though and decided I would blow my load while Tim sucked. I didn't have any idea how he would feel about it, but I figured he might as well get used to it. He had sucked me this time and I was already making plans to have him sucking me regularly, whether he wanted to or not, but I had a feeling he would be wanting it again.

Tressa started moaning though and then let loose again with her squirting. She must have clamped on Tim's cock cuz he was moaning and I had a feeling he was close or going to shoot and that was when I started blowing. I put my hand on his head to hold it in place. I started filling his mouth with a big load that had been building up in my nuts for a few days. He looked at me with a look I couldn't tell what it meant. I thought it was fucking HOT that my load was filling his mouth and running down his chin. Then I knew he was shooting because he started gurgling and he had to swallow my nut to make the sounds he was making, filling up that condom inside Tressa. I pulled back and finished nutting on his face. Once we had all finished moaning, we all kinda sat there for a bit. Tressa even fell asleep leaving Tim and me laying on either side of her.

"That was so hot," Tim said. "Yeah, definitely fucking hot. She's wild, Ian."

"Yeah, she's wild," I echoed him. "But so were you," I added to make sure he knew what I thought of the whole evening. He grinned and I was sure he was blushing. I got up and started to put on my clothes. We left Tressa there and went back to the party. I needed some beer after all that fucking.