Becoming a boy 12

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I got home and went right up to my bedroom. I felt dirty. Mr. Wolf had fucked me hard and used me and I had not stopped him. Daddy was going to be mad at me I could feel it. Somehow I figured he would blame me for it happening. I don't know why but I felt I had done something wrong. I liked his cock inside me but it also seemed wrong. I started crying and then I couldn't stop. I just sat there and cried. That was when Daddy came in looking for me, ready to go to the farm.


Danny was crying. I hated it when women cried. Yeah, I know Danny is really a guy but my first thought was he fit into the category of girls, and I hated when girls cried. I never knew what to say or whether I was supposed to do something. All those emotions, I never knew what they wanted. I figured I better say something though.

"Hey, Danny, what's wrong?" He grabbed me and wrapped his arms around me as I sat down next to him on the bed. He curled up, holding me around the middle, crying. God, what a mess. So I guess it wasn't anything I had said or done. "Come on, tell Daddy what happened. What's got you all worked up."

Over the next 15 minutes or so I was able to get out of him that the bastard from the Internet had basically raped him in the mall bathroom. I could feel my anger rising as he described what happened and what the freak did to Danny.

"Please, don't be mad at me," Danny said two or three times. I guess he could tell from my look or how tense I could feel myself getting that I was mad. Mad as hell at the bastard, mad at myself for not being able to teach Danny more about what being a faggot meant, as far as being out in the world. FUCK! I needed to get him to the farm so he could learn from Johnson and his boys some of the things I couldn't teach him.

"Danny, I'm not mad at you," I could feel my teeth grating as I said it. "I'm pissed that this freak found you and had the nerve to use you. I'm not surprised that it ended how it did, Danny. The only thing you could have done different is to not let that guy get you into the bathroom, to stop it before it started. Once you were there and he had control, you did what you needed to do. You did only what you knew how to do, give in and take what he was going to give you. I've been training you to do just that Danny, to react to a man handling your body. It's only natural for a faggot to respond when you get stimulated that way. It's what a guy wants, and I know it is what you need. I guess I just didn't do enough to teach you how to protect yourself from getting into that situation in the first place. I should know you don't understand everything like that, you're like a little girl just learning how the world is out there. I know that, it's one of the reason's I'm sending you to Johnson's farm, boy. I recognize that when it comes to faggots, I don't always know best, Danny. I'm new at this just like you." He looked amazed that I wasn't mad at him.

Poor fag. Don't get me wrong, he didn't need to put himself in that situation like he did, but really, he was only doing what I had taught him to do, what he ought to be doing for a man. I couldn't be too angry with him, he was just being who he was. He was bound to get taken advantage of sooner or later. But that Wolf bastard, I was mad at him. Plus, when your baby is crying, hurting, well I can be a softy. Danny was my youngest and the longer I controlled him, the more he felt like my personal little fag. It didn't mean Danny was going to be scot-free after this, just that I wasn't going to spank his ass at the moment. He'd have plenty of humiliation over this as it was.

"Danny, it's okay, it's okay, baby," I tried to reassure him. "You didn't do anything wrong, Danny." I massaged his neck and rubbed him on the head trying to get him to calm down, though talking about it had seemed to reduce the tears to a minimum.

"I feel like I didn't listen to what you said, Daddy. I wasn't supposed to do anything like that for six weeks at least."

"Stop it, boy. Stop talking like it is your fault. You don't have enough control over the setting for it to be your fault. You're a faggot. A man understands a fag's vulnerability. Why do you think he started right in manhandling you, so you would react the way he wanted, like you do if Ian or I use you," I tried to explain. "Now the bastard that did this to you, he had no business taking advantage of you OR using my boy without my permission. He already knew you belonged to me, you told him that. I can deal with him. I know how to handle another guy when they cross the line, Danny." He looked a bit confused, but didn't say anything. "He'll get his back, Danny, don't worry about that, he won't bother you again."

"Are...are you going to hurt him?" he asked.

"No, I won't be hurting him, Danny. I can't be seen doing anything to him, and you can't either baby. He'll have the police on us quickly if we did something like that. But I have friends, and you can be sure he will get hurt, just not by me. He will live to regret doing what he did," I let Danny know.

I want you to clean yourself up boy. I want you to shower get the stink of that bastard off you. Clean out that pussy too so all trace of him is gone," I instructed. The thought that the freak had given Danny some disease had me worried. I would need to make sure Danny went to the doc's office in the next couple days.


I showered, hosed my pussy out too, just like Daddy wanted. I wanted to be rid of Mr. Wolf's smell and his seed. I felt like I had done something wrong, that I had been the one who fucked up. Daddy said I couldn't help it, but why did I feel so crappy then? When he started touching me, and playing with my nipples it was like I had no control, like I got turned on and had to do those things. Even though I knew he shouldn't be fucking me, I wanted it bad, I didn't have any control over myself and he just knew that and used it against me.

Daddy was so nice about it all, but the way he looked and talked I knew he was pissed. I was still scared of what he might do but he helped me clean up and he cleaned the piercings for me and when I got finished with everything I felt better, still upset but not all freaked out like I had been. I knew Daddy was doing the best he could with me. It must be hard being a man, I thought, knowing how to handle everything like this. I had begun to realize that all those years of trying to be a man didn't change the way I thought or acted. It was just something I needed to accept I guess. I was a fag and Daddy said I couldn't be expected to know those things. He seemed to think the Farm might help though, so I was willing to try. I wanted to see Stacy again. We had chatted some on emails but Daddy had not allowed me to go on IM or cam or anything like that after he caught me with Mr. Wolf. Oh god, there he was in my mind again. I needed to get rid of that image. I needed to stay with Daddy he couldn't just leave me at the Farm, could he?

"Danny, you belong to me," Daddy said in the car, I needed to pay attention. We had grabbed a few things, including my new boots. I wouldn't need much, I knew that, but I was so disoriented. "I need you to remember this while you are at the Farm. You belong to me, and I expect you to carry yourself well and represent me." He looked over at me while he drove.

"Yes, Sir," I answered. "I will do that."

"Good. Mr. Johnson will teach you things you need to learn. I have a lot of responsibilities that can get in the way of teaching you everything I think you need to know, baby. You need to learn to protect yourself from guys like Wolf. He may be handsome or sexy or know how to manipulate you, but you have to remember that you belong to me and to not get into the kind of situations where you can get hurt. I think being at Johnson's Farm and being around other....well, other faggots like yourself will be helpful for you." Daddy looked like he was thinking and he was staring off onto the road as we made our way to the Farm. "I know it is going to be tough, baby. I've restricted some things for you recently, but these are things that I felt needed to happen. I just feel very strongly that your dick was getting in the way of you growing up fully, to be the best fag you can, Danny. I know it is going to get tougher as time goes on, but it's what I want and what I want you to learn."

He was talking about my dicklet now. I was already starting to get hard again. You would think I wouldn't after this morning, but I hadn't cum in nearly a week and sometimes it drove me crazy. I hadn't gone this long ever not cumming since I learned how to masturbate.

"I want you to focus on what really is important, baby, the Man, and doing as he wishes. Although I know it will drive you crazy for awhile, you will learn in the next few weeks what is important and what is best for yourself, by having your focus on something besides that clit between your legs."

"Yes, Daddy. I guess I understand," I told him. "I agreed that you were in charge, so I know that you are going to do what is best. always have done what is best for me." Daddy looked over and smiled at me. "I know that."

"Good, Danny. I know you are trying to learn how things are going to be from now on. It will be worse over the next week."

"What do you mean worse, Daddy?" I asked. How could get it worse. I was going to be away from Daddy and be at the Farm, not getting his cock and not being able to cum.

"Well, Danny, a couple things about your time at the farm. First , you will be getting used there. Those Men, including Johnson will have the right to make use of you as I would. They will use your mouth, and your pussy when you are healed up, to get off. It's part of learning for you that all real Men are to be obeyed. It's part of how Johnson teaches boys," he told me. Secondly, no one will be using you for the next week or so," he explained. "You need to go visit Dr. Jablonsky, Danny. I don't know if this creep Wolf gave you some bug or something. No one is going to use you until we can figure out whether you are clean or not. Johnson keeps his boys clean and you are going to be thoroughly tested before they use you."

"Daddy! Dr. Jablonsky?" I asked. "But he knows the family and he'll see and my uhhh, my piercings. I can't go there, it will be embarrassing."

"Danny, don't tell me no," he said very clearly. I hadn't thought about it, I guess I shouldn't be disagreeing with Daddy but this doctor had been my doctor for years. I would be totally embarrassed to see him now. "You WILL go see Dr. Jablonsky, and you WILL be checked out thoroughly. That is my decision."

I wrapped my head around that but replied as I knew I should, "yes, Sir."

We arrived at the Farm and there was Stacy to open Dad's car door again.

"Hi, Mr. McClain," he said to Dad.

"Hey, uhhhhm, boy. How are you?" Dad replied. I kinda grinned. He couldn't remember Stacy's name.

"Mr. Johnson said you were going to be coming, Sir. He is in his office. I'm sure you know where it is. He said I should take Danny around and let him know what's going on this week."

"Got it," Dad said. I'll see you later Danny, do as he says."

"Yes, Sir." Stacy came around and gave me a hug as Dad walked into the house.

"Oh my god, I heard what happened today," Stacy started. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay," I answered. "I guess, Dad says I have to go get all sorts of tests and stuff now.  I'm freaking that I have to see my doctor." I thought for a few seconds. "I was freaked when it was happening and scared that I had to talk to Daddy about it, but I'm okay, really."

"Well, yeah, you have to go get checked out," Stacy echoed Dad. "Everyone here is clean and if you aren't clean then you won't be getting near as much ummmm, use from the studs on the Farm." He looked at me and then added. "I mean, I'm sure everything is fine," he said. I wasn't feeling really better from his discussion. I hadn't told Stacy ANYTHING about the piercings Daddy had put on me in the last week. I wanted to but hadn't gotten around to it yet. "Come on," He said grabbing my hand. "Let's go meet some of the boys who are here now."


I headed into the house to talk with Johnson. I wanted to see if he had any thoughts on how to handle Wolf. I figured he was the one who would have the best access to someone to do something about it.

"Chuck, come on in, have a sit," Johnson got up and shook my hand. "How's everything? The kid ready to stay awhile?"

"Well," I started, "I think he knows that this is where I want him for awhile until he gets healed up and can control himself a bit. However, some other things came up today that I need to talk with you about." I sat down and launched into Danny's tale of what happened to him at the Mall. I laid out my idea of what to do with Wolf, how I wanted him to get a beating for how he treated Danny. I could hear myself getting angry as I mentioned how that pervert had manhandled and used my boy. It was tough for me to think about doing something like this to begin with but I really wanted to hurt this bastard. I wasn't used to someone coming in and messing with what was mine. Did I think of Danny as mine? I had tried raising him as his own man but he was not capable of that, he had begun to show that so I had taken over. I didn't like having to run a guy's life for him but Danny had left me no choice once I had learned he wasn't capable of being a man and protecting himself. I guessed he was mine to protect for a while longer, and this freak had already done enough to interfere in my family. I needed to be careful. I couldn't let the anger I felt at the guy take over my life but he needed to know he couldn't fuck with me or my family.

 Johnson whistled and nodded and encouraged me to talk about it and when I had finished I noticed there was a drink of some kind in front of me and hadn't seen it appear. I guess the wife had been in and left it without me even noticing. I must have been focused if I had missed her body, I thought.

"Chuck, I don't think that a beat down is what you want here. It may serve to hurt him or to make you feel good, but I think what you want is to do exactly to him what he did to Danny. You need a couple men to hold him down while another couple make use of his hole just like he did with Danny. THAT is something I think I can handle, and I think would serve a purpose. I'm sure I can interest some guys I know in using a hole that most likely hasn't been broken in before. Hearing him squeal and beg, I know some men who could really enjoy that," Johnson smiled as he finished and slapped me on the back. I hadn't even thought of that approach. I guess it hadn't dawned on me you could do that to a guy, well outside of guys like Danny or prison, of course. "Don't worry about a thing. I know the fellow you're talking about," he continued. "This guy has been around a few years. He's been in contact with some of the boys out here but we warn them to avoid him. There's nothing pleasant about him except his mug. Wouldn't hurt him in the least to submit to three or four guys involuntarily, and probably will be a lesson he needs to learn."

I thought about that for a few seconds. "How would you go about getting him someplace where that could happen?" I wondered.

"Oh, we'll use a few photos of one of the boys to draw him out and get an invite to his place, then we'll visit him as a group. He won't put up too much of a fight, is my guess once he sees four of the guys on his doorstep."

I grinned thinking about it. Yeah, Johnson was probably right. Easier to meet him on his own ground, bothering young fags, than to try to jump him and hurt him directly. "Ok, I'll let you handle it, Johnson," I told him. "I can't be associated with it. He knows what I look like and who I am. He'd just turn me in, if I tried something. I can't believe I'm even thinking of doing something like this," I confessed. "I'm used to handling things myself, but this guy has me so angry I'm afraid I would kill the bastard for what he's done to me, to Danny."

"You're just taking care of what is yours Chuck, perfectly natural. Danny belongs to you. It's a tough lesson for anyone, tougher when its your own kid, but he's like a little girl at this point, still learning about the world, growing up again, learning what it means to be a fag out in the world. When you spend 19-20 years trying to be a man then realize that you aren't it literally is a new growing up experience again. Trying to fit everything you know about the world into your new person, can take some time. Developing and fitting the experiences that finally feel right to you into the world around you, well if someone comes along and screws with that, it can be damaging. Danny will get plenty of support here, and he knows you care. We won't hide from him what we plan to do, it will help him most to know that this was wrong and you know it and something is being done about it. For a faggot to know she's safe and protected is important, for Danny to know that you are taking care of everything is good, Chuck. No worries. Like I said, as far as this Wolf goes, it can often take a community to enforce its own rules before a guy knows his limits. Its not going to hurt him one bit to learn a bit more about the community and the expectations we have of someone who steps outside the line of acceptable behavior."

What Johnson said made sense, in a way I hadn't thought about. Danny was like a little kid right now, re-learning a lot. Having experiences for the first time really. He'd missed growing up the way he was meant to have grown up, as a faggot. If I had known as much as I had learned about this summer when he was growing up, I would have started sooner teaching him its okay to be whatever, not making him be a man when he clearly wasn't. I could think back and remember things now that I knew more, that ought to have tipped me off to Danny, but I couldn't look back and wish, I needed to do what I could now to make sure he got the opportunity now to be his best. It made me surer now, that I had done the right thing this summer. Allowing him  to be a faggot and being the one to show him how a Man ought to treat him.

"Hey, don't beat yourself up, Chuck. It's tough to learn about your kid and know everything about this when you don't have the experience to go on," Johnson continued. "You're doing fine and Danny is too, believe me, he is much further along in adjusting to who he is than a lot of the boys that end up here." Johnson stood up. "I'm going to talk with Danny, make sure he knows the expectations and all here. I know you'll want to chat before you leave but all the discussions may take some time." Johnson paused for a few seconds. "Can I offer you the service of one of the other fags, Chuck? Danny being out of commission for a few days and all, I'm guessing that you haven't gotten any relief lately, if you know what I mean?"

Johnson had that part right. Jan and I hadn't done anything for a couple days and I honestly missed not having Danny there to fuck when I wanted. Now that he was going to be out of the house, I was going to have to get used to Jan being my one provider of pleasure and release. Not that it hadn't been the situation for years, but I could definitely see the benefits of a fag around, now that Danny had been providing that extra on the side all summer.

"Serious? One of the other fags here?"

Johnson grinned. "Hell yes! Why not, Chuck? You don't need to be carrying that stress back home to the wife. Things will be good for Danny here. Leave behind some of that tension on the Farm. I think Danny's friend Stacy is perfect for that. Why don't you follow me. I'll find a room with a shower and you can get yourself ready. Stacy will be in while I talk to Danny. Take your time. No rush with her, Stacy is good at what she does and believe me, I need to keep that fag busy regularly because if I don't she can get a little bitchy. You will do her as much good as she will do you I have a feeling."

It was a little weird to think about but I honestly WAS feeling like I could use a good lay. I hadn't ever done this sort of thing with, well with a fag outside of Danny and he was, mine. He needed that sort of thing regularly. Did I need it too? Fantasies of being with a guy, a fag, had just never crossed my mind until I started in with Danny. Jan was all I ever thought about and though we were pretty vanilla over the years, I guess there were a few times we had gotten wild but honestly until I lost my temper with Danny that night, fucking a fag's pussy was the furthest thing from my mind. Now, here I was looking forward to doing his friend, Stacy.

"Yeah, you know Johnson, I could use a little relief, as you say. I think that sounds like a good idea." I grinned back at him, and let him show me the way to one of his guest rooms.

"Good, Stacy will be up shortly, Chuck. Just do what you need to do, he can handle it," Johnson said as he left closing the door behind him.


I guess most of the guys were busy, we didn't find but one guy at the bunkhouse. His name was Stefan. He was busy cleaning and didn't talk much. He smiled when we were introduced but otherwise he just kinda looked shy. I guess I shouldn't comment any on that because I knew I was that way too. I was nervous about meeting everyone. I didn't know what would be the expectations, what I would have to do, anything about what would go on. I kinda wanted to cry again, but I knew it wouldn't do any good; Daddy was going to leave me here for a while.

"Let me show you your room," Stacy said. "Every one has a room," he said. "None of the doors lock, of course, but everybody has their own space." It was pretty basic, but it was still nice looking; a twin bed, a dresser, a desk and a lamp.  I guess I wouldn't need much more, really. The central living space was really nice though. It was a big open area. There was a kitchen sort of area at one end with some cupboards a couple refrigerators and a sink area. Stacy said there was always food there and sodas and stuff. He was waving his hands around and I started paying attention to him for a moment while he was showing me things. He was all dressed up, well I mean he looked good. His hair wasn't pulled back at all. He had dark brown hair about halfway down his back, a lot longer than mine even though I hadn't cut mine all summer. It was a little wavy, but not much. He had a polo style shirt on. It was tight and it made his faded jeans look somehow fancy.

"The television gets everything you could want to see," he said pointing at the big screen. "There are a couple of computers there for meeting people and chatting and keeping up with homework and stuff, if you are in school," he said. I noticed his hands more closely. He had French tips on his nails! I must have gasped a little because he looked at me, "What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing," I quickly replied. "I mean, I just noticed your hands. have your nails done," I exclaimed. He blushed a little I think.

"Oh, yeah," he let a little giggle out. "I have to go meet an important client soon," he added. "Mr. Johnson wanted me to look especially nice today. So for this guy, I guess that means doing my nails too. Do you like them?" he held his hands out for me to see.

I had never seen a guy with French tips before. "Wow! Are those your own nails?" I wanted to know.

"Yes. Sometimes when I am doing mostly house chores here I can let them grow out a little."

"Do all the uhmmm, guys do that?" I wondered. It was kinda hot I thought, but I had never asked Daddy if I could and he had never told me to do that.

"No, not everyone. Although Mr. Johnson may make some guys do it just to show them he can make them do it. I admit, I am more of a fag than a lot of the guys here. Some Men don't like their boys too queer either, you know?"

I didn't know, really, but I understood what he meant. "Wow," it was all I could say. Already I was learning more stuff. The nails really did make Stacy look pretty gay, I mean girly.

By the time he had finished showing me the main room and everything there, including a big pool table too, Mr. Johnson was there. I wondered where Daddy was if Mr. Johnson was here.

"Hey boys," he greeted us. "Danny, let's you and me talk and I'll give you the rules and show you a few other things on the farm. Stacy, I think you have some things to do?"

"Yes, Sir, I do. Bye, Danny, see you later," he told me giving me a quick hug."

"See you, Stacy," I squeezed him back. It felt good to have a friend I could talk about stuff to all the time.

"Come on, Danny. Lets take a look around the place. Mr. Johnson put his big hand on my neck and steered me out of the bunkhouse and towards one of the barns.


I was looking forward to getting some fucking in. It hadn't occurred to me that Johnson would make one of the boys available to me, but why the hell not? Most of the ones here that I had seen were pretty hot and fem, the way I liked a fag to be, so why the hell not? I had adjusted to getting some on the side from Danny this summer and if he was going to be gone for awhile, I might decide I could pop by Johnson's for some extra if I wanted it. After spending all those years faithful to Jan, it was actually kinda nice to see what else is out there, I thought. I had initially rationalized using Danny because he looked so much like my wife, but I admit once I had started it, I could definitely see the positives of having a fag around to get a little on the side. Something different, though it was all warm and wet and felt good on my cock.

Okay, I will admit I was somewhat nervous. This would be the first time since I got married that I would be fucking someone outside the family.  I didn't think I'd fuck another woman or girl though. One woman was enough to deal with for anyone. I couldn't see having three or four wives like some guys did in other cultures, the issues with trying to keep that many women happy seemed more than I wanted to try on for size, but a fag, maybe that would work. I knew eventually Danny would be trained and most likely would find a guy to be his husband. He'd need a strong hand to manage him. I knew I was there to raise Danny properly and I intended to do that but what about after that? Would I go back to just Jan and me? I wasn't so sure now. Having someone around that was plenty happy with some dick and could manage the rest of his time was something to consider. Especially since I really got off on getting Danny to submit and take cock so well.

There was a knock at the door. "Come in," I said firmly. It was Danny's friend Stacy, as Johnson had promised.

"Hi, Mc McClain. Mr. Johnson said I might could help you out, ummm, you know, get rid of some stress." Stacy blushed only slightly and kept his eyes directed at my face. He was one good-looking faggot, I had to admit.

"It's Stacy, right?" I asked. "I'm not so good with names when I first meet someone."

He smiled. "No problems, Mr. McClain. You can uh, call me whatever you want. I'm okay with it."

My turn to smile, a smart ass too. "I'll keep that in mind Stacy." I thought maybe I would ask him a few questions about Johnson and the place before I did anything else. Get an idea whether he liked it or not and what he thought Danny could learn here.

"Stacy, do you like being here at Johnson's Farm?"

"Sir? You mean is it a nice place?" he wondered.

"I mean, boy, are you treated well? Do you learn things out here? How to be a better fag or whatever?"

"Oh yes, Sir, Mr. McClain. I do like it a lot for that." I motioned for him to come sit next to me on the bed and he came over. "Mr. Johnson and his uhm, wife, have taught me a lot and the other guys here are great. Sometimes the Men that help out can get a little wild but they are good too, Sir. I wouldn't know where else to go if I didn't have Mr. Johnson's Farm. I really needed it when I came out here. I really have learned a lot Sir. Danny will too, Mr. McClain, he'll be fine out here."

"I'm sure he will, Stacy. I was just interested in hearing the view from another boy," I replied. I put my hand on his back and then noticed how long his hair was, down to his mid-back. It looked fucking hot on him too, a nice dark brown. "Danny needs to be a bit more independent, and I am hoping this helps him," I continued. "I won't be around to raise him much this fall and I have a wife that expects my time and attention as it is. Between my travel for work and the wife, I want to be a good father to Danny." Stacy looked at me as I spoke. "Mr. Johnson has a great deal more time and experience in raising a fag than I do, so I respect that. I learned rather late that Danny was different than my other son, Ian; that he's like you and the other boys out here. I started his training I guess you would call it, but as I said, I want him to learn quickly the expectations that Men are going to have for him."

"Yes, Sir. I understand. You care about him a lot, I know that Sir. Danny has told me so when we exchange emails."

"Good, that's good to know Stacy. I appreciate how you have become Danny's friend right away and made him feel comfortable. I know I have done some unconventional things in teaching Danny, being his father and all, but I think they are for the best for him. What do you think, Stacy?"

"Me, Sir? Well, that's not for me to judge Mr. McClain, I'm...I'm just a friend of Danny's. I mean you're his Dad and all."

"I don't mean that boy, of course it isn't your place to judge some things, but I meant overall, does Danny talk about being happy, you know, being made into what I think of as a good fag? What does he say to you?"

"Oh, sorry Sir, I didn't understand at first," his eyes dropping. I reached over and turned his face back to mine. I noticed he had almost no facial hair at all, unusual for a kid his age. "Of course he's happy, Mr. McClain. He REALLY likes being under your control. He told me he needed it a lot and although I think some things have surprised him, like, ummm, the well, letting his older brother use him. He understands why you did it Sir, he needed to focus on serving." The kid seemed honest; his eyes didn't leave mine as he spoke, after I had turned his face back to me.

"Good, that makes me feel better already, Stacy. Thank you for sharing that with me. I just want what is right for Danny."

"Yes, Sir of course, you're his Father."

"Tell me, Stacy, how come you don't have any facial hair?" Once again he blushed a bit but only slightly.

"I had it removed, Mr. McClain, laser hair removal. There are only a few left, not enough to notice really. Do you like it Sir?"

I thought about it only briefly. Of course I liked it. Why would a fag need facial hair? "Of course, Stacy it looks natural on you," I told him. My hand went to his face and brushed his hair back from his ear. "I really like your hair too, baby," I added. He smiled. "Now, I am glad we talked a little, Stacy, but I think you had some other things in mind when you came here, and the longer you sit next to me, I have other things in mind too."

"Really Mr. McClain? I would love to be able to help you out."

"Stand up and take your shirt off, boy. Show me your body." He got up and began pulling his polo top over his head. It was then I noticed his nails. Fuck, he had French tips on. My god, he looked like a young woman, with that hair and the nails. I liked the look on him. Another proof of the facts I was learning about fags, they just looked better dressed like girls and made up like girls.

"I like your nails, Stacy. They look very pretty," I told him. The long tapered fingers and the nails that continued the long tapered effect were stunning really. I was surprised, nothing masculine about this boy at all I thought.

"Thank you, Sir. I...I wanted to look good. Mr. Johnson said you would need some relief when you got here today, so I did them this morning." I looked at him and he did look nice, like a fag ought to, I thought. Showing a clear difference between being a man or a girl. It seemed to make them feel more comfortable with themselves, knowing they didn't have to pretend to be guys. Once Danny knew I wanted him looking like a fag, he had really taken to it.

"He did, eh? Sounds like the two of you decided early today what I needed. I'll remember to thank him later. Pants too, boy, drop them." Stacy unzipped his jeans and they slid down his slim legs. He was probably about 5'10" and there wasn't any fat on him. He turned slightly as he picked them up and set his clothes over on a chair. His ass was very well rounded from behind and flowed into his hips giving them some remarkable shape given he was thin. Work on the farm was good for him clearly, he had more muscle than Danny but nothing that would make you think he was too masculine. He was wearing a black lace thong that covered nicely his clit but covered nothing of his ass, the string disappearing at the top of his crack not to emerge until the bottom where it fit tight keeping what male equipment he might have hidden. As he turned back around, I saw his pierced nipples and the rather big areolas. Not like Johnson's wife, but simply quarter sized ones that some guys have and they looked stunning on him. His skin was brown, both from being in the sun, but also I thought perhaps he was Latino. He walked over to the bed and knelt in front of me.

"Please Mr. McClain. Danny talks so much about your cock, may I please suck it, like he gets to? Can I please see it?"

Fuck, what is it about having someone ask so nicely, to beg, to suck a cock? "So Danny's been talking about my cock? Just what did he tell you.? I wondered.

He smiled a little bit. "I mean, he just said it was real big, that...that it was twice as big as his dick."

I laughed. "Well, now Danny doesn't really have much of a dick. His is closer in size to his Mother's clit, than it is to mine, Stacy. Of course you can see it. I'm interested in seeing how good you are at sucking cock. Maybe you can do some of the same things that Danny can with it, since he's been telling you everything he's done."

He grinned and began undoing my pants. I stood up and let him. He pulled the legs down before he realized my shoes were still on. He stopped momentarily to remove my shoes and socks, then had me step out of my pants. Then he stood again and reached for my shirt, unbuttoning each button before pulling it off and folding it with my pants on the chair.

"You're so handsome Mr. McClain," he said looking at me. "I...may I touch your chest?"

"Of course, baby," I answered politely. He moved in to me and put one arm around my back at the waist and the other hand he brought up to my chest and ran his hand across my pecs and grabbed lightly at the hair on my chest and abdomen. I heard him sigh and felt him shiver a little. He was definitely taller than Danny but sure as hell was no more masculine than Danny. The nails, painted like they were for me, looked like a woman's hand, really, slightly bigger perhaps, but slender, graceful even. I was hot already. I wanted to feel his mouth on my dick. How did a guy my age get so lucky, having a choice of pretty young fags around to do give me so much pleasure? Fuck it was hot thinking there were lots of fags around that would be happy sucking my big cock.

"Didn't you want to see my cock, Stacy? You've already got me hard, looking like you do," I told him.

He got back on his knees and slid his hands up to my waistband, then slowly slid those beautiful hands under the band of my boxers and pulled them down. My cock pointed nearly straight out as he wrapped one of his hands around the base and held it. "Wow, Danny was right," he said. "Your cock is huge, Sir. I haven't seen very many cocks like this."

You've seen a lot of cocks, boy?" I asked. "Are you a slut, Stacy?" He looked up at me and there was just a tinge of color

"Yes, Sir. I have seen a lot of cocks," he admitted. I watched as he licked his lips then started working on the head of my dick. He lapped around at the head getting it wet and then slid the shaft licking and slurping. I let him do what he wanted for a while. He worked my dick as if he were receiving great pleasure from it. He moaned lightly at times, running his tongue up and down the shaft, lapping at my nuts, rolling them around in his mouth, bathing them with his tongue. It felt damn good I have to say. I grabbed his head and moved it to the top of my cock. I wanted inside his face. He opened obligingly and I slid inside his mouth. Then he just kept going without too much prompting from my hand pushing at the back of his head. All the way down until my cock was buried in his gullet. I heard him moan a little around my dick as I let out a big sigh.

"Fuck, Stacy, that feels good," I let him know. "Didn't even pause, you little bitch. Someone has used that throat before." He couldn't answer but to nod a little and look up at me. He backed off and went down again, gagging a little this time as I held his head down and bucked back and forth a couple times, seeing if he would stay down on it. "That's it. Damn, you're good, girl," I let her know. Danny seemed to like hearing that so I figured Stacy would too. I pulled back a bit to let her breathe and then went deep again, grinding my hips into her face and feeling my cock slide in her throat. The fag just seemed to get off on it, making little moaning sounds. It was HOT hearing that and feeling her throat vibrate on my dickhead.

I pulled my cock out finally and Stacy gasped for air. "Oh my god Sir, That felt so good Mr. McClain," he said breathlessly. "Danny was right, it feels great." I had to smile at that. My boy, sharing stories about my dick and how he liked it, now that got me warmed up! I held my cock at the base and ran it around Stacy's lips, sliding the head in every once in awhile or going the full length deep into her throat. It was tough to think about him being a guy when he looked so much like a girl. "So Danny talking got you all hot for this cock," I asked. He nodded. "Good, then you should love making me feel good," I let him know.

I smacked his face a few times with it as he continued to bob on my head or swallow it whole. It was like watching a woman going at it. Her hands looked so nice the hair, fuck she was HOT. I wrapped my hand back around her hair and grabbed it lightly, brought her face down hard on my pole. She didn't complain, just moaned a little again. I brought her face down hard a few times on my crotch and she didn't complain or fight back. It was like using one of those fleshlight toys I had seen online. Just slam it as hard as you wanted on your cock. I started using her face, with less caution or regard. Pumping hard and moving her head around where I wanted it, my other hand curled around her hair for leverage. Sure Stacy was gagging a bit, and gasping to get a breath, but I never hurt him, he showed every sign of loving it. She was going in bobbing just as soon as she caught a breath.

I reached down to play with the nipples. Stacy moaned as I twisted them. Not as big as I liked but they got a nice reaction, I thought. He just kept up the deep-throating on his own, bobbing on my cock and keeping it in deep, massaging my cock and bringing me close to dumping a load. I wasn't going to stop her. I knew I would still have another to leave in her pussy, and it would just make it a nice long fuck getting rid of the first load like this.

"MMMmmm, you are getting me close, Stacy," I moaned. He reached up and wrapped one hand around my ball sac and pulled it back down from where it had crept up, delaying slightly the explosion. His other hand was moving up and down my shaft in time with his mouth and tongue.

"Fuck... you slut, you love that cock, don't you?"

"mmmmhmmmm," Stacy mumbled.

"Good, good, your very good at this," I let her know. "I'm..I'm going to empty my nuts soon, faggot," I groaned. I wrapped my hand back in her hair. Watched her suck my cock and watched her hands with those nails and fuckkkk...

"Yeah, bitch, take it. Drain that LOAD," I pulled his hair and his face came off my cock. I started spewing my load on his face, his hair, and into his open mouth as he aimed my engorged cock at it. "Get it all, Stacy. Don't miss any....aarrrgghhhhh."

Fuck it felt good. Looked good too, spraying into his mouth, looking so faggy, looking like a boy/girl. Sucking my dick, smiling as I blew, licking her lips wiping it off her face and sticking her fingers in her mouth.

I pulled up on his hair and Stacy stood, still wiping up her face. I pulled him over to the bed and pushed him over displaying his ass. I swatted it a couple times to get him moving.

"Show me your hole, faggot. Let me see your pussy." Stacy moved her hands to her ass and moved the thong string over one of her ass cheeks. She spread her cheeks and displayed that hole. It honestly looked more like a pussy than any ass I had seen. A slit, the hint of pouty lips even around the slit, caught my attention. Clearly this fag has been used a lot and his cunt was even beginning to resemble what a woman had. "Nice," was all I said. Then I bent over and started eating that fag's pussuy, getting it ready for my cock.


"Show me your new contraption Danny," Mr. Johnson said once we were in one of the barns. I was shocked but I guess either Daddy or Stacy had said something. I looked around to see if anyone was here. "Get used to it boy, no one hides anything here. Nothing to hide."

"Yes, Sir," I replied. I began taking off my shirt and then pulled down my shorts and thong. It was kinda embarrassing but he was right, I guess. It was something I needed to learn and I already knew not to disobey Mr. Johnson.

"Nice," he exclaimed. "Real, nice work. Who did that for you, boy? Your Daddy?"

"No, Sir. It was this guy at a piercing and tattoo place, uhmmm. I think its called Bone Deep."

"Ha, yeah Bernie did it, I bet. He's the only one there who would do it. His employees know to give this type of work to him." I blushed. Mr. Johnson knew Bernie and the shop. I guess he knew a lot of things about the area. "He does good work, Danny, he handles most of the stuff like tattoos and piercings for me, unless a Man wants to do it himself for his boy. Well, I haven't seen one like this in awhile boy, but it will serve the purpose your Dad wants."

"Yes, Sir," I answered.

"Your Daddy knows what you need boy. He talk to you about why he lock your clit down?"

"Yes, Sir," I amswered. "He said it's because I'm always playing with it and it is always hard and in his way." I blushed some saying it but that was what I understood and I had to answer. Mr. Johnson chuckled.

"Well, that is a good basic answer. I'm sure you probably were playing with it too much. The point though, is that you don't need to focus on your clit boy. You need to focus on your Man's cock and the pleasure that gives you. You need to focus on your pussy and the pleasure that can bring your Man and you when you are serving your Man properly. Keeping it locked down, or locked up in a chastity device forces you to focus on those things more easily. It will drive you crazy for awhile but you will learn."

"Daddy said that too Sir, that I would learn, but..."

"What boy? Out with it," Mr. Johnson said.

"Well," I continued, "it's just that now I can't cum and isn't that a bad thing, stopping something like that?"

"Oh, you won't stop cumming boy."

I was surprised to hear that. Daddy hadn't told me that. "But, I can't even get hard and it hurts like hell when my dick, I mean uhm, my clit tries to get hard. Even when I was little and only had like you know, wet dreams at night, I was hard" Johnson laughed again.

"The point is to stop you from getting hard boy, not to stop you from cumming. You're right, a faggot needs to cum. Just doesn't need to cum like a Man does, Danny. Until you figure out how to cum on your own, one of the Men will make sure you get milked every couple weeks. You'll learn what that is when it happens, just don't let it bother you though, you aren't going to stop cumming. You'll still do that and probably a lot of it when you figure it out."

I wanted to know now but it was clear Mr. Johnson wasn't telling me everything yet. I guessed I would have to wait until it happened to know.

"We've already made a doctor's appointment for you tomorrow Danny, with your family doctor," I cringed as Mr. Johnson told me the same thing Daddy had said. "You need to get checked out and treated right away. I won't have a fag around here not getting good medical care." Mr. Johnson paused and looked at my piercings, checking my ears, navel and of course the main ones. "Okay, clothes back on boy, let's talk."

I put my clothes back on and Mr. Johnson started talking. I listened mostly, there wasn't anything TO say except "Yes, Sir"

"Danny, you're here to learn things, things your Daddy wants you to learn. Your Daddy is a good Man but he knows that this isn't his specialty. Not that he couldn't do it, but the opportunities here are all in one place and a fag can learn all sorts of things here in a short amount of time where at home, it might take a much longer time to get all of the experiences a boy like you needs to have. If the world were different and parents were aware their boy was a faggot early, I might not be in business but as the world is now, it often comes later in adolescence or even early adulthood before a parent or the fag himself knows he needs to be prepared better for what the world is going to bring. So that's what we do here. "

"I'm not your Daddy, Danny, but I am in charge here. You are going to follow my instructions, and my will here. If I am gone, then my wife will be in charge for the most part. I may leave one of the other Men in charge but most likely the wife will be able to handle most issues while I'm away for short periods. One of these days I'll find a good assistant to leave in charge, but I'm getting off track..." he continued.

"I'm going to start you off in the house. You will be following Lynn around, learning the duties of cooking for the crew, doing the laundry, cleaning the houses, and such. You follow her rules and orders like you would mine, boy. She knows how to run this place and what I want done. You got it?"

"Yes, Sir....uhm, Lynn is your wife?"

Mr. Johnson chuckled and smiled. "For all intents and purposes, yes, she is. She a faggot like you, Danny."

"Oh," I paused. "Okay, Sir." I wondered if he called all of us ‘her' or ‘she' and if he really thought of Lynn as his ‘wife'. It was kinda hot, to me, to have a Man referring to another guy as his girl or wife. I was still adjusting to everything. I knew I didn't know everything about being a faggot but it was still somewhat new to have Daddy or now Mr. Johnson calling someone like me a girl or wife, but it...I don't know...seemed natural...accepting that I was, you know, different than a guy.

"I don't want you out in the barns or with the pigs too much yet. You need to get those piercings healed up and your clit under control. I agree with your Daddy, no using that ass again until they are all healed. That bastard already did enough damage to that rule so it won't happen again. If I catch you bent over or hear about your pussy getting any use before I allow it, will get you some serious punishment. Understood, boy?"

I had no idea what he meant as serious but I knew better than to disagree with him. "Yes, Sir, understood."

"Good. Now, your mouth is another story. Once we get the ok from the doc about being clean, your mouth will be open to use, just like any of the faggots here, Danny. The Men who work here work hard and they expect you fags to put out and give them some release. That can vary from easygoing guys to a bit rough around the edges. However, they know better than to do anything I don't approve of doing to you. I have ways to keep them in line too, Danny, so you let me know if they get too rough or make use of that pussy before I give them the okay on that.

"Yes, Mr. Johnson. I will," I let him know. I wondered about the guys using my mouth. I was excited about it really. Thinking about the possibilities, the different cocks. I caught myself licking my lips, so I stopped. Mr. Johnson walked me around the farm. I got to see all the places I hadn't seen before, the barns and out buildings, where stuff was at. He pointed out the property lines and the fencing and stuff. I saw Men and boys working on the fences, doing the chores in the barns and everything. No one really stopped or said anything to us. I guess they knew better then to make small talk while Mr. Johnson was around.

Finally we made our way back up to the house. We came in the back. I heard a voice hollering, "Boots off in the house, please." It was a male voice, not demanding, just making it clear in the tone that we better listen.

"Lynn hates us wearing the boots in the house," he whispered to me. "The house is her domain, so don't piss her off boy, or she'll take some cooking implement to your backside," he laughed. "Mine included if she's having a bad day," he laughed again sharing a joke I guess.

We took off our boots and left them in the small room at the back. When we entered the main part of the house we were in the kitchen and Lynn was standing at the sinks. He stopped what he was doing and wiped his hands on a towel that hung from a loop in some of the shortest shorts I had ever seen. When he turned to face me I know I made an audible gasp, but I think it was partially covered by Lynn greeting me.

"Well, you must be Danny." He opened his arms and took me in a big hug. "I want you to know that I am looking forward to you being here. I'll make sure you get adjusted and I am looking forward to some help around the house," he said.

He was really pretty. I had gasped a little when he turned because he had these HUGE nipples, bigger than mine and really big areolas too, those areas around the nipples. They looked like a woman's titties except of course he was a guy, I mean he was a faggot like me, Mr. Johnson had said. He was older than me of course, but wow, he was still very pretty. His hair was LONG, almost down to his butt. All he had on was those little shorts and that towel. Other than that, there was nothing, barefoot even. I noticed he had his toenails painted a shade of red. I stared at them for a few seconds. He was in great shape. I mean, he wasn't a huge muscular person, but wow, you could see muscles and he wasn't out of shape and well, I mean he was like almost six feet tall and looked like he worked out. I didn't know what to think really. The body looked like it should be on a man really, but was very feminine despite the tones muscles.

"Uhm, thank you, uhmmm, Ma'am," I stuttered finally. I know I blushed a little, I was caught off guard and had paused too long. "I am looking forward to being here," I managed to get out.

"Good. Well, I'll show you around the house and let you know some of the things we do here. Mr. Johnson will make sure he has everything he needs from your Daddy. Did anyone bother to show you where you'll be staying?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I told her. "Stacy showed me my new room."

"Good. I didn't want to go out to the bunkhouse today. You'll be gathering up the sheets later. Saves me a trip."

Mr. Johnson had wandered off somewhere and Lynn took over the tour.


I spread Stacy's ass cheeks apart and dove in. My tongue penetrated that sweet looking crack and began getting it wet. I planned to open it up in one long stroke and I wanted to at least get some sort of lube in the pussy before I did that. Stacy moaned the second I started eating her pussy and it just egged me on. She seemed to really be getting into it. She had one sweet ass and her crack just opened right up as I tongued it. I swear she was already wet and waiting and that all the cocksucking she'd been doing was like foreplay for getting fucked.

"Oh, yeah, ohhh godddd. Oh, Mr. McClain, ohhhh that feels so good," Stacy just kept repeating. "Please, please, yes, eat my pussy, Sir, oh god I love that."

"That's right, boy," I said pausing to speak to her,  "it is a pussy and I love eating pussy, but you're wrong because it's my pussy right now boy. Mine to do with as I wish." Stacy moaned.

"Oh, god, Yes Sir, Mr. McClain. Yes, it's yours right now." She was grinding her hips and encouraging me to keep going. He kept bumping his ass back further and further trying to get more of my face in that crack. Damn the boi was horny.

I slapped that nice ass periodically with my hands as I ate away, loosening up that hole. I teased that hole, slipping my tongue in and out, lapping around the rim, making those boi lips pucker. Stacy would squeeze down and tighten that hole but then I would suction on those pussy-like lips and make them get all enlarges, sucking on them. By the time I had decided it was enough, Stacy was moaning and her hole looked like it was ready for more than my tongue

I stood back to look at that and Stacy turned around to see what I was doing. I stroked my cock a couple times and moved up to line up my dick. I was imagining how nice and warm that hole was going to be and how hard I was going to ride this little bitch.

"Please, oh yes please, Mr. McClain, drive your cock into me. Oh, god I want to feel all of it."

"Yeah? You need my cock, Stacy?" This horny fag was doing everything well, right down to the begging.

"Yessss, god, yes, I want to feel everything that Danny feels when you are inside him. I want to know how lucky he is having a Daddy like you," he said. His voice was quietly whispering the words to me but they sounded loud and clear in my head. This faggot wanted to know what my cock could do for her. He envied Danny and whatever Danny had been sharing in those emails.

"I see, Stacy," I responded. I teased that hole with the head of my cock, smacking it around, sliding just the tip inside those lips, nearly driving myself crazy by not shoving it all in at once. I wanted to hear a bit more about this fag's dreams. "Tell me just what you've heard and what you want to feel, so I get it right, boy." It was enough of a statement that I got a little reaction from him, a little redness in the cheeks, his eyes looked away from me.

"Uhm, I just mean, Danny made it sooo hot, I mean, well he didn't mean to make it sound that way, just he told me things and I just got hot. He was just telling me about you and...and you're so handsome, Mr. McClain. I just...I've never had a real Dad really. Sorry, Sir, I guess I got carried away, Danny is so lucky... Please, please just fuck me? I want to feel it now. I need to feel what Danny has felt. I need your cock in me, pleeeeease?"

Fucking hot little faggot really knew how to push the right buttons. It was hot knowing Danny shared some of what we did with this kid. It was even hotter knowing he WANTED the same thing, wanted to be my bitch to see what Danny had felt. I swear my cock started dripping with enthusiasm for the fuck to come listening to her go on about it.

I stuck the head back at the entrance and waited. "Come on then Stacy, it's there, waiting to go inside. Show me how much you want it," I told him. Well that was all the words Stacy needed to hear. He ground his ass a couple times and squeezed lightly then I felt his pussy open up and the little faggot started backing up. He didn't stop until he had backed up all the way and my balls were slapping on his cheeks. Little slut had just taken it all on her own down to the bone end. He moaned loudly, seemingly surprised that he had reached the end.

"Slut! You really needed to feel that didn't you?" I smacked her ass as she continued to grind back and started squeezing her pussy around my cock.

I grabbed those cheeks and pulled back some, then slid back in, feeling that warm, wet hole grabbing my cock. I started working it over, sliding around and grinding back to meet his pushing. I was giving him about half the length in thrusts, but not giving him any break in intensity. I was pounding hard, making sure he felt the length and need I had to drive hard into him. He grunted or groaned at each thrust and his pussy was grabbing each time I started to pull back. His moans and groans just got me further turned on. The harder I pounded the higher pitched the squeals became.


"Make all the noise you want, faggot. It just gets me hotter, listening to you enjoy my dick."

I grabbed her hair and pulled her back towards me. She gasped but soon enough was bending back towards me, twisting her lithe body around. I hadn't thought about kissing Stacy to this point but I was really getting into her holes. I reached my other hand up to her face and turned it to where I could slip my tongue in between her lips. Stacy's lips were full and tasty. Just another way she looked so fem. I had to say that I was really getting into how a faggot could look so fucking sexy being so girly. I didn't think that way at all as a young guy but fuck, now? These fags had a lot to offer as far as I was concerned.

He kept moaning and grunting as I continued thrusting while I shoved my tongue in his mouth and he sucked on it. I chewed on her lips and twisted her nipples, making more groans escape her mouth. The other nice thing about faggots was that I could be rougher than with Jan. It was a great turn on that I could just let go with a fag. Danny had showed me that and now here was his friend Stacy showing me the same thing; that a good fag could take a lot from a Man and still beg for more.

"Oh, god, yes, oh god, twist my titties, Sir. Oh, god I love that."

"Yeah, that make your pussy juice flow, bitch?"

"mmmm, oh fuck, oww, yesssssss."

I shoved the bitch back over so her head was on the bed and lifted one of her legs up on the bed. I wanted access to the hole so I could fuck for a while. I started pulling back and giving her the long dicking I wanted. Pulling back further and further and riving it home, pulling her ass back to meet my cock and listening to the satisfying sound of my hips smacking her ass. Her moans just continued nearly non-stop. In fact they seemed to be picking up as I continued pounding. In fact, the pitch was getting higher and breathy, her cunt grasping at my dick harder and tighter, squeezing and pulling at my hardness.

"mmmm, ooohhhhhhh, mmmmmm, ooooooooohhhhhhh."

I reached my hand around to feel the bitch's clit. It sounded and felt to me like she was having an orgasm, but she hadn't been touching it at all. In fact when I reached around, her clit was still in the thong pouch and it wasn't even hard, but there sure was a hell of a lot of fag goo spilling out of it. She was doing more than leaking.

"You cumming, bitch?" I wondered.

"Ooohhhhh, mmmmmmm, yessssss SSSSir," she hissed. "I'm, I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. Your cock just hit the right spot, Sir, and then you just kept hitting it and ooohhhhhh, goddddddd, mmmmmmmmm."

"Fucking hot, boy. You got yourself trained properly. Don't even get hard, it just spills out of your clit." I was amazed. This boy already was doing what I wanted Danny to be doing, getting her pleasure from a cock and letting that feeling carry her over to orgasm, just like a woman. Satisfaction from the stimulation a Man gave, and not her own hand playing with her clit. His orgasm spurred me on. Knowing he was getting off on this got me hotter. I took my hand away from his clit and stuffed my fingers in her mouth. "Lick that shit off boy, clean up my hand."

He sucked them like they were a cock. He put his hand up to my wrist and fed himself my fingers, licking all the boy goo he could find off them. I pulled back out of her hole and spun her around and pushed her back on the bed, this time facing me. He pulled his legs up tight to his chest and I slid back inside her.

"Oh, thank you, Mr. McClain. Thank you for fucking me so good."

Little fag had manners too.

I started spitting at her pussy as I fucked it. It wasn't that it needed any more lube, it was already wet enough, but I just got off spitting at it and then shoving the spit into her hole. I would pull out, spit, then shove back in. Stacy ran her hands on my chest playing with my nipples. I couldn't get over her hands, how something so simple made her look so girly, that he'd done to try and impress me. I reached up and placed a hand around her neck and held her there. I wasn't choking her just letting her know I was in charge. I drove full force into her and brought my face down to her nipples and started licking and chewing on them. The hands went to my back and started clawing at me. I just kept my dick deep and listened to her moan and beg me to keep going as I fucked deep and chewed at her titties. She wrapped her legs around my back and held me there, the feet pushing me deep and keeping me there.

"You're a hot little faggot," I whispered. "You treat all the men you know like this?"

"Oh, god, Mr. McClain., you're so good. Ugh, oh it feels, ughhh, so good with you in me."

"This as good as Danny says, girl? You like it like this?" I asked. I kept up the work on Stacy's ass. It felt incredible. He was milking my cock as I thrust back and forth. His pussy muscles were trained well and he had no problem keeping up the pace I set.

"Oh, god, yes. It's better...ugh...than he said."

Since he already had his hands and legs wrapped around me I stood up. He was then impaled on my dick, my arms wrapped around him. The fag didn't even wait until I say down on the bed to start bouncing on my dick. He held on and started jumping up and down as I carried him. I just let him go to it and then started encouraging it.

"Yeah, bounce on it bitch. Show me how much you like riding on my cock."

"Mmmm, love it... I love it," he squealed.

After a couple minutes I had to sit though, Stacy was a bigger guy than Danny. I could carry him like that for a while but not beyond a few minutes. Once I sat down though, he really went to town, lifting himself off my lap and really jumping up and down riding it. Getting as far off it as possible then sitting back down all the way, feeding my cock to himself. The look on his face was incredible. The long hair flowing and bouncing up and down, those pretty, if slightly reddened from my chewing, pierced nipples, his hands which he was using to balance himself as he bounced. I reached up with my hands and pulled him down into an embrace. I kept him there, it gave me easier access to his pussy. I started pounding him that way, thrusting my hips up off the bed and he had to hold the covers to keep from flying up over me. He was moaning like crazy then he started in again with the breathiness. His eyes were getting unfocused and I increased my pace.

"Ohh, ooohhh, oh goddd, not again, ohhhh," he was going to have another fagasm, I could feel his cunt tightening, his breathing strained. "mmm, mmmmm, mmmmmooooowohhhhhhhhh, mmmmm."

I flipped her on her back and mounted her. I kept pounding and I moved her thong away from her clit. I wanted to see this, watch how a real fag came. Stacy moaned and her clit bounced around a little. Nothing shot out like a guy's cock, but she definitely came. I watched as good oozed from her clit and she moaned and grunted, she was in complete heat from our fuck. I was amazed. I had known it could be done but had never seen it of course. I was fascinated watching her just ooze and writhe in ecstasy.

I slowed down down. Between her squeezing on my dick and watching the show I was close. I just wanted to get that feeling a guy gets from a good slow fuck and blow my load deep in the bitch. I started pulling all the way out and sinking all the way back in. I could watch my dick going all the way in her and she moaned appreciately.

"Yes, yes, oh god, that's so good. Please, please fill me up, please cum inside me. I want it, Mr. McClain.

"That's right. Keep begging Stacy. Be a good girl and beg me for it and I'll feed you a load."

"Oh, yesss, please. I want it so bad."

"You slut," I told her. "you've gotten off twice already."

"Couldn' it," she moaned. "Feels so good."

My cock was moving in and out, long and slow. I couldn't stop my self like this once the feeling spread. I could tell I would be cumming shortly.

"Such a nice pussy, Stacy. So warm, so wet. Squeeze me," I told her. "Yeah, that's it baby, milk that cock."

"Mmmm, oh fuck, I love it. Love your cock." Her hands were back up on my chest, running through the hair on my pecs, grabbing at my nipples, She looked into my eyes, begging me with them to feed her a load.

"Please, give me your seed. Come on, please breed my pussy," she begged.

"Oh, fuck, Stacy. Fuck, fuck FUCK. Daddy's going to cum," I said. "Gonna feed you this load.

"Oh, god, yes, give it to me."

My hips picked up a little steam and I plowed deep a couple more strokes. My balls tightened and then I was unloading, filling up that hole.

"YESSSS, FUCKKKK!!! Take it bitch, aaarrrrgggghhh! Uh, uh." Damn pussy was tighter than a drum all of a sudden, squeezing my load out, pulling it from my nuts. The bitch wanted it bad.

I collapsed on top of Stacy for the last final thrusts and could feel my seed spilling into her. I could tell she felt it to, whimpering softly and smiling like a Cheshire cat enjoying it all.

When I felt myself starting to slip out of her pussy, I stood up. Stacy clamped her hole tight shut as I slid out. She got up quick and was down on her knees, licking and slurping on my dick, swallowing it whole, cleaning it off, getting what hadn't gone inside her. From one wet hole to another, she was talented. Danny still had some things to learn.