Becoming a Boy 15

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Sure enough a couple days later I run into Tim in the showers. It was bound to happen in the house, there were only so many times you could miss someone here, seeing as how we were all taking classes and everyone needs to shower. I was standing at the mirror shaving with a towel around my waist. I hear the water stop running in one of the showers and Tim comes out. He spots me right away and turns his back to me. Maybe he had a boner already. I smiled to myself at the thought.

“Hey Tim,” I said.

“Oh, uhm hey Ian,” he replies. He finishes drying off and I can see he is wrapping the towel around himself. He is making for the door already. No small talk today. I need to say something to him.

“Look,” I start in and he stops to listen. “I just wanted to say I was sorry for dropping you last week in here. I had no business punching you like that. I just over reacted when you told me to shut up. Sometimes I just get worked up when I’m told things like that.”

Uhm, yeah, thanks man. It’s no problem really. I’m sorry I said it. I shouldn’t have gotten so bent out of shape I guess.” He looks and sounds like he isn’t sure what to say. I like that he is apologizing too. It means he knows it wasn’t completely cool to be shouting like that at me. “How’s it going?”

“Not bad,” I tell him. I see him glancing down at my towel. Dude is trying to catch a glimpse, I think, even though I’m wrapped up. “Had to go home over the weekend. My Dad needed some help with things,” I mention. “You have any fun over the weekend? Find any chicks needing your dick?”

He snorts a laugh. “No, it was pretty quiet. I hit a party at a friend’s apartment but nothing much was going on. Pretty quiet really.”

I look him over. He had a nice body for a guy. He was slim but had muscles, more than the pussyboy I had fucked the other day. More like the muscles the other fag had that had sucked me off. But the nipples were small on Tim. I figured I would work on that. Something about those big nipples on a guy made me hot. I also noticed that since we were together with Tressa, he had stopped shaving. His legs and arms had stubble all over them, even had some on his chest. That was definitely not cool, as far as I was concerned. That would have to go. “Hey, you not swimming anymore?” I asked, wondering what made him stop.

“What? No I still swim, why?” he wondered aloud.

“Well, I just was noticing that you usually shave all that hair off. Now you’ve got stubble all over.” Tim blushed a little, I swear he did, not much, but enough for me to see that sheepish look on his face.

“Oh, well, we’re not in competitive season right now, so I don’t usually do that if I’m not racing.”

I was finishing up with my shaving and was ready to hit the shower. I wasn’t going to spend all day talking, but I did want to leave him with something to think about. “Well I think it looks better when you have everything shaved. I like it that way,” I told him. “Shows off your definition better,” I added as I turned towards the shower. I pulled off my towel and faced him so he could see my cock. His eyes dropped perceptibly towards it. I loved the fact that he was so easy to read. “Anyway, got to get ready for class,” I told him disappearing into the shower. “See ya later.”

“Uh, yeah, see ya Ian,” he responded as I turned the water on. I don’t know if he stood there a while or left immediately. I had said what I wanted to say and given him some things to think about.


Fuck, Ian had a huge dick. I had seen it when he took his towel off to get in the shower. It wasn’t even hard and it was bigger than mine was when I WAS hard. I thought back to when I had it in my mouth and when he came there. Why was I thinking about that still? Maybe I did want to suck him again. I turned and saw myself in the mirror. He thought I had good definition. Wow, that was cool, I mean coming from a guy who was built like he was. I looked at the stubble on my chest and legs. He was right, I thought my definition looked better when I shaved. I suddenly wanted to show off what I had better. He had said it looked better shaved.

Did he like me? I think so, I mean, he said I looked better shaved. Why did I care? Why was that important to me? Somehow I knew I was going to shave. He liked it better and something in me wanted to do what he said. While all this was running through my head I started getting dressed, that was when I noticed my dick was hard again. I had to stuff it in my briefs. I put on baggy pants that day. The last thing I wanted to do was wander around campus with a raging hard on. Fuck, If I had time I would have pulled out a load right then, but the only thing running through my brain were his words and thinking about him, and I didn’t want to think about that right now.

Class was useless. It didn’t matter what the profs talked about today, I was thinking about shaving and that Ian liked my definition better when I was shaved. The first thing I did when I got back to the frat was hit the shower. I used the shaving cream to cover my legs. I shaved in the shower all the time. The guys here knew I did it. I know that no one else here did, but everyone on the team did during the season, so it wasn’t anything new. I could manage to do it most of the time without cutting myself. I never understood how girls were always complaining about shaving their legs. It wasn’t that tough. You just had to be careful around the curves, just like on your face. When I finished my legs, I went over my abs and chest too. My dick was hard the whole time. I don’t know why, but the shaving had me hard today. It was like I was doing this for Ian. Okay, I admit I thought about that as I was shaving. I was doing this because he liked it. I could live with that, I thought. It was nice to hear that someone liked the way I looked, and they thought that I looked better shaven so ok, I was shaving. I guess that was enough to get my dick hard.

I never thought as much about why my dick got hard as I had in the last couple of weeks. I was like analyzing it all. I guess Ian had pointed out some stuff and yeah, I was thinking about it. Then of course thinking about it and what it meant got me hard. It was a circle. I thought about Ian and my dick would get hard. I thought about why I was getting hard and I thought about Ian. Was I fucked up or what? I hadn’t had anything like this happen to me before. I was always thinking about girls or stuff before. Could you be made gay just by sucking a cock? I mean, I always liked hanging with guys, didn’t every guy prefer to hang with his buddies instead of girls? Had I been getting hard before doing that without knowing it or knowing why? I didn’t know, because I hadn’t been thinking about it, I told myself.


It had only been a couple days and my hole was itching again. I was thinking all the time about Daddy’s big dick, or Ian, and all those men spreading me open and making me cum without my dick even getting hard. I started talking to more of the men on the farm. I wanted to get one of them to notice me. They all seemed to have regular visits to other boys. How could I get one of them to visit me in my room? All I could do until I found some guy to do that would be to play with my nipples or my pussy, and neither of them gave me much relief doing it myself. I had about given up on playing with my dicklet. It hurt too much if it got hard. Every night I would wake up at least once with it throbbing because I must have been having a dream or something and it would try to get hard. Thankfully as soon as I woke up, it would drop and go back to normal, not hard at all. I was playing with myself one night before I fell asleep. I was just laying on my bed. I had two or three fingers in my hole, trying to find that spot that Ian and Mr. Johnson and the others had found where it felt soo good to have their hand inside me. I had my other hand on a nipple and was pulling and twisting. My eyes were closed and I was in a fantasy place where Daddy was making me suck his cock. He was shoving it all the way down deep inside of me. Then for some reason I opened my eyes and there was a man on the room. I hadn’t heard him come in. It was the one we called Mr. Sasquatch. I almost screamed but what came out was more of a “ooh” and my hand flew up to my mouth, I could tell my eyes were all big, and I must have had a shocked look on my face.

“Ha,” he exclaimed. “Don’t let me stop you. Keep playing with that hole, boy,” he told me.

I looked around and didn’t see anyone else. I just nodded my head and put my fingers back down to my pussy and started fingering myself, while he watched. He stood their rubbing the front of his jeans. “Yes, Sir,” I finally responded. “I didn’t hear you come in, I’m sorry.”

“No problems, boy. When I opened the door, your eyes were closed. You were focused. I enjoyed the private show.”

I was pretty embarrassed. I thought I could hear pretty well, but I didn’t hear him come into my room. I wondered how quiet the doors were. We didn’t have locks here so I knew people could come in but none of the other boys did, we kinda respected each other’s privacy, I had been told. I slipped two fingers into my hole and looked at the man standing in my room. He was tall. He had his work outfit on still, jeans, cotton long sleeve shirt, t-shirt underneath, workboots. You could see how hairy he was though even through the clothes his hair sprouted from his arms, out the top of his shirt. He had a big full beard. I mean everyone called him sasquatch and he didn’t care. He looked like a big hairy ape. He was rubbing the front of his jeans. I looked down and saw the outline of a rather large cock. A little moan escaped my lips.

“Turn over, boy,” he ordered in his deep voice. I rolled over onto my knees with my ass pointing towards him. “Where did you get that fat ass? That is the biggest ass I’ve seen around here. You have some nice hips on you, boy” I continued to play with my pussy for him, thinking about what he said.

“I…I don’t know Sir. I guess from my mom, I look more like her than my Daddy,” I said. “Plus I have to do lots of exercises to stay in shape, maybe that too.” I liked the fact he noticed my ass. No one had said they liked it like this before.

“Shake it for me,” he said. I shook it. I could feel it jiggle a little. “That’s it. Wiggle it around for me. Don’t take those fingers out.” I kept my fingers in my hole, like he said to do. “Don’t see an ass like that very often. Nearly as wide as a woman’s ass, boy. Those hips and that ass are going to get you a lot of attention one of these days, boy. Probably already have.” I know I blushed. I hadn’t thought about my ass much. I didn’t think it was all that different than most guys, I mean other than knowing I wanted cock in it, I guess. “Men see that ass and they will know it was made for breeding, boy.” Oh, wow, another blushing moment. Really? They could tell? I just didn’t have a good frame of reference that allowed me to understand men. It was so different than my frame of reference.

“Thank you, Sir,” I told him again. He moved forward and kneeled behind me. He immediately stuck his tongue out and began licking at my hole. I giggled. His beard tickled me. It was different than a man with who shaved. They were often rough and scratchy when they were eating me out. He didn’t say much, just was slurping and licking and oh god, it felt good. His tongue was great. He had both hands on my cheeks and slapped them gently as he spread them and stuck his tongue deep in my pussy and wiggled it around. “Oh, yessss, oh god, that feels so good, Sir.” It did too. I loved that feeling of his tongue exploring my hole, of getting me ready and opening me up for what would soon come I hoped.

He smacked my ass hard and ordered me to turn around. I turned around still kneeling on my bed. I looked up at him and he was taking off his shirt, then his pants. He was really tall from this angle. I’m not big to begin with I know, but he seemed huge from this angle. The more clothes he removed the hairier I saw that he was. He had hair all over his chest, it just seemed to run into the hair on his arms and even across his back. When his boots and then pants came off I could barely see the skin on his legs the fur was so thick. I admit it kind of made me excited. I could feel my little clit start to strain on my piercings. I needed to get better control over it. I knew from experience that it hurt and I didn’t want to be hard. I focused on that for a moment as I watched him pull down his briefs.

“Holy crap,” I heard myself say as his dick sprang from the captivity of his underwear. His balls were enormous and his cock was rigid and very thick. It was almost hidden in the deep dark bush of hair that surrounded it too. I had never seen a man so hairy, or frankly seen a dick as thick as the one he had. I looked up at his face, waiting for him to say something.

“You like that?” he asked me. “Go ahead, boy, see what you can fit in your mouth.

I literally dove forward. My hands trying to surround the base of his cock and balls. I inhaled deeply in his crotch. It smelled ripe and hot, like a man who had been working all day. It was a smell I loved, all the smells that somehow made me react the way I did to a man. I started to lick on the large head. His cock was nearly the same width all the way from the head to the base. I skinned back the cock revealing the glistening head, already moist and leaking. I lapped at it getting my first taste of him. As I tried to go down on it I realized it would never fit completely in my mouth. I remembered how my mouth had been stretched before and hoped it would be again.

“Not gonna fit, is it boy?” he mentioned. “No worries. Get as much as you can in. It’s all going to fit in your ass, I can tell you that.” I looked into his eyes and nodded as he spoke. I knew it would fit there. Daddy had made sure I was stretched enough for that the other day. This dick was wider than the other men I had known, not as long but I didn’t think it was going to make any difference, it would feel good inside me.

He grabbed my nipples, twisting them and making me moan. “Sounds like you enjoy that, boy.” I nodded that I did. “So do I,” he told me. “I like big girly nipples on you boys. Some of you don’t have ‘em but my favorites do. You do this well, maybe you’ll be one of my favorites,” he added. For some reason that made me feel good. I wanted to be one of his favorites. I needed someone to like me and use me regularly out here. I kinda was learning that. I wanted to get off, and the only way to do that was to get fucked.

“I love those titties boy. I hear your Daddy made you work on those. Is that true?” I wondered who had been talking to Mr. Sasquatch? I hadn’t said anything to him, but he seemed to know about me. Maybe Stacey or Mr. Johnson?

“Yes, Sir. My Daddy likes them big,” I told him.

“Good, so do I. I like seeing a twink like you letting your Daddy do what he wants. He the one that locked your dick down too?” he asked. “Bet that makes you real horny.”

I think I blushed a little, I don’t know why, maybe the thought of people knowing all about Daddy and I . “Yes, Sir,” I finally responded. “He locked me down. He has changed a lot of things about me lately,” I told him. He went back to pushing his cock in my mouth. I hoped I could get it wet enough to fit it all inside my hole.

“Come on, baby. Let’s see you suck on that.” He held my head tight in his big hairy hands and slowly pushed his cock further. I could feel my lips stretching. I wasn’t sure how far they would go. I gagged a little as his fat cock was playing along the back of my tongue. He pulled it back and I saw long strands of goo from my throat dangling between his cock and my lips.

“Nice,” he chuckled. “Love watching a boy gag.” He placed it back on my lips and I opened up again. He went back to stretching my lips until I repeated the choking.

MMmmmphhh,” was all I could manage to say as he seriously strained my lips. It hurt a little. I could feel them all taut and pulling at the corners. I looked up and could see him grinning back at me through his furry face. I think he really did like it. He made me gag several more times. I never did get it all in my mouth but he sure stretched my lips out. I wanted to get it all but I just didn’t think I could do it and he didn’t seem to want to force it all at once, thankfully.

At some point he stopped face-fucking me and he easily flipped me over on the bed. He stood at the side of it and grabbed my hips pulling them up into the air. “I want that pussy now, boy.” I looked back at him and I wiggled it, encouraging him to fuck me. “That’s it, boy. Shake that ass.” I did as he said.

“Please, fuck me, Sir. I want to feel that big cock inside me,” I told him, just like Daddy used to like hearing me beg for it. I did too. I wanted to cum so bad now. I was super horny and I knew he could help me get off. He stood behind me and pointed his cock, which had been straight up in the air, down at my hole. I could almost feel the tingly feeling I had the other day when the men were using me, but his cock wasn’t even inside me yet. He spat on my hole to add to the wetness. Then he started smearing it around with his fat already wet cock. Finally I could feel the tip at my hole and he started in slowly pushing. The feeling was incredible as my pussy started to give way.

OOooooohhhhh, god, you’re so big. It’s so thick, Sir.” I couldn’t hold back my excitement, it felt so good slowly moving into my fat ass as he called it. I didn’t think it was all that fat, but looking back at it now, I studied it. I would have to compare it to other boys here I thought. He moved his hands up to my shoulder, then one of his big hands grabbed my hair and wrapped it up. He pulled on it tilting my head back and pulling his cock into me. I felt so good to feel his hairy crotch snuggled up to my ass cheeks.

“Oh fuck, bitch. I love the feel of your pussy on my cock. Nice and warm and plenty of room for me. You didn’t have trouble taking me at all,” he sounded surprised. He pulled back and little and began humping me slowly, one hand pulling my hair gently, the other on my hip holding me still.  “Squeeze down on my dick, boy. Let me feel that pussy milk my dick.” I did as he said and felt the full thickness in me as I squeezed and released several times. It was big, I could feel the width of it. My hands went to my nipples. I played with them as he fucked me. I pulled on the rings in my nips and tugged them a little. They were so big. They stuck out like high-beam headlights on a car, some days I felt they led the way forward as I walked into a room. Maybe it was what people stared at now, they were big enough. But they felt good to play with and roll between my fingers. It seemed to increase the feelings where Mr. Sasquatch was fucking me.

He smacked my ass and I couldn’t help but squeal a little. I hadn’t been expecting that. “Come on baby, work that cunt. Make my dick feel good.” I kept at milking his dick as he began to pick up his pace, pulling back until I could barely feel it then shoving that thick cock back in as far as it could go. “Such a good boy, taking all of my dick.” He continued pulling me up and back toward him with my hair.

“Turn over,” he ordered. I started to move off his dick but he yanked my hair firmly. “I didn’t say take my dick out of your cunt, boy.”

“Sorry, Sir,” was my quick response. I squeezed tight so his cock wouldn’t slip out then I twisted myself around on his cock with out letting go. I settled on my back and he reached up and put one hand around my throat and with the other pulled my ass up a bit in the air. Then he started fucking again. He was looking at me grinning in a strange sort of way. His lust was very visible and it made me all warm and tingly watching him fuck. “Yeah, tight little bitch. You like this a lot. Your little moans tell me that.

I must have been making noises while I was thinking about other stuff. He was soooo hairy. I reached up and ran my hands over his chest and abs. I am sure he had defined abs, but I couldn’t really see them through the forest of hair. He was not flabby at all, but it was tough to see, being so big and covered. I reached down to feel his cock, brushing my own in the process. I could feel the gap that his dick created as he pulled back and the fullness as he shoved in around my fingers. My hand drifted back I guess without thinking about it. Suddenly I saw his hand coming towards my face, and felt it as he smacked me. Enough to turn my head to the side.

“Stop trying to play with your clit, boy,” he ordered. “You are supposed to know better. I will report that if you try it again,” he said, his eyes suddenly a steely grey instead of the inviting blue they were a couple minutes ago.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” I squeaked. “I guess I just wanted it to feel real good. I want to cum.” I heard myself whine. “Please don’t tell.”

“You are restricted to cumming when it happens from the sex, faggot. Any touching yourself is against the rules, you ought to know it,” he reiterated. He was right, I should know better but I wanted to feel that release and I wanted to make it happen I guess.

“But it feels so good…I just thought…”

“Stop thinking.” Mr. Sasquatch repeated like Daddy had told me. “The sooner you give that up, the better things will be. Learn your place and you will cum when you need it and want it.”

Learn my place and I will cum when I want it? Daddy hadn’t said that. Or anyone else. What did he mean?

“Need to learn,” he continued as he was fucking, “that a boy was just not meant to use their dick. Some men are men and they fuck, and some guys are fags and they have a different role, to receive.” He was punctuating his talk while he drove into me, making me grunt as he talked. You (ummph) were (oooohhhh) meant (uugghhh) to receive (ooohhhh) cock (ummmpph). Focus on your cunt, fag, and on my cock inside it. Leave your own useless dick alone.”

It was useless. I knew it was small and hardly half the size of Daddy or Ian, and nowhere near as thick as the one pounding me now. Plus, with it pierced and clipped to my taint piercing I couldn’t even get it hard without it hurting. I don’t know why I was trying to rub it just now, I didn’t want it to hurt. But I wanted to cum so bad. Mr. Sasquatch took my hands in his and held them over my head. He was leaning over me close and rubbing his hairy muscled chest all over me. I could feel his muscles underneath all the hair, even if I couldn’t see them. He started licking and biting at my neck. “mmmmm ,” a sigh escaped my lips. “Please, keep fucking me,” I told him, looking at his face so close to mine.

“Oh, no problem there, boy,” he whispered in my ear. “I’ll be fucking you a lot, now that I know you can take it so good.” His beard was so close to my ear and his tongue was diving inside licking. It tickled and I had to smile, but I tried not to laugh from the sensations. It wasn’t like Daddy who would sometimes not shave for a couple days. It was soft and fuzzy, not rough and sandpapery. I wrapped my legs tight around his waist and tried to pull him closer to me. All that did was encourage him to fuck quicker.

“Yeah, that’s it, bitch. You want to feel that cock don’t you?”

Mmmm, yes Sir. I do. Fuck me, please. Fuck me good, Sir.” I wanted to get off. I wanted to feel him rubbing up against my P spot and make me cum. I was fucking back at his cock in the rhythm that he was using to drive into me. I did love the feel of cock inside me. I also loved to feel it when I came, but that wasn’t happening now for some reason. I wasn’t hard, and it wasn’t like when Daddy had his hand inside me.

“Oh, yeah! That’s it,” he exclaimed. He was really pounding now, but I wasn’t going to cum and I could feel his cock swelling slightly inside me. I wanted more, but I was beginning to think it wasn’t going to happen. “FUCCKKK,” Mr. Saquatch moaned. He had moved my legs up on his shoulders and was humping like a dog in heat. I felt his load shooting deep in me, coating my hole. He was shuddering and jerking and emptying himself. I felt good to see it happening, but also a bit strange to realize I wasn’t getting off. He collapsed on me. His furry chest and legs covered me and I could feel his cock pulsing the last of his seed into me. His sweat matted his hair in places and I could feel it on me. He licked at my neck and my ear.

MMmmmm,” I heard myself giggle. It tickled but felt good. But then it was over. I clamped down, but he pulled his cock from me and began getting up off my bed.

“I felt that boy. Wanted to keep that cock Inside you, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Sir,” I answered.

“Well, too bad this time. I have other things to get done before the night is over. Just wanted to get some pussy from the new boy before everyone else does,” he stated. “Damn good pussy too. I won’t be the only one using it, I know that.” I blushed some thinking about the other men on the farm. I knew from what Stacy had said that any of them could use me. Even other boys, from what Stacy said were on occasion allowed to use each other. He said it happened on occasion. To think about all those different people doing that made me realize that I could have all sorts of cock while I stayed here. I guess Daddy was right, I was really going to learn things out here. It was exciting to think about but also kind of scary to think all those men were going to do that.  Then he was gone. No, hug, no swat on my ass. It was different than being with Ian or Daddy somehow. I looked at my useless dick, locked down to my taint. It hadn’t leaked or anything.


I wanted a faggot, a boy of my own creation. I knew that now. I knew Tim was whom I wanted to remake. I didn’t know fully how I wanted to get it all done or what exactly it would look like when I was finished but I wanted that control and that power over another guy. He seemed like he would be perfect for it. To take him down to a level where he was like Danny, wanting and needing a man like me. Would I lock his dick down like Dad did to Danny? Would I do other stuff to him? I already knew he needed to get rid of that body hair. I hated that, didn’t want any fag I was fucking to have hair all over him. Maybe that was fucked up. I don’t know, but I could feel energy surging through me just thinking about Tim begging for my cock. Besides, I was tired of trying to get a chick to do the things Danny had done. Last night was a waste. Bitch wouldn’t even take my cock down her throat. Just whined and gagged and pushed me away when I tried to force it down her throat. Then I had to use a condom on her when I fucked her pussy. After bare fucking Danny all summer the last thing I wanted it seemed was to wrap my dick up and lose the feeling of pussy on my dick.

I fired off a text to Tim. I hadn’t seen him around but I figured he would get back to me. I told him to meet me at the gym. I needed to work out and he needed to see me doing it. I figured it would get him boned up and I could see how far I could push him today. He damn well better show up.


I had gotten roped into doing party planning for the frat. We were going to be having a Halloween party with one of the sororities on campus. It was going to be at our house but the planning was at the sorority today. Somehow it was dumped in my lap to represent the frat. I don’t know how I ended up doing this, it was another case of me not saying no when one of the guys asked me to do this. No one had volunteered so one of the seniors appointed me to get it done. I couldn’t say no since he had more seniority at the frat and I was just a sophomore.

My phone buzzed and I looked at the text. Ian was headed for the gym and said to meet him there. Cool, I figured. A way to get out of this for the moment plus I got to hang with Ian for a while. They had decided the theme was going to be celebrity couples. Whatever, I knew the frat didn’t care, as long as the girls showed up and got drunk then the evening would go well. I knew enough to agree with the small stuff and work on what they needed from us; booze, a place to party, and the opportunity to get laid. So I made some excuses, none that they really wanted to hear, but I got out of there in a few minutes, went to the house, scooped up my workout gear and headed to the gym on campus.

I saw Ian right away. He was on his back doing bench presses. I don’t think he saw me. I changed and dumped my stuff into one of the lockers. I checked the mirror on my way out. It was habit I guess. I had my usual shorts and t-shirt on. I checked quickly and didn’t see any stray hair. I had shaved all of it earlier today again. Ian said it looked better and I think he’s right really, my legs looked good. I wondered if he would notice I had done it. He had hair on his body, I wondered why he didn’t shave his hair so his definition would show better.

I went over to where Ian was still working on the bench. I was kinda just standing there.

“Stop grinning so stupidly,” he grunted as he pushed up the bar. “Get over here and spot me.”

“Oh, ok,” I told him. I hadn’t realized I was grinning. “Here?” I wondered aloud.

“Yeah, and be ready to help me get a couple extra reps in.” He continued up and down. I watched his arms straining. He had big arms. His biceps and triceps were bulging at the weight and reps he was doing. My arms were okay, but not all that big. Mostly in good shape from the swimming but I didn’t need huge arms, just lean ones for swimming.

uunnnngghh,” Ian started groaning. I put my hands under the bar but didn’t really put any force on the bar to help yet.

“Couple more Ian,” I encouraged him as the bar descended to his chest. He started on the way back up again. He managed to get a couple more in and I had to help only a little the last push.

“Why are you grinning so much?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I responded sheepishly. “I guess cause I’m glad that you got me out of the meeting with the sorority,” I added, looking for a reason. I needed to pay more attention to what I was doing. Maybe I was too easy to read, I thought to myself.

“Oh yeah? Well, you need to get that party planned. The guys are going to want some sisters who are having fun and drinking plenty that night,” he told me. He seemed to automatically reach for his crotch and scratch as he said it. I wondered if he had on a jock strap. I figured he must, otherwise the thing would be falling out of his shorts. Why was I thinking about his dick? He had a smile on his face as he said it. I smiled back. “I’m sure you can handle it. What are they thinking about doing?

“Oh, some theme as usual, celebrity couples or something like that. They want to encourage the guys to dress up with the girls this year, I think.”  Ian really grinned at that for some reason.

“Nice,” he said. “That could be fun.” I wasn’t sure about that. I would need to find some girl to go as some couple. I wasn’t sure who would be interested but I guessed I would need to find someone to agree soon, or the sorority chicks would all be going with someone else. “I’m sure you can handle it.”

He started back on another set of lifts and I spotted him again. He had great form and I am sure he didn’t really need me around but I did help him get a few extra reps.”What are you going to work on?” he asked as we set the bar back in place on the rack above the bench.

Uhm, I hadn’t really thought about it,” I answered. “Guess I can do some bench work, but I need to switch weights. I can’t lift as much as you,” I added.

“I think you should work on your core,” Ian announced. I was kinda surprised. I hadn’t thought about that. I was figuring either my legs or my upper body, work on the areas that I would use in swimming. I said as much to him. “Nah, I think you would do better to work on the core for awhile,” he began explaining. “you are already working on the arms and legs when you are doing laps. I think at the gym working on the core will help you.”

“Okay, cool.” He sounded like he knew what he was talking about. I mean, Ian has a great body. Big arms and broad chest and his thighs are pretty good sized. His stomach is looks like iron, and under the hair you can see his definition. I mean, well I had seen him in the shower. Geez, maybe I was stuck on him.

“Get your shirt off,” he said. “I want to see what you already have, so I can see what you need to work on.” I looked at him and I could see he was serious, so I pulled off my t-shirt. I was kinda self-conscious. I didn’t just pull off my shirt at the gym everyday, you know? I’m not embarrassed about my body, but I didn’t go around purposefully showing it off in the main area. He had seen me in the shower, I would have thought he knew what I looked like. Maybe he didn’t look at me in the showers. I figured that people looked, whether they said so or not.

“Not bad,” he announced. “You’ve got a flat stomach, which I would have guessed with the swimming, but you could use some definition.” It wasn’t anything I didn’t know. I didn’t spend a lot of time working on my core. I did have a flat stomach but it wasn’t ripped or anything. Still, hearing it evaluated made me feel sort of like I was being measured against something. “Start with some crunches and then I will show you what else you can be doing to work on it. Since you are at a good starting point, it won’t be a month or so and you’ll start having some definition there and then we can get you ripped nice in 6 months or so,” he told me.

“Okay. Cool Ian, Thanks,” I said. I put my shirt back on, grabbed a mat lying nearby, and lay down, starting my crunches. Ian stood over me watching my form I guess. Wow, he thought I could get definition that quick? I could do some work for that long I figured. It was kind of an odd feeling, him standing over me like that watching. I knew how to do the crunches, but I guess he wanted to make sure, like he was coach or something. It was an odd feeling seeing him standing way above me like that from my view lying on the floor. Made him seem HUGE, standing over me.

“Hey,” he started speaking again. “it already looks better since you went back to shaving. Especially your legs.” I could feel the burn of my face blushing. No guy had said anything like that to me, hell no girl either. I mean, on the team we all just shaved and no one said anything. It was like part of the routine. I knew it marked us as a bit different from most folks, but the coaches always swore any advantage should be taken to lower our times and so everyone shaved to lessen the drag of the hair in the water. We all kept our hair on our heads short and we shaved all other extraneous hair away. “Doesn’t the stubble bug you though? I mean, that’s a lot of shaving,” he continued. “As thick as your hair on your legs or your pits is. Don’t you cut yourself a lot doing that?”

“Well,” I started to explain, trying to rearrange my dick with out Ian noticing, which for some reason decided to get hard all of a sudden. “Yeah, I have cut myself before, but I hate that hair removal stuff even more,” I confessed. I couldn’t believe I was telling him this. No one had asked about it before. I had seen guys on the swim team using Nair or other similar stuff and I had tried it but it just irritated me more than shaving, so I gave it up and went back to the blade. “That stuff smells bad and burns your skin if you leave it on too long.”

“Huh, who knew,” he smiled as he responded. He kneeled to hold my legs as I was straining to get more crunches in. I felt this shiver go through me when he put his hands on my legs. It was weird, like electricity. His hands were big, solid, not soft like a woman’s hands. “I’ve never thought about it, and never used it, that’s for sure,” Ian told me. “You ever think about doing laser hair removal?” he asked. “I hear that is permanent. You can do a few treatments and then don’t have to worry about shaving any more. Seems to me it would be more convenient.”

I had to admit I had not thought about that. I had heard chicks talk about it a couple times and of course seen ads on billboards or magazines for that but I hadn’t really considered it. I had even seen some ads aimed at guys, but hadn’t made a connection to me. “I hadn’t thought about it,” I told him after a pause. “Isn’t that like permanent? I wouldn’t have any hair at all then.” He had me turn onto my arms and just balance on my forearms and toes. It really strained my abs after a bit.

“So what?” Ian said. “I mean, you already keep it shaved most of the year, and it seems normal on you, being a swimmer and all,” he added. “You know, folks just expect you to be smooth in the pool. Seems to me making it easier on you would be the way to go. And who likes to feel that stubble all the time” My dick was still hard talking to Ian, looking around up at him, his arms crossed as he watched my routine.

I hadn’t thought about that. Ian was right, it would be easier not shaving all the time. I had to do it every other day during the season to keep the hair away and I did cut myself sometimes. Maybe I could check into it. “Huh,” I mumbled. “I hadn’t really thought about it. Maybe I will look into it. Thanks,” I told him. He didn’t like feeling stubble…did that mean on me too? Or was he talking about chicks? Fuck, where did these thoughts come from?

“No problem. That’s what buddies are for. You can’t think of everything, so I can do it for you.” He laughed for some reason at that and it was kind of funny, thinking of him thinking for me so I laughed too. “It will free up your time for other stuff so you don’t have to be thinking…or shaving all the time,” he added.” I laughed some more. Another reason to think about that laser hair removal, I figured. It took time to shave every day. But what about not having any body hair? Wouldn’t that be kinda weird, I wondered? Why did he tell me he liked smooth legs? Why did I feel that energy when he had his hand on my legs?

We worked out for about an hour together, then Ian took off. He gave me a whole list of routines to do to work on my core. I was trying to remember them all and wanted to write them down as soon as I got back to the house. He said he had things to do and would see me later. I was distracted by him the whole time he was there. I wanted him to like me. He was popular and everyone at the house liked him, and I would be more popular if we were hanging out more. At least my dick stopped being hard after he took off. I could do the exercises without thinking about trying to hide my dick all the time.


It was a good workout. I mean for me anyway. I had Tim spotting me, I told him what exercises to start doing and I was able to suggest he start laser hair removal. I don’t know if he would do any of it, but I def wanted to get those things out there to see what he might do. I made it pretty clear what I thought and that it would be best for him. I just needed to chill and see if he agreed, or at least did it without thinking about it. I would keep an eye on him and see what happened and I would ask, reminding him about the discussion regularly. It wasn’t like I didn’t say up front what I wanted. I said I would do the thinking for him. I was pretty amused too how Tim threw a boner when I started telling him how I liked his legs shaved. It was visible through his workout gear. He kept tryin to hide it and all but come on, it was evident.

I admit that seeing smooth legs did something for me. Guys hairy legs did nothing for me, but smooth legs, now that I found hot. The fags I had encountered like Danny and those at the farm mostly had smooth legs and if I was going to make Tim into the fag I thought he could be, then he was going to have smooth legs the way I liked them, screw the stubble. I wrapped up and was ready to go. Tim begged off showering saying he wanted to work more on his core with the routine I had given him. His dick was slightly tenting his shorts and I am almost sure he couldn’t face showering at the gym being rock hard where others and I would see it.

As for me, my dick was hard thinking about the possibilities of fun to be had with Tim. I needed to get off. I headed to the library. I have been around the college long enough to know that for whatever reason the library was a place guys could meet up and get a blow. Sure, people studied there but I had heard enough to know that you could also find someone to relieve the pressure of studying. I had never gone looking for it there but then I had never wanted to before. Now I knew what I wanted and it involved someone swallowing my cock and giving me a good blow job. I wasn’t going to limit myself to chicks and if I could find a fag to do it, he was damn well going to swallow it all and give me a better performance than the most recent bitch.

I headed off into the bowels of the building. I knew one place that I had always thought seemed like a funny place to stick a bathroom. There wasn’t a girls room there, just the guy’s room. It was so far from where most people hung out you either had to want to find it or you were really looking for some book or DVD hidden away in the stacks. I strolled through the building and got to where I wanted to be. I didn’t waste time looking at or for someone, I just figured I would head in, have a piss and see what happened. Sure enough as I pushed open the door some guy was hanging at the urinals. It wasn’t big, just a couple stalls and 4 urinals, but there he stood. Looked like he had been there awhile. I unzipped, hauled out the snake and started pissing. Of course, at the same time fagboy starts staring at me, glancing over, watching me drain the hose. Then I notice him looking up at my face. After I shook it off, I stepped back, leaving my cock out of my pants and my hands on it. I turned towards him and he just licked his lips and nodded towards the stalls. Fuck, to think I had avoided this place before seemed stupid now. I didn’t say anything and neither did he. He went in and I followed, closing the stall door.

He wasn’t anything special to look at. A head of curly hair, a goatee that I supposed he figured made him look more like a guy. He was thin, just had jeans and a t-shirt on. He dropped down to his knees immediately and looked up. Fucking nasty floor of the library crapper and this kid is down on his knees looking at me. It spoke to how much he wanted my dick I figured. But he looked clean and might be pretty if he got rid of that scruff.

“Beg for it,” I told him. I wanted to hear how much he wanted it.

“Please,” his voice came out softly, just above a whisper. “Please can I suck it?” My dick started hardening, listening to the fag beg. I don’t get why it took so long for me to get this. I loved seeing him down there on that floor, that look of need on his face, hearing him beg. I should have been doing this my whole college career. ”Please,” a little more urgency in his voice, “I’m good at this. I can take it all,” he added.

“Don’t even try to touch your own cock,” I told him quietly and firmly. “Put your hands behind your back and leave them there. You do what I say when I say it and nothing else. Got it?” I asked.

He nodded, placing his hands behind his back and clasped one with the other. I put one hand on his head and stepped forward to place my dick in his mouth. He stuck out his tongue and started licking at the head. Fuck it felt good. I watched as he swirled his tongue around bathing my head with his saliva. I shoved more in and his tongue continued to wrap itself around my cock. He was right, so far he was good. I just wanted to drop a load. I didn’t care if it lasted a long time or not.

I pulled back and shoved forward. I felt my dick ht the back of is throat. “Open up! You said you could take it.” I pulled back and took a firm hold of his hair. This time I pushed forward and didn’t let his throat stop me. I felt my cock push through and my nuts smack up against his chin. His hands stayed behind his back and I could hear him gagging on it. “That’s it, fag, swallow it all.” I knew talking might attract attention but I couldn’t help it, it’s just who I am.

I kept both hands on his head and used his mouth. I’ll give him credit he kept up. His hands stayed behind his back and he let me use him. He had done this a lot. ”You ARE good faggot,” I let him know. “Won’t be long and I will feed you what you want.”

His throat closed around my dick and he groaned a little. Added a nice feeling to my dick. Every time I pulled back he breathed and wrapped that tongue around my cock. He even looked up at me most of the time. His eyes watching me, I guess making sure I was enjoying it. I guess that is the way a fag gets feedback if ya can’t talk to him. So I smiled and shoved harder into his face, grinding my dick hard. I watched as his eyes closed and he winced, when he opened them again, they looked watery and I heard him gag. It made me smile bigger.

I pulled out and let him lap at the head. I was close. I didn’t want to hang here forever. I went in for some final pumping of his mouth. I saw the drool slopping out of his mouth and how sloppy his face looked already. I could feel my dick hardening up more and my nuts pulling tight. My hands on his head controlled where I would leave my load, not him. Man, I love fags, loved the feeling of knowing they wanted it, loved the feeling of watching them take my dick. FUCK! I was blowing it in his mouth. Oh god it felt good. I shoved all the way down into the back of his throat and felt his throat bulge and felt that velvet tube swallow and bob on my cock. I could hear myself groaning quietly, or at least trying to keep it quiet. My body was shuddering with my release.

I pulled back and saw the bitch gasp for air, but he also went right back on my cock.

“That’s it, clean it up. Get it all,” I told him. He did too. It was barely damp when the fag finished. He was a mess really. Throat slime running down the corners of his mouth, watery eyes, but he also looked like he had enjoyed the whole thing. He was looking all happy and his fucking hands were still behind his back.

No one had come in to the room. Maybe they heard shit outside and didn’t come in? Who knew? I stepped back from him and stared down. Tucked my cock and balls back in my pants and buttoned the up and cinched my belt.

“You were right fag, you can take it all.” I didn’t say anything else. On the way out of the stall door I heard him speak. “I’m Jimmy…” but I was already checking the mirror and heading out the door, back through the library. Who cared what his name was? I’d probably never see the fag again.