Becoming a Boy 16

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It was clear that the little bitch at the bar was a cocktease. He had long brown hair, pulled back into a ponytail. He had on the tightest t-shirt imaginable and you could tell the fag had big, pierced nipples without even looking twice. The shirt had been that tight. Not that the pants were much looser. They showed off his ass well, maybe they had been tailored to fit. Looked like a cross between a girl and a boy; definitely a fagboy. He was working on a man there at the bar. They were both drinking a beer, drought in tall glasses, not from a bottle. You knew that both of them had the same thing on their mind, getting out of the bar and getting back to some place to get some fucking in that night. The fag's hand was running along the man's thigh and onto his crotch. It didn't stand out in the crowd because it was a bar used to men groping and prepping for more activities, either in a backroom or later at their own place. One man, one fag, nothing out of the norm.

As the man walked to the bathroom glancing behind him and smiling just a bit greedily at the fag, the fag gave a smile and said loudly, "Hurry back, Mr. Wolf," then turned to the bar. Another, bigger man next to the fag leaned slightly to his left and whispered to the fag.

"Here, put this in his beer. He'll be out of it within a half hour. We'll have to get him out before then, Stacy. If he konks out here, we won't be able to get him alone and deal with him."

"Yes, Sir. I know, Stacy whispered back, looking around quickly and partially hiding that he was dropping two pills into the beer. The pills fizzed slighty and dissolved quickly. There was no more conversation between the fag and the bigger man. He was hairy with a beard, tall, and had broad clearly muscled shoulders. Unlike the fag, he was dressed as nondescript as you could imagine. Jeans, boots, and work shirt with rolled sleeves. He blended into the crowd of men, unlike the fag, who was dressed to stand out. The fag turned back towards the bathroom, as if he were waiting for the man to return. The taller man returned to his conversation with what looked like his buddies, three other men of various description but each equally nondescript other than the fact they could be described as a man by anyone who happened to look at them.

The guy from the bathroom returned and the conversation with the fag picked back up. As the next half hour drug on, the man began to show signs of drunkenness. He wavered on the barstool a bit, and then began listing noticeably to the side. He stood up for a bit and that seemed to be a challenge too. After a bit more time the fag leaned over to the tall furry guy and asked for help. The man, who was a bit rough looking, but handsome in his own way, seemed happy to have the help. He smiled as a the big guy propped him up and the guy put his arm around the man's shoulders. He waved goodbye to the bartender and the fag followed the two of them out the door. A couple steps behind were the tall man's buddies.

It didn't occur to the drunk guy how these people knew where he lived and that there were five of them suddenly in the group. He seemed to be enjoying himself and all five of his new buddies came in to continue drinking after the bar. He laughed as they pulled his clothes off, putting up minimal resistance. He smiled and tried to fight a bit when they trussed his hands together and bound his feet. When the men stuffed his face with his underwear he stopped smiling because his mouth was full. Once he was propped up so his ass was exposed, the four men knew he hadn't ever been fucked. They started smiling. The four men and the fag flipped coins to see who got to fuck the bound and drugged virgin man. The men all laughed when the fag won the coin tosses. Although the fag had a difficult time getting hard, eventually the tall hairy guy ordered him to do it and the fag managed to get hard and put his small dick into the guy's ass. Although the hole was tight, the man was completely relaxed by the booze and drug. He barely felt the fag's small, hard, little dick. The fag blew a load nearly immediately, not used to the feelings of being in this role of top and under the orders from the big guy to finish it up quickly.

After that, each of the men took turns. Of course photos were taken. Photos of the man's face, his full body and of the five dicks that took their turns raping the man that night. They took pictures of their cocks entering the hole and emptying their loads. Photos of the man passed out, unable to even work up a hard dick as he was fucked. Although he grunted and groaned on occasion as the men's cocks, of various sizes, entered and stretched his hole, he would remember very little. When the men had all emptied their loads into what had become a loose, stretched out, pussyhole, one of the men found a black permanent marker and scrawled TOXIC CUNT in big letters across the man's lower back with an arrow pointing to his stretched hole. The letters were thick, dark, and written over several times to ensure the phrase remained there for a while.

They rolled the man over and saw that his dick remained soft. From a bag one man carried they pulled out a metal device, used to lock a dick up, away from someone's hands. They had no trouble placing his soft dick into the device, locking it down with the old fashioned self-locking mechanism, making it inaccessible and ensuring the man or someone else would work a good long time before being able to remove the device. It could be done, but it would give the man plenty to think about while he or someone removed it. The photos would be sent to his email account from a truly anonymous account with a message about his future behavior and the future consequences if he didn't heed the warning. As they untied him, the man went back into his drugged slumber on the floor


Okay, I'm bi. I can admit it to myself. Doesn't mean I need to tell everyone though. I just can't ignore the dreams I've been having. Dreams where I'm reliving that night double teaming Tressa and sucking on Ian's cock. Even dreams where she isn't around and I am sucking his cock. I wake up and I am so damn hard I have to pull out a load before I can get up and shower. It's embarrassing to stroll into the house shower with a boner so hard it can't be hidden under my towel or shorts.

It's not like anything else is going on in the dreams, just me sucking his dick. Okay, so the dreams are really about me sucking cock, not about Tressa. It's weird though that in the dreams I can feel it going in my throat and I can feel Ian's balls slapping my chin. That didn't happen that night but I'm dreaming about it these days. He's telling me in the dream how much he likes it and saying how nice my smooth body feels. Fuck, just thinking about it gets me harder and I am working this load out now before I shower and go to class. Then I start thinking about other things like what if someone finds out I'm bi? What if I seem queer to the guys here, what would they say or do? But that just gets me harder too, and then I'm blowing my wad.

I toss my now soaked underwear into the laundry and grab my towel. At least now my dick will stay down for a whileÉ.as long as I don't see Ian.


I saw Tim head to the shower and went to his room instead of right to the shower. I knew he would leave the room unlocked and that Donor, his roomie, was already gone for the day. I popped in quickly and went straight to his computer. Almost laughed out loud when I popped the cover open and the screen came back on. Guys sucking cock. Nice. At least I knew what he was thinking about. I shut the cover. Somehow I had gone from hunting down a chick to hunting down a fag. But Tim could be a hot one I thought, if I could get him wanting want I wanted. Time to hit the showersÉ

Great, no one here but Tim, just the one shower running. I would shave until he came out. I played with my dick through my towel. I wanted to give him something to look at in real time, not on his computer.

"Hey Tim," I say loudly as I see him from the mirror step out and grab his towel. "S'up today?"

"Oh, hey Ian. Uhm, just getting ready for class. Got a couple short papers finished that are due." He dropped his head when he saw me. First to my towel, then down to the floor and away. I knew he was trying not to spring a boner by now. He was really too easy to read.

"Cool. Hope they come out okay." I rinsed the razor, set it down then headed over to the shower. I pulled my towel off and hung it up. "What going on this coming weekend? Want to hit a bar with Donor and some of the guys?" He didn't turn around, but I know he saw me hang my towel up. I could stand here until he looked, no problem. I loved knowing it was making him uncomfortable.

"Sure, okay, Ian, that sounds great," he answered. He wrapped the towel around his waist before turning to face me. "You thinking Friday or Saturday?"

"I'm thinking Saturday," I said. "What about you? What day is good?"

"Whenever, if Saturday is best for you then that works for me," he told me without thinking of the implications. Nice, he just naturally tossed the decision back to me. Didn't even seem to think about it. He had a natural instinct, letting someone else make the decisions. His eyes dropped from contact with mine to my dick briefly.

"I'll tell you when to be ready then, buddy," I told him. "Oh, I notice your shaving again, Looks good." Without wasting time thinking, I slapped his ass and turned to head into the shower. His ass was firm, but it also gave as I slapped it. I wondered briefly what his face looked like when I did it, but I figured it would give him more to think about.


All I find myself doing is staring at his crotch. It's like I'm back going through pledge week again, where we couldn't look the brothers in the eyes directly. I had to turn away so I didn't stare at that huge cock swinging there in front of me. I knew I'd spring a boner if I had to look at it. He started talking about the weekend.

"Yeah, Saturday is good, if it works for you," I told him. I just wanted out of standing here in front of him. I swear his dick was half hard. He had to know I couldn't NOT stare at it. It like just swings and catches your attention. It's like I'm back at high school and tagging around Brent, my buddy the quarterback, when I first met him. After I got to know him we were cool and all and I got to hang with him, but before I knew him, I was always shy and kinda afraid to talk.

"I'll tell you when to be ready, buddy," he told me. Then he slapped my ass, well, my ass under the towel. When I looked up he was already turned around and headed into the stall, his dick swinging. Fuck, what was that about? Plus, he noticed I had shaved. It was like he was checking me out. Kinda made me feel good he had noticed. I looked down and my dick had started tenting the towel. What would it be like? Down on my knees sucking his dick? I've thought about shit like beforeÉin high school, crap. College was supposed to be different. I wasn't going to think about this. There'd be plenty of chicks and these thoughts would go away. I know I already sucked it once, but there was a chick there, it was supposed to be okay. He had said so and so had Tressa, but now he was pushing for me to do it again, and she wouldn't be around. Fuck, I was getting hard again thinking about swallowing that huge thing.


"Come on, boy. It's time for your milking," Mr. Johnson says. I'm in the kitchen with Lynn. She just smiles and goes about her cooking. I put down what I was doing and follow Mr. Johnson to his office. "Get over there and bend over on the sofa, boy.

I've actually been looking forward to this. The other boys told me what it is and it sounded strange at first but I am so horny now that I am ready for someone to release all that stuff my boy balls are producing. That what it is, milking I mean. Mr. Johnson does it regularly to us so we at least get some release. Stacy told me that it is healthy and necessary for some release to happen and this is how Mr. Johnson assures that it happens.

Obviously he's been doing this already to someone else. There is a towel on the sofa and I can see someone's load soaking into the towel. I know then that I need to bend over that towel, straddle the towel as I kneel on the sofa, my ass pointed towards Mr. Johnson.

"Good boy, Danny. Now let's get that load out of you. Once you figure out how to do this on your own, then you won't need this but until then, I need to make sure you are releasing every couple weeks. All guys need to release regularly, even fags. It keeps you healthy studies show, so that's why I do. I am always concerned for the boy's health."

"Yes, Sir." I tell him. "Thank you Mr. Johnson."

He lubes up my ass and slides a finger or two into my pussy. It feels good, his fat fingers working their way in and massaging around. I start to twist around and hump his fingers. Mr. Johnson slaps my ass though hard.

"Stay still faggot!" he tells me. "This isn't for your amusement. It's for your health." So I stop moving around and just let his fingers do what he wants to do. Soon enough I know what he is doing. He is massaging my P spot. He is rubbing, running his fingers on it. I can feel it.

This isn't like when Daddy was rubbing it and made me cum. Its like Mr. Johnson is in a hurry and wants it done. I guess he has others to milk too. I wonder how many boys have already been here today? Maybe the slick spots on the towel are from more than one boy. I can feel something, something in my pussy and then in my dick. It's only been a few moments really.

"Oooohhhh," I gasp a little and my breath escapes. He has gotten there and "ohhhh, god," I hear myself say. Some liquid is oozing out my dicklet. I can see it hanging there, then another milky glob pushes it out and it falls onto the towel. That's it.

"Okay," says Mr. Johnson. "That's it boy. Nothing to it. You were quick, I guess you did need a good milking." I can feel his fingers pull out of my hole and hear a slurping sound as my pussy closes up where they used to be. I didn't feel anything at all. It wasn't near as fun as Daddy having his hand in my pussy and knowing I was going to cum. I mean, it felt some good, but really just made me hornier I think.

"Get going now, Danny. I know Lynn has things in the kitchen that you were working on," he says to me. I climb off the sofa and slip my thong back on and my shorts over it.

"Yes, Sir, Mr. Johnson. Uhmmmm, thanks," I tell him.

"No problem, boy. Your welcome."

Then I head back to the kitchen and start work on the potatoes for dinner. I've been learning a lot about cooking that I didn't know. Especially how to prepare big meals. I try to listen and learn everything she says. She is a great cook. It isn't anything fancy usually but it always tastes good and I want to be able to cook for Daddy or whoever I guess. I'm not sure Daddy is always going to be my man. I am beginning to wonder. It's been a couple weeks since I have seen him or Ian. Maybe part of me being here is to learn to be a good fag for other men.


It had been a couple weeks and I had tried to resist calling Danny or stopping by to see him. I didn't want to interfere with whatever Johnson had him doing. I wanted to put some separation between us. I just couldn't go on forever being his man. I have a wife for god's sake and there were too many close calls with the wife and all the sneaking around was getting to me. There had to be an easier way to deal with things and getting Danny out more on his own was the best I could come up with. I had to think of his future and couldn't think of keeping him around the house for the rest of his life. That just didn't seem fair to the fag. He should get a man closer to his age to keep him in control for a long time, longer than I would be doing with our age differences. Plus, let's face it, I'm his Dad. As hot as that turned out to be, I didn't see keeping my kid around long term. The goal had always been to get the kids out of the house, not keep them around. Jan and I had plans for when they were gone.

But with both the boys gone now and Jan working, I had begun to notice that the house was not as clean as it had been, things weren't getting done and I wasn't happy. It occurred to me that maybe I should get Jan some help since she was working and bringing extra cash for the house. I hated to see her not work outside the house. She really asked so little of me and frankly I liked dealing with the money she made. It would let me, well us, retire earlier than most folks, so it occurred to me one day that maybe Johnson would let a fag come out and do some work regularly around here. Plus Jan complained constantly about the work of keeping up the house these days.

I broached the subject with her one day at breakfast as she apologized for what seemed to be the hundredth time I had heard the complaint.

"Chuck, I'm sorry, I just haven't gotten to clean your office this week. I guess that I hadn't realized how much Danny was doing around here to help me out."

"Jan, we've already talked about this. It's something I just won't do," I told her. "I have responsibilities around the house too, now. Since Ian and Danny left I've got to mow the lawn and take care of things around the house that they used to do." She looked at me and knew I was being truthful and wouldn't take any more whining about her housework. That was when I decided to bring up the subject. "I have been thinking though and maybe what we need to do is have someone come in and do some of the work for us. A maid or something like that. Someone that can handle a variety of chores." She got a smile on her face.

"Really, honey? You'd do that for me?" She seemed to like the idea.

"Well, if I do it," I continued, "it will be for both of us, Jan. I want just as much of a break as you seem to need."

""Of course," she readily agreed. "I know you hate doing the lawn. Chuck that would be great if you could do that. You always think of these things."

This was going to be pretty easy I thought. I could get a fag out here and have them deal with the yard, the snow removal in the winter, the extra cleaning that Jan was complaining about. I wondered how long it would take to find a fag for this. Hell, I could convert the basement area the boys, well one boy, Ian and one fag, Danny, had used for television and stuff into a bedroom area. It had its own bathroom down there and god knows the area hadn't been cleaned thoroughly in a long time. My mind was racing thinking about getting a fag in here to deal with it.

"Let me look around at the household services ads today," I told her. "I'll see what the possibilities are for hiring someone to do yard AND house work."

I admit in the back of my mind there were thoughts about a fag doing other stuff for me too, but honestly I was thinking of the work I didn't want to do and some way to keep the wife happy.


"Hi, can I help you?" the woman at the counter asked. I blushed immediately. There wasn't anyone else in the office but it was still a little weird feeling being here.

"Yeah, I have an appointment now. To talk about, uhm, you know, getting some hair removed," I responded.

"Right, MrÉHolder. You're here for the first time."

"Just Tim is fine," I added. Mr. Holder made me think of my Dad.

She smiled that sort of fake smile people give out at desks like this. "I'll let Sheena know you are here. She can go over the various options with you." Then she went off to another office leaving me standing there. I looked over at the chairs in the waiting area and decided to sit down.

There were all sorts of girly magazines on the coffee tables. Redbook, O, Women's World, etc. There were brochures too. I picked up the one with the guy on the front. He had a big chest and arms. All of which were hairless. That made me feel better. Knowing that just because you didn't have the hair didn't make you any less of a guy. He did look pretty cool in the before and after pics. He was really hairy in the one photo and like no hair in the after pic. I could work with that.

"Tim?" I looked up and there was a different woman coming out of her office. Somehow I had missed the first girl coming back to her desk.

Yeah, that's me," I answered standing up." We shook hands.

"Come on back to my office where we can talk," she said turning around and walking off. I followed her into a back area and her office. "Have a seat," she motioned to a chair opposite her desk, while closing the door "So, what can we help you with today?"

"Uhm, well, I'm a swimmer," I started explaining. "I get tired of shaving all the time. I mean," I started to go further, "everyone on the team shaves to get the least drag in the water and I just have a lot of hair. Can you really get rid of my hair on my legs and uhm, chest and stuff so I don't have to be shaving all the time?" I still had a hard time believing that this would work.

"Totally understandable," she told me smiling. "You aren't the first swimmer we've seen in here. Other guys have come in looking for ways to get rid or lesson their shaving needs. Can you show me the areas we are talking about so I have an idea of the thickness and coarseness of your hair?"

I hadn't thought about this part. Of course I would have to drop trou to talk about this. "Uhmm, sure." I stood up, took off my shoes and removed my pants. I folded them and laid them across the chair.

"Your shirt too please, since you are asking about your chest."

"Oh, right." I got a bit warmer on my face. I pulled off my t-shirt. I was just standing there in my boxers. She got up from her desk and came around to look.

"Socks too, some guys have hairy feet and there's no sense in doing your legs if your feet are still hairy, now is there."

Uhmm, right, guess not," I chuckled self-consciously. She started looking close at my legs, my feet, and then she moved close and looked at my back and chest.

"I don't see any on your back so I am assuming we don't need to do that area."

"No, ma'am," I told her. "I don't have any hair there."

"What about your arms and hands," she reached for my left arm. "Did you want to do them too? Or your underarms?"

I automatically lifted my arm and looked. I hadn't shaved there recently and saw the thick dark hair there. I had a lot of pit hair. I didn't always shave there. Girls did all the time but some of the guys on the team didn't. I had shaved there at times but really hated it. Armpit stubble was the worse. "Yeah," I said without thinking about it, "I want to do the arms and my pits too." If I was going to do this, I may as well get all the hair that would cause drag in the pool, and then of cocurse I thought about what Ian had said, about how he liked it smooth. "So, this really works? I can look like the guys in these ads? Not having to shave at all?" She hadn't really answered that yet.

"Yes. There is no reason given your dark body hair and fair skin that you can't remove most if not all of the hair you have," she explained. "Some hair will not be removed, BUT it will become much lighter and finer than the mostly coarse hair now on your legs, abs, and chest," she told me.

"Uhmm, ok then, I think that is what I want to do," I know I was still wavering a little but Ian had said this would be better and I had thought about all the reasons to do it and he was right. I spent a lot of time shaving and I planned to be swimming a while, so I didn't see any reason NOT to do this.

"We can start today, Mr. Holder, if you wish."

"Oh, ok, Sure, let's do it. Does it hurt?" She smiled and shook her head no.

"It may feel like a sting initially, but no, generally speaking it doesn't hurt."

"Just put your pants back on," she told me. "Then follow me into one of the treatment rooms. Oh, Did you want to do any other hairÉwe have other packages on special now for your face and for around your bikini areas, you know, we call it the crack and sack special," she smiled again as she explained.

Holy crap! I hadn't thought about that at all. I wondered what Ian would think of that? Why did I think about what he would think? It was my "crack and sack." No, I couldn't do that. "Uhhh, I think I'll just wait on that," I told her. I'll see how this goes, but I don't think I need to do anything, uhmÉin those areas." My face? I had a goatee going now. Why would I get rid of that?


Time to hit the bar. I told Tim to come get me at 8:00 so he should be here any minute.

"Hey, Ian," I hear as he knocks on the door. "You in there?" Right on time. Gotta give him credit for punctuality.

"Yeah, I'll be out in a sec. Donor going?"

"Yeah, he and a couple others are meeting us there. They were grabbing a burger somewhere first."

I pull the door open and step out, locking it behind me. Tim is leaning against the wall. He looks pretty preppy for the evening, khakis and a polo style shirt. I'm just dressed in comfortable jeans and a t-shirt. "You must be looking to impress the ladies tonight," I check to see if that gets a reaction. It did, he grinned sheepishly and didn't look at me.

"I just grabbed some clothes," he said. "If it happens, it happens. I'm going to hang out with you guys though."

I smiled back at him. "We are going to PARTY tonight," I told him. "Been a long week and I need to get something tonight. If I don't get a chick, I'm going to get good and drunk," I let him know.

"I'm ready, let's do it," he stuck out his hand for a high five. We smacked palms. I wondered if he'd feel the same if he ended up on his knees in front of me. I was damn tempted to skip waiting for Tim to beg for it. I had tried the direct approach in his room but that had not gone well and I wasn't going to ask again. I told him that in the shower. He either needed to beg for it or I needed to just take what I wanted.

We got to the bar and found the guys. They had found a large table towards the back.


Donor was in the back. Thank god they had already gotten here. I wasn't sure how long I could spend alone with Ian. I was having a hard time keeping my eyes off his crotch, or frankly looking at his body. He wasn't dressed up or anything but his shirt fir like a glove and he had a big chest. I wasn't out of shape by any means but he was built. I walked in front of him when possible so I didn't even have a chance to look. I had gone from just admiring the dude a few weeks ago to like non-stop staring at him when I had the chance. Fuck, I dreamed about that dick half the time I was sleeping.

If it were the usual Saturday bar trip it would just involve us yacking about stuff and trying to hit on the chicks. Someone usually got too drunk. Usually none of us scored. Maybe Tim. I wondered if I could do a three way again with him or if he would not want that. He HAD tried to get me to blow him but I had said no. If I wanted it he said I had to beg. I was scared shitless to beg, scared that I might like it, scared of what others would know, scared of how hard my own dick was after he punched me and spit on me, just scared.

"Check her out," Donor elbowed me and pointed. Sometimes he was dense. "Look at the rack she's got." As if she hadn't noticed him pointing, she probably heard him. She turned away and went off in another direction.

I laughed. "Dude, ya got to be a little more subtle. She took off so quick, you could have been a cop." Everyone laughed and that made me feel better.

"It's serve yourself," one of the other guys at the table let us know, you could wait forever expecting the waitron to show up."

"Hey, Tim, go on and get us some beer. I want something good. Don't bother bringing me back a Budweiser," Ian said. I looked around. No one else said anything and they weren't paying much attention at the moment, scanning the crowd for future conquests. Ian made no move to go for his wallet, so I figured this round was on me.

"Yeah, okay, I'll be back."

"You do that Schwarzeneggar," Ian quipped. Everyone laughed. It helped relax me. As tense as I had been lately I needed some time where I wasn't fixated on Ian or thinking about the consequences of one night of my life. I needed some time to chill or I would drive myself crazy. I made it through the crowd, elbowed my way to the bar and got a couple beers. Something lighter for me, but I knew Ian enough to know he would want some dark beer. I picked what I hoped would be good and headed back to the table.

"Thanks boy," Ian said as I set the beer in front of him. "Keep the change." The guys all laughed. They knew he hadn't given me any money. I had no comeback for him. "So men, what looks good tonight," Ian started looking at the chicks.

"Well the one Donor chased off looked best so far to me," I answered. Ian just looked at me and grinned.

"She was okay, but I'm sure I can do better than Donor," he said loudly.

"Fuck you, McNeil," Donor shot back. Everyone laughed again. It was nice to hang with the guys and just have a beerÉ.or twoÉor three. I kept getting up to get more pints. Donor bought a round for everyone, one of the other guys, then Ian told me to buy a round again. I had lost track of what I had drunk let alone what the others were doing. I made it back to the table with the beers, but I had to piss. I headed off wobbling slightly to the pisser. I was there only long enough to unzip and pull my dick out when Ian walked in. He strode up to the urinal next to mine. Damn, I wanted to look.

"Man, once you start that business, you don't stop the rest of the night," Ian commented.

"I know right? I'll be pissing all night now," I responded. "But I feel like I got to get rid of the beers I already drank.

"Oh, yeah, that too," he said.

"What did you think I was talking about?" I asked looking over at him, or as close as I could look to him after all that beer.

"I was talking about the way you are staring again," he said. "Once you start staring, you aren't going to stop the rest of the night. You'll be thinking about this dick and how you had it in your mouth. You'll be thinking about how it would be to suck on itÉ" he stopped. The door had opened and someone else walked in. They headed for a stall. Ian finished and stuffed his dick back in his pants. He just grinned at me as he rinsed his hands and left. Finally, I finished pissing. I had a tough time. My dick had hardened up after he had said what he did. I got it back in my pants. I swear my legs were shaking. Shit, I'm a grown man and he made me nervous, made me feel like a little kid. Somehow he knew just what I had been thinking and doing. Copping a look at his cock, thinking about the night I had sucked him off. Damn him, he was so confident and cocky about it all, I couldn't believe he knew what I was thinking.


Ok, that was enough beer for me for the night. After my little talk with Tim in the pisser I decided I needed to slow down. I had started in on him when I caught him looking again. If someone hadn't come in after us, I might have shoved him in a stall and gone for it. I wanted him to do the begging. I wanted his mouth, believe me I know that, but I wanted HIM to want me. Between his bubble ass and swimmer's build what was there not to want? A hot ass was a hot ass wherever you found it. He'd gone back to shaving his body when I told him that it looked better, he was buying and getting me beers tonight. He could be made to do what I wanted I figured, but the key in my mind was to make him do the asking, make HIM decide to do it. Once that happened, I figured he would be putty in my hands, right?

 I didn't go back to the table right away. I wandered; got a bottle of water and started drinking it. I needed to be decently sober to get things right, whether it was Tim tonight or some chick. I spent some time talking with a few people, some I knew from school, but some I didn't. There were a couple chicks that seemed interested. I would do the ole stretch and flex routine and they would be staring at my arms or chest, then they would get all giggly and start touching my upper body. I glanced over at the table a couple times. The guys were drinking and chatting. Tim was usually looking at me though and would drop his eyes or look back to Donor and whatever conversation was going on. Tim was as much a puppy as these chicks were. I bet he'd love to be rubbing his hands where they were, but he was too chicken shit to do it. That thought made me grin.

"Hey there," I said to a girl who had slipped her arm around my waist. "What's your name, as long as you are being so friendly?"

She smiled and giggled a little. "Kristin. Sorry, I couldn't help it. I've had a few drinks and my friend over there dared me to do it." She looked over toward a table of girls who were all laughing and giggling, watching Kristin try to work her magic.

"I'm Ian. Nice to meet you too Kristin." I slid my arm around her waist to. She held her hand up over her mouth in an OMG look but left my arm around her, my hand patting her ass. "Are you always this friendly?"

"No, oh my gosh. It's the vodka," she laughed and wobbled a bit. She had on some platform shoes that must have been 4 or 5 inches tall. "I mean, yeah, I'm friendly, but not THIS friendly. She swept in and planted a kiss on my lips before I could think to stop her.

"Whoa, nice," I exclaimed. "What else do I get out of this?" More teasing I figured. These were generally the chicks that were out teasing guys and never ended up doing anything. Their friends would pull them away from a guy before the end of the night. "Why don't you come over and meet my friends," I told her. I unwrapped her from me and took her hand and started leading her to where the guys were. She smiled then looked over to her table of friends.


Fuck, now Ian was bringing over some girl. I had to watch him put the makes on her over here. Okay, so I had already been watching him across the bar. He ALWAYS got something, even if just a number and a promise from some girl. The rest of us weren't as lucky, or face it, as hot as him. I looked good, I thought to myself. I could do the same thing, but I just watched him, kinda envious that he could do it so easily.

"Guys, this is Kristin. She couldn't live without me tonight so I invited her over to join us." She actually giggled when he said that. Man I could tell she was wasted. Of course I was hardly better. I could tell my tongue was slurring and I had all sorts of things in my brain I wouldn't normally think, like how could I get his attention away from her.

"Hey," we all responded. Ian introduced us all. She sat down next to him and immediately put her head on his shoulder and her arms around his neck. All of the guys except me were going crazy, bumping fists with Ian or giving him a thumbs-up sign. Kristin seemed oblivious to it.

"Isn't he great," she mumbled. Everyone laughed.

"Oh yeah," Donor began. "Great. That's what the last 10 girlfriends said too." Even I cracked up at that.

"Shut the fuck up," was all Tim said with a grin. He didn't care, really. He knew this one was beyond caring too.

"Yeah," Kristin slurred. "Heesh the best." More laughter from around the table ensued.

"See Donor, you just don't have the refined taste that Kristin has," Ian came back.

She started kissing on him, hands around his neck. Ian pulled back long enough to speak again. "You sure you want to be starting this, babe? I like finishing what I start."

"Bet you'd all like some of this," Ian had turned toward me and stated. I wasn't sure what he meant. I blushed.

The others laughed, but I wasn't sure if he meant I would want some of her or him. And frankly, I wasn't sure myself now, which in my somewhat drunken state meant I wanted his cock. That was my rationalization. I did want some of that, and it wasn't her that I wanted. The power of the alcohol was winning over the power of self-control. Just like this chick was drunk, I mean even I could tell it, which was how I was feeling too. I shook my head to clear away my cobwebs. Damn bitch was getting what I wanted. Here she was kissing with Ian and he was just letting her do it. I started thinking to myself: things like I had sucked his dick, she hadn't done that; he had come to my room wanting me to do it again; he liked my body, all smooth the way I started keeping it because he had said so; he was always showing off in the shower making sure I saw that cock. I know, alcohol can make you do stuff you normally wouldn't do, but it also somehow makes why you are doing it real clear, though later it might not be so clear.

I looked around the table. The other guys have lost interest in Ian's public display with the drunk chick. No one really wants to see how THEY aren't getting any. So I admit it, I just lost control. Next thing I know I hear myself speaking. "I never start something that I'm not going to finish."

Ian glanced towards me, no one else did. I looked him right back. "I'mÉI'm ready to beg," I told him barely above a whisper, but I think he heard me.

He stood up and Kristin's arms slipped from around his neck. "Come on, baby. Let's get you back to your friends before they come looking for you. I don't want to be getting you in any trouble tonight."

Holy crap, maybe he was going to let me suck his cock again. At that moment I was both scared and ready. I wanted it instead of wanting her to have it, but I kinda also knew it would mean a lot of different things for me. But I couldn't back out now, Ian would be truly pissed, and I didn't want him punching me again, no way.


I took Kristin over to her table. I chatted up the girls there. Told them she was cute and all that. Said I didn't want to do anything she would forget later. Said I preferred to have a girl who knew what she was doing. As much as I appreciated her attention, I just wasn't comfortable taking advantage of her. I left them my number to give her tomorrow. I think I impressed them all, which would be useful later on I figured. Some of them were damn nice looking.

Back to my table, I found Tim sitting there, looking like a puppy again, a deer in the headlights looking surprised to see me coming back, maybe even some fear in his eyes, which I saw as a good sign.

"Okay guys, I'm outta here," I said to the group. They all figured I was heading off with the chick. Let them think it. I looked over at Tim. Tim stood up and wobbled a bit.

"What, you going too Tim?" Donor asked.

"Yeah, I'm already drunk," he answered.

"Pussy," Donor told him. "You need to work on your drinking stamina." The guys laughed at him. Tim kinda grinned.

He followed out the door as I left the bar. I stopped and turned around to him on the street. "Let me hear what you said in there again," I nearly yelled at him. It made him jump. He looked at me, in the eyes.

"I want to suck your cock. Okay? I'm ready to do itÉagain." He paused for a couple seconds. "Please, let me suck it, Ian. I've been dreaming about doing it for fuck's sake and can't get it out of my mind, it's driving me crazy." His eyes and head dropped. "Please, let me suck it."

He wasn't loud, he wasn't demanding. He sounded kinda resigned. All of which made it nice hearing it. I grinned, but I don't think he saw it. I turned back around and started heading to the frat house. Tim fell in behind me, hands in his pockets, head down. He probably had no idea what this meant long term. He'd be signing over his mouth and then his ass for me to use. I wasn't going to go super fast, but now that he agreed, I was going to be making him my fag and making him into the cock hound I wanted him to be before the semester was out. I stopped, waited for him and put my arm around his shoulder. I kept him steady because he was wobbling.

"You're a little drunk, buddy. You gonna be okay?"

"I think so," he told me.

Yeah, he thought so. I knew so. He was going to be just fine. A body like his, all cut and in great shape, a willingness to listen to what I said, and now hearing him beg for cock. Even if he was drunk now, he knew what he wanted. That was the starting point, that he knew what he wanted now. I could take him to the finish point, which was what I wanted. He'd figure out soon there was a big difference in the two, but he didn't need to know it all now.

"I'm glad you could admit what you wanted, Tim. I respect you for saying it out loud. In fact, I have to tell you it got me fucking hard to hear a hot looking guy like you beg to suck my cock. When did you finally decide you needed it?" I asked.

He looked away and slurred an answer. "In the bar. I just decided I wanted it more than I wanted that bitch to have it."

"I've known since you blew me when we were with Tressa that you wanted it. Fuck, Tim, your eyes were always saying you wanted it. No, I asked when you decided you NEEDED it. You begged for it. You NEED this or you wouldn't have begged for it," I explained.

"I need it?"

"Do you beg for something if you don't need it bad?" I asked. Being drunk I would need to go slow, or he would never remember this stuff. He looked like he was trying to think. Tough enough for him I was sure, but more so when he was drunk. "Listen Tim, let me explain it. Someone who needs money begs for it on the corner. Someone who needs a fix begs his or her dealer. Someone who needs to suck a cock begs a man for it. You begged for it."

"Yeah," he nodded, "guess I did. I must need it."

"Yeah, you do, Tim, you need it. So you decided you needed it more than the chick at the bar. Got jealous, huh?"

"I guess. I hadn't thought of it that way," he mumbled.

"I'm just pointing it out to you, Tim. You'll get over that. Now that I know you need it, I'll make sure you get it," I told him, while grabbing my crotch. He looked at me but didn't say anything. I could tell something was settling into his brain though. He was a fag at heart, I had gotten that, now he needed to get it.

"You mean, you want me to suck it a lot?" he asked.

"I always want my cock sucked, Tim. Now that I know you need it, I know where I can get that done regularly. Since you begged so well, don't worry about it. You'll be sucking it all the time."

"I will? But, I'm not even sure IÉI mean I just been thinkingÉI've only done it once."

"Don't worry about it Tim, the beer just let out what you were thinking all along. You need it, I'm cool with that."

"But, it will just be between us, right? You aren't going to tell anyone," he stated. He looked up from the sidewalk to check my answer.

I just laughed and shook him by the shoulder, as we walked toward the frat house. "No worries buddy. I won't need to tell anyone," I winked along with my answer. I don't think he got my meaning, but that wasn't important right now. It was important to get my cock in his throat and get off a couple times so he knew if he begged me he got my cock and so I could feed him a couple loads and imprint the importance of that on his pliable fag brain.

"I just don't want to be known as a cocksucker. Ya know? I meanÉokay, maybe I'm bi or somethingÉI don't know any more than thatÉ just wanna see and well, I keep thinking about itÉI just keep thinking about your cock."

Damn, at this rate I might not make it back to the frat. Hearing him talk like this about my dick had me boned and horny. Thinking about this swim stud on his knees in front of me, I might start looking for someplace to fuck his face before we got back to the house. I took my arm off his shoulders and we continued walking. I adjusted my cock so it had room to move since I was fully boned now, the length of my dick was running down my leg inside my boxers. It didn't bother me if anyone saw us or not. I had gotten over fears of myself over the summer. I guess Mom and Dad finding me fucking Danny, going to the farm, I don't know, but whatever it was, I didn't care if anyone saw what was going on. I knew more about myself and knew as long as I was in control, someone finding out one thing or another was not important.

I took Tim's left hand and placed it on my hard cock. I started rubbing it up and down the full length. He had to stop to keep his balance.

"Stop," he said loudly. He tried pulling his hand away but I kept it there. He didn't fight much, his drunkenness or his interest kept his hand on it. I stared him in the eyes.

"You need it now, or you want to go back to the house?" I asked. He just looked at me. "If you don't answer, it's my choice," I added after I got no response. Still he just looked at me and didn't say anything. He seemed sorta stunned and seemed to be thinking through the beer haze. "Okay then," I told him after what seemed like a long enough silence, "we'll just go down this alley and you can get to work then." I put my arm back round his shoulder and we headed no more than a block away into one of the back yard alleys that ran through the town. Soon enough all I saw were garages, trees and back fences. No one seemed to be up in most of the houses or buildings, so I wasn't too worried about being found as long as he kept it quiet. I stopped against the side of someone's garage.


"Uhm, hello, yeah. You got me all fuckin hard. You gonna be a cock tease and NOT do what you said, now?" I grabbed his hand again and forced it onto my cock. "This is what you told me you needed. Now get down on your knees and prove that you want it, bitch," I whispered as loud as I could, being out in the public like this.


Bitch?!? He called me a bitch. I HAD begged for it, and I HAD been thinking about his cock all sorts of ways sinceÉwell, okay, since I had sucked him off before. I was not going to be a cocktease. I hated that shit in girls. Damn it. How'd I get myself here anyway? "Sorry," I mumbled. My hand was on his cock and it was freaking HARD as a rock. He clearly wanted to get that sucked and I had to admit it was kinda cool that he wanted me doing it, instead of that chick at the bar. So ok, I felt my knees give and then I was down on the ground looking up at Ian. He had a big ole grin on his face, a big satisfied grin. I had to smile back at him, damn it. I wanted to do what he said and I liked that he was hard as a rock and ok, in my drunken state I did want to see if I could swallow his cock like I had been having dreams about. I could even feel myself getting hard thinking about all of this as he smiled at me there in the alley.

"Go on," his voice brought me back to what I was going to do. "Unbutton my jeans and take it out. You know this is what you want."

I reached up with my other hand and felt his cock. I was way out of control but I felt really excited about this. More than any time I had ever gone down on a chick. It was like this huge nervous energy. I undid his belt and button and his jeans slid down his legs. He had on boxers and his cock was stretching them tight as it was trying to remain pointed down his right leg. I didn't even pull them down, I just pushed up the leg of his boxers and his cock popped out and his nuts followed. God, it was as huge as I remembered. I couldn't believe how big a cock could be. Mine was decent sized but Ian's was simply huge.

"That's it. Don't waste your time buddy. Go down on my dick," he continued to encourage me. At this point I didn't really need the encouragement. I wanted to see if it was the same as I remembered. I opened wide and stuck the head of his cock in my mouth. Suddenly my mouth felt dry. I pulled his cock back out and began licking it up and down, getting it wet so more cock could slide in my mouth. His cock felt big in my hand as I held it at the base. It was still strange to me to feel another guy's cock in my hands, let alone licking it or sucking on it.

"Stop licking," Ian told me. "Get that in your mouth and suck it. You wanted it, so get to work." I stopped what I was doing and looked up at him. I stuck the big knob in my mouth and closed my lips around it. It felt so big and so hard. Then I was trying to remember all of things that I had done the first time I had sucked his cock. I tried to check my teeth, tried to do like Tressa had suggested, I was trying to remember everything to do to get it right. I realized about that time that I needed to do this, I had begged him, and I was really enjoying it. Drunk and sucking cock, crap, I was soo horny right now.

"That's better," Ian drug my attention away from my own thoughts. He put his hand on the back of my head. Damn, that was hot thinking about. He had done that the last time too. "You look good on your knees in front of me, Timmy." Timmy? No one had called me that except my Dad, and that was years ago when he would tell me I had been a good boy or done something good. Those words made me feel my own dick, hard in my pants now. I knew I was drunk but I wanted this cock, screw the chick in the bar, this cock was mine tonight. I was gonna show Ian I could suck his cock better than Tressa or some other chick. "Yeah, come on, open wide. I'm really gonna stretch those lips. I bet you are gonna love this, Timmy" I looked up at him and nodded. He was smiling so it seemed he was enjoying it.

I opened wide and he pushed my head down slowly onto his cock. I felt it bump up against the back of my throat. It looked like I had about half of his dick in my mouth. It was amazing how much this felt like the dreams I had been having. How could those dreams feel so real? They were just like what was happening now. He pulled it back, and I raised my hand to wrap around the base of his dick, but Ian just knocked my hand away. He said I wouldn't need my hand there right now.

He was just going back and forth in my mouth, pushing in and pulling back. I could feel the firmness just like in my dreams. I felt his big dickhead, softer than the rest of his cock, brushing back and forth across my lips and tongue. Crap, I almost forgot, I'm supposed to run my tongue around the base of his cock while he was pumping my face.  "That's it, get that tongue working too. You do remember how to suck cock," he whispered. It was quiet back in the alley but it seemed like we were making a lot of noise. All I could hear was Ian talking to me, and the sound of me slurping and sucking.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and smacked my lips with it. My mouth was open and I know my tongue was hanging out. "Tell me you want it again. Let me here you," Ian told me.

"I want your cock. I'm so horny, Ian, please let me suck your cock."

"That's right. You are a horny little cocksucker, Timmy." Ian kept smacking my lips and rubbing that cock head around my face. He was smiling this big grin down at me. I made me realize, even as drunk as I was, that he was right. I was a cocksucker tonight. I nodded in agreement. I tried to catch his dick in my mouth, but he kept ahead of me and just rubbed my face or smacked my lips or tongue with it. "I knew I was right about you," he said. "I knew you the minute Tressa got your lips on my cock you would be back wanting more."

Fuck, I thought. How could he know that? But here I was, telling him I wanted it and I was in some alley sucking him off. "Yes, okay, it's true. Let me suck your cock, Ian," I begged. I know it sounded faggy even to me. It must have sounded that way to him hearing me say that, but it got him to put his cock back in my mouth. He smacked it down on my lips and pressed it in between them barely giving me time to get a breath, and he kept pushing until I felt it hit the back of my throat.

"You are going to open that throat up tonight," he announced. "Right now, you are going to learn to swallow it all. If a guy wants to suck my cock, he needs to learn to take it all." Oh man, I thought. I wanted to try that. I had been dreaming about it all fitting in my throat, but I didn't think it was possible. I had felt it bumping up in the back of my throat and just looking at the size it was hard to imagine I could deep throat him.

Ian had a hold of my head and he tightened his hold by grabbing my hair. It was like some porn flick. I was the chick sucking the guy off and he had grabbed her hair and was pulling it tight. I heard myself saying "Ow," as he did it.

"Shut up," he ordered. "Keep it quiet or someone might hear us." His cock was at the back of my throat, pushing, stretching. It felt huge. I had no idea if it would fit or not. I had no idea how big my throat was or whether it would stretch, but he seemed to think he could fit it all in. "Come on, open up. Relax. Just think about how good it will feel once you have it all the way inside you," he said. In my dreams it did feel good. I would wake up and almost could feel his cock still in my throat. In my dreams I could do it.

"Open up," he repeated quietly but clearly. He was insistent. His cock was pushing hard. I felt like I wanted to open up but it was so damn big. He pulled back and I breathed again, but he didn't let go of my hair. He pulled me back down on it again. This time I felt my throat open more. He wasn't going to make it an option. I could feel the pressure as his hips were pushing and he was holding my head tight up against his cock. My throat was stretching. It felt like nothing I had experienced before, I wondered if he had forced it down some girl's throat like this. "Come on, Timmy, say Ahhh," he laughed a little as he said that. I wasn't feeling nearly as drunk as I had been a few moments ago, faced with his big cock trying to rip open my throat. He pulled back again.

"Fuck, it's too big," I whispered.

"No, it isn't," he replied. "You almost had it there. A couple more times and I'll get it in you." I wasn't so sure.

"It feels like you are ripping my throat," I tried to explain, but he just pushed it back in, pulling my face down on his dick.

"Stop your whining. I heard you begging. You said you didn't start anything you weren't going to finish. So don't flake out now, Timmy." I could feel myself starting to gag. No way I wanted to puke. "That's it, gag on it. Get some extra throat lube going on it. Let it slide in," he told me. "You know you want it. You told me you did."

Again, I could feel the stretching, like he was forcing that cock where it couldn't go. I nearly retched and Ian pulled his cock back. There were long strands of spit and stuff hanging off his dick to my lips. "Fuck, yeah," he said. He was grinning all crazy looking when I looked up at him. "You got it all slick, now get back on it and let it slide in."

Sliding in didn't seem to explain what I was feeling. It was more like he was prying my throat open with a crowbar or something. He rammed back into the back of my throat and pulled my head down hard. The stretching was intense, I thought for sure my gullet was going to be split in half. This time though, something happened. My throat suddenly gave in, I could feel it spreading open wide, and then my lips slammed into his groin. Fuckin A, his cock was buried inside my mouth. I was deep throating his monster cock. I could feel my own dick throbbing in my pants thinking about how he was inside me. My lips stretched as wide as I thought possible, to fit his tool.

"Awwww, fuck, yeah, buddy. I knew you could do it," he told me. He stopped pulling my hair, but wrapped his arm around my head to keep his cock stuffed in there. It felt like I was pulling a muscle, like my abs were stretching too far and somehow I had a feeling my throat would be damn sore tomorrow, like after I do too many crunches at the gym and my abs would ache the next day. "Feels so fucking good, Timmy."

When Ian finally let go of my head and I could back off to breathe he pulled it all the way and smacked my face with it. "Look at it, Timmy. Look at the cock you just swallowed." I looked at it. I could feel how stretched I was, and in the dark of the alley I could see it glistening from all that saliva in my throat. His cock WAS huge and I was pretty amazed I had really swallowed it, and it was pretty hot hearing him call me Timmy for some reason. Ian aimed it back at my mouth and pushed back in, all the way down this time until I was face deep in his pubes again.  Ian started pulling out and pushing in. He had a hand on the back of my head and then his other hand moved down to my throat.

"Feels fuckin' great buddy. I love feeling my way inside a cocksucker's throat." I guess that meant he had done this before. I wasn't the first guy that had sucked his cock. I didn't feel like a cocksucker, but I guess I wasn't exactly sure what a cocksucker felt like. I couldn't really argue. I had begged to get on my knees and suck it so I guess I was by definition a cocksucker now. "I knew you would be a good cocksucker, Timmy. I could tell from the way you stared at me. You wanted this cock, and now you have it all in your throat." He was whispering all sorts of stuff now; I had to listen because my mouth was full, my throat was stuffed. I had to listen and I couldn't argue with him. "I love being the first man in a tight virgin throat. I'm going to make sure you get plenty of it too."

Whoa, I hadn't thought about that, really. I guess I had just figured it would be once but I had thought the last time would be the only time too. I hadn't been able to keep it at that though. I guess now that I had a couple seconds to think about it, it was clear to me. I had begged. I had gotten down on my knees and now, he was going to do this regularly. Somehow at the moment this made me feel good.

"Come on, work that throat, Timmy. Try and swallow with that cock in your throat. Massage my dick." I tried to do as he said. I did want him to enjoy it. I tried to swallow. I don't think I did it, but Ian moaned quietly and said, "Yeah, that's it. Keep working on that." So in between his thrusts I tried to work my throat muscles on his cock. "Now keep that tongue moving around my cock when I pull it back." He was giving me instructions on how he liked his blowjobs. I tried to listen to everything he was saying. I wanted to get this right. I guess that I was a cocksucker. I don't know, I did want to do this, I had been dreaming about it, and know I wanted to like learn how to do it right, its just the way I did things.

"Fuucckk, you sure are good at this. I'mÉI'm gonna cum!" Oh shit, I was going to have to swallow his load again. I had already done that too. I guess it was part of being a cocksucker. It was amazing what you could think about while sucking dick.

"MMmmmmmmph. Eat it, Timmy. Shiitttt, feels so good," I could tell Ian was trying to stay quiet, but I knew he was enjoying it. His first shot was in my mouth and the second was too, then he pulled his cock back and he unloaded the rest on my face. It felt like my mouth was full but it had only been a couple of shots, but I could also feel shot oafter shot spray my face. I closed my eyes. I felt his load; across my forehead, my nose, then my cheek, my lips. I felt completely coated in Ian's cum. "mmmm, fuck, yeah, that looks good, open up." I opened my eyes, nothing had hit them. He shook his cock and pulled at the head. I opened my mouth and he pulled that last drop out.

"Swallow it," he whispered. I did. Then he began wiping my face with his dick. Like he was mopping up his load, then he stuck his dick back in my mouth. "Lick it clean." I wrapped my tongue around his still hard cock head. It was so soft but firm too. He kept at it, wiping my face and bringing these huge amounts of cum back to my mouth. Finally he stopped. He pulled his shorts back up and forced his stiff cock back in them. "Come on. Get up. We're going back to the house," he told me. He held out his hand and helped me up, then he started walking back the way we entered the alley. I followed.