Becoming a Boy 34

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Finally, we were headed toward the farm. I didn't think Mom would ever stop hugging and kissing everyone and telling us to study, do our work, blah, blah, blah. I mean I liked being home and all but getting back to the farm would be good too. I liked Mrs. Johnson and I liked being there mostly. Plus, now I knew I needed to find a Man. I needed to talk with Mr. Johnson and explain I wanted to get out some and find a guy somehow. A Man who wanted a fag and would keep me forever. I wasn't going to play around if it wasn't getting me a guy. I wanted to talk to Mr. Johnson and do whatever he suggested so I could get a good one too, not some schmuck, but a Man like Bailey got.


It was pretty quiet in the car. No one was saying much. I figured that Timmy must have been going crazy, sitting up front with Ian, not knowing what to say. He had talked to us about stuff but Ian hadn't said much to us and we hadn't all talked together. I was trying to figure out something to say when Ian broke the silence.


"Hey, I need to make a stop before we leave town. An old friend of Danny's."


An old friend of mine? I didn't have a lot of friends in town. I never really got that close to too many people. What the hell was he talking about? "My friend?" I asked. "What do you mean?"


"Going to pay a visit to Bernie, see if he is around today," Ian stated.


Fuck. I hadn't seen Bernie since he and all those men had opened up my pussy and dumped their loads inside me. Bernie, Dr. Jablonsky, Dad, Mr. Johnson and Ian, everyone of them. What was Ian thinking about? There wasn't anything on me left to pierce was there? Then it dawned on me, we weren't going there for me, we were going there for Timmy. Ian was plotting something. Poor Timmy, I wondered what it was. I was pretty sure whatever Ian had in mind was not something he had discussed with Timmy at all.


"Oh, I haven't seen Bernie in ages," I said. "I'm sure he'll be happy to see us." I didn't know whether he would or not, but the minute he saw Ian and me he would get a huge grin on his face I was sure.


"Who's Bernie?" Bailey asked.


"He's an artist that Danny introduced me to over the summer," Ian explained. Artist my ass, I thought. I guess the tattoo part maybe was true, but I didn't think of piercing as an art form, and that was what Bernie had practiced on me. "I want to take a look at some of his work."


"Cool," Timmy added, "That should be interesting."


"Oh yeah," Ian told him, "I think you'll like some of the stuff there."


We pulled up along the strip of stores where the tattoo shop was located. Ian parked and we got ou. Timmy was looking around but Ian headed off up the street and we all followed. When Ian turned to enter the shop, Timmy pulled up short.


"A tattoo shop? I thought we were going to see some art."


"This guy's work is art," Ian stated. "Come on, inside." Timmy was clearly hesitant but Ian put a hand on his backside and pushed him forward and we went inside. It looked empty, but when the bell on the door jingled, sure enough Bernie came out from the back area and spotted us. He got a big shit-eating grin on his face.


"WellÉlook who's here. Ian how are you doing?" He held out his hand and he and Ian shook hands and pounded each others shoulders. When they broke their grip he looked over at me.


"How are you doing Danny girl?" Crap I could feel myself blush a little. I kinda liked hearing him add the word girl but still, there were people here when he did that. Everyone here knew I was girly but still. "How are all those piercings?


"Hi Mr. Bernie. They're great actually. I haven't had any problems with them. Well, I mean they healed up nice." He laughed.


"Bernie, these are some friends," Ian continued. "This is Bailey and this is my boy, Timmy."


"Nice to meet you boys," he acknowledged them but didn't offer his hand to either of them. Timmy had stuck out his hand then slowly let it fall back to his side.


"What brings you here today?" Bernie asked.


"Well I wanted to take a look at some tattoo designs. Eventually I would like a big design on my shoulder and upper arm," Ian told him.


"Sure," Bernie said. "I actually figured you were bringing Danny in for work on his titties."


"Oh, yeah," I blurted out. "I had forgotten about that. Could I see pictures of that?" I asked him.


He and Ian laughed. Bailey caught my eye and looked at me quizzically. Timmy just looked around the shop not saying anything.


"Why don't I give you a book of some interesting large designs I've done on some men, Ian. You can take your time and browse.  Then I can show Danny some of the smaller intricate stuff we can do with his tits."


Bailey walked over and whispered to me, "What are you thinking about?"


"Bernie is the guy who did Mrs. Johnson's nipple work," I told him. "He does areolas so that they are big and femme looking."


Bailey looked me in the eye and then grinned at me. "Really? You are thinking of doing that?"


"Well, Daddy was the first person to suggest it, and it got me thinking and I don't know, it looks good I think. What do you think?"


"It does look good on Mrs. Johnson, but are you sure? I mean, it's permanent."


"Well, duh! It would give me that femme look, even if I don't get to have real tits, I can have those big areolas that would make it look more like I had real tits. Didn't you ever wonder how she got her nips looking like that?"


"Yeah, I mean I just assumed it was natural or that she had taken hormones or something for while and they got that way."


"She'd have boobs then," I told him. "Bernie can do tattoos that match your skin tone and it looks natural he says. Let's just look at his pictures and see. Maybe you'll want some too."


"I doubt it," he told me. I'm not sure that (Paul??) would like that. He makes those decisions about my body. I'm don't even think that I would like that."


"Well, just help me decide then. You can take pictures of samples and give your man the choice if you like some of them." He looked kinda excited too. I know I was. I wanted to look more femme and use that look to get me a Man.




A tattoo? Ian had never said he wanted one, but what they heck? Why not? Lots of guys had them and some of them looked good. Especially some of the real colorful ones that some guys had. I tried to imagine his chest with a tattoo. Or his shoulder. I wondered what he had in mind.


"What are you thinking about?" I asked him as I moved over to the counter.


"You can address me as Sir here," he told me. "Everyone knows the scoop."


Crap. I knew that this guy had done Danny's piercings but it still hadn't connected that Bernie knew everything that was going on.


"Yes, Sir." I replied. I still didn't get the whole thing about calling him Sir, but I knew he liked it. "What sort of tattoo are you thinking about, Sir? Do you want one of those tribal sort of things?"


"No, you see too many of those. I want something with some color, if I get one."


"So really you are just looking?"


"Yeah, I was in no rush today and figured why not take a chance and see if he was open. Danny seems pretty excited too. He may decide he wants to get some work done."


"Can he just get something done today? I mean, don't you usually schedule stuff like tattoos?" I had no idea, I had never thought about tattoos really.

"If Bernie has time, he'll do one now, but anything of any size will take a lot of time and yeah, we'll need to schedule something," Ian said.


"Here are a couple books of pictures. Some show me doing the work and some are the after shots I took when the person came back to show me how they turned out or they sent me to show it off. If you have anything in mind don't hesitate to ask."


"At this point I'm just looking," Ian said. "I know I want it colorful, but I don't want the same thing everyone else has."


"Good. I get tired of doing tribal bars and designs," Bernie laughed. "You've got got good form and musculature, I'm sure I can do a great outdoor scene or an animal or most of what you see in there," he said then turned to go off to Danny and Bailey.


We started looking through the book. Some of the stuff was crazy, designs of tribal stuff flowing around arms and chests and hips. Others were large images of a skull embedded in a floral or other design. Women appeared in a lot of them. Animals, like crows, elephants, and feathers seemed popular.


"There it is, look at that. I like it." It was the big kaleidoscope looking design, lots of colors and lot of work, it looked like to me. There was a spiral near the center that spun slowly toward the center, and repeating parts that spun in from several places toward the center. "It's a fractal, you know? Those designs that just keep repeating in on themselves over and over? So if you look at a smaller piece, it is the same as the large piece. That would be cool."


"Isn't that going to be a lot of work, or cost a lot?" I wondered.


"Hell, yeah. I'm sure it does," Ian said. "But I have to live with it forever, so I am going to pay good money if I want something that looks good and not shoddy with my body. Don't you think so?" Ian turned at looked at me and looked up. He was staring at me and wanted an answer.


"Yes, Sir," I immediately replied. I wasn't sure why or to what I was replying. I hadn't really thought it through.


"Yes Sir, what?" he asked me. So I thought through what he had been saying.


"Yes, Sir. You want something that looks good on your body. You have a hot body and should get a good design for it." Ian smiled and I knew it was the right answer. It felt weird saying it, here in a tattoo shop, but no one was really listening to us. Danny and Bailey and the shop owner were busy looking at other stuff. Ian turned back to look at the design books. Ian DID have a hot body, I knew that. He was a stud and all the women would stare at him all the time. I looked at him too. He had shown me that. I had stared. I had done things like some of his women had done so I could see and feel what it was like to be with Ian. I tried to imagine what one of these would look like on Ian now. It wasn't just an abstract thought. I was now looking at pictures with the idea I would be seeing them on him when he was on top of me or I was staring up at him.




"So the process doesn't take all that long Danny. We aren't working over a large space. We are just trying to match the exact color of your current areola and building out from there. Take your shirt off so I can see what we are talking about."


I looked at Bernie and knew he wanted my shirt off just to stare some, get a free show. I rolled my eyes but pulled my jacket and shirt off so he could get a look.


"You have nice, big, juicy nipples, girl." I blushed a little and Bailey giggled. "I don't see why you wouldn't want to add some nice areolas to them." He reached over and put a finger on either side of one and stretched it out. "You're in good shape," he noted. "No, real fat so it should be relatively straight forward. I'm asking a serious question here because of future issues. Do you ever plan on taking hormones to grow tits?" he asked.


I looked at him. Yeah, I had been thinking about that and had talked about it to Bailey, but I wasn't really sure. That was a big change. "I don't know," I said honestly. "I mean, Would a guy be more likely to want me if I did? How would this affect that if I do?"


"Well, your areolas would expand and enlarge on their own if you were to take hormones or any kind," he explained. "The color might naturally darken and change on you. It would affect the color that I already am putting on you. It might not, but I'm just tellin you. As far as whether a Man likes tits or not, that's his personal choice."


Bernie was right I guess. I knew that it was a man's choice, but I didn't have a man. What was I supposed to do if no one was making those decisions?


Bernie continued, "Do you have a tan right now? I mean, do you regularly hit the tanning salon or whatever?"


"No, not right now," I told him.


"Good, again, tanning, turning your skin darker will change the relation of the color I am aiding to the skin tone you already have." I must have looked funny at him. "Think of it this way. If you ever do decide to get boobs, you'll most likely have a bikini top on and your tits aren't going to get tanned, the color will stay the same, not fade and not change compared the skin around it. The point of this is cosmetic, get it?"


I nodded, "Yes, Sir. I get it I think."


"Good kid. Well, here are a few examples." Bernie opened the book and it was filled with, duh, pictures of boobs. I don't think I ever spent time looking at boobs before, really. I mean sure I had seen a few, but he had done this on a lot it seemed. Some women had big ones and other didn't, they had smaller ones.


"For instance, this woman had implants, so she didn't do hormones and her areolas remained small. She wanted them to be more natural looking. What do you think?" The before and after was pretty cool.


"Really you did that work?"


"Here is a woman who had cancer and after reconstruction I worked to match her altered breast to match her other. This one just wanted bigger areolas for some reason."


"Holy crap those are huge!" I said. "I mean, not her tits, but the tattoos."


"Yeah, her Man wanted big ones, so she got them."


"They look good," Bailey said. I had kinda forgotten he was still here looking.


"What do you think, Bailey? Do you think I would look good with bigger ones?"


"Do you have pictures of guys, you have worked on, like maybe someone like us, with no tits?" Bernie just chuckled. Then he flipped back a few pages and stopped, showing us a couple of pics.


"Those are Mrs. Johnson aren't they?" Bailey said aloud then clasped his hand over his mouth. They sure looked like it. The before picture showed almost her face and it sure looked like her cleavage, but in the before picture I wouldn't really have guessed at that. Her nipples were hardly surrounded by any areola.


"I won't say for sure," Bernie said seriously. "I don't go around giving out that sort of information unless the customer allows me to."


"I use a pump on my nipples. Is that going to affect the tattoo? I mean the stretching and all?"


"Well, ya sure as hell don't want to use it for awhile after the tattoo. It will need to heal. But otherwise, it should affect it too much. It might make it uneven I guess over time if you are careful about keeping your pumping equal and stretching things evenly."


"Okay. That's good. I like my nipples."

"Well so do the rest of us," Bernie said leering at them." Bailey giggled.


"And who are you? Not this one's boyfriend, I bet" Bernie looked up at Bailey and stared. Bailey blushed a little.


"No, sir. We're just friends. I was visiting for Thanksgiving."


"You thinking of getting your nipples done too?"


"Oh, no!" Bailey shook his head. "I'd have to check with my husband first. I don't do things like that to my body without agreement from him."


"Good boy. Perhaps Danny needs to ask his Daddy about this before he makes any changes." He turned to me then and asked," Does your Daddy want you to do this?"


I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Daddy doesn't want that control over me. I'm kinda just looking for a Man. I want to look good though and maybe this will help," I told him. Then it occurred maybe I should ask someone. I looked over at Ian. He worked at the farm some, maybe he should say whether he thought is was a good idea. He was family, and he had fucked me, and he was a Man.


I moved over to where Ian was looking at pictures and interrupted his conversation."


"Ian, may I please have my areolas tattooed? Please? I think it would make them look so much better and well, and girly. Will you let me do it?"


He looked over at me and grinned. "I guess you do need permission don't you?"


"Yes, Sir," I said. I know I must have looked funny to Timmy, but so what? "Please will you allow it? Will you say it is okay?"


"Let's go look at the pictures, maybe Bernie can draw the area he thinks will look the best on you."


I let a little yay escape my lips and hopped back over to where Bernie had his book open. "Look at these. I want something like that," I pointed to a guy who had big areolas tattooed on. Much bigger than what he had started with in the before picture.


"What do you say, Bernie? Do you think it would help Danny get the sort of Man he is looking for? I mean, the after photo on that one is pretty hot," Ian directed his question to Bernie.


"Hey, my preference is girls, and I like the big ones. Doesn't really matter to me if the boobs are big, but I like the big nipples and dark areolas on whatever size they are."

"Agreed," Ian said. Timmy had wandered over and I could see he was listening intently. "Well, Danny. I have to tell you, I am glad you asked me. If Dad or Mr. Johnson say anything, I'll just let them know I gave you permission. You asked properly. If it is something you really want, then I don't see why I would deny a girl her desire."


For whatever reason that made me so happy. I felt like I had done the right thing in asking a Man and he had said yes! I did a little jump and clapped my hands.


"It doesn't take long," Bernie stated. "No more than 40 minutes I'd guess. Did you want it done now?" he asked Ian.


"Yeah, why not? I'm in no hurry today," he told Bernie.


"Get on the table in back," Bernie pointed. "Lay down and keep the shirt off of course."




When Danny headed into the back, he actually ran. Bailey and Bernie followed it at at regular pace. He obviously wanted this bad. I was surprised but proud of the little fag that he came and asked me if he could get it done. I'd let Dad know of course, but I didn't figure he cared, given that he was pretty clear Danny wasn't going to be his fag. Still, I knew he would be happy to hear Danny was learning proper behavior and asking a Man to approve of his choice.


Tim looked at me with a strange open-mouthed stare. He seemed shocked for some reason.


"Cat got your tongue?" I asked.


"Uhm, sorryÉSir. I just, won't it be weird to have big girl looking nipples?"


I smiled big. "Come on, you've seen Bailey. How is Danny with more femme nipples be any more different than Bailey with a vag?" Timmy just looked at me. It was getting easier by the minute to think of him as Timmy. In my mind he was changing quickly from an old buddy Tim to my fag, Timmy. I could feel my dick hardening as I remembered fucking him this past weekend. Taking his cherry hole and hearing him beg for me to do it. Thinking of getting more control just got me harder, I readjusted my cock so it wasn't stuck pointing down my pants leg, making me more comfortable.


"I guess not," he said. I could tell his brain was cranking away inside that head. I wondered what he was thinking. "Talk to me," I told him. "I can tell you have other questions."


He looked down from my face toward the floor. "Why did he ask you if it was okay to do it then?"


"Danny needs to have approval," I explained. "He wants to know that it's okay to do it. He needs the okay from someone close to him, a Man close to him, to feel like it is a good choice for him." Timmy kept looking away, feigning interest in the photos of the enlarged areolas. He flipped through a few pages.


"Is this something you want me to do?" he asked quietly.


I thought my dick would burst my pants after I heard him say it. I wondered if he was being honest or just testing me to see what I would say. I didn't think he was ready for something like that yet. Maybe I was wrong, but I didn't think so. Yeah, I wanted it, but didn't think he had become so submissive overnight. I decided to play with him a bit, deny it was what I wanted. There were other things I wanted first. I wanted him to start thinking all the time of me and what I wanted, not just right this second. He'd know soon enough some of the things I wanted. Yeah, I wanted to control his body and mind, I wanted ownership over it, but if I took too much right away, I figured he'd run.


"What I want is your pussy," I told him taking his hand off the book of pictures and placing it on my dick. He felt how hard I was and looked up at me quickly. "Do you know what you want? Do you want me to tell you what to do? Do you want me to make those decisions?"


Fuck, my cock was raging hard in my pants. He moved his hand away. I knew he didn't want me fucking him here, in a shop, in public. Somehow he knew if he left his hand there that is what would happen. Did he want to be like Danny or Bailey? Did he want to have me make decisions for him? It was so strange to think about, but it was what I had heard him say.


"Sometimes. Sometimes I want someone to tell me what to do. I know it is easier for me to follow someone else's lead," he said.


I stepped closer to him, behind him. I put my arm around his waist and pulled him back to me. I ground my hard cock on his ass. What did I want to tell him? "If you even THINK you want me to tell you what to do, then why don't you start with something easier," I whispered in his ear. "If you want to turn decisions over to me, then let's try that for awhile." I moved my hips around on his ass so he would know how much I enjoyed that pussy. I had already given him some direction, major direction, but I wanted him aware of these things. He had acted on autopilot or on subconscious patterns. I wanted him aware that now I would make his decisions and he would consciously decide to give me that control. My tongue flicked over and in his ear as I continued to whisper. "Do you want to start this? Do you want to do everything I tell you to do? Everything I tell you to do when I tell you to do it?" My hand moved up to his neck and I placed it around his throat. I moved his head back and continued to lick and nibble on his ear, breathing hotly.


"I'll try," was all he said, then added "Sir."


"Good boy, Timmy. Let's try that a while and see how it goes. Maybe if you are good, if you do as I say, if you succeed, I will let you get your nipples done like Danny." He exhaled and I could feel him tense as I wrapped my hand on his throat. "You already have done some things I wanted. You got rid of that body hair. You worked that ass out real well." I licked his ear and continued whispering. "You did what I said at Halloween. You begged for cock, like you knew you wanted. I know you can do what I suggest, Timmy. Now I want you to do what I tell you to do. I told you I want those nipples bigger. I want to know you can be obedient. I want to see them big before I do anything else to them. I want you to do everything I tell you to do. You want it too don't you?"


He shuddered. It hadn't occurred to me he was hard, that he might cum. But I knew immediately he had. He trembled, and sank a little as his knees buckled. He let out a little cry of surprise. His dick had done him in again. That reaction said just what we both needed to hear at that moment. The bitch was mine and he knew it, I knew it.


"I know you will Timmy, I'll take that as a yes. I have confidence that you'll be very obedient in no time."




Oh fuck, what had just happened? All I wanted to know was did he expect me to get some kind of nipple tattoo like Danny. Now I had agreed to do what he told me to do. Everything he told me to do. Fuck. I knew it meant he would be asking all sorts of stuff when we got back to school. I just had no idea what it would be or when it would happen.


He was right. I did do that stuff because he suggested it. He had planted the thoughts in my mind and I did it. I wanted to do it. I was submissive and liked taking directions from him. Just hearing him talk about it and handle me like he just did and I got hard as a rock and shot a load in my pants. I looked down and saw a wet spot on my crotch area. Thank god I didn't cum in buckets like Ian did or it would be really noticeable. Ian released me from his grip and stepped away from me.


"Let's watch Danny get tatted," he said. He put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me towards the back area that everyone else had gone into earlier. "You should see this if you think it is something you might want."


"I, I don't know if I do, I just wanted to know if it was something you were expecting."


"My expectations are that you'll do what I want from here out, Timmy. Try and meet them so I don't get disappointed in you."

"Yes, Sir," I nodded, more than a little afraid of what he might do if I didn't.


Danny was laying out on the table. Like a massage table. He had some marking around his nipples already, which must be where Bernie intended to make the tattoo."


"Good, I was just going to go get you and see what you thought o the size, Danny asked for," Bernie said to Ian. "Look good to you?"


"Hell yeah, those will be nice and big," Ian replied. I thought they seemed large but what did I know? I barely knew myself, let alone something like this.


I didn't want to end up like Danny or go forbid Bailey but I wanted to please Ian. I wanted to be with him and well, I wanted to keep getting more of him. Of his cock, of his attitude, of his directions. I was a faggot, just like Danny, Bailey and even Ian had said to me. I was a mess. I had no idea what it all meant, but my own body told me I liked it. Ian saw it all the time and knew it before or at the time I did.


"It's going to hurt, Danny," Bailey said.


"I know," he replied. "But I really want it so I think I can do it. I want to look more like Mrs. Johnson. She's so hot."


I didn't know who the Johnsons were but I knew we were dropping off Danny and Bailey and I had a feeling I would meet them soon enough.


"I can't tell you enough that you can't be jerking around and moving a lot," Bernie warned him. "You need to be as still as possible. I'll tie you down if I need to, now that you have signed the paperwork. If you want a break just say so. You hear me girl?"


He too called Danny a girl. It seemed Ian hung around a crowd I didn't even know existed. Danny nodded and agreed to stay still.


It didn't take too long. Danny only complained once and Bernie let him rest a bit after the first one was done. I didn't understand how he did, but Bernie matched the natural color of Danny's small areola and made them big. It looked sore though. I didn't really want it on me. I wanted to do what Ian wanted, but I didn't want this. When Bernie finished, Danny got up and just stared at himself in the mirror for several minutes before letting Bernie put some cream on them and then tape up some saran wrap on them. He told Danny to keep them covered today and to put the cream on the area for several days to prevent infection.


"And if you have any problems, let me know," Bernie said. "I want a picture of them when it heals up. Either stop by so I can get one or send one in to my email," he handed Danny his business card.

"Thank you so much Bernie! I love them!" Danny seemed honestly excited about his new tattoos. I couldn't imagine it. I just didn't get his mindset. I just couldn't be like him. I wasn't totally like him, I kept telling myself.


We went back out front. Ian pointed out a couple of the tattoos that he found interesting. Bernie was talking about placement. So of course Ian took of his shirt and Bernie was asking where he wanted it. Bailey came up next to me.


"He's so hot!" he whispered to me. "Anyone would be proud to be his boy."


I looked over at Ian and then back at Bailey. Was I proud to be Ian's boy? Is that what I was. I didn't know what to say. "I'm, I'm just getting used to the idea. I don't know what all it will mean."


"Just do what he says," Bailey replied. "Just keep him happy and you'll get lots of cock I'm sure."


I know I blushed, but it was true. I mean, that's what I wanted. The way to do that was to do what he wanted. "I'm going to try. I'm just scared to not know what it means. I don't know what he will want. I like who I am and how much does he want to change me?"


"Any tattoos for your boy?" I heard Bernie talking but hadn't really been listening until then as I was talking with Bailey. But I knew somehow that Bernie was talking about me.


"Get over here, Timmy. The man is speaking to you," Ian said.


I went over to the counter. "You going to get any tattoos for your boy today?" Bernie repeated.


"Not sure," Ian replied. "What might look good on him?"


"Fag tags are always popular," Bernie answered. Something right on the small of his back, so it's visible in a swimsuit or when the shirt comes off."


"I don't know yet," Ian told him.


"I hoped he wouldn't have me get one today. I didn't know what I wanted. I wasn't sure I needed a tattoo. I know I had agreed to do as Ian said but I didn't really want one.


"You want a tattoo, Timmy? Where do you want one?"

"Uhm, I'm not really sure I want one. I don't even know what I would get if I had to."


"At least he understands he might have to," Bernie smiled his approval I guess.


"He's learning," Ian added. "He'll be back soon enough. I have some ideas for a good one for him. Let me think on it though."


"No problem. I can give you a good discount on yours and his if I get to have a little fun with that ass," Bernie said. Ian spun me around so my ass was pointing towards Bernie.


"You like that? I'm pretty proud of him for that. He worked hard to get it like that so I could pop that cherry this weekend," Ian told him.


"Ian!" his name came out of my mouth before I could stop it. I didn't really want everyone to know my business.


"Apologize Timmy," Ian grabbed one of my nipples and twisted it hard. I yelped.


"Sorry. Ow!! Sorry, Sir." I apologized quickly. They both laughed at me. Danny and Bailey just grinned and watched. They seemed to find it funny too.


"Better," Ian said. "You need to get used to it, Timmy. I'm going to talk about you and what we do with some people. It doesn't bother me that you're my boy, shouldn't bother you either. Be out and proud of it."


"Yes, Sir." I said and he let go. My hand went up to rub my nipple. He hadn't been gentle with it. I should be proud to be his boy. He said nearly the same thing Bailey had. Was I proud to be a boy for him?


"I'll have to think about that, Bernie. I haven't really decided yet if I want to share that ass. It took awhile to get it; I might keep it to myself for awhile. His throat could be available. He likes sucking cock a lot."


I couldn't believe they were talking about me like a dog or something. I really hoped that Ian didn't do this at school now. I wanted to try to keep this quiet. Everyone didn't need to know I was getting fucked by Ian.


"Well, a blow isn't as good as a fuck, but I can knock the price down some for a blow, sure."


Now he was trading my mouth for a tattoo. I wasn't going to get a say in it. I didn't want to get my nipple grabbed again so I just kept quiet. I would ask about this later, where it was just us. I didn't want to be traded for like that. I just wanted to do that stuff for Ian. He had said I shouldn't have sex with anyone else.




We got to the farm in no time to drop the fags off. Timmy was going to get an eyeful today. I got out of the car and so he followed me and the fags.


"Is this where you guys stay? You stay at a farm? What do you do here?" Timmy had a lot of questions.


"Yeah," Danny started to explain, "I live here. Bailey just visits when his husband is out of the country. We do the work, silly? What did you think?"


"Come on, Timmy. I need to talk to Johnson. The fags can check in with us but I'm sure they have things to do," I told them.


We went in and Danny and Bailey went to the kitchen to check in with Mrs. Johnson. We followed behind. She gave a nice show for Timmy. She had her back turned to us when we entered. So he saw the long hair and the tight pants on her. As the fags said their hellos she turned around to give them a peck on the cheek and saw Timmy and I too.


"Hello, boys. Hello, gentlemen."


"Mrs. Johnson, this is my boy, Timmy." Timmy stuck out his hand and she shook but gave him a peck on the cheek too.


"Nice to meet you Timmy. You must be the lucky boy that Ian has been telling us about lately." She was shirtless as usual. Her big nipples and areolas were quite visible and Timmy stared, just like a man would do to any woman if he appreciated her tits. It made me smile.


"Uhm, hello Mrs. Johnson. Nice to meet you." At least he was polite.


"She turned to Danny and Bailey. "Boys go ahead out back, find Mr. Johnson for me would you? He'll want to talk with Mr. Ian I'm guessing.


"Yes Ma'am," they replied in unison.


"So did you have a nice Thanksgiving at the McNeil's home, Timmy?"


"Yeah. It was, uhm, it was nice. I, I learned a lot," he said. It made him blush to start talking with yet another new person. He was going to have to get over that real soon. I might have him start telling people about being a fag so he could get used to talking about it. No more hiding his needs from everyone. "I mean, I met a lot of uhm, uh, Sir's family. I hadn't met any of them before." I patted him on the butt. He had remembered to call me Sir. I guess he figured that it was safe enough for him here.


"Ian," I heard Johnson bellow. "How are you?" Johnson strolled into the kitchen. We shook hands and he looked Timmy over. "This must be Timmy."


Timmy stuck his hand out but Mr. Johnson didn't. He put his hand on Tim's head and ruffled his hair like he was a little boy. I smiled at that.


"Welcome to my farm, Timmy. I'm glad Ian finally brought you out here." He stopped rubbing his head and then turned to me. Let's talk Ian, I have some things I want to go over for this week. I'm going to be out of town for a couple days and I want to prep you for when I'm gone."


"Sure thing," I told him. "Timmy, you can stay here and chat with Lynn while the men talk work."


"Uhm, okay, Sir." I wasn't sure he wanted to be alone here, but not my problem. He'd adjust. Johnson and I headed toward the office.




"So Timmy, you adjusting to being Ian's boy?" Mrs. Johnson started right in with the questions. "Come over to the table and let's chat. You want something to drink?"


"Well, just some water, if that's okay Ma'am."


"Not a problem," she told me. When she returned she sat down with some coffee and handed me a glass of water. I took a big sip. "Where were we? Oh, yeah, how are you adjusting to things?"


"What do you mean?" I asked. I wasn't totally comfortable here. I didn't want to talk about me.


"Come on, you can tell me. Just us girls here. Well, I mean, you're a guy, but I tend to think of myself as a girl. Anyway, talk, I'm guessing you don't get a chance to do that very often."


I looked at her a moment. What could it hurt? Maybe she would tell me stuff that Danny and Bailey wouldn't or couldn't. She looked older than any of us. "Well, I wasn't really prepared to meet his family this weekend. I mean, I knew I was going there to spend the weekend, but I hadn't counted on all of them figuring out who I was or that Ian, I mean Sir, had a brother who, well, who is a fag or his friend." Words tumbled out of my mouth in a rush. "It was all new to me. And now he is introducing me to people as his boy to everyone. His Dad, some guy at a tattoo shop, now here, it's not what I had expected when I left." There, I had started.


"That's why I asked. You can call him Ian here dear. I know he wants you to call him Sir when he's around, but first names are fine with me, we are equals to each other. Though the men do want respect when they are around us, don't forget that."


"So you are Mr. Johnson's boyfriend?" I asked. I wanted to be clear.


"Wife. He considers me his wife. We haven't gotten married per se, but I do wear a ring." She waved her hand in front of me. It was a simple gold band. "I'm comfortable using the word to describe me. I do the wifely things and he handles most of the business."


"Does that mean that Ian considers me his girlfriend?" She laughed.


"No Timmy, he hasn't ever described you that way. He did say you were his boy, so I don't think he sees you as a girl. He wouldn't hesitate to call you that if he did."


"Oh, okay." I was glad to hear that. I didn't get all of the different things that were going on yet. I knew I didn't want to be a girl though. "I'm not a girl."


"No, I imagine you aren't, but you do belong to Ian, am I right?"


"What does that mean? I've never done anything with a guy until Ian, just a few months ago. I just thought initially it would be like I don't know what I thought. I thought it would be like with a girl. You know? Mutual stuff." Ugh, I hated talking about this.


"Well, yeah. Ian is an alpha. He wants things his way. He wants to be in charge. It's like Mr. Johnson. He wants things his way, and I do too. I like having him around to take care of me and I like knowing I don't have to worry about stuff. I follow his rules and I like that. Do you follow Ian's rules?" she wanted to know.


"I guess. I mean, yeah, mostly. I don't know his rules really. I'm just beginning to see that they are rules and I need to do what he says. I hadn't really been thinking about it in that way. I was just doing what he said because I liked him and I wanted to be with him. Now, well now it seems I belong to him and I do follow what he says, I just get the feeling there are a lot more rules and he hasn't really told me them. It gets confusing."


"I'm sure it does. Now that you know how Ian sees you, maybe you better check and see what exactly the rules are."


"Well, this is kinda embarrassing to talk about."


"It's okay, I've heard it all."


"So I'm not allowed to touch my, you know, my cock when he is around. When we have sex of any kind I am not to touch it. Is that normal?" I wanted to know. Between Danny being locked up and Bailey having a pussy were all gay relationships like this?


"For a relationship built on the inequality between two people yes, Timmy. If you were in a relationship with a gay guy it might be less unequal. A lot of guys are flexible and things go both ways. But I didn't like that. I wanted a relationship like I have now, where I am submissive and obedient to Johnson. It's what felt most comfortable to me. Do you feel comfortable in the way Ian has established himself as the Man and you as being obedient to him?"


I guess I did. I guess that was why I was here. Why I asked him to take it further this weekend. "Yeah. I haven't really spent a lot of time thinking it through," I admitted. "I just never met anyone as strong and persuasive about stuff. It's like he was already inside my head when it first came up. I just had no idea he would take it this direction. I don't about any of this stuff and he seems to know so much."


"Well, Ian isn't gay so he wouldn't want a relationship that was equal. He probably treats the girls he dates the same way. If they don't do as he wants, he probably doesn't keep them around. Ian also has a brother who is more like me, very submissive. He had time to think about stuff when he started dealing with Danny."


"Okay so I really don't get this point," I told her. "If he isn't gay, why does he have sex with guys? He doesn't even call himself Bi, he says he's straight to me, but we have sex. I mean I really am hung up over suddenly being gay and he says not to worry about it. He doesn't even ccall me gay, he just says I'm a faggot." Mrs Johnson laughed.


"Sorry, Timmy. I'm not laughing at you, just at the confusion. Faggot isn't a bad word, Men who are comfortable using the word do so to refer to us, submissive guys, who like being that way. You admit to being submissive?"


"Yeah, I'm beginning to get that, to see how much so I have been all my life, but I just never was exposed to any of this stuff."


"Most of us aren't until we grow up and think about it, dear. You don't have to say you are gay if you don't want to, or if you don't think of yourself that way. But you do like the sex with Ian, I'm guessing." I know I blushed like crazy when she said that.


"Yeah. I like it. More than any sex I ever had with a girl," I admitted to her. "I just didn't know I would. He had to show me."


"Believe me, I'm sure he takes great pride in knowing he turned you out, Timmy. That he was the one who got to be your first. It builds his ego. An alpha man like Ian likes to know that, I can tell you, he talks about you, and he wanted to be the one that got you to this point."


"Well, what happens now?" I wanted to know. "Now that he says he wants me to do everything he tells me to do, what happens?"


"Look around," she told me, so I did. She laughed again. "You are very literal. I meant, look at the fags you have met. Danny, Bailey, me. We like it. We like being who we are. Even if you aren't a girl or more girl like us, you either decide you like it and get adjusted to doing what your Man says, or you don't. If you don't like it, you have to decide. But I get the feeling you like it." I blushed again and felt very warm suddenly.


"He just gets in my head," I told her. "He knows it seems stuff about me I don't or stuff I only barely thought about. I just feel like I ought to be doing the stuff he tells me to do. I do it because I like him, I like being with him." Geezus, I was telling her a lot. Maybe I did need to talk.


"Then it's normal, yes, for you, like the rest of us, it's perfectly normal to be in a relationship that is unequal, where you enjoy doing what you are told, and allowing the alpha Man to do as he wants. If you aren't hurting anyone, then don't worry about the words you use to describe yourself. Just accept that Ian is the one you want to be with and work hard to be the boy he wants you to be. It will get you through the times when you aren't sure what is going on."


"What do you mean?"


"I mean, he is going to do a lot of things to and with you, so that he is sure you are obedient, that you are following his rules, so that he knows you better than he knows himself. As the submissive, as his boy, you'll get to where you crave his touch and his person."


"I already do," I admitted. "It's hard for me if he isn't around at times or if he is with someone else. I don't get that. If I am doing what he says, why does he have to keep fucking girls or even other guys? It makes me feel weird that he needs other stuff if I am doing exactly what he wants."


"Don't ever for a second think a Man is going to be monogamous, Timmy. Any of them, straight, gay, bi, or any combination. It just happens. It's that way because he has a need to conquer, to get off. Just because he is doing it with someone else doesn't make your place in his life less important. It just means he got an itch and intends to scratch it. If I worried about all the guys that Mr. Johnson has fucked over the years, hell over the last month, I'd be a mess. I accept that as part of the deal. I get plenty of sex from him, and he treats me much better than any of the other ones he screws with. But I don't even imagine I have any control over him especially that part."

"But, he expects me to be monogamous!" I told her. "What's up with that?"


"Control, what else?" she answered. "He wants that control over you. Believe me, he will say don't have sex with others, but my guess, knowing most alphas is he will share you plenty. He will just be the one to decide with who or when. Don't go asking for it either. He'll determine when you get sex and how much."


That made sense I guess, or at least as much sense as any of it made to me. At least I understood a bit more about why he had me giving blow jobs at the Halloween party. He wanted to be in control of my sex life and of me. "Yeah, I kinda got in trouble once when I gave a blowjob to some stranger. I thought he wouldn't care, but I think it bothered him. He put down that rule after I told him about it. It was okay but it was mostly for me to I guess show myself I was a cocksucker, like he says I am." She laughed, I smiled thinking about it.


"Talk with him some more. Get him to tell you all the rules. If he is calling you his boy, let him know you need the rules so you can be a good one."


"Okay, I can do that." I did feel better talking with her. I guess I had a lot to share and no one to say it to except Ian, and he didn't talk much about this stuff. I guess he showed me, more than he told me.


"You girls done chatting," Mr. Johnson asked coming into the kitchen with Ian behind him. "I'm sure you shared all the details of Thanksgiving, what you made, how much weight you put on." Ian and him laughed about that. It just made me think of all the stuff I had done over the weekend. I hadn't even told Mrs. Johnson that yet, just the basic stuff. I guess some of the other stuff wasn't that important.


"We had a lovely chat. I really like Timmy." She gave me a hug when we stood up.


"Let's go then," Ian said. We still need to get back to the frat and you have homework to do," he said.


Mr. Johnson rubbed me on the head again and said his good byes. We got back in the car and I started thinking how I would ask Ian everything I needed to know.