Becoming a Boy 37

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I could only stand so much of the frat party. What started as Ian introducing me as his boy to the house had gotten crazy. Several of the guys were drunk and had put their hands all over me. I was trying to just let it go but they really were obnoxious at times; feeling my ass, trying to poke fingers under my short shorts, asking where my real pussy was and trying to grab up front. I won't even go into how many grabbed my chest and twisted my nipples. Honestly if Ian had not been there watching the whole time I would have fled in terror. I tried not to show anything. I tried to ask them to stop, but they all had a similar answer when I did. It went something like, "we heard you asking Ian to stop last night, and it didn't sound like you mean that baby." Ugh, I was kinda disgusted by their sexist behavior, treating me like my opinion or wishes on the groping didn't matter. But with Ian there, I never felt in danger. I would look over at him and he would smile and give a thumbs up sign, or he would come over and take some particularly aggressive guy's hands off my ass and just look at him and the guy would stop, well at least for a short while.

That was the sort of thing Ian could do. People knew up front with him if he was pissed. You could tell. He seemed to radiate his emotions or his power. I could sure as hell feel it. Way back I had always known he was the kind of man who I did things for. Back as a kid there were guys I met, other kids who had that same power. It was just who they were. I didn't know how else to say it. They just knew what they wanted and it was always theirs.

I tried to sit down eventually but they guys kept make me get up and go get them more beer or whatever it was they wanted. I knew by then it was just an excuse for them to watch me as I walked away and they would look at my ass. Or it was the reason they used to grab or pinch me when I brought their drink back to them. No one really said much to me, but that wasn't so different than usual. I was generally quiet and never as boisterous as most of the guys. So I was eventually able to sit quietly watching the group. Well, mostly I watched Ian. He moved gracefully throughout the room. It was like he dominated the space. Where he went the crowd gathered. The other guys agreed with him or just watched him too, to see what he was doing. It was like they all knew he was in charge and they better pay attention. But they didn't take it that next step. They didn't give in and well, what would Ian call it, worship him. Somehow I felt deep in me that I needed to worship him, this thing about him. It wasn't just him, I could say to myself now. I had done this with other guys, I just didn't have the words before. I had never taken the extra step of, well of kneeling before a man and providing him the pleasure he wanted. No one had pushed it that far before, but Ian had and now, I was caught in this submission to him and his pleasure and goddamn it I enjoyed it enough to keep going further.

Ian came over and told me that I could go now. "Timmy," he told me, "you did well tonight. Much better than I had thought you would do." I wasn't sure what he thought I would do, but I was pretty sure I had felt or done a lot of humiliating things in the last 2 or 3 hours. "I'm going to give you the rest of the night off. You can go get your room settled, sleep it off. My class is at 9 tomorrow morning. You should be in my room by 8, if I recall your schedule properly.

"Yes, Sir," I told him. He already knew my schedule, that I mostly had afternoon classes. "You seem proud of me," I said in sort of a question.

"Of course I am Timmy. You represented me well tonight. You behaved as I told you to do, you managed to not run away, you let things happen to you knowing I was here and it was oaky. I'm very proud of you."

That was just the sort of thing that guys said that made me feel warm and electric inside all throughout my life. It didn't matter if it was my Dad or a buddy from school or the one of swim teams I had been on. I just knew it was right somehow inside that I did what Ian said to do. When he felt proud of me, or when he was pleased, it was just automatic of me somehow to react with pleasure inside. He brought me pleasure by making him happy. Letting him own the night and show me off made him happy and so I relaxed and felt some happiness too, despite my fears. Sometimes I would think I understood what I was doing with him and at other times I wasn't so sure.

"Thank you Ian, Sir. I'm glad you're pleased." I could feel the heat in my face as I said it, but it seemed like the right thing to admit right then. He swung his arm around my shoulder and pulled me in tight. He was grinning and laughing and the feeling from him was genuine and warm. It made what I was going through worth it to hear and feel this sort of assuredness and control he had over me that I didn't quite fully understand.

"Think you can handle this stuff now? Feeling better about yourself?"

"I have no clue, no clue, Sir," I told him honestly. "I'm so far out of my league now. I haven't done anything like this with anyone. Half the time it feels right and half the time I think I am crazy."

"It's gonna be okay, Timmy. You need to do this. You were holding yourself back for a long time. It's good to let all that fear go and let me show you what will make you happiest."

Just hearing him say that got me hard and made me feel like it was that best thing for me. Just give in to him, admit I needed to be shown this stuff, and keep making him happy. He grabbed my ass, like they all had done, but the heat from his hand far exceeded that of anyone else. It was like a key being inserted into my lock. Every time he said stuff like that, it would feel so good and I would let another piece of myself open and let go.

"Yes, Sir, Ian. I think it's okay right now," I said even though I still had huge questions about say this outfit or what I had done tonight. "Thank you again," I replied. I left him and the guys down there. I felt prouder than when I came down the stairs earlier, but it was also a sense of relief that something was done and over.


Hell, the evening had gone pretty damn well I thought. Timmy was settling in better than I had hoped for what I had planned for his life. Maybe taking him home had been a better idea than even I had imagined. He seemed to be understanding things a bit better. He wasn't struggling that calling me Sir was natural. He seemed to be deferring to me much better since I had cunted him. So many of the things he had done he seemed to think were forced upon him but now he seemed to be grasping that they were things he wanted to do, he just needed someone like me to tell him. Hell, yeah, that made me proud of him. Proud of myself too, that I could see that in the fag and get him to where he needed to be.

Learning back in the spring about fags and the nature of control had been a major turning point definitely. I needed to thank Dad again for showing me this stuff. Thank Johnson for giving me a shot to learn more. It felt great to be in charge of my own boy and to have an open door to where I wanted to take him. Just figuring out that I had that possibility of control and fuck, the pleasure if it, was something I could feel ignite when I started using it with Danny. I had always done the same stuff with the women, but that was different. That was easier, and frankly, less interesting.

Sure the beer had been expensive but so worth it tonight. Getting the guys a little blitzed help pave the way for them to see that Timmy was mine and did as I told him to do. Some of them liked the idea of having a house bitch around and a couple had already asked when I was going to let them take a crack at Timmy's mouth and throat. That just made me freaking proud of myself. These guys had to come to me to get something they saw as potentially valuable and useful. I was totally into seeing what happened with it all.

Zach must have seen me standing over by the stairs sending Timmy up to bed. He came over to talk.

"So, we're set right? He can stay in the room and I get to use his mouth as much as I want, he stated.

"We're good, right now," I told him. "He belongs to me. He won't do anything I have told him not to do, so don't try going for his ass," I restated for him.

"No problem, Ian. I would much rather use his face."

"If he tells me anything about you trying it, He's out of there, and someone else gets to use him."

"No problem, I already told you. Remember, this keeps your room free so you can keep the chicks coming to the house whenever you want," he reminded me. I didn't particularly like the idea of Zach trying to leverage that.

"I'm more interested in keeping my space mine," I told him. "It isn't just about the girls. It's more about my space and keeping what is mine, just that," I explained. "What makes you so interested in his mouth anyway," I asked him.

"I'm gay," he replied looking me in the eye. "Having a free mouth to use will keep me happy when I'm not finding it other places," he said grinning. "Plus, I kinda want to see what it's like to get to know someone who is seemingly as submissive as you say Tim is. I haven't run across it openly like this before. Knowing he doesn't require reciprocation is sorta hot. I want to see if I like it or not."

Zach gay, huh. I wondered if I could get a blow from him or bust his ass wide. "Remember, he's mine. He comes and goes based on my needs, you use him only when he is free and not involved doing stuff for me," I emphasized.

"Look Ian, I'm not going to try and take him from you. One, it isn't my style, and two, I have no need to try to compete with you. I just want to see if this is something I could get into, and what makes a guy like Tim tick."

I grabbed my crotch. "This is what makes him tick." Then I flexed my right arm and said the same thing again. "Maybe you'd like to see some of it for yourself," I told him.

"Nope," he said assuredly. "Not my thing. If I get into this sort of power play, it won't be as one of your bitches," he grinned and offered a high five, which I gave him.

I could live with that. He seemed to get that Timmy was mine and not freely available for just anything. Plus, I could get that he wasn't interested in being a sub. Made me think more about how that sort of thing was really a trait some guys had and others didn't have.



I had gotten the rest of my stuff out of the room I had shared with Donor. All the double rooms pretty much looked the same. The same beds, the same dressers. So I just moved my stuff over to Zach's room. It fit pretty much where it had fit in the other room. I hung up a couple of posters, but Zach had been staying in the room by himself and had most of the wall space covered. I just put the other stuff into the closet. I was pretty happy that Zach was nice enough to let me stay here. He could have freaked out like Donor.

"Hey Timmy." It was Zach.

"Oh, hey Zach. Thanks for letting me stay in your room. I really appreciate it," I let him know.

"No problem. I don't mind trading a bed for your mouth," he had a huge shit eating grin on his face. "Who would say no to that?" That reminded me of Donor.

"Donor," I replied as I put the last of my stuff in the closet. I took my sheets and started to put them on the empty mattress.

"Fuck him," Zach said. "He'll forget it eventually. If not, he's immature. This is 2016, letting a bro suck your cock is no big deal. It won't stop me from going to get some pussy if I want it."

I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to say anything more than I had to. I was still embarrassed. I used to get pussy, sometimes anyway. When I wanted it bad enough. Now I didn't. I sucked cock and got fucked and could only have any sex if I asked Ian to allow it. Finally, I thought of something to say to Zach. "So, you've let other guys suck you off?"

"None of your business, Timmy. I don't generally talk about my sex life. Unlike Ian, who lives and thrives off everyone knowing, my sex life is my business. I won't be doing it here, so you don't need to worry about it," he explained.

"Oh, sorry," I replied. "I didn't mean to be nosy. I was just trying to figure out what to talk aboutÉ or what made you interested in my mouth." I finished putting the sheets on the bed and sat down on it. I hadn't really spent much time with Zach. Other than house functions, he wasn't in my immediate group of friends here. About all I knew was he was a senior and seemed like a popular guy.

"Talking isn't required for what I want from you," he said as he shut the door to the room. "Just get on your knees and open your mouth. I will fill it up." Zach moved until he was standing over me about a step away from the bed.

Holy shit, He didn't waste time. Hearing him speak to me that way made me feel a bit of submission right away. Ian had said as long as it was just my mouth, Zach had permission to use it. I still was a little scared. I had never figured to be blowing my frat brothers when I went to Ian's place last week. Still I knew better than to disobey Ian's rules. I slid off the bed onto my knees and opened my mouth.

"Take your shirt off," he ordered. "I will play with your nipples."

I thought about it and had to make a decision. If I said no, I might get in trouble. It wasn't one of my two holes, Ian hadn't said Zach couldn't play with my nipples. Being on my knees made me feel like I should do as he wanted, so I made a decision and hoped it was the right one. I took my shirt off.

"Nice. Ian says you've been working out a lot. It looks good." That was nice, it felt good to be told something nice instead of taking shit all evening from the guys, including Zach.

"Thank you," I told him.

Zach was about my height, 6 foot or so. His hair was dark brown. It was buzzed short on the side and longer up top, standard cut right now. He was moderately hairy on his arms. He took off his shirt and he had a good amount of hair across his pecs, but not much other than a trail down to his pants. He looked to be about 180 pounds, with muscle in all the right places. He undid his pants and dropped them. His legs were pretty hairy too. The color of his hair really made him look hairy. He stepped out of his pants and then just stood there in the tighty whities.

"Get going," he told me, "Do what I hear you're good at." I put my fingers under the waistband of his underwear and began pulling them down. He had the remains of a summer tan line. He wasn't hard it didn't look like. There was something there and I was sort of interested now in what he had. By the time I had his briefs down, his cock popped free and began to chub up.

He was above average in my mind. Not small like me, but nowhere as big as Ian, or Donor for that matter I figured. I looked up at him and he was staring at me, so I dropped back to his cock, buried in a bush of dark hair. No trimming for him. I stuck out my tongue and licked. Tentatively at first. It somehow felt to me like he might change his mind. I was hesitant even though I felt like just seeing if I could please him right away.

"Open up, Timmy, stick out your tongue. Do not do anything else yet."

I opened my mouth and he put his cockhead on my tongue. He was cut, no foreskin. Slowly but surely his cock expanded on my tongue. It must be at least 8 inches and a real nice thickness all the way from head to base.

"You are to wait for the first drop of pre-cum. After you taste that, you can go ahead and start sucking." What? What was this? He didn't want me to suck him right away. How was he going to start leaking pre-cum if I wasn't working his dick? His tone and statement did get me hard, though. It seemed he knew what to say, how to be in charge. I waited and waited. Zach just stared at me as I looked back at him or at his pretty cock. His cock would occasionally bounce on my tongue. He seemed capable of controlling it. He seemed focused and was not talking at all. I couldn't talk if I wanted to, my tongue hanging out and and mouth open. My mouth was drying out.

"You're like a dog with a treat on its nose. You can smell the treat you want, you might even be able to taste the sweat and sex of my cock, but you can't do anything until I say so, Timmy," he said at last. As he finished, my tongue finally felt moisture, a drop of pre-cum? The taste seemed familiar. I looked up and his eyes were closed. When he opened them he looked down at me.

"Your life in this room starts now, fag, at the head of my dick. Get to work," he said.

I thought about my knowledge of sucking cock, pleasing Ian, and began to lick around the head. I tickled his area under the cock. I placed my hand around the base of his cock to squeeze it to full hardness. Zach grabbed my hands and held them away from his body.

"I am in control, you don't need to touch me with anything except mouth or tongue," he informed me. "For right now, in this space, I own your face and you'll do as I want."

"Yes, Sir," I replied before I could stop myself. Fuck. I was learning the standard response for Ian too well. Zach chuckled.

"Yeah, you can call me Sir if you need to. Not my rule though, that's your rule I hear."

I went back to sucking. He kept my hands up and away from him for a while before he let go and I put them behind my back. When hard his cock angled up a little. It would be a challenge to get in all the way down my throat, but I wanted to try. I wanted to let him know I appreciated being able to sleep in the room. I wanted to please him for being so nice to me. It didn't matter because he grabbed my head with his hands and pulled me down on his dick and held my head tight against his crotch.

"Suck it, suck it, and when I cum you damn well better not swallow or spill any until I have given you permission, bitch. Nod if you understand," he said demandingly. I nodded as best I could my face jammed into his abs.

"Oh, Shit, you are good," he declared. "Ian said it would be a good blow." It pleased me that already he was enjoying it. He continued to hold my head and began pulling me on and pulling me off his cock. All the way down or just till he poked at my gullet, he controlled the action and pulled and pushed my head around to suit his need. It didn't take too long. He didn't seem to care at all of my comfort, just his pleasure. Knowing that sent a flush of warmth through me. I hadn't expected that.

His grip on my head tightened and he moaned. "Make me cum hard, bitch. Take my nut."

I almost was knocked back by the force of his cum shooting out of his dick. He splattered my tonsils but I knew better than to swallow. I was gagging and wanted to splutter but tried the best I could not to. Finally, he pulled out and I opened my mouth.

He took a hold on my chin with his hand and held me still. "Roll that load around on your tongue, Timmy. Savor it, get every corner of your mouth covered." I did as he wanted. "Good little bitch. Ready? Now swallow."

I swallowed. Holy crap he had a big load. I don't think even Ian came in the amount Zach just did.

"Oh yeah," he said and smiled down at me. "I'm going to enjoy having the use of your face. Now shut up and go to bed. I'm sleepy."

I got back on my bed and undressed. I covered myself up and wondered what the fuck I was doing here. How had being Ian's boy led me to being Zach's cocksucker? I needed to talk to Ian more about this. I wasn't sure this would work so well. Zach shut off the light when he was ready and soon I heard him snoring lightly.



"That one is pretty femme," he told me as he pointed at the camera. "Does he perform his tasks well?" he wanted to know.

"For the most part, yes he does. He comes with strong family ties. They want to see him happy and married."

"You know that is what I am seeking. I've seen him in some of the vids you sent me previously. Does he accept punishment well?"

"I do know your needs" I told him. "He cries after spankings at times and he pouts from time to time, but he generally accepts the punishments that are given him. He won't fight it, if that is what you are looking for. Not directly anyway."

"A bit of a queen, isn't he? Won't disagree to my face but may try to avoid the punishment on his own time?"

"Exactly. You seem to know your fags."

"I do," he agreed with a smile. "I have to say, I'm quite taken with his blonde hair. The pictures you sent don't do him justice. I like it long. His nipples are quite large too. Has he undergone any treatment for increasing his breast size?"

"No, though he did have his nipple area increased in size recently. He belonged to his natural father who's likes and dislikes were quite strong. Then that ended awhile ago."

"Ah, so his family ties are quite strong then, that is good. I wouldn't use any surgery to augment them, some simple natural foods or supplements can get a little bounce in them."

"Yes, but he has gotten over most of the separation issues. Nothing a good Man such as yourself wouldn't be able to finish, breaking the strong attachment, and I don't believe such augmentation would bother the family."

"Good to hear," he seemed pleased about Danny so far. "I like the possibility of her calling me Daddy, it is what my Mum would call my father before he died."

"I think in this case that would be completely appropriate. It would help her transfer some of those issues to you," I let him know.

"Excellent. And she doesn't mind being referred to as a girl?"

"Not in the least. I believe you will find him amenable to being cast in the wife role. Your specifications were quite clear that the fag be capable of assuming the role of your wife."

"Yes. To complete my inheritance, I must marry. Unlike here, my native country doesn't recognize a male as a bride, so he would have to be the girl.  My mother is not against me choosing the bride, however there will be an expectation of my bride to be going through my Mum's inspection as any bride from a traditional family undergoes. The fag will need to meet my mother's approval. I do not expect any difficulties attaining it, as long as the chosen fag realizes that she will play a very traditional wife, particularly when in India with my family."

"Believe me Mr. Mishra, you couldn't have chosen a better fag than that one, as far as her wishing to be seen as femme as possible. It has been part of her training all along."

"Oh, that is indeed good. I think I should meet her. Can we arrange the meeting as I suggested?"

"That sounds like fun. Would you like to have the occasion filmed; for yourself?"

"I think that sounds wonderful, I will enjoy watching it again later. This sort of marriage is highly forbidden these days, so I only wish to re-enact the part of the seduction against her wishes."

"What did you say this was called?"

"Paishacha, in Hindu culture. The girl is often drugged and can not resist, then she is forced into the encounter against her will. Traditionally she is then abducted and forced to marry the man. As this is the modern era, I won't do the latter part, I will of course be more than willing to meet the bride-price of the family. So you say they are amenable? I'm hoping she will have little recall of the event immediately after but will eventually get her memory of it back before we wed, I want her to remember the encounter. I also plan to leave her some herbs to take each day to increase the size of her breasts until they are small little handfuls that I find quite nice. They will go well with her large nipples."

"I will make sure that Danny gets the sleeping aid you provided for this evening. I will also speak to her family and make sure that they agree to the price we discussed. My fee of course is extra," I reminded him.

"Yes, of course, Mr. Johnson. If this goes as well as I imagine, it will be well worth it."


"Hello, Chuck McNeil." I said into the phone after I slid my finger across the screen.

"Chuck, Johnson here. I have a proposition for you, well, really to you, for Danny," he said. Johnson rarely beat around the bush, always direct.

"I have a very wealthy man who is interested in Danny. He has offered to pay a very good bride-price for him to become his wife." I still wasn't sure about this whole receiving money for Danny thing, but when he named the price, I had more interest.

"Seriously? Wow, that's a lot of money, Johnson. Is this some oil guy from the Mideast?" I asked

"No, actually he lives here in America. He's 29, runs a large international company left to him by his father. In order to fulfill the will of his old man he has to marry within a year of the guy's death and the time is getting closer. I've checked him out and the money is there. I can send you the report I had run on him, if you like."

"Yeah, do that Johnson. Do I get to meet him?"

"Of course, Chuck, what kind of place do you think I run here?" We both laughed at his joke. "Actually Danny will need to meet the family after arrangements are made to receive this guy's mother's approval, then the wedding will be in India. He has indicated all flight expenses for the immediate family will be included.

"Shit, Johnson, this didn't take long at all. I figured it would be awhile."

"Well, I can tell him no, if you want. He intends to go in and seduce Danny tonight, get him adjusted to the idea of marriage. It's pretty typical that the fags get fucked regularly here as you know. This wouldn't be all that different, just waiting until Danny is asleep before he goes in. Some Indian courting ritual I guess."

"How soon is this wedding planned?" I wondered. I wasn't set to head to India any time soon. Hell, I had no idea India was even a possibility, but I admitted quickly that a traditional place and role for Danny seemed a good match.

"Oh, hey, he says not until the spring. He intends to work on Danny for a while if tonight goes well. I'm just giving you the heads up."

"Shit, thank god," I let him know. I was no where near the point of telling the wife we are going to India to marry off the kid, or explain where I got the money to suddenly fly several people there for a long week of festivities. "I need to explain a few more things to Jan before I'm ready for that." Johnson chuckled.

No, no," Johnson repeated. "I'm giving you the heads up. This is a serious guy who has seen pics of Danny, came by to see more in person and is interested enough to test ride the girl and see if he wants to move forward."

I thought only briefly about it. It seemed like this was too good to be true, but I'd check the guy out and see what I thought. "Yeah, definitely, let him test ride her tonight," I told Johnson. "She always needs a good fuck anyway. Let's see if he thinks its still worth the price of admission." I cracked my self up over that comment.

"Great, this is good Chuck. I think this will be a chance to do Danny and you a good turn. This man seems really interested in her."

"Thanks, Johnson. I'll owe you if it pans out. Keep me updated" We exchanged our good-byes and I hung up the phone.

Fuck me up the ass, I thought. Danny could bring in a bride-price. Retirement might not be so far away as I had thought. I got up and did a little dance. I couldn't believe how life had changed in such a few short months. I wondered who this guy was and what he looked like. I honestly have to say, I hoped Danny put out well tonight for the guy.


Man, I felt drunk, only I hadn't drunk anything. There wasn't beer or anything available at the farm. But I swear I was drunk. I was having trouble walking and I was super happy and I know I was slurring my words. I didn't get it. I was eating dinner and then next thing I was moving in slow motion and thinking I was sleepy.

I started heading off to my room after dinner. It was early but I felt I just needed to sleep. Someone helped me out the door and then over to the bunkhouse. Some of the other fags were laughing, but I was laughing too. I didn't care. Whatever happened, happened. It was all good. I was at the farm.

I know I lay down but I don't recall falling asleep. At that point I am not sure what went on is a dream or my imagination or reality. It's way sexy though


"Danny! Danny!" I opened my eyes and tried to lift my head but it was too heavy.

"Danny. Look at me." The voice was whispered but insistent. Who was calling me? It was like a dream.

"uuueWwhooisit," I was sure I said Who is it but it didn't sound like that. I hated that dreams never made any sense. There was a guy there. He had on pajamas, no that wasn't right. No one wore pajamas at the farm. I was at the farm.

He stepped out of the pajamas and I saw his cock. His cock was large and thick and had a big foreskin that hung, even though I knew he was hard. I tried to look up at his face but it was too dark. Then he removed his pajama top and I saw his chest. He was muscular and tight and furry. He was gorgeous. I lay back down, but the guy in my dream grabbed my hair and pulled my head up.

"Look at me. This is your future," he said. Dreams were so weird. I rolled over on my back. No he moved me on my back. I was on my back, he hovered over me. He was dark, that is why I couldn't see his face. "You are beautiful, Danny. So beautiful."

That made me smile and I tried to speak but it was a dream and I didn't seem to be able to talk. He lowered his cock to my face and I opened my mouth and took his cock in. He said  I was beautiful and I wanted to please him. He was so hard and firm. The foreskin was so long. I ran my tongue inside it and the head it protected was moist and musky tasting. I tried to sit up but I couldn't It was like being weighed down on my bed, so I just let him push his cock in my mouth further and further.

"You will make a beautiful wife, Danny. We will be very happy together." Mmmmm, he wanted to get married. I wanted to be married. His cock got bigger and suddenly filled my throat. He was shoving it down my throat. He seemed so large. Things seem to be more enhanced in a dream and it seemed his cock was impossibly large.

He pulled his cock out and smacked it on my face. He yanked my head up by my hair and I almost seemed awake now. He held it steady with his one hand and smacked my face with his cock and then shoved it back in my throat. He pulled my head up and down on his cock and it stretched my throat each time he plunged it in.

"This is our wedding, Danny. Once I have forced this consummation, in the history of my people, you are my bride." How crazy I thought. I will be married once he fucks me. It was an incredible thought. I felt happiness wash across me, marriage, I wanted this to be a great fuck, I dreamt.  He pulled his cock out and threw my head back on the bed. "Turn over you little bitch." I tried and tried to turn over but I was so heavy. Eventually he roughly flipped me over and pulled my hips up so I was sort of flopped over on my legs with my ass in the air. He climbed up on the bed and pushed his cock toward my hole.

Lube! Lube I thought to myself. Then he shoved his hand under my nose and I smelled something very strong and chemical as I inhaled. Then it was like a wave of warmth and when he smacked my ass it only felt good. Two, no three hard smacks and then an incredible feeling of warmth as it seemed his cock divided the world when he shoved it inside me. I was able to moan. I heard myself moan loudly.

"That's it my little bitch. You can make sound. Your pussy is so warm and you are not needing any lube. It wouldn't be forcing myself on you if I used lube and I don't believe you needed it."

He was forcing himself on me! But it was a dream and dreams are never like real life. This was nothing like Mr. Wolf raping me. This guy wanted me to be his wife. I wanted to take it, I thought to myself because it meant marriage. I kept thinking that over and over. There was that smell again as he pulled my head back and shoved his hand under my nose. And another longer wave of pure pleasure drove through my body as he fucked me hard. The fuck was incredible and he kept telling me how he loved it and I would soon be his wife by ancient tradition.

For a third time he shoved that chemical under my nose and I swear I was going to pass out. Can you pass out in a dream? Then he told me he was going to breed me and the waves of pleasure started again. It was as if he was flooding my ass with warm water. Hot flashes filled my body and head. I came too. I swear I came. Then he was setting me back down on my tummy, pulling my legs out from under me, and pulling my blanket over me. I tried to reach for whoever it was but I was so heavy and exhausted. He kissed me on the lips and said he would be back for me soon.


I woke up early the next morning. My head was clear and I felt so well rested. I went to bed so early last night. I don't know what I ate or what was going on, but now it didn't matter because I felt great. I turned to get out of bed and felt a wetness between my legs. I reached around and felt my pussy. I was leaking. Damn it! Did I get fucked last night? I didn't remember it, if I did. I sniffed at my fingers. It was simply a cum smell to me, I couldn't associate it with anyone by the smell, I knew Daddy's smell.

Wait a second, I thought. I had a dream of getting fucked. I felt again and the whole area around my pussy was wet. I must have leaked a lot; some stuff was already dry so it happened some time ago. When I pulled my self up to stand I saw a bottle with pills in it and a note.

"Danny, take two pills every morning and two again every dinner. I will be back soon my wife," the note said.

Shit, maybe it wasn't a dream of getting fucked last night. Who would call me their wife? Why did he leave these pills? I put the pills with my clothes. I got a quick shower and I took two pills out of the bottle before I went up to the kitchen area. I wasn't sure why, but I wanted to take them. Who fucked me? I woke up leaking but I couldn't seem to remember much and the dream was fuzzy. But I felt so good that I didn't think too much. Thinking just got me in trouble. If someone fucked me and left the pills to take, I would do it. Mr. Johnson would never let anyone in if he didn't know who it was, so I just knew if the pills were there, I should take them.

"Danny," Mr. Johnson said as I sat down. "I have a new job for you. It's at a local company. Mail room work. Sorting and delivering Think you can handle it?"

"Sure Mr. Johnson, that would be great." Wow, that would be amazing. I didn't mind the farm but I would love to get out more and do something besides cook or shovel shit. "How will I get there though?" I didn't have a car or anything.

"Here, take these," he said as he tossed me some keys. "There's a scooter in the big barn. You can use that for now." He gave me an address and said I would start first thing the next day. This WAS a great day. Feeling good and a chance to show I could do something besides this farm work all the time. I popped the pills I had found into my mouth and drank them down with some water.

I got up early the next morning and headed out early to get to work. Mr. Johnson had only told me the basics; mailroom, temporary, important company. I wanted to be there early and make a good impression. I hoped it could be something more than temporary. I didn't dislike the farm, it was safe, but I wanted to meet men and find a husband.

That thought made me recall the dream from the night before. It dawned on me in that dream the guy who fucked me kept calling me his wife. How weird. I know I got fucked, but I had not figured out who yet. Mr. Sasquatch swore it wasn't him. I believed him because he had never done anything like that before.

I arrived at Mishra Industries about 7:45, I had to be there by 8 Johnson had told me. I looked around at signs and figured out where human resources was located and I went there. I sat down and waited as no one seemed to be there yet. I had on basic women's khaki pants, a navy polo style shirt that had a logo of a farm and said Johnson Temporaries. It was like Billy's clothes he used at my folks that indicated he worked for Johnson. I still had no idea how many things Mr. Johnson had going business wise. I did accounting basics sometimes but I never really had a full picture. It was way above my head.

Mr. Johnson said to appear my normal self, but I wanted to make a good impression so I did my nails last night, just a silky gloss top coat. My hair was pulled back into a ponytail so it would stay out of my face. My earrings were just fake diamond studs, no big hoops or anything. I didn't wear any other jewelry. I only had a bare hint of eyeliner on. My shoes were just your basic flats; I think they worked for me as boy shoes or more girly shoes depending on what else I wore. I looked like any hundreds of people going to work I figured. I wanted to appear femme and not like a guy at all. I wanted to be seen as single and available. Mr. Johnson hadn't said to do any of that, I just chose it. Even a fag on the farm got to choose a few things if the rules didn't say otherwise. I was happy to be out of the work boots usually required on the farm.

A woman walked in and looked over at where I was sitting.

"Good Morning. I will be right with you. Let me put my lunch in the break room," she told me.

"Yes Ma'am," I replied smiling at her.

When she returned she asked me to follow her back to her office. I guess she was someone more important than whoever sat out front. That desk was still empty.

"So, welcome to Mishra Industries. We are a large international company with many different businesses. We aren't the biggest office for the company but we are probably the most important location aside from the headquarters in India," she let me know. "I say that because Mr. Mishra, the owner, has an office here and is generally around quite a bit. You will need to keep a clean professional appearance and demeanor at all times wherever you are assigned to work."

"Yes, Ma'am," I replied again. I was feeling a little nervous and I kept brushing my hair back over my ears. It has become a habit and I caught myself doing it again before I could stop. I hope she didn't see my nervousness.

"I think, seeing your appearance today, you will do fine in that area." She smiled nicely at me.

"Thank you Ma'am," I replied.

"Okay let's get down to the business of getting you set up then. I'm Mrs. Drake. You will be starting in the mailroom. We usually start all the temporaries in jobs that will help you understand the size of the company. You will be responsible to the supervisor of that area, Mr. Schmitt. They handle sorting all incoming mail, packages from the delivery companies, and internal communications. They also distribute the various items to the different offices in the buildings. Mr. Schmitt will probably give you a variety of assignments over the couple of weeks that we will need you in that area. Someone is out sick and you will be there at least three weeks. After that we can not promise anything. Your employer," she looked over her glasses at me, "Johnson's Temporaries knows this."

"That reminds me, although we appreciate that your employer provides a company shirt, you will not need to wear it. We provide the same benefit and even as a temp, you will be expected to wear the company provided shirts." She got up and went to another cubicle then returned with a red shirt. She handed it to me and I took it from her. "The ladies room is down that hall," she pointed off in a direction. "You can go change now, if you would."

"Certainly, Ma'am," I replied. She thought I was a girl! Wow. Should I say something? Would I get in trouble if I let them think I was a girl? Should I use the women's room? I got more nervous as I went in the direction she pointed. When I got to the women's room I saw that the men's room was just a little further down the hall. Well, I told myself, here goes nothing. I pushed open the door of the women's room. Another lady was just leaving and I think I startled her with the door. I didn't look at her directly and went into one of the stalls immediately. I could feel my heart pounding and so I changed shirts quickly. I didn't see that I looked that much of a girl. I didn't have the hips girls have, I didn't have boobs, but my nipples were protruding nicely so perhaps that was enough. Mom had been saying I looked girly the other day. I had indeed been given a blouse. The buttons were on the opposite side of where men's shirt buttons were sewn on. Mrs. Drake really figured I was a girl. It was thrilling and scary at the same time. I decided just to go with it and see what happened.

"Much better," Mrs Drake let me know when I returned. "I mean, not that your shirt wasn't fine, we just like the employees in our corporate wear."

"I understand Ma'am. It's not a problem."

"You are responsible for cleaning and pressing it. If you stop by later today, I can get you a couple others so you don't have to do the wash every day. That way you won't have to carry them around all day."

"Thank you, Mrs. Drake." She smiled again over her glasses at me.

She set several pieces of paper in front of me. "These are the usual employment forms we require. You can start filling them out so we can pay Johnson's Temporaries properly for your work here. We handle only paying your agency. They are responsible for paying you."

"Yes, Ma'am.

"I will go get you a name tag. All employees wear a name tag here. What is your full name?

"Danny McNeil," I told her. She had a pen and paper and was ready to write.

"Is that short for Danielle?" she asked.

"Uhm, no, it's just Danny," I told her. "D A N N," I coughed a moment, "excuse me. D A N N I,  M C capital N E I L."

"Thank you, I'll be right back with your tag." She left to go wherever tags came from and I filled out the paperwork. I spelled my name Danni. Mr. Johnson wouldn't care. I would explain that the lady thought I was a girl and that spelling seemed better somehow. If anything, he would get a kick out of it, I figured. It made me no less nervous though. What if I didn't pass? What if someone clocked me? Had I made the right decision? Fuck, I hated decisions. I would rather just have someone tell me what to do. Then in hit me. Mrs. Drake had told me what to do. She said use the ladies room. So I just followed her directions. That made me feel a little less nervous. It was a bit exciting though too, to think I was being seen as a girl. I wonder what being treated like a girl would be like?

I continued thinking as I filled out paperwork. I felt more comfortable being seen as a single girl. I didn't need to try hard at it. When I tried being a guy growing up it was tough. I was nowhere near as good pretending to be a guy as I was pretending to be a girl. I could live with confusing people with my gender. Doing the nails and a bit of makeup just added to the fun for me. I could live with the results, right? I answered my own question with a yes.

Mrs. Drake was back and she handed me my Mishra Industries name tag.

"Here you go. All the papers filled out?"

"Yes, Ma'am. Here they are." I turned them back over to her.

"Well let me take you over to the mail area, it isn't really a room. I will introduce you to Mr. Schmitt and then I'll be gone. Stop by later for your extra shirts or if Schmitt is coming over later he can pick them up for you."

"Thank you, Mrs. Drake.

"You're so polite, Danni. I think you'll do fine. Don't be nervous," she told me and smiled. I followed her out of human resources and tried to keep pace with her walk to to the mail area.

The rest of the day was spent following around Mr. Schmitt. Trying to remember everything he said. He knew by name which building held which people, he showed me how to use the postage machines, he took me through several buildings and offices, then we repeated it. It seemed like it was a cycle. He told me to run some letters through the postage machine. So I tried to remember everything he said and it seemed to go okay. He looked at the letters as they started coming out stamped and addressed. He seemed okay with the work and he wandered off somewhere. He hadn't said a thing to me about anything but work. I wondered if he thought I was a girl too? If they did maybe I could keep wearing more girly things, well as long as I wore the company shirt. I had a nice navy skirt I took from Stacey's closet to go with that.

There was a huge stack of things to post and address. My mind wandered as I kept doing the work. I hadn't set out purposefully to be more and more girly. It just seemed natural. The more I gave in to pleasing men in my life, at home, at the farm, the more I felt comfortable in showing a side I didn't really know was there. I didn't feel like a girl, I mean I didn't actively think about being a girl physically, but I did like inhabiting this space in between, I really loved women's clothes more than men's clothes. I knew more than ever that I wasn't a guy, but I also knew clearly I wasn't a girl. I was a fag and I was a sissy. So what if I came off as a girl to some people. Daddy always called me his good girl after he figured things out about me. He even said I was like a new daughter to him. Being a fag who looked and acted more like a girl just seemed the right thing for me. It seemed others thought so too. No one at this place had any problem with me looking like a girl. They hadn't said anything, if they had even guessed. I shook my head, wow, I better pay attention to this job, I didn't want to fuck it up I thought. I was going to learn more here not just skill wise, but more about me.