Becoming a Boy 43

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"McNeil, that is one fine fag you have," Gialamas told me when I got to the locker. "I'd fuck that pussy anytime I get a chance."

"I do," I told him and we had a chuckle. He handed over his bag of weed and we fist bumped.

"Anytime I can get a piece of that, let me know,"

"Will do," I said, but I doubted I would offer it up to him again. I was betting Timmy learned what I wanted him to learn from this one time. And I really didn't want other guys getting used to having a piece of him.

Jack was already dressed and he headed out. I couldn't spot the skinny kid anywhere and the other guy was walking out as I glanced up. No need to say anything, he had a smile on his face.

Timmy came back after a couple of minutes and sat on a bench. I was mostly dressed and he looked up at me.

"Why? Why did you do that?" he asked. He didn't whine really, but clearly it was a question of confusion. "Why?"

"Get dressed, Timmy, Let's go," I said.

"But, why?"

"Shut up, Timmy." I spoke sharply. "Let's go. We can talk on the walk home."

He started moving so I left him there and went out front and waited. After a couple minutes he came out and looked around to see who else was watching. No one was watching, everyone who had participated was long gone, but he didn't know that.

"Come on," I said. "You have things to do today." He looked at me and quickly followed me out onto the street.

"Why did you do that," he asked again when we started walking.

I looked over at him, he was looking at me for answers, but I wanted him to come up with the answers.

"Why do you think I did it?" I asked him back.

He looked away and down. He didn't say anything. So I prompted him again. "Why did I do that, Timmy?"

"Because you can," was his response.

"Well, yeah," I responded. "Obviously I can do that, but why else WOULD I do it? What did you learn from that?"

He looked up at me again, searching for something in my eyes I guess. I put my arm around his shoulder and gave it a squeeze. I smiled at him.

"I love cock," he whispered and looked around to see who else might be on the sidewalk listening.

"Excuse me? I didn't quite hear you, boy."

"I really love cock, Sir," he said louder. "It felt really good. I didn't want it to, but it did. It didn't matter that I didn't know them, it was totally humiliating, but I loved their cocks in me. I loved getting fucked at both ends. I'm so embarrassed to tell you this, but I loved taking their cum." A tear ran down his cheek followed by a second.

"Don't start with the water works, boy. You learned exactly what you needed to learn. What I wanted you to know. You love cock, any cock. It isn't just mine, though I know you love mine more than anyone else's."

He continued looking at me. He didn't shed any other tears. He kept waiting for me to continue I guess.

"You're a faggot, Timmy. You needed to feel what that is like. You needed to accept that you need cock. I think you did in the gym. You had been hiding some of that. There is no reason to not accept it now. I think now you know given the chance, if I allow it, you'd suck and get fucked by anyone." I smiled at him, but I think the weight of my words was hammering home what he had already been thinking.

"I'm a faggot," he repeated. "I'm a slut for cock," he said more to himself than to me.

"You love being treated like that too," I told him.

"No! No, I can't be like that," he suddenly insisted. "I'm not some slutty fag."

I quickly slid my arm off his shoulder and stuck my hand into his skimpy blue shorts I had him wearing. I slid a couple fingers into his pussy. It was really stretched out I noted from Jack's cock. He jumped at the intrusion. He stopped walking and and told me to stop that. I pulled my fingers out and stuck them up to his face.

"Suck," was all I said. He looked around quickly, but opened his mouth and I stuck them in. He sucked them clean. "You're a cock slut, Timmy. A real faggot now. I helped change you from who you thought you were into the fagboy you have always been. Now stop denying it."

Another tear formed at the corner of one eye. "Don't cry," I stated again. "It doesn't make you look goodÉand it doesn't change the truth. I may repeat this lesson a few times, if I feel you need to be reminded."

He sniffled, but we started walking again. "But why did you piss on me?

"oh, well I did that because I wanted to, and because I could."

"I didn't wantÉ"

"Shut up," I told him. "You loved it. I saw you shoot your wad when I was pissing. You probably never thought about anyone doing that, yet you loved that I was doing it and you shot your load. Get over it. That too will be repeated."

"I'm a faggot. I'm a slut," he repeated, his head hanging in what I guessed was some internal shame. I would have to work on building up his sense of self now that he was broken down pretty well. Frankly I didn't see being a fag or slut as shameful, and if I have my way, Timmy won't either.

"You're a good boy, Timmy. I wouldn't want you any other way." I said. "I love your open pussy, I love your tight throat, the way that you know who you are now and the fact you want my cock over any others. What more could a Man like me want out of a faggot? Now let's get you home before Jack's load leaks out of your cunt and runs down your leg here on the street."

That got the response I wanted as he picked up the pace and we got back to the house before I could see anything running down his leg.


Daddy Devish played with my ass. His hands were squeezing the globes of my ass as we lay in bed together. He was spooning me. His hands roamed up onto my chest and he tweaked my nipples.

"Oowwwww, holy moly," I squealed. Why the hell did those hurt so much. The piercings had healed months ago.

"What's wrong my little girl?" Daddy asked.

"I don't know, Sir. My nipples are just really sore," I told him.

"Let me feel them," he said. "I will be gentle." He proceeded to knead around my nipples and gently squeeze around them, I really noticed how tender they were right then. "I believe everything is going well, Danni. They are just the way they should be."

"Then why are they so sore all of a sudden?" I remembered how tender they were the other day as I bumped into a corner of a cabinet at the farm, I had just figured I caught it at the right angle.

"You are simply developing breasts, Danni. It is the inevitable result of the pills I left for you to take the night when I first fucked you," Daddy explained.

It was amazing how easy it had been to start calling him Daddy. It felt right to call the man who set my rules and life in order Daddy.

"Breasts?? Seriously? You want me to have boobs?" I had a hard time believing that. I mean people talked about that stuff, but I wasn't sure. "Those pills are hormones?"

"No, no. I don't want you on hormones, you would lose the function of your little nuts and dick. I simply want you to develop your chest some, Danni. Some cute bouncy little A cups breasts would be beautiful," he explained. He rolled me over and stared into my eyes, which caused me to calm down and listen to him. "I want you to be my wife. A wife has breasts, Danni. I don't think that is too much to ask, and I am not wanting large pendulous boobs, but just some small little breasts that will fit your body."

I looked at him for what seemed a long time. "So, it's really important for you that I have breasts," I stated. "I had thought about boobs for a little while, I thought it might make me more attractive for guys. already decided for me and started them growing?"

"That's right, baby. I made the decision for you, so you didn't have to think about it."

I threw my arms around Mr. Mishra and started bawling. I don't know why. It just made me so happy to hear him tell me that he would make the decisions and I could just be me, be a good girl for him. "I'm sorry, I'm just really happy," I told him. I felt the warmth and fuzziness of his chest. I just held onto him for a short bit and had my cry. He petted my head and my back and soon I settled down again. "Thank you for deciding things," I said after my little outburst. "I really needed to know that you will decide things. I may complain some times," I added "but I really want you to be in charge of stuff."

"Awww, Danni. Of course you do. It's natural for a good boy to want his Man to be in charge. You are just so sweet. I know I made the right choice of you for my wife. I just want to get you all set for the big day so that no one questions your nature as my wife."

"Thank you. I mean it, Daddy. I'm so happy right now."

"I want to be clear Danni. I don't want a woman. I simply want a boy with breasts. I like the fact you have a little dick and that I will control it. I just want to add little breasts to get the look right for you. I can't imagine you not having a little something up top that matches your little something down below."

Oh my gosh! He understood me totally! It WOULD look good for me. I had thought so, but I guess I was waiting for a man to decide for me. Now, the decision was made and I was already developing he said!

"So how big will they be? How long does it take?" I wondered what an A cup looked like or what I would look like after they started growing more.

"Well, that depends on your body and what I like, Danni. Obviously it isn't overnight. I will know when they are big enough, and we will stop the pills at that point."

"Oh, of course." That made perfect sense. He would make them as big as he wanted them.

"Have you been taking them every day, as I directed?"

"I have!" I told him. "I wasn't sure what they were but, well I just really thought I should do it because that dream was so real and vivid. Now I know it wasn't even a dream." He smiled and held me tighter. "I thought it was stuff Johnson had left for me to take."

"No, Johnson knows about it of course, but it's my decision, and what I expect," he said calmly and clearly.

"So does my Daddy know?" I wondered.

"Not yet, Danny. He knows I am pursuing you, and he approved of that much. It seems it is probably time for me to speak to him about marriage. To ask him properly."

"Oh," a thought crossed my mind, "I better talk to them first, let my Mom know that I, well that I feel more comfortable at times dressed as a girl. I haven't told her that yet. I think she will freak out."

"Daddy Devish pulled me close into his arms. "Don't worry little one," he said. "I'll be right here and you will be okay. I'm sure she will be happy for you, if you are happy."

With that said and decided, Daddy laid me down on the bed and moved over me. He lifted and spread my legs and he aimed his large cock at my hole. There was no spit on his dick and although we had fucked last night, we had only woke up a little before and I was a bit afraid I might not be moist enough for this. I whimpered a little as he began to enter me.

"Shhhh," he told me. "Just enjoy it."

Slowly but surely he began entering me. I relaxed as much as possible and he did the rest. Really I couldn't believe how good it felt. I swear each inch of his cock felt like heaven as he pushed continuously until he was fully inside me. My butthole was so sensitive I could feel him slipping in the whole way. His cock passed over my p-spot and I shuddered a little, making him smile down at me.

"See? No problem whatsoever," he told me. "Your pussy is as smooth as silk Danni. I love that you open right up and still clamp down on me and massage my cock." Of course that is indeed what I was doing even as he was telling me. It was an automatic reaction now. It was my pussy and it had been created for cock. I felt warm inside now. I knew I was going to receive a load of cum and I knew how good that would feel when I did. Why did they call this the missionary position? Whose mission was it? Why did I think all sorts of crazy things when a Man was inside me?

Daddy bent over and started licking at my nipples. He placed his hands over my wrists and held them down against my sides. His cock continued its slow pumping inside me. I moaned as he started. "Ohhhhh, godddddd, oh shit Daddy! That's feels so good." It was like they were extra sensitive. Maybe it was the pills he had me taking? Maybe it was because I was growing breasts? Who knew? All I could say is that it seemed my nipples were directly connected to my pleasure points and I started squirming as he started attending to them.

"That's it," he said. "I love to drive my baby crazy." He kept up at it and soon I was begging and moaning for him to stop.

"Stop! Please Daddy, stop!" I called out. "You're driving me crazy!" When he did stop though it drove me crazy too. "No, no don't stop." Couldn't I make up my mind? "Oh god it feels so good." His mouth went back to my nipples and he continued sucking and nibbling and licking on them. My moaning sounded like a girl. I could hear myself all high pitched and squealing. "Yes, yes oh god, why does it feel so good?"

Daddy Devish's cock was deep in me and he kept going in and out so slowly. It was a wonderful torture. He finally stopped licking and sucking on my nipples and lifted my legs onto his shoulders. I got to see his broad furry chest. I reached out to run my hands over it but couldn't quite reach it, so I started playing with my nipples. They were so tender, but I loved the feeling.

"That's it girl, touch yourself gently," he said. He never did pick up his pace much, but he pulled all the way back and went all the way in with such steadiness that it was driving me crazy. I could feel all 9 inches of him moving slowly in and out, never leaving my pussy fully. Every stroke around my nipples tingled in my clit and my pussy. It was unbelievable. I had never felt such sensitivity in my own body.

"I will do this to you a lot baby. I want you to get used to feeling this way. I want you to enjoy lovemaking the way a woman should," he said.

"Oh, Daddy. It's so good. I love your cock!" My hips were grinding too. I was out of control, humping back at his cock, trying to get him to really move faster but he just kept his steady pace as I thrashed around. I was building to an orgasm, I could tell. I clamped his cock inside me and tried to not let him pull it back. I twisted my hips and lightly ran my fingertips over my nipples. I could feel tingling all up and down my body and my clit was so soft and then it came.

"Ohhhhhhhh, ohhhh, Daddy. I'm, I'm cummmmmmingggggg," I wailed. I left my nipples alone and grabbed his thighs. I pulled him deep and ground my ass on his cock. It felt so intense. If this is what a woman felt like, then I was in heaven. My whole body was tingling from my nipples to my pussy. I knew I loved getting my holes pounded, but Daddy drove me crazy with his patient gentle thrusting. I would always want more of this treatment. "Oohhh, god, ohhhhh, fuck, Daddy. You're so good to me."

"I know baby. You deserve a good fuck like that." He leaned forward and took my nipples in his mouth one at a time. He slurped on them and flicked his tongue at them while I shuddered and my head moved side to side on the bed. Finally, it passed. Devish reached down to my clit and scooped up some of my juice I had released. He stuck his fingers to my lips and I devoured them like they were his cock. I sucked on his fingers as he repeated feeding me my own cum a couple more times. I guess I had a big release there.

"Your pussy is so wet Danni. I think you must cum inside your hole too," he told me smiling. "Now I am going to fill you with my seed. I'm going to give you what you need, my girl."

He never did pick up speed but he did begin to moan as he fucked me. It was no problem for me at all to take him after I had cum. I sometimes hated cumming first because I could lose interest, but not now, not with my husband. I loved it. I kept squirming and twisting and feeling every bit of that beautiful dick. I wanted it to go on forever.

"Danni, I am cumming," he announced simply. I did feel him harden. I used my muscled cunt to pull that load out of him and he groaned almost silently and he drove deep and left it there, his back arching backwards as he pulsed inside me, emptying his nuts. It was a view I wanted to see all the time, his muscled body over me, his cock buried in me. Oh my god, I think I loved this man.


I could hear Jan in the basement massage space. Her moans and final orgasm induced wail were a sign Billy had again given her something she needed. Something I needed. I needed her to live a little, to have some of her own fun.

She had initially been hesitant to go back for another massage with Billy but after a week it happened. We had fucked like bunnies during that week. She seemed to need cock more than ever. She never said, but I think she was afraid to admit she enjoyed Billy hands bringing her to orgasm. I continued to tell her it was fine. I didn't mind that he had done that, that she had enjoyed it. I shared with her that he had also done the same thing to me, well, given the physical differences, he had brought me off too. She seemed a little shocked but she was more focused on her own feeling that she had let me down, that somehow she had violated our monogamy agreement.

I made it absolutely clear that she had done no such thing. I had no problem with Billy giving a massage and providing her release. I hoped that she would go back and by the sounds of it, she had. It was all in my plan. Eventually she would wonder what Billy could do with other parts of his body besides his hands. I honestly had no problem if he used his tongue and lips on her pussy, but the moment it moved to where his cock got involved, I would swoop in and put a stop to it.

I know Billy understood there was a limit, but I had never discussed it with him. It was important to keep him as much in the dark as Jan was. If it got to the point where either of them suggested or actually did the full act, both of them would suffer the punishment. I had every intention of making Billy my fuck toy and this was the way I saw it playing out. I hoped I was right.


There was a box sitting in the pile of mail that someone had put in front of the door to Zach's room. It was from Amazon and addressed to me. I hadn't ordered anything so I figured maybe Mom had sent an early Christmas present. When I opened it I was seriously wrong.

Someone had ordered me a pair of really short shorts. There was no name attached on the order sheet, and it was listed as a gift. Only the frat brothers saw me wearing tiny shorts! I bet it was Ian and he was goofing around. I put on my frat outfit of a thong, cut-offs, and tight t-shirt and went to his room and knocked.

"Come in," he said in response. "Hey boy," he smiled as I walked in. "S'up with you?"

"Sir, did you order these shorts for me?" I asked and showed him the truly tiny pair of blue jeans shorts. They were women's extra-large, it said on the tag. He took them in his hands and held them up to my waist. Then he laughed. A lot.

"No, I didn't. It doesn't say on the receipt?" He took the paper from my hands and looked at it. "Seems that you have a fan, Timmy. Someone ordered you a nice pair of shorts. You better get those old ones off and get into these."

"Sir!" I tried to protest. "These are obscene! Please don't make me do that. I don't even know who it was."

"It's okay, boy," was all he gave as a response. "Someone likes you in those tight shorts around here. They took the time and their money to send you a gift. You need to give them what they want and wear them proudly."


"No buts, Timmy. I've already decided. I like the idea of one of the bros buying you a gift. I think it is cute that someone is sweet on you. It's like a guy buying his girl some negligŽe that he wants to see her in."

"Ian. Sir. I don't want anyone else's attention. I hate being on display all the time. I feel so, so well, objectified." I didn't even know I knew that word. But that is how I felt sometimes. It just made Ian crack up when I said it.

"That's hilarious, Timmy. Of course they objectify you. You're dressed up like a boy slut and they like looking at you."

"Why do I have to dress like this?" I whined. "I just want your cock and just want you to see me in stuff like this. Hell, if it were my choice, I wouldn't even wear this slutty stuff," I told him. He didn't look happy when I said that. I flinched expecting a hand to my face. Instead he grabbed me and pulled me over to where he sat and then forced me over his lap. Then he began spanking me.

"Ouch, ouch, that hurts! Stop it. I struggled to get away but he held my neck down with one of his hands and used the other hand to spank me. I hadn't been spanked in years, since one of my folks did it.

"Stop fighting, Timmy. This is a lesson. Don't ever complain about how I want you dressed. You will learn to like the attention you are receiving from Men and you will like the clothes that I or other Men buy for you."

"Ouch, okay, okay! I'm sorry, Sir. I'm sorry," I announced. Jeez, he really whacked hard on my ass. I was glad I had my shorts on.

"I know you are sorry, but I still need to do this Timmy. I need you to learn obedience and respect for my decisions." He continued to pummel my ass until he was satisfied. I didn't think he was ever going to stop. I didn't cry, I know he hated that, but I wanted to after a while. I had no idea how long it went on and had gotten to where I was numb and getting used to his hand hitting my ass when he stopped finally. It took me a minute to realize he had released my neck and stopped beating my ass.

"Get up," he said sharply. I stood up and rubbed my ass. It really stung. I was really still surprised he had done this. "On your knees," he ordered. I dropped to my knees. "Open up," he said, so I opened my mouth. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Even soft Ian's cock was impressive, at least six inches just hanging there. I could practically feel my mouth begin to water, thinking about the 10 inches it would get to full size. I hadn't intended to suck him, but if spanking me got him wanting a blow job, maybe that was okay.

He took a hold of his cock and pointed it at my mouth and all of a sudden he started pissing. My mouth automatically closed and his piss sprayed me briefly until he stopped.

"Spill any more in here and you suck it up off the floor," he told me. "Now open your damn mouth and let me finish what I started." Thoughts flooded my brain. Why would he piss in my mouth? Why was he all of a sudden pissing on me? "You are going to open your mouth and keep it open while I piss, I don't care if you don't want to or not. I expect this from my boy. When your mouth is full, you will swallow it and thank me."

How was I supposed to swallow with my mouth open? How was I supposed to swallow at all? It was fucking piss. I had already gotten my ass beaten, I didn't want to face another round of that but I didn't really want to drink piss either. After a few seconds I opened my mouth and stared at him. He started pissing again. My mouth was filling up with his heavy smelling and tasting piss.

Just as suddenly as he started he stopped. He didn't even lose a drop out of his cock head. "Swallow, boy. Now!!" I looked up at him and his eyes were glaring at me. He didn't look angry but he looked very determined. Somehow I knew I better do as he said or I would get worse than the spanking. I closed my lips and I swallowed. It was disgusting and I know I made a face.

"Open!" he said again. My eyes pleaded with him. "Don't make me say it again, boy," he warned and so I opened my mouth. He started pissing again. This time he moved forward and lay his cock on my tongue and continued pissing. "Close your mouth and drink up, Timmy."

I closed my lips around his dick and he continued pissing. I tried as best as I could to keep up swallowing as he pissed. It was disgusting at first. All warm and salty and I don't know. It just was awful. At first. But as he kept pissing in my mouth I realized it came from Ian. It came from his cock. And it didn't taste so bad. I looked up again and he was smiling. He seemed happy. His eyes were still steely and focused but he was smiling. This was pleasing him. He wanted to be doing this and he wanted me to be doing that I was doing and it got better.

"That's it, boy. Drink up. Nourishment for your soul," he told me. "Whatever comes out of my cock is good. It is to nourish you. You should thank me for whatever comes out of my cock." I don't know why but that made some sense to me. It was his cock and what came out fed me. I can't believe his words had that effect on me but they did. I suddenly wanted what came out of his cock, including his piss. As he continued pissing his cock got hard. My dick got hard. The look on his face transformed how I thought of what he was doing, of what he had me doing. Soon it was over and his cock was fully erect and laying on my tongue, waiting my attention I figured. After I swallowed the last of his piss I began licking around his cockhead and working my tongue under his foreskin. He let out an appreciative moan and I knew I had done the right thing.

"You're going to wear those shorts, Timmy. Right after you are finished drinking my load. You get into those shorts. You got that?" I nodded in agreement. I didn't want to but it was important for Ian, obviously, seeing as how he beat my ass and all.

"You like drinking my piss?" he asked. I shook my head no, then changed my mind and nodded yes, as I was working on swallowing his cock. I didn't then I did. It tasted awful at first but then it changed. It was hot and came from his cock. I didn't know what to think anymore. Ian told me something and I believed it. He just laughed as I was shaking my head all over.

He placed his hand on the back of my head and pulled me onto his dick. "You were such a little whore yesterday, Timmy. I was real proud of you, taking all that cock and cum at the gym. It takes a real slut to give up their ass and mouth at the same time in a public place." I can't believe he said he was proud of me. I hated that I had done that. I did it because he said to do it. He made me do it. and yet, I was proud that he was pleased. I didn't like that part. I liked pleasing him but I wished he wouldn't humiliate me that way. But then he just humiliated me again by making me drink his piss. Maybe I really liked the things he did to me. They never harmed me, and he was always proud of me when I did them.

"Timmy, you are doing so well, adjusting to being my boy. I know there is a lot to think about and a lot to learn." He pulled my hair back and his cock came out of my throat and I gasped for a breath. Then he pulled me back down on it again. "You will adjust. Just know I am pleased when you do what I say and you will get used to showing everyone who you are. It will get better."

I wasn't sure what he meant it would get better. Lately it had been humiliating. How was that better? Wasn't it enough to have a private thing with Ian and know that I loved getting his cock? He kept pumping away at my face and I lost myself in the regular motion of his dick. I thought back to what seemed like forever ago and how it had hurt like hell to take his dick in my throat and how I thought he would split my lips or throat open. Now, his hardness just slid effortlessly inside my gullet. My lips no longer felt like they would split open. I hardly gagged at all anymore. It was better when I finally figured out I wanted him and his dick. I wondered if my lips had gotten bigger since I had started sucking off Ian.

"Giving yourself to someone like me is going to bring changes, boy. You need to accept all that goes with that. I will be here to keep an eye on you. I won't do anything to you that you can't handle." I continued to look up at Ian as often as I could. It helped to see his face and watch his eyes as he pleasured himself. My tongue flicked along the head of his cock and on the space just under the piss opening. When he had me all the way buried in his pubes I did my best to stick my tongue out and lick at his nuts as he liked.

"I thought initially that I would just keep you all to myself, but I realized that is selfish of me. The more control I gain over you, the more I want to show people who I am and who you are. I'm proud of you Timmy. I'm proud to let people know that you belong to me. I hope that makes sense, boy because that is the direction I am going and I expect you to follow my lead. I never thought about being a true master of a fag until you showed me how enjoyable and natural is is for me, Timmy."

His dick was hardening up as he spoke. It was like a classroom lecture as he explained things to me. I loved hearing him talk about himself. I kinda felt like when he did that I learned more about me. He was getting off speaking to me like this, I could feel his dick hardening more and see his nuts tightening up. He was going to cum soon. I tried to catch a breath when I could because I had a feeling he would not let me taste this load but simply feed it to me directly into my stomach.

"Ready, Timmy? I'm going to cum now," he announced and he thrust deep and roared. "TAKE IT! YEAAAHHHHHH, cocksucker. Drink it UP!." He held my head tight to his crotch and I counted the seconds as his dick pulsed in my throat. I was beginning to lose my counting ability as I got to about a minute, but Ian just held firm and kept grunting and thrusting tightly into my throat. Finally, he finished and I fell back gasping for breath as he pulled out and let go of my hair.

"You're so good, Timmy. I can't keep that throat to myself. I have to show other guys how well you do that," he stated when he caught his breath. "Now get up and put your new present on. Someone in the house wants to see you in those shorts."

I got up a little unsteady still but pulled off the old shorts. My thong was a bit damp in the front from leaking. "Nice little thong Timmy, I like that. In fact, let's go to your room and get rid of your old undies. There's no need to keep them around anymore. Plus, you need to change your shirt too, that one has piss on it and you smell like a urinal."

I stepped into the new shorts. There was barely more fabric between my legs than the thong had. I glanced around to my ass and it hung out even more in these things. Fuck me. He was going to take my briefs and boxer briefs away. What was I going to wear every day? The thongs? The panties he made me get? No way I could wear panties with these shorts, they would be visible.

We headed to Zach's room and he went straight to the dresser I used. Zach wasn't around. He gathered up my underwear that he didn't like. "Got a plastic bag for these?" I gave him the bag from my trash can, I could find another downstairs in the kitchen I was sure. I pulled on a loose tank top and we left the room with them. All that remained was the tiny skimpy and girly stuff and a few jockstraps. Ian immediately headed downstairs where he said he was going to toss them in the trash bin.

"if I ever see you in any other underwear besides the styles I left behind or approve of, I'll spank your bare bottom, boy. You hear me?" other guys looked and chuckled as we passed them and Ian spoke. All I could do was agree and watch my underwear put in the garbage can.

"Yes Sir, Ian, understood." I told him dejectedly. I know he liked the girly underwear and I would have to deal. I had no idea what would happen at the gym. I decided I'd try to keep that setting to my jock straps. Those would be acceptable, but my hole would be visible when I bent over to change since I had to have a lower level locker now. Ugh! My life just kept changing.


"Hang out with the brothers, Timmy. I'll be back in a few. I need to check on something back upstairs," I told him.

When I got upstairs I knocked on Donor's door. I needed to speak to him and clarify what behavior I would and would not accept from him. As much as the whole thing at the gym worked well for both me and Timmy, I was not going to have Donor spreading rumors or telling stories about my boy. Timmy would be fully out soon enough. I didn't need Donor pushing the pace of Timmy's progress. I didn't want to rough up Donor but if he gave me shit I was prepared to do just that.

"Go away," was the response I got from my knock. I ignored it and entered Donor's room. He was there naked, spread-eagle on his bed tied up to the four corners. I got this huge shit eating grin on my face. I looked around and no one else was here.

"Too late," I told him. "So who tied you up? Jessica?" He didn't answer, but he didn't look mad, he looked beat down more than anything. I went over and stood above him, he flinched as if he expected me to strike out. Someone had him under their thumb, I realized quickly.

"Doesn't matter," I told him. "At least they know what's good for you. Makes it easier for me to have a discussion with you anyway." He looked back up at me and didn't speak. "Cat got your tongue? Or are you under orders to not speak and just whoever happened to find you decide what to do with you?"

No response so I decided to have a little fun. I reached over and twisted his left nipple, then his right one. He squirmed and let out a gasp. I glanced down at his crotch and saw his dick was hard and looked red. Someone had been smacking it around not too long ago. I guessed it was Jessica.

"I've heard through the grapevine that Jessica owns your dick and ass, so I have to say, she outdid herself today. Leaving you here and taking off. I'm guessing she has no intention of coming back here today and was going to wait and get a report on what happens." I looked around and saw Donor's computer, the screen pointed towards us and the light of the camera on. "Well, whoever it is, is monitoring you aren't they? Amazing what can happen when you give up that control to someone isn't it boy?" He nodded agreement.

"I'm guessing it's Jessica. `Hi Jess,'" I said and waved at the camera. "So, anyway Donor. I just came over to say that I want you to keep your mouth shut about Timmy. I don't know how many people you have been blabbing to, but I met your buddy Jake Gialamas. I'm letting you know I don't want to hear from anyone else, you got that?" He nodded agreement.

"Jake and Timmy had a real nice adventure yesterday, but in the future I decide who uses Timmy, not you, not your buddies. If I hear from any other of your friends that you've been talking to I'll ruin your nuts myself, if Jess hasn't already done so. Got it?" He nodded quickly in agreement.

Well, since you can't or won't talk, I guess I will just leave you here. Eventually either you'll start calling for someone to help or Jess will feel sorry enough that she'll come release you. I'm guessing you'll start calling before you have to piss. I know I'd hate to piss myself in my own bed" His eyes grew larger as if he hadn't considered that already. He never was one of the brightest brothers. I pushed down on his bladder area and he groaned.

"Last chance, Donor. Talk to me or I take off and leave you here. Maybe I'll let the brothers know you are up here and then we'd be even."

"No, please don't do that," he finally spoke. "I don't want them to see me like this."

"Well who did you think would see you like this?" I asked him.

"Yes, Jessica tied me up. She left me and messaged Zach that I was tied up and he could do what he wanted. She said to be quiet and to wait for Zach. She wants to know what he will do to me. I'm scared as shit he will do something but I'm more scared someone else will find me, so please don't tell anyone, Ian." All of his words spilled out quickly and he did look a bit scared of what I might do.

"Okay, I can handle it. Too bad you weren't more of a man and kept your own mouth shut. But I'm better than you are. I'll leave you here and not tell the others, though hopefully for you Zach arrives before you have to pee yourself."

"I'm sorry okay?" he stated. "I'm sorry I fucked Tim over. I didn't want to be living with a fag or knowing he had sucked me off. It bothered me."

"Still bother you?" I asked.

"Not so much," he answered sheepishly. "You happy? I apologized. I haven't told anyone else outside the frat and I won't anymore."

"Good. Well, that about covers everything I needed, Donor. Good luck with your fun here. Hope Zach gets here soon." I turned to the camera and waved again. "Hey Jess. Can I get in on watching this camera too?"

"No!" Donor said loudly, but a ping on his computer showed a IM that said sure, and I sent an invite from his laptop to my account. I'd connect when I saw Zach return I figured.

"Too late buddy. I'll get to see what Zach has in mind for you. What do you think that is?" He didn't answer. I guess Donor had decided being quiet was better for him. I thought briefly about doing something myself, but he just didn't interest me in the least. I'd let Zach do whatever came to his warped mind.

"Later Donor. We'll be watching. Perform well for us," I told him. I shut the door when I left and went to my room. I accepted the viewing from his computer and set it to record on my own. That way, I could watch it someday if I really wanted to know.

I texted Zach and told him to his get ass back to the frat. I figured he just ignored Jess's text and so I wanted him to get it from me. I briefly explained that Donor was waiting for him in Donor's room. I knew I'd probably hear about it before I saw it.