Becoming a Boy 46

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We arrived at my folks place mid-morning. I was nervous as hell about everything. I had on some women's jeans, some flats with no socks, a t-shirt and a low v-cut sweater. It was lose enough that it didn't show my growing titties, but tight enough it wasn't going to slip off or anything. Mom would see me more as a girl now, I knew that after our conversation. Dad was going to have a conversation with Mr. Mishra, my new daddy as soon as we got in the door. I knew it would go okay, but still I was nervous as to what Mom and Dad would think of him.


"You okay, my dear?" Daddy Devish asked me.


"Just nervous, Sir." I admitted. "I want everything to go perfectly."


"It will, baby," he said reassuringly. "When I spoke to your father on the phone he was quite happy to hear from me. I'm sure things will be good."


Devish was dressed well in one of his suits. He definitely looked professional today. It would impress Mom no doubt. I wasn't really sure if Mom was going to be in on the meeting with him and Dad, Devish had said it wasn't her business and he assumed my Dad wouldn't allow her there.


"Remember, baby, you are to call me Devish while we are here. Your father was very clear on that. No indication of your submission to me, we are simply lovers."


"Yes, Daddy. I mean, yes, Devish, I understand."


"Good I hope so. I do not wish to fool your mother, but she will sense that I am in charge simply through our actions, we do not need to use anything other than our names. Let's go," he said as he opened his car door.


Before we even got to the door, Mom was out the house and coming to hug me.


"Danni! It seems like forever. I just miss having you around I guess," she said as she squeezed me tight. I hugged her back hard too. "Aren't you going to introduce your friend?" she asked.


"Of course, Mom, but let's go inside. It's cold," I insisted.


"Oh, of course, sorry, dear, I'm just so excited to have you both here."


Once we got in the door and got our coats off Dad was there waiting. He gave me a hug and shook hands with Mr. Mishra.


"Mom, Dad, this is Devish Mishra. I met him when I was working at his company. We've been dating almost since the first day there," I said. Mr. Mishra's hand was on my shoulder. He squeezed it as if to say that was enough talking from me. I was still smiling big though. I was so proud to have brought a man, MY man, home to meet my parents. I could see that he was not as tall as Dad, but he was more handsome in my mind. Dad was very sexy, but Mr. Mishra was beautiful in my mind.


"It's good to meet you both," Devish said. "Ever since your Danni enchanted me that first day at my offices, I admit I was smitten with him." Mom was clearly enthralled with Mr. Mishra. Her smile was big and she had her hand in his shaking it and didn't let it go.


"Well, I'm so pleased to meet you, Mr. Mishra," she said. His other hand grasped their handshake and he smiled his big smile.


"The pleasure is all mine, Mrs. McNeil," he replied.


"Oh, please call me Jan."


"Then I insist that you call me Devish," he let her know.


"Honey, why don't you and Danni put together some coffee for us. Devish and I are going to spend some time talking in the office. Danni can bring it in for us when it's ready. It will give you two some time to catch up," Dad told her.


"Of course, where are my manners," she replied. "Come on Danni, let's go to the kitchen."


I gave Devish a quick hug and followed Mom to the kitchen.


"Hi, Danni!" Billy said when we entered the room.


"Hi Billy, how's it going?" He was smiling so I guessed things were okay. He didn't really smile a lot when I first met him.


"It's great, Danni. I'm glad you guys made it safely."


He seemed so nice all the time. It was almost sickening, but I got it I thought. He was trying to fit in here with Mom and Dad as the servant.


"Danni, he's so handsome. You didn't mention how sexy he is," Mom blurted out.


"Mom!" I said surprised. She had never told me any guys were sexy. I laughed.


"Well, he is dear, I'm just saying. You should check him out, Billy, he's quite striking."


"Ugh, Mom, I don't want you to go all googly eyed. I just want you to like him. This is important for me, we're very serious."


"Really?" Billy asked. "Already?"


I looked him up and down. I wasn't sure why he cared really. I still didn't get what Dad saw in him. But I could get over him being here, I had my own Man now. I was moving to Mr. Mishra's place and going to be his wife. I would do my best to be nice to her, I told myself.


"Yeah, it's great, Billy. I really love him; already," I emphasized.


"Oh! I almost forgot. Chuck wanted me to bring his laptop down from the bedroom. I'll be right back boys," Mom said as she took off.


"You look great, Danni!" Billy said. "Are you, Well, I mean, are you wearing different clothes?" He didn't seem to be able to ask what he wanted and I think I knew what he was going to say.


"I'm trying to be more girly," I told him. "Devish wants me to be his wife," I said putting wife in quotes with my fingers. Even though I was still figuring Billy out, I was too excited not to talk about it all. "So I dressing more femme and," I lowered my voice, "I'm taking some pills to grown some titties." I admitted.


His eyes got all big. "Wow. That's, that's amazing," he said. "You want that?"


"Oh my god, it's so exciting," I admitted. "He wants me to be as girly as possible, without being a girl. We're going to get married in India," I confessed. I don't know why I told him before I told Mom, but I had to tell someone. "I'll be dressed as a bride for my wedding!" Billy looked so shocked and he looked happy too.


"I'm so happy for you, Danni. That's amazing. As long as you are happy with everything, then it's great," he told me.


I don't know why, but I checked around and since no one was there I lifted my sweater and tank top and showed him my chest. I was proud of the small nubs that had already formed that Daddy Devish called my titties. They weren't much, but compared to the flat chest I used to have, the small nubs were visible and definitely sensitive.


"Oh my god," Billy whispered. He looked closer and then I heard Mom's steps and I pulled my sweater back down.


"Those men," Mom announced, "already talking business, but they got all quiet when I came in. I didn't get to hear anything," she stated. Billy and I both laughed at her comment.


Once the water boiled for tea, I showed Mom how Daddy Devish liked his tea. Then I put it on a tray with Daddy's coffee and I took it in to his office.




Danni, I'm glad you're here. Sit down for a minute," I told him. He set the coffee on the table between Devish and I. There were no other chairs in my office so Danni looked around and decided to sit on the floor, next to Devish. Wise choice I thought to myself, he's acknowledging Devish's ownership.


"Danni, Devish tells me things are going well between you two. Are you in agreement?"


"Yes, Sir," he replied. He looked up at the man and smiled. My little girl had grown up quickly I thought. All because I had seen what she needed and taken the reins of her education.


"I'm only going to ask this once Danni. Give me your answer then you will leave, while Devish and I discuss your future." He looked back at me, suddenly nervous. "Will you be an obedient wife for Devish? Will you always, and I mean always, love him and do as he says?"


"Yes, Daddy," he said right away. "Daddy, I'm so happy with him," he glanced back to Devish, "he's made me realize so much already."


"Good girl. Now head back to where your Mother is, we'll handle the rest of our talk. Not a word to your mother remember, I will tell her soon enough."


"Yes, Daddy." He got up, looked at Devish, who gave him a little dismissed wave of his hand and he left.


"I can see that she really does want to be your wife, Devish. I have to say I'm happy for both of you," I told him straight out. "Danni, will be a fine wife I think. I raised her well and she's come a long way in the last year."


"I can't thank you enough, Chuck, she has made me feel well taken care of since we met. I believe she is the perfect choice to meet my needs."


"Let me tell you though that you WILL have to punish her at times. She needs a strong hand to keep her in line some days. I admit I was too easy on her growing up," I told him. "I made the mistake of believing she was a boy for a long time." We laughed over that.


"That is nothing to worry about, Sir," he said formally, "I have experience with fags and I believe she will settle in quickly to my life and I will not hesitate to let her know who is in charge. In fact, I'm sure you have guessed that punishment is a given in my home for breaking rules."


"I'm glad to hear that," I replied. "Now the contractÉ"


"Yes, I hope that you are pleased with it," Devish said with a smile.


Frankly I was more than pleased with it. It was essentially a large payment to me as bride price for Danny. A pre-nuptial agreement essentially. As Danni's father, I would receive a very generous amount of money for giving her hand in marriage. It stated that once I had received the money, Danni was the wife of Devish and he controlled her future as his wife. Pretty simple really. Johnson had sent it over in an email a couple days ago. I wasn't selling Danni, just receiving a cash gift for the honor of marrying her off.


"Devish, this is all new to me. I am not familiar with marriage customs in other places, but I am very happy to give my permission for you to marry Danni."


"Thank you very much, Mr. McNeil. I'm honored that we could come to an agreement so easily."


"I have to tell you Devish, I know Johnson filled you in on a lot of details about Danni, and am going to miss having him around and the use of his pussy from time to time."


"Of course, very understandable. You created quite a nice pussy on him by the way."


I smiled at the thoughts of Danni and how I had stretched that hole open the first time in a rage at him.


Devish continued though, "However, I see you have a young boy here in the home, Danni didn't mention another sissy brother."


"Ah, yes well, once I sampled what a fag could do for me, I have to tell you, I am working on bringing that boy into the home fully," I told him. "There are advantages I am learning to building a home around a good servant."


"Quite," he said smiling. "Eventually, Danni will not be the only person making up my household either," he said quietly. "I am sure you know that I must secure my inheritance first, before I can think of expanding my family. Until then Danni will be my only wife. And I do intend Danni to be dressed and act as a girl for this process. My mother is quite strict about appearances, Mr. McNeil. She is more open about realities, but for appearances sake with family and lawyers, Danni will indeed be a girl while we are there, or when family come to the states for visits."


"I believe you know by now Devish, this won't be an issue for Danni. I'm sure his mother will adjust to Danni's appearance, and I will remind Jan frequently that Danni needs to be referred to as a girl. I don't see a problem with that."


"I am pleased to hear this, Chuck," he said visibly relaxing. "If I am not able to marry and secure my inheritance, it will be extremely unpleasant for me for several months. For Danni's sake I hope she realizes I am quite serious on this point."


"I will work with you on that," I told him. "I will do what I can to make sure Danni doesn't appear in male clothing starting today, as I am sure you will too."


"I am pleased we both agree on this point, Chuck."


I understood fully that if Danni didn't appear as a girl, I wasn't going to secure this generous sum of money, nor would I have Danni married off and safe.


 "I'm going to speak openly Chuck. I very much appreciated that Danni has already accepted that she has a clit. I enjoy it as it is now, locked down and unusable. It is quite cute even. I also enjoy how you created her big nipples. But to increase her girlishness, I have started Danni on herbal supplements that will increase her estrogen levels and therefore she will grow breasts. I have no intention of her having huge boobs, but a sufficient size that no one will question her by the time of the wedding," he stated.


"Devish, Johnson has already mentioned this might happen. As you probably know by now, I am unconcerned in that area. I made several changes to Danni, and as her fiancŽ and husband, you will have those same rights. Change her as needed to fit your wishes. I realize this is a Man's right and responsibility to help a fag realize her full potential."


He smiled again and looked reassured. "Good, I am glad we are on the same page then, Chuck," he said.


"We are indeed, Devish. So, what are the plans for the next couple days? Let's decide when to make the announcement."




"Danni, you look, well, you look lovely," Mom told me when I got back to the kitchen. "I know you would prefer I not talk about it probably, but I just have to say it, I'm your mother after all."


I'm sure I blushed a little. "Do you think so?" I asked her.


"Of course you do sweetie. You look more like a girl really than I had imagined. I've, well, I've just seen you as a boy in my mind all these years, but I know you feel more like a girl I guess." She came over to hug me. "I just want you to know it doesn't really make a difference to me. You'll always be my Danni, however you look or spell your name."


I hugged her back and I felt really loved right then.


"Thanks, Mom. That means a lot."


"You look an awful lot like your Mom, Danni," Billy said. "And Mrs. McNeil is a very pretty women," he said blushing.


"Oh, Billy, that's a sweet thing to say," Mom had a big smile on her face. She clearly loved the attention he gave her. I wondered briefly if Billy did anything else for her than constantly complement her.


"Why don't you come upstairs, Danni? We can look through my closet and see if there are clothes you might like. We are probably about the same size, especially in our tops, I'm guessing."


"You think there may be something I could use?" I asked.


"Of course, dear. I'm terrible at getting rid of things. You might find something you're interested in and it will help me clear out some space," she noted.


There wasn't really that much I could use. I mean it was nice of Mom to let me go through her closet with her, but how do you tell your Mom that you don't like her taste in clothes? I found a small A-line dress that looked cute, in red. That would be hot sometime, I thought.


"Can I try this on?"


"Sure, honey."


I went off to the master bath. I had some modesty, even if it was my Mom. I took off my pants and sweater, I debated taking off my tank or not but finally did. The dress was sleeveless and had a low v-cut neckline. I looked in the mirror. It looked kind of cute I thought.


"Come out here, let me see," Mom shouted.


I opened the door and came out. I did a little spin so the dress swirled a little.


"Oh, Danni, that looks great on you." Mom came closer and looked at the fit. "The waist line is just right. We must be close to the same size." She pulled on wide straps of the shoulders. "Honey, you don't have a bra on," she noted. "Every girl should wear a bra." She peered down the dress.


"Mom!" I was surprised at her looking down the dress at my chest.


"Well, Danni, I just wanted to see what you had there. The dress will look better if you give some support to whatever breast size you have. We should go bra shopping."


"Mom!" I repeated. How embarrassing, but I guess every girl had to go shopping with their Mom sometime. "I don't think I even have enough there to put in a bra," I told her. They hadn't gotten very big at all yet, barely some small lumps, I thought to myself. Even if Billy had acted all shocked, they just weren't that big.


"Come on. Put your other clothes on, but leave the tank top at home. We'll go find some starter bras, Danni. I saw enough to know, you are budding. Before you know it, you'll have breasts. You'll want help the first time picking out bras."


Oh my god, I was going to go bra shopping with my Mom!




Man, I had barely made it through the semester. My grades were shit. At least in comparison to my usual. 3 C's, a C-, and a B-. I was screwed when Mom asked to see them. My teammates had pretty much figured I was a cocksucker. The whole frat knew I was a faggot and belonged to Ian. It was crazy! I had no idea when the semester started anything like this year was going to happen.


I mean, I had sorta hoped that a couple things would happen, but in my fantasies I just sucked a dick to try it out and I fucked a few girls to build up some skill there. Now I was the one getting fucked and my dick hadn't been near a pussy in months. I had the pussy, according to Ian and he was the one who owned it. Sheesh, what a change for my reality.


I had so many things to do every week, every day, hell every hour, that school had gotten all fucked up and my grades showed. My swimming wasn't up to par, and I might have to drop the team just to keep up with my grades next semester when I got back to campus. If Ian continued to keep me doing so many things that he wanted I didn't know if even quitting swimming would help.


The thing was I never felt better most of the time. I was living some weird dream. I had more than enough sex, which I had never been able to say before. Some days I asked myself if anyone had more sex than me. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration. Ian had more of course, but I was getting dicked by him, Zach was fucking my face and even guys at the house could count on me to get off, if Ian approved of course, which he usually did now. I exercised a whole lot more than ever. Not just workouts at the pool, but all sorts of exercises Ian gave me to do. I knew my body was different because of my clothes. Most were too small to really fit well. My nipples were getting big and poking out of my shirts, since most of those were small now. I had little to no body hair left.


Shit, I had an appointment with Jared. I almost forgot. I needed to fit it in before I headed back to my folks for a few days over Christmas. It was going well, I guess, I mean it was doing what it was supposed to do, get rid of my body hair. I jumped in some clothes without thinking and headed to the salon. I managed to get there just in time for my appointment. Jared was at the counter looking at the appointment book and glanced up at me.


"Timmy, I was just wondering if you were going to show."


"Yeah, sorry if I'm late," I explained. "I got busy and lost track of time."


"Well, you're here now. Head on back to my room and I'll be there in a minute or two."


I knew the routine. Go to the room, get undressed, get on the table, put a towel over myself so when he opened the door no one would see me totally naked. As I pulled my jeans off I realized I had thrown on panties instead of a jockstrap. I hadn't even thought about what I was wearing. Usually I would use a jock or thong to go out but the panties were closest to me when I grabbed my clothes, I guess. Crap! I tossed them on the chair and pulled my shirt over my head and got on the table grabbing a towel and tossing it over me.


Jared entered. Tall and muscled. He was really sexy in his quiet way. I wondered as I usually did, what he had in his pants. I barely looked at guys anymore without thinking about their dicks.


"How's it going Timmy? Keeping your man happy?" he asked.


"Yeah, he hasn't complained," I answered. "At least not to me." Jared laughed and I managed to still blush a little. He always asked about Ian, though I don't think I ever used his name. Jared just knew my story and some details. I mean what do you talk about with a guy who is lasering off all your hair except on your head? He had figured my story out right away and let me know that he knew.


"You'd be the first to know," Jared said. "A man isn't going to waste time bitching to his buddies to start. That's what a woman does. A man is going to let you know up front if he is not happy."


"Cool! Sometimes I wonder if I am getting everything right. I mean, he tells me that he likes stuff, or that I'm doing well."


"Of course, building your confidence up," he replied quickly. "Like I said, you'd know if he wasn't happy."


Jared pulled the towel back from my chest. He ran his hand over my chest feeling for stubble, including my nipples. I involuntarily let a slight sigh out as he rubbed around them.


"Those nips are getting bigger," he stated. "You keeping up the schedule he demanded?"


"Yeah. I really have to find the time some days, but I know he wants me to do it."


"That's right, and if it's what he wantsÉ"


"It's what he gets," we both said.


Talking to Jared was fun for me. He was like, I don't know, a therapist? I said stuff I never said to anyone else really, except Ian. He listened and told me the same stuff Ian did usually, but it was like hearing it from a brother or something.


"You've got some stubble around the nipples still and a spot in the center of your chest. I'm going to go over them again." He put the gel around my pecs and chest. He seemed to spend a long time running his fingers around my nipples and I could feel them harden and tighten up. I glanced down at my chest and saw that they had perked up. They had gotten big in comparison to what I started with, basic flat nipples. Already they stuck up some on their own and they were freaking sensitive too now.


Jared grabbed one and twisted it as he moved the laser around it zapping hairs. He repeated it on the other side, pulling my skin taught to be sure and get the hairs. I thought he was being a little rougher today than usual, but his face didn't say anything that I noticed was any different than usual.


"Okay," he said wiping down my chest, "looks good. About done with that area. He quickly checked my arms, pits, legs, and announced as far as he could tell, those were done.


Not having to shave for swimming was a definite benefit. If I had to stop swimming that would sort of suck, since that was why I had started this in the first place. Then I realized that really I had done it because Ian had said it would be better. It was a combo of his direction and my dislike of constant shaving. I was more than happy to follow his suggestion at the time. Now I realized it was because he didn't like hair on guys. At least on ones he fucked. I hadn't known then it would lead to getting rid of everything else too.


"Your nips are really starting to look good," Jared said.


"You think so?" I knew they were too, but I liked him saying so in a way that didn't sound judgmental.


"Oh, yeah. Keep working on them and they'll be sticking out a good half inch in no time; bigger if he wants them that way."


"He hasn't said anything about stopping yet or how big he wants them. I hope he lets me know when they get to how he wants them."


Jared just chuckled. "Oh he will. If he is in charge as much as you say, he'll let you know when to stop. Now, turn over, let's get that crack."


I flipped over and he told me to spread them. I blushed some at the idea of spreading my cheeks for a guy in a salon.


"You really didn't have much back here to start, but let me go over the area again. I actually don't see any remaining ones. You've had a few sessions already so I may have gotten them all, but I want to be sure. He smeared the gel on either side of my crack and proceeded to laser the area but I didn't feel the tell-tale feel of a hair follicle burning. "I'm going to stretch your skin out some to make sure I get everything," he said. "Small folds in the skin can be where a stray hair hides."


With that he suddenly shoved a couple fingers in my hole and I gasped.


"Hold still!" he ordered. "I'm using the extra leverage to smooth out the skin around your hole and make sure I give you your money's worth getting rid of these nasty hairs. Boys don't have body hair."


He used his fingers like a fish hook, pushing and pulling my skin taught in order to run the laser device around my hole back there. I couldn't help but moan a couple times as he moved his fingers around inside me stretching the skin which he seemed to think was needed to get all those hairs. He hadn't done it before like this.


"Didn't take much gel to get your hole open," he said. I really blushed at his words. "Bet you love your boyfriend's cock in there, don't you?"


"Yes," I admitted as he kept moving his fingers around. I wondered if he did this to all his customers, or it was just me.


"That's why I want to get it as smooth as possible," he explained. "I needed to get some leverage to get that skin drawn tight to make sure I get every last one of them. It's how he wants it. He doesn't want to fuck a hairy pussy."


He was right, the less hair the better. I knew that.


"Roll back over," he said sharply. "Let's get the dick and balls."


I was embarrassed now to roll over. I was hard from him sticking his fingers in me. But I knew it was useless to argue, and I knew he would care if I was hard or not.


"Doesn't take much does it," Jared noted, motioning at my dick.


"No," was all I could say.


"That will make it easier to get the hair at the base of the shaft anyway," he explained. "The skin is taught."


He grabbed my dick and I gasped. Ian rarely ever touched my dick and I wasn't used to another guy grabbing it. He put some gel on it and held it while he ran the laser over the shaft, sizzling up more hair follicles and getting rid of more manhood that I wouldn't even have to shave anymore. Then he went right to my nuts. He had me hold them and move the skin around tightly so he could get it all. He had me pull my legs up to get underneath them and my taint. He took several minutes, repeatedly going over some areas.


"Okay, that looks good." He wiped me down with a damp cloth and cleaned up the gel. "Now scoot up and hang your head off the table a little. I want to get your neck and under the chin easily."


I did what he said without thinking and he moved around to the head of the table. Next thing I knew he was standing directly behind me. I was looking up directly into his crotch. It looked full. I looked at Jared's face. He was smiling as he grabbed the gel, leaning forward and picking it up from the other side of the table. When he did that, his crotch was right in my face, rubbing up against me. I never should have done what I did but at the time it was all I could think of doing. I took a deep breath and sniffed his crotch. It smelled deeply like a man, his smell was similar but different to Ian or Zach or any of the guys I remembered having my face in their crotch. Jared noticed of course. How could he miss the sound of me sniffing, my nuzzling at his crotch.


"Slut. You have a boyfriend and you're here sniffing at my dick. Do you do this with everyone?" he asked.


"," I said startled. "I don't, honest."


"Yet you were doing it now," he stated. He stepped back and set the laser and the gel down. He reached for the belt of his pants. He undid it and his pants slid down to the floor. He wasn't wearing underwear. "Here, you can sniff better now. Now let me get to that face."


He proceeded to put gel on my face and neck. He worked at it a few minutes. The whole time his dick was hanging in front of me and I was sniffing and I even nuzzled it when it got close enough to me. I shouldn't have done it but he knew I had already done it and he had dropped his pants. When he finished he put the gel and equipment away, but didn't wipe my face down until he had finished that.


"Now, why don't you open that mouth and let me give you the taste of cock you've been wanting since you got in here today?"


"But, I have a boyfriend," I tried to explain. "He doesn't like me doing stuff with other guys."


"Is that right?" he asked. "Well, I think that doesn't matter because you've already sucked it in your fantasies. I can see the way you're acting. I heard you sniffing, I felt you nuzzling it. You want cock. Why don't you just do what you want and get me off?"


He was right. I did want to suck him off. Ian would be pissed off if I told him, but he had been giving me away a lot lately. Zach, then the guy in the shower, Andy at the frat, why would he care if I blew Jared?


His cock was already half hard. I looked up at him and he was smiling back at me. I stuck my tongue out and licked at his cock as he moved it closer to my mouth. I was going to do it. I wanted to suck a cock so bad right then and there. I licked at the head and got it wet, running my tongue over the full head and his dick stiffened up.


"I'm going to fuck your face just like this. It will give me really easy access to that throat," he stated clearly. I let out a moan and licked more of his cock getting it wet before he put it in my throat. I wanted it there, deep. So I could massage it with my throat.


"Open up," he ordered. I did and he slid his cock in. He was standing directly over me and I couldn't see much anymore, just his nuts hanging in my eyes. His hands went to my chest and he twisted my nipples as his cock went deep immediately into my throat. I let out a guttural moan from his hands on me. I had my throat filled and it was heaven. I really loved cock, like I had told Ian the other day. I did. I loved it inside me.


"Fuck yeah," he stated. "Feels even better than I imagined. Your boyfriend has you trained well," he told me. I wished I could see his face but there was no way in this position. I also had no control over pace or what went on, laying with my head over the edge of the table and him straddling me head. Then to make it even more restraining, Jared took my arms and pinned them to my sides as he continued to fuck my face.


"Work those throat muscles, Timmy. I want to feel you tighten down on my cock. Milk it!"


I tried to do what he said. He had the control and we went at his pace. He pulled out regularly to let me breathe thankfully. I used my tongue to lick at the underside of his dick when I could and when he pushed all the way in I swallowed which let my throat massage his dick. I was in heaven really. I was sucking Jared's cock. He was so nice when I was here so it only seemed right I should make him feel good at the end of the appointment. I loved cock and it felt good to be on my back with a man using my mouth and throat. I moaned again as he let go of my wrists and returned to my nips.


"I love it when you moan on my cock. You've got a hot throat, Timmy."


I couldn't respond of course, my mouth and throat were full and I couldn't even make eye contact in this position. But it really reduced my gagging. I wondered briefly if it would work this way for Ian. His dick was longer and thicker than Jared's cock. Jared started banging away at my face. He would pull out but then shove back in and bang some more. He held my head and fucked hard.


"Feel that?" he asked. I moaned in response. "Feels damn good to me." I moaned again in agreement. He placed his hand on my throat and grabbed it. Jared's dick curved up from his body so I was sure he could see it going into my throat and that was why he grabbed me there.


"Love seeing my cock in your throat. Love feeling it inside you."


He started really humping then. He would take a break every few seconds to let me breathe but otherwise it was about his fuck. When he pulled back strands of slime would hang from my mouth to his cock. It was covered in throat slime. I could see the strands of slime but nothing other than his nuts or cock really. I started moaning. I didn't realize I was doing it at first but Jared mentioned it and told me to keep doing it. I was really getting into it. Him over me, my head hanging off the table, and the humping of my throat. It was really a face fuck.


"Going to empty my nuts, Timmy. Right down your throat," Jared stated. He kept on fucking now, I didn't get a chance to breathe now very often. I had to take in breath through my nose when I could.


"Here it cums," he warned me and drove in as far as he could. His hips smashing my face and then keeping it in as deep as he could. I wasn't going to get a taste of his load, but I wasn't going to miss a drop either. It was all going right inside me.


"Oh fuck, jeezus, fuck," he said as he shook and jammed his cock deep. I could feel his cock spasming and knew he was shooting, 5 or 6 times he shot hard then the spasms slowed and he just shook. Finally, he finished and slowly pulled his dick out of my face. He stepped back and I could see his face again.


"You're a good cocksucker, Timmy," he told me. He was smiling and seemed pleased, which made me feel good. I had gotten that big smile on his face. "Been a long time since I did that with a customer, but you're a fucking hot fag. You keep quiet about that, not supposed to be doing that in the office."


I sat up and used one of his towels to wipe the slime off my face. I ran my tongue around in my mouth to try to get a little cum so I could taste him, but it had all gone right down my gullet and I was going to have to imagine what it tasted like. I'm sure it was good; he was so sexy looking.


"Thank you, Jared. I really enjoyed that," I told him. I knew to thank a man for his load. "I'm not going to say anything," I assured him. He finished pulling his pants back up and ruffled my hair with his hand.


"Good boy. See you after the break?" he asked.


"Yes Sir, I'll make an appointment on the way out," I confirmed. I was feeling calm and relaxed after that and sort of floated my way home thinking of the man and cock I had left satisfied.


By the time I got back to the frat house it was after lunch hour. The place was mostly empty. Most of the brothers had gone home already. In fact the only one I could find at the moment was Manuel, hanging by the tv, watching a show I didn't know. I went up to the room and put on my house outfit. Tight shorts and a lose tank top. I left the panties on from earlier.


"S'up, Manuel?" he looked over at me and smiled.


"Not much, Timmy." He wolf-whistled at me. "Turn around and give me a show of that bootie!"


I just sighed and turned around, gave him a better look at what he wanted to see. Ian had said to wear only tight little shorts and I had gotten at least somewhat adjusted to the guys slapping my ass or making comments. I couldn't do anything about it if I wanted to follow Ian's directions.


"Can see your panties today. Usually you have a thong on," he commented. "Gotta say, you got the finest ass on campus. Sure am glad I ordered those daisy dukes for ya."


I looked over at him sort of surprised. I had always figured no matter the denials that Zach had ordered the shorts for me. Now, Manuel was saying he did it.


"Don't look so surprised, Timmy. I wanted to see that ass looking good."


"Uhm, thanks, Manuel," I finally managed to tell him. "I didn't know who had done it." I knew I was blushing bright in my face. Hearing compliments from someone other than Ian about these girly clothes still brought color to my face.


"I didn't know you had panties too. Ian gone and made you a real bitch for him"


"Well, he took all my underwear," I admitted. "All I have are thongs and panties."


"Nice. I like that. Why don't you come over here and say thank you to me for getting you those shorts."


"What? What are you talking about?" I asked.


"You know damn well what I'm talking about. You walk around here all the time showing that ass and teasing us with it. Get over here closer so I can take a look."


I wandered over to where Manuel was sitting. I stood in front of him and then slowly turned around so he could get a close look at my backside. His hands went right to my ass and grabbed. He kneaded my ass as if it were bread dough. He moved his face up to my butt. I could feel him rubbing his face on my shorts.


"Ay, tu culo es perfecto," he said. "You like the shorts Papi got you, baby?"


He was sweet talking me! I couldn't believe it. He knew, I thought that Ian had told them all, they were supposed to keep their hands off me. Then all of a sudden I felt him bite my butt through the shorts. I jumped.




"What, baby? I just love that ass. Why don't you come and sit down on my lap? Let me feel that full ass."


"We shouldn't be doing that here in the open. What if someone comes back to the house?"


"Aww, baby, don't tease me that way. Come on and sit down." He patted his lap.


No one was around right now. I didn't know where Ian was or when he'd be back. I had already blown Jared barely an hour ago and now Manuel wanted me to sit on his lap. My pussy had already started twitching as he was massaging my cheeks and I sort of wanted to know what his dick looked like, or felt like rubbing my crack through my shorts. I couldn't say no to the offer I decided. I wanted to be a little slutty and just see if I could get him hard.


"Okay, but just for a little while," I said. "I don't want to get in trouble with Ian."


"Baby, there's no worries, let Papi worry about that."


I sat down on Manuel's lap on one of the sofas and he wrapped his arms around my waist. He immediately started nipping on my shoulders. He was nipping, licking, then running his hands over my shoulders massaging them. It did feel good. I squirmed a bit in his lap and ground my ass where I thought his cock would be.


"That's it, get my cock hard, baby. I'll show you what I can do with my pinga."


I ground my ass some more on his lap and could feel him getting hard. He really seemed to like my butt, I mean, he had bought me these silly shorts. Manuel's hands were now exploring my chest. He grabbed on to my nipples and began lightly twisting and tweaking them. I let out a soft moan.


"Yeah, you do like my touch," he whispered in my ear. He went back to licking on my neck and playing with my nips. I could really feel his cock now, poking at my crack and I ground down hard on it. Suddenly he pushed me off him on to the sofa. He bent over me and stared in my eyes, but his hands went right to the zipper of my shorts.


"I have had enough of your teasing me, bitch. Those shorts are fucking hot on you and knowing I bought them and seeing you wearing them has had me hot for a couple weeks. Now I am going to show you what I can do with that ass."


"Manuel! What if Ian comes back?"


"So what? You've been sucking off Zach and who knows who else in the house is using your mouth, I want a piece of your pussy," he stated.


His eyes were locked on mine and I could see he was serious. He yanked my shorts off and the panties came off right along with them. Then he threw my legs up and he knelt in front of me. He spat on my hole and then he went to town eating my ass out, well eating my fag pussy I guess, that is what he kept calling it.


"Fucking hot fag pussy," he said in between munching on my hole. "I'm going to fuck it nice and hard, baby."


"Oh, fuck yeah, Manuel." I felt fucking great. I used my hands to keep my legs up and he just kept eating me out.


"Call me Papi, baby. I like that."


"Oh god, papi, you make me feel so hot." I was really getting into it now. I wanted to feel his cock. What did he call it, his pinga? Whatever I knew I had to have him now. I was going to be in trouble as it was once I had told Ian about sucking off Jared. Now I would have to tell him about Manuel too. God, I was being a slut today.


"Yes, papi, fuck me, come on, put your cock in me," I encouraged him.


"Damn bitch you're horny today. Guess my tongue got your boy pussy all worked up."


"Yes, I'm so horny now. That felt so good, just make me feel better with that cock inside my boy pussy."


Manuel, stepped out of his clothes and dropped his underwear. He had a beautiful cock that curved downward and was thick. I moaned as I saw it pop out of his boxers.


"You like what you see, Timmy? You like a big brown dick?"


"Oh god yes!" I moaned. "Put it in me, papi. I gotta feel it now."


"That's right. I know what Ian sees in you. You're one horny bitch when it comes to cock."


"Yes, I'm a cock-hungry bitch, Papi." He had driven my hole crazy with his tongue. He had bought me those damn shorts so he could see my ass better and now he was going to fuck it. I had let him do this. I had led him on today and now I was going to see how good that cock made me feel.


He spit at my well-lubed hole and he aimed the head of his dick at it. He moved forward as I continued to hold my legs up over my head. I just knew I wanted to feel his dick pounding my pussy hard. I was really a cock-slut. I would take any man's cock if he just said or did the things to make me see how horny I had become.


"That fat ass was some good eating, Timmy, now I'm going to see if it is any good for fucking. I'm guessing it's a nice tight hole for my cock, isn't it?"


"Fuck me, papi. Yes, its tight," I told him. "I want you to open it up!"


"Such a slut, Timmy. Wish I'd known you were more girl than boy sooner."


And with those words he started pushing inside me. I wasn't tight to get into anymore. Ian had long ago broken that part in, but once Manuel started sinking his cock in me I started in on squeezing at his dick.


"Oh, fuck boy, you can work those muscles good. I knew when I saw that fat ass I had to get inside it." He continued pushing in until his nuts were up against my ass. That was when I really grabbed on to his cock. Now that he was inside me, I didn't want to let him out. I wanted that cock to stay in me.


"Ooohhhhh, fuck. That cock feels so good," I moaned. "Just fuck me, papi, fuck my pussy," I begged.


So he did. Manuel grabbed my thighs and pushed down on them making my ass rise a bit up off the couch. He pulled back and drove in again. He started slowly but soon he was moving at a good clip. I remembered everything Ian had taught me. Open up and let a cock in but grab it as it tries to leave my hole. Soon Manuel was moaning too.


"Oh, shit. Oh fuck, your ass is nice. Nice of Ian to let me use it."


His nuts were making slapping sounds as they smacked my butt on each stroke into me. I had been watching Manuel, looking into his eyes and watching the concentration as he fucked me, twisted my nips, or simply looking at his hands as he grabbed my ankles and held them up to give him better access. Then I just slid into a place where it felt so good I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feelings of a man moving me around for his pleasure. I lay there thinking about the cock sliding in and out of my cunt. I reached around to feel the pole plunging into me. When I opened my eyes though, I realized I had fucked up. There was Ian standing over us and he didn't look happy.