Disclaimer: This story is a fantasy involving power imbalance expressed through consensual sexual activity between adult men. Humiliation and body worship are main elements of this story. Stop reading now if this content is offensive to you.


Begging a Bodybuilder - Conclusion

Sebastian knew he would get caught for lying. That was the whole fun of the prank -- getting caught. He just wished he could be there when Matthew figured out what really happened, that it wasn't Patrick's idea to go to the farm, but that Sebastian had masterminded the whole plan of stealing Patrick away and fucking him.

Sebastian's fun had been delayed, however. Nearly two weeks had passed and Sebastian still hadn't heard from Matthew. He was a little surprised; he thought Matthew would have figured out the truth by now, that Patrick's infidelity had been Sebastian's plan, a joke to screw over his buddy.

When the phone rang Friday evening, Sebastian wondered if it might be Matty calling to congratulate him on the ingenious plan. He was quite surprised to hear Patrick's voice.

"Sebastian, sir. I really need another fuck from you, sir. Please let me come out to the farm again. Your big prick satisfied me more than any cock I've ever had. You're such a fucking stud. I've got to have you dominate me again. Please, Sebastian. I'll do anything you say. I haven't stopped thinking about your beautiful body for the past two weeks, and the thought of submitting to your power again is so intoxicating. Please, I am begging you to fuck me again."

Sebastian was surprised. Obviously Matthew and Patrick hadn't talked yet. They hadn't figured out the truth, or it would be his buddy calling, not Patrick.

And Sebastian was very flattered. This submissive man was obviously totally hot for him. The little guy was actually pleading over the phone to be allowed to have another fuck session. How could Sebastian say no? Sebastian pretended to mull over the idea just to tease the faggot. There was no question in his mind however: An extra fuck session before the truth comes out...a nice, unexpected bonus.

"You'll do anything I say, boy?"

"Anything, sir."

"Day after tomorrow, boy. Be here at noon on Sunday."

* * *

Patrick and Matthew's plan to get back at Sebastian was a fairly elaborate prank. It was Matthew who first suggested that Sebastian should get caught in the act with Patrick by a cop. Not a real cop, but Sebastian wouldn't know that. Patrick was reluctant to have anyone catch him "in the act" with Sebastian until Matthew reminded him how humiliating that would be.

"Christ, Patrick. Seems to me you'd get off on that. Think about it -- having somebody walk in on you getting fucked up the ass. How humiliating! Your pathetic dick would be hard as a rock for weeks. You'd fantasize about that moment for years to come."

Matthew knew him well. The humiliation would be unbearably hot. Having a witness to his degradation -- the helpless little man being screwed by a muscled ex-football star...a witness would definitely intensify the experience. Patrick was squirming even now just thinking about it. "Maybe so," he admitted, "but who could we get to pretend they are a cop? It would have to be someone that Sebastian doesn't know."

Patrick was adamant when Matthew suggested Robert. "Absolutely not! I won't have Robert walking in on me having sex with Sebastian. That's going too far. Besides, Sebastian must have seen him at the party."

"Sebastian likely did see him at the party, but Sebastian wouldn't know that Robert isn't a cop. They probably didn't even talk to each other. Robert was at the party because of Sam, and Sebastian was there because of me."

"I don't want to involve someone from work," Patrick stated flatly.

"Look, Patrick, Robert knows you're gay. Sam told him the nature of our relationship." Patrick noted that Matthew had used 'relationship' again. He softened a little when he heard that.

Somehow Matthew convinced Patrick they should at least discuss the plan with Robert before making any final decisions, and after having the conversation with Robert, Patrick felt much better. Robert had been quite open about his own sexual proclivities during that talk; Robert was definitely straight, but he had certainly had some perverse sexual experiences with women. He asked Patrick very frank questions about his sexual practices and didn't seem phased at all by the responses. In fact Robert seemed quite excited by the whole plan.

"So, let me get this right," Robert was saying. "I catch them having rough sex. It appears that Sebastian is forcing himself on Patrick and I pretend to arrest him. I let him sweat a little, and then that's when you drop by and straighten things out...prank's over."

"You got it," Matthew confirmed. "Patrick will be happy to rent a cop uniform for you. You'll be great."

"So what do I get out of this?" Robert grinned. "An Oscar?"

Matthew thought for a moment. "Patrick will put in a good word to your boss at the office. Maybe suggest a raise or something?"

Patrick had sat silently by until this point. "Actually, I have noticed that Robert's been doing excellent work lately," he said smiling. "I could put in a good word." Patrick was getting aroused already. The thought of Robert witnessing him getting fucked by Sebastian made him ache. "Yeah," he thought, "a straight guy seeing me getting fucked in the ass by that big bruiser. Very hot!"

I'll go through with this hare-brained scheme if Robert will," Patrick said aloud.

Robert looked at Patrick and chuckled. "Never seen a lawyer's bare ass. Guess there's a first time for everything."

Patrick blushed.

* * *

It was nearly 1 p.m. on Sunday, and Sebastian was getting impatient. He was more than ready for the scene: early Saturday morning Patrick had phoned him back to ask him if he would pretend to rape him. It was a wish Sebastian was happy to comply with. "Yeah, I'll make you take it, you queer," he had said to Patrick on the phone. "I'll have you begging me to stop, puny boy."

Finally, Patrick's car pulled up, Patrick hopped out, and he walked toward the house. Sebastian met him at the front door.

"Hey, cocksucker. You and your queer little ass are late. Get in here!" Patrick went inside. He knew he had about twenty minutes to get Sebastian into the rape scene before Matthew and Robert would arrive. The pair planned to sneak up to the farmhouse on foot, leaving their cars parked down the road. Robert would listen at the window and barge in when he heard that the 'rape' was occurring.

"Sorry I'm late, sir," Patrick apologized. "You don't deserve to be kept waiting."

Sebastian got right down to business: "Damn right I don't, faggot. You need to be taught some discipline, boy. Strip off your clothes."

"Oh, please, sir! Don't spank me for being late! I'm so sorry!"

"You'll get more than a spanking, cocksucker! You'll get this monster prick up your asshole." For emphasis, Sebastian gripped the ample bulge at his crotch and gave it a shake.

"No. No, please! Don't fuck me!" Patrick was shaking -- not with fear, but with excitement. The anticipation of Robert witnessing his degradation was delicious. The moment was only minutes away.

"Into the bedroom and strip, boy!" Sebastian stood imposingly. Patrick remembered the night of the party when the huge man had stood in the kitchen doorway. His stance now gave the same aura of dominance: arms folded across his massive chest, feet apart, head high with eyes boring down into Patrick. The man was really massive. His shoulders and arms held the strength of many Patricks. Sebastian could knock him unconscious with a single punch. The man was quite capable of raping Patrick if he wanted, and there would be nothing Patrick could do about it. The vulnerability made Patrick tingle.

Patrick stood defiantly. "I'm not going into the bedroom, and I'm not going to strip. I've changed my mind. In fact, I've decided to leave, Sebastian." Patrick turned toward the front door.

"The hell you are, faggot! You can't show up here for sex and then change your mind." Sebastian picked Patrick up and hoisted him over his shoulder. He carried the man effortlessly into the bedroom and threw him on the bed. "Move, and you'll be sorry, boy!" threatened Sebastian as he pointed his finger at Patrick. "Time to submit to my power, whore."

Sebastian stripped off his T-shirt and began running his hands over his body. "Want this body? Look at me, you cunt. Look at how perfect I am. Look at these big muscles, this hairy chest. Don't you want to get fucked by a real man, Patrick?"

"Fuck off," Patrick retorted. He made a motion to get off the bed, but Sebastian stepped between him and the door.

"You're not going anywhere, fucker." Sebastian reached down and slapped Patrick's so face hard that tears threatened to spill out. The smaller man fell back and lay still.

Sebastian released the button and zipper of Patrick's pants and pulled them off. Patrick was relieved of his shirt as well, leaving only his briefs and socks. The small man was so hot and hard. Sebastian was going to fuck him. Patrick absolutely craved a good fucking, and this time there would be an audience. Samantha had witnessed her boyfriend take his ass, but this time he'd be fucked by a man he hardly knew and be watched by a straight man. Patrick moaned at the thought.

"Roll over," Sebastian commanded. Patrick rolled face down on the bed. Sebastian eyed the tiny fabric-covered butt with lust. His big prick couldn't wait to take charge of that hole. He reached down and ripped off Patrick's briefs.

"Ahh...a butt waiting to be conquered," Sebastian said as he ran his fingers lightly over the tender flesh. He dropped the shredded underwear onto the back of Patrick's head and removed the remainder of his own clothes.

"Kneel. Get your ass up," ordered Sebastian, suddenly slapping Patrick's butt.

Before he could comply, Patrick felt large hands grasp his hips, pulling him into position. "No, Sebastian! Please don't fuck me!" Patrick pleaded.

Sebastian lubed up his huge cock from his supply on the nightstand. "Oh, I'll fuck you, and fuck you hard," he said cruelly. He dragged Patrick by the hips to the foot of the bed and took up a position behind him. He proceeded to insert his hard cock between the lawyer's asscheeks.

"Good god have mercy!" Patrick screamed. That was the prearranged cue for Robert to come into the house. Patrick turned his face toward the door expectantly, head resting on his forearms. "Please, don't fuck me! Please! Stop, I beg you! Stop! Help! Help me!" Patrick was yelling. Sebastian was thrusting. The door was opening.

Robert appeared in the doorway in full police uniform. He stood quietly for a moment watching Sebastian fucking Patrick's ass. "Yeah," thought Patrick, "look at me submitting to this fucker. See me degrading myself. See me taking this fat prick up my ass, straight boy. What do you think of me now? Disgusted? I'm such a perverted cumwipe, a rag for this stud's cum. Yeah. Look at me submit." Patrick was flush with pleasure. He swooned under the gaze of the cop, who was taking in the whole scene without expression on his face.

Sebastian evidently saw the cop, for he stopped fucking.

"You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent," Robert was saying. He looked like such a real cop! Sebastian withdrew his cock.

"Hands behind your back, little man," Robert said. "You're under arrest!"

"What the fuck?" Patrick was incredulous. Sebastian's powerful arms reached in and forced Patrick's hands behind his back. Robert snapped his cuffs in place.

Patrick struggled vainly to free himself and determined that the cuffs were indeed real. "Robert, you idiot, you are supposed to arrest Sebastian! What are doing? I don't understand!"

"Let me explain things for you." The voice belonged to Matthew, who had appeared at the door. "The only person here who doesn't know what's going on is you, Patrick."

Patrick was speechless. Matthew continued: "Sebastian played a trick on me, Patrick. So I'm getting him back. But not in the way I explained to you. Sebastian's penance is to watch me fuck you."

Matthew turned to the fake cop and shook his hand. "Robert, thanks man, you were great. You can go if you want. I'll see to it that your boss hears first thing tomorrow morning what a great job you're doing at the office."

"Thanks, Matt. But I think I'll stay and watch. Might get interesting."

"Matthew smirked. "Yeah...it might."

Things were happening so fast. Patrick lay there trying to grasp the situation. He said, "Sebastian was in on the prank? He knew?"

"Not at first," Matthew replied. "Actually not until yesterday. After we planned the scene, I called him up, congratulated him on his excellent work stealing you and fucking you a couple weeks ago, and then said I'd let him off the hook if he'd agree to a session watching his old football buddy show him who the dominant man really is. You see, Patrick, for a competitive guy like Sebastian here, having to watch me be the dominant one is the ultimate recognition of defeat. This is even better than the cop thing."

Sebastian growled. "True, Patrick. Matty's little plan is downright evil! Making me watch you get fucked without being allowed to help myself to the goods is gonna be painful. Matty's basically flaunting his property in my face. I'll get him back some other way, though." He turned to Matty and smiled crookedly. "Just you wait, Matty. Just you wait."

Matthew simply smiled. "But that's another day, Sebastian. Today, I'm the one who wins." Turning to Patrick he continued: "You're gonna love this, Patrick. Think about it: you've helped plan your own public display of degradation. You might get off on this even more than me."

Patrick struggled to sit up, handcuffs digging into his tiny wrists. They would have been much too small to fit Sebastian. "So, what now?" he asked self-consciously. Six eyes were on him.

Matthew smoothed his shirt down over his large muscles drawing attention to his exceptional physique. His fingers, thick and callused from warehouse work, gripped the edges of the fabric along the button line at the front. Matthew proceeded to slowly rip open the shirt, buttons popping one by one, enormous chest protruding through the opening. He stepped toward Patrick, allowing the fabric to fall away. Patrick's breathing became rapid and deep as Matthew completely revealed the smooth torso, packed with pumped, hard muscle. Patrick noticed the veins running across the bodybuilder's chest and bloated biceps. The rippled abdominals had never looked better, with crisp lines defining each muscle. Patrick thought Matthew always looked like he was holding a deep breath.

Patrick was keenly aware of Robert and Sebastian standing on the sidelines, with the big man stroking his mammoth cock. The tension in the air was palpable. Patrick's little cock was throbbing. It ached with desire. He felt like the feature actor in a porn video as the three men's eyes examined his nakedness. They would all see him succumb to the muscles of a dominant man. They would see his helplessness, his weakness, his desire to pleasure the powerful.

"'What now?' you ask?" Matthew smirked as only an arrogant musclegod can. His knowing, cocky grin was that of utter confidence, a man whose smile declares that he knows he's wanted. The bodybuilder's crooked lips parted slightly and Patrick could see the even teeth. It was a look of pleasure, the satisfied smile of a predator before subduing his prey.

"It's time for me to use you for my pleasure, Patrick. It's time for you to submit to me."

Matthew's hand came to rest on the button of his jeans. Patrick salivated with the anticipation of the stud baring more of his hard flesh. The little man stared at the bulge in Matthew's pants, asshole twitching with the thought of being fucked. The bodybuilder's jeans hugged the sturdy slim hips and prominent asscheeks, the massive thighs straining for release. Patrick was dying to get started. Matthew seemed to be delaying forever. Really though, it had already begun: no words had been spoken, but Patrick's expression was already speaking volumes. He looked up pleadingly into Matthew's eyes, waiting for permission. After a long silence it finally came.

"Beg, boy."

* * *

Matthew had a soft spot for a guy who knew how to beg. He found it hard to say no to a man who knew how to appeal to his ego. To acknowledge Matthew as the winner, the dominant one, or the one deserving of all the praise was a surefire way to get him to respond. So, for the next several weeks Sebastian had swallowed his pride and begged constantly to be allowed to fuck Patrick again. He wanted to finish what he'd started that Sunday afternoon when Matthew had played his prank.

The truth was, Patrick could submit like no other bottom Sebastian had fucked, and controlling the little guy's ass was such a huge turn on. Besides, it was just killing Sebastian that Matthew could fuck Patrick and he couldn't.

Finally Matthew agreed, but strings were attached. He decided to allow Sebastian access to Patrick's mouth and ass again, but this time Matthew would watch. In fact, he would instruct Sebastian what to do. Matthew got really turned on by the thought of his best buddy fucking Patrick's body.

Matthew chose Gold's where he worked out as the place where they would get together. The gym was the place where Matthew was king. The setting would underscore his dominance and control.

Sebastian and Matthew met at Gold's on a Friday evening as the gym was closing. Matthew had called in a favor from his buddy who ran the place: exclusive access after hours. "Just lock the door behind you when you go," he had said.

The two buddies did a workout for an hour before Patrick's appointed arrival time. They stretched and pumped and sweated, working with an intensity that showed in the bulging veins and hard, swollen flesh. By the time Patrick got there the men were pumped and dripping wet. The boys were oozing testosterone; they hadn't been hornier.

Patrick himself was feeling quite frisky. The anticipation of another fuck from the beefy Sebastian had raised his libido, and the idea of Matthew watching was almost too much to handle.

Matthew sat on a weight bench, folded his arms, and eyed Patrick up and down. "Strip. And lie on your back on the stretching mat."

Matthew continued: "Okay, Sebastian, I know what you want, and you'll get it, but you've got to do it my way. Start by taking off your shirt." Sebastian removed his damp T-shirt.

"Wring out your sweat into Patrick's mouth."

Sebastian gave his buddy a smirk. "With pleasure, Matty." He grinned wickedly at Patrick and stood over him, straddling the little body, placing his feet on either side of Patrick's narrow shoulders.

"Open up, faggot," Sebastian said grinning. "Time for a little manjuice."

Patrick was lying on his back on the floor, looking up the long, muscular body, past the huge thighs, bulging crotch, and narrow waist, past the pecs so large they nearly obscured Sebastian's face.

"Stick out that tongue, boy. Let me see it waiting for the sweat from my muscular body."

Patrick felt ridiculous and perverse, his tongue lolling out from his mouth as he waited for the stud to rain down his sweat, to endow his mouth with liquid produced from the oversized muscles. Sebastian began by raising his arm, and shoving the shirt into first one dank pit, then the other, wiping out the last of the sweat that had collected there. He squatted low so he didn't miss Patrick's mouth and wrung out the shirt. Two tablespoons of sweat dripped onto Patrick's tongue and into the back of his throat. He eagerly swallowed the salty liquid.

"Now make him suck on the shirt," Matthew said thickly. He was getting quite aroused by the submission in Patrick's eyes and the sight of his buddy dominating his little slaveboy.

Sebastian unraveled the shirt until he located an armpit. "Chew on this, faggot." He shoved the sweaty fabric into Patrick's mouth, and Patrick was made to suck and chew on it for several minutes as the big boys mocked him.

Finally, Matthew said, "Beg for his sweaty underwear, you queer." On his face was a sneer, a look of contempt. Matthew recognized Patrick's craving to submit and expertly extracted pleasure from his slave's perverse desires. The bodybuilder knew that Patrick couldn't be more turned on than when he was engaged in an activity that highlighted his own worthlessness, so Matthew had no compunction about degrading the little man with this latest instruction.

"Please, sir, allow me the pleasure of licking your sweaty underwear. Please shove it in my face, make me smell the odor of your sweat. I know I don't deserve it, but please, I beg you, let me taste it."

"Let him have 'em," Matthew ordered. Sebastian stripped off his shorts and then his briefs. His naked body was breathtaking to Patrick. The large muscles ballooned in swollen mounds, rock-hard contours of erotic flesh.

"God," thought Patrick as he viewed Sebastian's glistening body, "he has no idea how beautiful he is." Patrick felt honored to be able to drink this man's sweat, juice straight from the pores of his wonderfully muscled physique.

Sebastian ground his underwear into Patricks face with his large hands. Patrick fought back, licking and chewing frantically on the crotch and ass of the fabric. He would show these men he was a good bottom boy. He would prove that he could be worthy of worshiping muscleman sweat.

As Patrick enjoyed the salty taste, he thought about the fabric clinging to Sebastian's masculine ass and crotch, soaking up the sweat of his workout, absorbing the essence of the big man's body. Just as Patrick started moaning for more, Matthew changed direction.

"Stop feeding him. I wanna see him lick your ass."

When Sebastian heard Matthew's latest directive, his excitement increased. Thoughts of asslicking caused his enormous cock to jump. At almost full size, it hung majestically between his thighs. Sebastian was proud of his big cock. It made him feel strong, a grown man with power. He loved being the envy of other guys, and he had a perverse desire to show off his cock. His exhibitionism compelled him to agree to Matthew's plan of having Robert interrupt his sex session with Patrick. He had taken pleasure in knowing that Robert had seen his massive prick, and no doubt envied him greatly.

Sebastian squatted his ass over Patrick's face and felt the rough tongue lick the salty sweat from the crack of his butt. The little tongue licked and swabbed and pushed and probed and sent shivers from his asshole to the hairs on the back of his neck. "Fuck, yeah," he groaned. "Please my fuckin' ass, bitch boy." Sebastian's huge cock rose to full mast. "Lick me, fuckhead. Lick my fuckin' asshole," he moaned. Sebastian's hands moved to his cock.

"Don't touch your cock, buddy," Matthew stated, an evil tone in his voice. "I'm in charge here."

Matthew was getting off on the power he had over Sebastian. The two were lifelong buddies, but eternal competitors as well. Forcing Sebastian to obey orders in order to be allowed access to the slaveboy was deliciously satisfying.

Matthew watched his slave feeding on Sebastian's ass. He was pleased to have found such an obedient boy. He congratulated himself on the way he'd trained Patrick, progressively taking the man down the road to complete servitude, and making sure Patrick loved it every step of the way.

"Sit down on the mat with your legs spread, Sebastian." The big man complied and leaned back a little, supporting himself with his thick arms. To Patrick he said, "On your belly, worm, between his legs. Suck his cock."

Matthew watched Patrick wriggle his way on his stomach up between the huge legs. His outstretched neck giving his face access to Sebastian's balls and cock.

The private parts of Sebastian loomed hugely in Patrick's view. Lips and tongue caressed and pleasured. Patrick finally took the huge organ into his mouth as much as he could, though he was woefully inadequate to complete the task.

"Yeah, fuckface, suck me. Suck my prick. Big enough for ya? Like 'em big, fag boy?" Sebastian squirmed with the pleasure of Patrick's attentions. "God, yeah. Love that. Keep it up, you queer."

Matthew watched Patrick swallowing the long cock. The bodybuilder was so horny. He needed to get off soon. He stood up and stripped, continuing to watch Patrick pleasuring his best friend. "Suck him, Patrick. Please him. Suck my buddy's cock. Yeah..."

Matthew turned briefly to the wall where huge workout mirrors reflected the erotic activities of Patrick and Sebastian. Matthew couldn't help it -- he just had to flex. Being naked in the gym was intensely arousing. His full nude body amongst the weights and benches gave him a sense of the beautiful. He flexed his chest and posed. He smirked as the rounded mounds of his pecs froze into hard striated masses, the girth of his chest the largest it had ever been, with more power than he had ever dreamed about. Who knew where his body could go from here?

The bodybuilder continued to flex, showing off his muscles to Sebastian, now observing Matthew's blatant display of superiority as Patrick expertly sucked. Sebastian was close to Matthew in size, but he failed to get the cut look and vascularity of his buddy.

Matthew watched himself in the mirror as he licked his biceps and felt himself up, increasing his own arousal. He played with the muscles, grasping and groping, turning so the lights would strike the bulges of his torso with maximum effect. He turned to examine the mounds of his perfect ass. The high muscles protruded erotically, and his skin glowed with a golden hue. It was time to cum.

Matthew positioned a flat bench before the mirror and stood at one end. "Stop sucking him, Patrick. Get up here on all fours like a dog, face toward me," Matthew commanded, motioning to the bench. Patrick mounted the bench as ordered, heart racing. His ass was exposed, and his eyes were looking straight at Matthew's bloated prick.

"Oh, God!" He exclaimed with sudden illumination. "Yes, please! I beg you! Both at once, sir. Please let me take both at once. Up my ass, down my throat...oh, fuck! That would be so hot, sir. Please. Please!"

Matthew admired the enthusiasm. He nodded to Sebastian, who assumed a fucking position at Patrick's rear. Sebastian grabbed the bony hips in a vice-like grip and started to push his cock, still slick with Patrick's own spit, into the little ass. As Patrick felt himself fill up with enormous prick flesh, he helped himself to Matthew's cock, his mouth swallowing down his master's perfect organ.

The two big men made eye contact and exchanged knowing looks. "Fuck the bitch," Matthew said simply.

As Sebastian plowed his ass from behind, Patrick's face was in Matthew's tight grip. His head was tilted back so he could look up at Matthew's glorious body as he sucked.

Patrick had never felt so used. His ass, his face...two huge cocks, two powerful men. His heart exploded with gratitude for being permitted to pleasure them. They were two magnificent studs using his body to satisfy their sexual needs. Patrick was immobilized by four strong hands. He relished the pressure he felt from their callused grip.

The rasping breath of the buddies signaled their impending orgasms. More sweat poured from them, their chests heaved, their hips a blur. Muscles strained, flexed hard with the intensity of their pleasure.

"Take it. Take it, fuckhead," Sebastian was saying. "Your ass will obey my cock. My cock will make you submit. Yeah...you little shit! Take my big cock!"

Matthew was panting heavily. The velvet mouth of his slaveboy sucking the blood hard into his cockhead, the sensitivity amplified as it banged the inside of Patrick's throat. "Yesss! Suck me, Patrick. Suck your master. Worship my cock." Matthew's eyes fixed on himself in the mirror. He was fucking his slave. He was fucking enormous! Yeah...I'm a dominant fucker.

Sebastian's balls contracted tight to his body. His cum boiled, and fluid gushed from deep inside, spraying into Patrick's ass. Hot seed flowed and flowed. A rushing torrent of thick cream entered the submissive asshole.

"Fuck him, Sebastian. Fuck his tight little ass. Yeah, buddy. Fuck his ass."

Sebastian pumped the ass and groaned. "You goddamn queer! Take my seed!" He spurted endlessly, and waves of pleasure overcame him.

Just as Sebastian's pumping subsided, Matthew felt the familiar squeeze in his testicles. The volume of cum he manufactured was always excessive, and he could feel the juice churning and flowing as he began to cum. He clamped hard on the back of Patrick's head, locking the face tight to his groin. Matthew's hips stopped grinding in advance of the impending rush of cum.

The bodybuilder raised his arms in a magnificent pose, his fists clenched, his muscles bulging and straining. The light played across his arms, bunched shoulders, and rippled back. The small of his back gave way to the flexed swell of his beautiful buttocks, bathed in the golden light of the gym. His hamstrings were corded and tight, grossly oversized and solid. His calves were shaded by the overhang of his ass, save for a square of light playing across the centers where they bulged the most. His was the body beautiful. He was the dominant master, the king of his world, and one envied and worshiped by all. He had the power and the ego to match.

Matthew's eyes raked his own reflection as his cum poured into Patrick's face. Spurt after spurt ejected into the small man's throat, coating his insides, streaming into his belly. Matthew's balls continued their rhythmic contractions, thrusting more semen, delivering more of his potent masculinity into the wimpy weakling, a faggot eager to swallow every last drop.

"Ahh!" he cried in all-consuming pleasure. "Drink me, faggot."

As Matthew relaxed his arms, he banged out a few last thrusts, a satisfied look played about his handsome features. His attitude smacked of superiority. Time to gloat a little. Time to put both these pussies in their places once and for all. His eyes glazed with the look of a madman. "Okay, you fuckheads," he said smugly, "into the showers. Both of you will beg on your knees. If your begging is acceptable, I'll allow you another round. I know you are both craving more."

Matthew put his hands on his hips and sauntered over to the locker room door. He kicked it open. "Get in here and beg, boys. Beg your musclegod."