Disclaimer: This story is a fantasy involving power imbalance expressed through consensual sexual activity between adult men. Humiliation and body worship are main elements of this story. Stop reading now if this content is offensive to you.


Begging a Bodybuilder - Part Nine

When Patrick arrived home late Sunday evening, he was in a very good mood, but extremely exhausted. The day at Sebastian's farm had been a sexual frenzy of intense domination and submission. Patrick felt a completeness from the encounter, an inner satisfaction from being used completely by Sebastian for the big man's sexual needs. The farmer had achieved complete obedience through a series of systematic and progressive activities that took Patrick deeper and deeper into the role of a personal sex slave and servant. By the end, the big man was working Patrick's weak little body to the limits. The little man struggled to meet the demands, working with a fervor to supply total servitude to his smug commander, who interrupted his chores with periodic sucking and fucking sessions. Even when utterly exhausted, Patrick was begging to do still more for his new master.

As Patrick entered his apartment, his thoughts turned to Matthew. Patrick was still angry at the bodybuilder for not telling him about Martin, a man Patrick despised even though they had never met. Patrick wondered if Matthew was home, and whether he'd be pissed off that the apartment wasn't clean when he returned from the bar.

Patrick checked his voice mail and listened to the single message that had been left. It was terse: "Call me, you faggot," was all it said. Patrick grinned. He was glad Matthew was angry, and Patrick had no intention of returning the call.

* * *

Sebastian watched as Patrick drove his car along the laneway leading from the farmhouse. Now that the little guy was gone, it was time to call up his buddy Matthew. It was a call he would relish.

Sebastian was feeling rather cocky. And why not? He had spent the day ordering Matthew's little butler around the farm, fucking him first on the bed -- he felt it fitting to conquer Matthew's little submissive butt boy while wearing the football uniform, a symbol of the competitive relationship he'd had with Matthew for years -- and then fucking the faggot all over the house and yard. He finally fucked the queer boy's ass while the little fruit was bent over the pig sty fence. Sebastian had loved that one. His complete dominance over the fag had been so fulfilling. He loved the power of seeing the small man groveling in the barnyard dust, begging to be used by his enormous cock.

But the best was yet to come. It was time to tell Matthew. He picked up the phone on the first ring.

"Hey, Sebastian! Good to hear from you, buddy," said Matthew as he identified the caller's voice.

"Great party, Matty. Just called to say thanks for the booze and sex -- had a hot time."

"Sure...no problem...uh, what sex? You got lucky? Wondered why you didn't show up at the bar afterward...didn't know you scored, you dog."

"Nice try, Matty. Play dumb if you want. But I know you set me up with Patrick."

"What are you talking about, Sebastian?"

"You know...Patrick, your butler. He spent the day here at the farm today. You didn't set me up? I thought you arranged it. Patrick told me that you wanted us to fuck around."

"He what?" Matthew was obviously incensed.

Sebastian was dying to laugh outright, but maintained his composure. "Yeah, Patrick was all over me at the party after you left. He couldn't keep his hands off me...flashing that little ass at me, teasin' me and shit...rubbin' his ass around my crotch. At first I said no -- I mean, I couldn't fuck with my best buddy's bitch -- but Patrick's a persistent little bugger. He kept begging to come home with me. He told me that you said I should fuck him because he'd be the best fuck I ever had. He said you and I are buddies, and because of that you said you wanted to share his ass with me."

Matthew was speechless. Patrick had begged to go home with Sebastian? Patrick told Sebastian that Matthew wanted Sebastian to fuck him? "Thanks for the info, Sebastian. That's all a load of crap. None of it's true...didn't know my little sub was such a slut. Gotta have a talk with that boy."

"Gee, Matthew. Sorry. Shouldn't have fucked around with him. Thought it was what you wanted."

"Well, it wasn't," snapped Matthew. "I'm not mad at you, though. I mean, Patrick's the one who'll deal with this."

* * *

Robert had heard some things at Matthew's party that intrigued him. When he first saw Patrick at the door dressed as a butler, he didn't think too much about it. Okay, it was a bit weird, but Patrick's claim that he was just "helping out a friend on his birthday" was reasonable at least. Patrick could dress up as a butler and hand out beers if he wanted to help out. Why not?

But Robert distinctly overheard Matthew say that Patrick "takes it up the ass." A lot of people at the party heard that. Was it a joke? Sam had told him awhile ago that Matthew had fucked guys before and that it didn't bother her. Was Matthew fucking Patrick, too?

A quick phone call to Samantha revealed the truth.

"Yeah, Matthew fucks guys once in awhile," Samantha had said during the call. "It's not like he's gay or anything. He never lets guys fuck him. He just gets off on having guys submit to him. Matthew's a very dominant guy. Patrick likes it."

So Patrick was a fucking homo! Robert had no idea. Not that he really cared, he supposed. He didn't have a problem with gays, and what Patrick did on his own time was really none of his business.

* * *

It was Wednesday evening before Patrick spoke to Matthew. The bodybuilder showed up at his door, obviously angry. "Didn't have the guts to return my call, eh Patrick?"

Matthew walked past the little man into the apartment. "Get out, Matthew. I don't want to see you right now."

"Oh, you'll see me alright," Matthew said unbuckling his pants.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Patrick asked as Matthew's pants fell to the floor. "I told you to leave."

"Why? Expecting someone? Maybe Sebastian?" Patrick now knew that Matthew wasn't merely upset about the mess in his apartment after the party. There was something else going on.

"What if I was? Why would you care, you big liar."

Matthew was too focused on putting his slave back where he belonged to pay attention to Patrick's words. The bodybuilder tore down his shorts and his prick sprang up.

In spite of Patrick's anger at Matthew, the sight of the beautifully smooth muscles of the bodybuilder's thick thighs caught his attention. God, look at those legs!

Matthew was angry, there was no doubt. "Get your ass over here, faggot. I'm going to teach you a lesson."

"Fuck you," Patrick said, but his voice was weak. "I don't have to do what you say." Patrick's eyes raped the engorged prick, throbbing from the anticipated power fuck that Matthew was about to administer. Patrick watched it pulsate. That prick was hypnotic.

"Oh yes you do, queerboy. I said get your ass over here."

Matthew's words were compelling. The command required obedience. The foundation of Patrick's resolve cracked. He stood dumbly.

Matthew continued. "Five seconds, boy. You've got five seconds to get your pants down and get over here."

The commanding tone in Matthew's voice was like a leash around Patrick's neck, dragging him toward the big man. "No, I..." Patrick was saying, even as he was moving in the big man's direction.

"Pants down, I said. Get over here and bend over the couch. You've got one hell of a fuck coming to you."

Patrick didn't know what happened. He found himself bent over the couch, pants around his ankles, begging. "Please fuck me, sir," he was saying.

Matthew administered his cock to the tight little ass with a little of his spit for lube. He plunged forcefully into his boy, and Patrick cried out for more. "Yes, please, sir! Fuck my ass. Pound me in the ass with your huge cock! I need to feel you fuck me."

As Matthew pistoned away at the upturned ass, he gripped the slender shoulders, squeezing until he knew Patrick would be hurting. But Patrick was ever the obedient servant; he uttered not a sound.

"Take it, faggot. You've been a bad boy. Take my fat cock up your skinny little ass. Feel me hurt you." It did indeed hurt a little. Matthew slapped Patrick's small butt until it was stinging and glowing red. Only then did Patrick whimper a little, causing Matthew to quicken his pace as his balls churned. Matthew came in buckets, as always. The sudden release of cum into the worshipping ass felt so right. His mastery over this no-good fuckup was his duty. It was his rightful place to exercise his dominance over this submissive waif. He was still angry as he zipped up his pants.

Patrick lay in a heap over the couch. "Thank you, Matthew. Your power is such a turn on. I felt your strength in that fuck like never before."

"Why did you do it, Patrick? Why the fuck did you come on to Sebastian and beg to go home with him?"

Patrick looked shocked. "I didn't beg Sebastian for sex! What are you talking about? I went home with Sebastian because you are fucking around with Martin and didn't even have the guts to tell me about it."

"Martin? Who the Christ is Martin?" The two stared at each other as things started to make sense.

Patrick took a deep breath and continued slowly: "Sebastian told me that you and him were both fucking a guy named Martin. I got mad. I went home with him to spite you."

"There is no Martin, Patrick. Sebastian made that up." Matthew felt a twinge of satisfaction knowing Patrick was jealous, even if he was jealous of someone who didn't exist. "What else did Sebastian say?"

"Oh, god. There is no Martin? Sebastian also said that you have had lots of guys on the side and dumped them all."

"Well, that part's true," grinned Matthew. I have dominated lots of fags, but usually just for a night. They were different from you. I didn't have a relationship with any of them."

As Matthew turned away, Patrick digested the words. "Did he just say 'relationship'?" The importance of the word seeped into Patrick's brain. He couldn't let that slip by: "You just said that we have a relationship, Matthew."

The bodybuilder looked pensive. "Yeah, caught myself saying that too. Don't know why I used that word. I mean, my relationship is with Samantha, right?"

Patrick didn't press the issue, but he was pleased. He felt the bodybuilder had just admitted something of monumental importance.

"Sebastian called me Sunday night. So, you and Sebastian fucked?" Matthew asked.

"Yeah, sorry, Matthew. I feel like I made a mistake. I was just so mad at you, and Sebastian said it was your idea for him to fuck me."

"Sebastian and I are good buddies, Patrick. We've been playing pranks on each other since we were kids." Suddenly Matthew laughed. "Jeez, Patrick. You gotta admit that was a good one! That Sebastian got me good. Fuck! He stole my bitch away from me and spent the day fucking him!" he said half to himself.

Patrick found himself aroused by Matthew referring to him as a bitch -- almost as though he were a piece of property. "You're not mad?" Patrick asked incredulously.

"I always get mad when he does shit like this. But I just give it right back. We're competitive guys, Patrick. I'll just think up something to get back at him. I've done my own share of gettin' him good too."

"Well, I'm still a little ticked at him," Patrick said.

Matthew said, "Come on, Pat. I bet you loved it. Got a big cock, don't he?"

"Yeah, he's got a big cock," Patrick conceded.

"He must have fucked you good. Did you like it?" Matthew pressed for details.

Finally Patrick grinned. "Yeah. God, I loved it. Sorry, Matthew, but it really was hot."

Matthew laughed. "Well, at least he showed you a good time. That old dog! We'll get him back, little man. We'll devise a plan and get him good." Matthew didn't admit it, but the idea of his best buddy fucking Patrick turned him on fiercely. It was one more bond the two boys could share. It made him feel hot that Sebastian wanted his property. Sebastian wanted Patrick -- somehow he'd use that in the plan.

"By the way, I was talking to Robert Oleson last night. I think you know him," smirked Matthew.

"Shit," said Patrick.

"Don't worry, he's cool. He talked to Samantha, and he now knows all about us."