It seemed so easy - a fiver here, a tenner there. It was like getting tipped in a restaurant, surely? Only it was under his control. He never overdid it. He wouldn't need to if life wasn't so fucking expensive and the pay so shit. He had no idea how much he'd actually taken cause he'd never bothered to add it all up, but it was probably no more than, what, £150? £200? That idiot of a shop manager was never gonna have twigged - he was such a dumb fucker. Too busy flexing his pecs at the girls and doing the bare minimum for whatever wage he got. For all Patrick knew he was palming off some too. Maybe. But then again...

'I know it was you.' His boss stared hard at him.

'You what?'

'You heard me.'

'Yeah, and I don't know what the hell you're on about.'



The manager continued to stare at the young lad across the desk. Pale skin, cheeky face, currently drawn into a slight scowl. Short, roughly cut dark hair, probably at the £5 barber shop, or maybe his mum did it. Eyebrows that almost met. Trackie top. He looked like a petty thief out of work uniform - but then most of em did round here. He paused.

'I got you on CCTV.'


'You heard.'

'Dunno what you're talking about.'

'Yes, you fuckin well do.'

He was lying about the CCTV, but he thought it more likely to get results. He'd make this little fucker grovel or else.

Patrick paused. The silence seemed to stretch out and out and the effort of lying was starting to make his head swim. This couldn't be happening. This shouldn't be happening. He was sure there was no CCTV covering that till. How did he know? His boss sat there. Chunky black dude, as worked out as they get - don't even think about picking a fight with him, Patrick. It was a game of chicken and he could feel himself buckling. His boss's fingers tapped idly on the desk.


'Well what?'

'You've got a fucking cheek, you have. I should report you to the police. If you were a customer I already would have done. It's only cause you're staff that you're here in this office at all. Do you want me to report you to the police?'


Another pause.

'So is that an admission then?' He felt a surge of anger and involuntarily clenched a fist.

An even longer pause. It was no good, thought Patrick, there was no way out of this. His boss knew all his details and at 18 he didn't feel he was ready to go on the run just yet. Fuck. This was so stupid.

'Listen, it was only...'

'Don't you even start trying to make excuses, boy. You'll only make it worse.'

'I'm not, Mr Freeman, I'm not. I'm really...'



'You will be.'

Jay felt another surge of anger and tried to hold it down. He didn't want to get the coppers down here under any circumstances, but the lad wasn't to know that.

'I should report you. You know that.'

'Please, Mr Freeman, I'll work overtime. I'll make it up to you.'

'Yeah, and the rest.'

The lad was looking far less sure of himself now and looking down at his feet. His small mouth was pursed tight. Jay smiled inside to see him cowed.

'But you know what? What bothers me more than the money is respect. You don't respect me. I don't expect people to like me, but they gotta respect me or I get angry. And you don't respect me.'

'I do respect you Mr Freeman.'

Even as he said it he knew it sounded false. Fuck, it really was all going seriously pear-shaped tonight. Why had he ever agreed to do this late-night stock-take? Dumb dumb dumb.

Jay laughed, without humour.

'Yeah, funny way of showing it. I've heard you when you think I ain't been listening. You think I'm some black muscle dipshit, don't cha? And you're just the clever little white boy who thinks he can have whatever he wants.' His eyes narrowed and the lad looked away again scared.

Shit. Best not say anything, his mouth would just land him in more trouble. He wasn't racist, whatever his boss might think. He had just been having a laugh. bit of light hearted banter, that was all. But still.

'I gotta teach you some respect. Some manners. It's about time some fucker did.'

'Mr Freeman, I swear it'll never happen again. I'll do whatever you say. Honest I will.'

At that exact moment, a connection was made in Jay's head. He saw Patrick's nervous expression, the teeth biting the lower lip, and it suddenly reminded him of a girl he was screwing some months back. She liked to pretend that she didn't know how to give head, and her small quivering mouth looked just like the lad's did right now. Of course, she loved it, and always told him so afterwards. It always made him horny as hell when they resisted a little... Before he even realised it the words were out...

'Well, you can suck my motherfuckin dick.'

There was a long stunned silence. Jay could hardly believe what he'd just said; Patrick could hardly believe what he'd just heard. Yet the more Jay thought about it, the more amused he was by the idea. He was pretty sure the lad was straight and he could just use his imagination some. No one else would have to know. What a fuckin ace way to show him who was boss.

Patrick, sat in the chair across the desk, was starting to panic slightly. This was going somewhere really bad. He thought about scarpering but then he remembered that the shop was locked and he didn't have the code to get out. What the fuck was he gonna do?

'Er... Mr Freeman... I ain't queer.' His boss grunted at this predictable complaint.

'I know. Wouldn't be much of a punishment if you were, now, would it?'

He stood up to his full 6ft 3, his white shirt outlining his muscular frame. It was nearly a week since he'd last jacked off he'd been that busy and the sudden recollection of that girl had horned him up some. Seein the lad lookin so unnerved only made it twice as sweet. He could feel his member slowly coming to life beneath his black work trousers.

'For your information, son, I ain't either, but I like getting my dick sucked, so you better do it fuckin well.'

He walked slowly round the desk to where the lad sat frozen in the chair.

'Down on yer knees, boy.'

Patrick had no idea what to do. He shook his head.

'Don't make me angry, now.' Jay knew he had him. 

After an agonizing moment weighing up the possibilities, Patrick did as he was told and knelt gazing numbly at the black trousers now in front of his face. There was a vague outline of something huge. His heart beat even faster. He looked up.

'Right, this is the deal. You're gonna reach in there and take out my meat. You're gonna lick the end nicely to get a good taste and get me in the mood. Then you're gonna open that little mouth of yours and get to work... And keep yer eyes wide open - you're gonna watch it all happen. And when I cum, you make sure you swallow every last drop or I'll make you do it all over again. Got that?'

Patrick nodded slowly. He couldn't believe this was happening to him. Fifteen minutes ago he'd been getting ready to go home and drink some beers. Now he was about to be force-fed his boss's motherfuckin dick and there was nothing he could do about it. He was gonna be drinkin another guy's cum. It wasn't even slightly cold in the office, but he involuntarily shivered. The wooden floor was hard and unyielding.

He reached forward and unzipped his boss. With a slightly trembling hand he felt inside, slid his hand into the boxers underneath and grasped what lay within. His hand was on it now - he'd never touched another guy's dick before. It was soft still (what did you expect Patrick - the guy ain't no homo) but it was pulsing a little and definitely getting firmer. It was scarily massive too, definitely bigger than his own. He pulled it out into the open as instructed.

Oh god. It was even bigger than he thought. He gulped, let go and stared in horrified amazement. What had he got himself into? His boss's dick hung there in it's now semi-erect state, a veiny weapon, fat to the base and slightly moist at the tip. Potent and lethal.

'Yeah, said yer boss got a tiny dick, di'ntcha? Must be compensatin for sumfin.' He laughed gruffly. 'Little birdie told me that. Well, take a good look at that nine-incher - that's goin right down your throat...  Get my balls out in the open too. They're gonna bang yer face, boy.

Patrick did as he was told.

'Taste it. Go on.' Jay stepped forward a little.

Patrick reluctantly pushed his tongue out and made contact. His mind reeled. He was licking his boss's dick and there really was no going back now. It responded and continued to harden, jolting a little with every lick. He could taste an unfamiliar flavour. It had a slightly sweet and salty tang. He knew straightaway what it must be and he began to imagine a torrent of the salty-sweet fluid filling his mouth. He shivered again.

'Mmmm yeah, that's starting to feel good. Yeah.' Jay was enjoying this humiliation of the little thief. Seeing that under-sized white mouth next to his over-sized black meat was such a turn on. It didn't matter that it was a bloke - this was as far as it would ever go after all, and this was a fair punishment he was meting out. Much better than reporting the little fucker to the police. After a while his dick was at full strength and the expectation was almost too much...

'Right boy, time for some solid action. You ready for it now?

Patrick looked up and knew there was no use begging for mercy. He shifted on his knees slightly and opened his mouth to accept his fate.

'Get yer skinny back to the desk. This is gonna be real good.'

They shifted positions around. Patrick could see his boss glaring down at him with a look of fierce intent on his face. Jay unbuttoned his shirt part way and reached in with one hand to caress a nipple. Patrick took in a glance his thick neck, the curve of his bicep and the smooth firm mounds of his upper chest. He smelt the man's arousal and all he could do was succumb. In a flash, he vividly remembered a time standing over his ex-girlfriend who was clearly not too keen on the whole submission scenario, and having his way even as she feigned interest. Was this some kind of karmic payback? Did he deserve this somehow?

Back to reality. 

He looked back in front of him. His boss's dick was barely an inch from his mouth... The head flared. Here it comes, he thought, with a shudder. The head touched his lips and gently pushed inside, inch by fucking inch. His boss groaned with pleasure.

'Oh yeeeeeaaah. That's reeeeeal good! Suck it, boy. Get it nice and wet.'

Patrick steadied himself by taking hold of one of his boss's tree trunk legs. The massive meat lay there thick and heavy on his tongue. It went further, searching out his throat. He felt like it was completely filling his mouth already but he could see that it was only half way in. How far was his boss going to go? He would choke, surely? He tried to relax and began to actively suck as he'd been told. Slow, rhythmic strokes, tonguing round the thick shaft all the while.

His mind was racing 'I'm sucking my boss's dick. I'm sucking my boss's dick. Fuck.' It felt as if his life force was being drawn into his boss's groin - that somehow he would be here for the rest of his life. He imagined the cum shooting into his mouth and never stopping, being forced to swallow more and more and more until his stomach was full and it dribbled out of the sides of his mouth.

After a few minutes of these thoughts racing around his head, he realised with a shock that his dick was stiffening up - that being forced to suck this black monster was actually doing something completely unexpected to him. He wondered with horror if sucking a dick turned you gay, but the good feeling in his crotch was just too strong to be ignored. He reached up with his free hand and began to caress the dangling hairy balls he'd previously ignored. He realised how huge they were - they must be bursting with cum, he thought.

'Mmmm... That's the way. You're a natural, boy... Suck dick real good. Yeah.' He looked down with mounting excitement at his black manhood stretching the teen's mouth. The lad's nearly half my age, he thought. Mmmm yeah… Who's yer daddy?

Patrick felt his boss's free hand on the back of his head and the fucktool began to probe ever further in with each successive stroke. He panicked for a brief moment and then remembered to relax and let it all happen - that was the way through this, he felt sure. His arousal was still washing through him, drowning out the fear. This muscular beast of a man had him under control and resistance was out of the question. He knew he had to satisfy or suffer the consequences.

'Yeah, you're takin it all now, son. You're takin it all now. Who's yer daddy?'

Patrick moaned and the massive meat pushed ever deeper in. Before too long his nose was coming up against his boss's trousers and the hairs poking through. They scratched against his nose as Jay held it there a moment. He nearly gagged, but managed to relax again. The thick weapon pushed once more at his throat.

'Who's yer daddy?'

Patrick moaned again.

'Yeah, I'm yer daddy, boy. Fuck yeah. Suck that big black motherfuckin dick. You'll never forget tonight, boy - this is the night I fill you right up. You've got it comin to you. Yeeeeeeeaah...' After a while he pulled back slightly to give the boy more space and he unbuttoned his shirt further. 'Suck that motherfucker.'

Patrick needed no further instruction. He sucked for all he was worth on the monster, the black skin glistening. He took his hand from the man's balls to slide it up and down the shaft, which felt like iron in his grip. Time seemed to come to a standstill and the room disappeared - pleasuring his boss was all that mattered now. Occasionally he would go right back to savour the head, licking it all around, daring to look up as he did so. His boss grunted deeply.

'Yeah, taste it... Taste my dick. That's the way. It's all yours, son, you got it goin on. Taste my dick. Daddy's gonna cum soon.' He rubbed the back of the boy's head again, more vigorously.

Patrick returned to his slick, speedy rhythm - lost in an open-eyed daze at the sight of the huge black dick he was sucking, his mouth stretched like it had never been before. His whole jaw ached. He glanced up again over the trouser belt and saw his boss had unbuttoned the shirt completely, exposing his muscular torso which he was slowly rubbing up and down.

The man was stupidly fit and chunky, as well as being hung like a fucking horse. How many women at the store wanted a bit of this, wondered Patrick. He involuntarily took his other hand down to rub his dick through his trackies. He was seriously turned on now. Couldn't let his boss see though – his hand reluctantly went back to its previous position.

But his boss had seen. Jay smiled to himself. How the tables had turned, he thought - little straight boy begging for his motherfuckin dick. He began to pump vigorously again, the full length. Little fucker wants it, he's gonna fucking well get it.

‘Yeeeaaahhhh. Oh yeaaaahhh. Little white boy wants it. Yeah. I'm the Daddy. I'm fuckin your face, son.'

The boy felt the change in momentum and succumbed to the barrage. The heavy hanging sacks were banging his chin and once again he imagined an endless stream of cum shooting into his mouth. So close now. His other hand clasped tighter on to the firm thigh muscle and squeezed.

‘Look at me' his boss instructed.

The lad glanced up at the muscular giant towering above him, eager now for the moment of truth. He could hear his boss's breathing quicken.

'You ready, boy?' growled the man. Patrick nodded slightly. ‘You better be.' Jay clasped the boy's head with both hands now. He had completely forgotten about any fantasy he'd previously had, he was totally caught up in this moment. He was the man. His eyes were transfixed on the little thief he was towering over, his thick black meat pounding away, swelling up larger than he'd ever remembered, getting ready to unload. He was completely in control.

Patrick was getting frantic inside, eyes wide open to take in every detail of what was remorselessly thrusting at him; the trouser fly open; the heavy, hanging balls; the dark hairs poking out around; the fat, veiny, slick, black fucktool sticking straight out from the centre of it all - every inch of it going straight into him. He briefly imagined what it'd be like to get fucked by that monster, but pushed the thought away. Too scary. And he wasn't queer, so why should he think that anyway?

A small part of him shouted that he shouldn't be accepting this punishment either, but his stiff dick and undeniable excitement at what was happening overrode that with ease. His hand went back to those balls about to unleash their fury into him and he could only stare disbelievingly as the black torpedo remorselessly pummelled his face, intensity increasing. Here it comes. Here it comes, he thought. Oh god.

Jay's eyes widened too. He wanted to see the young lad's face take the full force of his spunk. 'Oh yeah. Gonna cum. Gonna cum. Gonna fuckin fill you right up. Fuck yeah.' He felt his balls tighten and the wave rise up in him. 

'Fuck yeah.' No going back now. His eyes closed for a moment and he groaned loudly to the space around. A shudder ran through him and he stopped, frozen in ecstasy.

'Fuck YEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH.' As the cum began to flow, another shudder ran through him. He stared down again at the young white lad's face impaled on his massive manhood.

Patrick felt an unbelievable surge of hardness and clasped his mouth as tightly as possible around the massive weapon, the hands on the back of his head holding him firmly in place. Shivering with anticipation, he heard his boss's growl of amazement as the first shots came and went straight to the back of his throat. Fuck. It was actually happening - he was drinking the man's cum.

He felt the masculine juice spurt again and again, coating his tongue in a thick layer and quickly filling the space either side. Pungent spunk. Black man spunk. The gigantic dick showed no signs of slowing - his earlier thoughts of an endless stream of cum surfaced again and the salty-sweet flavour almost overpowered him. The sound of his boss's heavy groans surrounded him.

He desperately wanted to cum himself but he didn't dare reveal his hard-on, though he was sure it must have shown a wet patch by now through his trackie bottoms.

The pulses of cum gradually slowed. His entire mouth was now full of the stuff. He looked up again at his boss and saw the white shirt hanging loose around the dark sweaty physique within. The man slowly nodded at him.

‘Every last drop, boy.'

Patrick paused for a moment and swallowed; felt the mouthful of tangy juice slip all the way down deep inside his chest as his boss held him in that steady gaze. He felt claimed.

'Make sure you clean it up real good' the man instructed.

Patrick worked his way round the still stiff meat thoroughly, making sure he had all the cum swallowed. He could still taste some oozing from the swollen head. The reality of what had just happened in the last half an hour began to sink in. His boss had found him out, forced him to suck his dick and he'd enjoyed the punishment. His mind spun. What was gonna happen next?

As if to remind him, Jay once more began to gently slide his dick back and forth. He was mesmerized by the sight. There was something very different about this whole experience – he had felt an animal awaken within that had never been there before. He had liked the power he had over this lad, and the anger which initially drove it had given way to a fierce desire to dominate him for desire's sake.

Deep down he knew that they would have to do it again sometime. Even if they were both straight, so what? No-one else had to know. He would just have to think of a way to make it happen...

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