Patrick woke up in a sweat at 3am. Some kind of nightmare, running through high-sided alleyways being chased by a gang - they'd managed to catch up with him just when he jerked back into reality. He very rarely had bad dreams like that. He turned on the small light by the bed and blinked away the fear. No one else around. Of course.

Driven by a sudden impulse he picked up the phone by the bed and stared at it. The file his boss had sent him was still on there and he hadn't dare watch it. His mind struggled - should he or shouldn't he? He tried to tell himself that he didn't need to watch it, that it would only get him worked up and trigger all the bad associations he'd been trying to forget these past few days. Above all else, he needed to get some fuckin sleep.

 A few more seconds inaction, then, on automatic, his fingers flicked through the options and pressed play.

'Fuckin respect me now. You do don'tcha son?'

Patrick was immediately mesmerised. The sight of the man's monstrous cock directed to his young pale face and outstretched tongue was like a bolt of lightning to his libido. Fuck - this actually happened, Patrick. That's you. On your knees in front of your boss.

'Fuck yeah... Look at that. My dick's right in your face straight boy. Wanna taste my cum?'

He saw himself nod and the fierce unfriendly words ensnared him all over again. The spell hadn't been broken after all. His hand moved aside the duvet and began to pump away at himself, eager to see the cum spill into his waiting mouth. Seeing it from his boss's perspective turned it into some weird kind of porn. Well, porn, full stop. It was only weird cause he was in it.

'Any second now. Gonna start pumpin. Straight - In - Your - Mouth.'

Fuck, that man was well-hung. He was a mean fuckin animal. Why did you ever cross him Patrick? He felt weak all over again as the wave of submissive desire swept through him. Look what he did to you.

'Here it comes. YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!'

As the sight of the man's spunk Patrick could not hold back. His fresh load shot up and out, coating his chest. Through half-closed eyes he saw himself eagerly take the engorged head into his small mouth. You cocksucker Patrick. He slammed the phone face down on the bed, half-angry with himself for giving in to this dangerous temptation, but with no obvious strategy to avoid it in future. He could almost taste the addiction forming.

Earlier that same night, Jay met with his mate Derek, a white building site worker from the other side of town. Friends for several years by mutual acquaintance, Derek usually called on Jay when he wanted money. A tendency to gamble was the reason, but he was good company and usually paid most of what he borrowed back. Eventually. Jay, an only child, mostly thought of Derek as a wayward older brother (though not much older, admittedly) and liked to make sure he was alright, particularly since his marriage had split up. Besides, they made for a competitive pulling team as and when they managed a night out - Jay was currently up 7-5 and hadn't let Derek forget it. 

This night was still young when Derek asked a familiar question:

'Listen, Jay, mate, I need some dosh.'

'No fuckin surprise there. What's it this time?'


Jay laughed and took a swig of his drink.

'Bills? Pull the other one bro, I wasn't born yesterday.'

'Nah nah nah. Straight down the line mate. I owe someone.'

'Ahhhhh those bills. Mighta guessed. How much?'


Jay grunted. 'Hmmm.'

'Please mate, it's pretty urgent.'

Jay considered his words. Earlier on in the day, knowing that he was meeting Derek and that money was likely to come up, he'd toyed with a plan to further humiliate the little thief from work. He knew from one particular night out a few years ago where he and Derek had both pulled and they'd all gone back to his flat, that Derek certainly wasn't lacking for tackle. He had a mind to put that to good use and spit roast the lad with him. Knowing that Derek wasn't remotely queer, playing it cool and careful was the only way it was gonna happen.

'OK, but you'll need to do me a favour...'

The story of the till thefts was explained, as was the need to punish effectively without involving the police. That Derek understood well enough. When he matter of factly reached the part about making Patrick suck his dick, Derek nearly spat out his drink.

'You fuckin what?'

'You heard me. Worst thing possible to do to a straight boy without anyone else finding out. Made him fuckin choke on it. He was fuckin sorry I can tell yer.' 

Jay kept his voice low and serious. Derek, who looked up to Jay in many ways, calmed down and started to consider it more rationally. He knew Jay wasn't homo - knew that this had to be something else entirely. Besides which, why would he be telling him if he was ashamed of it?

'That's well serious. Did you shoot?'

'Yep. Made him swallow the whole damn lot. Shoulda seen the look on his face. Miserable little cocksucker.'

'Oh man. That's bad.'

'But he still doesn't respect me enough. And he's gonna or else. I'm gonna fuckin make him.'


'That's where you come in...'

Derek was openmouthed and speechless. He couldn't believe what his buddy was asking him to do. But Jay explained it all so reasonably and calmly, and, well, he did need the money. And Jay had helped him out plenty of times before. Maybe he could just this once - no one would find out.

'Only problem is, Jay, mate, and it's a biggun - how am I gonna get a fuckin hard-on?'

Jay laughed and landed the killer blow, knowing one of Derek's other weaknesses. 'That fuck-off huge flat screen TV of mine - remember that? I know your taste in women. Easy.'

Derek smiled. 'Hey. Now yer talkin!'

Jay grinned back. They both punched fists together.

The message came through to Patrick the following day. 'If you value your reputation - be here tonight. 9pm. Flat 6, Rosemount Place, Silver St.' He only had to read it through once for the implications to sink in. His bastard boss. Wasn't he satisfied yet? He had to get out of this crazy situation. But how? He needed to steal the phone to prevent that file getting into the wrong hands, but no chance to do that at work. He would only stand a chance if he went round. Catch fuckin 22. 

He thought awhile before sending back a reply saying 'OK boss' and nothing else. The day dragged by. He avoided seeing or talking to anyone in case they asked him what he was up to later. Couldn't trust himself to lie well enough.

9pm. His finger on the intercom. Jay buzzed him in. The stairway was immaculately clean, the road inaudible. He reached the flat and knocked. His boss opened the door, lightly dressed in his gym shorts and vest. and looked him over expressionlessly, gesturing with a thumb over his shoulder.

'Inside. Door on the left.' 

Patrick entered. Enemy territory. His eyes scanned for the phone. He stopped sharp upon entering the dimly lit and sparsely decorated lounge, until his boss shoved him forwards and he stumbled toward the centre of the room. The huge TV on the wall was showing a couple of pretty young women knelt before several men. With brightly lipsticked lips they were both servicing one of the men - a well defined hispanic guy with a long slightly curved dick - whilst gazing adoringly upwards and stroking his body, The other three men jerked their cocks and looked on. One of them, a taller black dude, stepped forwards to be serviced and his long member was swiftly taken care of by the blonder of the two women. Cue close-up.

But this was not what had made Patrick stop so suddenly. What had made him stop was the sight of a late 30-something white man with a shaven head, roughly hewn mean stubbly face, thick neck and chunky arms bursting from a white T-shirt. He was slumped in an armchair staring at the screen whilst beating the meat extruding from his unzipped jeans. Patrick noticed in a flash that his dick wasn't as long as his boss's, but it was extraordinarily wide, particularly at the base. The man slowed down his action for a moment to look Patrick over as the lad was shoved forwards.He gave a mock salute and resumed his porn-viewing with interest.

'Who the fuck is this?' exclaimed Patrick.

'Shut up' replied his boss, sharply. 'I didn't get you here to ask questions. You know why you're here, you little cunt.'

'Do I?'

'I haven't finished teaching you a lesson yet.'

Patrick's mind was racing. Where was this going to end up? Stupid stupid stupid. His boss was terrifying enough, but a known quantity at least. This new guy looked seriously hard - a real bruiser. Disturbingly familiar too. He felt vulnerable. The white guy took a swig from a bottle of beer on a table next to where he was sat.

'Right. This is my mate Derek. Derek's not even slightly interested in you, he's interested in that' - the man gestured at the screen - 'but he knows the score and he owes me. I've promised him you'll give him a good time. Better make sure you do, cause Derek doesn't like to be disappointed. Isn't that so, Derek.'

The man in the chair nodded, his eyes not veering from the screen. Patrick began to fervently wish he'd never come. He realised the familiarity at last - the man looked like his best mate Shane's Dad. Fuckin freaky. That only made matters worse.

'Now show Derek what you can do, there's a good boy. He's got a nice big juicy prick ready and waitin. Go on, down you go.' He pushed the lad roughly down so that he landed with a thwack on his hands and knees on the wooden floor.

'Fuckin hell man, cut it out!'

Jay reached down, grabbed Patrick's chin and twisted his face round to face him. 'It could hurt more. Don't tempt me.' He let go.

Patrick knew it was hopeless. He shouldn't be here. He shouldn't be being forced to do this. The moaning from the porn caught his attention momentarily and he turned to see one of the women knelt in front of two guys together, licking both dicks with gusto. He turned back to look up at the scary, stubbled guy sat before him who was now looking at him through narrowed eyes and holding his dick out toward him from his jeans, dark blonde hairs poking through either side. The man licked his lips and continued to stare.

'Come on, son. You know you want it.'

Inertia gripped. Patrick shuddered slightly and didn't move. His boss gave him a kick - not too hard, but hard enough. He reluctantly approached the inevitable on his hands and knees. Derek watched impassively as the young lad in his hoodie came near. Looked like one of those fuckin kids from the estate where his car window had got smashed recently. Scum, the lot of em.

'Lick it. Go on.'

There was nothing else for it. Patrick placed his hands on the dirty jeans and leaned forward. His tongue made contact with the head's moistened pisshole and the salty tang of the man's precum immediately sent his mind reeling. Fuck. He licked again more vigorously, moving all round the fat shiny head and down either side.

'Uhhhh. Yeahhhh. That's the way.'

Derek stared at the lad with fascination now. He wasn't remotely turned on by the sulky youth before him, but he was slightly drunk and pretty horned up from the porn. He could see the lad wasn't keen and that certainly made it more interesting. He didn't want some queerboy sucking his tool after all. He decided to pay attention - for a little while at least.

Patrick returned to the fat head and looked up at Derek as his mouth slowly began to envelope the man's chunky meat. Their eyes locked. Straight man and boy engaged in a power game with only one possible outcome - Patrick was gonna lose big time.

'Mmmmm. That's nice. That's reeeeallll nice.' 

And it really was too, thought Derek, as good sensations spread through his body. The fucker had talent. He looked back up at the screen as the woman tried to take both dicks in her mouth once more. Pleasure coursed through his veins and he relaxed his shoulders some. This was gonna turn out just fine, he thought. Great way to spend a Saturday evening. He lifted his hands absent-mindedly to the back of the boy's head to hold it in place as he began to slowly thrust push his manhood inside whilst gazing at the screen. He took another swig from the bottle beside him.

Jay had no underwear on beneath his gym shorts and he stood there gently stroking his stiffening meat through the fabric. His plan had come to fruition just the way he wanted and he was feeling ultra-horny watching the little thief being forced down on to his mate's fat fuckmuscle. He'd got such a kick from the lad's confusion at his mate's presence. This really would show him not to mess with the boss. He stroked and watched, excitement steadily rising with the combination of the porn and the lad's sorry predicament.

Patrick felt his mouth being stretched to its limit, the rough hand holding him just where it wanted him. The cock drove in to reach the seriously wide base. His jaw hurt already. The man was now fucking his face like a piston - a slow, firm brutality with no mercy. More precum draped the inside of his mouth as it was forced to accept the oncoming tool. His tongue slipped around it with every other thrust, feeling the shape and the hardness of the straight man's passion. You cocksucker, Patrick. What are yer?

'Think you like the taste of that, straight boy. There's more here. Come get.' 

Jay stepped forward to stand next to the chair. Derek released the lad's head and Patrick sat up to see the familiar figure of his boss there. The dangerous weapon stuck out against the shorts. The tree trunk legs planted immovably before him.

'Take em down. It's waitin for yer.'

Patrick felt a giddying sense of deja-vu as he pulled the shorts slowly down and the dark instrument of torture was revealed. He heart beat faster as it hung there close to his face.

'Lick it just like you did his. You're gonna worship your boss's motherfuckin dick now.'

Patrick began to swirl his tongue around the stiff meat and it bounced around in front of him. He reached up to steady it and felt the heavy hanging balls with their contents ready to be pumped out. Flashbacks to their previous encounters in the office appeared and he started to imagine what might happen next. He shivered with trepidation. Two lots of spunk to take, and he was gonna get fucked again, he knew it - fucked like a bitch in heat by these twisted straight hunks with their massive dicks. His arse had barely recovered from the last session.

'Mmmm, yeahhh. Feelin good. Suck that motherfucker now. Goin right down your throat. Yeeeeahhh.'

His boss's words fired him up with undeniable lust at their effortless authority. He had to do as he was told. Patrick let the hard meat slip between his lips and he began to suck his boss's meat like a lollipop. Saliva ran down the side of his mouth. His dick began to pump with blood and his hatred for the man began to give way once more. He was getting what he deserved, yet again. The thing went deeper and deeper. It was soon pressing against the back of his throat and he nearly gagged. He made long slick strokes while using his hand to increase the pleasure for his boss, just like the women on the porn film had. He was learning.

Derek was pumping his meat again and watching his mate's massive black prick being energetically serviced by the confused and horny lad. The mighty blackness of it penetrating the lad's small white mouth was like watching porn in close-up, and his arousal grew. His imagination took hold - he and his mate being security guards and humiliating some cocky fucker in a cell somewhere. He got up out of the chair and stood next to Jay, his fat stiff dick tingling approvingly in his hand.

Jay grunted approvingly. 'Yeah, you like the taste of that, don't cha? Hungry for some cum, straight boy? Don't forget my mate here. You got two motherfuckin dicks to suck tonight.'

Derek stepped even closer so that his dick was up against the side of Patrick's mouth. The lad dutifully moistened the second weapon now at his lips, the sudden intensity making the man gasp. 

'Ahhh fuck. Yeah. Suck it, son! Suck it.'

Patrick alternated between the black and the white monsters, frantically trying to please both sufficiently. Failure couldn't be contemplated. The two flared heads pressed up against each other and he opened his mouth to try to take both but it was impossible. Derek saw the head of his dick pressing against his mate's and felt a surge of something new and exciting as they pushed forward together. Here was this straight boy being forced to pleasure two straight men's dicks. He felt an unchecked masculinity pump through his muscles and he clenched his free fist. Domination. He and his mate in control of this young lad, making him do stuff against his will. It was fuckin intense. 

The lad was now holding the ends of their cocks firmly together into one long tube of dick and licking left to right above and below. Derek and Jay both felt the connection between them.

'That's reeeeeal fuckin nice.' Jay idly caressed his right nipple.

'Yeah, look at that.' Derek was on fire now.

Patrick was in a complete daze. He'd never imagined being in such a position. He had given in completely to worshipping these two monsters as best he could, his mind now thinking about the spunk from one being followed immediately by the other, his mouth overflowing. The groans of pleasure from the men filled his senses and his dick surged in his boxers. He went back to sucking the two heads alternately. White, black, white, black.

Jay took his dick in is hand and began bashing the side of the lad's face with it. Derek followed suit on the other side. Patrick let the onslaught happen - he knew better than to complain.

'Feel those big motherfuckin dicks, straight boy. They own you now. You do what they want.'

Patrick nodded incomprehendingly.

Jay gave a grim, deep laugh. 'And guess what? You're gonna get spit roasted on em. Yeaahhh!'

The lad's heart leap to his mouth. He knew exactly what that meant. Oh fuck.

'Get yer kit off, son.'

He did as he was told - trainers, hoodie, trackie bottoms, socks, boxers. He chucked his stuff into a pile. Jay took his gym shorts and vest off and pulled an exercise bench into the centre of the room with a towel spread across. Derek watched the two women on the screen again getting rammed - they were fuckin hot.

'On yer back.'

In awe of the man's honed physique, and in numb anticipation of what was to follow, the lad did so. Jay stepped over the end of the bench, reaching down to pick up a bottle. Derek removed his T-shirt to expose a bulky torso that, while not defined like his mate's was, oozed the ready muscularity of an outdoor labourer. He had some chest fuzz narrowing down toward his belly button. His strong arms bulged threateningly in the flickering light from the porn. A large tattoo spread down one arm from the shoulder.

On the screen, as Patrick could now see, both women were taking it from two men simultaneously. One front and back, the other mouth and front. He witnessed their contorted expressions of pleasure and felt admiration mixed with fear. He doubted he would fare quite so well.

'Yeah, that's right, take a good look...' His boss grinned. 'You're gonna take it like one of those bitches. Me and Derek gonna do you. Gonna fuck ya brains out.' Jay straddled the end of the bench, lifting the lad's legs up and applying some baby oil he had ready nearby to the lad's exposed hole.

Derek proceeded to straddle Patrick further up, legs spread wide. He undid the top button of his work jeans and pulled his large, hairy bollocks out so that they hung over the top. The fully exposed fat monster now looked even more fearsome. He tilted the lad's head forwards with a calloused hand and used the other to rub his dick over the reluctant youth's face. He was really getting into it now, feeling the buzz of power. The lad's eyes were glazed over, his vision filled by the man's hairy crotch, the smell of sweat pungent and inescapable. The moistened tip of the man's fat tool trailed precum all over. His considerable weight bore down on Patrick, the jeans tightly trapping the smooth young arms near the shoulders. 

'You want a mouthful of this, son? Go on. Get it in.' The lad's lips parted. 

'Yeahhh. Suck it. You know you want it. You fuckin cocksucker.' The thick meat pushed in, stretching the lad's mouth wide.

Jay paused what he was doing to lean round and take a look. 'Fuck his face, mate. Fuck his face. Make im choke on it.'

Derek obliged. He glanced up at the porn to see one of the women being double fucked by the black guy and and a tatooed white dude with a long curved dick. His member swelled in response at this horny sight and he thrust ever deeper, eliciting a muffled choking from the the lad now struggling to cope. He turned back to his prisoner and his horniness magnified as the power game ratcheted up a gear. What a fuckin turn on this was turning out to be...

'Fuckin take it. Take it, son - yeah' he muttered, as the pounding continued. He was getting eager to unload the spunk churning in his balls. The power trip of shooting his masculine juice into this helpless straight lad's mouth filled his mind with dark lustful thoughts.

Patrick could feel his boss's fingers probing his arse. One finger became two. He moaned, mouth full of Derek's fat weapon. This was definitely gonna hurt. Derek turned to see what was happening and decided to step away to watch the action unfold awhile. He withdrew from the lad and went to stand next to his mate, stroking his hungry swollen meat. His mate's massive manhood was about to start it's journey into the lad's innermost depths and he could hardly believe it was gonna fit. It really didn't seem possible. Jay's dark, chiselled frame towered menacingly over the prone kid who was now up on his elbows, watching in disbelief. 

'Here we go, son. Here we fuckin go...'

The flared head pressed up firmly against the tight entrance and he glared at the lad's anxious face.

'Big black motherfuckin dick. Gonna fuck you well 'ard.' He nudged it forwards.

Derek watched it push in. Patrick gasped loudly and screwed his eyes tight as the shock hit. Not quite as painful as the first time, he had to admit, but still terrifying. He opened his eyes again and took in the figure before him. The man looked like some fuckin olympic athlete, Patrick thought, so fuckin fit. He mentally succumbed to the display of strength and the rightness of the act. He was gonna be fucked by his boss over and over again until the respect the man demanded became second nature, that he now realised. The immense size gradually filled him, thrust by thrust. Pain, more pain and pleasure.

His boss was looking down at the punishment he was inflicting with a satisfied grimace. Derek was watching his mate's dick intently, in awe.

'Oh man. That looks like such a tight fuck.'

'Yeah. Fuckin tight alright. SOOO fuckin tight. You respect yer boss's dick, dont'cha straight boy?'

Patrick nodded with a low moan. His hole burned but it was starting to feel pretty good even so. 

'What was that, son? Speak up.'

'Yes boss.' Patrick gasped the words out without enthusiasm. He wasn't ready to admit his growing willingness to submit. He was straight after all. He shouldn't be doing this at all, let alone enjoy it in any way. Jay smiled and slowly began to increase the speed.

'Feed him yer cock again, mate - he needs a double dose of cum.'

'My pleasure, mate.'

Patrick looked over at the now naked Derek. He didn't have Jay's definition, particularly round the stomach (too much beer) but he was a chunky fucker - chest proud, serious biceps - a man's man. The tattoo was of a fire breathing dragon and it breathed its fire down to the man's elbow. His stubbled mean face still reminded Patrick of his best mate Shane's Dad, and the thought again of that sent shockwaves around his tripped-out mind. He briefly imagined sucking Shane's Dad's cock and shuddered at the thought. So wrong. Or was it? He lay back down as the man straddled him again and lifted Patrick's head for the boy to dutifully open his lips and accept the fat glistening meat. Derek was now oblivious to the porn and intent on feeding the boy his spunk. He was close already.

'You ready for a big mouthful, son? You got it comin atcha. Gonna choke on my juice. Fuck yeaaahhhh!'

He felt the electricity flow through him as he energetically began to pound the lad's face into submission. His dick seemed to swell to it's ultimate hardness.

'Yeahhhhh, that's the way. Fuckin your face, son. You're gonna swallow it.'

Meanwhile, Jay was increasing in velocity and ramming his massive weapon in right to the base. He was the boss alright. He was in control. He could feel the wave coming but intended to prolong the fuck until his mate was ready to unload too. His plan had worked perfectly and his young straight employee had been forced to submit to the most humiliating trial yet. The lad's lithe young body passively took the brutality meted out by the two men. Patrick felt their two huge dicks invading his body - it was almost too much to take.

'Fuck yeahhhh. Feel those motherfuckin dicks inside you. No mercy, straight boy. no mercy. You gettin a double dose tonight. You nearly there mate?'

'Yeah mate, I'm close. It's cum time.' Derek was breathing heavily.

Patrick lay trapped and helpless. Spunk was gettin ready to flow and he was gonna be filled to the brim. Fuck. This wasn't real was it? The man's hairy groin thrust remorselessly at him.

Both men were grunting now as they both went for the finish line. Derek felt the tension rising to a climax and the adrenaline building. He felt more of a man than ever dominating another like this - sharing it with his mate was doubly sweet. Jay had felt this feeling before and was exultant in it but also got off on doing it with his mate. They both pummelled the lad aggressively, their enraged manhoods supreme.

'Fuck yeah. Here comes the juice, son. Get it down yer. YEAAHHHH!'

Patrick, head firmly in place, felt the prick expand in his mouth and a huge glob of cum shot to the back of his throat - he gulped it down involuntarily. Fuck. More and more of the thick juice spurted out, salty and strong, rapidly filling up the available space around the straight man's chunky cock. There was so much so quickly that some began to spill out from one side of his mouth, dribbling toward his chin. Derek was moaning and gripping the lad's head tight. He stared down in wonder at the sight of the young male face impaled on his pulsing member. He pulled the cockhead back to Patrick's lips as the flow subsided and guided it round the edge of the lad's mouth, tilting the lad's face upwards slightly. Their eyes met once more in the gloom and the porn flicker. Cum oozed. 

At this point, Jay, so close himself, suddenly changed his mind. It was a great fuck, but he wanted his cum to fire in the lad's face too. He could feel the swell coming and knew he had to act fast. He pulled out of the boy's battered rear, let the shaking legs rest down on the bench and moved round to where Derek was still straddled. The sight of the lad filled up and his mate's massive dick spreading cum round the little fucker's mouth got him totally horned up.

'Ah yeahhhhh. Good job you done there, mate.' He pumped his dick furiously.

'Yeah. He fuckin got it good, the little cocksucker.' Derek chuckled. 

Patrick felt the salty spunk swimming around his mouth as he gazed up at the man's wide fuzzy chest. Cocksucker, said the straight voice in his head. What are yer?

'Get it down yer, son.' The mean-faced man grinned. Patrick gulped, gagging slightly as the thick, salty juice slipped down. His face couldn't hide his distaste.

'My turn now. Gonna fuckin shoot.' 

Jay stepped close, his muscular body pressing up against his mate's and one arm casually placed round the white man's shoulders. Derek tilted the boys face so that his mate could bring his cock close up.

'Open up there, straight boy - it's a double dose. We're fillin you right up. Yeaaaahhhhhh.'

Patrick saw his boss's huge black weapon loom over his face as it was jerked vigorously by a meaty hand. The other man was smearing his manjuice up the side of his face with his tool - juice that he'd just swallowed a whole mouthful of. His mind was recoiling in disbelief at the sheer volume of spunk he was having to take. His boss's mate had unloaded what felt like half a pint of the stuff, and now here was his boss, who he knew from experience was a massive shooter, about to unload some more. He was drowning in the stuff. Overwhelmed, all psychological resistance in his young straight mind evaporated. He had to take it. His right hand now caressed his achingly stiff cock as his tongue salivated in readiness for the second load.

Jay's victory was nearly complete. 'Nice n wide now. Here it fuckin comes. Yeahhhhh. Uggggghhhh!'

The first shot sprayed up wildly over the boys upper lip and cheek, some landing on his mate's cock. He pointed his pulsating weapon carefully towards the lad's open mouth and let the creamy jets hit their target. Streak after streak of cum spurted from the wide slit to the waiting inside. He fed the boy with a grim angry lust. 

Derek watched in awed fascination as his muscly black mate's spunk poured unrelentingly into the lad's mouth. 

'Ahhhh yeahhh, look at that. You're givin it to him, mate.' The man was using his still stiff meat to smear the spunk that had landed there together with the rest of his own juice up the side of the lad's smooth face.

Patrick felt the second load rapidly fill his mouth. It was certainly sweeter and creamier than the other man's - for several moments he thought 'yeah, this stuff's really tasty' until his straight brain kicked back in and said 'what the fuck, man - it's your boss's spunk' and he felt a belated twinge of disgust. But still, there was no denying his instinctive first reaction. Tasty. He reached out with his spunk coated tongue to catch every last drop, cause he didn't want to displease his boss now. His vision was filled with male sex.

'Swallow it' his boss's commanded. Down it went to join his mate's. The taste lingered on Patrick's tongue, cream between his teeth.

Jay began to smear his remaining spunk around the lad's face like his mate was doing. Their cocks met and jousted with each other as they rubbed all around. He felt the thrill of their shared power running through his veins. Seeing the lad's normally sullen expression so wide-eyed and confused was a real turn on. He’d learn. The young pale skin glistened.

'Hey mate. I need a piss. Where's the bathroom?' 

Derek made as if to move, but Jay stopped him.

'Wait mate. I got a better idea.' He paused. 'Make this fucker drink it.'

At that, Patrick went cold. The dark fantasy he had let himself be swept along by had suddenly twisted into a new shape and he wasn't ready. Instinctively and frantically, he tried to break free, but it was no use. Derek still had him in place and the man pushed his weight down hard. Patrick wasn't going anywhere. Jay roughly swiped him round the head and he stopped struggling.

'Oi. You do what you're told.'

'Please man! Not that.' His head swam, his mouth went dry.

'Who's the boss here?'

Silence, except for the porn soundtrack (ohh, ohhh, harder, harder). Patrick knew his efforts were futile. He simply couldn't believe what was happening to him - the real world seemed so very far away. These evil straight men were gonna carrying on using him and he was in no position to refuse.

'You are.'

'So what I say goes. My mate Derek needs a piss, and you're gonna take care of him, like I asked you to. Make sure you swallow it all - don't want any spilling on the floor, y'hear? There'll be trouble if you do.'

'Yes boss.' Patrick's voice was every bit as subdued as he felt. A firm hand had turned his head forwards again and the chunky white tool and balls hung there - slightly softened, foreskin beginning to return into place, but no less threatening. Oh god. This couldn't be happening.

'Jay, mate - pass us that beer over.'

Jay fetched the bottle over and took hold of the lad's head from behind, handing the drink over. Derek took a swig and gave his cock a shake. It bounced against the lad's mouth. He stared at the lad and downed another mouthful.

'Want some?' he asked, gesturing with the bottle.

Patrick looked up past the dick and the wide masculine torso. The shaven headed man's rough face was grinning, which unnerved him further. The tattoo and the curve of the biceps scared him all the more. He nodded mutely,

'Thought so.' He poured some from the bottle into the lad's dry mouth. The taste of the beer, warm as it now was, was so refreshing. A tiny sliver of normality. Patrick gulped it gratefully.

'More?' The bottle was offered again.

'Please.' He opened his mouth wide.

'OK, son. Have some from earlier.'

And with that, Derek began to piss into the lad's unprepared mouth.

Jay laughed deeply. 'That's fuckin funny mate. Fuckin funny.' Derek smiled and took another swig from the bottle.

Patrick stared up at the man in bewilderment. Fuck fuck fuck. The taste of beer was swiftly replaced by something completely unfamiliar but with a familiar acrid tang. His instinctive reaction was to spit it out and turn away but he remembered his boss's warning and anyway - there was no way to turn. He started swallowing the warm pale stream, which proved difficult to do as more and more flowed in. He soon found himself choking and spluttering on the man's piss. His gaze focussed anew on his tormentor's weapon - the fat white dick and balls hanging out of the jeans above and before him. Spunk and now piss pouring down his throat. The straight masculinity it represented was like a killer punch to the head. He wanted to fight back but knew he was outgunned. No chance.

Looking up past the gushing prick, another flash of the resemblance to his best mate's Dad. Would he ever do something like this? His libido stirred at the thought and he absent-mindedly squeezed his cock. It responded. He squeezed some more.

His boss watched with serious satisfaction. The little fucker deserved every last drop - he'd learn respect eventually. Jay was fondling his still swollen meat with his free hand and it began to grow back toward full hardness as his mate casually inflicted the humiliation.

'Yeahhhh. That's what you fuckin deserve, straight boy. Swallow it all. Your boss might give you some extra if you're lucky.' His still slick dick surged in his hand.

Patrick, still gulping the man's piss, heard this and felt his mind spin out of control. More? But fortunately the flow was gradually slowing and now it stopped. He got the last of it down. The man calmly shook the last drops out over his face and, still grinning, stepped away finally. The ordeal was over for now. His boss let go from behind and the lad pushed himself up on to his foreams. He shook his head as if waking from a bad dream. His breathing was fast and shaky.

'Ahhh, fuck man. That was bad. That was so bad.'

His boss laughed again, walking round to face him. 'So bad you've got a fuckin hard-on? Yeah right.'

'I - I - I didn't do that. Gotta a mind of its own,' the lad spluttered.

Derek and Jay both laughed.

'He's got a mouth on him,' said Derek. 'You got more beer, mate?'

'In the fridge. Help yerself.' He looked hard at Patrick again. 'What's it to be now then? Cum or piss?'

'You what?'

'You heard.'

And Patrick had. His mouth and head felt fuzzy. He felt used. He bit his lip and looked up at the screen where a new woman - a young brunette with a slim waist, probably a teenager - was perched on the edge of a leather sofa getting pounded by a muscular black guy. He watched the thick dark piston driving into her wet pussy. Oh yeah, oh yeah, give it to me Daddy - her high breathy voice cut through the music. An inevitable wave of horniness swept through the lad as the camera moved in for a close-up. Look, man. Look at the size of that thing. She's gettin it. She's fuckin gettin it. And she's fuckin lovin it. Fuckin lovin it. I'm gonna fuckin get it too. I'm gonna get well fucked by a big straight black motherfucker, just like she is. My straight black boss is gonna fuckin give it to me. Oh yeah, give it to me Daddy.

His boss read his mind. 'That's what you want, ain't it, straight boy?'

Patrick, eyes fixed on the screen, was past denial. The straight voice in his mind shouted no, but he slowly nodded.

'Yes boss.'

'On there.' His boss pointed at the sofa.

Patrick got off the exercise bench and paced over, stroking his cock. His mouth burned with the combination of spunk, beer and piss, his mind was a whirl of submissive horniness. He flung himself down into the sofa, arse at the edge, legs lifted up ready. Oh yeah. Give it to me Daddy. His hunk of a boss walked over, defined physique glowing in the dim-light of the TV. Muscular lust filled the lad - he wanted to be used by this animal now. Wanted that massive straight prick pushing inside and controlling him.

Jay had slicked up his dick again. He sensed the change. The lad was submitting properly at last - he could see it in his eyes. No more defiance. He felt a surge of electricity through his body as he approached his conquest.

'Fuckin show time, son. You fuckin respect me now.'

'Yes boss'

Jay bent his knees to rest on the sofa edge and placed one hand on the back of the sofa behind the lad's head, towering over him.

'Gonna fuckin give it to yer. Fuckin big black motherfuckin dick. Who's yer daddy?'

'You are boss.'

'That's right.'

Jay leaned in closer as his reanimated weapon penetrated. Patrick looked down to where his hole was being taken over once more and his boss's hard weapon was starting up its slow insistent rhythm. The man's tight abs and chunky thighs were taut, the motion of his groin steady and sensuous.

'Feel that? Feel's good, huh? Daddy's big straight dick. Gonna fuck you like a bitch.'

Patrick moaned with pleasure as the speed increased. He was gettin it now. That big straight motherfuckin dick. It was so fuckin hot. His legs clamped around the muscular torso and the black torpedo plunged ever deeper. Such a man. He stared up into his boss's face, now not so far from his own. The masculine essence there overwhelmed him. His dick had sprung to attention and he lightly touched it. A shiver ran through him.

'Fuck yeah. Fuckin feel that. You respect that motherfuckin dick. Yeahhhh. Goin all the way, son.'

'Oh yeah.'

'Gonna fill you up with cum, straight boy. How'd ya like that?'

'Oh yeah. Give it to me Daddy.'

Jay nodded and upped the speed. 'Too fuckin right I will.' His crotch started to make a heavy regular slap against the lad's already punished rear, the heavy black balls swung back and forth. He fucked the teenager with increasing ferocity, his face a grimace. His hands now gripped the young pale shoulders beneath him.

‘Fuck yeah. Fuck yeahhhhh. Big straight motherfuckin dick. Daddy’s givin it to yer.’

Derek had been sat in the armchair awhile, alternately watching both the screen and his mate. His fat meat began to stir to life again as the two separate fucks appeared to synchronise. Real fuckin horny this. Real fuckin horny. Another swig of beer and his hand moved to his crotch. 

Ten minutes passed. Moans and sweat on the screen, moans and sweat in the room.

Patrick was in an utter frenzy of desire - this was just too good. The strong arms pinned him to the sofa, the thick dick rammed hard into his loosened hole. His reached out to stroke his boss's chest with one hand, tracing the curve of the man's pecs in wonder, his white hand in contrast with the dark muscle. He stroked an erect nipple and the man grunted his approval.

'Yeaaahhhh. Do that, kid. That's reeeeeal good. Daddy gettin close now.'

Patrick reached up with the other hand too. His dick felt good enough without being touched and he wanted to please his boss as best he could. He was keen for more spunk. Besides, he realised with a jolt that just touching his boss made him horny. Oh yeah. Give it to me Daddy. He squeezed both nipples and moaned in teenage ecstasy as the massive manmeat filled him entirely.

'Fuck me, boss. Fuck me harder.'

This pushed Jay over the edge. He knew he was gonna shoot. No goin back now. His muscles tightened and the power surged. The thrusts became ever more violent.

'Oh yeah. Gonna cum, son.' His big straight dick expanded to its fullest. The moment neared. They stared at each other from close range.

'Here it fuckin comes. Ahhh yeeeaahhhhhhhhhh!'

The monster began to spew. Jay continued pumping the lad as his balls pumped and pumped their juice out. He was the fuckin boss alright. The fuckin boss. And the boy knew his place now. Who's yer daddy? Yeeeahhhhhh.

Patrick felt the warmth spreading up his insides. His dark fantasy was fulfilled again, but this time he'd acknowledged it and given in to it. His straightness cowered in the back of his mind, but it was his boss's manly prowess that made some sense of it all. He'd been filled with straight man spunk and that definitely made it right somehow. He deserved it.

Derek had wandered over to survey the scene close-up, stiff dick in hand, jeans now off to reveal hairy muscled legs. He whistled softly.

'Fuckin hot mate. Fuckin hot. Let me have a go.'

Jay turned to look at him. 'Sure', he said with a smile, and withdrew his huge member. He stood up.

Patrick gaped in now empty disbelief - he hadn't expected this at all. After shooting and pissing in his mouth, he'd assumed the man would be done. But the atmosphere in the room was strangely charged and clearly it was affecting his boss's mate too. He looked fearfully at the fat cock in the man's rough hand - that would surely hurt more, even if it wouldn't go quite as deep. But still, it was another straight man's dick, so that made it kinda OK. He just had to take it. He mentally prepared himself for the onslaught, whilst looking at the man's hairy muscled legs for the first time.

The bulky shaven-headed figure assumed the same position as Jay had, knees bent against the edge of the sofa. His cock pressed against the lad's hole, which offered little resistance, and it entered with ease. Derek was high and fired up from watching Jay and the porn. He wanted to show his mate he could fuck with the best of em, and he wanted to give the lad something to remember. He knew just how wide his dick was.

'Yeahhh. That's so tight. This is gonna be real good.' 

The lad took in the sight before him - the chunky arms and tattoo, fuzzy proud chest, wide neck, shaved head, stubbled face, mean eyes. He gulped. The man's fat fuckmuscle was stretching his hole like never before. Again, the image - his mate's Dad. He was being fucked by his best mate's Dad. Oh god. Imagine it Patrick. The man still had a beer bottle in hand and was drinking it even as he began to pound the teen's tender hole, tearing it wide with every push toward the base. Shane's Dad. He could almost smell the testosterone in the air. He looked down at the relentless motion of the hairy crotch that was slamming into him without mercy. His best mate's Dad. Hairy and meaty. Straight male power pushing him into submission. His boss was a dark fantasy come true, this man was reality hitting home. Shane's Dad. His dick responded, aching for release. What a fuck.

'Yeahhhhh, fuckin give it to him mate.' 

'Yeah, I fuckin am.' Another swig. 'Feel that motherfucker in yer, son. Yeaaaahhhh.' 

Patrick couldn't help himself - he crossed the line. The image and sensations were too intense. He wasn't even touching it, but his dick began to spurt its juice. He groaned in mad ecstasy as the spunk shot out over his smooth pale chest. How the fuck did that happen? He had never come so much in his entire life.

'You fuckin gay cunt.' Derek rammed his weapon in firmly and gripped the lad's head, leaning forward. He spat in his face and glared hard at the boy. Patrick gulped again as the saliva dribbled down. The insult stuck, along with the counter-reply he instinctively wanted to make, in his dry throat. Fear gripped him.

'Yeah? You want it then? You fuckin got it. Take that fucker. Take it.' The man was delirious with angry desire, his engorged manhood thrusting furiously. He drained the bottle and tossed it aside on the sofa. He'd never experienced a fuck quite like it. So tight, so ferocious. Sweat dripped from man to boy. He stared intensely at his fat weapon inflicting it's damage.

'Yeah, he's yours now, mate. Fuck him hard. He fuckin wants it.'

Patrick moans were getting higher and in time with each thrust. Now that his orgasm had subsided, the fat monster was starting to hurt him more. His imagination ran riot. His best mate's Dad, pushing his iron-hard manhood into him. Straight aggression, straight submission. This was so fuckin extreme. How much more could he take?

'Oh yeah. Ohhh yeah. You're gettin fucked son. You're gettin well fucked.'

'Yeaahhhhh. Give it to him, mate.'

Patrick moaned louder. It was too much to take. Too much.

'Feel that, son? That's a real man's dick. Yeah. A real straight man's dick. You thought you could take it, dintcha? Now you fuckin know better.' 

The man pounded mercilessly on, his chunky frame looming over the lad, muscles pumped with effort and excitement. Getting ready to shoot. So, so close. Patrick felt like his hole was being torn apart. Shane's Dad, fucking him. The thought swirled around his mind. So good and so bad.

'Yeahhh. Oh yeaahhhhh. I'm comin, son. I'm comin now. My fuckin spunk's goin in yer. Urrrggghhhhhh.'

Two final thrusts to the fat base followed, and then he held his meat there as he began to unload, groaning deeply. Ecstasy.

Patrick stared wide-eyed at the sight of the chunky figure, shaved head arching back, eyes screwed tight, fuzzed chest proud and firm, brawny arms firmly holding him down at the shoulders. The dragon breathed its fire and the cum shot into him. He felt the massive tool pulsing inside as it unleashed the juice. His best mate's Dad. Fuck. His young body took the punishment and the fire went deep within.

Jay, arms folded, watched with satisfaction as his mate scored the goal. They'd fucked the lad up good and proper. Maybe they would again sometime. His dick twitched at the thought.

Derek felt on top of the world. He'd never experienced anything quite so intense before in his whole life. He'd made straight boy here cum just by fucking him. That was one up on Jay at least, he chuckled to himself. He finally let go of the lad's shoulders with his now sweaty hands and withdrew his sated member from the lad's battered behind. Maybe his mate wouldn't need to go to such lengths to persuade him next time. A good fucking Saturday night in this was.

Patrick stared at the two men as they punched fists. The cum felt cold on his chest. What had he really come here for?

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