Black Neighbor

as told to Jon Hold

copyright 2006, 2014, 2015 by the Author

I had been living with my aunt for only a few months when a new neighbor moved in. The first time I saw him he scared the crap out of me. I had never seen a black man up close before and this guy was not only over six feet tall, with a goatee, a gold ring in his ear and a real attitude, but he was dressed in a superfine suit like he had to be a drug lord or a major pimp. Even through the suit you could tell that he was really muscular and super built. A stud that knew he was a stud and didn't mind flaunting it. Even though he intrigued me, he also scared me and I avoided him at all times. I'd been down to the courtyard for some sun one day and just as the elevator doors were closing he caught them and jumped inside. The doors closed behind him and we started going up. We were the only ones in the elevator!

I was about to pass out when he barked, "What the hell's the matter with you boy?"

"Huh?" was about the most brilliant response I could come up with.

"I said, 'What's the matter with you, Boy?'. You're staring at me and you look like you've seen a ghost."

I ducked my head, blushing with shame. I had been staring, even if I didn't realize it. Not only had I never seen a black man before, I had never seen any man who impressed me so much. Just the smell of him in the enclosed elevator had my pulse pounding. Pain emanated from my groin. My cock was so congested with blood that it ached. I knew I was getting dizzy, but I didn't realize that I was holding my breath, afraid to move, or even breathe.

I heard, "What the hell...!" burst from the stud just before I passed out.

I gradually became aware that I was laying on a leather couch in a strange apartment. The black stud was sitting on the coffee table holding a glass of water and staring at me. My shirt was unbuttoned as was the top button of my Levi's.

"You OK, boy? You got something medical wrong with you?"

Blushing, trying to keep the tears out of my eyes, "Yes, sir. No, sir. I'm sorry, sir." I was very uncomfortable, not knowing what to do as I lay there on the plush, warmly embracing cushions With the big, powerful stud just staring at me. He grinned, very nearly leering at me. I followed his gaze and nearly passed out again in embarrassment. The front of my Levi's was showing a tent that could not be mistaken for anything but what it was, a hot, healthy teenager on the rail. If I'd had the strength I would have run off screaming, but, as it was, all I could do was lay there paralyzed by shame, begging him with my eyes to please let me go. Instead, he stood up and looked down at me from his imposing height.

"So! You like what you see, Boy." It was no question. He was telling me that he knew my innermost thoughts. That he knew my deepest, most hidden feelings. His stylish, loose woolen slacks were being lifted by something obscenely large and I was all but drooling. "Well, do you want to see what you've been fantasizing about, Boy?"

That was a question. One that clearly demanded an answer I simply didn't know how to provide. My face was burning with shame, and I couldn't take my eyes off the long, thick shape in his trousers. I just lay there like an idiot.

"I asked you a question, Boy. You need some help answering me properly?"

All I could do was lay there and stare. Mortified with shame -- afraid to admit my curiosity -- and my need. He leaned forward and easily lifted me off the couch by a single hand under my belt, rubbing the back of his hand against my tense belly. I almost came in my pants as he jerked my belt and two more of my pants buttons came loose. He turned and sat down, dropping me across his lap. The heat from his legs burned into my chest and thighs. The heat from the mound in his pants burned into my belly. One strong hand spread across my back, holding me down in place. His other hand effortlessly slid across my butt, pulling both my jeans and jockey-shorts down below the curve of my hard-muscled ass. Before I actually had any idea what was going on, he was spanking me. My parents, progressive liberals both, had never, ever, physically punished me. Suddenly indignant, I tried to stand up, to get free. A single push from the hand on my back, and an extra hard slap across my bare ass was enough to convince me that I was not in charge of what was about to happen. He spanked me hard, and then softly. He spanked me fast, and then slow. His spanking got intense, and then he would pause, caressing my ass and feeling the heat he was generating. My dick was drooling all over the fine, soft wool of his expensive trousers. He was taking me through emotions and feelings I had barely been aware of. I quickly went from outrage and anger to curiosity -- and then submission to his total dominance. I actually wanted to know what he was trying to teach me. I could feel, not anger and brutality, but concern and interest in my developing awareness. I didn't know what else he was, but I was quickly learning that he was a master at teaching an awkward boy what he needed to know.

The first time he tried to reach down into my crack I clenched my buttcheeks closed. A few well placed swats soon disabused me of that behavior. His finger slid between the sweaty cheeks of my ass. When it touched my clenched pucker and pushed on it, I fucking near exploded with pleasure. I bucked backwards into his hand and his fingertip penetrated my tight virgin hole. It burned and hurt and made me dizzy with pleasure. I heard a grunt of approval, and then the finger was carefully removed from my twitching hole. His hands guided mine to my hairless buttocks and showed me how he wanted me to hold them apart. Once I had a good grip and was willingly spreading my crack as wide as possible for him, I heard him hawk and then a big wad of burning hot spit landed right on my now pulsing pucker. For an impossibly long time my hole was tested and probed and treated to a hugely wide variety of sensations. He'd pause and I would beg him for more, pushing my butt up in the air to expose it completely. He'd pull his finger out of me and then spank me right on my hole. Each collision between his slapping hand and my tight pucker would awaken the fires within me even further. He'd ask me whether I wanted him to continue spanking me or did I want him to start finger-fucking me again. I was so turned on, so flustered, I simply didn't know what I wanted. I'd stutter and whine. The only thing lucid that would come out was that I wanted more. When he finally removed his hand I begged him to continue his finger fucking and spanking of my now tenderized rosebud. A stinging hard slap reminded me of just who was in charge of this seduction.

He got up and led me to a corner of the room. A few swats to my ass and his hand firmly pushing my nose into the corner let me know what he expected. I heard him walk away, but was afraid to do anything but stand there with my nose and raging boner stuck in the corner as I had been instructed.

After I had some time to think about what had happened and to become aware of the burning in my ass -- both exterior and interior -- I finally heard him, I felt him coming back in the room. I had figured out that I could easily have pulled my pants up and gone home. The raging lust in my body precluded any such foolish move. This whole thing was so far beyond any fantasy I had ever had that I couldn't even conceive of leaving before this magnificent black stallion was done using me in any way he chose. I felt his heat from behind me and then I felt his bare skin crush against my back, something huge and hot and heavy landed between my buttocks and I automatically pushed my butt back so he could spread my cheeks and warm the depths of my crack with his turgid fullness.

I sighed and his hands slid down my sides. I trembled in desire. He started lifting my shirt. I lifted my arms and felt the glossy heat from his hands slide up my sides, tickling my deep, newly furred pits and then caressing my arms as his lips and tongue kissed and licked at the nape of my neck. He lifted my shirt up over my fingertips and let it drop the the ground at our feet. His barely touching soft fingertips caressed their way down my trembling body as his hot breath erotically flowed against my sensitive skin, his mouth exploring and stimulating my ears, throat and neck. I was about to cry, pass out or poop from the sensations flowing from his body to mine. His active fingers found my small paps and teased them, rubbed them, pinched them, pulled on them and tweaked them until I was so turned on that I was about to pass out. He softly laughed and nuzzled my neck as his hands swept down my hard-corded belly, feeling and massaging my tight musculature.

I almost jumped through the wall when his hands groped their way down my hips and pushed down my pants so that they fell down around my ankles. The heat of his body as it pushed against my back was more than I could stand. I was burning up as the skin all over my body flushed red. I started clawing at the wall in a desperate attempt to escape the overwhelming sensations. His teeth sank into the back of my neck, controlling me as his agile fingers entwined themselves in the thick bush that I was so proud to show off in gym class. When his warm hands pushed their way between my thighs, deep into my groin, the backs of his hands pressed against the base of my shaft and against my contracted balls. I cried out and, uncontrollably, began to spooge my guts out against the thickly textured wall. He growled and bit harder into my neck as one hand squeezed and wrenched my bloated teen tube while his other hand cupped my ass, one of his long fingers penetrating deeply into me, curling around and probing something inside me that caused my cum to flow harder, hotter and more explosively than I believed was actually possible. I came so hard and so much longer than ever before in my life that I was almost comatose with exhaustion when I finally collapsed into his powerful arms. He picked me up effortlessly and carried me down the hallway.

I was just barely aware when he sat me down on the toilet seat and stripped off the rest of my clothes. He adjusted the shower and then carried me into the warm, enveloping spray. I had never shared a shower with an adult before, or a black person. I couldn't decide which was the most exciting. Having his hands all over me had me trembling with exhilaration. The sight of his fully adult body had me bug-eyed. The size of his swinging cock had me in awe and his hair, the sculpted perfection of the tight batch of kinky, tight-curled pubes surrounding his prominent masculinity, the small patches under his arms, smelling so wonderfully of MAN, the beautifully coifed skullcap of tight curls, the rest of his smooth, tight-skinned, hairless body, the hard six-pack and masses of bulging muscle. All of it, all of him, of the primitive lust he epitomized, everything that I was seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing. All of it had me wrapped in a mystical haze of sensuality.

I was dried with a soft, fluffy towel and carried in warm arms to a magnificent bedroom. I was laid on my belly on slick satin sheets. Soft, warm hands caressed my body, warming me and filling me with desire to be touched even more. Hands parted my butt-flesh, fingers touched my most private place. Spit slickened me. Fingers penetrated me. First one. Then two... and then three. I groaned in need and the man on my back kissed my neck and ears with thick, sensual lips. I whimpered. I cried. I begged.

On my back. My legs lifted. Placed on shoulders. Heated body covering me, constraining me, warming me to the core of my being. The sound of some thick cream being thickly applied to the thickness pointing from between my legs. The smell of raunchy male, ready to breed. A touch. A nudging. Crying out as my hole opened to the questing eye of his heat-seeking moisture-missile. Crying out in expectation, knowing that what was coming was going to hurt. Grabbing hard buttocks, holding on for dear life, afraid he would retreat before taking my virginity. The ache, the pain as he penetrated, the shape of his greased cockhead spreading me open mercilessly. Howling in pain. Biting. Begging for more. For him to not quit. Nails biting into hard assflesh. Pulling him into myself even as I begged him to stop. To have mercy. Biting him if he did stop penetrating me, kicking him in the small-of-the-back with my heels if he dared slow his penetration. His broad cockhead opened me further and further as his hips and loins forced his boy-pleaser to penetrate deeper and deeper. I never knew I could withstand so much pain. Or that such pain could bring such exquisite pleasure.

The now beautiful black hunk grabbed and pulled at my aching balls as he drove his loins forward in a savage twist that seated his crinkly pubes right up against my throbbing boy-hole. I screamed, whether in ecstasy or agony, I didn't know. I just screamed and shot hot boy-sperm all over the bed and my hard belly.

Moaning deep in his throat, my black stud gathered me tightly into his arms and covered my face with eager, deeply passionate kisses. I wrapped my arms around his neck and opened, allowing his thick tongue to fill my mouth. I was filled at both ends. Stuffed. Panting, wild with previously unknown need. And my black stallion was teaching me to need him. First his tongue started gently exploring the inside of my mouth. Then his cock, driven by powerful loins began to open me and teach me all I needed to know about pleasing a man with my ass. Anything I did wrong was quickly and firmly corrected. Several times I was pulled off the throbbing, gut filling monster he had driven up my ass and spanked severely so that I would learn to obey my black master. I got to the point where I'd beg him to spank me harder, to beat my ass to make it ready for him to fuck again. He'd finally plunge his bloated man-meat back into me, fucking me so hard I could barely hang on and crush my newly warmed butt into his thrusting loins.

"Fuckin' white boy! You's mine now!" All the suave sophistication had dropped away from the raging bull on top of me. "I's gonna fuck your brains out now, Boy! I's gonna fuck you any time I want's, wherever I want's and all you say is `Yes, Sir' and `Please fuck me some more, Sir.' If I want's my friends to fuck you, you bend over and say `Please', REAL nice. You hear me, Boy?"

My answer came out in bursts of sound as each of his driving thrusts forced the air out of my lungs.

Because my Aunt was gone for the weekend I was able to spend the night with my new found lover. By Saturday morning my asslips were red, raw and puffy. That didn't stop my master though. He fucked me anyway. And periodically spanked me. Not because I needed it, or had done anything wrong. He just felt like it, so he spanked me. He used me in any way he desired. His whim was my command, and I was loving it. Saturday and Sunday he spent training me. Teaching me to deep-throat his cock and how to suck it the way he liked. How to take piss down my throat and up my ass. How to be polite and how to beg. And, mostly, how to take his huge cock up my ass and love it.

I was sitting on his cock in the shower, bathing him when he told me that he owned a small club down on the docks. He told me that I would be "working" for him on weekends from here on out. That I would be there to take care of his sexual needs, and to take care of his friends who might need a quick blow-job... or a boy to fuck. He told me that after hours he locked the doors and some select friends of his would stick around and that I would be putting on some "special" shows and that I would stay naked once the doors were locked.

I couldn't get my boner to go away --- and I couldn't wait for the next weekend.


grabbed and pulled at my aching balls