NOTICE: This story contains scenes of a graphic nature, which may not be legal in your area.  This story is completely fictional and is intended only for entertainment purposes.   Any similarities 
to real life people or characters is coincidental. If you have trouble separating real life from fantasy or you are offended by such themes, stop reading now.
This story is set in a future time, after a Revolution which chose a specific group of Men to lead, and gave Them rights befitting of Their place in life.  Although you are welcome to email me your 
thoughts on the story (email address at the end), spare me any ‘less evolved’ opinions on race in general.  I have to assume that if you’re reading this section of Nifty, you’re already a free thinker,
like me.


Black Rule

Chapter 1 – Superior Party

Keon let himself sink down into the seat in the back of His limo with a contented sigh.  It had been a long week, and He was more than ready to release some stress at this party.  He tipped back the bottle of beer and drained it, dropping the empty next to the other one He’d already finished.  Realizing that He was now committed to beer for the rest of the night, He grabbed another bottle from the mini-bar and popped it open.  Getting a bit of a buzz before He got to the house would be nice, although not easy to do when you’re 6’4” and 240 pounds of solid, Black muscle.  He could feel the first bit of pressure on His bladder that indicated He’d need to piss out all this beer soon, so He glanced out the window to see how close they were.  He could either have the driver pull over to take care of it for Him, or He could wait until He got to the party.  Just a few more blocks… eh, He’d be okay to wait until a party-urinal was available.

He reached down with His free hand to scratch His balls and felt His dick perk up with a little interest.  He smirked, knowing that was something else He could get taken care of at this party, multiple times, in fact.  DelVon’s parties were always fun and Keon couldn’t remember ever leaving one with anything left in His balls.  DelVon always found the best white holes for His guests to use, and despite attending about a dozen of His parties, Keon didn’t believe He’d ever seen the same hole more than once.  There were so many of them available after all, and they’d all been well trained, so why not take advantage of the variety!  Keon knew He would eventually need to consider buying a few pleasure holes for His own house, but there was no sense in that until after His need to travel for business wasn’t such a factor.  That was another reason He looked forward to DelVon’s parties.  The hotels Keon stayed at when travelling always had holes on the room service menu for guests to use, but He didn’t want His employer to have to pay extra in case He damaged one.  If a white was damaged at one of DelVon’s parties it was the host’s problem to pay the damage fee, not that DelVon would allow that to happen.  Keon knew of some men who rented holes just because they could be damaged, fuck the additional fee.  Hell, there were hole rental agencies that specialized in that.

Aw shit, just thinking about all those cunts waiting to take His dick was getting Him aroused.  He really didn’t want to show up with a hard-on or precum stains in His pants, despite the party favors that would be available, so He switched His thoughts to the last work spreadsheet He’d had to stare at in an attempt to calm down His dick.  By the time the car pulled up in front of the house His bulge had settled down, so He chugged down the rest of the beer and dropped it in with the rest of the empties.

The door opened and Keon stepped out, taking a quick look at His blonde driver standing at the open car door.  Naked except for the chauffer cap, the black boots and gloves, and the jockstrap with the telltale cage bulge underneath it, the driver’s slightly sweaty body glistened in the moonlight.  Keon looked away to keep His dick on good behavior.  He’d used the driver’s cunt often enough, and He knew that if He allowed himself to remember how tight it was He’d be back in erection-mode again.  The driver stood with its gaze lowered, and they didn’t exchange a word as Keon walked away and headed to the front door.

The sensor in the doormat rang the bell automatically, and He only waited for a few seconds before the door swung open and the sounds of music, laughter and groans hit His senses.  The butler was wearing a black collar with a white bowtie and was dressed in a black jockstrap as well, although in this case there was another little white bowtie sewn into the waistband.  It was otherwise completely naked, and its eyes barely flickered up at Keon.  He knew His approach to the door had been monitored, and having been a frequent guest, He was recognized right away.  The butler had worked for DelVon for as long as Keon could remember, just as His own had been with Him for a while.  After all, holes were pretty much interchangeable and easily replaced, but a good butler was something you held onto!

“Good evening, Sir,” it said in a soft voice.  “Welcome to Master’s house, Sir.”

Although He normally wouldn’t have exchanged pleasantries with a servant, Keon knew this one well enough to know that it knew its place and wouldn’t prattle on.  “Evening Jerry… I need to piss.”

“Of course, Sir, Master has a urinal stationed just down the hallway here, Sir,” it said, stepping back and giving a slight motion of its arm to indicate the way while it closed the door behind Him.

Keon walked down the hallway, glancing back at the butler to see that it had resumed its spot by the door.  The cuntplug the butler was wearing was white with a little black bowtie glued on, and Keon had to chuckle to Himself at DelVon’s sense of humor.  He could also see part of the metal arm that connected the cuntplug to the clitcage He was certain the butler was wearing.  He was tempted to stop and tell the butler to show him what color the cage was, but His bladder reminded him that there were three beers that wanted out, so He filed His curiosity away for a later time.

About halfway down the hallway He saw the urinal.  Its hair was dyed silver to look like the pipes you’d see above a ceramic toilet, and a white cup was fastened around its jaw.  Keon knew the cup had a tube that drained right down into the urinal’s throat, and as He stepped closer He chuckled at the sight of a mini-urinal cake sitting at the bottom of the cup.  Yep, DelVon had a great sense of humor!

The urinal was completely naked and was crouched down on its heels, its arms wrapped around its knees and tied in place with silver cord.  Its skin was almost alabaster white and covered in freckles.  Keon assumed it was naturally a redhead, although of course there was no other body hair to verify that, and He had a fleeting thought of how many times it had to have its hair bleached and dyed to cover the red with the silver coloring.

Keon stepped up and stood in front of the urinal.  He had a flash of irritation before remembering that the urinal’s arms and hands were tied down.  Normally a urinal unbuttoned His pants and withdrew His dick in preparation for drinking, but since that wasn’t possible here, Keon sighed and opened His fly, pulling His thick dick out and positioning Himself above the cup.  It only took a few seconds before His piss gushed out, a decidedly lighter-colored stream than usual thanks to the beer, and the urinal cake floated upwards as His piss filled the cup.  The urinal began swallowing rapidly, obviously well-trained in that regard, and Keon watched the cake float up and down with each gulp the urinal made.  Keon felt the flutter of satisfaction He always felt when watching a white drinking down a Superior Black Man’s piss, one of the things He thought they were especially good for.  After almost a minute His stream slowed, and then stopped.  He shook His dick in the urinal’s face as it swallowed the last of His recycled beer, smirking at the sight of the little drops of His piss sliding down its face, in and around its freckles.  He patted Himself with the hand towel that was hanging on a peg next to the urinal, settled His dick back inside His pants and buttoned up.  He turned and walked down the rest of the hallway, already dismissing the urinal from His mind.

The noise got louder the farther down the hall He went, and He could feel His dick start to thicken at the prospect of being pleasured.  At the end of the hallway He entered the main room and stopped to take everything in.  Although He knew there would be other rooms in this large house with all kinds of things happening, the host made sure that His guests knew right way what kind of party they were attending.

To the right stood a long bar, stocked with all manner of liquor.  Behind the bar was the same bartender DelVon always used, a friend who volunteered to mix the drinks because He got to speak with pretty much every Superior who showed up, and man, did He love to talk.  Keon knew that if He needed to know anything about anyone there, the bar was the place to ask questions.  To the right of the bar knelt another urinal, tied up like the one in the hall, same silver hair and, Keon guessed, the same urinal-cake waiting to float around in the cup attached to its face.  Kneeling next to the urinal was another white, and although He was initially uncertain as to its purpose, the answer to that became clear when a Superior walked up and stood in front of the urinal.  Since this urinal was also tied up like the one in the hallway, the ‘extra’ white immediately unbuttoned the Man’s pants and pulled out His dick, holding it over the cup.  The piss spurted out and Keon watched the urinal’s Adam’s apple bobbing up and down as it drank.  The Superior spent the entire time talking with the bartender, seemingly oblivious to the whites taking care of His needs, which was exactly the way Keon felt that should be.  This Man must have had as many beverages as Keon had in His limo, although His piss was much darker than would be expected from recycled beer.  As soon as the flow stopped, the other white licked off the head of the dick, patted it with a cloth, then tucked it back in and buttoned up His pants.  The Man didn’t even glance down before stepping further down the bar for a refill.  The glass filled with an amber liquid that was slid into His hand explained the color of His piss.

Keon watched as a waiter picked up a tray of beer bottles from the bar and began wandering off towards the center of the room.  The waiter was naked of course, hairless from the ears down, clitcaged and cuntplugged, and had a chain dangling from between its nipples, which were clamped and adorned with little back bowties.  its collar also had a bowtie attached, and as it walked away He saw it’s cuntplug was likewise adorned.  its asscheeks jiggled slightly as it walked away, and Keon felt His dick react to the possibilities.

The waiter walked in the direction of the first of two slings that were positioned off center, one on either side of a semi-circular couch.  Each sling had a white strapped into place with its legs spread wide, its glistening pink cunt open and exposed, and a cage covering its clit and balls.  Kneeling next to each sling was another clitcaged white.  Keon knew that to a first-time guest it would look like the second white was waiting its turn in the sling, but a roar coming from the sling on the left showed why that was not the case.  A Superior had just finished breeding a hole’s cunt, and as He pulled out the kneeling white quickly began licking the cum and excess lube off His dick.  The white would have known to lick anything off of the dick, but Keon knew that DelVon would have demanded that all cunts be completely cleaned out and waiting for use.  There might have been a white hole somewhere in the house who was instructed not to clean out so guests could watch an inferior clean off a dirty dick, but Keon knew He wouldn’t see that in this main room.  Keon had certainly seen whites eating Superior shit before, but there were food refreshments also being served in this room as well, and that would have been more than some guests would have wanted to see while they snacked.  Keon watched as the Man stepped away from the sling, and the kneeling white immediately began lapping up the Superior cum that was dripping out of the freshly fucked cunt.  whites were taught from an early age that Superior cum was a precious resource and was never to be wasted.  Most of these pleasure-whites had been fed nothing but Superior cum during their training and had learned to crave the flavor.  Keon wholeheartedly supported that, and in fact couldn’t remember the last time He had allowed His cum to dry on His skin or get thrown away in a tissue.  He either ejaculated inside a white’s throat or its cunt, and He hadn’t even had to use his hand once since the Black Revolution.

Keon eyed the twitching hole from the first sling and debated stepping towards it to fuck the cunt, when a sharp slap followed by a cry rang out from the left side of the room.  Keon looked over and saw three whites lined up, bent over a wooden beam.  Each had a red ass, having obviously been slapped or whipped over the course of the last hour or so.  Keon loved fucking a cunt with a hot ass, and since these whites were destined to be switched out with the slaves in the slings, He decided to postpone His first fuck until He could get a heated ass to use.  His dick had already gotten stiffer at the sound of the cry… He always got a little hard any time He heard a white cry out during play, and since He really wanted to fuck, He wandered over to the left side of the room, grabbing a beer from a passing tray as He went.  He saw no reason not to pick the first cunt that would be milking His dick from one of the three beaten whites, and if He could add His own handprints to its ass, so much the better.  He took a deep draw off of the beer and continued to saunter over towards the red asses.

“Keon!!!  You fuckin stud, I didn’t see you come in, how long have you been here?”  DelVon practically ran over to Keon with a huge grin on His face, then grabbed Him in a big bear hug.

Keon clapped Him on the back with a grunt.  “Fuck DelVon, don’t forget I need to breathe!  I’ve only been here about 5 minutes, had to stop and piss out a few beers on my way in.”

“I hope you used one of my urinals.  I kept ‘em extra thirsty all day.  I’d hate to think you didn’t give one the pleasure of your hot piss!”

“Yeah, I used the urinal in the hallway.  Couldn’t believe you made me undo my own pants though,” he winked.

DelVon’s mouth dropped open.  “I know, I forgot to order enough holes to give that one a partner.  Sorry about that… that’s probably the first time you’ve touched your own dick while pissing in years, right!”

“Well, you know, either my driver, or butler, or some other inferior drinks my piss… so, yeah, I can’t think of the last time I had to.  What kind of a host are you, anyway?”

DelVon threw His head back and roared with laughter.  “You poor man.  If you’d like, I could write my name on one of these white’s asses and you can whip it while thinking of me.”

Keon and a few of the others standing nearby chuckled.  “That’s a tempting offer, but since I plan on fucking whichever one I beat, I’d rather not see your name every time I thrust into its cunt.”

All the Men laughed at that.  “I should hope not,” DelVon said, patting Keon on the shoulder.  “You get to jump to the front of the line however as my way of apology.  Which ass has your interest?”

Keon looked at the three whites on display.  The first in line was a honey-blond with a muscular build who reminded Him of His driver.  The second was equally as muscular and had black hair tied in a braid that draped halfway down its back.  Its ass was round and looked firm.  The third white was another redhead, and the copious number of freckles covering its back had Keon wondering if it was a twin to the hallway urinal.  Any of these would look good wrapped around His dick, but his eyes drifted back to the dark-haired one in the middle.  Although Keon generally agreed with the law that all non-farm and hard labor whites had to be hairless from the ears down unless privately owned, He wondered if this long-haired white would naturally have had a hairy cunt, and His dick twitched at the image of wet, curly hair wrapping around His dick as he thrust in and out of a pink opening.  That was the deciding factor.  “The one in the middle,” he said, nodding to DelVon.

DelVon waved His hand in the direction of a table with a number of whips, tawses and paddles laid out on display.  “Pick your toy, Keon,” He said with an evil grin.

Keon looked over the selection, then remembered His earlier thought of fucking a red ass that had His handprint visible.  He turned and smiled back at DelVon.  “I don’t need a toy.  I want to see how pretty my Black hand would look against that ass.”

He stepped up to the bare ass and ran His hands over each cheek.  The smooth skin was already fading to pink and felt warm against His hands.  His dick started to thicken at the heat coming off of the skin, and His mind wandered again, wondering how hairy this ass would be if the white didn’t shave it.  He stepped a little to the left, raised His right hand and brought it down sharply on the right cheek.  The white inched forward a bit but was otherwise quiet.  Keon smirked and made up His mind that He would continue to strike the white until it either cried out or at least made a decent noise.  That would serve two purposes: He knew that these inferiors loved the feeling of a big, Black tool in their cunts so the longer it held out, the longer it would have to wait to experience the pleasure His dick would give, plus it would ensure that He would be fucking a hot, red ass.

He brought His left hand down on the left cheek and watched the white fidget a bit while remaining silent.  He started to establish a pattern of right, left, right, left, then He suddenly struck three times in a row with His right hand in rapid succession.  The white cried out in surprise at the change, making Keon grin.  His dick lengthened in His pants.  He could see the pink cunt glistening with lubricant, so he snapped His fingers and watched another white scurry over to open His fly and withdraw His engorged prick.  He grabbed it by its hair and fucked Himself in and out of its mouth a few times to add some saliva, then pushed it away and stepped up to the twitching hole.  He took Himself in hand, pulled back His foreskin to ensure maximum sensation, then rammed His dick into the cunt in one, brutal thrust, smirking at the surprised grunt the white made when being impaled instead of being slapped again.

Fuck!  This was a tight cunt, just as tight as He expected it would be, and the heat radiating off the reddened skin was amazing.  Each time His thighs slapped against that ass it almost felt like He was brushing up against a warm stove.  His heavy balls swung up and under each time He hit bottom, striking the clitcage beneath.  Even with the noise in the room He could hear the white moaning in pleasure, verifying in His head how perfect white males were as holes for the Superior race.

He watched the cuntlips grabbing at His prick each time He pulled back.  He reached up and took hold of the braided hair and used it to pull the white back onto His thick dick.  Again, the white cried out in pain which only encouraged Keon to fuck harder.  He glanced to the left to see a shorter Superior fucking the blond and realized that He had lost Himself in the experience this hole was giving Him.  The way the cunt tightened around Him each time he withdrew, then opened back up when He plunged back in was going to get Him to breed the hole sooner than He wanted to.  He slowed down and buried Himself deep inside it’s channel and slowly ground Himself around, His thighs warming from the heat still coming off of the still red ass.  He felt the cunt milking His meat almost as if He was inside a throat and He groaned at the sensation.  Fuck, this white was well-trained, too well in fact.  He hadn’t even seen its face but the thought crossed His mind that if He was in the market to buy a hole for His home use, this was exactly the type of cunt He would want to own.

He continued to slowly fuck as deep as He could until He felt His balls start to tighten and He knew He wouldn’t be able to stop from seeding this cunt.  He picked up speed and started to plow in and out, amazed at how the cunt continued to grab at Him even while being fucked roughly.  He loved how the buttons of His fly were making an indentation on the cheeks around the cunt, and wondered if the white could even feel them over the dwindling sensation of being slapped by His hands.  He gave one last thrust and yanked back on the white’s braid, driving His entire 9 inches of Black steel deep inside the cunt before blasting it full of His seed.   His body shuddered as He felt each shot of precious, Superior cum splatter the cunt walls of the white, who was softly moaning.  The cunt continued to milk His dick, desperate to drain every drop of His juice from Him.  He chuckled to Himself… His balls still had a few more loads in them, so this was just a momentary release.

He slowly opened His eyes to see drops of His sweat dripping down on the pink ass, and smirked to see a white crawl up to lick then off.  He slowly pulled His dick out, watching while the cuntlips seemed to try to keep Him from leaving.  The white abandoned the sweat cleanup and immediately began lapping at His prick, cleaning up the cum that hadn’t stayed inside, licking His balls and sucking His meat down its throat to ensure that He wouldn’t have any residual cum or lubricant on his dick.  He tapped it on the head as He stepped back and let the white tuck Him back into His pants.  As soon as the fly was buttoned up the white spun around to lick the cum from the freshly bred cunt, only to be shoved out of the way by another Superior who stepped up, dragged His own dick through the small puddle of cum that was oozing out of the cunt, before slamming Himself inside the braided white.  Keon raised His eyebrows and shook His head as He stepped away to look for a beer.  Although He preferred fucking a fresh cunt Himself, He knew there were others who liked sloppy seconds.  If that guy wanted to use His cum as lubricant, it was no longer any of His concern, although He did spare the thought that the guy was just fucking Keon’s cum that much deeper inside the cunt.  Ah, now that did make Him smile.

He snagged a beer from a waiter and stepped over to the couch in the middle of the room, exchanging greetings as He passed by Men He recognized from business or from other parties, then sank down onto the couch, surprised at how much that fuck had taken out of Him.  He took a quick glance around, looking for DelVon to compliment Him on the hole he’d just used, but didn’t see Him.  He knew there were a number of rooms in this house that would be devoted to some sort of play, and assumed DelVon was just making the rounds like a good host.

He glanced over to the right to watch a white being spit-roasted in the sling.  He recognized a Superior who had to be at least 7 feet tall shoving His huge prick into the cunt.  The Guy’s name was Calvon, and Keon remembered Him not just because of His height, but because that fact tied into a discussion They’d had at a different party.  Calvon was taking part in a DNA project being headed by the New Republic Science Center, providing Them with His sperm in an effort to trigger the DNA of breeding bitches to ensure taller Superiors in future generations.  At 6’4”, Keon was taller than the average Man, but even He felt short next to Men like Calvon.  He wondered if the Science Center knew that Calvon was planning on shooting His precious cum into a cunt, rather than into one of their beakers.  He was glad He was close enough to watch the way the cunt gaped open each time Calvon’s huge prick speared in, the heavy veins dragging along the pink walls inside.  The white shuddered each time the prick got about a quarter of the way in, and Keon knew the hole’s pleasure nub was taking a direct hit.  Calvon’s dick was just as big as anyone would expect a 7-foot-tall Black Man’s would be, and Keon decided He wouldn’t want to be the next Man in line to fuck that cunt, it would be too stretched out!

Calvon must have raised the bottom of the sling to accommodate His height, which left the white almost upside down.  Another Superior took advantage of that position and was rapidly fucking its throat; Keon could hear the Man’s balls slapping against the hole’s forehead.  The Superior was also tall enough that He had straddled the white’s head, facing Calvon, and He could hear them egging each other on.  Calvon stopped His thrusting and snapped His fingers at the white who was kneeling next to the sling and pointed to His prick.  Keon watched it pour some additional lubricant onto Calvon’s thick shaft.  Keon laughed to Himself at the sight of the white licking its lips in anticipation of cleaning Calvon’s huge dick after He finished breeding the cunt in the sling.

Keon didn’t recognize the second Man, but wasn’t surprised to see Him stop his mouth-fucking while Calvon’s dick was being lubricated, since the way He had been thrusting into the white’s throat would have just pushed its cunt back onto Calvon’s prick if He hadn’t stopped.  The white’s face was starting to get a bit red from the large amount of hard, Black flesh that was shoved into its mouth, but whites were also trained in breath control for just this type of scene.  Keon imagined that the hole was glad for that training, even though whether or not a white could breathe while serving its Superiors wasn’t something He or any of His friends really concerned themselves with.  Keon watched while Calvon and His fuck-buddy resumed seesawing in and out of the white, grinning when He heard the white moaning its satisfaction at being used so well by its Superiors.

Sitting on the couch with Him to His left were two Men having a deep conversation about the merits of the previous night’s soccer match, while each had a white kneeling between His legs bathing His balls in its mouth.  He chuckled at the look of devotion on the white’s faces.  He knew that the scent of a Black Man was an aphrodisiac to younger whites, but damn, these two were making no attempt to hide how each inhalation of the musk from these Men’s balls was practically making them high.  He could tell these two whites were in their mid-teens, so they likely grew up knowing they were born to serve Black Men, and had been taught their place since infancy.  He was sure they had dreams of being owned by a strong Superior and were grateful to have been acquired by the rental agency.  Not only were they provided with food, training, and a place to sleep, they had the ultimate pleasure of kneeling between the legs of a Superior who allowed them to inhale the scent that certainly made their little clits press against their clitcages.  The Superiors barely acknowledged the existence of those wet tongues that were expertly slathering around their heavy, hairy balls, although They each spread Their legs wider when each white flicked its tongue up under Their nuts to lick Their taints.  One of the Men raised a leg and placed a foot on the shoulder of the inferior servicing Him, so Keon imagined the tongue had begun washing the area between the Man’s legs.

Keon felt His dick twitch at the sights around Him, and glanced around idly to see if there was an available white who He could order to worship His balls the same as the ones to His left.  The only whites available were waiters, and He wasn’t sure if DelVon expected them to only perform as waiters, or if they were even properly trained in Superior service.  Rather than risk causing His host some grief, He decided to get up off of the couch and wander into the rest of the house.  He would either find DelVon and ask Him if He could get His balls sucked, or He would find another diversion to entertain Himself with, since either of those would end with making His prick happy,

He got up and walked to the bar, dropping His empty bottle and snagging another from a waiter who had just filled its tray.  Realizing that His bladder needed to be emptied again He moved to the side of the bar and stood in front of the urinal.  He barely glanced down when He felt fingers unbuttoning His pants, but He had to smirk at the way the hand caressed His prick as it pulled Him out.  He tipped the beer back and drank at the same time as He felt the piss pouring out of His dick.  ‘In and out’ He thought to himself with a chuckle, listening to the urinal swallowing His flow.  He thought of a conversation he’d heard at one of the other parties He’d attended, where a Superior related how He sold His piss to a company that bottled the golden liquid for urinal-training classes.  The pay wasn’t all that impressive, plus the guy had a long list of items He could and could not drink before His appointments, and Keon thought all that would be more trouble than it was worth.  Besides, whites drank Black Men’s piss; anytime, anywhere, regardless of what the Man drank beforehand.  Those training classes should have accepted piss regardless as far as He was concerned, what difference did it make what the Superior had been drinking?  He had read that white babies were now being bottle-fed with combinations of milk and Superior piss, so maybe that market was expanding.  He made a mental note to Himself to look into that later.  There was no reason He shouldn’t get on the forefront of a new industry and make Himself some extra money.  Everyone had to piss anyway, He would just have to get used to doing that in a bottle instead of a white mouth!  He tightened His muscles a little to push out the last of His piss, then felt a tongue licking Him off before His dick was patted with a cloth and tucked back in.  He took a quick look to be sure He was buttoned back up, then turned and headed for the back of the room towards another hallway.

The first room on His left had two more slings, both occupied by holes who had been blindfolded and gagged.  There was loud rap music playing and the potent aroma of pot and amyl hung in the air.  The first hole had a gaping cunt, as if it had been fucked with someone or something very thick.  The hole in the second sling had a muscular Black arm buried in its cunt, up past the elbow.  The owner of the arm looked over at Keon and grinned around the cigar He had clamped in His teeth.  Keon could see a pile of ashes where the hole’s navel would be.  This Superior was not only fisting the white, He was also using it as an ashtray.  Keon wasn’t really into fisting, since it didn’t stimulate His dick and get Him off, but He understood that some Men took pleasure in seeing a white being impaled on a Black arm.  Keon grinned back and gave the Man a nod to indicate His pleasure at seeing a white used like this.  The white jerked a little and the Man looked confused for a moment, then He laughed out loud and gave Keon the thumbs up with His free hand.  Keon had to laugh along with Him when He realized that the Man had tried to give the thumbs up with the hand that was buried inside the cunt.  Chances are the white enjoyed that anyway!  He turned away and kept walking down the hall.

The sound of the rap music faded enough that He could hear the telltale sound of a whip striking white flesh, and the cries that followed.  The next room was almost as large as the main room Keon had entered when first arriving at the party.  There was a fuck bench in the middle of the room, couches at either end, and a urinal kneeling in one corner.  There were two St. Andrew’s crosses against the far wall, both with a white tied facing the cross so that results of the whippings were easy to see.  One white was slumped against the cross, probably unconscious.  The whip marks were plentiful and looked fairly raw.  Keon watched as another naked white approached the whipped hole and began sponging its backside with what He assumed was an antiseptic.  If that stung the white didn’t acknowledge, verifying Keon’s thought that it was unconscious.  The sharp crack of a whip and subsequent cry of the recipient pulled Keon’s attention to the other cross in time to see the whip strike again.  This white wasn’t as marked as the other, so it had apparently just been strung up.

The Superior who held the whip was shorter than Keon by almost a foot; hell, the whip looked longer than the Man wielding it!  His mind thought back to Calvon in the main room, wondering if future generations would see fewer short Superiors once the DNA testing for taller Black Men had been completed.  He also flirted with the idea that the Superior’s size may have had more to do with the pain He was inflecting on the taller white than just the expected show of the white’s place in the world.  A Man sat in a chair against the far wall watching the Man with the whip, although He didn’t seem to be all that stimulated by the sight, but was instead just watching.  Three other Superiors were lounging on a couch off to the side, laughing and encouraging the whipper as He continued to lash the white.  One of those pulled away from the group and strode over to the unconscious white, unbuttoning His pants and pulling out His already hard dick.  He pushed the attendant away and shoved His prick into the white’s cunt, laughing at the lack of reaction from the passed-out hole.  He grabbed onto the St. Andrews Cross and began to pump in and out of the cunt, oblivious to how the body jerked up and down each time He shoved His prick all the way inside.

Keon stepped back from the room so He could no longer see the whipping that was taking place, and instead, focused on the fucking.  Although He didn’t disapprove of punishing whites who misbehaved, and He certainly wouldn’t have interfered with anything happening in this room, He drew the line at intentionally drawing blood.  He assumed that DelVon had paid extra for these two whites, as well as those being fisted in the previous room.  He hoped that these whites had been chosen by the rental agency because they had more experience with this kind of thing.  Although Keon had no issue with whites being used for their true, natural purpose as labor and sexual pleasure, He didn’t like seeing any animal being abused.  He did realize, however, that His prick had hardened at the sight of the unconscious white being fucked up against the St. Andrews Cross.  He smiled at how horny He was, and continued to walk down the hall to see what else DelVon had come up with.

The next room was a bathroom.  Keon was not surprised to see two slightly elevated ‘beds’ with rim chairs at the ends.  Whites were laying on the beds, their arms along their sides because their wrists were shackled to elaborate clitcages to prevent movement.  Both rim chairs were occupied by Superiors whose pants had been removed and were hanging on pegs on the wall.  There was a small table between them with what appeared to be cocktails of some sort.  The Superiors were having a conversation about the stock market, just as if they were in a lounge somewhere, and were paying no attention to the whites laying beneath them.  The rim chairs had been designed to include a funnel towards the front where each Superior had tucked His dick.  Keon was certain that the funnel emptied out near the white’s mouth, so that they could ingest all of the Superior’s waste.  A strong fan in the ceiling was on, but wasn’t succeeding in eliminating the odor, and Keon passed by the room quickly.  Yes, He had seen inferior’s licking slight amounts of shit off of a Superior’s prick after breeding, and although He wasn’t necessarily grossed out, He considered it too unhygienic to allow a white to consume His solid waste.  Keon enjoyed having His ass eaten and licked by a thrall on more than one occasion, and although He took care to always clean Himself properly after a trip to the restroom, He was also aware that he’d had His ass licked many times when He wasn’t squeaky clean, but He never expected a white to make itself sick from doing its duty to a Black Man.

Keon passed two rooms with ‘Private’ signs on the door, and knew those to be DelVon’s bedroom and guest bedroom.  At the end of the hallway was the last room.  The room was probably originally intended as another bedroom, but DelVon had turned it into a sort of theater, with a large screen that could be used to show movies, watch television and also be used as a monitor for a computer.  There was a desk console at the back of the room, with couches and chairs placed in front, covered in pillows and multi-colored throws.  There were about a dozen Men in here and half that many holes, all being put to use.  Two Men were double-dicking a cunt; one Man lying on a couch with the white stretched out on top, its hands tied behind its back.  The other Man was kneeling behind the white, sliding His prick into its cunt as His buddy slid partially out.  Keon was standing close enough to hear the white moaning with the pleasure of having its cunt filled with two, thick rods of Black meat.  Or, that could have been the moans of the Men who were certainly enjoying the feeling of such a tight cunt on their meat.  Another Man stood in front of the white, fucking His dick into its mouth.  He had the white’s hair fisted in His hand to keep his mouth occupied despite the counter-thrusts of the Men fucking its cunt.

Two other Men were standing off to the left in front of a urinal, laughing at how quickly it had to swallow their combined piss streams in order to keep the cup from overflowing.  The white kneeling next to the urinal kept leaning forward to lap at one of the piss streams, either to help with the quantity of the flow, or because it couldn’t resist drinking some for itself.  it was rubbing the back of its fellow piss drinker, apparently as a form of encouragement.

To the right of the urinal were two Men spit-roasting a completely hairless white.  They’d placed themselves into position so that each inward thrust of the fucker’s dick into the cunt pushed it down onto the dick in its throat, and the Men had their hands clasped on each other’s arms to pull and push each other in and out of the white.  Keon had a thought that this would be a great way to get Men to exercise their upper bodies: just place them on either end of a white like these two were doing and get both a muscle and sexual workout!  A few men were sitting nearby, either having Their meat sucked or just watching what everyone else was doing.  Right in the middle of the main couch was DelVon, his thick prick stuffed down the throat of a drooling white whose cunt was slowly being fucked by a younger, thin Superior in a bright, yellow shirt.

“Keon, I hope You’re having a good time,” DelVon said, grinning up at Him.

“How could I not, DelVon, You are the consummate host!”

All of the other Superiors made a comment agreeing with Keon except for the one in the yellow shirt, who seemed to be in a world all to Himself.

DelVon patted the spot on the couch next to where He was being serviced, and Keon had to step over a couple of pairings to get to Him.  “I do this for my friends Keon, and I am happy You were able to make it.  The fact that I get to unload my cum in as many holes as I can without collapsing just makes everything even better!”  He reached down and pulled the white by its hair until its mouth had every thick inch of DelVon’s Black prick buried inside.  They both laughed at the slight gurgling noise the hole made as it adjusted its throat to the invasion.  He held the hole in place, at least, as well as it could with its cunt being deep-dicked by Mr. yellow shirt.

Keon nudged DelVon and nodded His head towards the Superior with His meat buried in the cunt.  Keon raised His eyebrow to indicate a question He didn’t want to ask out loud.

DelVon leaned over towards Keon.  “Rendyl’s a business associate, I’m trying to make a deal with His Father’s company,” He whispered.  “I honestly don’t think He’s even fucked a cunt before, but He does seem to be enjoying it!”

Keon raised both eyebrows at that!  “His first cunt?  He looks to be in His mid-twenties at least.  How has He managed to avoid white cunt in this day and age?  Hell, a Superior could fuck a white on a public street corner if He wanted!”

DelVon chuckled in Keon’s ear.  “Poor Man, He has been caring for a sick Father who I believe controls Him with an iron fist.  You know the type; older generation so thrilled at Black Rule that He feels the need to control everything, including His son’s prick.  I can only imagine the excuse He gave His Father for coming to my party… I would guess ‘Dinner Meeting’ or something of that sort.  The old Man must be too ill to leave the house, otherwise Rendyl there would never have made it out.”

“He’s fucking that cunt very slowly considering He’s doing it for the first time.  I would have guessed He’d be plowing it so hard they’d be moving across the carpet!”

DelVon barked out a laugh and quickly coughed to try cover.  “This is the 5th… yes I did say 5th cunt He’s fucked since He got here!  I don’t know how much cum He’s breeding these holes with at this point, but if I’m right about his lack of past sexual experience He’s definitely making up for lost time!”

“How about You,” I asked DelVon.  “How many loads have you fed into a cunt or throat tonight?”

DelVon leaned back and looked up, deep in thought.  “Hmmm, 1 each, I believe.  That’s assuming We aren’t counting the cunt I fucked before the party even started,” he said with a leer.  He looked around the room.  “Oh, fuck, I guess I didn’t rent enough urinals.  Oh well, you’ll have to do, hole.”

A few sounds later I saw the white’s throat swallowing, and I laughed.  “A cunt, throat and now a urinal, all in one, white hole.  You might consider renting this one again DelVon, it appears to be enjoying Your piss as much as it enjoyed Your dick in its mouth and that dick in its cunt!”

Apparently, Rendyl was paying closer attention than we realized as His eyes focused from their prior, dreamy state to watch the hole He was fucking swallow DelVon’s piss.  “Oh fuck!  It’s drinking Your piss too?  Goddamnit father!”

DelVon and Keon exchanged looks before it dawned on both of Them at the same time that He was cursing His father for keeping Him from the joys of using whites to take care of all of the needs of a Black Man’s penis.

“Fuck yeah, take that load, cunt,” He yelled out as His 6th load of precious Superior cream spurted into the cunt that was wrapped around His Black tool.

He didn’t move from His position for a few minutes, apparently savoring the feel of a well-trained cunt milking His prick.  The white was still doing double-duty, milking the dick in its cunt while licking the stray drops of piss off of DelVon’s member, however when Rendyl finally pulled His deflating meat out of its cunt, DelVon tapped it on the head and pointed.  The white dutifully turned around and began licking the cream from Rendyl’s bone.  He let loose a deep sigh as He leaned back on His heels and watched the hungry, pink tongue slathering up and around His cum-covered prick.  He finally looked up at us with a huge grin on His face.

“I had no idea… this is so fucking incredible!  Thank You so much for inviting me DelVon.  You can be certain that I will do whatever it takes to get that deal approved by our company.”

“Now, now, young Man. I thoroughly enjoy watching You come into Your own… no pun intended… and deal or no deal, You will always be welcome to my parties,” DelVon assured Him.

Meanwhile, the sight of that puffy cunt that was now facing in my direction got the attention of my own fuck rod.  DelVon noticing my reaction as well, reached over and unbuttoned my pants.  My hard prick sprung out, eager for more action.  Rendyl just grinned at me when I grabbed the white by its hips and pulled it back towards me, sliding my hard-on straight into its cunt in a single, smooth move.  I was longer and thicker than Rendyl, and my brain gave a little flicker of pride when the white grunted a little at the larger intrusion.

Rendyl walked Himself forward a bit and slid His dick back into the white’s mouth.  “Is this okay?  I really need to piss now.” He asked Keon.

“Hell yes, Rendyl, this is what whites are for!  The sooner You learn that, the happier a Man you’ll be,” Keon said, sliding forward a bit on the couch so He could get more leverage.  He grabbed the white by the hips and started to fuck it back and forth on His dick.  He watched as it moved its mouth up and down on Rendyl’s shaft so as not to miss a drop of piss.  “Damn, DelVon, this one really is a keeper,” Keon said.  “You’d be hard pressed to find a drop of Rendyl’s piss on the floor when He’s done, no matter how hard I shove into its cunt!”

DelVon nodded with a smirk.  “I’ll have to get its assigned service number and make sure I use it again,” He agreed.

Keon made a mental note to ask DelVon for the name of the rental agency later.  Between this hole and the long-haired hole whose cunt He’d fucked earlier, it might be worthwhile to see if this agency sold holes for permanent service.  He tightened his grip on the white’s thighs and began to pound into its cunt.  Even though He preferred to fuck a fresh cunt, He had to admit the squishing noises His dick was making inside the cunt thanks to Rendyl’s cumload was adding to His pleasure.  The cunt was still so damn tight, and the sight of the spent cum that was oozing out around His shaft with each thrust was starting to cause His own cum to churn in His fat balls.  He had a passing thought on how enjoyable He knew it would be for the white to clean Him up afterwards, knowing it would be lapping up not only His cum, but more of Rendyl’s as well.

Rendyl released the white from His dick, pulled up His pants and joined Keon and DelVon on the couch, murmuring words of encouragement to Him to fill the cunt with more cum.  That was pretty much all that was needed for Keon to start spurting inside the cunt; 4, 5, then 6 strong shots of Superior cum covering the inside of the cuntwalls.

Keon’s torso jerked a few more times with the aftershocks of His orgasm, then He stayed put for a few minutes to enjoy the feeling of the white’s interior muscles making sure that all of His cum had been pulled out.  Keon then closed his eyes and leaned back, letting His dick slide out of the hole.  It took only a couple of seconds before He felt the warm tongue licking all around His shaft, down to His balls then back up and around again.  He smiled at the soft moan He heard coming from the white while it enjoyed the flavor of His and Rendyl’s seed, and He wondered how many other loads of Superior batter had already been pumped up into that cunt this evening.

He watched and waited until all of the cum had been cleaned off of His dick, then grabbed the white by its hair and pulled its face away from His crotch.  “How many loads have you had received inside that cunt, boy,” He asked.

The white thought for a moment.  “Superior Sir, it has had 7 loads, including Yours now, Sir,” the white softly replied.

“Two of those were mine,” Rendyl said with a grin.

Keon grinned back at Rendyl while DelVon chuckled on His other side.  Keon pushed the white’s face back to His balls, deciding that He was going to get that ball-washing He had wanted from earlier this evening.  The white eagerly began sliding its tongue around His balls, savoring the flavor and softly moaning again.  Keon lifted His legs up and placed His feet on the white’s back.  The white took the hint right away and began licking from Keon’s ass back up to His balls, then back down again.  Keon had showered at the gym in the basement of His office building, so He knew He was clean, although by now He knew the white was tasting a couple of hours’ worth of sweat and Black musk.  Keon chuckled to Himself.  No wonder the white was moaning!

“So… um… guys,” Rendyl asked.  “Can We really fuck whites on the street corners?”

Keon and DelVon burst out laughing, and Keon felt the sight hesitation in the pink tongue that was currently being dragged through his ass hairs.  Apparently, Rendyl was paying closer attention to their earlier conversation that either of Them realized.

“Legally, Rendyl, yes, we can,” Keon replied.  “Thanks to laws passed after the Revolution, Black Men have the right to use white holes anywhere, and at any time.  Now, having said that, I doubt you’ll ever see that.  It isn’t often You’d ever see a white just wandering along the street by itself, plus, as sexually enticing as that may sound, it’s not really considered very professional inside the city.  That’s why We are all so indebted to our host here for having these parties for Us, “Keon added, patting DelVon on the leg.

Rendyl nodded His head so fast, Keon was afraid He’d get a headache.  “Oh, I am very grateful for this party, and like I said, I hope to attend more of them!  I’ve had a great time!”

DelVon reached over and patted Rendyl on the leg that time.  “You now have a place on my guest list Rendyl, we’ve had as much fun watching You enjoy Yourself as You’ve had doing it.”

“Thank You so much!  You just don’t know…”  Rendyl cut himself off with a snap of His jaw, as if He had to stop Himself before more words spilled out.

DelVon gave Him a sad smile.  “It’s okay, I understand that You have been… sheltered… by Your father.  I wouldn’t think of second-guessing His reasons, so I’ll just say that You are always welcome to contact me if You ever want to talk.”

Rendyl’s shoulders slumped a bit while He let out a sigh.  “I guess You’ve figured me out… Father has kept me away from the real world to concentrate on learning the business, but… c’mon!  How could He have kept me from this?!  I mean… don’t we deserve this?”

“We do, we very much do,” Keon replied.  "Black Men are the Superior beings on the planet: we own everything, we keep things running, and running well.  That takes a lot of hard work, and we deserve to play hard as well.”

“Well, I’m glad You told me not to fuck anything on the street corner,” Rendyl said with a grin.  Keon and DelVon laughed.

“Now then, once You get outside the city… well, I doubt You’d still find unattached whites just roaming around, but I have heard of public fucking outside bars and clubs.  I expect that those whites are brought there by their Owners for just that purpose.”

“Fuck!  Really?”  Rendyl’s eyes were wide at the prospect.

DelVon smiled at him.  “Something tells me You might want to check out one of those clubs?”

Rendyl blushed, as much as a Black Man could blush, and ducked His head.  Keon chuckled and patted Him on the back.  “Don’t get carried away there lad.  We’re told that sexually transmitted diseases have been eradicated, then You hear on the news that a new strain of something has popped up in the more rural parts of the world.  Don’t let Your newfound interests give Your father something to worry about by bringing home an STD.”

Rendyl’s face looked grim at the thought.  Keon patted Him on the back again before lifting His feet off of the white between His legs.  He tapped the white on its head.  “I need to piss, boy.”  The white immediately engulfed the Head of His dick in its mouth and waited.  As soon as it began swallowing, Rendyl reached down and put His hands around its throat.

“We don’t even have a urinal like this in our house, or at the office,” he sighed.  “I can’t believe I’ve been wasting my piss by going in the toilet.”

Keon shook His head.  “I don’t mean to be unkind to the way Your father has brought You up, but yeah, I can’t even remember the last time I pissed in anything other than in an animal.  I’m sorry if this question is out of line, but… how is Your father’s health?”

Rendyl shook His head at the slight gasp from DelVon.  “No, it’s okay, I understand the reason for the question.  As much as I love my father, and don’t wish him ill, the more changes I know I’ll be making once He… no longer has a say in the matter.  I fully intend to step more out of His shadow.”

“I’m sorry if that was a rude question, Rendyl… I just can’t imagine not being able to live as a Superior Black Man to the fullest.”  He watched as the white licked the remaining drops of piss off of His dick, then patted His crotch and ass with a soft cloth that seemed to appear out of nowhere.  He stood to pull up his pants, then waited while the white buttoned Him up.  “The Revolution put us on top where we’ve always belonged, and every Man should take advantage of that.”

“Oh, don’t let Keon get behind His lectern!” said DelVon.  “He’ll talk Your ear off, and although I agree with everything He says, this is suposed to be a damn party!”

Keon laughed and leaned down to place a kiss on DelVon’s forehead.  “I’ll behave… well, at least I won’t make any speeches.  I refuse to behave in any other way, however.”

“That’s what I expect,” DelVon snickered.  “I know You too well.”

Keon patted Him on the shoulder as he started to walk away, only to feel Rendyl step up behind Him.  “Keon… um… would it be okay if I contact You sometime?  I mean, I took history in college and everything, but all of that was so dry and didn’t go into anything like what You just shared with me about public sex.  I mean, not that it should… I mean…”

Keon grinned at Him.  “I know what You mean, and it’s a fucking shame young Black Men aren’t taught how to be Men!  I suppose schools assume it’s the father’s job and don’t want to interfere, and I suppose that is preferable, but then we have Men like You who don’t have enough of the right information.  Sure, I’d be happy to exchange numbers with You.  We can meet for dinner somewhere, or You’re welcome to my house, my butler is a very good cook.”

Rendyl grinned with excitement.  “Really?  I mean, thanks!!  This is incredible!  I don’t know when I can get away again, but… well damnit, I will!”

“What’s Your number, I’ll call You now so You can plug my number into Your phone.”

They exchanged numbers, then firm handshakes before Keon walked back towards the main room where the party had begun for Him.  He wondered if He could unload one more time, or if He should call it a night.  He decided that another beer would give Him time to consider His options, so He headed for the bar.

“Kean, how are you?  Can I make You a cocktail?”  The bartender gave Him a wide, toothy smile.  Keon’s memory kicked in at the sight of that mouth: Wolf!  That was the guy’s name!

“I’m great Wolf, how about Yourself?

Wolf’s smile seemed to get even bigger when Keon called Him by name.  Keon wondered how many of the guests had to be reminded of the name of someone they saw every time they attended one of DelVon’s parties.  “I’m incredible, man.  Glad to be off my feet though,” he responded.  “Seriously, what can I get you?”

Keon stepped forward, puzzled at Wolf’s comment about being off of His feet.  It wasn’t until He was able to see over the bar that Keon could tell that Wolf was sitting on a high stool.  An even closer look revealed the waiter who was on its knees sucking up and down on Wolf’s prick.  Maybe that answered His earlier question: the waiters were available for use… either that or Wolf just took what He wanted.

“I started off with beer Wolf, so I guess I better stay with it, thanks.”

“Now see there, Keon, “Wolf said.  “Now enough Men know that switching to liquor after drinking beer can make them fucking sick.  I could always tell You were one of the smart ones.”

Keon chuckled as Wolf popped the top off of a bottle of beer and pushed it over the bar to him.  “Well, most of us learned by experience Wolf.  Even still, I suppose someone still needs to explain to You why You got sick, otherwise You’re bound to repeat it.”

“Ah Keon, it wouldn’t make much difference with these younger Guys.  Some of ‘em don’t have too much sense.”

“Don’t be too quick to judge, Wolf,” Keon said after taking a good swallow of the cold brew.  “I recently met a Man who had been kept rather sheltered at home, and didn’t even know that He had the legal right to fuck any unattached white He came across.  They don’t always teach the things a Man really needs to learn in school you know.”

Wolf shoved the waiter’s head all the way down onto His crotch with one hand and slapped the bar with the other, letting out a laugh.  Both Men smirked at the sound of the cocksucker choking for a moment before it adjusted its throat to accommodate Wolf’s thick meat.  “That’s the truth, Keon.  You can learn a lot from a book at school, but You need to live life to learn common sense.”

“Well, I’m surprised They’re still squeamish about teaching everything a Black Man needs to know about sex with whites.  Can You imagine how many Men never learned to use a white for release, instead of jacking themselves off?”

Wolf chuckled.  “Ah, Keon, I’d have to blame that on the older generations.  Even though all non-Blacks were classified as white after the Revolution, regardless of their actual ethnic status, some of the older crowd still haven’t gotten used to it.  Take that a step further, and they definitely haven’t gotten used to the law that allows a Black Man to use any unattached white hole to dump His cum into.  Uh… speaking of which…”  Wolf grabbed the waiter’s head with both hands and shoved His dick in and out a few times before burying His shaft all the way down its throat.  Wolf grunted and closed His eyes.  Keon could hear the hole swallowing Wolf’s load.

Wolf’s slowly opened His eyes and focused back on Keon.  Another huge grin split His face and He reached up one hand to high-five Keon.  Keon laughed and slapped Wolf’s hand.  “How many loads have You shot tonight, Wolf?”

“This was the first one!  I’ve been so busy I didn’t have time, but now that the party is slowing down a bit…”  He chuckled again.  “Good thing this hole swallows fast!  That was quite a load I just fed it.”

“Well, I’m sure it appreciated every drop,” Keon said with a smile.  “These holes just love our Black cum.  I understand they’re feeding Our cum and piss to white babies now… got to train them their proper place right from the start!”

Wolf barked out a laugh.  “Speaking of piss… “

Keon looked down to see the hole’s Adam’s apple swallowing rapidly.  Wolf was giving it His piss to go with the load of cum from a minute ago.  “Ah, Wolf, that poor urinal over at the end of Your bar is sitting there, going thirsty, while You use this hole instead,” he said with mock concern.

“Fuck that, Keon, that urinal has had to be drained more times than I can count tonight.  Considering how much booze I’ve been pushing, it’s probably legally drunk.  I bet all of ‘em are!”

Keon joined Wolf laughing at that comment.  “Shit, I never thought about that!  As fast as this beer’s been going through me, they may be getting more alcohol that I am!  How do they get drained, anyway?”

“The one from the front hallway came back after everyone arrived, and it’s been going to each urinal and draining ‘em out.  You gotta watch ‘em though… they have to have their cages removed and their little clits get hard in a split second.  The drinker’s been trained to drain ‘em without any stimulation, but seems they always shoot their little loads anyway.  S’okay though, cuz the cages would never go back on if their clits were hard.”

“Huh.  I guess I never paid any attention to that at past parties.”

“Nah, this is the first party that DelVon had ‘em trussed up like that.  Normally they’d just go to the toilet and get drained without having to remove their cages.  I don’t know if DelVon will do that again.  I don’t think He likes it,” Wolf said, nodding His head at a Black Man standing off the side.”

“Why, who is He?”

“He’s the hole’s handler.  He works for the rental agency; has to be anywhere there’s a few of ‘em hired out for service.”

Keon raised an eyebrow.  “He’s here to make sure they aren’t abused?”

Wolf chuckled.  “I don’t think He cares so much about that, other than to make sure the agency collects additional fees if a hole is roughed up, or used in a way that wasn’t part of the contract.  DelVon’s pretty good about negotiating all that in advance though, so there usually ain’t any surprises.”

Keon gave Wolf a leer.  “You mean like You using a waiter as a urinal?”

Wolf laughed.  “Hey, I did this hole a favor!  I’m sure it was thirsty after carrying trays all night!”  He reached down and pulled the white’s face up away from His dick.  “Ain’t that right boy?”  They both laughed at the look of lust on the white’s face.  “Damn right,” Wolf said, then spit in the hole’s face.  They watched as it stuck its tongue out to lap up the spit that was closest to its mouth, then laughed again when it started to lap at the sweat on Wolf’s balls.

“What was I thinking,” Ken asked with a smirk.  “These holes love our piss, our cum... our spit too, as You just demonstrated.  Hell, there’s a couple of them down the hall in the bathroom who eat our shit too.  I’m not into that myself, but I do love seeing whites in their proper place.”

Before Wolf could comment, Rendyl hurried up to Keon’s side.  “Keon, do You know what’s happening in that bathroom down the hall?”  Keon and Wolf looked at each other in surprise at the timing.  “There’s Men in there feeding their… um… defecation… to whites!”

“Rendyl, have you met our talented bartender, and Delvon’s and my friend, Wolf?”

Rendyl looked a little confused at the change in topic, but reached up and shook Wolf’s hand, eyes opening wide when He looked down to see Wolf’s semi-hard prick draped across the waiter’s face whole it tried to wrap its tongue around His nuts.

“My pleasure, Rendyl,” Wolf said with a smile.

“Likewise, Wolf.  Sorry, but this is all kinda new to me.”

Just then a couple of Men showed up further down the bar.  Wolf pulled the white off His balls, pulled up His shorts and excused Himself to see what They needed.

Keon grabbed His beer off of the bar and put his arm around Rendyl’s shoulder.  “Let’s go over here and have a seat my new friend.”

Keon directed Rendyl to the same couch He had been sitting on before, pleased to see there was an available white kneeling nearby.  Keon patted the white on the head and pointed to His crotch; it immediately crawled over and unbuttoned His pants.  “Pull them all the way down, hole, then lick my Black jewels for a while.”

The white followed His orders exactly, bathing His big balls with its tongue.  Keon smiled when He heard Rendyl whisper. “Just incredible…”

“I know you’re getting a lot of information at one time Rendyl, and I don’t want to overload You, but it’s important that You realize Your place in society.  You are Superior to all whites and all females.  You are free to… hell, You’re expected to use a white to take care of all of Your needs, especially the needs of Your dick.  Now we’ve already established that Your cum and piss belong inside a white hole, whichever hole You want to pump Yourself into.  There are some Superiors who also use whites as full toilets.  I personally don’t do that, but then I’m a bit picky about my hygiene.  At some time in the near future I’ll buy a white, maybe two, to use primarily as my cumdump and urinal.  Right now, my butler and driver take care of that for me, but they have other duties to attend to so I’m getting close to the time when I’ll start looking for a hole.  However, even when I have my own hole to use I doubt I’ll use it as a toilet.  I just can’t imagine that’s healthy in the long term, and owning a hole is a big investment, so making it sick would be a waste of money.”

“I just never… I mean… that never occurred to me,” Rendyl said, His eyes on the tongue that was slathering around Keon’s hairy balls.  “I… I just feel so… stupid!”

“Rendyl, it isn’t stupid to have lack of knowledge.  You can’t help not knowing what You were never taught or shown to begin with.”

“I know, but… damn, I’m really starting to resent my father.”

Keon chuckled.  “Well, I can’t speak for Your father, but it’s like what DelVon and I were taking about earlier while You were fucking that cunt in the other room.  The older generations of Men have had different reactions to the world after the Revolution.  Some, like Your father, are too busy immersing themselves into business to see everything else around them.  Others went overboard and got carried away, attacking whites and being violent.  The rest of us have learned to take advantage of Our proper place in this world, and have done so in a thoughtful way.  That includes using whites for manual or repetitive labor, as house servants, drivers, nannies, and yes, for sexual enjoyment and release.

“See, Keon, there is where I feel so left behind.  My father uses whites in His factory, and there are a couple of whites in the house who cook and clean, but I’ve never used them for sex… hell, neither of them is attractive… and I very much doubt that my dad uses them for that either.”

Keon laughed.  “Well, Rendyl, if they’re that ugly, You can always make sure the white is facing the other way while you fuck its cunt!”

Rendyl joined in laughing.  “Not just that, they’ve both been with my dad for a long time.  They worked for Him even before the Revolution.  I don’t think I’d want to see their… um… cunts, either.”

Keon made a face.  “Yeah… I get it.  As much as I don’t want to admit that I’m transparent, I much prefer a tight, young cunt.  That’s another one of the reasons I haven’t purchased a white for pleasure.  As it ages I’m sure I’d find it less attractive and I’d want a new one, but I’m not cruel enough to just sell the old one to a factory.  That will be more and more an issue as Our society advances.  What is to be done with whites after they’ve outlived their usefulness?”

“That was the topic of a number of debates in school.   Um… maybe We shouldn’t have this conversation here, Keon,” Rendyl said, nodding His head in the direction of the white who was sucking on Keon’s nuts.

Keon looked down, and although that wet tongue was still working his balls, the white definitely acted a little distracted.  “Yes, You’re right.  Besides, I have one more load that this hole has been building up in my balls.”  He grabbed the white by its hair and pulled it up to His now hard dick.  “Suck me off, boy,” Keon growled, pushing His prick deep in to the hole’s throat.

Keon watched as His meat was swallowed whole by the hot, wet mouth, and He smirked when He heard the white moan in contentment.  He looked over and saw Rendyl rubbing His hand against His own crotch.  Looking up, Keon saw a waiter heading back towards the bar.  He snapped His fingers to get the white’s attention, then pointed to Rendyl’s crotch.  The white immediately stepped over and fell to its knees, placing its empty tray along the couch.  It opened Rendyl’s pants, hesitated when it saw the boxer shorts, then reached into the fly and pulled out His hardening dick and practically stuffed the meat into its mouth.

Keon smiled and nudged the stunned Rendyl with His elbow.  “DelVon must have been working these waiters all night.  Look at that one… its starving for Your dick!”

Rendyl groaned at the sensation.  “Fuck yeah, it’s sucking Me down like it hasn’t had anything in its mouth in days!  Damn… it’s good, too!”

“Well, make sure You give it a big, creamy reward then,” Keon said with a grin.  He grabbed the white who was sucking Him by the head and began to thrust up into its throat, grinning when He saw Rendyl copy His actions.  “Yeah, that’s right buddy, fuck that hole with Your big dick.  They love having our pricks in their throats… make sure it takes every inch.”

“Oh fuck, Keon… I don’t know how, but I’m gonna have to find some holes to use on a regular basis from now on.  Now that I’ve found out what they’re for, I’m not gonna give this up, I don’t care what my dad says!”

“Well, are any of the office workers at Your father’s company white?  If they’re young, they pretty much expect that being used as a cumdump at the very least is part of the job description.”

“No,” Rendyl said with a sigh.  "All of the office workers are Black, only the factory workers are white.”

“Would You be able to go down there and pick one out to take Your load?  Factory work is hard, I’d guess that any white would be grateful not only for a break but also to enjoy the taste of Your cum down its throat.”

Rendyl sighed even louder.  “I’m actually starting to think that my father has kept all of this knowledge from me for a reason.  I’m sure He would not be happy with me if He found out I pulled a worker off of the line just to get my rocks off, and His foremen have been with Him for years and are very faithful to Him.  I’d never get anything like this.”

Keon could feel the tongue wrapping itself around His dick while He fucked the white’s mouth, making sure every surface of His meat was caressed with each thrust.  He could see some of the hole’s drool sliding down His shaft.  He looked over at Rendyl and saw His prick shiny with saliva as well, and marveled again in His head at how good these whites were at serving their Superiors.  His dicksucker was slowly rubbing His balls, using some of its drool to add to His pleasure.

“Don’t worry, Rendyl, we’ll put out heads together and find a solution for You to get all of Your future cumloads shooting inside either a mouth or a cunt… or both!”

“Keon, I just can’t tell You how thrilled I am to have met You and DelVon!”

Keon looked back between His own legs and watched how the pronounced veins on His thick, dark shaft slid in and out of the plump lips that were providing Him pleasure.  He started to thrust even harder between those lips, enjoying the feel of His balls slapping against the white’s chin.  He could hear Rendyl moaning louder and glanced over just as His new friend yelled out and shoved the waiter’s face all the way against His crotch.  He watched the waiter swallowing and knew that Rendyl had just fed it a load of thick batter.

Thoroughly stimulated, Keon couldn’t hold back and unloaded His cum deep into the gullet of the dicksucker between His thighs.  He could feel it’s throat muscles working to pull every drop of Black goodness out of Him, and He leaned back against the couch and closed His eyes with a sigh.

He allowed the white to nurse His dick for a few more minutes, then reached down and placed His hand on its head to hold it still.  He let the piss flow out of His dick, enjoying the sound of the obedient boy swallowing Him down.  When He finally opened His eyes, He saw Rendyl’s prick being licked clean by the waiter.  Keon tapped His sucker on the head and watched as it ran its tongue up and down His shaft, making sure that it hadn’t missed a drop of Superior liquid.  Another cloth appeared and it patted Him dry, then tucked His meat back into His fly and buttoned up His pants.  He noticed that Rendyl was likewise being tucked into His boxers.

Keon reached over and fingered the shorts.  “You should throw out all Your underwear Rendyl; makes for much easier access, especially if You have to piss in a hurry.  You may very well be the only Man here wearing anything under His pants.”

“Really?  That would make it a lot easier.  I just thought I would look too… um… blatant if I didn’t have anything on under My pants.”

Keon snickered.  “Rendyl, You’re a Superior Black Man!  Like most of us, You have a big dick and You should be proud to show it off!  Besides, You want the whites to drool when they see You.  Seeing us with our meat pressing against Our pants keeps ‘em hungry for dick!”

Rendyl laughed.  “Now that I know how much they want Our cum I think I will start going commando.  I just hope my father doesn’t notice.”

Keon stood up and straightened his clothes.  “What You wear or don’t wear is Your own business.”  He paused and decided that may have been a little too harsh.  “I don’t want to tell You how to handle Your father Rendyl, but… well, I guess I’ve made my opinion known, so You do what you need to.  Now I need to find Our host and let Him know I’m leaving.  This party was just what I needed after a long week, but I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep now.”

“Yeah, I’d better head out as well.  I doubt dad is still awake, but with my luck...”  He shook His head sadly.  “I need to call for a taxi.”

“Don’t be ridiculous Rendyl, I’m happy to give You a ride home.”

“Keon, thanks… I don’t want to put You out of Your way.”

“Nonsense, I’m happy to do it.”

The Men walked towards the back of the house to locate DelVon.  They found Him in the room with the St. Andrew’s crosses, in a discussion with the Agency Handler.  There were three whites being tended to by their fellows, but no sexual activity was taking place.  DelVon looked up and excused Himself to walk towards Keon, a look of relief on His face.

“I hate dealing with these guys,” He whispered.  “I paid for whip service in advance, and He thinks He is going get more out of me, but He is sadly mistaken.  I just had to remind Him that His agency is not the only one in town.  None of these whites have been damaged beyond the acceptable scars, and the fact that all of them had cum dripping from their cages tells me they enjoyed being whipped.  I’m not a cruel Man and I had someone watching the entire time to keep things from getting out of hand, which is more than I can say for that handler!”

“Yeah, We saw Him in the front room taking advantage of the open bar.  Rendyl and I just came back to say our goodbyes and to thank You for a great party, but if You need us to stay…”

“No, no, you guys are great, thanks, but I’ve dealt with these types before.  He’s just trying to get a bonus from His boss by conning me into paying extra.  I’m so glad You were both able to join us tonight, and Rendyl, You are now on my list of guests to invite for the next one.”

Rendyl grabbed DelVon’s hand and shook it vigorously.  “Thank You DelVon, thank You!  I had the best time I’ve ever had, and I’ve learned so much!  I hope I never have to jerk off again!!”

Keon and Delvon burst out laughing, and each clapped a hand on his shoulders.  “Well, I am immensely pleased that I was able to show You the light, Rendyl,” DelVon said.

Keon leaned in and kissed DelVon on the cheek.  “Good night my friend.  Keep me posted on Your next get-together!”

“You know I will, Keon!  Good night Gentlemen.”

Keon and Rendyl walked back to the front of the house, nodding Their heads at the remaining guests as They passed through.  As soon as they became visible to DelVon’s butler, it opened a panel by the door and pressed a button.  Keon knew from past visits that Jerry had just signaled Carl, His driver, to pull forward.  How and when Jerry and the driver exchanged the necessary information to make this possible He didn’t know, but He made a mental note to find out from His driver.  At some future point, He may want to host a party and would like His own butler to be as efficient.

“Thank you, Jerry, “Keon said as the door opened for them.

“You are very welcome, Sir,” Jerry answered, stepping back so They could pass.  “Please enjoy the rest of Your evening, Sirs.”

Keon saw Rendyl looking at Him as the door closed behind them, and sensed the question before He had a chance to ask.  “Jerry has been DelVon’s butler for many years.  When You get Your own home, You will find that a good butler is an absolute necessity.  Your butler is the first thing Your guests see, and although We tend to ignore servants in someone else’s home as a rule, a bad or rude servant can ruin Your household.  DelVon wouldn’t part with it for any amount of money, and Jerry worships Him.  I like to reward that devotion by being pleasant.  I always exchange a few words with it at the door, plus I’ve enjoyed its cunt a few times.”

“Really?  You fuck the butler?”

Keon chuckled.  “DelVon’s and my own butler, yes.  My butler knows that spreading its ass for my dick is one of its many duties, and DelVon’s butler is no different.”

Rendyl shook His head slowly.  “I have so much to learn.  Does DelVon own any of the holes we fucked tonight?”

“DelVon does own a couple of pleasure holes, yes, but You didn’t see them tonight.  I imagine they were locked away in His bedroom.  DelVon would never let some of those Men near His personal holes.  You saw what a few of those Men were into.  Like I said before, a good white is a large investment, and You have to take care of them like You would any other trained animal.”

“I should have brought a notebook with me so I could write some of this down,” Rendyl said with a laugh.

Keon stopped in front of His car.  “This is me,” he said, watching the driver jog around to open the door for Them.

“Holy crap,” Rendyl blurted out.

Keon grinned, knowing that Rendyl was commenting on the sight of His driver.  Standing there in his boots, cap and jock-covered clitcage, his muscular body glistening with a little sweat in the moonlight, the driver made good eye candy and Keon knew it.

“I can’t believe my dick wants to get hard again, just looking at your driver,” Rendyl whispered.

Keon could tell by the way the driver puffed up its chest that it had heard Rendyl.  “Oh yeah, and that hard body feels great when I’m mounting it,” He said in a regular speaking voice, trying to impress on Rendyl that He didn’t need to lower His own volume in the presence of a white.  “You won’t find a cuntplug in it keeping its asshole open either, it likes a rough fuck!  It does have to sit on a towel in the car however.  As much as I enjoyed watching it lick up My cum off of the car seat where it had been leaking from its cunt, I don’t want to stain the leather.”  Keon smirked when He saw Carl trying to suppress a smile, even as a blush rose up its face.

“Damn!  I thought for sure my balls were completely drained, but my dick seems to think otherwise.  And… now I have to piss again.  I should have gone before we left,” Rendyl said, turning to head back towards DelVon’s front door.

Keon stopped Him with a hand on the shoulder.  “Carl,” He said, looking at the driver.  The driver’s head popped up from where it had been respectfully looking at the ground to see Keon pointing at the space in front of Rendyl’s feet.  Carl hurried over and dropped to the ground, heedless of how the concrete sidewalk must have felt on its exposed knees.  “Carl is an excellent driver, and also an excellent urinal, and it loves the taste of Black piss,” Keon said.  “Feel free to use it to relieve Yourself, Rendyl.”

Rendyl looked at Keon, then to each side, then back at Keon again, His eyes wide.  “Out here?  Where anyone can see?”

Keon laughed and patted Rendyl on the shoulder.  “Rendyl, this is what whites are for.  Almost anyone who walks by will barely spare a glance at a Superior Black Man using a white as a urinal, even out here in public.  Hell, one of Them may stop and ask us if they can use it to piss in too!”

Rendyl just shook His head in wonder.  “Okay,” he said, thrusting His crotch towards the driver’s face.

Carl immediately reached up and unbuttoned Rendyl’s pants.  Momentarily flummoxed by the appearance of boxer shorts, it quickly recovered and reached into the fly and released His dick, wrapped its lips around the big head and waited.  Keon smiled when He saw Carl’s throat begin to swallow Rendyl’s urine.  He looked at Rendyl to see the Man watching the driver with fascination.

After a few moments, it lapped at the head of Rendyl’s meat, pulled a small cloth from inside one of its boots and patted Rendyl’s prick dry, then tucked Him back inside the boxers and buttoned up His pants, uttering a faint “Thank You, Sir.”

“I will be taking Rendyl to His home, Carl,” Keon advised, tapping the driver on the head as a signal that it could rise from its kneeling position.  He grinned when He saw the driver brush its hand quickly against its jock, knowing that its clit was pressing against its cage from the excitement of drinking another Superior’s piss.  Later, He’d have to ask His butler how long it had been since Carl had been milked.

“Very good, Sir,” Carl said, stepping back to hold the door for the Men, then closing it behind Them once They were settled inside.  Carl hurried around to the front and got behind the wheel.  “May it ask your address, Master Rendyl?”

The driver entered the address Rendyl gave into the car’s GPS, then pulled away from the curb and out into traffic.

“As soon as I know my travel schedule for the next couple of weeks, I will invite You over for dinner,” Keon said.  “Perhaps DelVon would be available as well.”

“That would be great,” Rendyl gushed.  “Maybe I really will bring a notebook with me!”

Keon laughed.  “We can talk about anything You like Rendyl, although I must warn You I can get up on a soapbox sometimes.  DelVon gets annoyed with me when I get too involved in the history or politics of the Revolution and the Black Man’s rise to Our rightful place.”

“I’m surprised He’s like that, considering how He has taken advantage of everything.  I mean, that party… damn!”

“Oh, He’s heard most of my speeches anyway, so it’s not that He’s intolerant.  He’s very mindful of Our history and doesn’t take anything for granted, He’s just too busy enjoying everything, making money, and having parties.”

Rendyl smiled.  “Well, there’s nothing wrong with any of that.  I guess I see it from a different perspective, seeing as I’m so uninformed.  I’m sure I’ll catch up with You guys eventually.’

“Like I said to You earlier Rendyl, You can’t be faulted for not knowing about social cues and activities if You were never exposed to them.  I’m including the lack of exposure from Your college days as well, I know the classes are rather dry and don’t provide much detail about what actually occurs in life on a daily basis.  I assume You lived at home with Your father during Your schooling?”

Rendyl looked at Keon with surprise.  “Yes, I did.  In fact, I took most of my classes online, only going to the campus for exams.  How could You know that?”

Keon chuckled.  “I know that campus housing has improved from my own college days.  white labor was used to build new dormitories and improve the classrooms.  I understand that the dorms have whites serving the students now, either assigned by the college or brought from home.  I expect that You had little idea that most of Your classmates were fucking white holes and feeding them Their piss in the dorms all the time.”

Rendyl’s face went from shocked to annoyed.  “No!  Fuck, I can’t believe I knew so little about my classmates.”

Keon patted Him on the leg.  “It used to be that colleges required freshmen to live in a dorm on campus.  The idea was to improve their socialization skills, experience bonding, and… to be honest… yank students from their comfort zones.  Now that we have online courses available, I worry that such valuable experience is being lost.  I would take Your situation as a prime example.  May I also guess that Your father was the one who wanted You to do Your coursework online?”

Rendyl slowly shook His head in disgust.  “Oh yes, and I have begun to see the real reasons why He did.  He convinced me that I would learn more working by His side while also taking classes when I could to schedule them.  Now I think He just wanted to keep me from fucking!!”

Keon gave Him a sad smile.  “Rendyl, I don’t disagree with His thoughts on You working in His company while also taking courses.  You probably learned more… businesswise… than most of Your classmates.  Unfortunately, the downside was Your current crass-course in everything You’ve seen and learned this evening.  I don’t know Your father, but please don’t think too harshly of Him.  He is of a different generation and sounds like He is very business-oriented.  We don’t really know if He was consciously trying to keep You from sex.  Even if He was, You wouldn’t be the first student whose parent wanted Him to devote all of His attention to His studies.”

Rendyl heaved a huge sigh.  “You’re right Keon.  I suppose I should give Him the benefit of the doubt.  But things are going to change starting right now!  He may not approve, but I will definitely be going to more parties!”

The limo pulled up in front of a large house and stopped.  Carl hurried around to open the back door so Rendyl could exit.  Rendyl turned to Keon and offered His hand.  “Thank You for the ride, Keon, and for what I hope will be ongoing lessons on how to truly be a well-rounded Black Man.  I look forward to hearing from You.”

Keon took the His hand and shook it warmly.  “My pleasure, Rendyl, and You will be hearing from me within the week.  I can’t wait to hear if You implement any changes to Your life between now and then,” He said with a wink.

Rendyl gave Him a big smile, gave a quick, last glance at the hunky white holding the door, then walked towards the entrance of the house.  The door opened just as He reached the stoop and Keon saw the brief appearance of an older white in a suit.  He shook His head as Carl jumped back into the car and pulled away from the curb.  He knew that at whatever point in the future Rendyl moved into His own home, the white answering that door would be decidedly different than the one He just saw.  His dick twitched at the thought of Rendyl fucking His way through a new household staff.

“Time to go home, Carl,” He said.  “My balls should be emptied out by now, but I suddenly feel the need to fuck Your pink hole before I go to bed.”  He smirked at the big grin that spread over His driver’s face.  Going back to its sleeping quarters with a cunt full of Keon’s spunk was one of Carl’s favorite ways to retire for the evening.

“Yes, Sir!”



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