Blackballed Chapter Three - Rain, Rain, Cum Again Some Other Day


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By Colton Aalto


By the time I'd taken my sixth load of black ball juice in the butt, it was the wee hours of the morning. I cleaned gobs of white jizz from my ass, but it was still leaking like crazy. I suppose that was to be expected, because the three studs who had seeded me had big black eggs and they'd repeatedly emptied them inside my abused hole.

Cory volunteered to take Leo and me home. I was beat and grateful that Leo and I wouldn't be sleeping on the floor until morning and then finding our own way home from south LA. Although Leo seemed to be doing fine on the floor. He and Ransom were still out of it.

Jay, Cory, Cott and I pulled on our jeans. None of us bothered with a shirt. I gamely rolled Leo over to get him dressed, but his flat stomach was covered in cum that was slowly transitioning between slimy and crusty. I grabbed Leo's underwear to clean him up, figuring he wasn't going to miss wearing them on the way home and I could stuff them in the pocket of his jeans.

I hadn't done much more than gotten Leo's cum wiped up and was struggling to get his feet into his jeans when Jay lost patience. He growled, "Fuck this shit," and in a quick move, he picked Leo up and carried him like a sack of potatoes to the back seat of Cory's car. Leo never even woke up. I collected his clothes and my shirt, and Cory, Cott and I followed Jay outside. We left Ransom snoring on Cory's couch.

After the heat of Cory's house, the cool night air felt great against my bare chest. A heavy drizzle was still falling, and between the rain and the sweat I'd worked up while getting blackballed, my blond surfer locks were plastered to my forehead. Cory's short afro collected beads of rain like jewels, and wet rivets were dripping down Cott's bare back from his long dreadlocks. Jay's smooth skin and ripped muscles glistened in the dim streetlight, making the black stud look like he'd walked off a movie set. He was fucking awesome.

I didn't expect Jay and Cott to make the trip to Leo's house, but as Cory got behind the wheel of his pimpmobile, Jay climbed in the front seat next to him. Cott waited for me to slide into the back seat and got in after me, pushing me into the middle next to Leo. I hoped we wouldn't get stopped by the cops. Four shirtless boys carting around a naked, passed-out guy in the middle of the night would likely arouse suspicions. Leo was totally gone.

As Cory headed toward Leo's house in West Hollywood, Jay lit a joint and passed it to Cott. I didn't need more dope or alcohol, but I sucked down a couple of drags, watching the rain wash the deserted streets of south LA. My ass still felt stretched out.

The Mary Jane, however, gave Cott a second wind and he decided that the best use of my mouth was not for smoking dope, conversation or smiling, but rather for sucking his cock. He forced my head into his crotch and I gamely worked his dick. The black stud got hard so fast that it was apparent my mouth work had little to do with it.

But Cott's rock hard erection merely made the black teen want to fuck. Never mind that, with three of us in the back seat of the pimpmobile, it was cramped quarters for fucking. Cott rolled me on my side and shoved my jeans down far enough to ram his stiff fuck tube into my cummy hole. I was crushed against Leo's naked body, but the motion of the car had sent Leo farther into never-never land, so he never woke up.

Fuck. I hadn't had sex in the back seat of a car since balling Jessica Tatt at a drive-in movie when I was 16. She and I were double dating with Jessica's best friend Mindy and her boyfriend Toby, because he had a car. As soon as we were in the drive-in, Toby asked Jessica and me to switch and let him and Mindy use the back seat. Toby quickly got naked and Mindy went down on him. I'd never paid much attention to Toby before, but seeing the guy in the rearview mirror with his clothes off was a turn on. As Mindy gave him head, he folded his arms behind his head and moaned, and his smooth chest looked awesome.

I was jealous of Toby getting his cock sucked. But something else was going on in my brain, too. I wondered what Toby's cock tasted like. I wished my hands rather than Mindy's were gripping Toby's balls and feeling his body. Fuck, I was jealous of Mindy having Toby's manhood down her throat.

Soon, Toby and Mindy moved to the main act and started fucking. I loved watching Toby's muscles flex as he dicked Mindy's cunt. From their conversation and the way they fell right into doing it, it was obvious that Toby had a good thing going. He clearly got his cock inside Mindy regularly. The teen hunk had smooth moves, flattering Mindy and telling her how great she made him feel when his dick was in her pussy. Mindy's tits weren't anything to write home about, but you'd never know that from the way Toby raved about them. I could use a few pointers from him.

Toby was a total horn dog. He balled Mindy twice before Jessica and I got our chance in the back seat. Mindy climaxed five or six times while Toby juiced her cunt or else she was really good at faking it. I was so horny after hearing and watching the backseat sex show that I could have fucked a coconut.

Jessica and I had never done it, but she relented after witnessing Mindy happily give it up and whimper and moan about how great it felt to have Toby ball her. I was excited that I was finally going get my dick inside Jessica's cunt, but it didn't turn out like I hoped.

It started out on a bad note with Jessica being grossed out that my dick was uncut and dripping pre-cum. Fuck. I couldn't do anything about my foreskin, and as for my pre-cum, what did the bitch expect after the hour-long live sex show in the backseat? She refused to give me head, even though Mindy had been sucking on Toby's pole all night long. But after watching Toby and Mindy, I didn't need a mouth job to get ready to fuck.

Once I had Jessica's panties off and aimed my cock at her cunt, things went from bad to worse. Mindy had raved about how good Toby felt inside her, but not Jessica. Instead, she complained that I was too big and that I was hurting her. I got no more than the head of my dick into her pussy despite half a dozen attempts.

I gave up and pulled out, and Jessica reluctantly delivered a rather pathetic hand job. As I was about to climax, I looked up and saw Toby gazing at me wide-eyed in the rearview mirror. The guy was gaping at my 9" equipment. We locked eyes and I stared at him as I climaxed, splattering cum all over my abs and chest.

Toby was more than merely curious about my dick. We dropped the girls off after the movie and he asked if he could see it. I was only too happy to pull out my meat for him to explore. We parked in some woods and Toby tentatively touched me, mesmerized by the combination of my size and foreskin. I got hard fast and I told Toby he could jerk me off if he wanted. He was cautious, but slowly pulled my foreskin down and then back up, watching in fascination as it slid over my hard rod.

I guess Toby had never touched an uncut cock. Maybe he'd never touched a dick other than his own. He started working me slowly and soon he was playing with his own cock, too. I pulled my shirt off and told him he should take his clothes off, too. He stripped without hesitation and I got a much better view of his hot body than I'd had in the rearview mirror. And I had a pretty good close up of his stiff dick, too. The guy wasn't hung like I was, but that didn't stop me from ogling his stuff like it was the crown jewels.

By the time I climaxed and shot cum rockets all over my chest, I pretty much knew I was gay. The hand job from Toby, while I scoped out his naked body and watched him beating off, was a much bigger turn on than rutting in Jessica's cunt ever would have been. Even if she let me cum inside her repeatedly and raved about how good it felt.

It's possible Cory took detours to give Cott time to finish seeding my ass before we arrived at Leo's house. It seemed like we turned a lot of corners. But if not, Cory's timing was perfect. Or maybe Cott merely prolonged his pummeling of my butt and didn't cum until he had to, when Cory found a parking spot. As Cory squeezed the pimpmobile into the spot, Cott grunted, thrust his dick deep inside me one final time, and froze. His cock, buried in my ass, rifled cum into my hole. The skinny black stud panted in my ear and moaned, "Fuck, yeah!"

Cott's latest load made my ass wet and slimy, but I had no option other than to pull up my underwear and jeans. The jeans needed to be washed anyway, and my underwear was already wet with seepage from the butt load of cum I'd taken at Cory's house. And from my own gunk, too. My dick had been slimy when I pulled on my underwear at Cory's and I'd pumped a steady stream of clear pre-cum while Cott dicked me in the back seat.

The four of us carried Leo into the house and dropped him in his bed. Leo woke long enough to mumble something incoherent and roll over on his stomach. He looked peaceful in the dim moonlight. Cott gave Leo's naked, upturned ass a hungry look that struck me as slightly predatory. Cory apparently thought so too, because he pulled Cott away from the bed and said, "Leave the slut alone, man. He's out of it, which means his ass is off limits. Always gotta remember that, white boy or black boy."

Once we were out of Leo's bedroom, Cory asked for some water. "Drinking makes my thirsty, and fucking does, too," he explained with a laugh. I was ready for the night to end, but fetched him a glass. Apparently fucking made all three of the young black studs thirsty, because they each downed a glass of water and asked for refills. I joined them. There are some times when water tastes great, and this was one of them.

I was finally relaxing after the night's adventures. As tired as I was, I was enjoying the scenery. Watching the three shirtless black men lounge around Leo's living room was hot. Lord knows I shouldn't have been horny after taking seven loads up the ass, but I found myself thinking that I might want an encore with one of the studs sometime. Hell, all three of them. And maybe all three of them at once...

Cott discovered the booze Leo and I had been guzzling earlier in the night and knocked back a couple of shots. He hit the bathroom, and on the way back stopped at the door to Leo's bedroom and, leaning against the door frame, gazed at the naked blond porn god, face down on his bed. The black teen had a mysterious look on his face. I didn't think he was going to try anything with Leo after Cory's warning, but I didn't know for sure. I should have shut the door to Leo's room after we dumped him on the bed.

Cory and Jay used the john, too, and got ready to leave. I thanked Cory for driving us home in the middle of the night. He could have waited until morning or blown it off completely. I also thanked all three of the guys for helping with Leo.

Apparently, though, the quick rush of alcohol and the sight of Leo's naked butt made Cott hungry for ass again. With Leo not an option, he gave me a harsh look and put his long fingers over my mouth. He announced, "I ain't done, bitch boy. You gonna take my cock again." He pushed me roughly to my knees, pulled his semi-hard black snake from his jeans and snarled, "Get your white whore mouth on my cock and get me hard, bitch. I'm fucking you in the ass."

Damn. While Cott had started slowly, he picked up speed fast. Teenagers are always horny, but Cott had gone from 0 to 60 in a flash. He'd become a black fucking machine.

If I'd been alone, I might have told Cott that he had had as much fun as he was going to have for the night. But I might not have either, because my night of getting blackballed had been insanely hot and although I was tired, another round of sex might be intriguing.

Maybe it was only Leo planting in my head the idea that getting dicked by black men was unmatched, but something about Cott's raw sexuality and his uncontrolled urge to breed was a turn on. With his long dreadlocks, the black teen had an animalistic flair, and the way he targeted my ass made me feel like prey he'd just cornered after a long chase.

I relented. Okay, I did more than relent. I wanted it. I now knew what Leo meant when he said, "Once you go black, you never go back." My ass was sore, but I couldn't resist getting a black cock in my hole again. I didn't know when I'd have another opportunity for a ride on black dong, and I wanted my ass filled again with cock and cum. Yeah, my mouth too.

Cott pried my jaws open. He'd put his fingerless black gloves back on before we left Cory's house, and I tasted leather as he crammed his fingers in my mouth. It was hot in a weird way.

Cott brought the head of his cut cock to my lips and, in one quick motion, removed his fingers and shoved his long, thin dick down my throat. "Suck, bitch!" he ordered, "I know you want it. Make love to my dick. Show me how hungry you are for black cock."

I worked Cott into an erection in little time. Shooting three loads in my ass apparently wasn't curbing the black teen's desire to nut again. He pulled his stiff cock from my throat and slapped it across my face with a vengeance, snarling, "You're desperate for this, aren't you blond boy? You want my black dick raping your tight pussy. You're a hopeless fucking whore. Lemme hear you beg for it, cocksucker. You're getting fucked regardless of whether you want it, but beg for it, bitch."

Part of me wanted to refuse Cott's demand, mostly to see what he'd do. He'd certainly take things to the next level, but exactly how? The possibilities were intriguing. Cott was only 19, but he had a wiry body that was deceptively strong.

However, I didn't challenge him. I wanted it and I told him so. "Fuck my ass," I pleaded. "Use my hole. Seed me like you seed all your bitches."

Cott laughed and his smile suddenly made him a teenager again. "Yeah, you're one of my bitches. Every black man needs a white boy to bitch fuck." His smile turned to a sneer as he slapped his boner across my face one final time.

Cott walked behind me, shoving me forward onto my hands and pulling down my jeans. He spat on my ass, circled my hole with the head of his cock, and powered into me. My ass reacted with a minor complaint that was soon replaced by a happy, full feeling. I tried to remember the last time I'd been dicked by a guy four times in one night. Okay, it had happened. I started to count the number of times but quickly gave up and moaned as Cott drilled into my boy butt.

Cory and Jay decided that as long as I was putting out, they'd join in the fun. They dropped their jeans and interrupted Cott long enough to finish stripping me. In no time, I was naked and getting spit roasted once again, although with Cory and Cott having switched roles from the first time. Cory fucked my face, Cott rammed my ass, and Jay stood by massaging his python to life.

Cott rode me relentlessly. The tentative teen from earlier in the night had turned into a sex hungry black man, intent on breeding white ass. And intent on proving that he owned me and making sure I remembered it. It hadn't been that long since the slender stud had seeded me in the car, but he was pounding me like he hadn't fucked in a week. He punished my ass, torturing it with violent thrusts of his long snake. His big, heavy balls hit my nuts with hard, merciless slaps.

Sweat was dripping off Cott's long dreadlocks by the time he climaxed with a loud, "FUCK, FUCK, TAKE MY CUM, BITCH!" I thought there was no way Leo could sleep through the racket, and maybe even some of Leo's neighbors would complain. But if Leo came to there was no sign of it.

Cory took over my ass, sliding his spit-soaked porn dong into me with a happy murmur. Meanwhile, I tried to replicate the ease with which Leo had deep throated Jay's monster. I didn't come close to matching my buddy's performance until Jay grabbed my head and slammed his rod down my throat. I feared I was going to suffocate until he pulled out just enough to let me gasp for breath. But it was a brief respite, as the black muscle boy immediately rammed his cock back down my throat, snarling, "Suck it bitch! Take that cock down your motherfuckin' throat. Thas' what your pathetic holes are for, to service da man."

Cory seeded my ass for the fourth time, groaning and crying out, "Fuck, I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming!" After getting tag-teamed by Cott and Cory, I got to my feet shakily. Jay's big prick was slick with my spit and his pre-cum, and the man was looking at me like a cat that had cornered a canary. At least taking Cott first and then Cory had opened me up again for the young stud. My hole was raw and sore and I had so much cum inside me that I figured it would be leaking out for a week.

Jay got behind me and wrapped his big hands around my chest. He bent down and powered into me from below. His dick was like a lance sliding into butter. I gulped as Jay's huge piece of meat occupied my raw hole. Somehow, my ass felt fuller than it had all night. Maybe it was the position I was in. But damn, despite my hole being sore, getting filled by the stud's black anaconda still felt incredible. I was a total cock whore.

Jay began thrusting into my butt, but he soon got tired of squatting down. He lifted me off my feet with his strong arms. I wrapped my legs backward, around his massive thighs, as Jay held my chest with his huge, muscular arms. One immediate result of the new position was that my ass was spread wider and own weight was impaling it on Jay's prong. If anything, his dick was deeper inside me than it had been the previous time he bred me. I was pretty sure Jay's mammoth meat was in the same spot inside me that Cott's long dong had occupied. Maybe Jay was as long as Cott after all.

I didn't expect Jay to maintain the standing position, but the stud was apparently so strong that holding my weight while pummeling my hole didn't faze him. He grunted and lowered my body slightly each time his cock rammed upward.

Leo had a gigantic antique mirror leaning against a wall in his living room, and because of the angle of the mirror, I could see my ass taking Jay's huge black dong as he repeatedly thrust inside me. It was almost like I was watching myself on film. Jay noticed the mirror, too, and barked, "Look in the mirror, white boy. Watch the man fuck you in the ass. Watch the man violate you. You're his, now. He own you." I was mesmerized by the sight of Jay's thick tool powering into my hole. It didn't seem possible that my ass was taking it.

As Jay slam-fucked my ass, my stiff rod was bouncing up and down. Cory wrapped a hand around it. My foreskin held a reservoir of pre-cum, and as Cory peeled it back, a slow ooze of thick, hot dick slime covered my boner and Cory's hand.

"Whaddya doing?" Cott questioned.

"Cut the guy a break. He's only gotten off once all night," Cory explained. "I'm gonna whack him off. Besides, I wanna see his big white boner spray jizz."

Cory didn't have much work to do. He stroked my cock with his fist only a few times before my nut built. Whimpering, I climaxed. My body shuddered as cum blasted all over the mirror and the floor. My ass squeezed involuntarily around Jay's massive member, and the musclebound hunk growled his delight. He drilled into me with a final, massive thrust, and his black nut rifled into my hole. Again. Jay let out a loud bellow like he'd conquered something. I guess it was me.

I thought my cock would never stop pumping cum, but once it did, Cory wiped his hands on my sweat-streaked chest and said, "Baby, you're a hot fuck. You got one fine ass. Probably a good thing I didn't dick you when we filmed that porno, `cuz I wouldn't have wanted to pull out for the money shot. Cumming inside your hole is awesome. Whenever you wanna get dicked, you call me."

Jay dropped me to the floor and demanded that I clean off his cock. I complied, tasting three heady flavors of black nut. "That's right, worship the black dick, boy," Jay hissed. "It owns your white whore holes."

Jay had the last word as the three black studs were leaving. They pulled on their jeans, but before heading for the door, Jay grabbed my face, his big hand clenching my jaws. Sneering, he growled, "Cott, look at this. See that look in the boy's eyes? That is how white boys look when they've been bred by black dick and their holes are wrecked. And that look, it don't go away. They never lose it. If you see this look in a white boy's eyes any white boy you know you can have the faggot whenever you want. This here boy is ours. He'll give it up whenever you need to get off." Cott leered with a big grin on his face. Jay leaned forward and whispered, "I own you, whitey. You the man's bitch. Never forget it."

"Cut it out, bros," Cory said, pulling his buddies toward the door. "This white boy's alright. He's cool."

Cott gave me a dismissive grunt. Jay's hard face slowly softened into a slight smile, his big lips pursed together as he stared intently into my eyes. He nodded twice. For better or worse, we understood each other. We both knew what would happen if we crossed paths again.

"C'mon, we gotta get Jay back to Camp Pendleton by noon, or else his ass will be in the brig," Cory said. Pendleton was a Marine base between LA and San Diego, so Jay must be a Marine. That would explain his short hair and military bearing. Being the hungry slut that I was, I wondered how many of his fellow jarheads Jay had practiced on before blackballing Leo and me. I had a feeling that more than a few Marines knew what it felt like to have Jay's big black cock split their asses and seed their pussies.

I closed the door behind the three young studs and took stock. I'd been bred with ten loads of black ball juice. Fuck. All because Leo wanted to get wild and let off steam. I might not be able to sit down for a week.

I was too beat to tackle the walk to my place. And it was continuing to rain. I was concerned about Leo, too. He was still completely out, and I didn't know what sort of drugs he might have taken and whether he might need help. So, I made the call to spend the night.

I debated curling up on the couch or crawling into Leo's bed. Fuck the couch. I slid next to Leo. The fucker was still on his stomach, having slept peacefully through the triumphant shouts from the three black men who'd fucked me wildly in the next room. Despite the muggy night, I draped one leg over Leo's legs and pressed my soft cock against his side. I wrapped an arm across Leo's back and nuzzled into his shoulder. It felt nice.

Leo and I weren't going to have sex hell, my ass was too sore to take dick for a week but I wanted to be close to him. And try as I might, I couldn't get mad at the guy for the insane adventure he'd put us through. Hell, the fucker might not even remember it tomorrow morning. He'd probably ask me what happened after we left the Rage.

*     *     *

It felt like I'd barely fallen asleep when a pounding disco anthem woke me with a start. I squinted into the bright light that streamed through Leo's bedroom windows. Apparently, the storm from the day before had cleared out and LA was once again basking in the bright California sun.

Seconds later, Leo ripped the sheets off the bed and in a heartbeat, he was on top of me. The blond porn god was naked, his big 9" cock was rock hard, and he was singing along to one of his favorite Grace Jones songs, `I Need a Man,' which blared on his stereo. Jamie hated Grace's songs, so in a sense, I guess Leo was enjoying his newfound freedom. He was using an empty Coke bottle in lieu of a mic.

"When I'm feelin' lonely, someone telephone me, it's gettin' hard to pass my time," Leo duetted with Grace. "Take me out'a dying, watch me while I'm flyin', baby it's a waste of time. I need a man, perhaps a man like you! I need a man, to make my dreams come true!"

I was on my side and Leo rubbed his boner against my hip in time to the music, sending my morning wood into a full erection. It didn't help that the bedroom smelled like a cum factory, likely a consequence of ball juice that even now I felt leaking from my ass.

Leo raced through the rest of the song. "I need a man like you, to make my dreams come true! I need a man like you, to make my dreams come true! I need a man like you, to make my dreams come true... Perhaps that man is YOU!" He finished with a shout as he echoed Grace's lyrics, staring directly into my eyes as the song finished. He bent down, his face inches away, and added a soft, "Perhaps that man is you...," fluttering his eyelids.

Holy shit! Was Leo serious? I didn't know what to do. But a moment later Leo laughed and hopped up, flicking his hard dick a couple of times so that it bounced against his washboard abs. It was exactly the thing he'd done in our porn video, and the sight mesmerized me. "Get up!" Leo commanded, grabbing my hand and jerking me out of bed. His eyes strayed to my hard cock and he gave me a devilish smile before playfully flicking it. It hit my flat stomach with a resounding smack.

"I just signed us up for a porn shoot," Leo announced excitedly. "Not exactly a sequel of our first fuck show different director and studio this time but close enough. We're gonna be balling on camera, getting paid big bucks to fuck and suck. Blond boy on blond boy sex scenes. And if you think you're gonna get your hooded monster inside my bum again... you're right, you are. But remember, paybacks are a bitch, fucker!"

Leo gave me a wide, happy smile, lighting up his tanned face. Damn, he was handsome. If our wild night of getting blackballed affected him, he wasn't showing it in the least. He was his usual cheerful, enthusiastic self.

"In the meantime," Leo added, "what we need is a recovery day at the beach. Yes, Venice Beach, here we come! Sun, fun, booze, dope. I wanna toast my buns in the sun and dig into the sand. I wanna get drunk and high and enjoy the beach. Maybe cop a little action if there's a hot prospect around. Although I might have to limit it to topping or oral play. My ass is sore after what you talked me into last night."

What I talked him into? The fucker was batshit crazy. And his ass was sore? What the hell about mine?

Leo retrieved a couple of tiny Speedos from his dresser as I stood blinking in the bright sunshine. One swimsuit was baby blue and one vibrant yellow. Ironically, the same colors as our polo shirts from last night. Or maybe the colors weren't an accident.

Leo draped the baby blue Speedo on my erection and said, "Blue is your color, stud! But good luck trying to get that slab of horse cock inside this hot boy Speedo." He shoved me toward the bathroom, adding with a laugh, "Move that whore hole of yours and let's get to the beach!"

The End.

Hope you liked the tale. Let me know if you did!

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