It felt great to be in San Francisco once again. On Monday morning, I gave Sir a call to confirm to him I was in the city and all was still a "go" for tonight. It was not hard to tell that we were both looking forward to the evening ahead. Eventually the day passed and I returned to my hotel. This time, as I dressed, I gave thought to things I learned on my previous visit. I knew Sir shared my enjoyment of leather, so I wore my leather shirt. During my last visit I had experienced the advantage of having my cock and balls bound, so I had acquired a leather cock ring, which I now snapped in place. Finally, I knew my clothes wouldn't last for long, so I skipped the underwear, and buttoned myself into my jeans commando style.

I arrived at his door and rung the bell. The door opened almost immediately and he was there, ready for me in his full leathers. After stepping in, we both paused and took stock of each other. As we kissed and he held me close, he said, "it's good to see you again, boy!" The sound of his voice, and the smell of him in his leather hit me immediately as I managed to say, "I've missed you too." We moved upstairs and soon after, into his bedroom dungeon. As we entered, my head flooded with memories of our time together earlier in the year.

It took no urging to get us started. It was if it had only been days since we last met. A few moments of body contact was all it took for him to say, "your clothes, boy, your clothes!" When I turned to him with my task completed, he sat on the edge of the bed holding the leashed collar I had dreamed for months to feel again.

"Will you wear my collar again, boy?" he asked. "Yes, Sir" came my response. "While it's on your neck, will you serve me without question or hesitation, boy? Again, I said, "yes, Sir." "Then lower your head and eyes and do not raise them again unless I tell you to, boy." My head and eyes sank immediately confirming my submissiveness to him. As he fitted his collar to my neck, my body flushed with warmth and gratitude. "Thank you, Sir," rolled off my tongue just as comfortably and naturally as could be.

He took his time moving us through the drama that we had built before. I started at his feet and moved up his body. I tasted his toes, his feet, his calves, his thighs. My tongue was reintroduced to the ring in his nipple. All the time I was struck by just how comfortable and familiar this felt. On to his pits, fuck they drive me crazy. I stayed there for just as long as I could, moving from one to the other. Eventually, he moved my attention to his cock and finally, his ass, as he played with his tits. Oh, it felt good to be a pig.

As I came up for air, he decided it was my turn. Sir does like his fill of boy juice and the bud of my ass. It is not long before he's got me positioned with my head and shoulders low to the mattress and my ass in the air. The cool feel of the lube coats my ass as he pops the seal on a raincoat. In a moment his cock begins its mission to take my hole and claim it as his once again. As he works his way in, he spits on his hand and grabs my cock and gets ready to thrust and stroke in unison. "I'm a fuck pig," he proclaims, "I love to fuck your ass. I could do it every day!" The rhythm in my ass and on my cock rises through his cumming and brings me to the edge. "I'm going to come Sir," I say. "I'll let you come now only if you promise to see the evening through," he says. Not knowing what he has in store, I make the promise. He slowly withdraws, rolls me over and goes to work on my cock with his mouth. It is not long until I have cum in his mouth.

Poised over me, looking into my face, he says, "if you were mine boy, I'd have your cock locked up in a chastity device to keep you at your sexual peak." "I'd fuck your ass every day when you got home from work." Lying down next to me, time passes in silence as we play that scenario over separately, but together, in our minds.

Propping himself up on one elbow, "Do you drink, boy?" he asks. When I said I did, he announced we were going out. As we got up he removed my collar so I could clean myself up. When I started to dress, he said, I have a spare jock for you boy." "Monday night is underwear night at the bar we're visiting." He handed me a black jock and I did not notice that he was pulling on his white briefs. When we were ready to go, he in his leather pants and shirt as well as his bike jacket, we set out down the street. I just couldn't help but keep stealing glances at his figure as we moved down the street.

After a couple of blocks, he opened a door and steered me inside through a curtain. We emerged in the front bar which was probably half full of men of many descriptions, tall, short, heavy, thin, and for the most part, clothed. Sir moved past the small groups that had gathered there, and made his way up a few steps into the back bar area. I knew I was just to follow. There were many more guys back here, and most all of them were only in underwear.

Sir stepped up to the bar, leaving me to survey the room and absorb the surroundings. He returned to my side and handed me a Corona. Nearby, there were two men who knew Sir, and they engaged him in conversation. Sir introduced me to them and we talked briefly as I consumed my beer. My eyes were pretty busy moving around the room. While there was a single group of guys that were fairly aggressive in their attention to each other, most were standing at the room's perimeter, some talking, some watching.

After a time, Sir turned his attention back to me and said, "how about checking the clothes, boy? Could you do that for me? It will be good for you." "Yes, Sir," I replied. It did not take long for Sir to locate the younger guy who was watching the checkroom. He touched his arm and asked, "Are you checking clothes?" The guy took a moment to consider Sir in his full leather and said doubtfully, "yes; you want to check your clothes?" With a firm hand on my arm and pulling me closer, Sir replied, "no not me, but my boy here does, don't you boy?" I heard myself say, "Yes, Sir."

I followed the young man, who sported a Santa's cap in addition to his jock, through a door into a storeroom. He asked if I had been to this bar before and I told him that I had not. After saying, "I didn't think so, I would have remembered you," he explained the routine of putting your clothes in a plastic bag, and tucking anything of value in the top of your sock. I'm pretty sure he had figured out that never mind not being here before, I hadn't done this anywhere before. As I undressed and bent over to tie my boots, he said, "An advantage to this job is I get to check out ass." He rubbed his hand across mine, smacked it gently and said, "your's is nice." I didn't know what else to say but, "thank you!" With that, he opened the door, urged me through, and said, "have fun."

Sir was standing pretty much in the center of the room waiting for me to come out. I walked over to him and stood facing him. "You look good in my jock, boy," he said, handing me his beer to hold with one hand and finding my tit with the other. As I replied, "thank you, Sir" he tweaked my tit and an evil grin crossed his face. He reached into his pocket, and said, "and you'll look even better wearing my collar and leash, boy." That remark got the attention of those nearby and heads began to turn. As I felt eyes looking at me, my eyes went to the floor, and my head tilted forward. "Put your hands behind your back, boy," he said as he took his time positioning and fastening his collar on my neck. When I thought he was finished, I said, "thank you, Sir." As I stood there holding his beer behind my back, he again reached into his pocket and pulled out his leather gloves and put them on. He reached for his beer, stepped to the side and said, "turn around boy." I turned around toward the gathered crowd, though kept my eyes and head lowered. This was not unnoticed by Sir, and he said firmly, "stand up straight, boy."

As I stood there for a moment, I realized that my cock was starting to strain against the jock. Sir saw it as well. He reached his gloved hand into the pouch and pulled up on my cock saying, "just a little adjustment for you, boy." He pulled his hand out of the jock and and then rubbed my growing cock through the mesh fabric. "You like this, don't you boy?" he said. What could I say but, "Yes Sir!?"

Over the next half hour, hour, time was far from my mind, Sir periodically changed our position. "Let's walk, boy," he'd say with a pull on my leash, and he'd set off across the room from one end to the other, or from the front bar to the back bar with me behind in tow. As we moved, attention certainly came my way. We'd stop for awhile, maybe commenting to each other about someone nearby. Often, Sir would stand with his arm draped across my naked shoulder and I with my hand on his ass. Several times, as I got lost in the comfort of his touch, the coolness of his leather, and the familiarity of his smell, I'd be snapped out of my thought by the unknown hand of someone passing by grabbing my ass. At one point, a man came by, paused, stared at me intently, and then moved on. Sir said, "did you see that? You've just been cruised." It wasn't long before the man started to move in again for another look, when Sir positioned himself between us, saying, "enough of that." Hmmm, perhaps a twinge of jealousy?

On one of our last passes into the front bar, Sir stopped with his back to me and talked with a younger man. After a moment, Sir stepped to the side and I heard the young man say, "can he work on my boots first? They are clean." As my head groped for an idea of what was going on, I didn't hear Sir's reply, only his order to me. "boy, I think you should get on your knees and make his dick hard." Looking at the grinning face of this complete stranger and then at Sir, I thought better of my urge to protest or request clarification, and sank to my knees. Above all, I had pledged my service to Sir and my pride would not permit me to dishonor him. My tongue was quickly at work on the mesh of his jock and it was not long before his cock responded to my urgings. When I was told I could stand once again, the young man looked at me, smiled and said, "thank you, boy." By this time, the head of my cock was pushing out of the top of the jock I wore.

After returning to the back bar, Sir asked if I saw anyone who grabbed my attention. He then looked down at my leaking cock and said, "on second thought, let's head back to my place." He again found the checkroom fellow and told him I needed my clothes. Sir laid my leash on my shoulder and said "leave the collar and leash in place, boy." After responding, "yes, Sir," I set off to the storeroom, following the young man. As I finished dressing and laid my leash across my clothed shoulder just as Sir had left it, the young man handed me a peppermint candy and said, "this is for being such a good boy and doing what you were told; come see us again." With another feel of my ass, he pushed me through the storeroom door.

Sir was right at hand and reached for my leash as he stepped up to me. Again, we slowly walked through the back and front bars, and then, out onto the sidewalk. As he worked to stay a step or two ahead of me, it became clear I was to remain collared and leashed for the walk home. After a moment, holding the leash in his outstretched hand, he asks over his shoulder, "have you ever been walked in a collar and leash, boy?" "No, Sir." "Do you think you could get used to this, boy?" "Yes, Sir," I replied. "You'd make a fine boy for someone," he said as we climbed the steps to his door. I didn't need to see his face to catch his widening grin.