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Boy Number 2039 - Part 1
PJ Franklin <>


How had things come to this? Did it matter now to know?  No it did not. Tommy Sims, just sixteen years old found himself bare ass naked standing alone in the middle of a darkened room his hands at his sides under a spotlight. To Tommy's left was a large one-way glass pane on the other side of which stood and sat white-coated analysts watching his reactions.

Ahead of Tommy were images projected by the analysts to gauge Tommy's reactions. Some were still images others were motion videos. The testing was for 30 minutes. The images were sexual, all of them. The testing was to gauge Tommy's sexual reactions to the images. Simply put, did Tommy's penis become erect and if so to what type or types of sexual imagery?

It had seemed longer than 30 minutes, but finally a voice said, "The testing is concluded" and the lights came on in the room.

"You may dress," the voice continued and Tommy dressed himself.

The door to the room opened and Tommy was told to pass through. In the next room sat a white-coated analyst,

"Mr. Sims … " the white-coated analyst began, "… you are classified as Type C."

Tommy already knew that a Type C sexually reacting young male would barely fetch any kind of decent money for his impoverished family. He may as well enlist in the Pre-Military Corp, the money would be the same, but he would be lucky to physically survive. Even at five foot nine and 140 pounds he might not even be accepted and if he was he was just as likely to suffer life threatening physical abuse at the hands of very sadistic superior officers.

Times were hard, very hard. Technology had advanced, tremendously; but sadly, socioeconomics, fairness and equalities had not. As predicted decades before, the middle class was no more leaving only the politically powerful wealthy or near wealthy to rule over the hapless masses of poor and near-poor.

"What kind of pay could I get nowadays as a Type C servant?" Tommy nonetheless asked just in case it wasn't what he thought he knew. The white-coated analyst looked up and flatly said,

"Son, we have over eight-five thousand Type C's in the system on years long waiting lists nationally at any one time and barely one thousand families or individuals who'd even consider paying for a Type C servant, you do the math. There are tons of Type C's willing to serve simply for room and board alone for themselves. They will never net one penny for their efforts for their families."

It was indeed as he had feared. Voluntary servitude had become an industry, a very legal industry, but like all industries before it there were economic facts, the stark and nasty facts of supply and demand. The man waited a few moments for Tommy to respond and when Tommy did not the bored man flatly stated,

"Look kid, you gotta be at least a Type B, but better a Type A, they make good money. If by chance you can slip in a Type A+, those guys bank, and those are the facts, sorry kid. I don't make the rules and I ain't got any more time, move along please."

Tommy shuffled his feet and sighed. He had studied the basic servitude types and at least knew that Type C boys responded only to heterosexual themes, Type A boys primarily homosexual and Type B boys somewhere in between. Type A+ boys had something to do with boys into pain and stuff.

Tommy already knew that he would not respond to the pictures of boys having sex with boys, much less anything to do with pain. He liked girls sexually. How could he respond to boy on boy sexual pictures and videos? Maybe, just maybe he could have managed, but having to stand naked in the room being watched by others had been too intimidating. Maybe it was just a matter of practice.

Tommy started to move towards the exit, but just as he did he turned and looked at the bored white-coated analyst,

"I heard they got people who can train you."

The man looked up from his clipboard, "What kid?"

"Training, I heard you can train to be a Type A,"

The white-coated man sat back in his chair.

"Yea they do but it will cost ya kid because once you go into one of them places you are committed, five years minimum and that's regardless of your success. It's do or die unless you got the cash to buy yourself out and you and I know you ain't got that kind of jack or you wouldn't be here."

"But it's a chance, isn't it?"  Tommy said after the man finished.

"Yea it's a chance, hell, so is jumping off a cliff into the sea, maybe you live maybe you don't."

Tommy blinked a few times, "How do I find a training program?"

The man shook his head and pulled a card out of his coat pocket and held it out to Tommy,

"Here kid, you ain't got one chance in didly-squat, but it's your life."

Tommy took the card and looked at it. It simply said:  Foster Enterprises, Inc.  It was an address without a telephone number, that was all.

"Thanks," Tommy said dryly and went home.

Two weeks later Tommy sat in a small office on the Forty-third floor of a skyscraper downtown. It had taken him an hour to fill out the application and submit the notarized permission from his mother, his only parent.

The man on the other side of the desk, a man of maybe thirty years old dressed in a suit and tie took his time reading over the application. He put the application down and looked at Tommy,

"Tommy, I know you are trying to help to provide for your family but this is very risky. You are a Type C boy. Do you know what the odds are that even with training you can convert successfully to a Type A boy much less an A+ designation?"

"Probably not good sir," Tommy responded.

"Five hundred to one or worse and if you fail your life remains the property of Foster Enterprises for five long years and during that time you are not guaranteed safety or health. You could be sold to some overseas slave owner and killed or worse. You'd be better off joining the military when you turn eighteen."

"Yea right and guarantee I'll be dead in two years time," Tommy commented.

The man shrugged with a sympathetic grin, "Well, yes unless the planet decides it's through with war and civil unrest."

"Fat chance of that," Tommy said well aware of the tenor of the times.

"Yes," the man replied.

"Look sir I know the chances are long, but I think I can do it."

"I've heard that before Tommy, many times, boys as yourself trying to make it in the harsh world. No jobs anywhere, poverty knocking at the door. Family destitute, a typical Have Not. They hear there is good money, even great money in Voluntary Servitude. A boy your age takes a chance, takes the test. He fails the test, he's not a Type A, much less a Type A+. He ops for training with Foster or another agency, fails and is never seen or heard from again. They all thought they could do it Tommy. I know it's really harsh, but the chances of you convincing your natural libido, the sexual centers of your brain to convert orientation and attraction from female to male on male sex is abysmally small."

"But I heard they use chemicals, hormones."

"Yes we do use hormonal enhancements sometimes, but lately most of our clients want their 'boy' to be trained naturally and without enhancement. You could not count on that kind of help. We have to train to suit our clients Tommy, not visa versa."

Tommy sighed, "And I'm not allowed to see any of the training before I sign up?"

"No, that is forbidden. Trade marks, corporate spying and all, no, that is impossible. The only thing and I mean the only thing I can guarantee you is that Foster is a government approved and legitimate training center. If there is any chance at all of you converting, it is with us or another approved center."

"Then why have a training center?" Tommy asked, understandably frustrated.

"Frankly maybe we're outmoded anymore but we train mostly Type B boys, boys who have bisexual tendencies into 100% male to male interaction. The chances are pretty good for them and we've converted several thousand to date. They are good business. Type C boys are not good business Tommy."

"Does that mean you won't take me?"

"No, that only means that after your training period has expired we will most likely sell your rights to the highest bidder and like I said that can be a very nasty and undesirable result."

"I understand, but I have an official permission notarized by my mother. If I don't do something she is going to die. She needs medical care not covered by National Insurance. I am her only hope! Just me!"

"Tommy, I sympathize, I really do but you are a good looking kid, a decent person by all accounts and I can't let you do this with our agency without a ton of knowledge of what you are getting yourself into."

Tommy thought a moment, "And those Type A+ guys, why are they so much more valuable and get paid the best?"

"Easy, we have clients who desire boy servants who can serve them sexually in very diverse ways. They must be able to sexually respond to … well, to spankings, paddlings, various punishments of various levels, it is called sadomasochism and has been going on between humans for centuries."

"But, how does even a natural Type A+ boy know that he is going to be placed with a client that will use his talent in a certain way or that his boss may not want more or something like that?"

The man smiled, "Easy enough. A Type A+ boy is so highly valued by our customers that we can afford to be quite careful about proper placement so that both the boy and the client are as perfectly matched as is possible. Simple supply and demand as has been usual for eons of time!"

Tommy nodded and mumbled to himself, "Fucking supply and demand."


"Nothing, um," Tommy shrugged, "I have no choice, I have to do this. I have to try, come hell or high water or whatever!"

The man, Avery Wentworth, looked at Tommy and then turned the contract around to face Tommy's direction and put an ink-pen on top of it,

"You don't have to do this now, you can wait as long as you wish; but once you sign Tommy, you are no longer Tommy Sims. You will be assigned a number, an impersonal designation and if you are successful, you will be named by your new owner and you may not take back your signature, ever."

Tommy stood and nodded and walked forward. He took a deep breath, reached out and grasped the pen, positioned it and mumbling, "Tommy Sims, kiss your ass goodbye," signed the contract and then shaking like a leaf turned and sat down again. Mr. Wentworth slid the signed contract back to himself,

"Very well, as you read and we discussed, your mother will be informed of your final decision. She will be granted sufficient funds to look into her healthcare and other needs for the term of your training only. If you fail, the funds will cease and you will be helpless to do anything to stop her illness."

Tommy was scared shitless but knowing that mom would at least have a few months respite, made him feel better about his now irreversible decision.

* * * * * * * * * *

Barely twenty-four hours later, transported away from the city to a remote rural property of large dimensions, the former Tommy Sims, now property of Foster Enterprise Voluntary Servitude Services (FEVSS), had been designated Trainee FEVSS-2039-TAP. He would be called simply #2039.

The "TAP" designated the trainee's (T) desire to be trained to the highest level possible or the A-Plus (A+) or AP trainee position. #2039 stood stark naked with a good ten other similar boys in a large open room with a ton of lighting. There were at least ten Foster employees walking about them, fully clothed photographing and taking notes on clipboards and the whole sensation for 2039 and his cohorts was like being a laboratory animal under constant observation.

2039 was shaking and doubting his sanity. He tried his best to think only that his poor mother was finally getting some help or at least he hoped she was. He knew he had no way to find out for sure, only his faith that Mr. Wentworth had not lied to him.  A Foster employee now addressed 2039 and his nine other naked candidates,

"Welcome trainees. You are to stand still and do not talk. You are reminded that any attempt to escape from this facility will result in severe punishment and possibly your arrest and you will be incarcerated in a Federal Penitentiary for the rest of your natural lives. We have many methods of training and the Foster representatives now looking and evaluating you are here to assign you to your initial training position. Do not move unless told. Do not speak unless spoken to."

2039 could only tell that some of the employees wore the typical Foster Enterprise white coat and logos. Others were dressed rather casually otherwise without the coats and of those, all were quite young looking in comparison. 2039 also noted that he was a common age, a few older but none younger looking than he was.

Then over a period of about ten minutes, some of his fellow male naked candidates were pulled from the ranks and disappeared from sight. In a moment or two more most of the white-coated males had disappeared save two and those two were somewhat older boys dressed in smart sports shirts and slacks, both holding clipboards.

2039 did not let his eyes wander much but noted a few moments later that he stood now alone with just one other boy his age a few steps away and just the two casual looking older boys, 2039 guessed eighteen or nineteen years old.

Finally, one of the older boys nodded to the other and spoke,

"2039 and 2050. You will follow us. I am Mr. Hanson and this is Mr. Sanders, you will follow silently, no talking. You will notice also there are no guards. This facility is fiber-optically monitored. Every person in every room, every space on this property is watched 24/7. You have no privacy whatsoever, get used to it. Any attempt at violence or attack on a Foster employee can be responded to in less than thirty seconds. Most of us are trained in martial arts and if you think you can get away with anything remotely violent, you are sadly mistaken."

Hanson nodded and Sanders opened a side door and they walked out. 2039 and 2050 followed. 2039 glanced and nodded at 2050. They were both about the same height and build.

Hanson and Sanders led Zero (2050's nickname) and Niner (2039's nickname) into a large medically equipped room and the door closed. Niner and Zero now faced Hanson and Sanders. Sanders spoke first,

"Now pay close attention," Sanders said now addressing both side-by-side naked boys.

"You both are attempting to train from Type C boys to Type A+. You have chosen a very hard and risky situation for yourselves. Failure is not an option and despite what you have been told to try and dissuade you both from this situation, you have either bravely or very foolishly persisted. Nonetheless, despite the relative desperation of your chosen and voluntary plights, Foster Enterprises will do everything and anything to try to make you both successful. Why? Simple economics and a bottom line business plan. A Type A+ servant is very valuable to Foster and Foster's clients. Much money passes hands when a Type A+ boy passes from Foster to a client. Training is very expensive and much money is lost when a failed Type A+ trainee is sold to the overseas markets. In short, it is in everyone's best interests to make this work."

Now Hanson spoke,

"And to facilitate your possible success, we are trying a new pilot program. Mr. Sanders and I have been hired by Foster Enterprises to assist in training you both because we are both natural Type A+ males," and then there was a short pause.

"In essence boys, " Sanders continued, "This is going to be a kind of, well, typical of what used to occur in the old university level educational systems called Greek fraternities where groups of older teenaged boys joined men a few years older than themselves for a period of time of training to become what they called "brothers." In turn, over time, a new brother would train to become an experienced one and pass his abilities and training along to a younger generation."

Niner and Zero were attentive. Both of them had heard of old North American educational systems and were a little acquainted with what a Fraternity had been from the past.

Hanson now took over again,

"You will both have access to an extensive library of information suitable to your training including the old university fraternity environment, I suggest you familiarize yourselves with this information during times allotted; but be aware, there will be extensive deviations from anything classic in that information."

Sanders spoke next,

"Yes indeed, expect the unexpected," and with that Niner, our boy, and Zero his new compatriot watched as Hanson and Sanders embraced and kissed, their hands rubbing each other's clothed bodies.

Niner did not feel revulsion. He actually felt nothing. Hanson and Sanders were obviously lovers or same-sex oriented employees in some fashion, as they seemed to enjoy the display. At any rate, their hands groped and felt and petted and otherwise were very busy as they kissed for at least two long minutes.

Niner glanced over at Zero, who glanced back with a similar reaction. They both felt a little stomach ache perhaps wondering when they would be forced to do similar things.

When Hanson and Sanders parted, Hanson spoke,

"Doubtless, you two Type C's had no inkling of sexual response from that little display did you?"

Both boys wordlessly shook their heads in the negative.

"Well, you'd both better get used to it. Your very lives and the fortunes of your loved ones depend on it and believe me when I say that you will both learn that unless your dicks can respond and respond freely and happily to such a simple display, that you will both be very unhappy, painfully so. And speaking of pain? That is your goal isn't it? To enjoy the spanking arts as it were? My, won't that be fun!" Hanson ended a bit sarcastically.

And just then a medic walked in through a side door to the medical room,

"Who's first?" the twenty something year old man said dryly.

"Zero, get your ass over there!" Sanders said and followed the boy slapping his butt fairly hard. Zero jumped and his hands flew back to his ass as he winced.

Mr. Hanson then slid over to Niner, whose face had winced up a little as well,

"2039, My aren't you a pretty candidate, you turn me on, you know that?"

Niner swallowed hard. No person, not even a girl had yet ever come onto him in a sexually suggestive manner before much less this open challenge to what Niner perceived as his masculinity.

Niner chose the safe route, "Yessir" and looked very uncomfortable and looked down away from Mr. Hanson.

"2039, realize that you are going to be fully desensitized. You will not be spending hardly two seconds without myself or Mr. Sanders and eventually your partner over there, touching, feeling, groping and sexually being stimulated by a dozen different methods twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for weeks on end."

Hanson's hands already were all over Niner's body, especially his buttocks and genitals. And when a finger-tip purposely pressed into his anus unexpectedly, Niner flicked his pelvis forward and his hand involuntarily swept around to swat at Mr. Hanson's hand. A mistake.

In a flash, Hanson, a somewhat taller and decidedly stronger male had Niner angled over his knee and applied ten hard bare hand to bare butt spankings!

"Ouuuuuuuuu!" Niner complained as the sting was considerable. He was fully shocked by the reprisal. His heart beat rapidly and he shook all over for that and the fact that Mr. Hanson was also lewdly pushing and rubbing his tented trousers into the side of Niner's body.

"How would you like a good long and hard whipping with my belt boy, huh? We would love to see how your cock would respond. A real type A+ boy would love such attention!" Hanson said in a strict and instructive manner as he held Niner steady, ready to spank him more.

Niner paid attention. He was at least smart enough to realize that everything that would happen to him would be for training and he had better get used to it and try by hook or crook to respond in some sort of correct manner to avoid as little violence to his person. What was the old term?  "Resistance is futile!"

"Yesssirr! Sorrie sir!" Niner responded.

Ten more hard spanks quickly followed that answer and Niner's tender behind was on fire. He was definitely not used to this physicality, certainly and especially not in the form of corporal punishment. This being a Type A+ boy was not at all what he had anticipated if he had any kind of notion at all.

Hanson now stood Niner up and his hand turned from paddle to soothing agent and Hanson whispered,

"Now concentrate 2039. No more spanking, but let my hand soothe the sting and try to accept the rubbing as something pleasant. Pleasure following the pain. Pleasure from pain. It is imperative that you connect those two, it is vital to your training, do you understand me?"

Niner's heart was still pounding, but Hanson's manner had totally changed from angry authoritarian to more like a counselor or indeed maybe a big brother of sorts.

"Yes sir, I'll try very hard," Nine said with a bit of faux-enthusiasm.

"Good. You must maintain an excellent and patient attitude 2039, it will get you far around here."

"Yes sir, thank you sir" and Niner felt the older boy's hand on his ass. It was difficult to feel as it still felt perverse to him, but he had to try and rid his mind of the negative reactions.

Niner was then escorted in to watch Zero's examination. By now he was being medically probed from the rear by the medic's finger on one hand and his genitals stroked and rubbed from the front with the other. They were milking the boy to produce semen. Sanders was also periodically slapping the boy's behind and Zero would wince and jump at the dual assault.

"I know it sounds cruel, but if you can derive pleasure from the suffering of another boy, use that energy for stimulation as well 2039. Use anything at all, no matter how it violates your natural senses to try and convert yourself, do you understand me?"

Niner sighed, "Yes sir, but it's difficult," as the sight of the other boy being slapped and probed in private places was quite difficult to watch. He naturally felt indignation and wanted to verbally protest, but knew he could not.

"I know, you must still try to enjoy it," Hanson instructed.

Niner nodded and Hanson motioned for him to draw nearer to the other boy's examination and watch and so he did just as the medic's finger was moving in and out fucking the boy's virginal rectum as his gloved other hand stroked the boys penis. The boy was erect just from the non-specific stimulation of his penis, any boy would. Niner cringed at being so close to it and he felt sorry for Zero even as his eyes met Zero's with empathy. It was not easy.

Finally, the medic's forced stimulation had the desired effect. Zero's face drew into a tense and reluctant half-smile as his balls finally boiled over. Zero's voice deeply grunted and his body tensed and arched and so did a generous pulsating spray of white semen from near to Zero's chin and down to his navel. Niner's eyes grew wide as this was the neophyte's first time that he had ever seen another male's penis erect, much less loosed of its sexual juices.

Mr. Hanson was standing at Niner's side pawing at his own tented response and leaned over to Niner,

"Doesn't just watching Zero's enjoyment of a nice hand job do anything for you?"

Niner winced, but had to tell the truth, "No sir, not yet anyway."

"Perhaps in time my boy," Mr. Hanson patted Niner's head, but both attentions were drawn as Mr. Sanders, invited to clean up Zero's expelled juices, greedily licked up the white blobs from Zero's chest and tummy as Zero maintained a tolerant look on his face. Niner's jaw dropped at this lurid display.

Now it was Niner's turn to be examined by the medic and he mounted himself up on the table with great trepidation. After the general medical examination, Niner was put on all fours, head down and his bared ass high up in the air. Mr. Hanson pawed at Niner's ass cheeks a bit and spanked them lightly,

"Delightful! It would be a shame for these cheeks not to go to the highest possible bidder!" and then nodded for the medic to continue the humiliating process.

Niner trembled as for the first time in his short life another human's finger was invading his very tight butthole and painfully so! Niner had done this to himself a number of times but far slower and with more pleasant results. This was way different much less another person's fist stroking his dick for the first time as well as pawing at his balls!

Niner had also jacked off many times before bit always to female related fantasies; but as he actually did feel his dick start to thicken and yes, harden to the medic's machine-like continuous stimulation, Niner used the pleasant feeling concentrate on his new reality and why he was there in the first place, for his mother's sake!

The hand job was really starting to feel good now! Niner mused that maybe he had really been missing something kind of sexy, but just then the medic stopped and the finger unceremoniously swooped out of his butthole and a series of hard stinging spanks rained down from Mr. Hanson's palm as he shouted, "Pain with pleasure Niner! Pain with pleasure!"

"Damn training!" Niner thought to himself as his cock quickly deflated and he had to start all over.

Eventually Niner was brought to orgasm and ejaculation and like Zero, Niner tried to enjoy both as well as he could given that like Mr. Saunders, Mr. Hansen's tongue quickly started to lap up his stuff from his chest and tummy, even giving the tip of Niner's penis a quick kiss. How could he ever get used to such things!?

The next few hours the boys were still naked and paraded around the facility mostly indoors and shown where they would be living, eating and learning. Indeed, the four males, two trainees and the two older Type A+ trainees would be in very close living quarters. Only basic and necessary bodily functions would afford any privacy at all and even that was subject to public display at times. Sleeping was never to be done alone and nudity would be the "dress" of the day to desensitize them to what would surely be their lot with a future Foster client boss or master.

Then, sometime later, after being lectured and cautioned about the consequences of various inappropriate conversation or actions together, Nine and Zero were allowed to be alone in their new living quarters as long as they were together in close proximity.

"Fuck, what a …" Zero said before stopping himself as they now sat side by side naked.

"Disaster?" Niner finished Zero's thought.

Zero chuckled, "Yea, you could say that. Listen, my real name is Paul, but I guess we shouldn't get used to using our names together."

"No, we shouldn't, but mine is or was Tommy," Niner replied.

"And for the record Tommy, I don't care what they make us do to each other or with them, those training guys Hanson and Sanders. I will never take offence. You and me, we're just trying to survive and make it. It's life and death. So, I mean, if we have to suck dick or fuck or whatever, it's not personal OK?"

Niner nodded and sighed, "Yea, I gotcha and you're right of course; but, what if, I mean, what if we actually learn to enjoy it?"

"Fat chance of that at least deep down. I don't know if my dick can get hard fucking with another guy and I'm really not sure about all that butt slapping and spanking; but if it does, man, I don't know. I guess stranger things have happened, so hell, if it gets that far for enjoyment, so be it. Like I said, this is a job, not a lifestyle as far as I'm concerned."

Niner nodded, "Yea, well, whatever. We might as well get used to life here at Perv Central," and deciding to give it a try, Niner put his hand on Zero's bare thigh.

Zero chuckled, "Just two days ago, if you'd done that, I'd punched you right in the face; but now …" and Zero put his hand right on top of Niner's thigh, " … I'll join you and just shine it on, man!"

That evening after supper, Niner and Zero spent the first of dozens of such evenings with Misters Hanson and Sanders, all of the males totally nude. Hanson and Sanders had erections the entire time that first night, Niner and Zero did not.

They watched boy on boy porn for two solid hours and Niner and Zero had to stand and be fondled, front and rear. Afterwards, Hanson took Zero over his knee and right across from them, Niner over Sanders knee and they were spanked, petted, spanked and fondled, spanked and their buttholes teased and spanked some more.

Then, they were made to watch Sanders and Hanson do the same to each other and then Zero and Niner had to spank each other. The evening was capped by forced masturbation. Each boy had to be masturbated by another boy, no self-stimulation was to be allowed for quite a while.

Bedtime was simple. Niner was spooned from behind by Mr. Hanson that night and Zero was spooned naked from behind by Mr. Sanders. For quite a while Niner's eyes were wide open as he lay in front of Mr. Hanson. Getting spanked and being forced to masturbate with the other guys was one thing, but having the older male's erection sliding threateningly up and down his ass crack and having him whisper things in his ear to the tune of "sooner or later, you're not gonna be a virgin any longer" was very disturbing.

For the several weeks, Niner and Zero were subjected to a rather routine and non-threatening environment. Yes, it was rife with advancing sexual activity, the boys introduced to the basics of oral and anal sex. There was also a ton of basic touching and intimacies such as hugging and furtive attempts at kissing. The food was very good, tasty and filling and there was no deprivation.

The living quarters actually became welcoming at the end of a long day that also included much physical exercise conditioning and education as to their future roles as servants. To a degree Zero and Niner became quite friendly with Mr. Hanson and Mr. Sanders and the sentiments were indeed returned to them in like form and manner.

Yes, they were also spanked three times a day in a routine fashion and even introduced to spanking implements such as the hairbrush, belt and paddle.  Every evening ended with the same round robin of spankings of various intensities and masturbations of each other by their trainers under the constant barrage and mantra of "pain with pleasure, pleasure from pain." Unfortunately, the boys' penises continued to not respond and by the morning of first day of the fourth week, Hanson and Sanders were forced to place Niner and Zero into a much more threatening, arduous and motivating training phase.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Why!? What is happening!? Mr. Hanson!? Pleaseee!" Niner yelled and could only watch as Hanson walked silently away from the cell's closed door.

Forced behind the iron bars of the cold bare cement floored cell, Niner had been isolated for his own good into a discipline cell, alone, no amenities of any kind. The training environment had been shifted from nice and warm and minimally traumatic to harsh and cold and very threatening. The food was awful and the men who ran it very menacing,

"So mister wanna-be, can't get it up within the friendly confines of Mr. Hanson's and Sander's care can ya? Maybe a man's cock shoved up your ass every night for a week might help, huh??"

The older man yelled at Niner at the top of his voice. Niner could only cower at the far corner of the cell alternately terrified at the suddenness and harshness of the change of environment and angry with Mr. Hanson for having apparently abandoned him there with no explanation other than the obvious. When Niner did not answer satisfactorily, the man flew into another sexually explicit tirade.

Over the next 24 hours Niner was allowed no company, no sleep and he was hosed down with freezing water and barely given any warmth afterwards. It was true shock therapy.

"Are ya happy now!!?" the cell tender yelled and cajoled Niner who could only huddle his knees up into his shivering body; but this abuse was not so temporary. Niner and Zero were subjected to this torture for seventy-two consecutive hours and then, on the morning of the fourth day, the boys were put back together into one cell. The cell tender almost literally threw Zero into Niner's cell with the sarcastic admonition,

"Now be nice and fuck each other why don't ya's!!!" the man shouted at the top of his angry voice.

The boys were dirty, smelly and hungry. Niner looked at Zero and he back. Despite their older and more natural constraints against touching each other, Zero flew to Niner's side and they looked at each other.

"I'm really scared for my life, man!" Zero said and started to cry. Niner put his arm around Zero, "me too!" and didn't cry, but felt like it.

"What did we do wrong!?" Zero said next wild eyed and having put his hand up on top of Niner's.

"I don't know man, but this must be part of our training. I just don't know!" Niner was just so glad to see a familiar and friendly face.

The boys both were dirty and filthy as well as exhausted from sleep deprivation and contentedly huddled side by side together for warmth and companionship and finally fell asleep; but sleep would not last for long. Suddenly the boys were cruelly doused awake with ice-cold water in the middle of the night, awakened into near pitch-black darkness.

There was just enough light to see that four large men had come into the cell. There was no time to verbalize anything as Zero watched three of the men stand Niner up, bend him over and then with a leather strap, lash his tender behind twenty times, hard! Niner yelled and cried and Zero could only helplessly watch in terror. Then Zero was stood up, bent over and strapped just as hard and long, crying out hard for mercy and then the boys were pushed to the floor together into a tangled heap,

"You'll both learn!! You'll bloody learn when you have it good, IF you ever have it good again!!!" the man screamed at them.

The boys had to lay there together in the darkness on the hard, cold and dry cement floor hiding their faces from the men hoping to be left alone, but instead their ears started to fill with vile and disgusting language and could feel the large men draw near to them in a tightening circle. Then, the vile words were matched by the sounds of sexual intent, masturbations all around and soon the four big hard cocks squirted and dripped onto their bodies, head to toe and then worse than that, the men urinated on them and liquefied the semen with the strong and horrible combined yellow fluids.

"And you'll not move an inch from where you lay, understand!?" the angry man yelled.

Zero and Niner could only hug their naked bodies very closely together, silently weep and shiver from the cooling thick-liquid stench. They each barely did not vomit from the ordeal and finally tried just to be still and closed their eyes each hugging each other closely for any amount of warmth and comfort that could be had. As he lay there, Niner promised himself that if he ever got back to the warmth, comfort and yes, the instruction and guidance offered by Misters Hanson and Saunders, that he would redouble his efforts and do whatever it took to prove his worth as the best his owner had to offer.

Three long miserable hours later, the cold-water hoses appeared and hosed them down of most of the sticky white and yellow awful smelling goo. Zero was then taken from Niner's presence as the sun came up and a new deprivation was at hand. Both boys in their trauma at least had the other's company. The aloneness was so much worse now.

Finally, a few hours more later, Mr. Hanson and Mr. Saunders finally did appear at the jail cell doors, both boys flew over onto their knees and begged for release from the awful treatment. The doors were opened and despite their awful and still very filthy conditions, Niner did not hesitate to fly into Mr. Hanson and hug him shivering in misery,

"Please, please Sir! Take us from here, please!! What did we do wrong?!"

Mr. Hanson hugged Niner back,

"You boys did nothing wrong, except that the longer you are here 2039 and nonresponsive, you will be brought back and it gets worse each time."

"No no no!! Neither of us can do this again, please you have to help us!!" Niner cried for the both of them.

"We'll do the best we can Niner, but you and Zero are going to have to dig very deeply inside of yourselves, very deeply!"

* * * * * * * * * *

Both boys had reacted identically and were cautioned that the next training cycle would be only eight days instead of the nearly four weeks and would culminating in eight days of torture in the discipline cells should they have no progress.

Still shaking and shivering, Niner and Zero were taken by Mr. Hanson and Mr. Sanders back to their comfortable and warm small apartment together. Neither boy had one thought of complaint as they showered naked all together, the four of them in a very long hot shower,

"Please sir, let me, " Niner said and took the soap from Mr. Hanson's hand and asked to gently soap up and wash down Mr. Hanson with his own hands not only in gratitude, but also in a desperate attempt to begin to try and transform himself,

"I cannot go back there, ever, I have to make this work, please help me!" Niner said and looked over at Zero who nodded, "Me too!"

"Pain with pleasure boys, pleasure through pain," Mr. Hanson said reminding them both of the critical connections.

After a hot delicious meal, sleep was at hand. Very humbled and contrite, both boys respectfully asked to sleep with their trainers and neither disdained a nice kiss and being spooned from behind in bed.

Once again, Niner felt Mr. Hanson's long hard cock slide up between his butt-cheeks. Niner remembered the awful treatment at the hands of the jailers and decided that it wasn't so bad now to gently squeeze his buttocks together and caress Mr. Hanson's erection.

"That's a good boy, now let's get achieve some progress Niner," Mr. Hanson said and reached around and started to stroke Niner's cock towards erection as he rubbed his own hardness through Niner's deep ass crack.

Maybe it was the warm, clean and friendly atmosphere. Maybe it was the gratitude of having been spared more torture or just maybe, he was beginning to get it for himself, but Niner smiled as his cock started to really harden.

"That's it! Good Niner! Enjoy it for what it is!" Mr. Hanson instructed so Niner did. He even used his butt cheeks to actively rub over Mr. Hanson's hard cock,

"Does it feel good sir? Am I doing it right?" Niner sincerely asked.

"Oh yes, very pleasurable Niner, you would please many clients doing just this!" Mr. Hanson encouraged and that made a difference for Niner, just as it was making a difference for Zero with Mr. Sanders.

Then, a short while later, Niner heard Zero's loud moans as he was brought to ejaculation. This time, he let the pleasured sounds affect him. Another boy was feeling good at the hands of another male, so why shouldn't he? And so he did.

"Good boy, good lad!" Mr. Hanson exclaimed as Niner grunted hard at his release, not even noticing that his butt crack was now full of Mr. Hanson's warm sperm as well.

The next day the two trainees decided together with their trainers to make all out efforts. Spanking games connecting the sting and pain of spanking combined closely with the pleasure of a nice erection were to be practiced over and over again. Pain with pleasure, pleasure through pain.

Finally, Niner made his first breakthrough. The sixteen-year-old Foster Enterprise Voluntary Servant was lying placidly across Mr. Hanson's lap, Mr. Hanson's hand fondling his genitals after an initial brisk spanking.  Just then, Mr. Hanson introduced Niner to his first rimming from another male. Somehow, Niner could not resist the tongue stimulating his anal ring and his penis responded. Niner moaned which garnered Mr. Hanson's praise and encouragement.

Over and over again, hard slaps, sometimes a very hard spanking, followed by fondling and then rimming until Niner's cock was on a cycle. His cock would deflate with the spanking but be brought back to life with the gentle rubbing of his inflamed buttocks and then also with Mr. Hanson's tongue licking and probing his boy-hole.

Pretty soon Mr. Hanson did not spank hard at all, just teased the boy's behind with gentle slaps and Niner's cock started to stay hard! Zero was making similar progress and in some ways was doing even better than anyone, including himself, could have anticipated.

Two days later, after continuing the cyclical and repetitive training the four had come together after the evening meal to plan for more creative efforts and practice those before bedtime, naked as usual. Mr. Hanson and Mr. Saunders had their usual erections and the meeting was started. Zero got a funny look on his face and stood,

"Niner, come over and stand next to me please."

Everyone looked at Zero. Niner stood and went over to his fellow trainee and now was very close to him. Then with no words at all, Zero leaned over and drew his mouth very close to Niner's and let their lips touch.

Sanders and Hanson watched with amazement as Niner then pressed closer yet and in a moment their lips had locked and their tongues started to swirl inside of each other's mouths. Their hands started to touch each other's bodies now. Hanson and Sanders looked at each other, smiled and nodded. They said not a word.

When the kiss had finally concluded, the two boys looked at each other, then down. They both had raging erections! They looked up at each other in amazement then over at their trainers.

"Boys …" Hanson spoke as he furtively stroked his erection, he had been so turned on by the sight of the two boys, "… quickly, tell us how you feel inside."

Zero did not move a muscle, but looked thoughtful and said,

"I don't know … just like all of a sudden, a switch flipped in my head. Maybe after all we've been through, trying so hard together, the awful treatment in the jail cell together. It feels so weird now, it's no longer like it's unnatural!"

Niner thoughtfully spoke next,

"For me, it's been coming on, slowly but now it feels good too! It's like what does it matter who you love and have sexual feelings for? We're boys, so what?" and Niner smiled.

Hanson and Sanders grinned ear to ear and looked at each other,

"Well Mr. Hanson, it seems that this project of ours has some real promise!"

"Yes indeed, Mr. Sanders. Thanks to these two very brave young men!" Saunders smiled and then looked at the boys,

"We would like you two boys to try something tonight. It might not work, but on the other hand, if it does it may well prove to be the signal of the beginning of a real passage all the way from Type C status to at least Type A."

The boys looked expectantly at each other and then at the older boy trainers,

Hanson spoke, "Tonight you boys will sleep together in the same bed. We want you to try and interact sexually with each other using any technique you've experienced or learned up to this point to get each other to ejaculate. Your goal is not just one but two ejaculations before tomorrow morning. Remember, Sanders and I will be monitoring you on the videos."

Niner looked at Zero now, "What do you think?"

"I think I'm ready to try."

"Me too," Niner agreed.

At the appointed time, Sanders and Hanson gathered about their video monitors and just watched. Niner and Zero sat naked, side-by-side on their bed.

"Know what Zero? Sooner or later, Hanson and Sanders are going to make us, you know, put their dicks up our butts. I don't know about you, I can do a lot more than I used too and even enjoy it but that one is really edgy for me."

"Me too but like you said, it's inevitable," Zero said and put his arm around Niner, "But you know what, I've learned that I can change and do things I had no idea I could and not that long ago. I know now that you and I can do something about that Niner. I say we do it to each other and make it so at least we know what that's going to be like."

"Yea, you're right about that!" Niner replied.

Zero looked thoughtful a moment, "So how's this gonna go down my friend?"

"Umm … know what? It's gonna be easier than we think. Remember that reading we've been doing about the dynamics of domination and submission?" Niner asked.

"I know exactly what you are talkin' about, it's not about being a sissy or anything like that. It's, how did the article put it, something about intimacy is a matter of trust and that ultimate sexual trusting ultimately involves just giving into it, giving into the idea that you are giving the ultimate in pleasure to another person, no matter the gender!"

Niner chuckled, "Man dude, now you're starting to sound like Sanders and his lectures get boring sometimes!"

Zero laughed, "I know" and then all of a sudden Zero launched himself at Niner and started to wrestle him,

"You're goin' down dude. I'm gonna fuck your ass silly and you're gonna like it!"

"No way! You're the one going down!" and they laughed and then went at the task with true adolescent fervor.

As they intently watched the video and listened to the audio, Hanson and Sanders stroked their own erections as if this were a true sex show done for their mutual pleasure!

The boys grappled and suggestively cursed at each other, egging each other's libidos up to seriously unheard-of heights. Their hands were slapping, grabbing, yanking. They were pushing and shoving, grunting and even moaning.

First one, then the other was on top, appearing to gain control back and forth. This went on for a good fifteen minutes when finally Zero gained physical control, Niner's arm painfully twisted up onto his back,

"Gottcha Niner!! Give in! Come on buddy, you know you're gonna get fucked up the ass now!"

Niner knew he was beat and lay panting breathless under Zero, their mutual sweat mingling which caused a very stimulating odor in the closed room. His dick was soft however but suddenly his training kicked in and he remembered the principals of the essence of submission. Niner turned his head and looked at the conquering boy above him,

"Hey man, I'm beat. You win, but I need something from you!"

"What is it?" Zero said his breathlessness fading.

"Get your belt. I need, no, I want a good ass whipping first. I just know that if you put me in my place with that belt first, I'll just beg you to fuck me and it'll be far easier than either of us thought!"

"Wow! Go! That's making me hard!!" Zero said with a grin.

"Yea! Just saying it! Jezuz, me too!! Get the belt man, quick!!" Niner said excitedly.

As a tribute to what they next saw on their monitors, Hanson and Sanders had abandoned their clinical posts at the monitors and were now engaging each other in more mutually playful, albeit very aggressive, sexual interests glancing over to the monitors from time to time, grinning ear to ear at what they heard and saw.

At first, Zero belted Niner's upturned bare bottom on the edge of their bed with Niner urging him on trying different approaches. Niner would beg him for it, then curse him and try to get away. The latter proved to double the sexual feelings between them and Zero ended up physically restraining Niner and hand-spanking his partner.

It was during this time that Zero had Niner over his lap and wailing on his bare bottom with his bare hand that something very surprising happened. Quite suddenly, Zero stopped the spanking and grinning down onto Niner's red cheeks, spread them widely with his finger,

"Check this out!" and he spit onto Niner's butthole and then lowered his face and mouth to Niner's wet hole. His tongue snaked out and then furtively tasted Niner's pleasure ring. Niner felt the tongue and it felt great!  Niner moaned, loudly,

"Oh god! Don't stop man! Do more! More please!" and Niner did and grasping Niner's cock in his fist, he stopped the rimming a moment, "Man! You are hard as a rock!"

"I know! Do it more, then I want to try it with you!" and that is what the boys did.

By now Sanders and Hanson were so caught up in the boys' fresh experiments with oral-anal sex that they stopped their playing and just hugged together,

"Is this really possible?" Sanders whispered to Hanson as Nine and Zero curled up, Zero on top into a tight 69 and used their tongues to pleasure the other boy's butthole.

"I was skeptical at first, but there's the proof, right in front of us!" Hanson replied as the boys then chose to adjust their position to try some mutual cock-sucking.

Lack of endurance would limit both boys that night and certainly nobody lost their cherry; but the first ejaculation was by mutual agreement, simple hand jobs. After that, they practiced hugging and then, as they put it, "sucking face," which made the act of kissing far easier to do.

The boys then playfully spanked each other and then decided to try and make each other cum from blowjobs, at least their early efforts at blowjobs. It was really a combination of use of mouths, tongues and at the last, hand-jobs, but one boy kneeling in front of the other. Sleep came easy then, Niner spooned Zero that night to start but by morning they had switched positions.

Hanson and Sanders were quick to regale Avery Wentworth of the boys' success the next day, proudly showing him the prior night's video. Wentworth's eyes widened and he grinned ear to ear at his trainers,

"I've an idea about those two, one that could bring much money and prestige both to you men and to this company!"

Several days later Wentworth sat Niner and Zero down inside of his office,

"I'm considering keeping you boys together, a package deal to the highest bidder. To work properly though, you two have to agree that for the next five years, you could stand to be together."

Niner looked at Zero and smirked, "He's OK I guess."

Zero chuckled, "Yea, maybe."

Wentworth rather enjoyed the confident if not cocky vibe the boys presented,

"Think about it boys, we talk again, soon!"

"Yes sir!" they both responded and the short meeting was adjourned.

As the boys made their way out of Wentworth's office and down the elevator and to the mini-van transportation back to their training compound, Niner turned to look at Zero,

"Be with you for five years?" he smirked, swatted Zero on his ass and took off running towards the van.

"Don't flatter yourself too much," Zero returned the favor as Niner bent over to get into the van,

"Ouch!" Niner said as he sat and Zero slid in next to him.

Niner stuck out his tongue at Zero. He had never done that before and all Zero said was, "Immature brat," but as the van drove off, Zero slid his arm across the back of Niner's shoulders …

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