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Brains Over Brawn
Chapter 2

I knelt there staring at his naked body.  I could still taste cum from the blowjob I'd just given him, and when I saw that his cock was still hard, I had a pretty damned good idea of what was next on his agenda.  "Ryan, I don't think I can do that."

"Do what, Alex?"

"Uh, you know, um, fuck."

He smiled back at me.  It was the evil smile again.  "You didn't think an hour ago that you could suck dick, either, did you?  You probably didn't think last week that you could cheat on an exam.  You're learning a lot about yourself lately, aren't you?"

I remembered the time I'd had sex with a virgin.  She was kind of scared about doing it, but she wanted to try it.  Here I was, scared like hell about getting fucked and not wanting to try it at all.  I knew I was trapped.  "Please?  Ryan, please don't."  I couldn't believe I was begging him not to fuck me.  Taller than he was, stronger than he was, and one stupid mistake had made all that irrelevant.

He took his glasses off and laid them on the wide, shelf-like headboard.  "Come here," he said as he sat on the bed.  His cock pressed against his flat abs pointing up to his sternum.  I stood and walked over to him, and when I stood between his knees, he took my hips in his hands and turned me to face away from him.  His hands moved down and I felt his fingertips gently tracing the curves of my ass.  I broke out in goosebumps again and the hair on the back of my neck rose.  I felt one hand leave me, and I turned my head and looked down to see him reaching under the bed.  His hand reappeared holding a bottle, and I recognized it as lube.

When I saw it, I knew exactly what happened to a deer when it got caught in headlights.  I stood there frozen in panic, and I desperately grasped for ways to get out of this.  "Ryan, please don't make me do this, OK?  I mean, I sucked you off like you wanted.  I only made one fucking mistake, and I don't think I deserve this.  Please?"

He wrapped one arm around my waist, and then I felt a finger sliding between my crack.  He slipped it quickly down to my hole and pressed it firmly at the entrance.  "Oh, God," I whimpered, and I felt myself starting to shake as I felt him rubbing small circles with his fingertip.  Suddenly, he stood up, and since I had been standing between his knees, his body immediately pressed into mine.  He felt so warm against my back, and I could feel his hard cock wedged vertically into my crack.

He wrapped his hands around my waist, and I felt them slowly move over my abdomen and up to my pecs.  My nipples were hard, I guess from cold or fear or something.  He rested his hands on them, and I felt his breath on the back of my neck.  Then I felt him lean in and start kissing me.  "I want you to get on the bed, on your hands and knees, Alex."

"Ryan..." I was going to try again to beg, but he cut me off.

"No, I'm not going to stop.  You can decide right now what's more important to you, doing this thing that no one else is ever going to know about, or ruining your life.  I'm not strong enough to physically keep you from leaving, so you know you can leave.  But you know what will happen if you do.  Now you have to the count of three to get on your hands and knees on my fucking bed."

I heard him count in a measured rhythm.  I did know what would happen.  I wanted to run, but I couldn't, there was too much at stake.  I got on the bed.  "Good, now look at me."  I turned my head over my shoulder to look at him.  I saw him open the bottle of lube and squeeze some onto the tip of his middle finger.  He looked straight into my eyes as he laid his palm on my ass cheek.  My eyes widened when I felt the cold wetness of the lube touch my hole, and I noticed the corners of his mouth turn slightly upward.  He was repeating that slow, circular motion with his fingertip.

He put the lube down on the headboard began stroking the small of my back with his free hand.  Before I realized it, he pressed his fingertip into the entrance of my hole and I let out a small grunt.  He was pressing against something just inside me now, like some sort of second entrance I hadn't even known about, and he was repeating those small, circular strokes against it.  I took my eyes off his and tried to lift my head to watch his hand behind me.  That was when I felt him press through that final entrance into my ass.

My mouth dropped open and I released a longer groan.  My eyes flew back to his face, and I saw him smiling.  It wasn't his asshole smile, but it wasn't completely friendly either.  It was a cross between the two.  It was a smile of lust.  He kept sliding his finger gently through my ass, maybe one or two inches into me.  It lasted a couple minutes before I felt him quickly press a second finger along with the first.  I dropped my head and clenched my eyes shut.

I could feel him sliding his fingers inside me.  I had no idea how it would feel, and I still can't describe it, feeling the friction of his digits rubbing through the lips of my asshole, the soft pressure of them inside me, the way he twisted his hand to find new angles, feeling him spread his fingers apart to test the elasticity of my internal tissues.  I don't know how long it lasted before I felt the mattress below me give when he climbed on.  He crawled up behind me, then knelt, and I felt him remove his fingers and line up his cock with my hole.  Then he lowered his chest onto my back, and slid his arms along my sides parallel to my torso.  He curled his wrists up from under my shoulders and clutched me over my collarbone.  I was pretty much holding us both up now.

"Are you ready, Alex?"

"No," I whimpered.

"Tell me that you're ready."

"Please don't," I pleaded.

My breath caught as I felt him use his grip on my shoulders to pull himself into me.  The cold wetness at my hole told me he had lubed up his dick, but I still felt a burning friction as his cock head popped into me.  "Oh, God," I cried out, "Take it out, Ryan, God, please take it out!"  As he rested, relaxed, on my back I realized that the burn in my ass wasn't from friction, it was more like a cramp.  It was like my asshole was cramping.  I tried to move forward to pull myself off his cock, but with his grip on my shoulders, he just moved with me.  After one or two "steps" on my hands and knees, I was in the corner between the wall and the headboard.

"Hold still, stop struggling, and just relax," he murmured into my ear.

"It fucking hurts!" I yelled.

"Did I fuck your face?  Did I make you deep throat me?  Did I ram your throat raw when I made you suck me off?  No!  I took it slow, because I knew it was your first time.  I could have just ripped your ass open, dry, no fingering first, deep-thrust, piston fucking your ass.  Am I?  No.  Now shut up and give it a minute."

The irony of it might have escaped him, but it sure as hell didn't escape me.  What the hell difference does it make how nice the rapist is when he's on top of you, pounding into you?  I thought about throwing him off me, I pictured myself standing up and beating the arrogant fucker until he was a bloody pulp.  Fuck him, fuck the exam, fuck everything.  I was just about to rear up when he interrupted my thoughts.

"Does it still hurt?"


"Does it still hurt?" he repeated.

I stopped.  It took me a second and I thought about my ass.  There was a dull ache, but the burning was gone.  "It's just sore."

"Okay," he said softly, and I felt him pushing slowly in.  It was a smooth, slow motion, and a short way through it, I felt him hit something inside me with the head of his cock.  I dropped my head and exhaled hard.  It felt like a ripple of electricity went through the length of my body, and its epicenter was some point between my asshole and the root of my cock.

"Oh, God," I muttered, not scared or in pain now, but surprised.  I felt the rest of his length slide over that place inside me, and I thought my arms were going to give out.  I closed my eyes and groaned.  I felt him pull back, until his cock head was just behind that spot, and then he pressed forward again.  I thought my eyes were going to bulge out, and I could feel blood rushing into my dick hanging between my legs.  He kept rocking the head of his cock back and forth over that spot, and I began to pant while my own dick grew to full erection and stretched out parallel under us.

"Good, isn't it?" he asked, almost laughing.

"Huh?" I said, confused as I returned to the present, distracted from the overwhelming pleasure in my ass.

He reached down with one hand and found my hard cock.  He gripped the shaft and started stroking.  I threw my head back, and I felt my ass clamping around him as he began long, slow thrusts.  I whimpered wordlessly, and I felt his mouth on my ear.  "Yeah, it does feel good after all, doesn't it?" he whispered harshly as he started to nip my earlobe with his teeth.

"Oh, yes," I hissed.  I'd never felt anything like this, it was unbelievable.  My cock was throbbing in his hand, and I could feel the friction moisten from the precum my own cock was drooling.  He was shifting his weight in subtle ways behind me, and it was changing the angle of his penetrations.  I could feel the head of his cock, the length of his shaft, pressing into my gut on all sides, and I could feel the soft, wet friction of his cock shaft sliding between my ass lips.  I couldn't believe it, but I felt my balls rising in my sack, and I knew I would cum soon.

"Oh, God, I think I'm going to cum!" I moaned.  With that, Ryan's hand left my cock and returned to its place on my shoulder.  He pulled his cock back until the head was barely inside me, and then rammed his whole length inside me in one in one reaming thrust.  He pulled back and repeated this over and over as my spasms rippled down the length of my cock, and I thought my balls were going to disappear inside me.  My fists clutched his sheets, my face turned red, and every vein stood out on my forearms as I begin to fire the hardest load I'd ever shot.  My breath caught in my throat as I felt my own cum almost scalding its way up the inside of my cock, and then out into a pool below me.

Ryan never skipped a beat, and I began to exhale in a low, raspy, ragged groan.  Shot after shot poured from me, and when I thought I was done, he would hit that spot inside my ass and another shot would fire.  I realized, mainly from the new slickness around my hole, that Ryan was cumming too, and I felt his fingers bruising my shoulders.  At last, he stopped thrusting, and my cock stopped jerking and spewing.  I became aware of how wet we both were from sweat as we began to cool down.  My arms and legs were aching, and there was a dull throb in my ass around Ryan's cock as he lay limply over my back like a ragdoll.

"Lie down," he whispered.  I gladly let my legs and arms give out and I settled into the warm puddle of my own spunk.  We just lay there, catching our breath, and I could feel the rhythm of his heartbeat through his chest.  After a few minutes, when we'd both calmed down, he repeated his earlier question.  "How was it for you?"

"Unbelievable," I answered.  And it was true.  I couldn't believe I'd done it, let alone that I had liked it.  And I did.  Feeling his cock shrinking inside me, feeling my own underneath me soaking in its puddle of slime, I knew I had liked it.  I knew I wanted to do it again, too.

As if he had read my thoughts, he chuckled.  "I don't think I'm going to be ready again for a while."  He started kissing my neck, then down the side of my face that wasn't resting on the mattress.  Without thinking, I lifted my head up, and we kissed.  I felt his soft cock slip free of my ass while his tongue was in my mouth, and my eyes fluttered open.  He broke the kiss and stared at me, our noses only inches apart.  For the first time, I saw something in his eyes that I'd never suspected would be there.

He slid off my back onto his slide.  I turned too, and we slid together, arms around each other, lying in my wet spot.  The cum that clung to my front spread between our bodies as we embraced, and as we kissed, I could feel his cum oozing between my legs.  At some point, exhausted, we fell asleep.