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Brains Over Brawn
Chapter 4

When I pulled into Ryan's driveway, he was standing outside the front door.  He walked over to the passenger side and got in.  "We're going to run some errands."  He eyed my bulging crotch.  "Don't worry, I won't forget your ass tonight."

I proceeded under his direction to chauffeur him to a run down section of downtown.  I pulled alongside the curb and parked beside a really seedy hole in the wall.  He plucked a small sheet of paper from his shirt pocket.  "That's your shopping list.  You'll find everything you need in that store.  I know, I called ahead."

I took the paper from him and started to unfold it.  "No, not here," he said.  "Don't open it until you're inside."  Well, that couldn't be good.  I got out, leaving the motor running so the heat and radio would be on.  I rammed my fists into my pockets, trying in vain to conceal the tent in the crotch of my khakis.  My cock hadn't subsided since Ryan had told me to come over.

I walked into the store and instantly had a fair guess about what would be on the list.  It was a sex toy shop.  I noticed the fat, old guy chewing on a cigar behind the counter adjacent to the door I'd entered.  I took out Ryan's shopping list, and I turned deep red as I stood fixed to my spot.  "Leather dog collar, with leash, (1);  ass plug, 7x2", vibrating, (1); A batteries, (8); tit clamps, stainless steel, (1 set); handcuffs, steel, (1 pair); enema kit -- bag and nozzle, (1); rope, nylon, 60';" and so on.  I willed my feet to move up and down the aisles, collecting each item on the list.  My arms were full when I was done, and I turned back to the old man.  He had been watching me, and had seen each item I'd selected.  Now he was grinning obscenely at me.

"Aren't you Alex Cheswick?" he asked when I arrived at the counter.  My jaw dropped as I stared at him and then quickly looked at the floor.  I couldn't even guess what shade of red my face was now.  "Yeah, I think I've seen you play before."  He went on to tell me how his grandson played on the soccer team of one of the rival high schools as he began to ring up my purchase.  "Yeah, you play some good game, kid.  Fast on the field, great relationship with your team.  I'm surprised they'd take plays from a queer.  Soccer guys can be real particular."

I looked up at him when he said "queer."  My eyes were full of fear.  "Yeah, my grandson is gonna be really surprised when I tell him you stopped by, and the sick shit you bought.  And the hard on you had while you bought it," he said, gesturing to my crotch.  "147.98, with tax."

I knew I didn't have that kind of cash.  "Do you take VISA?" I asked.  Since the guy knew my name already, I figured I didn't have anything to lose.  Plus, I was glad for a subject change.

"Yeah, but I gotta charge you a merchant fee for it.  You know, those credit card companies take a big bite out of our asses every time a customer uses their card."

"How much is the merchant fee?"

"Well, I tell ya, Alex, seein' as how you're a celebrity and all, I'll waive the fee.  Just autograph something for my grandson for me."  He produced a very explicit gay magazine.  He flipped it open to the centerfold, a picture of a gay skinhead being plowed up the ass by a burly, hairy man about twice his age.

"Fuck!  I can't sign that," I pleaded.  "I mean, I'd rather no one even knew I was here, ok?"

He looked at me and grinned.  "Yeah, I figured.  Well, we got a merchant fee for that, too."  He added $150 to the total, took my card and swiped it through the register.  I started to argue, and when my mouth opened, I saw him cock an eyebrow and just dare me to say anything.  I closed my mouth, took his pen, and signed the credit slip when he tossed it to me on the counter.  "Well, that autograph oughtta do it," he said, and winked at me.

I grabbed the brown paper bag into which he'd put Ryan's new toys and almost ran out of the store, and I heard him laughing at me all the way out the door.  I flung open the door to my car, tossed the bag in the back seat, and got in.  Ryan looked at my deep color and laughed until I thought he would cry.  "Yeah, I called the shop, all right.  I told him what to say and do when he had a guy looking like you buy all the crap on that list.  He must have done a damn good acting job," he chuckled mirthfully.

"Fuck you!" I shouted and I started to pull down the street.  "I've had enough of this bull shit, I'm taking you home and that's it, you fucked up pervert!"

Ryan slid his hand over and began squeezing my hard cock.  "Oh, stop whining you little bitch," he began in that special tone of voice he had.  "You know you liked the humiliation.  And you know that buying those toys and thinking about how they might be used on you turned you on.  And you know that the idea of going back to my place and having your brains fucked out all night long turns you on most of all, doesn't it?"

God, my cock hurt as it strained in my pants.  It was so hard it literally hurt, like the shaft would split open or the head would pop off.  I thought about the truth of what he had said.  It had turned me on, and I couldn't understand why.  All of it, the toys, the humiliation, and especially the idea of being fucked.  I kept my eyes on the road, and I let out a soft sob.  I couldn't believe the transition my life was undergoing; in less than a week, I'd turned into a cheat and a liar.  And that had led to my being turned into some faggot bitch boy for an underclass nerd.  And now, within the space of 24 hours, I knew that I liked it.

"Doesn't it?!" Ryan repeated impatiently, and moved his hand down to clutch my balls.

"Yes," I muttered shamefully.

"Dammit, you bitch," he spat as he increased the pressure on my nuts until I had to clamp my thighs together around his hand in pain.  "You don't give me one word answers.  You know that by know.  Now fucking TELL ME!"

"Yeah, it turned me on to be humiliated," I gasped.


"And thinking about the toys, and what you're going to do with them.  And being fucked by you."

"Good boy," he smiled, letting go of my package.  "I've decided that, in light of our new, special relationship, you'll call me `Sir' from now on.  It doesn't matter where we are, or who's around, or whether you're horny or not.  You may be a senior, but I'm smarter than you, and frankly, you bitch too much."

"But..." I started.

"But nothing," he cut me off.  "You want cock up your ass, right?  You came to me to get it, right?  Why?  Because I gave it to you so good last night."  He drew out the words "so good," making an already lewd statement completely obscene.  "That makes you the bitch.  So you'll call me `Sir.'"

My cock hurt so badly, and I was so torn up inside, my psyche being tossed around by ideas of anger, shame, disgust like a dingy in a hurricane.  And then came the tsunami, lust, which made all the other waves pale.  "Yes, Sir," I said vacantly, resigning.

We traveled the rest of the way to Ryan's house in silence.  When we arrived, we got out of my car and walked to the front door.  After he unlocked and opened it, Ryan took the paper bag I had carried with me.  "Strip."


He looked at me with pure ice in his glare.  "Strip.  Come on, jock, you're dumb, but you know what strip means.  Now take off your fucking clothes."

I looked around.  It was still light, although barely.  I looked back at Ryan, and he was unmoved.  My hands trembled slightly, and I began to take off my clothes right there on his doorstep.  In my hurry, I didn't bother folding them, I just left them where they fell, in a rumpled pile.  When I stood there naked, Ryan smiled, moved out of the doorway, and let me in.  He closed the door behind me, leaving my clothes outside.

"Don't worry, bitch, no one will steal them.  This is a good neighborhood."  With that, he began ascending the stairway.  Like a puppy, I heeled two steps behind him until we got to the third floor.  Instead of leading me to his bedroom, he turned into the bathroom I'd showered in the night before.  "Grooming time!" he announced gleefully as he set the bag on the vanity.  He began reaching into the bag and pulling out some items and laying them on the vanity beside the bag.  He picked up the handcuffs and opened their packaging.  He walked around me, pulled my wrists to the small of my back, and snapped the handcuffs into place.  He then walked around, took the key out, and held it in front of me.

"Now this, I suspect, is going to be very important to you.  It is your responsibility, not mine, that it not get lost.  As you can see, there is no duplicate.  These handcuffs are real, just like police issue, except that this lock is different.  The key has two tabs, not just one, so a standard handcuff key won't work.  So, guard this one, because walking home shirtless because you can't get your shirt and coat on and because you can't drive your car is would be unpleasant, I'd bet.  Now, where's a safe place for this?"

I stared at him blankly, overtaken by dismay and disbelief.

"I know!  Open your mouth," he ordered.  "This way you can keep the key safe and you'll keep your mouth shut until I'm ready."  I held my mouth tightly closed and shook my head in futile defiance.  He smiled and moved close to me until his shirt grazed my bare chest.  He used one arm around my waist to keep me from backing away, and moved the other hand to my ass.  He started slowly stroking a fingertip up and down my crack.  "Come on, bitch," he purred in my ear, "you want something in that pussy, don't you?  Be a good boy and open your mouth."

I whimpered and he pressed his fingertip firmly against my anus.  "Do you want me to put something in there, bitch?"  I nodded.  His eyes smoldered.  "What?!" he hissed.

"Yes, sir, please put so..." I tried, but when my mouth opened he pushed the key inside.

"Spit it out and I'll flush it down the toilet.  Swallow it and you'll be cuffed like that until you crap it out or until you find someone with a really good hacksaw."  With that he turned to the vanity and picked up the nipple clamps.  He walked over and nonchalantly applied them to my pecs, and when I felt the cold steel bite sharply into my flesh I shouted through my clenched lips.

He returned to the vanity and selected the enema kit.  "Now, since you've been a good bitch, I'll put something in your ass for you."  He smiled evilly.  He took my shoulder and moved me in front of the toilet bowl.  He pushed down, signaling me to kneel, and I obeyed wordlessly.  Using a hand on the back of my neck, he then bent me forward so that my chest rested on the cold porcelain.  I was shaped roughly like a number 2:  kneeling, knees around the base of the toilet, with my lower legs outstretched behind me, my torso leaning back with the outward curve of the bowl until my shoulders, neck, and head leaned over the water itself, parallel to the floor.

"If you say anything, the key will fall out.  And then all I have to do is flush."  With that, he quickly and callously shoved the enema nozzle up my ass.  I heard him fill the bag in the sink, return, and attach the bag to the nozzle.  He released the clip holding the water in the bag, and I felt warm water filling my guts.  I don't know how much water was in the bag, or how much water an enema is supposed to have, but he shut the clip to prevent any backflow and repeated the process after refilling the bag.

By the time the refill was half empty, my bowels were straining and I had to fight to keep the water inside.  I was whimpering regularly and loudly, and I wanted to plead for release.  Ryan had other plans.  "I'm going to slide the nozzle out.  If you spill a drop, so help me, you'll lick it off the tile floor."  With that, I felt the nozzle sliding out of my sphincter.  I couldn't see what was going on behind me, but I quickly felt a new pressure at my hole.  "Are you clenching tight?" he asked rhetorically, and then I felt what had to be the ass plug sliding into me.

I was trying to reconcile relaxing my hole to allow the plug to enter with holding the water back.  Somehow between his determination and my struggle, the plug slid home and I felt my ass lock around the narrow length just in front of the base knob.  As the tip of the plug connected with that spot in my ass, lightning shot up the length of my cock in the form of a dry spasm.  My mouth almost flew open, but I caught myself just in time.  Ryan took the plug's remote, dangling from its two foot cord, and switched on the vibration.  My eyes rolled back into my head as the latex hummed against my insides, and I felt the water inside me churning.

I heard Ryan walk over to the vanity, and I heard him whistling as cabinet doors and drawers opened and closed.  While he calmly prepared my next torment, I moaned and writhed in agony.  Ramming the plug into my clenched ass was a brutal trick, and my hole burned from it.  My nipples ached from the clamps biting into them.  But they both seemed minor compared to the cramps in my abdomen as the water did its work.  I could feel my abs spasm against the porcelain.  Finally, after countless minutes of sheer agony, Ryan returned.  He turned off the vibration and took hold of the base of the plug.

"You know I've got to get this out of you before you can expel the enema.  The same rule applies; spill a drop, and you lick the floor clean."  I groaned helplessly, but I clenched my sphincter tight around the plug as Ryan used more strength than I had credited to his wimpy body to pry it free.  At last it was out, and I could feel the dam trembling before the burst.  My stretched hole wasn't going to be able to hold back the flood for long.  Fortunately, Ryan was fast in helping me to my feet and allowing me to sit on the toilet.  The dam burst not a second later, and I felt seeming gallons of water pour from my body.  I moaned constantly as the flow continued, and then grunted as cramps shot out spurt after spurt of leftover water.  At last, I felt like I was empty.

Ryan, watching my face the entire time, took the relief it registered as a sign of my being done.  He flushed the toilet.  "Now, get over the bidet before any of that mess drips onto the tile floor," he ordered.  I raised my ass and shook it slightly, then hopped across the tile like it was a bed of hot coals.   "Good boy," he smiled.  He rinsed off my ass, and then ordered me into the shower.  He began taking off his own clothes and, once naked, joined me in the shower.  He turned on the water, pushed me into the center of the streams, and began lathering me.  He turned me around and pushed down on my shoulders to get me to bend.  I did, and felt the washcloth cleaning between my asscheeks.  He pushed my ass into the spray, and then I heard a hum.  The metallic contact to my crack caught me off guard, and I realized he was shaving me with a wet-dry electric razor.

I tried calling out between my closed lips, trying to protest.  He just held me still with one hand and worked the razor with the other.  I felt him continue all over my ass, and then down the back of each leg.  When he was done, he turned me and started working up the front of my legs.  As he closed in on my pubes, he looked up at me wickedly, flipped out the sideburn trimmer, and sheared them off.  He then used the razor to make my entire crotch smooth.  He continued with my armpits and the sparse hair on my chest.  When he had finished, I had no hair below my neck, except on my arms from the elbows down.

He kept me in the center of the spray until the lather and hair was completely rinsed off, and then turned the water off.   He dried off with a towel, then dried me.  The soft towel felt extremely odd on my groin, now completely bare.  Done, he wrapped the towel around his waist.  I was thankful that soccer season was over, and that maybe I could arrange it so that no one saw my shaved condition until my body hair grew back.  He bent down, scooped up the mass of pubes now gathered in the shower drain, and dumped them into a zip lock bag on the vanity.  "This way you can take your manhood home with you when you leave," he snickered.

Finally, he took the dog collar, fastened it around my neck, and attached the leash.  "Come on, bitch," he smirked, and giving the leash an abbreviated tug, led me, naked, down to the kitchen.  He directed me to kneel, then fastened my leash to the doorknob of a cabinet.  He then took some leftovers from the refrigerator, stuck them in the microwave, and began to warm them.  The food's aroma made me remember I hadn't eaten since breakfast.  My stomach growled loudly enough for Ryan to hear and he turned.  "Your dinner will be served upstairs."

I looked at the kitchen clock.  It was already quarter till 8.  The drive downtown and back had taken a while, and so had my "grooming."  Russ's party would be starting soon, I remembered, and began to regret my decision to skip it.  I looked down at my cock, pointing up from my now hairless groin.  My hairless balls were hanging tightly in their sack.  My cock looked bigger without hair around it, but I knew it was about two inches short of Ryan's and smaller in circumference as well.

Ryan took his time eating and flaunted each bite in front of me.  When at last he put his fork down on his empty plate, he untied my leash and led me back upstairs -- this time into his bedroom.  He pushed me onto the bed on my back and then tied the leash of on one of the mattress rails.  My handcuffed wrists were behind me, and the pressure of lying on my arms wasn't pleasant.

"Do you want me to fuck you, Alex?"

"Yes, Sir, I want you to fuck me," I answered, knowing what reply he wanted before he'd give me the fuck I wanted.

"Good boy," he beamed at me.  He dropped his towel, he knelt on the bed straddling my hips, and then crawled forward on his knees until his crotch was just over my face.  "First, you're going to have to do some work for it, remember, bitch?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Open your mouth."  I obeyed.  Using one hand to brace himself against the wall, he leaned over and used the other to scoop his hefty sack into my mouth.  "I want you to suck on my balls until I'm good and hard and leaking."  I began to lick the bottom of his sack with my tongue while applying soft suction.  I could feel the hard ovals of his balls on my tongue, and I traced each with its tip.  "Keep your eyes open," he reminded me, and he stared down at me between nearly closed lids.  I saw his rod beginning to swell above my nose, and I watched it as it filled and grew and stood to full erection.

"You've got a sweet mouth, bitch," he cooed as he pulled his sack from my lips.  "Did you enjoy that load I let you suck from my cock last night?  Or did you like the one I shot up your cunt better?"

"I preferred being fucked up the ass, Sir," I admitted.

"But you still liked the taste of my cum, right?  What I didn't smear all over your face after I blew my load from your blowjob."

"Yes, Sir."

"Good boy, now get ready because I'm going to feed this to you fast."  With that, he began to slide in his cock.  Unlike the night before, when he'd gone slow, short, and smooth, tonight he long-dicked me until I gagged.  "Come on, bitch, you can take my cock.  Do it right," he urged, as he pulled back and again sank in his full length.  I couldn't take it; it's not like I had a lot of experience sucking cock.  Each time he got more than 4 or 5 inches in, I gagged.  He just kept feeding in all 8 inches, pulling back so that only the head remained on my tongue, and then feeding it in again.

"I like watching your throat bulge when my cock slides in.  And your throat really feels hot.  It's so warm and soft and wet inside.  You're being such a good bitch for me tonight, Alex.  I think I'm going to give you your supper and then fuck your ass like you asked me to do."  With that, he stopped long-dicking me and returned to his short thrusts, the ones he'd used last night.  I repeated my suction, and as my cheeks hollowed from the vacuum, I rapidly massaged the bottom of his head and shaft with the tip of my tongue as his cock slid in and out between my tightly clamped lips.

It didn't take much longer.  He quickened his pace, and I could see his upper body redden.  He threw his head back and his flat abs rippled.  "Fuck, yes!  My senior jock bitch, sucking my cock, earning his ass fucking!  Oh, fuck, I'm gonna blow!" he screamed, and I felt the first blast.  The taste and texture was the same, and I was looking forward to more so I could try to figure out the difference between his cum and mine when he pulled out.  He fired 4 or 5 more shots onto my face and into my hair.  Globs of cum streaked over my cheeks and forehead, over my nose and chin.  He was panting heavily, and when he finished firing, he slipped his cock back into my mouth.

He turned back down to me and was all smiles.  "Mmmm, that was good, bitch.  You sure suck cock like a pro, Alex.  Clean me off a little now."  I sucked and tongued the cum residue off his dick.  "Go ahead and swallow my sperm now.  That's your dinner tonight."  He watched my Adam's apple bob as I swallowed.  "Do you want me to fuck you now, bitch?"

"Yes, Sir, I want you to fuck me now."

"Ask me nicely," he scolded.

"Please, Sir, will you fuck me up the ass?  I want to feel your cock inside me again."

"Well, OK, since you want it so badly."  He climbed off my chest and moved below my waist.  He slipped his hands under my ankles and raised my legs until my ass was exposed.  He slipped behind, aligned his cock with my entrance, and leaned over me until my knees rested on my chest and his face was inches from mine.  "Suck my tongue," he commanded, and stuck his tongue out.  I raised my head slightly, took his tongue between my lips, and began to suck.  He pulled back laughing.  "You're such a slut, you really are a bitch in heat.  Well, here I come to give your pussy its man meat."  He rammed his full length into me, only his precum and my spit for lubrication.  I howled in pain.

Once buried inside my ass, he started rolling his hips in wide arcs, and his cock deep inside me turned like a pestle in its mortar.  I groaned in my mixture of pleasure and pain.  "You like that, don't you, bitch?"

"Oh, yes, Sir, oh God that feels so good," I moaned.

"Yeah, that's my good bitch, taking this cock up his cunt."  My cock was vibrating like a tuning fork and precum was dribbling all over my tummy.  He stopped his corkscrewing and began rapid, abbreviated thrusts so his cock head kept pounding that special spot in my ass.  My eyes rolled up into my head and all I could think about were the electric spasms rolling through my body.  The pain from the intrusion was a thing of the past now, and I was lost in the moment.  I wanted to grab my cock and fist it, but my hands were still cuffed behind me.

I guess Ryan sensed this, because in a few minutes as we both grew covered in sweat, he grabbed my tool and began stroking it slowly.  "Bet you're glad you didn't go to that party now, aren't you bitch?"

"Oh yeah," I sighed, lost in my lust.

"Who was gonna be there, anyway?"

"Lots of people," I continued, still in my sexually induced trance.  "Most of the soccer team, a lot of my friends from school, probably some hot girls Russ always rounds up."

"But no one to feed your pussy a hot cock like mine, right?"

"Oh, no, Sir."

He began squeezing my cock hard and pulled the chain connecting the clamps on each of my tits, stretching them out.   I whimpered as I felt my balls pull into my body and my orgasm quickly draw near.

"What if I told you I called Russ tonight while you were on your way over?  What if I told him what was going to happen here tonight, and what if when he didn't believe me, I told him to set up his computer for the party, and gave him an IP address to watch my bedroom on my webcam?"

My eyes flew open, and I stared at his malicious expression.  I turned my head and looked over to Ryan's desk, where I saw a small red light on his computer pointing towards us on his bed.  "NO!"  I screamed as I pictured myself, lying there, cuffed, shaved, pinned.  Cum drying on my face from the blowjob I'd given him.  Taking his cock up my ass.  My mind replayed every word of dialogue we'd had while in the bedroom.  I'd admitted to servicing him last night -- no mention of blackmail or coercion.  I'd told him I wanted him to fuck me, hell, I'd begged him to do it.  I'd sucked his sack and blown him off.

And now, I could feel my orgasm building in the root of my cock, even now, even horrified, even disgusted, even ashamed, his cock pounded my ass, my cock felt like fire, my balls were grenades, his rhythm so perfect, his hand so skilled.  I gasped for breath, and I threw my mouth open.  Some inhuman cry escaped my throat as I pictured dozens of people who knew me, who were my friends and team mates and school mates huddled around a computer monitor in Russ's living room, watching me getting fucked by this sadistic sophomore nerd.  And at the same time, I felt lava erupt from my cock head, and spew all over my chest and face as Ryan maintained his pounding of my ass and cock.  The physical sensation, the mental and emotional shock, it was overwhelming, and the last thing I heard was Ryan laughing at me as reality dissolved into complete blackness.

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