Breaking Lance


This story invovles sex between adult men with bondage and punishment. If you object to any of this then read no further. This story is a sexual fantasy fiction and any resemblance to persons past or present is purely accidental.

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Chapter 2 - Lance finds resistance is futile

The dungeon was Vince and Anthony's pet name for the cellar and Rob and Nathan were visibly excited at seeing it in use again after all these years.

"What? Dungeon?" Lance cried suddenly filled with fear, his mind was quickly filled with visions of torture devices, he started to struggle, "No please, I'm sorry, lemme go!"

Lance struggled to keep his balance as Vince pulled him along by the handcuffs. They reached the cellar door and Vince dragged Lance down the steps almost tripping him, it was dark down there and the air cool and moist. As Vince threw a light switch Lance gasped at what he saw, in the room was what looked like a doctors examination bench, a set of stocks, a large steel cage and a large cross. On one wall were mounted various sex toys and whips.

"NOO! FUCK OFF! LET ME GO! YOU FUCKING PERVERTS!" Lance screamed suddenly filled with panic.

Following close behind were Nathan and Rob, still filming the whole thing. With amazing dexterity and speed Vince picked up some leather cuffs and had them round Lance's wrists in a blink of an eye. Then taking a key he removed the handcuffs, Lance was relieved to see them gone as they were cutting into his wrists. He constantly struggled to break free from Vince but all his strength was no match for this powerful man. With amazing ease he lifted Lance up by the arms and attached the rings in the cuffs to a large hook in the ceiling. Vince then placed his arm in the small of Lance's back and pulled him forward causing his body to arch backward, his arms stretch out behind him and his feet not touching the floor.

"Arghh! No please stop!" He cried.

Putting his fingers in the waistband of the tracksuit bottoms and the jockey shorts Vince pulled them down. Lance's cock suddenly sprang free slapping him hard in the stomach, he was fully erect. Lance yelped when Vince gave it a playful slap, he was very pleased to see this, it was obvious the boy was sexually excited by what was happening. It was a magnificent cock, a good seven inches, quite thick at the bottom tapering up to a nice circumcised head. This with large, very firm smooth balls on such a slim body made is genitals look positively huge, Vince wanted to devour it there and then but he knew he must be patient.

Lance was experiencing a myriad of emotions, embarrassment, fear, excitement and lust, he couldn't understand how Vince's rough man handling had turned him on. When his cock broke free and was exposed to the cool air he had a sudden desire to cum, it alarmed him that he hoped Vince would grab his cock and bring him off to an orgasm.

Vince deftly freed Lance of his trainers and tracksuit, completely stripping him naked, Lance now felt extremely vulnerable. Flipping him round Lance was pulled back, his cock pressing hard into Vince's forearm as it wrapped around his waist. Lance was arched backwards, his perfectly round and very smooth ass exposed to everyone, his feet off the ground. With his other hand Vince pried apart his ass cheeks in order to see his little puckered hole, there wasn't a hair in sight and the brown ring looked so inviting.

"No, please don't fuck me, I'm a virgin, I couldn't take it," he begged.


"FUCK YOU!" Lance shouted, "I'll get my own back, you'll pay for this!"

Vince realised that Lance was no longer talking like a complete twat, his english now much better formed.

"Pass me the paddle please Nathan," Vince requested.

Lance struggled to get free, kicking wildly but Vince had a very firm grip around his waist. As soon as Nathan handed him the paddle it immediately came down on the boy's sweet ass with extreme force.

"ARRRRGGGHHH FUCK!" Lance screamed.






"ARRRRGGGHHH! NOOOO! PLEEEAAAASSEE!" Lance was now crying like a baby.


"ARRRGGHH! (Sob)(sob) pleeaassee (sob) (sob) I'm su-hu-orry (sob) (sob)."


Tears were now streaming down Lance's red and screwed up face, Rob filmed his sorrow and complete humiliation but amazingly he was incredibly turned on.

"What are you sorry for slave?" Vince asked.

He had to think, he'd never had to consider the consequences of his actions before, he'd never even had to apologise before.

"I-I-I'm s-s-s-sorry for s-s-s-stealing the m-m-money," he sobbed.

"What else?"

Lance couldn't answer, he couldn't remember what he did wrong.

"Well if you're not going to answer I can keep paddling your ass all night."




Desperately trying to remember all the things he said he realised that just saying sorry wasn't enough.


Deep sobs emanated from him now and it sounded like he was having trouble getting his breath. Suddenly he remembered.

"I-I-I-I'm s-s-s-s-s-sorry for c-c-c-calling you a f-f-f-faggot."

Vince stopped and flipped the boy over, his body arching backwards once more, his cock still raging hard and pointing straight up.

"That's better," Vince said and stroked his slim naked body finishing at this cock and fondling his tight balls. Lance gasped at the softness of Vince's touch, nobody had ever touched him sexually before. Confusion reigned in his mind at how a punishment that was so painful was also so erotic causing his cock to stay completely solid.

Vince slowly started to wank him, he gasped and threw his head back, longing so much to cum.

"So how many girls you fucked with this big cock of yours?" Vince asked.

"Lots," Lance whimpered.

"How many is lots? Give me a number," Vince pressed.

"I-I can't remember," the pressure in his groin was building, he could feel the start of an orgasm and right now he didn't care that he was being wanked off by a man.

"You must know, come on lets have the truth now shall we, if you tell me the truth I might just let you cum. You do want to cum don't you?"

"Y-yes please," Lance panted his eyes closed on the verge of release.

"So how many? Truth now," Vince promoted.

"N-n-none," he replied. There he said it, he admitted to being a virgin now for that sweet release as he felt his organs race up his body. "Uuurrgghh I'm cumming!" He shouts. Vince stops. "No! Please! Arggghh fuck!" He started to thrash his body round to get his cock to complete it's orgasm, "Arrrggghh! Please don't stop, please make me cum!"

Vince laughed, "I knew it! You're so full of bullshit, for that I'm going to keep you hard all night and not let you cum." Vince knew that a boy kept on the edge all night would do anything for that final release.

"No! Please don't do this to me!" Lance complained.

"Oh yes, and you get ten more strokes with the paddle for speaking without permission and not calling me Sir." Vince flipped him back over.

"NO! PLEASE! STOP! PLEASE SIR, I'M SORRY!" he begged screaming.

The paddle made contact with his ass once more and soon he was screaming for mercy again. After the tenth stroke Vince let him go, leaving him dangling and a sobbing wreck.

"From now on what are you going to call me?"

"S-S-S-Sir," he sobbed.

"Good boy," Vince said, he was so hard now, his was cock straining to escape his pants. He wanted to plow it deep into the boy's virgin ass right then but he had to do it right, he needed to have him begging to be fucked and he knew just how to do it but he had other plans first.

"Aw fuck, out of memory," Rob said looking at Lance's phone.

"Go get my video camera, It's in the sideboard in the lounge," Vince explained to Rob. He didn't need telling twice, he was back filming before anyone could say anything.

"Ok your training as a slave starts now and seeing as you're a virgin this is probably going to take all night to get you good at it," Vince told Lance.

Lance looked at him, good at what?

"Your first lesson is how to suck cock," Vince, said.

"NO! NO I AIN'T DOIN' IT YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!" Lance shouted trying to free himself.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP! WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT SPEAKING WITHOUT PERMISSION!" Vince's voice boomed so loud it startled everyone, especially Lance, he started to sniffle. Vince stroked his cock again, "You've never had a blow job before have you boy." Lance shook his head but Vince slapped him hard on his ass, "SPEAK UP!"

"N-n-n-no I haven't."


"No I haven't what?"

"No I h-h-haven't Sir."

"Well I guess today is your lucky day because I'm going to show you what a proper blow job feels like," Vince explained dropping to his knees.

Lance gasped as Vince began by licking the head of his cock, lapping up some precum that had gathered in his piss slit. His lips then slid over the boy's rock hard cock, Lance closed his eyes and groaned at the sensation of having his cock sucked for the first time in his life, something he had dreamed about for years and now it was being done to him.

"Open your eyes, I want you to see how it should be done," Vince told him.

Lance looked back down and watched Vince devour his cock again, Rob close filming every little detail. Vince slid deeper and deeper and Lance could feel the head of his cock hit the back of Vince's throat until it suddenly slipped down. Lance groaned loudly, it felt unbelievable, he never imagined in wildest fantasies that it could feel this good.

Vince pulled off and deep throated the boy again. Lance was in heaven, he didn't want it to stop, he wanted to shoot in his mouth. His legs trembled as he was now on the edge of an orgasm, Vince sensed this and pulled off.

"Did you like that boy?" he asked.

"Yes, yes, it felt wonderful, please don't stop."


"Ow! Sorry, Sir!"

"Would you like me to do it again?"

"Yes pleeaaase suck my cock, please make me cum."

Lance groaned in frustration as Vince stood up, he wished he would just get back down there and suck him off.

"If you can show me how good a cocksucker you are I may just suck you off till you cum, would you like that?"

"Oh yes please sir, please suck me till I cum," desperation in his voice at the need to cum.

Vince released him from the hook and clasped the wrist cuffs behind his back.

"Get on your knees." Vince ordered pushing him down, "Nathan, would you like to be first?"

Lance looked up, first? He swallowed hard realising he was going to have to suck everyone here. The very idea of having a cock in his mouth was something that had always disgusted him, he really couldn't believe he was being made to do this. Nathan walked over and dropped his jeans and shorts, his very respectable circumcised seven and a half inch cock springing free, pointing directly upwards. It was more even in its length and not quite as thick as Lance's but all the same it was still intimidating to him.

Lance looked at the cock swaying in front of his face trying to build up courage to take it in his mouth. Vince could see he was struggling so he knelt down next to him and started stroking his cock.

"Just think of the sweet release you'll get," he said whispering softly in his ear, Lance groaned.

Lance looked at the cock just inches from his face, it didn't look so bad, it was very hard, the first hard cock he'd ever seen other than his own and to his surprise he found it quite attractive. What alarmed him more though was the desire he suddenly had to have it in his mouth and before he could change his mind he quickly sucked it in.

"That's it boy, suck on that big dick, remember how good it felt on you," Vince encouraged placing his hand on the back of his head.

The blow job was clumsy and sloppy, he was only taking about half the cock in his mouth and he hadn't got the hang of using his tongue. Having a cock in his mouth didn't seem as bad as he thought it would be, in fact he was starting to enjoy it, especially as his orgasm drew closer.

"That's it boy you're getting the hang of it now, suck him deeper, get all that cock in your mouth."

Lance tried but he only got so far before he gagged, he thought that this was an impossibility but remembered how Vince did it so easily.

Vince started to push on his head harder causing him to choke more, "Swallow boy, open your throat."

Lance forced himself past his gag response and amazingly Nathan's cock slid down his throat.

"Oh my god that feels amazing!" Nathan gasped.

Hearing that egged Lance on more, surprisingly he was glad that what he was doing was bringing pleasure to Nathan. That's when he realised that he was really enjoying it, he liked having this cock in his mouth, no he loved it. He wanted to make Nathan cum, the idea of someone cumming in his mouth should have repulsed him but it was actually really turning him on.

"Oh God I'm close," Nathan announced.

Lanced sucked more vigorously, Vince no longer helping, watching the boy impale his face on Nathan's cock, his nose hitting the neat bush at its base. The musky scent of Nathan filled his nostrils firing him up further, it was intoxicating especially as his orgasm was racing up. Could this be it, could he finally get his release? In that moment as he imminently was about to blow his load sucking cock seemed the most natural thing in the world. But he was to be denied yet again as Vince stopped wanking him, leaving his orgasm teetering on the edge. He groaned in utter frustration, the vibrations from his voice stimulating Nathan's cock and sending him over the edge.

"URGHH! I'M CUUMMMING!" Nathan squealed as his cock erupted a stream of cum into Lance's mouth.

Lance was just starting a down stroke when the first bolt erupted coating his tongue, he drank hungrily, the taste not as bad as he thought it might be, he could get to like this. Nathan steadied himself by grabbing Lance's head as he blasted his load in the boy's mouth. Finally spent he pulled away and to his and Vince's surprise Lance tried to hang on almost falling flat on his face. Lance turned to look at Vince as he stood, his big blue eyes looking up at him as if to say did I do good? Vince nearly melted, how could such and adorable young man come out with such crap.

"Very good slave, you're learning fast," Vince praised him.

What Lance really wanted though was for Vince to make him cum, his cock was so hard and leaking precum, he knew it wouldn't take much to bring him off, he wondered when Vince was going to make good his promise.

"My turn," Rob said excitedly handing the camera to Nathan and dropping his trousers and boxers.

His cock was only five and a half inches but it was quite thick, his beer belly overshadowed it though. He stood in front of Lance waiting patiently, his cock bobbing in anticipation. Lance looked at the cock then back at Vince.

Lance went to say something but Vince stopped him, "Ask for permission if you wish to speak slave."

"Please may I speak Sir?" Lance said feeling really humiliated.

"No you may not, you have cock to suck, get on with it." Vince boomed.

"AHH FOR FUCKS SAKE! JUST MAKE ME FUCKIN' CUM WILL YA!" Lance shouted in utter frustration but immediately regretted it.

Vince grabbed him by his hands and roughly lifted him up to his feet.

"No no no, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, please don't, please," Lance whimpered.

Lifting his arms high behind his back so he was forced to bend forward Vince grabbed the paddle and assaulted his backside very very hard. Lance screamed with the pain, tears flooding back into his eyes and before long he was sobbing his heart out.

Lance's backside was now almost purple, "How many more times am I going to have to paddle your backside till you learn?" Lance couldn't answer from sobbing so heavily.

Worried he'd gone a bit too far Vince pulled Lance to him and hugged him tight, stroking his hair. The boy sobbed on his shoulder, his tears wetting Vince's shirt. Lance liked the warmth of Vince's body and the way he stroked his hair, he hadn't had that sort of affection since he was a child, he'd forgotten how nice it felt.

"Look, the more you resist and disrespect me the more you will be punished," Vince coo'd in a soft low voice, "The sooner you accept that you are my slave for the weekend, the sooner you can enjoy it."

Lance wondered how anyone could enjoy being a slave but he was starting to realise that he hadn't got much choice in the matter. He was in turmoil, his rebellious side saying not to give in, to stay in control yet his cock was saying otherwise. He was so turned on by the control Vince was having over him, he had never been this erect or this sexed up in his bedroom fantasies and he really did enjoy sucking on Nathan's cock. Maybe he could just go along with it for now, he'll get his release and come Monday morning he'll go to the police and claim he was raped.

"I'm sorry," Lance sobbed looking at Vince through teary eyes.

Vince nearly melted at his puppy dog expression but he wasn't stupid, he knew it was going to take a lot more than just a couple of beatings to break this spoilt brat.

Vince pushed him down to Rob's cock who had been patiently waiting while stroking it. Without a second thought Lance impaled himself on the stump finding it much easier to suck in completely. It wasn't as big as Nathan's, in fact it only just reached his throat. To his surprise it only took five strokes before Rob let out a long deep groan and blasted his cum into the boy's mouth, there was way more than Nathan and he pulled off nearly choking, Rob's cock continuing to spurt it's spunk directly into Lance's face.

"Quick cum Bobby I call him," Nathan laughed.

Lance turned to Vince expecting him to get his cock out but he didn't, instead he lifted Lance up and released his arms from behind his back. Lance began to wonder if the worst was over, that is until Vince attached his wrists to chains on the ceiling. He then put on leather cuffs around his ankles and connected them to rings on the floor leaving Lance now spread eagle in the middle of the cellar, stark naked and his cock pointing skywards.

Vince then put a ball stretcher on his testicles, they were really tight into his groin so Vince had to work quite hard to get them low enough to put the device on causing Lance to cry out in pain. The stretcher was making his balls ache badly yet amazingly it gave an even stronger desire to cum.

The ball stretcher was then attached to a ring in the wall behind him with some rope and was pulled tight. Lance screamed as it felt as though his balls were being pulled off, he had no choice but to arch his body backwards to escape the pain. If he tried to pull forward he risked pulling off his testicles.

Kneeling behind the boy Vince looked at his cherry, "I'm going to get your sweet little ass ready for fucking," he explained.

"No please don't fuck me, I'll do anything for you but please not that," Lance cried in terror.

"Shut the fuck up! Do you want me to gag you?" Vince boomed.

Lance flinched "No Sir."

"Believe me boy, very soon you are going to be begging to be fucked."

Lance felt like this had gone way too far now, he wanted this to end but he was not in any position to do anything about it, he closed his eyes and expected the worst.

Vince began by running his finger over the hole causing Lance to gasp, he was surprised, it actually felt rather wonderful. Vince gently caressed and prodded at it and Lance found himself groaning with pleasure. Then something wet and slippery touched his ring, he gasped even louder when he realised it was Vince's tongue, that felt even more amazing, he had no idea that his little virgin hole could be so erotic.

Rob had now taken the cam back and was behind Lance filming the action on his ring piece as Vince's tongue expertly danced around the puckered hole. Soon the tongue was gone and Lance could feel Vince's finger back but it felt more slippery. Realising that Vince was applying lube he groaned in despair as he though this was it, he was going to be raped.

Vince had no intention of going straight in, he needed Lance to beg for it.

"Please no," Lance complained quietly as Vince applied pressure.

"Relax boy otherwise it'll just hurt more," Vince said feeling the resistance.

Lance didn't want to relax, he didn't want anything shoved up his hole but he realised that either way his rectum was going to be invaded and that Vince was most probably right, it would be less painful if he let it happen. Sobbing he reluctantly relaxed and Vince's finger slid in, it felt like his ass was on fire, it felt wrong. Vince slowly finger fucked him taking his time, there was no hurry and soon the burning sensation was replace with pleasure, it actually felt very nice and Lance found himself groaning once more.

Vince probed around inside the boy's bowls and found what he was looking for, rubbing Lance's prostate the boy almost jumped out of his skin.

"Oh!" he shouted wondering what the fuck just happened.

Vince continued to massage it making Lance groan like a bitch on heat, he didn't know whether he wanted to piss or cum but before long he realised it was the latter and his body tensed up as he felt an orgasm brewing. It was totally blowing his mind, he had no idea it would be possible to reach an orgasm without touching your cock and he was almost about to erupt when sensing this Vince pulled his finger out.

Lance groaned in frustration and was panting heavily now, "Permission to speak sir," he said.

"Go ahead."

"Please don't stop sir, please keep doing that," he panted.

"Keep doing what boy?"

"Please keep rubbing that spot in my ass sir, it feels so nice."

"You want me to put my finger back in your ass and rub your G-spot?"

"Yes Sir, please," Lance although feeling humiliated was incensed with lust, he had to have that finger back in his ass, he needed to experience the final release that it would bring, the build up he just had was so much more intense than anything else he had ever experienced.

Vince obliged and inserted his finger again to rub his prostate, Lance now pushing back onto his finger, he could feel his orgasm building again. He tried to keep quiet not wanting to let Vince know he was close, he wanted to cum so bad, it wasn't easy. His orgasm rushed up once more, his body tensed again and again Vince removed his finger.

"Noooo! Please!" Lance cried.

The need to cum was completely overwhelming, his whole body charged, his nipples so erect you could put coat hangers on them. Vince reached round and gently stroked Lance's stomach and chest, pausing to squeeze his nips causing Lance to groan in ecstasy, he had never felt so good in all his life.

Vince massaged his prostate no less than ten times bringing him to the edge of orgasm and then denying him. Lance was crying now with overwhelming frustration, tears in his eyes, the need to cum agonising.

Moving round to the front of Lance, Vince kissed him while squeezing his nipples. To Lance's astonishment he found himself kissing back, passionately, groaning into Vince's mouth as his little nips were squeezed and twisted, their tongues exploring each other.

Vince pulled away and smiled at Lance, the boy's face was a picture, he had pure passion in his eye, he was now nothing more than an animal in the throws of intense sexual pleasure.

I have him now, Vince thought and he fetched a large eight inch dildo from the wall. Seeing it Lance moaned, it terrified him knowing where it was going to end up yet the sensation he'd been experiencing in his anus was mind blowing and he couldn't help feel a deep longing for that thing to fill him. He watched as Vince lubed it up, taking his time, tantalising the boy with the sight of this large dildo that would eventually fill his ass. Lance couldn't take his eyes off it, his heart raced, he flexed his sphincter in anticipation and to his amazement he found himself wanting it in him. This put him in complete turmoil, his mind saying this was wrong and he shouldn't be enjoying it yet his body was saying the complete opposite.

As Vince moved behind Lance groaned, "Oooh God no!" Closing his eyes he waited for the inevitable.

Lance tried to pull away as Vince placed the head of the dildo at his hole and gently pushed but the rope holding his balls back caused him severe pain. The only way to stop the pain was to push back and as he did so the head of the dildo slipped past his sphincter.


Vince didn't he just held it there not moving, he knew the pain would pass.


Still Vince didn't move and Lance panted with the pain. To his relief the pain soon subsided and he found the sensation of the dildo in his hole starting to feel quite erotic. Vince continued to hold it perfectly still, not moving it at all. Lance was wondering why he wasn't fucking him with it, he clamped his sphincter tight around it and it actually felt very good. He continued to flex his anal muscles and soon found himself wondering how it would feel deeper inside. He starts to push back in attempt to get it further inside, he couldn't believe he was doing it, this was going against everything he believed he was.

Vince smiled, "What are you doing boy?" he asked.

Lance blushed badly, "Oh please Sir," he groaned.

"Tell me what you are trying to do?" Vince pressed.

Lance was reluctant to say it, the humiliation of admitting that he liked having this dildo up his ass too much but his body was betraying him.


"Come on boy spit it out!"

"I-I want it deeper Sir," his humiliation was complete.

"You want what deeper?"

"The dildo Sir, I want it deeper."

"You want me to push it further into your tight little hole?" Vince asked teasingly.

"Yes Sir, please Sir!" Lance was begging now.


"Because it feels so good Sir."

That's all Vince needed to hear so he pushed the dildo deeper into Lance's sweet ass. Lance groaned as it slowly filled him up, the sensation of it's textured skin slipping past his ring was amazing. It brushed past his prostate and he gasped.

"Oh my God! Oh my God!"

"Do you like that boy?"

"Oh yes Sir, Yes!"

Soon the dildo was fully inside Lance and Vince just held it there. Lance felt full, he never realised that a cock up the ass would feel so wonderful but he needed more. Instinct took over and again he pulled forward as far as the rope holding his balls would allow, then he pushed back, it felt amazing. He took up a rhythm but he couldn't move much because of the rope.

Vince wrapped his arm around the boy's waist, stopping him from moving.

"Please sir."

"What do you want boy?"

"Please fuck me with the dildo," He didn't care now that he had submitted to the humiliation, he didn't care that he had now asked to be fucked, he just wanted it, bad!

Vince smiled and slowly pulled it back out to the tip, then very slowly fed it all the way back in.

"Urghhh yes! Please go faster sir," Lance begged.

Vince kept it slow, tantalising the poor boy. Lance was in heaven, he loved this sensation and he looked down at his rock hard cock dripping precum all over the floor, he couldn't believe how erotic all this was. Vince picked up the pace and Lance began moaning like a lost puppy.

"Oh God! Oh my fucking God!" he shouts.

"You like this boy?"

"Yes! I fucking love it!... Sir!" he shouted, not caring how slutty it made him sound.

An orgasm was brewing again exciting him at the prospect of a hands free cum but again Vince sensed this, he wasn't ready to let the boy cum yet, so he withdrew the dildo.

"No! Please don't stop," Lance was crying now, the pressure in his groin from not being allowed to cum was immense, "Please let me cum," he begged.

Vince pulled up a stool and sat facing Lance, started stroking the outline of his very hard cock, it had been straining to be released for so long now. Lance couldn't quite tell but it looked bigger than the dildo and he watched intensely as Vince slowly unbuttoned his jeans. Gradually he lowered them and Lance was surprised to see that Vince was commando. The man's thick bush signified the start of his massive shaft, slowly his jeans were peeled down and his cock suddenly sprang free bouncing up and pointing directly at Lance. It was huge, a massive nine inches and really thick, much bigger than the dildo, he whimpered knowing that it would soon be invading his ass.

Vince shed the rest of his clothes revealing his slabs of muscle, little wonder Lance had trouble fighting him off. His legs, chest and stomach were covered in a fine carpet of hair, he was a magnificent specimen of an alpha male and what's more his massive cock dominated his manliness.

"I bet you'd like to suck on my cock wouldn't you boy?" Vince asked leaning back on the stool stroking his huge meat. Lance found himself nodding, he really would like to have that monster in this mouth, he licked his lips. "Well I don't think you've earned it yet, but I would like to have it sucked." Vince turned to Robert, "mind if I borrow Nathan for a while?"

Before Rob could answer Nathan was kneeling to the side of Vince and grabbing his meat. Vince hadn't played with them since the death of Anthony but now suddenly Nathan got to chew on that massive cock once more, he was delighted. Lance watched with envious eyes as Nathan slowly devoured Vince's cock, he really did want that cock for himself. He watched Nathan's soft lips slide down the massive pole and reach his pubes, he'd taken the whole thing in his throat. Then pulling off he licked the head all the time looking in Lance's eyes, Lance so wished that it was him.

"Look boy, look how my friend is worshiping my cock, you will learn to do that in time," Vince said as Nathan sucked it deep again.

Vince placed his hand on the back of Nathan's head and stroked his hair. Lance wished it was his hair being stroked by Vince. His orgasm brewing so Vince pulled Nathan off his cock, Nathan felt huge disappointment that he didn't get Vince to blow his load. Lance's heart raced as Vince moved behind him, knowing he was about to be fucked with that huge tool. Not wanting to do any damage to the boy's testicles Vince removed the rope then wrapping his thick arm round his waist pulled him back so Lance's ass was pushing his cock against his belly. Lance could feel the huge cock in the crack of his ass.

"Can you feel it boy?" Lance nodded, "Do you know what is going to happen now?"

Lance took a deep breath, "You're going to fuck me Sir."

"Yes that's right, I'm going to take your cherry," Vince said rubbing his cock up and down Lances crack.

Backing up slightly he placed the head of his cock at Lance's virgin hole.

"Are you ready boy?"

"Yes Sir."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Sir, please Sir, please fuck me!"

"Are you sure you want me to take your virginity?"

"Og God yes please! Fuck me with that big cock!"

"As you wish boy."

Vince pushed and the cock head slipped past the ring of tight muscle, even though his ass had been loosened by the dildo Vince's cock was much bigger and caused some more pain. The tightness of Lance's hole caused Vince to gasp, it was wonderful, he hadn't felt an ass this tight in a long time. He held his cock still and waited for Lance's pain to pass.


"Yes sir, do it, fuck me hard!"

"You asked for it boy," and Vince slammed his cock the rest of the way in Lance's ass.

Lance screamed out and suddenly erupted a torrent of cum in to the air, he screamed as his cock spewed out huge amounts of spunk. His orgasm was completely earth shattering, his body convulsed like it never had before, his cum blasted a good six feet in the air, some of it landing on Nathan who was sitting on the stool nursing his once again hard cock.

"Oh fuck man! That's awesome!" he said never seeing anyone cum so hard in his life before.

Vince could feel Lance's sphincter pulsate around his cock as the boy blew his load. This pleased him that his cock had caused the boy to cum, it always happened to Anthony too. As soon as Lance had finished spurting Vince began to fuck Lance hard, pulling out to the tip and slamming hard back in to the hilt.

"Argh! Fuck! Stop! Please stop!" Lance cried, not in pain but more in discomfort after coming down from the high of his orgasm.

Vince ignored him and kept on burying his cock into the boy's virgin ass. Lance kept protesting but it was falling on deaf ears, however before long the discomfort was turning into pleasure. Lance looked down to see his cock was still rock hard and he felt another urge to cum building, never before had he ever been able to shoot again so soon. Vince was pounding his ass harder now as he got close causing Lance to grunt and groan with each thrust as Vince's cock pounded against his prostate.

"Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard with that big fucking cock!" Lance shouted.

"Tell me what I want to hear boy, tell me what you are," Vince whispered into Lance's ear.

Lance didn't quite understand the question, "Sir?"

"Tell me that you are my slave boy," Vince pressed.

"I-I-I'm your, Urgh! Slave boy sir!" Lance panted.

"And what will you do for me?"

"Urgh! Anything you Urgh!! Want me to do Sir!"

"So if I have ten men waiting to fuck your sweet little ass you're going to let them aren't you?"

Oh sweet Jesus! Lance thought, he's going to pimp me out! But just the idea of being gang raped by ten men sent him into a frenzy.

"Urgh! Fuck! Yes sir! I will let them fuck my ass sir!" he shouted.

Vince was slamming into him hard now and Lance let out a high pitched scream as his cock exploded once more, this time Nathan was ready and placed himself in the line of fire with his shirt open, he wanked furiously as Lance showered him in cum. Vince's orgasm was racing up too and he let out a loud low grunt as Lance's pulsating hole massaged his cock to orgasm causing him to blast his load deep into the boy's bowels. Nathan closely followed as he groaned and blasted his load up his chest adding to Lance's mess.

Finally spent Vince pulled out causing Lance to yelp. The boy hung limp and out of breath. Vince released his bonds and even though he tried to stand Lance collapsed to the floor. Without any effort Vince picked him up into his arms like he was picking up a young child. Lance wrapped his arms around Vince's neck and put his head there too causing Vince to stop for a second.

Could this young man be capable of love and affection? He wondered, he really did hope so, maybe he could nurture that out of him. He put him down and stood him in front of the cage, then once his arms had been fastened behind his back Vince made him bend down and climb in.

"No please," Lance pleaded in a whimper but he had no fight left in him.

"You need to sleep, get in and lie down," Vince instructed.

Lance willingly got in and lay down on the soft bedding then after locking the cage he, Rob and Nathan disappeared upstairs.

Lance was in shock, was I just raped? Is it rape if you enjoyed it as much as I did? Why did I like it so much? All these thoughts swam round in this head making him feel dizzy and tired.

Vince was soon back with a quilt, opening the cage he placed over the boy who was fighting to keep his eyes open.

"You going to leave me here all night?" he asked.

"Yes this is where slaves belong and you did well tonight. Your training will continue in the morning," he said as he stroked Lances hair.

Lance like that, it reminded him when his father used to tuck him in at night. A tear welled up in his eyes as he thought back to the time his father was alive.

Seeing this Vince asked, "Are you ok?"

Lance nodded, Vince knew better than to pry.

"Get some sleep," he said and got up to leave. Turning off the light he went back upstairs, light from the top is visible for a moment until the door closed and there was total darkness.