Breaking Lance


This story invovles sex between adult men with bondage and punishment. If you object to any of this then read no further. This story is a sexual fantasy fiction and any resemblance to persons past or present is purely accidental.

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Chapter 4 - Lance becomes breakfast and does the gardening

Thirty minutes later Lance was at the door to the lounge, tears streaming down his face. Vince's heart skipped a beat seeing him naked and vulnerable.

"I-I-I'm s-s-sorry," he sobbed.

Vince stood up, walked over to him and gave him the biggest and warmest hug of his life. Lance hugged back just as hard.

"That had nothing to do with me did it?" Vince asked.

Lance shook his head, "My mother never let me do anything around the house, she said I will just make a mess and do it wrong."

"The thing about hearing that all the time is you start to believe it yourself." Vince explained.

"I'm ready for my punishment now," Lance said wiping his eyes.

This was music to Vince's ears, he was making progress with the boy, but instead of taking the paddle to him he lifted his head and kissed him.

"I'm not going to punish you, you've already done that to yourself," Vince said, "Come on we haven't had breakfast yet, I bet you're hungry."

"Starving," Lance replied feeling a little better.

"Are you ready to go back to being a slave again?" Vince asked.

"Yes Sir, and I promise to my best for you." Yesterday Lance would never have considered saying something like that before, never letting anyone control him in any way but now things were different, now he had the urge to please, he needed Vince's approval.

Vince fetched a large tub of yoghurt from the fridge and then led Lance to the dining room.

"Ok climb up on the table and lie on your back," Vince commanded.

Lance complied, eager to please, wondering what Vince had in mind. Vince then got some rope and tied it to the cuffs on his wrists, passed it under table pulling it tight and tying the other end to cuffs on Lance's ankles effectively stretching him out on the table.

"I forgot to tell you, you are breakfast this morning," Vince said.

Lance was somewhat puzzled until Vince opened the yoghurt and spooned a dollop onto each of his nipples, Lance giggled when he realised that Vince intended to eat it off him. Vince put another couple of dollops on his armpits causing him to wince a little at how cold the yoghurt was but it felt well sexy on his freshly shaved skin.

Vince leant over Lance and began licking it off his nipples, Lance groaned at the wonderful sensation and realised his cock was already at full mast. Vince licked, sucked and bit the yoghurt off his nipples, it was music to his ears to hear the whimpers of pleasure coming from the boy.

"Mmmm, you taste delicious," Vince said when all the yoghurt was gone from his little buds.

Lance giggled, now this was fun, if this was what being a slave was about he could definitely get used to it. Vince moved to his armpits and Lance broke out in hysterics as Vince's tongue flicked around licking up the cool yoghurt, causing him to wriggle on the table trying his best to bring his arms down without success.

After all the yoghurt had been licked clean Vince got a fresh spoonful from the pot. "You hungry slave?" He asked.

"Yes Sir," Lance replied.

Vince took the yoghurt in his mouth then leaning over Lance kissed him and transferred the yoghurt.

Lance would have been repulsed at the idea of eating food from another mans mouth twenty-four hours ago but now he was loving it. Fetching a fresh dollop Vince smeared it on Lance's very hard cock and balls, Lance swore he had died and gone to heaven when Vince began to lick it off. Starting at his balls he licked them clean swallowing each one in turn, then he licked up his cock and one motion swallowed him down completely. Lance cried out in sheer ecstasy as Vince massaged his cock head by making deep growling noises.

"Oh please sir, you're gonna make me cum!" Lance announced, he considered not saying anything but knew Vince would have hit the roof for cumming in his mouth without permission.

Vince pulled off, "You are not allowed to cum," he ordered.

Lance groaned, he really wanted to blow his load. Vince added more yoghurt to Lance's cock then slowly licked along it's length, Lanced groaned, he had no idea how to control his orgasm, he'd never needed to before. Vince again deep throated Lance and again growled with the cock head in his throat. The sensation was incredible and was sending Lance quickly over the edge.

"Argh Sir stop! Fuuuuckkk! I cant stop it! I'm cumming!"

Lance's cock erupted as Vince pulled it from his throat, letting the boy fill his mouth, he loved the taste of young cum. Lance's orgasm was immense, his whole body shuddered as his cock delivered its load into Vince. An unwanted orgasm seemed so much more intense knowing that there would be repercussions for reaching it.

"Oh fuck! I'm sorry Sir, I tried but I couldn't stop it," Lance cried.

Vince sat back in his chair and gently stroked Lance's naked body.

"Please don't beat me, I'm really sorry, I did try," Lance begged.

Vince smiled, "I'm not going to beat you, I actually wanted you to cum, but didn't that make it much more excited knowing you wasn't supposed to?" he said.

"Oh Sir, you bastard!" Lance laughed, "Yeah it was fucking amazing!"

After letting Lance off the table he reattached the leash, "Come on lets get a proper breakfast." He said.

He led the boy back into the kitchen and Lance sat on a chair.

"No," Vince boomed, "slaves do not sit on furniture, you must always kneel in my presence."

Lance immediately got on the floor and knelt, "Yes Sir, sorry Sir."

As Vince started cooking breakfast Lance waited patiently, the smell of cooking bacon filling his nostrils and causing his stomach to rumble.

Shortly Vince brought over two plates of a nice fry up and placed one on the table and the other on the floor in front of Lance.

He was confused, "Sir?"

"You eat on the floor like all good slaves and you are not allowed to use your hands."

Lance groaned but he was too hungry to complain, he saw that the food had been cut up to make it easier to eat so he leant over and tucked in. Soon the plate was clean. Vince sniggered when he picked up Lance's empty plate seeing that he had egg and beans all over his face. Lance blushed and felt like a little boy when Vince wiped his face with a flannel.

"Wait here," Vince said then disappeared down the cellar, returning a few seconds later with something electrical, it had wires, a control box and other devices. He also had Lance's trainers.

"Put these on," Vince instructed Lance handing him the trainers.

Lance did so then stood up. "Ok touch your toes," Vince ordered. Vince lubed up his ass and inserted a metal looking butt plug, he pushed it in causing Lance to yelp from it's coldness and a bit of pain. Next was a steel cock ring, fortunately he was flaccid so it wasn't too difficult to get on. It was a snug fit and made his cock and balls seem bigger, he liked this device. Wires were then attached from the butt plug and cock ring to the control box, it had a strap attached and Vince placed it over Lance's head letting it hang down his back, presumably so Lance couldn't get to the controls. Vince then attached some nipple clamps to him causing Lance to yelp at the sudden pain.

He wondered what on earth this contraption did until Vince produced a remote control and pressed a button. Lance almost jumped out of his skin, he quickly grabbed Vince's shoulder and counter to steady himself. The device sent an amazing tingling sensation through his groin causing his cock to immediately spring to a full erection.

"Oh wow!" Lance gasped, "what is that?"

"It's something that is going to teach you self control," Vince informed taking him by the leash and leading him out into the garden, his cock swaying as they walked.

Lance felt suddenly very exposed, but looking round he saw that the neighbours houses weren't visible from the garden so he relaxed. It was exciting to be outside naked, something he'd never done before. The garden though was even more impressive.

Vince led him to the garden shed and pulled out the lawnmower, "You're going to do some gardening," he said. Lance looked a little alarmed, he'd never even had a garden let alone done any gardening. "Don't worry you're only going to mow the lawn," Vince explained.

Vince started up the mower and it chugged to life, Lance stood by nervously, he was worried, he didn't have a clue how to do this.

"Please Sir, I don't know how," Lance said.

"It's easy, you push it. When that box at the back gets full you empty it in that bin over there," Vince explained pointing to a grey plastic trash bin then giving Lance a quick demonstration.

"Do you think you can manage it?" Lance looked at the machine and nodded.

"Oh, if you manage to finish the lawn before you cum you'll get a reward, if you cum before you've finished you'll be punished."

This task seemed to be easier than he though it would be but wondered what Vince meant by cumming before he'd finished. That was until Vince hit a button on the remote and electricity pulsated through his groin.

"Oh my God!" he gasped almost collapsing. The sensation was wonderful, like being massaged from the inside. The electric patterns seemed to change randomly, sometimes slow long pulses to quick hard stabs. His cock twitched and he realised that this contraption had the ability to make cum, he figured he'd better get mowing!

Vince lay on a sun lounger and watched this little beauty mowing his lawn, stark naked except for his trainers, his cock swaying and bobbing as he walked, knowing he was controlling the pleasure he was feeling in his groin. It was such a turn on Vince couldn't help but pop a boner.

The sun was shining brightly and Lance was building up a sweat. He got quarter of the lawn done when he saw the collection box was full, so detaching it he took it to the bin and emptied it. As he returned and resumed mowing the pulses became more intense, staggering him as it caught him unaware. Vince was smiling and stroking his huge cock, I'm never going to complete the lawn if Vince keeps this up, Lance thought. Shaking his head he decided to concentrate on the job, putting all sexual thoughts out of his head.

Halfway through Vince stepped up the intensity more and noticed that Lance was struggling to walk properly now. The boy was in absolute bliss, what should have been a chore was making him super horny. With the electrical pulses, the sun beating down on his naked body and the breeze gently caressing his exposed cock and balls, he felt life couldn't get any better.

At the last quarter Vince stepped it up even more. Lance was really struggling now, he was sweating profusely and panting heavily. He was determined to get through it without shooting his load. He got to the last few feet when Vince cranked it right up, it felt painful now and he almost collapsed to his knees. He could feel his orgasm building but gritting his teeth he screamed out loud and pushed the mower the last few feet. Suddenly the pulses stopped and Lance collapsed on the grass, his cock right on the edge of blowing his load.

"Arrrghh fuck! Fuck! Oh god! Man!" he panted.

Vince walked over and stood over the exhausted boy who's cock was leaking masses of precum.

"How do you feel boy?"

"Horny as fuck... Sir!" he gasped looking up at Vince's huge erection swaying over him.

"Well you finished without cumming, I'm impressed, you get your reward," Vince said helping him up. Lance wondered what his reward was, could it be he got to suck on that massive cock?

Vince turned off the mower, led him back to the patio and instructed Lance to lie face down on the sun lounger.

"Before you get your reward we need to oil each other up so we don't get sunburned." He said.

After disconnecting the controller to get the wires out of the way which he was still going to use later he worked in the sun lotion with his large hands. Lance groaned with pleasure, it felt so nice having someone touch his nakedness, his hard cock pressed into the sun lounger. Turning him over Vince removed the nipple clamps causing Lance to cry out as the blood returned to his sensitive nips. Working the lotion in he spent a little longer than necessary on Lance's cock almost causing him to blow his load.

"Arrrghh Sir! You're gonna make me cum," Lance shouted.

Vince stopped and helped Lance up, gave him the lotion and reconnected the controller before laying down himself. Lance's boyish hands worked in the lotion into the big mans back causing him to groan with delight at the boy's touch, it was so soft and delicate, it really turned him on. He pressed the remote and heard Lance gasp as the pulses started up in his groin again.

Lance was so sexed up and touching this powerful man's body was really turning him on too. After he applied lotion to Vince's legs he concentrated on his ass, the large firm buttocks felt solid compared to his own soft cheeks. He slipped his hand down Vince's crack causing him to groan, pleasing Lance that Vince was enjoying it. Once done Vince turned over, his huge cock on show for the boy who licked his lips in anticipation of having it in his watering mouth. Lance quickly applied lotion all over Vince but spent a little time on his large firm pecs, his nipples were hard and erect and Lance teased and pulled on them making Vince groan. Eventually he reached Vince's groin and applied the lotion starting with his large tight testicles, massaging them gently. Vince was in heaven, he hadn't had anyone touch him like this since Anthony. As Lance worked his way up the huge member, he stood it up and admired its massive size. Vince watched as Lance worked the lotion in to the head, taking time running his fingers around the glands. He could feel an orgasm racing up, he had never cum this quick in years, this boy really did it for him.

Placing a hand on the back of Lance's head he pushed him closer to his cock, excitedly Lance opened his mouth wide thinking he was going to suck on the monster but Vince just held his mouth tantalisingly close. Vince cranked up the remote and Lance gasped as the pulses massaged his cock and prostate towards an orgasm.

"I'm going to cum boy, I want you to swallow every drop, this is your reward." Vince groaned.

Knowing that Vince was about to blast his cum in his mouth sent Lance over the edge.

"Sir! I'm cumming!" He panted.

"Urrghhh! Shoot that load boy!" Vince bellowed just as his cock exploded into his waiting mouth while Lance erupted spraying cum all over Vince. Lance hungrily lapped at the spurting spunk like a cat lapping cream, he couldn't get enough. If he'd been told yesterday that he would be swallowing another man's cum he'd probably have hit them but here he was drinking it like water from a fountain. Eventually their orgasms subsided and Lanced licked up what bits of cum he missed off Vince's cock and stomach. Lance flinched from the electronic pulses so Vince turned off the remote. Exhausted Lance lay his head on Vince's chest.

"You earned that little treat," Vince said stroking the boy's hair, "did you enjoy it?"

"Yes Sir, thank you Sir," Lance replied, "I like the taste of cum, I never thought I would but I really do, especially yours."

Vince passed Lance a beach towel, "Here lie down next to me on the decking and get some rest."

Spreading the towel out Lance lay face down while Vince yanked out the butt plug making the boy groan. Within seconds Lance was fast asleep, Vince looked at the sleeping beauty and stroked his naked boy, he was really starting to like this kid after all.