My Story -- Brothers, Friends and Lovers

Chapter 1 - How We Met

By Sasquatch

Copyright 2005 by Sasquatch

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Where do you begin a story, which by its title purports to be an autobiography?

Do I begin with the when and where I was born, or with the significant things that shaped my life, my desires and my plans for the future?

Well since it's my story, I guess that I have the right to begin where I think it should.

To understand who I am today, I need to go back in time about four years to when I was 16. I was a junior in High School and on the Varsity Wrestling Team. Yea, I was a junior at 16; I am not some kinda brain, just lucky that my birthday fell just before the cut off to start school.

My parents are well-educated professional people. My dad was 36 years old and the Vice-president of Development for a growing electronics company. My mother was 34 years old and a Registered Nurse working with a pharmaceutical company monitoring research studies for emerging medicines. Yea my parents started their family young, but both had their degrees by the time I was six. They have since gone on to obtain their Masters degrees and my father is working on his PhD, he doesn't like it when I refer to it as pile it higher and deeper, but knows that I am joking.

I have a younger brother, George, who is 14 months younger than I am; he's a freshman in High School and is on the Junior Varsity Wrestling Team. He's not stupid, it's just that his birthday fell after the cut off, so he had to wait year to start school.

Basically we're your typical middle upper class yuppie family.

We live on a mini-ranch and George and I have basically not wanted for anything all of our lives, of course what we considered necessary was not always what our parents considered necessary or appropriate. The mini-ranch is in a sub-development, and the houses are on five-acre lots. We are allowed, by the covenants, to have two horses.

Oh before I forget, my name is David.

I actually have to back up one more year to build up to the significant event that occurred when I was 16. Not that the event that I am about to describe was not significant, it was a major turning point in my life. I just didn't realize it at that time.

I had been doing well on the Junior Varsity Wrestling squad and it looked like I might make the Varsity team as a sophomore instead of next year. While I wanted to make Varsity, I felt bad because Larry Cunningham who was injured at the last meet was a friend, and it would be his place that I might be taking. He wouldn't be able to compete unless the team Doctor agreed that he had recovered sufficiently so as to not risk further injury.

Coach Johnson announced that a new member of the team would be joining us tomorrow and that he was on the JV team for the school he transferred from. His coach was considering him for a Varsity position when his father got transferred here.

Coach talked to me privately after practice, "Bill is not only a good wrestler David, he has the same record (12 and 2) as you, and he is also in your weight class. I want you two to practice together and become friends. Larry may not have recovered enough to wrestle at the next Varsity meet, so at the Varsity/JV practice this Saturday you and Bill will compete for the varsity position."

I asked Coach Johnson "What will happen if Larry recovers enough to compete at the meet? What will happen to Bill or me if we lose at the practice meet?" He said, "I hadn't thought about that and we won't know until Saturday. We'll have to wait till then. I will make any necessary decisions at the practice and let you both know." Not a very satisfactory answer, but I had no choice but to wait.

Bill's dad was 37 years old and the Vice-president for Sales and Marketing at the same electronics company as my dad. His mother was 35 years old and a successful interior decorator. They also had started their family young and had purchased the mini-ranch right behind ours. Bill also has a younger brother by 15 months, Harry, who was a freshman.

Bill and I didn't have any of the same classes on Tuesday, so I didn't get to meet him until practice after school. Coach introduced us and explained what was happening with Larry and that he couldn't make a final decision until Saturday.

He told us that he wanted us to get to know each other and try to be friends even though we were competing for the same position. Coach said "I want you two to just go through the warm ups and then spend the rest of the practice discussing your matches. Tell each other what you did to win and how you lost. At the end of practice, join the rest of the team for the usual critique."

Well, we got off to a slow start, but found out that we both really liked wrestling and wanted to compete when we went to college. By the time the practice was over we were at least not mortal enemies and might, just possibly, become friends.

The rest of the week we practiced with each other and found that we were evenly matched even though I outweighed him by 9 pounds. He told me that he had started a weight program and it was helping him build his strength to compete better.

At Saturday's practice Coach took us both aside before practice started and said, "Larry Cunningham's Doctor and the Team Doctor have agreed that Larry can compete next week. I still want you both to compete against each other today and I will have a tough decision to make after your match."

We were watching the weight class just below ours, Craig from the Varsity and Mike from the JV squad. Mike was riding Craig and Craig was trying to reverse. As Craig turned he locked his legs around Mike for leverage and you could hear the loud "POP' throughout the gym. Craig let out a yell and we knew he was hurt. It turned out to be a knee sprain; Craig would be out for the rest of the season. This meant that Mike would move up to Varsity and left his place on the JV squad open.

Coach called us over and said, "Bill, David is just under the upper limit and you are only a pound and a half over the lower limit, do you think that you could lose the three pounds necessary to put you in the lower weight class?" Bill thought about it for a minute and said, "I'm not sure as I have been trying to gain weight, but I am willing to try." "OK" Coach said, "this is what we will do, you two practice today and we will wait until Tuesday to make a final decision. Bill, if you haven't lost the weight by then we will have a match to determine if you or David will represent your weight class and forfeit the other one."

Well as it turned out Bill lost 4 pounds and won all of his matches for the rest of the season and so did I. As a result we became close friends and eventually much, much more.

The wrestling season ended and Bill and I and our brothers became friends. We went horse back riding together and found that we had many of the same interests, with enough differences to make deciding on activities somewhat of a challenge. School ended for the summer and we all went off to visit grandparents and other relatives for summer vacation. It seemed that when I was home Bill was off visiting and vice-versa, so we didn't see much of each other over the summer.

During the summer I had talked my parents into setting up the small barn that joined the two pastures as an exercise, weight and wrestling practice room. Since Bill, George, Harry and I had become good friends, my folks talked to Bill and Harry's parents and got permission for them to use our practice room. We all started using the practice room daily about a week before school and it became a regular routine.

School started again in September and it turned out that Bill and I had many of the same classes so we were able to rehash our summers and plan for the wrestling season soon to start. The weight lifting was already starting to help.

Since Bill and I missed the bus each day for practice, and neither of our fathers could pick us up until after six, we got permission from Coach to stay after practice to work on our techniques and use the weights in the gym. Shortly after five each day we had the gym, locker room, and showers to ourselves.

Wrestling being a close contact sport, we got to know each others body's very well and working out with the weights at school and at home our physiques were developing even more. We became close friends and confided in each other our feelings about all things.

We had developed special exercises, like a reverse pushup. I would lie on my back and Bill would get in a pushup position over me. I placed my hands on his chest to hold him up and he would place his hands behind his head. I would then push him up and down as many times as I could. If I got tired he would wind up laying on top of me. Then we would switch places and Bill would be doing the pushups until he couldn't hold me up and I would be lying on top of him.

At first we didn't think much about it, but I started to notice the feel of his body and would start to get excited, especially when either of us was lying on top of the other. I could see that he was getting excited too.

We talked and decided that since the ancient Greeks wrestled in the nude, we should emulate them by practicing our jock straps after everyone else had left. Now we could touch almost every part of each other's body and we were both getting erections almost as soon as we had taken off our wrestling uniforms.

I need to describe Bill and I a little more; he is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 178 pounds, to my 5 feet 11 and 187 pounds. Bills skin is smooth and almost hairless. His skin is a deep chocolate brown, uniformly colored and textured. I am a typical brunette, but I do tan well in the summer. Both of our bodies have developed good definition through wrestling and weight lifting.

We decided that we needed to talk about what we were feeling, what the other guys and, to lesser extent, the girls in school would think about our almost nude wrestling practices. Of course like all high schools the general espoused opinion about homosexuals is that they should all be beat up and expelled.

We agreed to be discreet with our classmates and family, but that we both wanted to explore our feelings and do more. It was getting close to the time to shower and we decided to stop early so that we would have more time in the shower together.

Our lockers were right next to the shower room and removing our jocks we walked in the shower room and selected showerheads right next to each other. We were both semi-erect and were checking each other out carefully.

At 16 we were both still developing, but had a good start at about 7 to 7 inches each. Bill suggested "Why don't I wash your back and you can wash mine." I responded, "Sure it sound like a good idea."

I turned my back to Bill and stepped out from under the shower. I felt the soap in Bill's hand start at my right shoulder and move across to my left, and then he used both hands to lather my shoulders and upper back, working lower and lower. He stopped just at the small of my back and then started from my shoulders down my arms. By this time I was at full erection. He went back up my arms and started down my back again.

This time he didn't stop until he had lathered my buttocks and run the soap up my crack. He worked up my back again and this time over my shoulders and to my chest. He had to step closer in order to reach around me and the entire front of his body was touching the back of mine. I could feel his erection rubbing in the crack of my ass.

He continued down my chest and stomach. He said "I want to jerk you off and then you can do the same for me". I answered him by leaning back against him and guiding his hand to my erection.

His slippery hand encircled my stiff cock and I shivered with excitement. He started slow and then picked up speed and changed speed and motion until I thought I would lose my mind with the wonderful feelings he was creating. I could feel that I was approaching climax and started to move my hips in rhythm with his hand. He squeezed a little harder to create more friction and I exploded with an ejaculation of seaman like Old Faithful erupting. I shot three powerful streams of cum and three smaller spurts. Bill kept the motion going while I leaned back against him in bliss. He held me until I had recovered and then turned around for me to soap and jerk him off.

I tried to follow the same pattern he had and by the time I was reaching around to his chest I was erect again so that he could feel my cock rubbing on his ass. It took him only a little less time to cum than it had me and he matched me spurt for spurt. After Bill recovered we both finished showering and got ready to go home. We agreed that we definitely wanted to explore this more and would talk about it tomorrow.

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