My Story Brothers, Friends and Lovers

Chapter 10 Nothing But Frustrations

(Monday, After Practice)

By Sasquatch

Copyright 2005 by Sasquatch

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Bill and I had figured that we'd have some time to talk and then have some fun in the showers later. Just as Coach got to the locker room doors Dad came out, he was dressed in sweats. He stood there talking with Coach, as we walked over.

When we got there he smiled and told us "You guys can practice some more if you want, I forgot that George and Harry get a ride to a friends after their practice. We'll pick them up on the way home."

Coach looked at us and said, "You guys have had enough practice on holds today, why don't you work on the weights for awhile." Well we really weren't working on holds; it was just an excuse to touch each other. But we thought it was wisest to do what Coach suggested. We nodded and headed for the exercise equipment.

On the way over we decided to work on bench presses with the free weights. Coach and Dad talked for a few more minutes while we set up the bench, the bar and loaded the weights, we were working out with 210 lbs.

Coach excused himself as he had an appointment to keep; he had kept Billy waiting for about 10 minutes now and figured he had sweated enough. Bill looked at me and said "God, I wouldn't want to be in his shoes." I smiled in agreement.

I had just finished my three reps as Dad walked up; he nodded and said "Good form."

"Thanks" I said, remembering that he had been a weight lifter in college, so he knew what he was talking about, and my dad was not one to hand out complements unless he meant them. I got up off the bench and Bill lay down to do his reps while I spotted.

Dad watched while Bill did his reps and after he`d racked the weights, said, "You both have good form and handle the weight well."

"Thanks" we chorused with a smile. "We've been working at 210 for a couple of weeks now, do you think we should go to a higher weight like 220?" Bill asked.

Dad thought for a moment, "You both have correct form and both handled that weight easily, its up to you, but I think you're ready."

"Ok let's do it," I said with a grin.

Bill went to get two ten-pound weights to add to the bar. "You guys go ahead and finish your routine, I'm going to go and work out on the machines, let me know when you're done," Dad told me as he headed towards them.

Bill got back with the weights and handed me one while watching my Dad. He was pulling his sweatshirt off over his head. He dropped it on the floor and slid his sweat pants down and off over his tennis shoes. He was only wearing and old pair of gym shorts. Bill quietly said, "Damn, you dad sure looks good."

"Yea" I panted, trying to pull my eyes away, he was bending over to adjust the seat and I could see his ass checks through a tear in the shorts.

Bill nudged me and said "we better get going." We loaded the weights on the bar, Bill looked at me and commented, "I think I better go first so you can recover, remember you are spotting for me so pay attention."

I nodded, took a deep breath and told Bill "Ok go you first and I'll pay attention don't worry." Bill got in position, lifted the weights off the rack, I watched carefully and had my hands in position to help if he needed it. Bill got the first two reps off with no problem, about half way through the third I saw his arms start to shake a little, but he finished without help and racked the weights.

We finished our routine without any problems and walked over to the exercise machines. Dad was just finishing and his chest was covered in sweat. He smiled at us, "Damn, I'm out of shape, to much desk time, I think I need to join a gym and get some regular exercise."

I nudged Bill and with my eyes pointed. Bill looked and his eyes widened. Out of shape, he was just doing leg presses with the weight set at 400 lbs. Dad grabbed his sweats and we headed for the locker room. When we got to the door Dad asked, "Where are the empty lockers, John (Coach to us lesser mortals) told me he would put a towel and some soap in one for me."

"Damn he's going to shower with us" raced through my mind. Fortunately my brain engaged my mouth. "Our lockers are right here I pointed and the empty ones are two rows over and about half way down. The showers are at the end of the next row."

"Thanks" Dad said as he turned and walked away.

Bill had been standing a little behind me. When I turned and looked at Bill, his eyes were really wide open and the whites real big. I had to give him a shove to get him moving. "Is he really going to take a shower with us?" he whispered.

We hurried to get undressed, grabbed soap and a towel and headed down the row. Before we got to the end, we heard a shower start. As we turned the corner Dad was standing under the shower with his hands on the walls, the water spraying on his neck and shoulders, running down his back and off his ass. This time as I looked I was sure that he had a really nice ass.

Bill was slowing down and hanging back. I took a couple of quick steps backwards, put my hands in the small of his back and pushed; it was to late now to chicken out. Bill was moving quickly now, we hung our towels on a hook and went to showerheads on the other side and turned them on.

I heard the sound of Dad's shower change and looked around, I turned half way and nudged Bill, and he turned to face me, then looked where I was looking. Dad had turned around and had his head back with his face in the spray. He had just finished soaping his chest and was running the soap down his stomach.

When he reached his pubes, he ran the soap across them, down under his balls, up over them, then up his cock, pressing it to his groin, when it flopped back down, he ran the soap back down. Dad was definitely hung.

His other hand slid down his chest. He ran his fingers under his balls, and then pulled on them. His moved hand up over his balls and his fingers wrapped around his cock and stroked it a couple of times. He turned around and ran the soap up and down the crack of this ass a couple of times.

Instant Bonner, I looked down at Bill and he was as hard as a bar of steel. We quickly turned back to face the shower wall and started furiously jerking off. After about 30 seconds we heard Dads shower turn off, our hands froze. He called out "Shake a leg guys I'm starving and want to get home to dinner." We looked over our shoulders, our hands blazing, and watched his ass jiggle as he walked, until he turned down his row of lockers.

We turned back and gave full attention to our cocks and in about 15 seconds were shooting cum so hard against the tiles it was splattering and I thought that we would punch holes in the wall we were shooting so hard. We quickly finished up our shower grabbed our towels and headed for our lockers.

As we passed Dad's row he was bending over with his back to us, we could see his ass hole. Bill gave me a shove and we hurried to our lockers, dried as fast as possible and got dressed. We grabbed our stuff and headed for the exit where Dad was waiting for us.

The ride home was uneventful; we picked up George and Harry, dropped off Bill and Harry and got home.

Mom had dinner waiting which was a little strange as we usually ate later. We sat down and like normal teenagers; George and I started chowing down. Dinner was a little quieter than usual, while George and I normally concentrated on eating Mom and Dad usually brought each other up to date on what happened during the day. I looked over at Dad and saw that he was concentrating on eating like George and me. Mom had a surprised look on her face and just shrugged with a little smile.

When we were almost done eating when Mom announced that there would be a brief family meeting after dinner as she had something important to tell us.

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